Resurrection ICS ROM v.2.5.3 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Jelly Bean Transitions][Best ROM]

Want the “best” ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100? Well, Resurrection ICS ROM is back with brand, new version 2.5.3, which includes “Jelly Bean Transitions”. And boy, this ROM is “really really really fast” now. In fact, it’s faster than my Galaxy S3, unbelievable!

I will just stop here and let you try it yourself. The Jelly Bean transitions added to Resurrection ICS ROM makes a complete difference in the phone’s speed even without overclocking.

Give it a quick twirl and let me know what you think!

Download Resurrection ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

Also see overview of AOKP ROM Control stuff:

You can see previous versions here:

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286 Responses

  1. @JeseRodriguez says:

    Downloading. This is what i was waiting For!!!. LETS GET HIGH ON ANDROID!!!

    • lemongrass says:

      will that work on T-Mobile Galaxy S II (SGH-T989)

      • robert mccall says:

        of course not its only for the i9100 that’s why max wrote this Resurrection ICS ROM v.2.5.3 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Jelly Bean Transitions][Best ROM]

    • Phishy says:

      Well I downloaded this and put it on my Galaxy S2 i9100. It’s amazing fast, the jellybean transitions are great, I actually loved it….

      On my Galaxy S2 i9100 from Bell/Virgin canada, this Rom is unable to see my internal sd card, and you can’t enable the wifi. It’s sad really because I was really digging the rom, but those are deal breakers.

      I did find “revolt” which also has the jellybean transitions, but it is no where near as fast as this one.

      • James says:

        Your external sd card is now found in /emmc. There is an app called Remount SD which fixes that but I can’t remember where I downloaded it from. I also discovered that WiFi is not working and Bluetooth is an issue too. Let’s hope this is resolved soon.

  2. dgi says:

    Wow. Amazing. Downloading and flashing right now 🙂

  3. Wasim says:

    is camera and google play works with this version

  4. antpet says:

    what works and what not from this rom?

    fm radio?

  5. Dushyant says:

    When will be the JB rom available ???

  6. assil says:

    in XDA step for flashing thye are a step that i dont inderstand “Fix permissions”

    1.Wipe data / factory reset recommended
    2.Install the Main ROM
    3.Wipe Cache Partition
    4.Wipe Dalvik Cache
    5.Fix permissions


  7. paul says:

    Hope you can see the screen shots every few seconds i get this pop up , ICS keyboard fails at installation and a few other things like Email , Playstore wont load SD card reports its empty buy using the default music player says its got 44 full albums bla bla bla amount of singles ,, so clearly still the good old fecking wescrap
    the thing i would like is your GS2 max cos its seeming to be a working rom on yours without the problems i get with every RRR ..

  8. R4U7MA says:

    Exc performance of this rom the best of all for SGS2… Google play music don’t work, is the only bug I have found yet still in test…

  9. David Kweon says:

    How do I add additional themes? I liked the black messages theme from v1.9.
    Please help, I clicked ‘inverted theme’ in the install but i only have the original, red and this other one that doesnt even work.

  10. Ollo says:

    Wow….fast, no doubt about it and my S2 is under clocked to 1000. So far after 10 minutes of play I love it.
    Of course titanium pro short cut the rebuild of the screens by 30 minutes at least. Thanks Westcrip! A donation on its way!

  11. Ollo says:

    Mike – I am no developer. I found when you install a new ROM (I have done about 20 so far) you can’t tell the battery life until you have recycled the battery at least for a week of up and down. Just my little comment!

  12. U have says:

    no prob for me..
    too fast n too furios from my SGS3 🙂

    • Nimas Ahamed says:

      hi, I tried But It say No Certificate Found… I Copy to Externat SD card..
      can u Plz.. Help me Step by Step to Intall?

      thanks in Advance

  13. U have says:

    waiting RR for my SGS3 😉

  14. Ash says:

    Guys i need help, whenever i try to install a new rom i got stuck at the RR logo. I got siyah v3.3.2 kernel installed and this new v.2.5.3 installed. HELP PLS!

  15. Ammad says:

    Camera doesn’t exist. What do I do?

  16. Nishit says:

    I have RR ver 2.4.1. Can I just update to this version or do I have to do a complete new wipe and flash?

    • U have says:

      Wipe n cache data is recommended..
      Batter u wipe,cache data n delvik also..
      Don forget to backup 1st

  17. Thomas Norman Svendsen says:

    Installation went smooth, thanks for the great work

  18. jec says:

    just installed the new rom. I cannot use my data roaming. My internet is working although I can call. If I go to settings to setup the APN, it keeps on telling me it stopped. please help

  19. BiggestNoobOut says:

    This is a great ROM BUT

    • carlos says:

      i had the same prob what i did was installed the rom again do wipes (factory,cache,dalvik,fix permisions) then, wipe data/factory reset. install rom custom: syah kernel ,add what you want.. and wifi is working,hope it helps you!

