ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-T989/SGH-i777/SGH-i727]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 ROM of the week, check out ParanoidAndroid ROM with latest HALO floating notifications/overlay multi-tasking. Available for GT-i9100, T-Mobile SGH-T989, AT&T SGH-i777 and SGH-i727, ParanoidAndroid ROM brings you the a brand, new way of dealing with your notifications.

Of course, don’t forget ParanoidAndroid ROM is originally well known for its abilities to run the UI or your favorite apps in Phone/Tablet mode with its Paranoid Android Hybrid settings.

HALO floating notifications can be a lot of fun, especially being able to get back to people without leaving the app you are currently running. HALO allows you to run your SMS, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or any apps as an overlay on top of any app you are running.

E.g. If you are browsing the web, you can easily respond to your friends via SMS text messages then get back right on browsing the web without switching between SMS text app and your browser. Without HALO, your phone would have a slight delay in re-drawing/refreshing the browser after replying to your friends.

This can be very useful in cases when you need certain apps running in the background that require real-time input from the user.

If you don’t want to install a new ROM to get this new HALO feature, you can also try the Floating Notications app, which you can install on any Android device.

If you haven’t tried ParanoidAndroid ROM or the HALO feature, give this ROM a try this weekend and do let me know what you think!


Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i777

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i727 Skyrocket

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy S2 T-Mobile SGH-T989

Download ParanoidAndroid Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from ParanoidAndroid ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Creidts – GT-i9100, SGH-i777, SGH-i727, SGH-T989 <— Please donate to the developers or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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116 Responses

  1. brian says:

    ill be the first trying it

  2. luis says:

    niiice, i’ve been looking for a chance to try paranoid for a while now! i’ll try it, thanks ^_^

  3. Maxwell says:

    I don’t know why but this rom is like wrong the touch isn’t so good or is it just me

  4. lie.paguio says:

    i must try this ! love this. ! thankyou bro

  5. lie.paguio says:

    i want this! thankyou hug!

  6. jst says:

    Hows the batterY?

  7. feras says:

    Just a a question dose this ro comes with the gapps or should I download it could any body respons plz I will appreciate it

  8. Hypothawits says:

    The Gapps download is larger than the ROM download! Is this what normally happens? or is this Gapps larger because of HALO?

  9. poppiesgdd says:

    I have been using this rom for a week now , and it is brilliant . I just looked at the battery usage after using the phone to answer a few facebook comments and 3 or 4 searches , and the battery usage says I still have 88 percent left after 8 h 40 m. PA includes an option in settings to control how many operations are running in the background and I have it set to two.I also downloaded an app that finds the apps that use up your battery , and swapped them for ones that didn’t.I personally dont like halo or pie control , as they are not useful to me , and get in my road , but they can both be turned off if you know how. This rom is by far the best ever built , and a credit to the developers , for their forward thinking .I am not saying the best Paranoid Android . I am saying the best rom of them all . AMEN.

    • Rumit Dhamecha says:

      poppiesgdd after 8 h 40m 88% battery left? how how how? o_0

      • poppiesgdd says:

        I use Greenify app. to hibernate everything except my keyboard
        and homepage desktop app.
        All the notifications still work , but very little is happening in the
        background .I have screenshots , but I don’t know if , or how to
        post them here. If someone wants to email me ,I can send them
        to you . My email address is on this page a few comments down .
        Before anyone says it , no I don’t have an extra large battery , it
        is a replacement aftermarket 1600 ma/h original dimensions type .
        All the little battery saving tweaks add up to a lot overall .
        Glenn .

  10. mena says:

    I just experienced the ROM. It is amazing, but as usual no signal. Can an expert help me ?

  11. mikesco3 says:

    Did they fix bluetooth issues on 4.2.2 on the 777

  12. Tony says:

    Great ROM…Thank you. One question: I somehow managed to remove the status bar/pull down which is usually at the top of the screen. Any idea how to get it back? I have been searching through the settings without any luck.

    • poppiesgdd says:

      I think you can have the pie control, or the drop down window blind ( as I call it ) ,but not both in phone mode . I set it to notifications drop down by going to settings -toolbars-press Trigger area-set to none , then return to the home page and reboot. I don’t know if this works in hybrid modes or not because I am still trying to get used to normal phone mode yet . Glenn.

