Resurrection ICS ROM v2.0 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS ROM]

Resurrection ICS ROM version 2.0 is here! What’s different from version 1.9.1?

UPDATE: version 2.2 is OUT!!!

The new version comes with latest siyah kernel v3.2.6, many of framework bugs fixed, light sensor fixed, swipe fixed, music fx and dsp manager updated, dpi issues fixed, data/gps/wifi/compass issues fixed, and some more.

If you are on version 1.9.1, you can simply update without wipe by flashing the new version. (Make sure to make a backup ROM though just in case as always)

Other than that, you get all the usual AOKP ROM Control features and the best of ICS.

For Kies, you can try using Kies Air as AOKP ROMs in general don’t support native Kies. App2SD also works fine on this ROM just in case you were wondering.

Give it a go and let me know how it goes for you!

Installation Video for noobs:


Download Resurrection 2.0

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

You can see previous versions if this one doesn’t work for you:


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170 Responses

  1. pablo says:

    i cant found the ROM, where is the download link?

  2. David says:

    Is this ROM Compatible with Sprints Epic 4G Touch? I do not want to install the ROM and screw up my phone. Thank you.

  3. Ngatmoyono says:

    if i on 1.8.1, can i install 2.0 without wipe?

  4. flies says:

    Is this version better and more stable than 1.9.1?

    I did full wipe, but still noticed this issues:
    – faster battery draining – 8-10hours, while official ICS lasted 16-24h
    – phone turning off on it’s own sometimes: I left it in sleep mode, when I return I must power it on
    – when a lot photos in gallery – phone freezes

  5. Slim says:

    Hey guys, I’ve installed this ROM this morning! Its AWESOME!!! But I’ve problem with playing games, I cant launch Real Racing 2, and Real Soccer 2012, they start and then just crash. So how can I figure it out? Thanks for the ROM!

  6. Dave says:

    I am on v1.0 but i haven’t got Cwm so how do I flash this rom?

  7. Alcatraz says:

    great rom only issues found that no directory for external sd card and no face unlock and suggestions for this Admin

  8. Rajesh says:

    I downloaded this and having one issue:

    “DSP manager not working” force close. Is there a way out to this?


  9. Hammad Patel says:

    hello..can u please tell me how to install the pitch black theme given in the thread of resurrection remix 2.0..can u also please tell me the method of how to apply that theme..? i have installed the latest rom of resurrection remix 2.0

  10. Rajesh says:

    Also, Its quadrant score is very low even lower than 1.9.1

  11. VR says:

    I just updated from the previous version and I already have a problem. I cant use my data connection! I have checked the settings and its enabled everywhere and everything seems to be right but i can only use wifi. In the video your data bars seem to be grey too so i guess you didnt have data either or am i wron?? Please help!

    • VR says:

      I’ll recover the previous version because i cant live without data connection

    • adam stickels says:

      Have you enabled HSDPA/HSUPA in device settings? if not do that and reboot

    • Gladi8or says:

      You might want to go to System Settings > More.. > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and check the settings of your network. Also check if Data enabled is ticked. If it still doesnt work, go back again to access point names, and create a new APN ( go to the option using the left touch button on your S2). You can find APN settings of your operator anywhere on the internet, simply use google, or call the helpline of the operator. You also might want to go to System settings> Device settings > HSPA (under the radio tab) > Check if HSDPA or HSDPA+HSUPA is ticked. All this did the trick for me, before even messing with the APN settings. Hope you find it useful 🙂

  12. Rushabh says:

    I am using Resurrection V1.7 … i need to perform full wipe before updating to v2.0 ?? or is it okay to directly flash without wipe.. ?

  13. adam stickels says:

    Having probs with HDMI out guys. I have audio perfect but no video. I get a still frame as soon as I connect to tv but nothing after that just audio. Any help much appreciated.

