Omni ROM with Android 4.4.2(*NEW*) KitKat for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 ROM of the week for GT-i9100 and AT&T S2 SGH-i777 users, check out Omni ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat.

UPDATE: There’s new update to Android 4.4.2, everything is nearly the identical except update to Android 4.4.2.

Last week we saw a beta build of CM11 ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 with camcorder not working. Well, Omni ROM has everything working out of the box for both AT&T Galaxy S2 and GT-i9100 finally!

Omni ROM is super-smooth and fast, really putting together a great Android 4.4 KitKat custom ROM with a slight customization.  You will be able to add cool features like network speed indicator, bright control, power menu screen shot, and also Active Display.

Now, these aren’t customization anywhere near AOKP ROM Control but I would say there’s not too many ROMs that even offer any kind of customization on Android 4.4 KitKat.  In that regards, Omni ROM might be your best bet “right now” getting a fully-working Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box plus some extras.

Also, Omni ROM should be bringing full multi-window soon like they did with Android 4.3.  In the meanwhile, give Omni ROM a go this week(end) and do let me know how it fares as a daily driver!


Download Omni ROM Android 4.4.2(NEW) for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 [New 2-13-2014]

Download Omni ROM Android 4.4.2(NEW) for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 [New 2-13-2014]

Download Android 4.4.2 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER 4.3 or 4.4 Gapps you will FC!!!)

Please follow How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat ROM on Galaxy S2!

Credits – GT-i9100SGH-i777 <— Please donate to the developers of these ROMs or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (uninstall existing Gallery app using Titanium Backup app then install this!)

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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237 Responses

  1. rubic_cube says:

    Been running OmniROM for over a week now. The most stable ROM on my SGH-I777 since ShoStock3. Outstanding work!

  2. slasher1986 says:

    This isant going to be any beter then the last build

  3. Molesto says:

    No me sale el enlace de la rom

  4. Arnold says:

    Awesome ROM, but Superuser SU not installed/not working. Phone is not detected as rooted. Any thoughts?

  5. Lalit Kishore says:

    Correct, you need to install SuperSU through recovery. I did it yesterday and works fine.

  6. Zakriya says:

    This is a super smooth and a great ROM. The only flaw is that it doesn’t support root! Either I don’t know how to enable root or there is’nt one to enable. Please help me if you can!

  7. john says:

    hi! noob question, can I flash this rom on my sII running 4.1.2 jb directly? i just bought a 2nd hand phone and its running with a stock rom but rooted. can anyone help me?


  8. leandro says:

    superuser zip file? where ?

  9. Lalit says:

    Search for SuperSU in Play Store and look for details. You will find the link to xda developer thread and the link for the zip file and download from there. I downloaded and used it on my i9100. It worked for me.

  10. Nick says:

    None of you heard of GOOGLE?,d.d2k&cad=rja

    Dowload it. Put it on sd card. Install from recovery.

    I installed the rom but constantly getting error reports: Browser stopped working, exchange service stopped working etc etc.

  11. partyMan83 says:

    I installed the Rom, but I seems to be stuck on the green omni rom logo with the blinking android eyes. It doesn’t go further. Did not chose to whipe anything in CWM recovery. Is it normal that installation takes a while? Should I power off my phone and go into CWM recovery and wipe something?

    • macnifico says:

      I had the same problem.
      Re-installed after doing the usual wipe-outs.
      Now works fine, but Clock does’t work.
      Not a deal breaker, of course.

  12. Shushant Tyagi says:

    Here is the superuser zip file
    Install it like u did for the rom
    And it worked for me

    It is an awesome rom
    Super smooth and super stable
    Give it a try

  13. Zak says:

    A HUGE battery sucker! Gave me only 5 hours of battery time

  14. macnifico says:

    Clock does not work. So I had to install an app for my alarms.
    Root was lost.
    Apart from that, nothing worth the “upgrade” from Carbon 4.3.1, my “go-to” ROM.

    • partyMan83 says:

      what about the huge battery drain? can we do something about that?

    • macnifico says:

      About Root:
      I followed above instructions ( from Lalit ), re-installed SuperSU from zip, and root is enabled again.
      Clock with alarms still not working.
      I’m starting battery test.

  15. macnifico says:

    If I’m downloading 4 or more apps from the Play Store, it restarts itself.

  16. viral860 says:

    I installed it on s2 i777. I am also having battery issues, it drains out quickly and takes longer to charge.

    Also the GPS settings are missing. I am not able to enable GPS at all.

    Did anybody else have the same issues?

    • macnifico says:

      Checked. Yes, no GPS signal, no way to connect, programs that relay on GPS not working properly.
      This ROM is not fully developed, yet.
      I’m using a Galaxy S II i9000

      • Lalit Kishore says:

        But no issues for me. Both the clock and location working for me.