      • Tony says:

        Thanks, but that didn’t work for me. However, I fixed it by putting it in Tablet mode and then back into Stock mode. For some reason, I had to wait a minute or so for Tablet mode to kick-in, but once I saw the status bar along the bottom, I switched back to Stock mode and had the normal status bar. The strange (but good) thing is, now the Pie “appears” to be disabled (I thought you could only have one or the other – status bar or Pie), but I actually have both functioning. I really like this ROM.

        • Tony says:

          I figured out a more reliable solution (probably the proper way) for getting the status bar back. Hold the power button and disable the full screen (expanded desktop Pie). That brings back the status bar, and the pie still works.

  13. jana says:

    how to diable the pie control?

  14. ferrod says:

    sorry, NFC works in this rom thanks

  15. Leandro says:

    Olá pessoal, instalei esta ROM em meu gs2 e estou tendo problemas no momento em que tendo realizar ligações, notei que não vem instalado nela o menu da operadora. Ao tentar realizar alguma chamada, o número de minha mulher que geralmente eu discava cai no número de outra pessoa, como se estivesse ligando para o mesmo número só que de outro DDD, tentei ligar em minha operadora de telefonia para que eles me mandassem as configurações para resolver este problema mas o problema ainda não pôde ser resolvido. Alguém aí sabe o que pode ser feito para resolver este problema ?

  16. royjr says:


  17. Redshift says:

    How can you change the font size for im

  18. capreo says:

    Why won’t anyone address the “no data connection” issue

    • poppiesgdd says:

      On this site somewhere there is a tutorial about backing up your data connection I think , or it could be on the xda developers site. It also explains how to get it back if you forget to back it up. I haven’t had it happen to me yet but I reckon it would be very worrying to you .If your phone has had reception before , it should work still unless you have fried something ,which I doubt . These are tough phones , and very tough to break physically and electronically , and in a lot of ways tougher than the later stuff.That is why I still have this one . I know you will need your IMEI code, or what ever it is called on the back of your phone to get it going . I hope this helps you to get it going again.Glenn

  19. Rolando perez says:

    Hi there
    I just flash this ROM about a day ago n I find out that I can’t do any calls some how my proximity sensor just turn on n then a black screen it never does a call at the moment plz help me to fix it thx

  20. Rebelpriest says:


    Few of the things which went missing :

    Developer options.
    USB debugging
    I cannot type anything vastly because too much lag.
    Rest worried about battery
    Last row on keyboard difficult to choose actions rest all keyboard is fine.

    Rest more will share if found
    Task manager is missing

    • poppiesgdd says:

      Developer Options are hidden . Go to About Phone in Settings and tap it seven times .
      On the sixth or seventh time it will ask if you want to become a developer .
      After you answer Developer Options appears in the menu .
      All other answers are above in previous posts ,or the one below .

      • Preet Bhamrah says:

        Hi Glenn,

        Thanks for the Reply Mate.
        But can you help me with Few Questions Here, Please :
        It seems like when we move down to bottom of the screen it behaves lil non-responsive.
        Maybe its due to Pie control.I loved the ROM, the Work.
        But while typing I noticed delay as letters start coming up.
        Please can you share your tweaks & how you do it (Favour) to increase the concern about battery life (as many have reported)
        Waiting for your reply buddy.

      • Preet Bhamrah says:

        Hi Glenn,

        Thanks for the Reply Mate.
        But can you help me with Few Questions Here, Please :
        It seems like when we move down to bottom of the screen it behaves lil non-responsive.
        Maybe its due to Pie control.(how to remove it)
        I loved the ROM, the Work.
        But while typing I noticed delay as letters start coming up.
        Please can you share your tweaks & how you do it (Favour) to increase the concern about battery life (as many have reported)
        Waiting for your reply buddy.

