PACMan ROM for Galaxy S2! [AT&T/GT-i9100][Android 4.2.2]

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If you want to be running the latest Android 4.2.2, check out PACMan ROM for your AT&T Galaxy S2 or international GT-i9100 GS2.

PACMan ROM is one of my favorite ROMs I’ve been following for a quite a bit but now with Android 4.2.2 and featuring some of the best stuff you will find with custom ROMs.

What is PACMan ROM?

Basically, it’s a mix of CM10.1, AOKP, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs. You get the best of the three ROMs all in one ROM. You will get the stability/speed of CyanogenMod, UI customization of AOKP, and the best of Phone/Tablet/Phablet hybrid mode with ParanoidAndroid settings.

With the latest version of PACMan ROM, you can enjoy the best of Android 4.2.2 and many, many customization you will appreciate without flashing different ROMs.

So, if you haven’t tried PACMan ROM yet, try it for this week’s ROM of the week and do let me know what you think!


Download PACMan ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777

Download PACMan ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (most likely needed unless coming from another AOSP ROM), install ROM, wipe cache, and reboot.
Once booted, if missing Play Store, reboot into recovery and install Gapps and reboot.

Credits – AT&T, GT-i9100 <--- Please donate to the developers of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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103 Responses

  1. slasher says:

    not a bad rom. nice and fast could do with a homescreen launcher replacement option.

  2. Sandeep says:

    wl give a try to this rom

  3. jason says:

    Im having a hard time downloading this rom. I click on the download button and a new page opens but its a blank page that never loads. I have tryed several browsers. does anyone have an idea what I may be doing wrong??

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah i had this problem too. Felt stupid when i figured it out, but you have to look at what it says under the ad. (Mine was a credit card ad) type that in then hit download

  4. deyvis says:

    vamos a probarla ,,, disculpen yo se que esta afuera del tema pero ,, a alguien de ustedes le salio instalacion abortada al querer instalar SUPERNEXUS ROM???

  5. deyvis says:

    me salio instalacion abortada de nuevo !!! buenos mal tengo copias de seguridad 🙁

  6. Andrew says:

    Can this be flashed with odin or cwm???

  7. kjust says:

    Hello to every one, I dont Know what happen but my Wi-Fi tethering can not work.

  8. larry says:

    is the rom supposed to be only 136MB?

  9. Andre says:

    Good and fast rom
    The only thing i don’t like is the touch
    I have to push to hard on the screen for what i want to do
    With the antutu benchmark test it is above 10000 wich is very good (4,5 star of 5)
    keep the good work from the netherlands

  10. Dushyanthan says:

    At&t galaxy s2
    assert failed : getprop erorr massage showing

    • Dave says:

      Did you even have the decency to to look up your problem? I’m sure you’re not the first person run into this and I’m sure the answer is out there if you look for it.

      Please don’t just type an error message an expect an answer.

  11. charles t says:

    Help my phone has locked

  12. Al says:

    Hi Guys,

    anyone knows if this supports dual boot ( as second rom). I currenylt use Resurrection remiox with Dorimanx kernel.

    • navingg says:

      Doesn’t support dual boot. Will not work with custom rom.

      • navingg says:

        I mean Custom Kernel!

        • poppiesgdd says:

          Hello navingg . I am running Paranoid Android as
          ROM 1 and Pacman ROM for the second ROM using
          Dorimanx kernel . on GT-i9100 , so it is supported.
          I tried using Omega as ROM 1 and PA as ROM 2 with JB Extreme launcher on PA but it didn’t like it
          and kept resetting PA back to where it seemed like it had just been installed . With JB Extreme Launcher the ROM just wouldn’t stick. Nice while it lasted . Glenn.

  13. Rj says:

    hey guys need help…cannot able to flash this rom
    tried several times but error pops up while unzipping package..

  14. Tim says:

    Well, the hotspot tethering is not working…. or else, it’s good to have this rom for daily use.

  15. Risspartan117 says:

    I keep getting “System UI stopped responding”. Just keep getting it every second. The first time I installed, it worked fine, but when I changed UI settings, It just crashed and has been giving above mentioned error. I tried reinstalling. No success. any idea guys?