        • macnifico says:

          Clock mysteriously started working after two reboots.
          I’ll try the GPS in a few hours.
          Battery drain is still above average.

          • Juan says:

            I have problems with GPS too.
            I back to stock ROM to check, but the problem is here too.
            Before flash rootbox or CM the GPS was working, back to stock GPS take hours to fix.
            I back to 4.0.4 , 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 stock roms and the problem persist. I know well the GPS was working fine before flashing no stock roms because I use torque daily.
            Please Help,

  17. Nick says:

    Battery drain. Rediculous tot say it’s a great rom. Like you did not even test it!

    • Rich L. says:

      NFC and Sbeam are on by default under the “more…” option in system settings. After I turned them off I got more acceptable battery life. Still not as good as it could be though.

  18. macnifico says:

    Reporting Battery Drain:
    It now has used 80% of the battery capacity in just 6 hours with very light use.
    No GPS.
    No Clock (Important to me).
    Maybe some other problems…
    Not yet ready for prime time.
    Uninstall after charging battery.

    • macnifico says:

      Clock is working after two reboots.
      I’ll keep this ROM for a few days more.
      I want to check battery drain more thoroughly.

  19. john says:

    Hey, I got my gt i900, running revolt rom 4.2.2, I just wanna ask if I can flash this rom directly without upgrading to 4.3? Sori im not geek, need help pls.

  20. Sky says:

    Could you tell me how to root with this rom, please?

  21. Chandan says:

    It works great.But few functions are not working like multi window,flippable icons in status bar.Also provide customisations for battery icons and i hope all the icons are looking bigger.Provide icons like slimbean rom.

  22. paraliotis says:

    does not recognise my ext sd. can read the photos through the camera app but rest of the phone works like there is no ext sd slot. also no gps.

    • says:

      I get the same problemon my phone. It seams okay when you connect with computer but phone is not able to use ext sd.

  23. Lulu says:

    Can we expect OTA updates, and from where to download?, can we change TWRP with CWM and how to do this?, how to get battery percentage?. I’m using gt-i 9100 Intl.
    Thank you!

  24. macnifico says:

    Well, it seems that the reboots cured some of my problems. Clock and GPS are working fine now.
    Let’s see what happens with everyday use…

  25. ANad says:


  26. beka says:

    i used omni rom 4.4 and discovered that i lost root … what’s the reason can anyone tell me???? and also google play crashed… i could not move any app on sd card, and massage appeared – cant move on sd card…???? where is devs???

  27. zelda says:

    “Note: This ROM does not have root enabled by default but you can easily enable it for adb & apps in Developer options. “

  28. shaud6 says:

    I found there is videos are not playing.. Wat can I do to view video on KitKat omini 4.4

  29. David says:

    battery drained very fast.
    i tried both of the kitkat rom you gave on this website on my gt-i9100 but all of them seems to drained battery very fast.

    • Lalit says:

      Absolutely Correct. Most of the functions were fine but battery problem is there. I decided to revert back to Carbon Rom with android 4.3 for the time being.

      • macnifico says:

        Same here. ROM shows promise, but people complain of various functions not working with their phones, but they work with others, or start working after a while. Frustrating…
        Battery life is horrendous. My tipping point was losing 3/4 of my battery in 4 hours of very light use.
        I’m back to Carbon 4.3, and will wait for Carbon 4.4.

        • Jay says:

          Totally right. been with this rom for 2 days, battery fully charged from morning and only 10% left at lunch time with just a couple of phone calls. Really a terrible problem.

      • Raja Cherukuri says:

        Battery drain… not really worth trying this rom

      • RubenQ says:

        Hi Lalit!.. Please, can you tell me how can I revert back to a different ROM, I’d like Carbon or AOKP, but when I try to flash those ROMs or other kernels like Siyah or Jeboo, the system shows me a “Failed” message.

        I got now OMNI Rom with the CWM recovery v6.0.4 and it seems doesn’t support to flash a different ROM.

        Please HELP!… And thanks a lot!

  30. beka says:

    adb & apps in Developer options. “ where is this option… it does not apear in my rom

  31. beka says:

    i ve got root but found another problem… i cant move apps on sd card.. can anyone know how to do?????

  32. Silton says:

    I have sucess !!!
    Thank you so much !!!!

  33. Rich says:

    New Problem not reported above in addition to Lost Root. ATT I777. Omni KitKat Rom. Please Help.

