Resurrection Remix ICS PRO Edition v1.0 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS ROM]

For those of you who have been Resurrection Remix ICS ROM, you might want to check out the new “Pro edition” of Resurrection Remix ICS ROM. This ROM comes with XXLPQ modem and XXLPJ kernel, bringing you the best of both worlds. I find that the official XXLPQ has a bit of bugs but the Resurrection Remix ICS takes the best features of the official OTA update with customizations you’ve always enjoyed on the Resurrection ROM.

UPDATE: Please see update v.1.1!

I won’t go into details again why this ICS ROM is great but definitely this is probably one of the best ROMs you can flash for your Galaxy S2 i9100.

Hit up the download link below and let me know how it works for you. Make sure to clear dalvik cache otherwise that will cause problems with Google Play as in the install video (VERY IMPORTANT!).

Install video:

Download ROM:

Download Resurrection Remix ROM

Credits – If you like this ROM and works good for you, don’t forget to donate to user WestCrip at XDA (Click on Donate button under his name). ROM developers work very hard to put together these ROMs and they don’t get paid enough for their awesome work. – Link

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209 Responses

  1. jonne says:

    Thank you so much for all your efforts. Im new to this so your tutorials really helpeedme out. 3 days ago i rooted my s2 and installed the 9.6 mod. This one is even better. Look a bit smoother an i hope its better for my battery. Cheers mate. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    Greetings from holland

    • Jonne says:

      Ok i’ve been running it for some hours now using wifi and 3g network. The batterylife I get out of it now seems to be greatly improved. The handset also doesn’t run warm anymore. Looks like this will be the ROM im sticking with. Thanks alot, I will go donate some cash at xda 🙂

      One small question btw, some of the ‘pop-up menu’s’ are grey with black tekst. It’s not really bothersome but it would look just a bit better if it would be a white background. Any idea on how i can fix this?

      keep up the great work!

      • Helder says:

        This is a theme issue and not a ROM issue, however, the theme’s author (Vertumus) is launching an update tomorrow (Friday). The problem is that to install an upgrade for this theme, instructions aren’t easy and there is a chance of getting a bootloop in the process and of course getting things screwed.

        It would be great if great Zedomax could make a video on how to push the theme upgrade without breaking anything.

  2. Shanil says:

    Hi Max, Thanks again for a super video. I actually saw your video in Westcrip’s Resurrection Thread before was updated =) . Followed your instructions and everything is working perfectly!
    small question, is there a way I could install the default Samsung contacts? I like it over the aosp contacts system. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!


  3. Helder says:

    Well, for some reason I copied the files to my ‘downloads’ folder in the sdcard and when I try to access it, it just says the folder is empty and will not see my Resurrection file there. Any idea why or what is happening?

    I’m using CWM 4.01 though.

    • Andrew says:

      Try the root folder or copy to the internal memory.

    • Helder says:

      I was able to figure out a way, however, it’s really weird.

      For some reason, if I place the files on the SDCard, the CWM won’t read it. After many tries I placed the files inside the download folder in the same internal card, however, when using CWM I have to select the option “install zip from external sdcard”. So weird.

      Anyway, I did it, and now I’m running this ROM which have to say, so far, so good!

      Only issue I have found is, the menu and buttons are in dark color and don’t seem too noticeable.

  4. jørgen hansen says:

    Thanks for this great rom. I installed it a couple of days ago, following your instrations to the letter and everything works fine.- Very smooth.

    As a matter of interest, I’m getting 3914 on the Quadrant (I was getting 3500 on the original Gingerbread rom (Vodaphone Australia, DUKJ1). As I’m new to this, that is my only comparison so far.

    Regards Jørgen

    • joy says:

      i have just brought samsung galaxy s2 i9100g.Will resurrection remix works on this samsung i9100g…coz..its not i9100..and want to know will the performance increase..

  5. Dave Keeling says:

    Thanks best rom I have ever used on i9100.

  6. Ernesto says:

    The download link is not working 🙁

    Otherwise like allways thx for your great work m8.

  7. Sean says:

    i seem to have a problem with the play store when i installed this rom.. this happened after restoring my apps thru titanium backup.. play store always force closes so i cant get to the market to download apps..

    other than this, it look great.. 🙂

  8. Bünyamin says:

    Help, I forgot to put in the CWM 1.0 file, and now I can’t do anything with Clockworkmod ..

    • Jonne says:

      can’t you restore to an old ROM and then start over?

    • Shanil says:

      CWM does not stick in this rom. What you can do is, like Max instructed in his Resurrection installation vid, you can apply the CWM 1.0 update using the stock recovery whenever you want to use Clockworkmod. Just make sure you copy the CWM 1.0 to external SD card before applying the update. Hope this helps.

      • Jonne says:

        Shanil do you know how to fix the dark grey background in the textboxes? Seems you know a lot about this.

        thanks in advance

        • Shanil says:

          Jonne, I am no expert in this, I simply follow Max’s super instructions :o) , and everything works well. Anyway, sorry mate I didn’t notice that coz I didnt use the rom for too long. I switched back to the Batista70 ICS ROM. It has the only thing I miss in the Resurrection Remix rom, the Samsung contacts system.