  21. Mr.Tony says:

    Been using this ROM for a week, really love it but I experienced:
    *Poor battery life
    *Two sudden shutdowns (I hardly put it back to business after removing the battery for 20 min, it couldn`t start);
    *Lagging, not all the time but more than usual;
    *Yesterday my timer was on for 20 mins, and I shut it down, but it kept beeping, so I had to reboot;
    *No mobile data, asked for a APN from the carrier, they sent me but I can`t save the APN, tried manually can`t save the configuration, it`s stuck, I hit save and nothing happens, Data is enabled but nothing happens.
    But I`m still using it, great work, I hope the bugs will be fixed, I recommend everyone to try it.
    P.S. Does anyone knows how to change the app drawer to transparent? I might have skipped it in settings or there isn`t any option for it? If there isn`t it would be a nice thing to have in the updated version.

    • poppiesgdd says:

      To get rid of the app drawer , just swipe the whole lot to the left ,or turn it to landscape.
      To get it back turn to portrait , and swipe the blank space under the line to the right .
      For the battery , read my previous posts .
      When you buy a new product , do you run around asking everyone else how to use it , or ,
      do you read the instructions . Forums are like an instruction book ( online pdf these days ).
      It pays to read the questions and answers from the top , because the most common problems
      seem to be asked and answered first . This isn’t meant to be personal , or sarcastic , just a
      subtle hint on how to find something on any forum .Try doing what I just wrote Mr.Tony , because
      most of your problems have already been answered above . I don’t know if I was lucky , or just
      didn’t miss anything in the instructions , but I haven’t had any problems that weren’t easily fixed .
      If I were you , with the type of problems you are having , I would first , make sure I had the
      correct rom for my model , and if so , read the instructions from beginning to end before doing
      anything , then , do a wipe data/ factory reset , wipe cache partition , then reinstall the rom and
      gapps again and see if that works . Glenn .

  22. Mr.Tony says:

    Glenn man, I just wanted to share my experience with the ROM, nothing more, so anyone can be aware of what can happen, because as I can see, a lot of people are in the first place afraid of what can happen with their phone, so i just wanted to share my experience. And, yeah, I know how to browse the forums, I did a lot of reading before I can even try to do it right, and not to be like the people you mentioned, wanting everything on a silver platter . 🙂 And yes, this is the right ROM for my phone, this is the SGH-I777 ROM isn`t it ? I`m not that much of a n00b I think. No offence taken, don`t worry, I read everything above before posting everything, and I read your answers too.. 🙂 Thanks for helping people.
    P.S. I didn`t understand your instructions about the app drawer. And I asked if it is possible to be transprarent? Thanks dude.

  23. Koray says:

    right, this rom is nice, but my phone BURNS with this rom(I9100 Int). when somebody calls me, the buttons are right on the calling screen. I tell again, this rom is reaaly nice. the developers have to fix warming and battery problems…

    • poppiesgdd says:

      That sounds like your battery needs replacing !?.
      Try getting someone to ring you for a couple of minutes at least , then shut
      your phone down as quick as possible and remove the battery to find out how
      hot it is .
      If it feels really hot , and the charge level has dropped dramatically compared
      to when your phone was new , your battery needs replacing .
      This isn’t a problem with your phone .
      My battery even got to the point where it swelled up that far it pushed the back
      off the phone . It went from normal to swollen in a week .
      These batteries have been known to explode ( Lithium ion ).( see recall of Sony laptop batteries ).
      Rebooting the phone from 100 percent charge alone , when it needed replacing , would
      drop the charge down to around 65 percent , and it would slowly creep up to 70 percent again.
      It also would shut down whenever it wanted to , by itself , at any charge level .
      Any battery over 18 months old that has been charged once a day , is now on borrowed time .
      Glenn .

  24. poppiesgdd says:

    Please don’t take me the wrong way , I wasn’t trying to be rude or condescending !.
    I know I can be abrupt sometimes , and I’m sorry if I offended you !.
    I’m using a sgs2 GT i9100 so it may have different problems to yours .
    I have found that if you explain everything as though the person you are explaining it
    to knows nothing at all ( within reason ) about how to fix a problem , you miss nothing .
    I am a noob as you put it , but I used to be a senior tech in a Uni. so I will stand by my
    way of explaining things , because I know it is the only way that works for everyone .
    At the bottom of the home page is a line above the app drawer .
    If you swipe the icons and app drawer icon to the left of the page , they all move to the
    left of the page and are hidden from view like what happens when you turn to a blank home
    page from one that has icons on it . On the i9100 they disappear when you turn the phone
    from portrait to landscape . To get them back is just a reverse of the above actions .
    And yes it becomes transparent , unless I suppose , you fill all the spaces with icons ?.
    I’m 53 , have become redundant from my job in February , past my “use by date” as far as
    finding another job , feel pretty useless , and helping people here is the only thing from
    stopping me feeling like walking in front of a bus .
    The counter on my phone is up to 8 , so I still class myself as a noob !.
    Glenn .