    I cannot boot into Recovery. When I hold down Vol up, Vol down and Power it does not boot into Recovery. Instead it gives me a warning screen that says if I want to load a Custom Rom to hold Vol Up or if I want to cancel and reboot, hold Vol Down. In any case, because I cannot get into Recovery, I can’t load SuperSU Zip to get Root back and what’s worst, I can’t re-install any other Rom.

    And, it will not recognize that Titanium Backup is installed (and uninstalled, and re-installed),

    What can I do???

    Thanx in advance for any advise.


  34. hafiz says:

    Help me.i dont have settings to enable “OK,Google” the video it shows “OK,Google” is can i get that “function”??anyone??thanks

  35. twoguncrowley says:

    hey Max, do you have an email i can contact you on?

    i’m currently running Space and Time 2.2 and appear to have lost root access, do i just have to re-root and install one of these roms through odin?


  36. Rich says:

    I am getting numerous dialog boxes that say ” Unfortunately android.process.acore has stopped”. Anybody know how to get rid of it ?


    • Rich says:

      Turns out the above started after I accepted a “flash push” of the new Nightly Rom update. I eventually backed it out and everything is fine now. Interestingly, after the flash, when I reboot into Recovery, it brings up “Teamwin Recovery Project v” which works very well. It’s menu driven and easier to use than CWM..

      I really like the smoothness and speed of this rom. I plan to stick with it for a while. One other curious benefit that I just discovered. I am able to use an after marked battery designed for the 9100 (one without the NFC chip) and the phone will charge it rather than rebooting when the charger is plugged in. In the past, I had to charge the 9100 battery with a charger that the battery plugged into.

      I do have one question,—where do you download the CWM Recovery 6.0.4 for I777 that Max shows in the video. I can not find anything higher than a 5.0. for the I777 and a 6.0 for the 9100. I fiound a 6.0.4 for the Nexus. I suppose this is academic now that Teamwin is working so well. .

      • Mohit says:

        * download 6.0.4 cwm zip file.. (you can find on this site)
        * flash 6.0 cwm using ROM manager..
        * boot into recovery and flash the 6.0.4 cwm zip file..

        let me know if you still have any problem..?

      • Mohit says:

        * download 6.0.4 cwm zip file.. (you can find on this site)
        * flash 6.0 cwm using ROM manager..
        * boot into recovery and flash the 6.0.4 cwm zip file..

        let me know if you still have any problem..??

  37. Giantdlu says:

    I am very possitive about this rom on my S2. But I have issue with calling. I cannot call a standard fixed number of one company. Every time I call this number I get an busy tone. But if I put my sim in another phone I can call this number and I am getting a good tone.

    Do I need to change something in my settings?

  38. mdude00 says:

    does it support ART

  39. Taha says:

    So Should i try this rom or just wait for the new Biftor rom With android Kitkat ?

  40. FJ says:

    Why is the file named as “”, what is “infected”?

  41. arpit mishra says:

    hey please help…
    right now i m using omni kitkat rom in my galaxy s2 i9100. i found many difficulties like all music player crash suddenly after opening, much battery consumption, bla bla bla,
    but now i hv decided to come back to original icecream sandwich.
    sir, what is procedure to downgrade from kitkat rom to original samsung ics ?? i want to know the complete process step by step.
    and one thing more ,,according to you which is the best custome rom for galaxy s2 i9100 in all features like more battery backup.
    sorry for my bad english.

    • Mohit says:

      * download 6.0.4 cwm zip file.. (you can find on this site)
      * flash 6.0 cwm using ROM manager..
      * boot into recovery and flash the 6.0.4 cwm zip file..

      let me know if you still have any problem..??

    • Mohit says:

      ignore the above reply.. it was for rich.. by mistake sent to you..

      for you I suggest.. search for the official (stock) jb or ICS .zip file.. load it into your SD card.. boot into recovery (note: if you are using 6.0.4 cwm .. downgrade it to 6.0 or lower..) clear cache / factory reset.. clear dalvik cache.. flash .zip file.. reboot!

      hope it works.. good luck!

    • Max (Mohit) says:

      you can use mobile odin (search on google play).. mobile odin only accepts .tar.md5 download your stock firmware jelly bean or ics whatever you wish.. and make sure to extract the zip you will get .tar.md5 file.. go to mobile odin click on *select file* select the .tar.md5 that you have extracted.. (it will set all partition by itself) then click on *install firmware* let is install it will take some time for the first boot.. and *holla! you will see your stock firmware*

  42. Manish says:

    That moment when size of gapps is more than size of rom……

  43. Andre Padilla says:

    Excuse me, how do I enable and use packet data with this rom? Thanks!

  44. Sumit says:

    Hey Max
    Can I use my 4.1.2 stock ROM as primary and this 4.4 OMNI ROM as seconadry on my i9100?
    I have XWLST ROM and Siyah-s2-v6.04 kernel on my phone.