  14. Koppal says:

    this Resurrection Rom is too good…but one lag is there when ever we call to some when we switched on to loudspeaker its always goes to maximum level of sound then while pressing the volume button then it reduces to original volume……….
    so is there any solution for this……..?

  15. Stonka says:

    I like this rom it`s good but i cant get above 4000 in quadrant on 1,2 ghz but with stock rom i can get 4100 why is that? 🙁
    and what is the best governor for battery and performance, pegasusq or lulzactive ?

  16. Aboud says:

    its a perfect Rom i Like it very much but if we can Control the Vibrate For Ringtune and Notification That would be Something Very nice , anyways i Like it very Much …. <3

  17. bjorn says:

    my you tube dous not work can anyone help me?????

    • Drexiel says:

      My YT wont work either, Google play wont download anything, and i cant mms anymore even though iset the correct apn…

      • admin says:

        clear cache and dalvik cache in CWM.

        • Deyus says:

          I had similar issues with Google Play not working with Tablet UI.
          Tried wiping cache and dalvik cache in CWM but it didn’t help. I also tried wiping data aswell but the it didn’t help.

          What I did was to flash Default UI and saw that Play worked here, installed all apps and went back to Tablet UI. Note that the Tablet UI will do updates on the apps properly even if you can’t enter Google Play just set all apps on auto-update.
          If you want to try out new apps you need to flash Default UI, install, then go back to Tablet UI.

          I hace one last issue with this ROM, how do I take a screen capture?

  18. allen says:

    i m having galaxy s2 with android 2.3.5 can i upgrade to resurrection ics rom to 2.0…is there any problem upgrading to it..plz let me know..

  19. hashim says:

    i love everything about this rom but for one thing. can’t access external sd. pls what can i do to fix this.

  20. LordofGrieve says:

    hello ,
    Thank you for your 2.0 update
    really awesome .
    can you guide me how to install remix ics Pitchblack (inverted) apps for 2.0 ?
    Thank you !!!

  21. Manu says:

    i updated this rom.. its really good with its options and looks and all… but after installation it worked fine until i rebooted… now wen it tries to start it takes a long time showing the yellow triangle then it goes into “kernel panic upload mode”.

    and i am also not able to get into recovery mode…

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help asap…

  22. benteers3 says:

    I have problem with bluetooth. I can’t send files from my computer to my phone. Pairing works perfectly fine… Please help

    • ICS_RSURRCTD says:

      Dunno if uv solved ur problem yet, but I had the same problem with my fone.. Wut i did was I removed the device (my phone) from my bluetooth devices on my computer, same with the fone, unpair it from the computer, and then paired them again.. It worked for me but if that doesnt work, u can always download a bluetooth file sending app to send ur files via bluetooth..
      I just hate how it asks u eveytime if u wuld like to accept a file.. It gets annoying if u happen to send a lot of files via bluetooth, which i do but oh well..
      Hope this helps, but if not, try sending an email to Max about it..

  23. Alex17 says:

    indeed the best rom for SGS2 9100 – i was on 1.9.1 – updated via cwm to 2.0 without problems – rom just updated on the first boot and everything whats there like before – didn’t wipe cache! 😉

    tnx Max for your effort and reviews! 😉

    • Manu says:

      alex17.. can u pls check and tell me if Bluetooth is working properly cause its not switching on for me…
      reply asap…

      • Alex17 says:

        yeah, I read your comment and tested it – it’s working fine. I can send and receive files via BT.

        • Manu says:

          and you r able to get into CWM recovery ?? which CLM recovery ver. is it going into??? Also while updating did u use update option or install option ??? And where did u download ICS 1.9.1 from ?

          • Alex17 says:

            I followed instructions for install both 1.9.1 and 2.0 from max review’s. CWM is what i get in Kernel – i used latest Siyah kernel. Read&watch reviews!

            Max says: “If you are on version 1.9.1, you can simply update without wipe by flashing the new version. (Make sure to make a backup ROM though just in case as always)”

            Did you make backup?