  20. seen says:

    i have external sd card in my phone…. After installing RR rom it says no external sd card please help me

    • U have says:

      Emmc is ur external..
      u can check at es file explorer

    • -Magic Man- says:

      Hey Seen…..use the OI File Manager in the ROM and click the little home icon on the top left corner…It will load you into the previous page…this page should have a folder called “emmc”…this is your external sd

  21. nikpikjoe says:

    Wifi won’t turn on. D: Help!!

  22. naciri Zakaria says:

    hello, I have a s2 Resurrection with 4.04 and I want to install the latest version.
    I have copy the zip file ds memory card and when I install it says instalation failed? I’ve gotta do … there is no live updates

  23. ewakeman says:

    Hi, I’m getting jagged icons in lockscreen with this rom. It’s the only reason i don’t use it. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks!

  24. qqs says:

    Nice rom, but only the wifi doesn’t work. Any idea?

  25. Ammad says:

    Two issues I’ve run into:

    1) Battery drains so much faster than in previous versions which blows
    2) Camera crashes when switching modes. (still camera to video camera or to panoramic)

    • Zac says:

      Well I can switch between camera and video. Looks fine.

      But switching to panorama causes the app to crash. No worries. I am sure Westcrip will release a bug fix soon.

      • Zac says:

        And battery-wise, what kernel are you using?

        I am using CM9 kernel and it saves more battery power compared to Siyah kernel. Phone battery can last one whole day if you know how to adjust the proper settings e.g. scale, brightness, power saver, etc.

  26. Marius says:

    Hy Max,
    Can you help us with the wifi problem?
    Some of us encountered this bug: the wifi can’t be turned on, although i did erased everything fix perimissions ,etc.

  27. Head says:

    The download mirror is down, please fix it.

  28. Lewis says:

    Why did your Youtube account get closed?

  29. Marius says:

    For those of you who can’t manage to get the wifi working, here’s what i did :wipe data/factory reset. install rom custom: syah kernel ,add what you want.. and wifi is working

  30. Tanoxxl says:

    i recomand to install with no hurry take itch step carefuly instal again original firm .with 4.0.3 and root and i recomad last Resurrection-remix_ics_V2.5.3_AOKP-B40-4.0.4 works great and batery is good

  31. bob says:

    anyone noticed low sound volume when playing music? sound quality was much louder and better in previous versions of rr.

    for best battery life use cm kernal with wifi on all the time but very little use of the phone i get 1% drainage every 2hrs. so i only need charge every 3-4 days later

  32. Jones says:

    Unable to open Access point names setting.. says “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”. Please tell a fix for this. Thanx.

  33. bob says:

    jones its your dpi settings causing you the problem. go into settings/rom control and change lcd density. or re flash but this time select “custom install” and uncheck 160 dpi phone app from the list

  34. fede says:

    Music app is not working. It crashes when opening

  35. Fiifi says:

    too many bugs in this rom.

    If u go 2 phone & hit the settings menu the process crashes
    wifi does not work
    camera crashes when u switch from still cam to panorama, power button shutter has been taken away from the camera, was really kuul

  36. Jake says:

    When I tried installing it after wiping/factory resetting it just says
    Aborting installation

    Can anybody help me?

    • paddy says:

      Try this,
      Boot into recovery mode by pressing 3 keys together (hold until you see a Samsung logo) – Volume UP + Home + Power
      In recovery, use the Volume keys to scroll and the power button to select.
      Select the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then select Yes to wipe your apps and data (this will NOT erase your SD card contents, so don’t worry). Select ‘wipe cache partition’, then select ‘Yes’.
      Go into ‘Mounts and Storage’, select ‘format system’, then select Yes.
      Now, select ‘go back’, then select install zip from sd card » choose zip from sd card, browse through sd card and select the ROM file you transferred in step 4 above. Select Yes on next screen.
      This will begin the flashing of the ROM on your Galaxy S2, just wait and watch till the process is over.
      After the process is over, you will be back in recovery. Now, select ‘go back’ and select ‘reboot system now’ to reboot the phone.

    • Khalil says:

      Its simple..your download was corrupted,so download the rom again 🙂

  37. medo says:

    Is this a LQ5 Rom ?

  38. Ngatmoyono says:

    where your video gone, max?

  39. Schuylar says:

    Hi, I am just new to RR. I am looking for a way to join my contacts from different services, like the same feature from the original contacts app. I noticed that the contact app from RR can also join but it’s automatic, is there a way to manually join contacts together?

  40. Honey says:

    Can u tell which kernel to use with this rom????

  41. Apon says:

    what happened to your youtube channel???

  42. David says:

    someone must had complained to YouTube about Max’s rooting tutorials and shut down his YouTube account.

    I really appreciate Max’s works here and he had helped lots of people understand more about rooting as well as sharing new ROM’s review.

    I rooted and flashed my Galaxy Note from Max’s videos. Simple and easy.
    Now I am flashing S2 and wanna have some reference to confirm my steps. But all the videos are gone.
    This is really….

    Max, keep up the good work and continue to High on Android.
    You have my support bro!