  45. shay says:

    Hey Max,
    I installed omni version from 12-12-2013 and the battery is running super fast! from 100% to 15% in less the an hour with no use… can you recommend other 4.4 ROM that more stable?

  46. Lulu says:

    Hi Max,
    Plase help… There is any android 4.4 ROM stable for gt-i9100 ? I’ve tryed CM and OMNI, but…..
    I think that KITKAT oficial will not ever be releast for gt-i9100. So, if you’l find a stable android 4.4 let me knou.
    I realy apreciate your work, thank you wery much.
    Best regards,

  47. Sumit says:

    I am not able to list my contacts, not able to see my external storage and not able to root.
    So I want to go back to my stock JB ROM XWLST, can you please help me?

    • Sumit says:

      I take back my comment, root method given above by Lalit is working and I got my contacts back also….but external SD card is still not showing.

      • Lalit Kishore says:

        This is a problem of path. You would find a shortcut in the SD card and also the path from storage. Another option is to install astro folders.

  48. farjam says:

    I have problem I can’t install app it says “can’t open ” what should I do?

  49. aliioosh says:

    can’t install gapps

  50. Wayne says:

    OK, I was following this and the install aborted and my phone is stuck in CWMR mode.

    It says E;/ Can’t mound /sdcard

    The active profile is: default.

    I can’t boot my phone without it going in CWMR mode. Help, please!

    • Wayne says:

      More info: I did the format systems thing that Max mentioned at the end of the video (did it twice as he suggested) but it’s still stuck at the siyah boot screen logo when I reboot. I can get into CWMR Touch v5.5.0.5, if that helps.

  51. smit says:

    u r rgt …i m getting sam problem….

  52. jonest27 says:

    Any news on when there will be any AOKP /AOSP or pacman 4.4 roms?

  53. loca says:

    there is realplayer music in this rom?

  54. dhruv says:

    hey max,
    everything is working great on my galaxy s2 gt-i9100, except that when i move apps to sd card, these apps get uninstalled on reboot. can you help?

  55. vicky says:

    does the ok google feature work…..???
    i am not abe to use
    plz help me on how to use this feature

  56. shlomie says:

    Best ROM I have ever had, 10/10
    My phone came back to life bug free

  57. Sumit says:

    I just want to install my custom jellybean XWLST ROM back. When I am trying to do it through CWM I am getting the error Installation failed, but installing this OMNI ROM again, it is working fine, what is it that I am doing wrong…Please help.

  58. Luis Mavilla says:

    Ok with this version but, after the last 2 updates everything is going crazy.
    Google keyboard stops to work (no back and menu).
    Trying to install/configure SwiftKey, and Settings and UI stops to work too…
    I have reinstalled this version again a couple of times via TW recovery and the problem persists.
    Any idea how to roll back to stock and start again?

    Sorry about my english

  59. vicky says:

    ok google how?????????????

  60. Derick Jeronimo says:

    Hey guys, got it for a week now +/-. battery life sucks 1 day use at very light use… brightnes on min! some bugs here and there, otherwise nice rom, but still alot to do lets wait for and update to see. installed on i9100!

    • Rich says:

      I agree about the battery life. Not good. Lucky to get one day of lite use. Been using for almost 2 weeks. I upgrade to a new Nightly every couple of days via OpenDelta in hopes that one night they will improve the battery life.

      Other than that, I have not run across any apps that don’t work properly and I have not discovered any bugs.

      I would be interested in hearing of any you know of.

      I especially like the speed and smoothness of Omni. Better than Biftor in my judgement. It’s also very fast to boot and also to shutdown.

      I plan to keep using Omni for a while. Got my fingers crossed on a battery life fix coming soon. Has anyone heard what kind of battery life stock KitKat gets?

      • Derick Jeronimo says:

        Hey, about the bugs , a few minor stuff, somtimes key response seems lagy, and a ramdom reboot twice in about 2 weeks,,,, but i love it anyway, CAN U PLEASE help me how to update nightly a bit new on this stuff XD just battery life KILLLLSSS MEE!!!!!

  61. Sumit says:

    Hey Guys any ideas how to jump back to old stock ROM, I do not have any backup, just want to install a fresh copy of Jellybean stock ROM.

  62. known to all says:

    do i have to unlock bootloader before installing any rom?

  63. Gunner says:

    I’m confused this is only the 2nd ROM Ive ever installed, before the Omni I had put the Revolution rom on. In a sense when you put a rom on your changing the kernel and the version of the Phones OS right? I installed the ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777], and my phone says it still running 4.1.2, kernel vs. 3.0.31. Did the Omni rom not instal ?