  16. Zres says:

    My phone installed successfully but during reboot, it got stuck at the pacman samsung loading screen, waited for an hour. My phone is rooted I9100 4.1.2 with ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery installed. Anyone has a fix? Thanks.

    • deyvis says:

      wipe data factoy, wipe data calvik, wipe cache partition,
      flas the rom , flash gaps
      wipe data factoy, wipe data calvik, wipe cache partition,
      and reboot.tambien podria ser el kernel ke no es kompatible.

  17. sandeep says:

    Is hot spot tethering still not working?

  18. alfonso says:

    hola a todo instale todo al pie de la letra pero mi camara no graba videos alguna sugerencia gracias

  19. TimmySteel says:

    Installed just fine but cannot access through USB. Stupidly didn’t put GApps onto the SD card before installing and now I am stuck! Can’t even do it through Recovery! HELP!!!!

    • Risspartan117 says:

      I don’t know it’s not connecting, but you can try stopping usb debugging. If that’s not the problem, then try reinstalling. If you can only make it to connect with your comp, then you can always install GApps later. Let me know if it’s solved.

      • TimmySteel says:

        Debugging is off! Re-installed. Won’t even mount usb at all!

        Really like the look of the rom but it won’t be staying if I can’t figure this out!

        Thanks for your help!

      • Shahrey90 says:

        Try to reset your usb setting..go to dialer, and dial *#7284#..there are two settings..1).UART and 2).USB. Reset USB setting by selcting MODEM, then reselect PDA (PDA is default)..

  20. alfonso says:

    Nada la cambie muchos bugs todavía volví a resurrección

  21. kuko says:

    cuando instalo el zip me dice error de instalacion y tenia rainboxrom que puedo hacer

  22. KRentt says:

    The regular Gallery player is unable to play any videos and there is no sound on anything.. any solutions? Went through the sound options and checked everything, looks good but no ringtones or text sounds-

  23. Ernie says:

    Im tired of hearing this is a “stable version”. If its so stable why the hell am i having so much trouble navigating on my screen. I select the lower left hand corner and the top left is selected. Not stable!!!! or just crap . Is there a version i use as a daily driver where everything works as it is meant too. Please help as im tired of trying rom after rom.

  24. karthik bhat says:

    i have installed it but it is not good…vry bad
    and i am satisfied with biftor rom and its awesome..

  25. ritik says:

    Play store is missing 😐

  26. ANONI says:

    is it “multilanguage” like any aosp\aokp rom?
    (i need it in hebrew too)

  27. Harsh Chandarana says:

    Do we have any fix for the date and time settings? It just sux and keeps on resetting even if I have set it to manual

  28. Dr Atif says:

    Overall experience is great …..but battery life unimpressive

    • poppiesgdd says:

      2 days 5 hours 15% battery left with all the battery sapping apps removed and Greenify installed and
      all apps hibernated . Take some time to find out which apps are using your battery up , and remember to kill all the apps you have opened before closing down the phone manually with an on screen button. All the little things combined make a huge difference to battery life. A good app for finding out which other apps are using up your battery is GSam battery app. Hope this helps . Glenn.

  29. hisham says:

    wt happens to the links its not working
    it keeps givin me an Empty paaaaage heeeeeeeeeeeelp

  30. Abhishek says:

    This ROM is not fully working.Idea is quiet good. But It is very slow .. guys wait for a stable version.

  31. Jayson says:

    My voice and video are not working as someone else replied is there a fix for it I like to use phone for HBO go and skyvii

  32. Jayson says:

    Voice searches and video not working any fix for it

  33. Ariel Giron says:

    Existe alguna ROM de estas para el Galaxy S2 T Mobile o en otras palabras llamado Hercules?

  34. Ariel Giron says:

    Agradecere su respuesta, muchas gracias de antemano

  35. Fazie says:

    Hello great rom by the way just experiencing some few problems 1st of all there seems 2 be a problem with the mic my google now, shazam and any other app using the mic dasn’t work. Also the 2nd problem is the camera dasn’t seem 2 focus but apart from these few things great rom. And yh if anyone can help me fix this it will be great thanks

  36. jayson says:

    I got the video working by uninstalling and reinstalling HBO app thanx

  37. Riz says:

    Not a stable rom, disappointed…

  38. javiers.sierra says:

    Looks really good, I’d installed the rom and it’s great, but have a problem, when open email 4.1 I can’t write any word, no email, no password, no domain.. Is there a fix?