    • Mr.Tony says:

      Misunderstanding Glenn. My question is: When we open the app drawer, what do we see? How do you call it? App drawer or “All Apps Screen” ? And now, how can the All Apps Screen become transparent? So behind the app icons you can view the faded wallpaper?
      P.S. Don`t jump in front of a bus Glenn, what would we do without you here 🙂

  25. Brandon says:

    Anyone have the problem of camera and gallery apps not working? I’ve even tried to install a couple of different third party camera apps and they don’t work either. Any suggestions to this problem.

  26. Preet Bhamrah says:

    Is anyone else facing issues with GPS ?
    GPS keeps on searching but do not connects n give the correct details.
    Please help to fix the issues with GPS.


  27. mogwai40 says:

    Hi apologies for the off topic remark but I’ve dismantled my s2 and lost the power & volumes buttons can any advise where I can get a new case with the buttons as I cannot update to any new roms 🙁

    Thanks in advance.

  28. mike says:

    hey guys. whats the difference between backing up rom and having its original zip file(aka installation). Is it the same thing?

    also could someone tell me please if i root my phone and stay with the stock software do i still get updates or no?

  29. BKumar says:

    I updated my 989 T-Mobile to ParanoidAndroid. Everything is good, except the touch on parts of the screen. Mainly the bottom most portion of the screen just above the home button. Very weird but touch is fine all over the screen except the bottom quarter inch of the screen all along the width. And the touch was ok before this ROM was installed. I did this for hotspot so I can live with it. But anybody else faced it? Any solutions? I actually tried Cyanogenmod 10.1 but it the phone would never come up fully, just the spinning log of Cyanogenmod 10.1.

    Any help on touch screen is appreciated!!

    • Johnny says:

      yo BKumar same thing happened to me, my battery went flat and since then i havent been able to use my phone for nearly 2 weeks now, cant boot up just vibrates constantely plus cant get into download mode, as soon as it gets to download mode everything goes blue and it switches itself off and vibrates none stop, any help anyone? cause no phone is fucked up.. T989 just btw.. oh and i could barely touch anything on my phone especially the bottom half of it, flash your phone back to something else before the same thing happens to you

      • Random Guy says:

        The part which your phone vibrates non-stop is more of a malfunction then a flashing problem. This happen to me when I flashed my phone with a different rom. Basically your Power button is stuck. To fix this problem I had to use my nail and press down really hard on the Power button. Some people recommend using an eraser to press down with.

  30. Johnny says:

    yo BKumar same thing happened to me, my battery went flat and since then i havent been able to use my phone for nearly 2 weeks now, cant boot up just vibrates constantely plus cant get into download mode, as soon as it gets to download mode everything goes blue and it switches itself off and vibrates none stop, any help anyone? cause no phone is fucked up.. T989 just btw

  31. Gabriel Ignacio says:

    ROM runs great, but I’ve noticed that flashing any mods such as Directinject or audio mods such as viper audio or AC!D Audio Engine v7 break some functions within the ROM. Directinject doesn’t let me go past the bootanimation and AC!D Audio breaks music playback: it plays videos but using ANY music player freezes the phone most of the time.

  32. Aziz says:

    cool rom. but what happened to the cool galary app and splitscreen functionality of which 4.1.2 had. why does 4.2.2. loose some of 4.1.2. cool apps and funtionalities, help!!!

  33. kerving says:

    I have a galaxy s2 skyroket sgh-i777. After flashing the pa and gapps, everything is fine, I love it but I cannot use portable hotspot.
    Any advise?

  34. Xavier says:

    would not detect my sim. not very fond of that double menu either.