  43. bob says:

    max got banned for creating a vid called “apple sucks balls”


  44. Nav L says:

    Upgraded to 2.5.3 late last night. First thing I noticed, its freaking quick!!! It shits all over my mate’s S3.

    Couple of points to note:
    1. Camera crashes when switching from normal camera mode to panorama view. Switching between camera and video mode is ok.
    2. External speaker volume does sound low when compared to previous version. Couple of times today I thought the External speaker wasn’t even activated and had to re-check.
    3. Battery life…bit hard to say if the performance has increased or degraded. As of right now that battery is at 36% after 11hours 36mins since last recharge. Have used the phone fair bit today, few video calls, multiple email replies and a few lengthy phone calls.
    4. Haven’t tried/tested GPS yet . GPS stopped working when I previously updated to ver 2.2
    5. WIFI working perfectly, no issues. Mind you, I did clear all the previous setting and cache as well as fixed permission after flashing.

    Experiences so far….the best ROM i have used so far, definitely worth a try.

  45. Kumar says:

    I installed 2.5.3 ROM in my galaxy s2. Everything is working except data connection. My carrier 3g connection is not working. But wifi, BT and everything works except 3g. Kindly give me solution for my issue.

  46. Ian says:

    Yesterday I rebooted my phone with the battery at 52%, when it had finished rebooting it said 8%… I rebooted again and still it said 8%, when i looked at it an hour later it said 16%??

    Any ideas?

  47. bob says:

    remove battery from phone for 5 mins. put it back and charge fully. this fixed it for me

  48. vlad says:

    it is android 4.0.4 correct?

  49. Sonic says:

    For the panorama cam.. just go to /system/app find the cam (you recognize the icon) click it choose install .. and now you have a working panorama cam again

    • Sonic says:

      If that doesnt work you can move the cam(s) from both /system/app and /data/app/ to two separate places on your internal sdcard.. Uninstall it in TB then install one of them from the internal sdcard.. I didn’t hace to do a reboot to get it to work.. and even after a wipe cach, dalvik and fix permission it’s still working, that wasn’t the case of the first insalled ones.. you had to redo it after wiping cashe and stuff.


    • sergio says:

      that worked 4 me , ty sonic

    • liam says:

      This worked for me. Thanks

    • Nav L says:

      Thanks mate, your suggestion worked! 🙂

  50. Addison says:

    What happened to your youtube account?

  51. Rishi says:

    Hey Max! I’ve been using this ROM for nearly five days now. It’s great. But I’m not getting a good Quadrant score. Highest score- 2837. It’s ok, but I used to get over 4500 in gingerbread and earlier versions of RR. Any idea why that’s so? I run RR ics 2.5.3 with CM9 kernel. I’ve had same problem since v2.x came out. I used siyah kernel before 2.5.3 with overclocking, to no avail. Any idea?

  52. tarifiq says:

    hello, i am actually a newbie at this rom thingy, so do forgive ma naivity. however i have tried almost everything but still unable to flash the rom. when i boot the fone in recovery mode and try installing the .zip file all i get is unpackaging contents or so and then it stops and goes back to the recovery menus, the installation never completes. i am currently running the xxlph ics and its rooted. thanks

    • paddy says:

      Try this,
      Boot into recovery mode by pressing 3 keys together (hold until you see a Samsung logo) – Volume UP + Home + Power
      In recovery, use the Volume keys to scroll and the power button to select.
      Select the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and then select Yes to wipe your apps and data (this will NOT erase your SD card contents, so don’t worry). Select ‘wipe cache partition’, then select ‘Yes’.
      Go into ‘Mounts and Storage’, select ‘format system’, then select Yes.
      Now, select ‘go back’, then select install zip from sd card » choose zip from sd card, browse through sd card and select the ROM file you transferred. Select Yes on next screen.
      This will begin the flashing of the ROM on your Galaxy S2, just wait and watch till the process is over.
      After the process is over, you will be back in recovery. Now, select ‘go back’ and select ‘reboot system now’ to reboot the phone.

      • tarifiq says:

        hi Paddy,
        thank you for the advice, i have tried all those steps before but this time i included the format of the mounts and storage, but still the same, fails while trying to unpack the .zip file. i currently have the siyah 3.3.3c kernel could this contribute. i really dont know why it is not working. also i am unable to mount my ext sd card so i have to install from my internal sd.
        i really wanna try out this rom bad.

  53. voltaire says:

    please help..i have galaxy s2 32 gb built in storage.. after installing rr 2.5.3 i think i mess up with the it say’s storage is 4gb(use to be 32)i dont know what i did but can anybody help me and tell me what can i do or where to find the rest of my storage space is..thanks..ANYWAY THE RR 2.5.3 IS GREAT!its just me..

  54. Alpejohn says:

    Well, first time i ever seen commercials in the camera app! WTF!

    And, my Wifi will not turn on. Will try with another kernal and see.

    But commercials in the camera app, thats BAD!

    • Alpejohn says:

      Oh, nice! Now my wifi works, commercials in camera app looks to be gone, but my external sd doesnt work….. Now thats great, what do i do next?