            Try restore. If it didnt help, wipe cache…

            • Manu says:

              no i was trying to update from resurrection v1.0 and i had all this problem.maybe i’ll try to install 1.9.1 before ver 2.0. one more question wen u install ver 1.9.1 do u get CWM with it in the install ???

  24. tom says:

    Ok for you people who have large medial collections such as movies, music and photos the biggest problem is the media scanner which takes a couple of hours to scan the media. This problem is mainly caused by a hiccup with reading application data from the gallery app. To get the media scanner system usable remove the usbstorage/android/data directory amd let the application rebuild it. The second problem with this particular version of aokp is that there is no proper media player for video files and the one that does exist cant play divx or files with an aac audio stream so no good video playback. Other than that this is one good rom. on a side note i dont know wether its just my phone but when copying files from my pc under gingerbread the average copy speed is around 7-8 mb/s but under this rom the average transfer speed is 2.5 mb/s. Im sure its a bug that will be fixed eventually.

    • Alex17 says:

      Just trayed to copy my CWM backup to PC (that is folder of 650mb with 5 files) an I get ~ 14mb/s…
      Rom is 2.0 RR with latest Siyah kernel.

    • Joe says:

      Hi, I am the issue of the media scanner taking a long time to scan. How do i remove the usbstorage/android/data directory as you said? I am noob here so be gentle. Thanks.

  25. Manu says:

    one question if u install remix ics default app will remix ics black pitch app go away or will we have both ???? and dowe get the original video player in this rom ?

  26. Kai says:

    @ adam stickels

    Hi, forget about any ROM of Resurrection Remix and flash Batista Foxhound, if your looking for MHL to HDMI full support. I mean, both roms are perhaps the best roms available for SG2 with regard to customization, stability and battery life. Just remember to do a clean installation, wipe everything, format your memories and install your apps from scratch (not through Titanium). A clean installation means more work and patience but you will definitely avoid almost ANY problems. I have been looking for ages for a ROM with full MHL-HDMI support and I found it in Foxhound. To start: It supports mirroring and that is perfect for my power point presentations on a big screen, it projects the video and audio of my films stored in the internal memory (download the free MX Player from Google Play Store and you’ll get an excellent media player for virtually any video format – even VOBs!!! or RockPlayer Lite if you have problems showing your soft-coded subtitles over MHL to HDMI), it doesn’t cut your WiFi signal, when connecting your smartphone to the TV, and that means ability to live stream videos from the internet. Among other features, you have FM Radio (no internet data necesarry :-)) and you can record your phone calls, which is excellent if you are expecting a great deal of information over the phone. Writting it down on a piece of paper was the past. And you will find many other goodies.
    The only thing, I don’t like of Foxhound ROM is that it SOMETIMES takes a while (about 10 seconds) to connect to wifi. In that regard, Resurrection is a lot faster.

    • Stuart Wilson says:

      Firstly Great ROM, this is the first ICS ROM I have run and so far Im really liking it.

      One issue I will bring to the table is to do with my music collection (located on my external sdcard). Both media players on the phone – WinAmp and Apollo, are showing my music library in a screwed up way. Some album is being duplicated with the track listing spit across the two eg. Tracks 1-5 in one and tracks 6-10 in the second; the other oddity is tracks are being tripled in for one album eg 3x track 1, 3x track 2 …. 3x track 10.
      This is how the media players are displaying the music although going into the file manager all the albums and tracks are as they should be. On my previous ROMs (gingerbread 2.3) this was never an issue. I have not changed any of my media library files/folders.
      Although not major issue I would like to get it sorted and have my music library presented in the usual manor.

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions

    • Adam Stickels says:

      good man – Foxhound worked a treat 🙂

  27. Manu says:

    anyone know where to get the stock gallery and stock video player for this rom cause everything else is fine

    reply ASAP

  28. Asif says:

    Everytime I flash it into table mode, my phone reboots everytime i install an app, can you please help me why this is the case?