  64. Gunner says:

    Looks like I getting a signature error during the install of CWM Recovery ZIP for Galaxy S2 and the recovery is NOT installing. Here I am stuck with a noon-working phone (my only phone) and this thing wont load without an error. I downloaded the file again, still installs with same error

    Not sure why he always shows installs using the “T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989”, because its definitely different on my AT&T S2, I don’t have the same options as shown on the T-Mobile

    • Rich says:

      Be sure you load the correct rom—the one for I777 (ATT Galaxy s2) and BACKUP of all your APPs

      Put the Rom on your SD card along with GAPPS 4.4 and SuperSU zip.

      Reboot into Recovery with On, Vol Up, Vol Down held simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo, then release all and wait for it to boot into recovery. Then:

      1. do factory reset (your personal data is safe and not affected by this!)
      2. do clear cache
      3. do clear Dalvik cache (found on advanced menu in some CM versions)
      4. chose the install /flash file menu
      5. find and flash (install) the rom
      6. do the same thing to install GAPPS 4.4 (Google Apps for KitKat and SuperSU (to get root back)
      7. reboot the phone
      8 restore non-Google apps from the Backup you did.

      At least, that’s what worked for me.

      Once you get all this working, you can go to Setup, scroll to the bottom and select About Phone, then select the top item, System Updates, and at the bottom select Check Now. If there is a new Nightly update available, just select Flash and it will automaticly flash whatever new code is in the Nightly and you don’t have to do anything else to keep your phone up to date with the latest bug fixes and updates.

      I like Omni although it is still a bit of a battery hog.

      • Gunner says:

        Went from bad to worse, I put my Revolution ROM back on that was running before I tried to install Omni KitKat, and was able to get my phone back up and running. But as a tech by profession I like my electronic gadgets and thought I would try to to install one more time. this time I went to Google Play and got ROM Manager ($1.99), and let it download the correct CWM recovery version for my AT&T S2 SGH-I777, it installed ok. I followed its recommendations to backup my current settings/data, and then my phone rebooted.
        This is were things went bad… my phone mad an attempt to reboot, and just froze on the Samsung logo screen. It won’t go an further, and the worse part is…I can’t even boot into recovery, I tried a ton of times.

        • Wayne Harrison says:

          The good news is, it’s not the end of the world. I spent a couple of days playing around with rooting and unrooting my Galaxy S2 when I upgraded to an S3 and ended up where you are several times. I was able to get my phone back and upgrade it, although I’m too much of a noob to tell you how, other than I think I uploaded the CWM recovery kernel. Wish I could help further but I have no idea what I did, other than to fool around a lot and read comments and instructions on this site. I just wanted to let you know all is not lost.

        • Rich says:

          Did you try taking the battery out for a few minutes, then try to boot into recovery?

  65. vidit says:

    sir.. i just want to know how to uninstall an existing ROM likes carbon rom 4.3.1 so as to install OMNI rom with kit kat 4.4

    • Karthik T says:

      If you have CWM(clockworkmod) installed, which carbon should come with, you can do “Wipe Data/Factory reset” to wipe out every thing, then you can follow instructions here to “install zip” the files one by one. You might want to take a backup before you wipe.

  66. Rich L. says:

    Thanks, got it up and running no problem. Now how do I root kit kat?

  67. Rich says:

    Anybody compared battery life on Omni to CM11?

    I really like Omni but the battery life is not so good

  68. JS-Essex says:

    Installed Rom and GAPPs 4.4.2 file but found there’s no google play…. so how can any one download apps

    • JS-Essex says:

      delete my last post I messed up when installing the ROM and GAPPS file…… but wiped the phone and re-installed it all and it works (so far) but need to use a different launcher from one which comes with it.

  69. lurk1.14.:14 says:

    is xposed framework compatible with the omni rom?

  70. Hugo Marques says:

    Hi everybody! 🙂

    I installed SuperSU like Lalit said, but when i run SuperSU, in normal mode, the installation gives an error, and in TWRP/CWM mode does nothing!

    Can someone help me?

  71. Rakesh says:

    I am having issue with ,Camera video recordings.Battery is ok.

  72. micko says:

    My battery still drains.. Any solutions, please.. HELP!!

  73. DWS says:

    Runs nice…. but also have a bit of a battery drain….

  74. JS-Essex says:

    been using this for 3 days with mini launcher and like it a lot but text messages don’t work…. so I’m going to install Cyan-Fox rom 4.4 and see if that works better…. its not 4.4.2 but I hope everything will work on it.