      Looks like a nice rom, but it isnt working properly.. Or its just me as a noob that dont know whats the problem..

      Any tip?

      • James says:

        Check in the root folder for a file /emmc. That should contain your sd card contents. You can restore it to external sd with an app called Remount SD.

  55. bob says:

    tarifiq, your zip file is corrupted. re download the zip file and do not i repeat do not unzip. then instal via clockmod

    • paddy says:

      agree with bob, re-download and then try above steps, sounds like a corrupted file

      • tarifiq says:

        thanks guys, i shall hid to instructions and revert.

        • tarifiq says:

          hello guys,
          oops its still the same thing, are there any prerequisites before the installation cause i am def getting something wrong. please help. fresh download, file unzipped yet no show. clckmod does not identify the file as a firmware so unable to flash thru that.

          • tarifiq says:

            Mornin guys, i guess its somethin else wrong with the fone cus i tried a baptista foxhound and i got the same issue. any idea on what the problem might be or what forums i can check. thnks much

  56. paddy says:

    have to say, this rom is working perfectly for me, had none of the issues other users seem to be having, wifi, data, camera all working fine, no problems switching between modes in camera. the only gripe, well not even gripe but observation id have is the volume is alot lower on this rom, even using earphones, im sure there’ll be a fix soon enough though, has to be a 9 outta 10 for me.!

  57. Nav L says:

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has managed to fix the loud speaker volume issue?

  58. kevin says:

    I followed the steps as you said.
    But I have few major problems.First of all,when i click the storage tab on the settings,the window gets closed and then a message shows up saying “unfortunately settings has stopped”.Also,I cant open the gallery,another message pops up saying “external storage isnt available”.I have read all the comments and fixing the issue,but nothing worked.Even my computer doesnt respond to the s2 when i plug it in.I cant even install another rom or unroot the phone.please do help me out.

  59. blaner says:

    Downloaded the rom and its super smooth!! Best Rom I have used yet! Anyone else have issues with their gps?? Also have ads in Camera!! Alpejohn- did you just switching kernals to fix that??? If i can figure out how to fix these issues then I will be super happy with this Rom!! Def worth a try for anyone thinking about it!

  60. Sultan says:

    i had updated just now but wifi and mmc card not working

  61. Josh says:

    Hey i need some hlp, my 2g/3g is not working. I’ve tied entering the settings manually but whn i press save nothing happens, the settings are not saved. Can someone help me plz

    thx in advance

    • Alpejohn says:

      Maybe a stupid suggestion but have you checked the settings for APN?
      Mine was gone, so i had to get new, then it worked fine 🙂

    • sergio says:

      try reboot , then the apn like magic appears , first save the apn , values
      that worked 4 me

  62. voltaire says:

    Max i need your help pls..i dont know what happen to my 32 gb built in storage.i know i done something in the set my built in storage says i got only 4 gb availble space.can you please help.aside from that evrything works perfect.its a very good work you made here.

  63. feden says:

    I´m loving this rom. Just a few bugs, but you can live with them. I´ve underclocked it at 0,5 and still no hangs.

    – OS It´s amazingly fast
    – Folders at home screen… I love them!!
    – GPS has never worked this fast!
    – Customize toogles and dock

    – No radio, though you can download the one you have on the top of this page, and set it in settings as SGS2 test. Location does not seem to affect as I ve set it in North America, and I live in South America (which doesn t appear as an option to set)
    – Music app is not working for me, though you have other options, like apollo, and play music, which is similar to the stock one.
    – When you get a sound like a keyboard correction (which is not an option in this rom´s keyboard, but I ve downloaded one that yes) music trend to equal volume with it. Also, with NDrive, music won´t stop playing when getting indications.
    – No notes or video player, but you can download them at Google Play

    Wifi, BT, E, 3G working fine.
    By the way, native mail has now it´s own sync account so you need to enable it in order to auto sync. I don´t usually leave it automatic as I try to save battery, and I don´t really need to have my contacts synced every minute.

    As for battery, so far looks like same life as stock 4.0.3, but I still need to test it to be sure. I´m running on Kernel Syah, haven´t tried the other 2 which are supposed to save more battery.

    Anyway, just try it! It´my first custom rom and i love it so far.

  64. Alpejohn says:

    Mine is now working fine, but i have commercial in my camera app!!
    How on earth can that happen??

    Anyone know what i can do to fix that? Frkin annoying! :@

  65. Matthew Hardy says:

    That samsung galaxy S2 (ICS) /S3 uses own theme ticks me off. But I have to say, as it happens, its the same as the Gingerbread theme (green/grey) but is much prettier than ICS all blue. Am I the only one who thinks Gingerbread looks more modern than stock ICS and more colourful (esp the dialer which is very ugly in stock). Having said that I still think samsung should’ve stuck with googles ICS theme, as thats how new apps are being themed (including eg, google books)

  66. vlad says:

    hello what score does this rom shows in antutu?

  67. jonei says:


    i have one question, what does the new item “Ressurection update” in settings menu? what is it stand for?…sorry for my english.