  39. Jayson says:

    Did anyone figure out how to get mic working love the rom just need the mic

    • Nigel Caba says:

      I’m experiencing the same issue. All the apps that need you to use the mic, like soundhound, aren’t working. Luckily phone calls still work.

  40. Anurag Lahankar says:

    Where is the play store app in this?

  41. Harsh Chandarana says:

    My touch doesn’t work for the dock.. I don’t know why.. The lower part of the screen just stopped working, I have to press real hard to get things going.. Does anyone know why?

  42. Nigel Caba says:

    Has anyone experienced a problem where applications that need your microphone don’t seem to work? For example, I tried to tag a song with soundhound and it said that, “another application may have locked the microphone.” Also, my sound recorder app just says, “internal application error”. I thought it was a hardware issue but my phone calls still work when I speak. Does anyone have any similar problems? I’m using the latest siyah kernal and this pacman ROM.

  43. Andrew Zaeske says:

    My microphone seems to be disable from any app aside from my actual phone usage. Shazam and Soundhound give a message that the microphone has been locked by another app. Any ideas on how to fix or advice?

    • Andrew Zaeske says:

      So, I have narrowed the issue down to a kernel problem. The latest siyah kernel fixes the issue, but with this rom, disables any kind of operator or data usage.

  44. Mohamed says:

    how really could I flash this thing??!
    I got jb 4.1.2, philz touch 3 keranl,
    and it’s telling me installation aborted (status 7)..

  45. Mon says:

    Got same error with Mohamed…

    Please help..


  46. sudipto says:

    1st flash another rom wic uses siyah dorimanx kernel….aftr dat flash dis rom n u wont get dat error…..dis rom cant be flashed if ur prev rom uses philz kernel….i am usin lion rom(v gud rom every1 sud try it….no bugs at all)….im v happy wd lion rom….

  47. hegmann says:

    I don’t know if the problem has already been said, and if will be corrected, but the camera in an application to scan the qr codes, and when I went to use the face lock too, became unstable, the image is constantly rolling, you understand?
    there is a solution, or are working?
    sorry about the english, i’m not so good hahaha
    and, congratulations for the site, it’s very very good. Saved me any times

  48. adrianjp16 says:

    señores alguien sabe si a esta rom se le puede poner kernel siyah es que el que trae no tiene ningun governor que sirva de mucho..

  49. adrianjp16 says:

    señores pueden decirme si se le puede cambiar el kernel a esta rom ya que la verdad esta super tiene de todo pero si me gustaria kernel siyah o algun otro que puede hacer overclok o cambiar el governor

  50. steven says:

    Hai, PacMan.. I’m very proud of your ROM, many features u put in, fast rom loading and etc. I like it. But I’ve a problem. I’ve lost my FMradio.apk which is packed by android galaxy s2. Please, do u ve any idea to inject or install fmradio.apk? Thanks.

  51. Patrick says:

    can i ask something.
    im currently using a galaxy note 2 mini rom
    can i flash this using my xwls8 4.1.2
    and can i still retrieve it to my current rom if it get alot of bugs and errors
    im scared to brick my phone so i need suggestions and guidance on flashing this rom, its my first time to flash a custom rom like aosp e.t.c

  52. adrianjp16 says:

    hola que tal instale esta rom y esta super pero al ver que no me funciona el wifi tethering el cual uso en el trabajo para compartir internet ya la quite alguien sabe el porque no funciona ademas de que solo trae el governador ondemand que se puede hacer para corregir estas cosas..

  53. steven says:

    Fmradio.apk, where are u???? Hiks hiks…

  54. Voided says:

    Load of shit, you can tell this is just 3 roms mashed together.
    I came from CM10.

    It has some nice features but its all badly implemented, noticeably slower than CM9.
    Far less stable than CM9, dpi changes are badly implemented and doesn’t work as intended, or at least how I think it would be intended, i.e properly.

    Can’t use 3rd party apps to change DPI to a usable state.

    If this was my rom/s that were mashed together and so poorly executed I would be pissed!
    People have worked hard to provide the basis for this rom, this rom dev has pretty much helped himself to other people hard work and half assed what should have been awesome.