  29. zubair rathore says:

    maube you guys should check out the aokp omega rom v 4.0 build 37 at xda

  30. supermax says:


    It seems that the phone goes to sleep mode while I play some games (ex. Angry Birds Space). I don’t know if the problem is in the ROM or in the game but is there a way to fix this?


  31. vlad says:

    does it work on android 2.3.3 with root? or do i need to unroot first?

  32. Nick says:

    Great working perfect , i did a clean install using titanium to back up . For the first time on ICS i know can also use open VPN and also lptp vpn straight in the setting , love it .

    One thing maybe someone can help in the sound settings for call sound i choose an mp3 and i clicked to use mp3s for this sound then when i went to choos the Message sound it only lets me choose a mp3 and i cannot get the built in sounds . Where do i go to reset this so i can choose either mp3 or built in Android sounds.

    thanks again !

  33. Chris says:

    I found an annoying bug in version 2 which wasn’t there in v1.9.1

    Approximately 1 out of 10 times, when I switch on the phone, I cannot unlock it, the touch doesn’t work. Then it switches off again, I switch it back on and then it works. v2 is better than 1.9.1 in most regards but this issue is very annoying. I tried both pattern and slide and both have the same problem. I am now trying face unlock to check if the issue persists. If it does I think I am going to switch to None as it shouldn’t happen without any unlock mechanism.

    Any tips about this and maybe how to fix it?

    I first tried to upgrade from 1.9.1 without formatting but then I thought it was due to not formatting the phone so I formatted but the problem still persisted :/

  34. Rob says:

    Guys.. Siyah 3.2.6 has bugs. It will cause some Fc’s that’s why Gokhanmoral recommends users to remove root using the EXTWEAKS APP that is available in Playstore. You can download the latest siyah kernel now.

  35. John says:

    I had a lot of problems with apps trying to find the sd card and was about to go back to my old ROM until I found this :

    Now the sd card is back in the right place even after a reboot. give it a try.

    Now I’m just getting a bit pissed with the glitchy lock screen and not having the search function when long pressing menu is annoying but other than that this ROM is awesome. Thanks for the video

  36. Jet says:

    hey man, i installed this but now my external sd wont show up on the phone. When the phone is connected to the computer, it shows that all the files are there, but the phone says there are no items to display. I have tried rebooting, mounting/unmounting, physically taking it out and putting it back in but to no avail. Please help

  37. Demosii says:

    Installed on my SG2 and all is awesome.
    One minor irritation is that i cannot sync my facebook contacts into contacts. Nothing major but if anyone knows how to change it, id be grateful

  38. Jan says:

    mate i used titanium backup like you said, then i batch backed up everything, then after reinstalling titanium backup on my new rom, it doesn’t give me the batch option for restoring. Is your titanium backup different or something? i have lost all my contacts and it wont let me restore to my previous rom (md5 sum mismatch or something).

    • admin says:

      Oh I guess they took the batch option off the free version now, u will need the pro version.

    • ICS_RSURRCTD says:

      They havent removed the batch option..
      Its actually the icon on the top right of the app.. The paper with the tick..

  39. Nick says:

    @Jan Have you purchased the pro version? Batch restore is only available on the pro version . I purcahsed it and can do batch , thanks.

  40. madfire says:

    tried to install resurrection remix2.0,after rebooting phone got stuck…..?
    currently on :ics 4.0.3. xxlpq……need help guyz…

    • Johnathan says:

      I had the same problem. What helped me, was that I had to wipe data/factory reset before I installed the resurrection remix 2.0! after i’ve done that it worked just fine!