  68. Gavin says:


    Can anyone help me with setting up custom icons for the lockscreen? When i go to R-Rom control > Lockscreen options, i try to change the lockscreen icons for the custom apps i want to show on the lockscreen, but i get an error message saying “Setting icon failed! Is your SD mounted?”. I am pretty sure my SD is already mounted so I dont know what’s wrong.

    If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.


  69. Jeff Mac says:

    Great Rom! Super smooth and quick all around. Two bugs I have noticed at least for me(GT-I9100M) is no access to phone settings or apn’s. When I click on either I get “unfortunately the process has stopped.” Tried re-wiping/clearing delvik, etc but issue is persistent and constant. Anyone else have similar issues?

    • Jeff Mac says:

      I should add that I am not having data connectivity issues. No problems with pulling down the apns from the network, I just don’t have access to add/edit apns. Will not let me into that menu is all.

  70. Roderick says:

    It is a nice rom but it has it’s downs too :/

    Fm radio missing
    Camera seems to be shit…focus not working well
    When i recieve a call the resolution seems to be bigger than the screen itself (its not fitting)
    Motion options not there
    Contact list sucks
    Occasionally, i don’t know why the 5 bottom icon in my Apps menu seem to be moving to a new window and it’s rather irritating

    Don’t take me wrong i don’t mean to be judgmental but i’m just trying to help you make it better ^.^ if those things could be fixed it would be perfect cause the speed is just awesome

  71. Jay says:

    Hello Max,

    I want to update to this RR Version but my phone freezes when the screen goes to sleep after installing the rom and even without installing any apps.

    So I was thinking that maybe there is something wrong with the way my phone is rooted right now.

    Baseband: I9100XXLPS.
    Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100XXLPB-CL99600
    Build number: IML74K.XXLPB

    Does the Kernel an Build Numbers needs to match with the Baseband which is XXLPS? in order for this room to work? cause I really don’t know why my phone freezes when the screen goes off? and I know is not an app issue cause it freezes without installing the apps.

    Any help from you or anyone will be appreciated.

    • Max says:

      Might be actually faulty lcd u sure the screen goes off and freezes? Try runnjng a music app.

      • Jay says:

        Hey Max.

        Thanks for answering, well the thing is that if I let the charger connected or some app with a process running in the background (like the music player as you mentioned) it does not freeze it works perfectly but as soon as I unplug the cord or close the app and let the screen go off for more than 2 min it freezes and have to reboot it is really weird it happens with every version from RR that I’ve tried so far thing I noticed is that if I choose Siyah Kernel sometimes it freezes while booting after the Aroma I have to choose other Kernel.

        It’s like if something turns off after a few minutes with the screen off on the rom that won’t let me do anything.

        With the current version of ICS that I have 4.0.3 I have no problems, probably cause is stock or something but anyway any

        It’s a shame cause I really want to try this roms :P.

        Thanks in advance buddy and keep up the good work!

  72. Ny says:

    Hi Sir,

    so we have to have ICS installed first on S2 before getting the awesome ROM, rite?

  73. liam says:

    OK…. I’m sure no one cares…. BUT I have decided not to use this version of the ROM.
    I love it and I wish I could use it but there are too many thing going wrong.

    Firstly Wifi doesn’t work unless I change the Kernel, but when I change the Kernel my battery seems to discharge very quickly.
    The camera does work in Panorama once I run the suggested fix listed above.

    I will wait until the next release.
    Thanks anyway

  74. JM says:

    Anyone else find the emergency call button is chopped off the bottom of the lockscreen? – I have the calendar events enabled for the lockscreen and I’m using a pattern lock.
    It’s not a massive problem but it gets worse if you enable landscape lockscreen, the pattern lock is half cut-off the right of the screen :/
    This didn’t happen in 2.2 and I hope this is just a simple bug that will be sorted in the next release, other than that, great ROM!

  75. Matthew Hardy says:

    Does anyone know if i have to install offcial ICS before i can install this rom? I am already rooted on original samsung gingerbread.

  76. Mittens says:

    Hey Max!!

    I found two problems with this.. First, I can’t find G-Talk anywhere!!! I installed it from the menu in the start.. Second, the quality of the camera went down I think. What can I do?

  77. Dvn says:

    Any chances of this working on AT&T i777 or is there an available port for the AT&T version?


  78. Jonathan says:

    does anyone else have bad batterylife?

  79. vinr says:

    Hey guys, I’m on CM9 RC1 on my SGS2 at the moment and was wondering if I should install RR 2.5.3 or not. I’m really worried about the battery life. Please advise if its worth moving to RR 2.5.3 or anything which has a good balance of speed and battery life. Thanks in advance.

  80. bob says:


    new update rr 2.6 out later today. hopefully all bugs squashed

  81. feden says:

    I have a normal battery life compared to stock 4.0.3, and maybe better. I´m still trying it.

    Has anybody else noticed that camera cover a smaller area when taking pictures? And landscape has a ridiculy small area as well.

  82. neo says:

    wud love to see dis on the s2 i777. Max, is it available?