    I’ll probs try AOKP next, because I can see some good stuff in this rom, probs from AOKP, would like to experience it in a stable and positive way, Pacman rom does neither well.

    This is my first install of a new custom rom since being a Cyanogen Mod user for over a year.
    It’s roms like this that put people off trying new things, certainly I am sickened, wanting to run back to the spoiled comfort of CM9 from such a shockingly lousy experience in comparison.

    But like I said, I can see the badly implemented, stolen potential of pacman.
    So if anything, this rom has enforced my respect for CM9 rom, and opened my eyes to possible alternatives.
    It’s just a shame at v20 this thing behaves like b0.20

    GT-i1900 Samsung galaxys2 int.
    A good sound phone, lacking the raw power to cover for baldy mashed together rom code.

    • poppiesgdd says:

      I don’t know who baldy is , but I think he has done
      a top job . Some of us ( including baldy ) can see this ROM has problems , but so did the space shuttle. I would much rather try to get into space using the space shuttle than a Tiger Moth biplane (CM9). All good things come to those who wait (and baldy) . Chill mate , this isn’t the place for venting , even if you’ve had a bad hair day . Good luck with CM9 , and we all hope you are happy together (especially baldy mashed) . Some people just don’t get it .Glenn.

  55. Kalipi says:

    This rom is pretty good but needs new folder creation to put all my apps and games in. now i have 5 windows full of apps and games. or is there a way cos i did not find it?

  56. ryan martin says:

    i like this rom i just cant turn up media volume. Has anyone got any idea the volume button turns down but not up and when i go into volume menu meida volume is turned on to mute.

  57. massa says:

    I like this rom, but this rom is not work properly on my galaxy S2. I installed rom and all my application and my used storage has been about 500 mb. After few days my used stoage has been 1.5 gb, and all the time my used storage grows. on the end my memory iss full, i deleted samo application but in a few days is same. I installed the rom again, and after a while the same thing happens. Please help.

  58. Emrit says:

    Hey can anyone tell me if there is another way the save screenshots other than the power menu. I looked in the official xda forms bit can’t find it. Ex. Holding the power and home bottom. Thanks in advance.

    • Booth says:

      Try pressing volume down and power 🙂

      If that doesn’t work, go to Settings>customization>system>power menu and check screenshot, now when you push and hold power button it should come up with power off option, reboot option etc and also screenshot 🙂

      Great site guys, keep up the orgasmic work ^_^ 😀

      International GT-i9100 GS2

  59. mate says:

    i have int. version galaxy s2 i9100 and this rom is not good with original kernel it have good battery and performance , but with siyah dorinmax kernel from ressurection rom i have overclock to 1.6, voltage control for cpu, gpu and screen and much better battery life than original and app stweaks for tweaking everything in this phone , i use this rom as second rom with ressurection remix 3.1.3 ,no bugs with screen touch after install it on second rom

  60. Booth says:

    resurrection remix was horrible for me :/ really couldn’t get on with it, im still waiting on the camera fix for the pacman ROM XD

  61. Joshua Feliciano says:

    I have Flashed various JB roms on my Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 including this one and all of them seemed to have worked perfectly fine except that my mobile data doesn’t work on any of the roms! Please help!

  62. Booth says:

    try updating to the PAC Version 22.1.0, I found that most issues have been fixed, only draw back I’ve found is my phone like to restart *rarely* but when um halfway through something lmao

  63. malaysia says:

    Good custom rom, but I was disappointed USB storage not working,

  64. chandra says:

    error in /temp/sideload/ 7)
    what shall i do now ?
    help !

  65. poppiesgdd says:

    Has anyone else experienced the problem of being able to send a text and getting a blank page in return. I did and fixed it by downloading an older version of ” messaging ” from gooble play store .
    If this happens and the message is important , you can forward it to your email address so that you can see it and read the message. I hope this helps someone as it had me in a bit of a panic until I worked out how to reclaim the text.

  66. vik thind says:

    the best rom ever it just gave me multiple users which ive been looking for every where

  67. Dario R Melkuhn says:

    Camera does not work on video, is there a fix for this PacMan for the Samsung S2 GT-i1900

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