  41. Matrax says:

    Kinda disappointed by the 2.0… very bugy compared to the 1.8 or 1.9
    after lock screen from lock button and then try to unlock the touch screen is unresponsive…
    has to restart few time for different minor bugs also…

  42. Sumit says:

    RR 2.1 is out 🙂

  43. Barker says:

    Hi i just installed this ROM but im having a few problems.

    a) When i try open a message conversation it just displays a message telling me ‘Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped.’. I cant access them at all.

    b) When i import my contacts from my sim i get about 3 copies of each contact

    Apart from that it looks really nice, it would be great to have these problems fixed.

  44. Francisco says:

    HI Guys,
    Someone could tell me if this Rom accept support to Computer Kies?
    Thanks a lot!

  45. emanuel silva says:

    my phone get freez i have to reboot like one time at day. can this be fix??

  46. Stuart Wilson says:

    Firstly Great ROM, this is the first ICS ROM I have run and so far Im really liking it.

    One issue I will bring to the table is to do with my music collection (located on my external sdcard). Both media players on the phone – WinAmp and Apollo, are showing my music library in a screwed up way. Some album is being duplicated with the track listing spit across the two eg. Tracks 1-5 in one and tracks 6-10 in the second; the other oddity is tracks are being tripled in for one album eg 3x track 1, 3x track 2 …. 3x track 10.
    This is how the media players are displaying the music although going into the file manager all the albums and tracks are as they should be. On my previous ROMs (gingerbread 2.3) this was never an issue. I have not changed any of my media library files/folders.
    Although not major issue I would like to get it sorted and have my music library presented in the usual manor.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions

    • Terrance says:

      nice rom few bugz killing it for me
      1. lock screen freezes
      2. all my music are repeated at least three to four times for the same song
      3. and i think that videos are be recorded in 3gpp format which i hate is there a work around for this

      • Stuart Wilson says:

        Hi Admin,

        Have you got any suggestions for the music issue as described by myself and Terrance above. I would like to stay with this ROM but as I listen to all my music through the phone and often this issue is really going to be a deal breaker

  47. Mac says:

    I flashed RR v2.0 and encountering issues: whenever phone goes idle, it does not wake up unless a reset is done. Whenever it is shutdown, and I plug on the charger, it goes to kernel panic mode. Bluetooth is also not turning on.
    I flashed RR v2.0 from XXLPQ then rooted it. Installed v1.0 then CWM. From there I directly installed v2.0 following the extended flash steps provided in westcrip’s xda site.

    Did I missed something that caused the issues ive mentioned? Is there an order of flashing that needs to be followed? Should I install v1.0 then 1.1, 1.2, 1.7, 1.8.1 then 1.9.1 in order to be able to get to 2.0 or 2.1?

    Please help coz i really love this rom. 🙂

    • Max says:

      No, you can just flash 2.0. Hmmm not sure why bluetooth isn’t working but try unpairing all ur bluetooth devices first then re-pair.

      • Sumit says:

        Source –

        The peripheral just needs a standard bluetooth COM port driver.

        1. In the Bluetooth device window, right-click the phone icon and select ‘Properties’
        2. Click ‘Hardware’ tab then ‘Properties’
        3. Click ‘Change settings’
        4. Select the ‘Driver’ tab, then ‘Update driver…’
        5. Click the second option: “Browse my computer for driver software”
        6. Click to choose the option “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
        7. From the list “Common hardware types”, Select ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’
        8. Two droplists appear. Choose ‘Microsoft’ in the “Manufacturer” list, then ‘Standard Serial over Bluetooth link’ in the “Model” list
        9. A warning window pops up. Ignore it by clicking ‘Yes’
        10. Presto, the device functions properly..