  83. abdullah says:

    is this rom cpmatible with galaxy s2 gt-i9100g

  84. abdullah says:

    is this rom is compatible with galaxy s2-gti9100G

  85. vinr says:

    Hey guys If anyone has tried the RR 2.6 version, please let me know if the battery life issue is fixed. Thanks folks.

  86. Haider says:

    hello zedomax…i hope yuu get yuur account bk n good luck with…quick question.. when are we getting jelly bean rom for galaxy s2 gt-i9100 ??

  87. paddy says:

    tells me now theres a rom update but keeps giving me error message failed to download when trying to download it, any solutions??

  88. Alpejohn says:

    Same with me :-S

  89. Patricio says:

    Hola tengo una pequeña consulta yo tenia GB 2.3.6 y mi tasa de transferencia de mi micros sd 32gb samsung clase 10 era de 10 mb/s y ahora con esta nueba Rom es de 2mb/s que puede ser?? y que se puede hacer para solucionarlo?? 🙂

  90. Troy (Philippines) says:

    sir max i tried the latest version of this remix.. It is good and better but there’s a few bugs or what so ever you will called, i tried on several’s games like on glu games.. i have observed that some games can’t run or i can’t play normally. In the older version of remix it is good and fix when playing games. I hope Mr. Westcrip fix some glitches and bugs on the new remix rom.. For you Sir Max more power and keep up the good work…

  91. Lilac says:

    Wow its been a couple of days and 2.6 is already out.
    Very fast updates

  92. Thunder says:

    downloaded 2.6 wen the update was available this wha do i do…tried to use clockworkmod to install and it aint visable to install :/ or my update me doesnt respond after a few seconds…

  93. feden says:

    is there any way to disable speakers on spirit ul radio? It sounds both on headphones and speakers no matter if I disable any of these.


  94. D'Jnr says:

    ur roms r splendid and super awsome…… bt i’d like to make a suggestion. i really like the flipboard and the social hub, but unfortunately cant find any of these apps after installation on my gt i9100. is there any possible way ican get them bak without loosing my resurrection v2.5.3 . plssss help me out . Thanx and hey wonderful works!

  95. D'Jnr says:

    Hey Max,
    ur roms r splendid and super awsome…… bt i’d like to make a suggestion. i really like the flipboard and the social hub, but unfortunately cant find any of these apps after installation on my gt i9100. is there any possible way ican get them bak without loosing my resurrection v2.5.3 . plssss help me out . Thanx and hey wonderful works!

  96. Alex says:

    what happened with your youtube account??

  97. @JeseRodriguez says:

    Found this link. Is for downloading version 2.6 I’m at the dentist. Try it… I wanna know if it works.

  98. Rowen says:

    Hi, can you help me fix my wifi? after i installed the resurrection room my wifi is not opening… Anyone can help please?

  99. bob says:

    this is the final m6 so guessing no more updates. next phase jellybean. by the end of the month- hopefully

  100. Pratyush says:

    Hey, how do we change the ringtone in this rom?

    • Bjorn says:

      To change the general ringtone, Settings->Sound->Phone ringtone.
      To change the ringtone for one contact, click the contact whose rintone you want to change, then the 3 vertically arranged dots at the top right, and then “select ringtone”.

  101. angie says:

    i want this rom for my samsung tmobile galaxy s2 soooooooon

  102. Dave says:

    review new version…. thanks

  103. feden says:

    I just tried june12 unlocked version for Spirit Radio, and it´s working better for me. I can use both speakers and headset. Just google it.

  104. Gabo says:

    2.6 version is great!! Xperia launcher looks awesome, and batery life works like previous version (regular use 14-18 hours of life) Everything works great for me. This is the link where i download it . Regards all folks!!

  105. liam says:


    PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE FIX THIS…. I don’t want to use a custom kernel !!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. taniket says:

    plz review new v2.6 as soon as possible…i am waiting for it

  107. taniket says:

    plz review new v2.6 as soon as possible…i am waiting for it

  108. ricksta says:

    im using this atm and i have thats update me app it says i have a update to 2.6 do i download it? and how does it work? do i just flash it like you would normaly?

  109. Jason Zhu says:

    this rom is perfect! i m kinda wanna switch back from GS3 to GS2 now

  110. Prateek says:

    would this rom work with the XWLP7 build ?

  111. Brian Lofstedt says:

    Hey! This rom is awesome. If it doesn’t work, you have to re install it and do a complete system restore. One question though, how do I delete all the crappy apps that come bundled? There’s only the ability to disable them and not completely remove them. I need to remove google search specifically because I want to install google now.


  112. Stuart Wilson says:

    Great ROM
    Two issues (not deal breakers) I had and their solutions (that worked for me)
    1) If phone rang whilst the headphones were plugged in, the handset microphone did not work. When you remove the headphones both handset microphone and speaker did not work.
    SOLUTION: rebooted into recovery and fixed permissions

    2) Winamp duplicated all tracks in my library (This only happened when installing this ROM, has not happened for any of the other ROMs I have tried … )

    SOLUTION: Unmounted my ext SDcard, cleared Winamp data and cache, rebooted and restarted Winamp. Then closed Winamp and remounted the extSDcard. Open Win amp and let it rescan the storage.
    NOTE: Unmounting the SDcard was the only way I could get to work. I had cleared cache and data then reinstalled twice with no success …

    Otherwise all function s are working beautifully.

