Omega AOKP ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100!

Here’s another great AOKP ICS ROM you can try. The Omega AOKP ICS ROM comes with Android 4.0.4 IMM76I with AOKP ROM control.

There’s several great AOKP ICS ROMs you can try now, the notable features on this Omega AOKP ICS ROM include stuff like Siyah kernel (which I am using for all my ROM now), Omega File Kitchen app (that allows you to further customize your ROM, re-install Samsung apps, and more), Hi-Q MP3 recorder, home switcher (comes with 3 launchers Apex, Nova, and Trebuchet), Rolle YouTube app, and a whole lot more.

Hey, the more choices, the better experience for the overall user. If one ROM doesn’t work out for you, try another one. And let me know what you think of this ROM, it’s pretty darn solid stuff.

Download ROM:

Download Omega AOKP ICS ROM

Download Gapps
Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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24 Responses

  1. littlecrazywolf says:

    hi max im trying this one out and i like it, the same with criskelo v9, i also using dual roms, but maybe you can help me in the right direction bcose this rom dont have my files so i cant use my extrenal sd card, i’ve have flashed all the new roms but all dont have my files, im a guy who dont like complicated things on my phone, even tried to copy my files with root explorer on criskelo, but on omega i cant come into my sd card, yup i like sum stock apps, i even used ics gapps 20120429 and 20120317 and both dont have my files, maybe im stupid or whatever, but if you have time help me with this one. sory for the bad english

  2. MR. BEN says:

    I had try to installed this rom,and this rom quite nice.the onlything is i can’tfind the playstore/market.

  3. michael says:

    Great rom only thing screen selection in super low….. what can I do to fix it

  4. zubair rathore says:

    yo wassup.i installed ressurection 1.9.1.then i dual booted and installed f1 nexus as primary and other as secondary.i want ti install the omega i have to flash the kernal because of different version of siyah kernal or that doesnt matter.should i install without flashing kernal.please reply.need help here.

  5. zubair rathore says:

    hi.i flashed the kernal after installing the rom but it got stuck in boot.i then went back to clockword mod recovery and again installed the nexus rom.what do you think the problem must be?

  6. zubair rathore says:

    do siyah kernals need to match same version or it doesnt matter what version they are?

  7. zubair rathore says:

    so can i get a link of the siyah kernal used in ressurection rom would be very greatful of you.thankyou.

  8. zubair rathore says:

    nope.this didnt work for me.i need to know the kernal version used in 1.9.1 but i cant seem to find out which one.the kernals are available to be downloaded from xda.only if i knew the version used in 1.9.1?

  9. zubair rathore says:

    what do you think will happen if i install the rom without flashing kernal…..?

  10. zubair rathore says:

    what if you dont know which kernal version to do?then what to do?

  11. falcon says:

    shuld i flash gapps in odin PDA for play store

  12. falcon says:

    cannot signin playstore

  13. falcon says:

    cannot browse sd card

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