      • Mac says:

        Thanks for the reply Max. Unfortunately, im still getting the kernel panic screen. I used XXLPB rooted stock rom as the base then intalled CWM (forgot which version but one things distinct, you select using the home button instead of the power button) then flashed 2.0. at first I thought I got it running but after a few idle time, experienced the same issues again. Now im back to v1.0 which is the stable version in my sgs2.
        Is there a particular version of CWM i should use in installing RRv2.0? Ive already full wipe and everything but still same issue on v2.0

  48. sebin says:

    Hey I just flashed the ROM but now when my phone boots its stays stuck on bootscreen. I cannot enter recovery mode. What should i do? please help

    • Max says:

      try clearing cache and dalvik cache

      • sebin says:

        Did that too! and again i installed the ROM. it takes me to the homescreen and all but when i reboot it is stuck on the bootscreen on the samsung galaxy s2 screen. i cannot access recovery mode again. i need to root using ODin to get into CWM recovery. please adise.

  49. jonny says:

    i was on resurrection 1.8.1 an d my phone kept getting really warm then the battery would shoot down then turn off would this be a problem with the rom or any idea about anything else?

  50. valter says:

    Alguns BUGs:

    O aplicativo mensagens SMS não esta abrindo dando erro.

    O WIFI quando ativado as vezes não conecta a nenhuma rede, mesmo eu pedindo pra conetar na minha rede pessoal com senha, ele não responde. Tendo que reiniciar o celular, ao ligar ele conecta.

    Muita das vezes a tela de bloqueio acende para destravar mas ao tocar no padrão para desbloqueio não acontece nada, parece que congelou a tela. Depois de travar e acender novamente a tela voce tem como desenhar o padrão de desbloqueio.

    Minha contribuição.

    Adorei essa ROM. Parabéns!

  51. Sifu says:

    I really want to like this ROM! But there are so many bugs. I have flashed 3 different versions of this rom all with bugs! My main rom is CM9 latest nightly and that can’t be beat in my opinion and i have tried all listed on this site. Well done admin on such an awesome site without you I would still be using an. Iphone YUK! !!!!

  52. Noooob says:

    Will this work on my t-mobile gs2 which is the t989

  53. vlad says:

    well i Installed this version and all works good maybe sometimes the wifi isnt working but you it works after you switch it off and on back but the main problem is that when i try to play hd games like gta 3 or any other game like this 1 it just closes after 2 mins or less of playing

  54. RedD says:

    facebook contacts sync is not working 🙁 any ideas…??

  55. Bue says:

    Before I install this, I need to know if the secret code for “shutdownApp” are working on this ROM
    Can anybody test the secret code *#*#7594#*#*#* and see if the shutdown button menu is showing ??


  56. Wesley W says:

    i have the sprint galaxy s2 is there ics roms for it? its the D710 Model i Believe.

  57. OWENDROID says:

    it has lockscreen problems. 1.9.1 is better

  58. Troy says:


    I try this rom, it is so much fun. I would to ask, where can I find the music files. Because the music files are not there in the music player.. There is no auto search when it comes particular setting. Even apollo app. is can’t find my music files too. What is the solution here.. My files is common located in my sd card or emmc.


    • Joe says:

      Give it some time. The music player will take more than half an hour after rom install to read all the files

  59. Sohaib says:

    DSP Manager.. always crashes.. and cannot open it. “Unfortunately DSP manager has stopped” comes up every time I try to open it…

    All others things are completely identical to the previous version 1.9.1.

    Any ideas on DSP manager issue?

  60. Sohaib says:

    2.0 is quite unstable version I would say…

    1.9.1 was way better than this one…. Let them come up with some major updates… like EX-tweaks and Theme changer..

    I would suggest the users of 1.9.1 version to stay on it and don’t update to v2.0… 🙁

  61. Graham says:

    Battery life doesn’t seem to be that great. With low to moderate use its dead in 10hrs!

    does 2.1 improve battery life ?

    • steph says:

      I got 2.1 and my phone is on til 54 hours with 60% left. But I haven’t use it a lot except for sending sms. Data is off and I just turn it on when I need it, luminosity is at minimum.