  113. Nav L says:

    Was using 2.5.3 since it was first released. The first week seemed ok but after that starting having battery drain issue, answering button not working at times, wireless would stop working at times, too many issues.

    Upgraded to 2.6 two days ago, first thing I have noticed is the battery seems to be a lot better. Wireless and GPS seems to be stable. With that said, 2.5.3 was stable for the first week as well. Will keep you guys posted.

  114. Lazar says:

    Hey Max, I have problem with WiFi and Bluetooth… It doesn’t work, please help me 🙂

  115. Rob says:

    Um, I took some bench mark tests using quadrant before installing this Rom on a stock rooted ICS on a Uk S2 and was getting 3950 total, I’m now getting 3250, (CPU set to max at 1200 and min of 200).
    Some of the stock widgets also are better than what I have now, I’m not noticing any really difference in performance, I’m getting service e mail errors and a few other issues, also losing the stock contacts app is an issue along with phone call history, not sure why I’ve lost these as I did a full backup and restore using Titanium, also CWM app seems to have disappeared, cannot toggle between camera and Video modes anymore, all in all nice Rom but I’m not really seeing any advantages over the stock Rom at present, only 5 hours into playing with it so far though.

    I’m really hoping to go Jelly Bean soon………..Google Now sounds amazing.

    Anyone out there got any tips for RR rom??

  116. abhinav says:

    can i flash this rom through odin n if yes then how ? please help

    • Haider says:

      why wud yuu wanna use odin when yuu have the easiest option avalable to you. save it on yuur phone and flash it throught recovery..SIMPLES

  117. T6 says:


    Installed this ROM, love it, everything but GPS is better. GPS needs more time to pick up signal.

    There is one problem.. My carrier used to supply me with a Sim-bound tool. It was working on all previous ROM’s, but in this one it does not even exist, as if it has disappeared. Ideas?
    The tool was used to identify myself online (Mobile-ID). Thanks 🙂

  118. NajmulBappy says:

    My mobile is Samsung Galaxy s2
    Model number> GT-I9100
    Android version> 2.3.5
    Baseband Version > I9100XXKI4
    Can i install this ROM in my phone..?

    • Haider says:

      Yea Yuu can but yuu need to be rooted..

      • NajmulBappy says:

        Yes, my phone is rooted.
        But problem is i don’t know how to backup my stock rom.
        I have Rom Manager, how can i backup my rom useing Rom Manager..?
        One more question, if i select Wipe data/Factory reset can I lose my all data phone/sdcard..? Plz reply…

        • Haider says:

          yuu can bakup yuur rom in recovery mode…jus select backup n select the destination… you would loose applications and other stuff but you wouldnt loose yuur photos and music both from yuur phone and sdcard..hope its helps >

  119. paddy says:

    battery is terrible since the upgrade to 2.6, even with juice defender and cosmos running, getting less than 12 hours with very little use, rom itself is very good but battery issue is a deal breaker, can anyone recommend a rom that wont eat my battery? cant be tied to a charger all the time! kinda defeats the purpose of a “mobile” phone.

  120. Ines says:

    i followed the guide to root, but the program runme stucks at “waiting for device”
    i have enabled the things asked and have the newest drivers though they dont have the same name as shown, where can i find the old drivers? and is this the problem? do i have to put the phone in some kind of mode?

  121. Stuart Wilson says:

    The Resurrection Updater doesn’t work, once pressed it crashes the settings ….
    I get “Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped”

    Tried it a number of times after rebooting, clearing cache, fixing permissions

    Don’t Know …

  122. Nitish says:

    Hey max.. Your work has alyz been a life saver..
    I installed salaman gs3 v4 rom
    Thn i installed triangle away app..

    Now i wanna go to nexus rom as i heard it has btr batry life…
    When i enter recovery mode select install from sd nd choose d rom screen flashes nd i m back to home.. I tried intaling other rom tooo but no gain..
    Plz help to install m tooo desprate to try tht… plzzz

    • Haider says:

      could you forward the link to the nexus rom ???

      • Nitish says:

        its the f1nexus rom anyways i copied the same file to internal storage and then tried flashing.. it worked..but i can not install it from the extrnal sd card.. its the same file

  123. Kevin1 says:

    The camera sucks, i cant use anti shake no more.. and the controls are almost 1/4 of the screen… can you bring back the old galaxy s2 camera?

  124. Kevin1 says:

    a lot of error is happening since i installed this.. i always get “not responding” memo

  125. Max says:

    Will all of my apps be saved if i already have an older version of this rom? or will i have to back them up?

  126. irtiza nadeem says:

    How can I connect my phone to the computer using this rom? Please help someon!