  75. Vijay says:

    Will this work for GTI9100P(UK version) of Galaxy S2? Please let me know the detailed steps.. thank you…

    • JS-Essex says:

      Yes it will as I’m using the UK version

      • Vijay says:

        hey… do you have the instructions(installing google apps, etc.) for upgrading to this version from 4.1.2? I am very new to installing custom ROMs.. pls. help. Thnx in advance….

        • Mohit says:

          yeah.. you need to download gapps 4.4.2 which is under the ROM.. and when you flash this ROM you need to flash gapps immediately right after it.. ((** warning use cwm v6.0.4.5 to flash this ROM**))

          let me know if you still have prob..

  76. paul says:

    It seems very smooth. I tried to install Chinese handwriting keyboard, Google Pinyin Input. Setting crash and it said “Unfortunately, Setting has stopped”. Please help! thank you!

  77. Uday says:

    Need help! After installing omni rom, my phone shuts down automatically after putting it on a wall charger
    Even though the battery charges while the PHONE off. Already used 2-3 different chargers.

  78. SCOT says:

    ROM seems to be working fine. Does anyone know why it is getting stuck while downloading the nightly? The system update says patching and it gets stuck at 1%. Is there anyway to turn off system updates?

    • dt192 says:

      There is an issue to do with the phone going into sleep mode while the update is processing, its a Google issue but omni are looking for a work around for it

  79. dt192 says:

    I don’t have battery drain issues but I’m not using the unofficial build Max linked as I had other issues with it I downloaded the official build from as for adding root just flash supersu at

  80. Anuj Thapar says:

    I am running the latest Nighties Omnirom. My problem is that I am using a mako and expect Multiple Windows feature from Omnirom which is not working. Have you removed this feature from Omnirom. 🙁

  81. Leonard Joshua says:

    For those who experience battery drain issues, go to settings > apps and disable “Google Keyboard”, then download any other android keyboard and the battery drain problem will be gone. I checked battery usage and found out that Google Keyboard used 88% of power. its insane.

    • Rich says:

      Thanx Leonard. This worked wonders for my battery life. Great discovery!!!

    • Rich says:

      ,I really like this ROM. I was, however, having major batteries issues. Leonard Joshua’s discovery on January 18 of getting rid of the Google Keyboard and replacing it with any other Android keyboard worked wonders. That, in addition to turning off Location Services has taken my batteries life from about 7 or 8 hours to literally a couple of days. Omni is now my day to day ROM and I am very happy with it. I have not found anything that does not work.
      And, the way the Nightlys automatically update the system is amazing.

      I have finally found a ROM I intend to stay with for the foreseeable future.

  82. Luis says:

    Oh my god, downloading GAPPs takes ages… source is really bad. Does anyone have any other source?
    Another important question is: Can I return from 4.4.2 to older version ? (Not Kitkat one) after using this method?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      ofcourse you can return to stock rom anytime from mobile odin.. or make a backup of your current rom from cwm and when you wish to revert.. restore it..

  83. Luis says:

    Thanks for your return Max, unfortunately GAPPS link is no longer working. If anyone have this file to share I’d appreciate.

  84. Rafael Urena says:

    I installed the Omni Rom on my SGH-I777 but the data is not working through my carrier, I turned on the mobile data option but still not working; I am able to do phone calls. Can anyone give me any hints?

  85. Neon Strive says:

    This ROM is getting better and better. I’ve installed OMNI ROM last version (go to XDA Developers webpage to find it) and Kernel posted on this page and works excelent. Stable and fluid. I recommend all to do wipes before install this ROM and just after its installation. This worked for me. And for the record, I had ShoStock3 ROM previously, which also goes very well.

  86. Neon Strive says:

    This ROM is getting better and better. I’ve installed OMNI ROM last version (go to XDA Developers webpage to find it) and Kernel posted on this page and works excellent. Stable and fluid. I recommend all to do wipes before install this ROM and just after its installation. This worked for me. And for the record, I had ShoStock3 ROM previously, which also goes very well.

  87. yash.patel says:

    Hey leonard i have battery drain peoblem n there is no google keyboard in my apps so what should i do plzzzz help me waiting for your rply plzzz help n developer plz help for battery problem and all remaining things are fine i have gti9100

  88. Neon Strive says:

    @yash.patel If you turn of Location Services function, you can get more battery life.

  89. RubenQ says:

    Please, tell me how can I go back to install another ROM after having installed Omni with this CWM Recovery v6.0.4. When I try to flash another ROM like AOKP or ShockStock3 or another kernel like Siyah or Jeboo, the system shows me a “Failed” message. I have a SGH-i777.
    I’d really appreciate your help with this! Thanks.