  62. heck says:

    v2.2 is out! 😀

  63. Sifu says:

    v2.2 is on xda ! I have tried it and I am very happy I can use it now ! been wanting to like this ROM for ages and now finally I can 😉 wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  64. Kareem Tolba says:

    I am stuck with the 2.0 on the Yen Yang logo… tried Wiping Cache and Delvac…please help…

  65. silvA says:

    Wen i change the max gpu to 1600 the phone stop working. How do i fix that??

  66. paramveer says:

    hi everyone.i am new on this rooting and all of this stuff.i am currently owning samsung came with 2.3.3 android version.then i did this exactly 1) updated my firmware via it has android version 4.0.3,kernel version 3.0.15-i9100xxlpq-cl223505se.infra@sep-94#3,build number iml74k.xxplq. 2) then i rooted my i have cwm manager installed on my says current kernel: cf-root5.4. earlier it says that it is only compatible to version 5.5 or above and some features might get i dnt have much knowledge in this i ignored this message and carried on with my urge to install custom rom(toget rid of touchwiz).i tried to install cynogenmod7 rom(stable).everything worked right but on reboot it get stuck on that samsung galaxy logo.and i have to again restore my backup.same was the case with resurrection ics.please help me out with this.thanx in advance

    • sifu says:

      This is the best way I found to root and install ROMs.

      1. Go to and dowload the CM9 file which then needs to be unzipped and put in odin the instructions are also there follow to the letter. Don’t worry about bricking etc it can all be reversed I have messed up my SGS2 loads and found a way to fix it all the time.

      2. The CM9 file roots phone also so start that up and you should have root.

      • paramveer says:

        thanx for the info.i am done with cm9 nightly and on my way to flash gaaps.wat worked for me was to reset counter using triangleaway as told in the tutorial over ere…n then flashed rom with same procedure to get into working.

  67. Technowolf says:

    Hi Zedomax

    Can you please review the 2.2 version. the kernal and CWMR has changed. I had installed it, didnt like it much, I will prefer you review on this and then upgrade again if needed. No over clocking, in this version. my CPU usage was 100% or 1Ghz most of the time. ur the expert in this. I not tried any other roms has you have told this is the best rom… awaiting ur reply

  68. Dan says:

    Will this wipe all my games, apps, data etc.? Or is it completely safe to install and I won’t lose a thing?
    Thanks in Advance

    • Leon says:

      I have installed from 1.9.1 to 2.1 to 2.2 without factory wipes, all my stuff works as it should. But I did make a backup of my current ROM every time, no funny behaviour happened. Don’t know why these other people are complaining.

  69. sifu says:

    Yes. Make sure you do a full wipe factory reset everytime. I didn’t and my gallery was duplicates and phone messed up! !!

  70. Alan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I just installed Resurrection remix 2.2, but on loading I found that I had lost dual boot. Went into recovery and found that it does not use the fantastic Siyah Kernel any more. Anyone know why not? Dualboot is the coolest thing and I need to boot into 4.0.3 (Foxhound Sniper Wolf – Wow!) in order to switch sims with my Magic Sim dual sim. Unfortunately this does not seem to be supported on 4.0.4.
    Anyway, very bad news to loose the Siyah Kernel with RR 2.2!. I had to go back to an older one just to get dual boot back again.

    • sifu says:

      Siyah kernel was buggy as hell dude. Soft light issues to mention 1. The setup with 2.2 works so much better for me and finding battery life much better.

      • Alan says:

        I never had any issues with Siyah Kernel, but sure, nothing is the same for everyone. Still, I am such a fan of dual boot I wish more kernels took up this idea!

        • Sifu says:

          Check out the root box rom which uses fluxi kernel. I am using it now and wipes the floor with other roms. It is made by one of the hydrogen. Team. Be excited 😉

  71. John says:

    Hey z, what’s all this talk about hard bricks and ics kernel issue. How can i avoid this. Thanks

  72. Dardan says:

    hey how do i get the official ics back in my s2 ?

