LeoMar75 Revolution ROM for Galaxy S2!

Now if you are a tweaker and you like to tweak your ROM to the fullest, you might just want to give LeoMar75 Revolution ROM.

After installing the ROM, you can get the Revolution Kitchen App off the market and do even more tweaks like custom themes, kernels, and a whole bunch more.

Download ROM here:

Download LeoMar75 Revolution ROM

Donate to original developer here

Don’t know how to install a new ROM? ¬†Look here.

Don’t forget, you need to root your Galaxy S2 and make a backup of your ROM first before installing new ROMs!!! ¬†Also backup apps!

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2 Responses

  1. Veggis says:

    Hey, ehm. I’ve downloaded the LeoMar75 Revolution ROM and i’ve tried to download the revolution kitchen app but it says it’s been removed from the market? O.o

  2. Nilla says:

    I’ve been using this rom for about two weeks. Without the revolution kitchen this app isn’t really that much better. I feel like the touch wiz is off at times. I do like the battery and time in my notification bar. One nice thing about the UI is the little blue end of page colour when you scroll in lists as was implemented in google nexus s.

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