  127. Sam says:

    I’m in big trouble. I rooted my phone using the new method, installed ClockworkMod Recovery and then flashed Resurrection ICS ROM v.2.5.3 for Galaxy S2 i9100. Everything went smoothly. The thing is after rebooting, my phone won’t go on. I just get the flash screen with Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 for a few seconds and then it goes off. I tried to go into recovery mode but it doesn’t work. What can I do ?

    • irtiza nadeem says:

      Well friend I think u could be in boot loop. In that case I think get odin and a stable rom such as litening and flash it via there putting your phone in download mode. Other than that I don’t know mate. Hope I helped.

  128. Sam says:

    Yes it was a boot loop and I was able to fix it. Thank you for your help 🙂

  129. Albert says:

    Hi, Is this ROM working with Galaxy Nexus

  130. CoxyofNewp says:

    Hi mate!
    I want to update to ROM Resurrection ICS ROM v.2.5.3 or even v2.6 I found on XDA Devs.. for Galaxy S2 i9100. As I’m using Resurrection V1.0 and think it’s time to update… But when it comes to using CWM . the version I have installed is v 3.15, it says it should be used with CF-Root v5.0 or newer. And had disabled some features.. Including the back up rom! even in recovery mode!. I’m using an old kernal too and would like to update this to Siyah Kernel v.3.3.2 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [ICS]. as it looks to me that I will get the better benefit from this..
    My questions are …
    Shall i download a more up to date CWM. if so which one ?
    Also shall I flash the Kernal first then do the ROM ?

    Sorry to take up your time with these questions.. but as I LOVE my Galaxy S2 and want to keep it working.. I ‘d feel more happy to do the update knowing you’ve answered these questions first..
    Many Thanks in advance..

    Ps Your site is just.the best !!!
    also your YouTube …

  131. pratik says:

    I just installed this ROM and I must say pretty impressive.

    I found one thing that before installing this ROM the Free SIMS play was getting installed from play store but now it says my device is not competible.

    How can this happen?

    Please help.

  132. SJCatar says:

    Which languages does this image provide? Does it support Brazilian Portuguese? And does it have Swipe or Swift Keyboard?

  133. NajmulBappy says:

    I install this ROM and im stuck..:(
    After install dose’t come anything, just seen this pic 3sec..
    Pls help me someone…

  134. Tayler Perry says:

    I’ve tried everything that’s been said above, but I still can’t get my Wifi to turn on and work! I go in to settings, slide it from OFF to ON, and then it just gets stuck on “Turning Wi-Fi on…”

    Any suggestions?! I use Wifi every day!

  135. jack says:

    Hey, you guys are doing amazing work.
    I used 1.9 and 2.2 earlier. I installer no moar powahh which claimed to enable touch while my phone is off and on charging, and it was a big failure. I uninstalled it and still had a boot logo from that app. After few days my phone got switch off and was not able to turn on. It was in a boot loop i guess.. The phone was declared brick finally when even download mode failed to work.
    I got the panel replaced by Samsung and I rooted and tried 2.2, 2.4 and my main camera stopped working and was producing a clicking sound whenever I tried to access it. They had to replace my panel again. I’m getting paranoid now.
    Please suggest a stable version cuz I just can’t wait to flash this on my phone.


  136. ken says:

    final version 2.6.1 just released

  137. Lucas says:

    Hi folks, excelent rom, but i dont quite like the camera version. Is there a way to get stock camera apk? Thanks

  138. Ronnie says:

    to avoid battery life drain ..i used my recovery to format, data,cache,system,dalvik and all other previous data that the rom is a fresh install..after installing i edidted my build.prop with tweaks to save battery and ui ….also i underclocked my processor to 1 GHz…right now playing nova 3 its too smooth ..i love this rom! keep up the work

  139. ken says:

    wow! just installed jellybean on my s2 using cm10 rom.

    frekin amazing

  140. steven says:

    I cannot send file via bluetooth…
    Please help…!!!

  141. rodrigo says:

    Will have the Jelly Bean rom for att I-777 soon?

  142. Lucas says:

    Stock Camera? is there anyway that i can get the stock camera to my I9100? thanks, and stay high on Android

  143. Kiril Stanchev says:

    Hey, dude, perfect ROM, I love it, but it keeps showing “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped” and I can’t write anything. When installing I have chosen JB Transission Animation, but I don’t have it now. Please, try to give me some help! Thank you.

  144. Albert Nagy says:

    hi Zedomax,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and I was reading on your website that “ALL ROMs on this site are ONLY for Verizon Galaxy S2!”. I am a little worried, because I have the international unlocked GSM version, can I install the ROM that you have on the site or will it brick my phone ?

  145. cyrus says:

    what kernel is the best for this rom????

  146. vaishali says:

    hi max,
    please help me im new to all this, i just recently Update my Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Official ICS 4.0.4 XWLPX Firmware using odin 🙂
    i want Resurrection ICS ROM v.2.5.3 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Jelly Bean Transitions][Best ROM] how do i do that my device is not rooted. does this avoid battery life drain?
    Thank you.

  147. weltschmertz says:

    Can I install this ROM on ICS 4.0.3.?

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