    • Lalit says:

      Yes you can always revert back or install a new rom.First I would suggest that you download the recent version of cyanfox rom which in my opinion is most stable at this moment. Follow the instructions given and you would be able to install the rom. Make sure you have the recent CWM which you appear to have as you are having a kitkat rom already. Full wipe, clear cache, install rom and reboot. Yes one thing more, the recent version of cyanfox includes the gapps and need not be flashed separately as claimed. Please do read the instructions provided by the website. The failed message sometimes come when the rom downloaded is corrupt. I hope you do not have any problem.

  90. Neon Strive says:

    @RubenQ. Install the original factory ROM with ODIN (Be sure that the downloaded ROM is exactly for your phone), then reinstall the necessary stuff (like CWM, ROOT, etc) for reinstall ShoStock ROM.

  91. yash.patel says:

    @neon strive i have already of all the location services and in aps permision also and i have to know where is Google keyboard as mention in @ leonards comment above plz waiting for rply fast

  92. Max says:

    Is any one having clock problems?

    in my case the clock suddenly shows wrong time

  93. yash.patel says:

    Hey if anyboday hve battery drain problem in gti9100 and find the solution so plzzzz tell me plzzz i m waiting..

  94. Neon Strive says:

    @Max. Not problems here. Be sure to install the last nightly of this ROM and do wipes before and after the installation.

    @yash.patel. Do you have Active Display enabled? This uses a lot of battery. Also, install apps like Battery Doctor, Greenify and CleanMaster to save more battery.

  95. yash.patel says:

    Ya i hav all those apps bt wat about nightly what is that plzz tell mee…

  96. shaheer says:

    plz send me the list of all roms which can be installed using odin……means odin file os…….

  97. Neon Strive says:

    @yash.patel. Here you can find the nightly ROM builds. Simply download most recent and install it.

    @shaheer. I don’t have such information. Go here and check ROM description to find if can be installed via ODIN:

  98. Neon Strive says:

    It looks that my previous messages were moderated ’cause I attached some external links.

    @yash.patel. Just below the ROM download link its the Credits Section. There is the link. Just click where it says “SGH-i777” for open a new window. There, look for the “Updating Nightlies” section. There is a link. Click it and there you’ll find the last nightly ROM for download.

    @shaheer. I don’t have that info and I really doubt that somebody could have something like that.

  99. yash.patel says:

    Hey neon my rom is very stable i dnt need nightly i only have to find d solution of battery on my gti9100 seee the cooment of leonard he says that disable the google keyboard and there is no google keyboard in apps i search it everywhere it has only a android keyboard…plzzzz help me leonard and neon thnkz fo ur opnion

  100. Neon Strive says:

    @yash.patel. Nightly versions fix problems found after Stable version release. You should try it. Maybe it fix your battery problem. Also, check what apps are most using your phone resources. For example, in my case, Google+ was draining my battery, so I uninstalled it. You can check this on Adjustments — Battery.

  101. yash.patel says:

    Ok neon but nightly is an update or a rom i hve to flash it or only upadte i dont want to losse my pps and setting so wat should i do

  102. Rich says:


    Just go to Settings, About Phone, System Updates and click Check Now. Phone should download latest Nightly. Click Flash when phone offers that option. When complete the phone will reboot and the update your apps. Then you should have all the latest bug fixes. No need to reload any apps.

    For battery life—download and install any keyboard (I use GO keyboard), then uninstall Google keyboard. Also, if you turn off Location Services and Active Display, that will help.

  103. yash.patel says:

    Thnkz rich but there is no new update on my phone i check it daily and i cant find any google keyboard in my apps i search a lot what shuld i do thnkz for ur help

  104. yash.patel says:

    Rich if i update as u say then it upadte like normally automatic like officals updats? Or i hve to flash that update again?

    • Rich says:

      Follow the Nightly update procedure I described. You can do it every night if you like. I do. The nice thing about it is that it keeps track of the last time you updated (whether yesterday of a week ago) and only downloads and patches the changes since your last update, So, the download is smaller and the patch is fairly fast.

      So, to really answer your question, yes, you have to go through the process each time you want to update but it’s a very easy process. And, you only do it when you want to. No, it is not automatic.

      • Ramesh says:

        Hello Rich

        my wifi stops working after i install update of 19 feb 2014
        till i update upto 17 feb 2014 it works fine
        i have tried four times reflashing both versions and wifi stops working after update of 19 feb 2014.

        Please clarify why it happens

  105. abhishek says:

    hey guys i am having an issue whenever I go into recovery mode it goes in twrp recovery mode while I made backup in cwm mode. So hw can I go back to my previous ROM.Any ideas?