  73. slthegreat says:

    Hi, I’ve just rooted my s2 and installed ice resurrection v2.0 and once I start up my phone. It stops at the andriod loading icon. Been waiting for 15 mins or maybe more. Pls advise.

  74. paramveer says:

    is there any tutorial regarding v6 supercharger???

  75. Keys says:

    I thought my rating on the Standard benchmark test would increase using a custom ROM but it doesnt its sitting at 3000 with RR V 2.2 thats very disappointing

  76. Kobi says:

    Hi guys,

    i have just install resurrection remix 2.2 on my sgs2 i9100 and it seems there is a bug.
    it doesnt wake up with power button after it goes into deep sleep. in order to bring it up again, i need to take out the battery and reboot.
    when it is charged, it doesnt crash….
    if it is not a bug and it is a known issue ,please help me to solve it….


  77. DeepCore says:

    Cannot enter APN info:
    I find that I am having problems entering APN info, and therefore not gain data access.
    Basically, I go and enter APN info, but whenenever I press save the information just disappears and the apn does not show on the list.
    – Someone mentioned that you could let it autosave and go back – no luck
    – Also, someone mentioned that HSDPA + HSUPA should be set first – still no luck.
    This problem is, however not limited to this rom – It is the same with every ICS rom I have tried, except from the stock rom from sammobile. The stock I am using (that works and where APN’s can be setup) has the following specs:
    Version:Android 4.0.3
    Release Date: 2012 May
    CSC: I9100NEELP4
    Country/Carrier: Nordic countries

    If anyone has any ideas of why it is impossible to change APN’s any information would be appriciated.

    • DeepCore says:

      Ok, found out that i can flash a nordic modem to the device, that contains the needed APN’s in the package. Works now.

  78. Ngatmoyono says:

    after i install 2.0 my camera dont work properly. Plzz help me.

  79. Matt says:



    I wanted to email you directly but couldn’t find your email address.

    I wanted to let you know about a new Rom I have been testing. I have been using both

    CM9 and RR v2.2 but found issues with both so am now trying this new Rom called Root Box Rom.

    I was wondering if you could review it and give me your thoughts.

    Here is the link

  80. Sifu says:

    Hey Max,

    Did you see my last post regarding reviewing Root Box Rom

  81. Wags says:

    UPGRADED to RRemix 2.2 from 1.9.1

    I’ve just noticed that after customizing clock from the remix control, it doesn’t show actual time but time when I tweaked it! Anyone has similar bug? Is there anyway to solve this? (Besides hiding the clock)

    Excellent ROM!

  82. Abzzolum says:

    Hey guys im having a Sync PRob,,
    Fb aint syncing with th rest of teh contacts
    any ideas??

  83. Lucas says:

    hello, i just downloaded this rom and i am looking foward to flash it. I am currently running lite’ning rom v3.1, anything that i should do before flashing this rom? and should i flash it as you do on the video, from the phone itsefl, or as this is my first time with ressurection rom i should flash with odin? thanks!

  84. Stuart says:

    For those that have been scratching their head regarding the music library getting screwed up, splitting albums and making multiples of tracks in a single album etc etc.

    I have found the issue … for what ever reason on some installed ICS screws up the Android data base, it is not you library. What i found was to download ID3fixer from Google Play and fix the data base. It works, my music player is now as it should be … 🙂

  85. Nicklas says:

    What I nice ROM! I have a slight problem, though. I can’t seem to get the light sensor working, running on 2.0 install. Any suggestions?

  86. vijay says:

    I downloaded v2.2 and while updating it says signature verification failed and is rolling back. Can someone help me fix this issue ?

    • Max says:

      try redownloading the file on your computer, probably a bad download.

      • vijay says:

        I did download it a couple of times and tried with both the versions 2.3 2.3. 2.0 but all of them have same issue. after wiping data / factory reset when i update from sd card it says verification signature failed. i tried hydra rom as well , yet same problem with it

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