  35. Robert says:

    hi everyone, this ROM is awesome, been using it for like a week and everything seems to work well, stopped the slow system running by switching from Touchwiz to Go Launcher and used dubattery saver to help the battery life a little. it does 8-10hrs on normal use now. need 2 things, if anyone can help.
    1. how do i get ma S2 i9100 to enter usb mode so i can use it as flash, i cant find the option for this in more-network-options it only works as mtp mode now i’v already activated usb debugging..(step by step details would be appreciated).
    2. apart from using stweaks to reduce graphics and processor clock-speed and battery saving apps to save battery life is there anyway to save battery life on this ROM…

  36. Ramatron says:

    do I have to install gapps

  37. Matt says:

    Hey nice ROM but my sgh-i777 locked after installation and no current unlocking app won’t work pls help

    • poppiesgdd says:

      Hold the start button in for 10 seconds
      or a bit longer until the screen goes blank
      or the phone restarts . It’s a computer and all computers restart after about ten seconds . If it doesn’t , you have a broken
      Start switch . Glenn.

  38. Bruno says:

    does it works in the galaxy s2 i9100g?

  39. Tayfun says:

    Bu google play sorunu nedir arkadaş hem yok bide indirip yüklüyorum hemen kapanıyor açmaya çalışınca nasıl düzeltebilirim bilen biri açıklarsa şimdiden teşekkürler…

    • Sinan Akgül says:

      google play’i direkt olarak apk dosyasından kuramazsın. yukarıdaki gapps linkinden rom kurar gibi flashlaman gerek.

  40. Steven says:

    This ROM is great, but there is one important problem we as consumers of this product is all facing… it’s the fact that our data is completely messed up. It appears to be that when wifi is turned on the data works for about a second or two then it stops and resorts back to no data again for like 2 mins then it works again… it loops. I am in desperate need of help. Please consider this problem we are all facing… thanks in advance looking forward to your reply!!!

  41. Caio says:

    Hi guys.
    I really liked this rom and I think I will go with this for a long time, but have somethings that doesn´t have in this rom and have in the others.
    1. The settings “View only contacts with number”, man, I use this option a lot, this can be fix, please?
    2. Battery life is drain to hard, I´ve tried something that have in this post, but nothing. I think this can be my Kernel, I was with philz touched 3 (very good) and now I have the Siyah danmarox. I will try to tweak.
    3. Doesn´t have the default text or notes? Why? Kkkkk
    4. The rom 4.1.2 has a better calendar.

    I will test someother things and talk here if I had more stuffs to say.
    The rom it´s amazing, very fast and solved some problems that I had in all others roms that I tested.

    Thanks guys.

  42. Andrew says:

    i have installed the keylime rom on my at&t i777 in settings where to add e-mail, there is no corparate any sugestions

  43. Sheni says:

    Please GPS doesn’t work…

  44. poppiesgdd says:

    Hello , I am writing this from my PC as my GT i9100 is bricked .
    I had DorimanX v9.38 with Paranoid Android v3..68 as the
    primary Rom and Resurrection Remix 4.3 as the secondary
    Rom working well. I received a notification that there was an
    update to v3.99 PA and downloaded it , and updated the Rom.
    After restarting the phone , it gets to the page with the yellow
    triangle and will go no further . I have tried using One Click Unbrick,
    but can’t make heads or tails of the instructions on how to use it.
    I can get to download mode , but not into recovery mode .
    Anyhow , if you receive this update , and have a similar setup ,
    don’t be tempted to update , as it will brick your phone . If anyone
    can help me to unbrick my phone , I would appreciate it very much .
    I am using my phone to search for jobs and that has now been put
    on hold because my backup phone doesn’t have internet capability .
    Any help would be really great .
    Glenn .

  45. Gary says:

    My notification bar randomly went away. How do I fix this?

  46. Marcelo says:

    I can’t find the Radio App. Should I install a third party App?

  47. ski says:

    im using this rom and have minor issues so far. anyone having issues on setting a pattern security on their lock screen? whenever i set the pattern for my lockscreen it just says pattern recorded. please help. thanks in advance!

  48. monto says:

    I try it but the wifi didn’t work help me plz

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