    • Lalit says:

      Please, take you mobile seriously and search for your problems in various forums before you proceed. As far as I know, you do not go to Odin again and again. Odin is used to root your mobile. Once done it is not required unless you desire to return back to your stock rom without the root. As far as the software for recovery is concerned, there is no need to worry. Some of the roms when you flash, change the recovery software and the next time when you go to recovery you would find TWRP. If you want CWM, find the CWM flashable file from Recovery. Search it and you would find it in this portal only. Just go to your recovery and flash the same even if you are in TWRP and reboot to recovery and you would find CWM. I have tried it many times successfully. But make sure when you try something on your phone do some research. I would recommend XDA Forums. It would surely help raise your learning curve.

  106. yash.patel says:

    Abhishek@ u hav to do it againg by odin by pc and then install the latest cwm recovery mentioned above

  107. yash.patel says:

    Ok. Rich thnkz bt whats the procedure of update means what shoul i do after going to recovery mode

    • Rich says:


      No, You don’t go into recovery mode.

      On your phone, go to Settings > About Phone (its the last menu item) > System Updates (it’s the first menu item), then look to the bottom of the screen and click Check Now. Your phone will check to see if there is a new “Nightly”. If there is it will download and then verify it.

      Once that is done you will see “Flash Now” at the bottom of the screen. Click it then sit back and wait. The phone will boot into TWRP, flash the updates, reboot into normal mode, optimize your installed apps and then await your command yo do whatever you want.

      At that point you will have all the latest bug fixes. You can do that process every night if you like. I do.

  108. yash.patel says:

    Thnkz rich for ur support bt after downloding thaat upadte how to flash the update

  109. mohammed says:

    Is this room supports the Arabic language

  110. mohammed says:

    Are you sure this room supports the Arabic language???

  111. shovonAhmed says:

    hi.. i am fast user Android & i am from Bangladesh. my mobile is samsung galaxy s2 GT-19100 version 2.3.5… please help how i root my phone & how i install kitkat 4.4.2 ? please please help me……… please.

  112. yash.patel says:

    Hey …… my mobile data is not working wht should i do anyboday have. Same prob. Plz help me how to solve that prob plz help me……

  113. Manusha says:

    hay guyz i faced a problem….
    i did this yesterday… it was really nice..
    bt the case is before i have 2.3.4 and it was network unlocked my sgh i777, but after i did this it was network locked please help me…

  114. loulou says:

    I could not access to my play store… Anyone knows how to fix it????

  115. yash.patel says:

    My mobile data is not working
    Plzzzz help

    • Rafael Urena says:

      Check setting/more/mobile network/Access Point Names

      If you don’t have anything in there then the Access point was deleted when flashing the ROM. Call your service operator and they have to give you the Access point server. If you know the Access point sever you can add it again clicking the “+” button.

  116. yash.patel says:

    Ok thankz rafael

  117. Marco says:

    Stuck in boot screen it gives me a green Android head blinking with omni written under it. and it stops. any suggestions !!

  118. Ramesh says:

    my wifi stops working after i install update of 19 feb 2014
    till i update upto 17 feb 2014 it works fine
    i have tried four times reflashing both versions and wifi stops working after update of 19 feb 2014.

    Please clarify why it happens

  119. Manusha says:

    my wifi wornt turn on ha ha i think that is a common problem in after 17 feb update

  120. Shehanz says:

    Same here. I also faced the same problm, my wifi didnt turn on after 19 feb 2014 update.. please check on further more…

    • Ramesh says:

      wifi fixed as on rom dated 22 feb 2014

      • Manusha says:

        n how about battery life?

        • Ramesh says:

          Battery life is much better than it used to be on old stock rom 4.1.2 jb

          Remember that with any ROM installed on your Android device, you will discover two things: 1. battery heat up, and 2. battery drain. And these issues for the most part are due to process of your phone’s new software and battery sync. It usually requires 3-4 full-charge and discharge cycles before things go to a normal state and after this, you will notice great improvement in battery performance. So, do not be quick in concluding anything about battery.

          Let the battery calibrate and while you wait try one more thing. Whether you get a new phone or new software on your old device, avoid putting your device into charging mode frequently. Turn off the phone, plug charger, wait till it is fully charged and then use it till it is fully discharged. Repeating this several times will improve the battery-life of your device. I have tested it and it really works.

  121. Ryan says:

    I need some assistance with my Galxy s2
    sghi-777 running on Omni ROM 4.4.2 . I keep
    my ringer volume just one notch below the
    loudest setting . But after receiving an incoming
    call, it automatically decreases down to VERY
    low . So then I move it back up to where I want .
    But after receiving a call, it goes back down
    What is up with this ? Anyone else experiencing
    this? Any resolutions to this issue ?

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