          • hidjes says:

            @ jonne no there is no fix yet, vertumus is working on it!
            Oranje boven:)

            At the xda thread is a Samsung flashable apps pack, I think it is a big possibility it is your solution. GL

      • sujay says:

        Hi, s i did put in my external sdcard, but when i try to access it …i cant says cant mount sdcart…pls help

  9. Bernard says:

    Well, with Criskelo Servan ICS i get 4200 score on Quadrant;
    So, Servan is much faster than resurrection and it’s much stable

    • jørgen hansen says:

      I’ve had up to 4220 on the Quadrant with the Resurrection, but it seems to vary greatly. Sometimes it slips below the 4000. I don’t think the Quadrant is that reliable…
      I have also tried the Omega and the Wanamlite roms and they all score around the 4000 mark.

    • littlecrazywolf says:

      hi bernard, i also hhave installed criskelo, but when i lock the screen a thin white line comes when i hit the off/on button and twlauncher also doesnt works, do you have the same problem?

  10. Quijote says:

    Shanil, I successfully loaded this ROM and now have everything configured to my taste (4 hours). Then I find that CWM isn´t working. Here´s what I did. I saw that it was necessary to add via an external memory card. Since I didn´t have one, I loaded that file along with the other three into the downloads subdirectory and added it at the same time I added the Remix ROM files. The ROMs work, but I still don´t have CWM.
    Can I use the stock recovery now to apply it again?
    This first time I tried the install I only installed the three basic files – following the video step by step – and then found out that I wouldn´t have CWM. So, thinking that I was clever, I went to Chainfire´s page on XDA and downloaded one of his CWM updates (via Odin) that had a number closest to my kernal number – version 5.4. Alas, when I tried to reboot after that change, I only got a black screen. I was able to use the stock recovery to wipe and reinstall ?? This time I included in the install. It loaded nicely, but alas still no CWM. After spending hours tuning ICS to my liking, I´d hate to see another black screen.
    For that reason, I´m asking again if I can update via standard recovery and not end up with a black screen??????
    Many thanks for the support.

    • Shanil says:

      Like I said earlier as far as I know this kernel does not have CWM. You can apply the 1.0 CWM update using the stock recovery whenever you want to use Clockworkmod, like to do backups / new rom installations and all.. but again its only for that moment until you do whatever CWM related maintenance you want to do. Once you restart the device it will roll back to stock recovery (unless you flash a new rom and the kernel in that has CWM).

      Don’t forget, for this update u’ll need an external SD card to copy the CWM update package.

      @anyone in this thread, Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

      • Quijote says:

        Thanks for your comments. XDA have some updated kernels additions that match the number of my installled ICS kernel, so if all else fails I can try that, but first I´m going to use your temporary CWM method to do a good backup.
        Thanks again!!!

        • obaidah says:

          Man…do u know a good kernel that is safe to flash after installing the ics resurrection remix pro edition rom? And includes CWM manager??? …

      • Quijote says:

        Hi again,
        Since I don´t have an external sdcard, I tried downloading the most recent of Chainfires CF-ROOT kernels. On reboot, I was back to the black screen and now I will be spending the next few hours cleaning up my phone.
        I guess the only solution is to buy an external sdcard……

        • Krishna says:

          You could put it in your internal storage ! But then when in stock recovery you have to choose “apply update from internal storage” . then flash the CWM.ZIP file whenever you want it or simply flash the siyah 3.0 kernel in the other downloads section of westcrip’s XDA thread. I hope Max puts it here too.

          • Quijote says:

            Hi, I like that suggestion to put the CWM zip file in internal storage. But where? When I used the stock recovery, I saw that it was pointed to the root directory, so I put the file there. But recovery never sees it. Is it looking for a .tar or there some other subdirectory that I should use?

          • Krishna says:

            Its weird how it is not showing the CWM.Zip in the root of the internal sd . Then the only solution i can think of is that you borrow an sd card from your friend for like 15 minutes then transfer the CWM.ZIP and put the siyah kernel ( ONLY the one in the extra downloads section of westcrip’s rom ) in your internal sd then, boot into the stock recovery flash the CWM.ZIP , you will see the CWM Touch recovery then with CWM install the siyah kernel. I highly advise you to do this as its giving me a great battery life, fast charging and has the latest cwm as recovery. Hope this helped 🙂

  11. ndubuisi says:

    hi. i have updated to ur new version, but in ur video, there is nowhere u installed the CWM1.0 file…will it affect my fone? and 2: i seem to be stuck at “obtaining wifi address”….and it takes forever…it conects and saves the wifi hotspot am using, but it takes forever to obtain address and display wifi on…pleeeeease help!!!!!

  12. mannen says:

    but isnt it just to download the rom manager app and flash cwm from there? it worked last time 🙂

  13. Bernard says:

    Criskelo servan ICS is better; Quadrant is 4230 on my Criskello, and also it had Apex Louncher

  14. lewis says:

    This rom drains my battery and not sure why…. I followed your instructions to download fully. It wont go into deep sleep and cant figure out how to do to get it to? Do I need to disable any apps or anything else to get it to work? Also should I disable fast dormancy I’m on Orange UK and not sure if they support it would it help battery if I did?

    • fiifi says:

      just take out the battery for a few minutes and put it back in ,the deep sleep will start working.i had the same problem earlier and now its fixed

  15. Pieter says:

    I installed CWM like you did in the video, but I can’t do anything with it.
    Every time I want to choose something it restarts CWM.
    I want to install other things also with CWM, but i can”t, pls help me

    • lewis says:

      I had that problem too….its a touch recovery….use the volume buttons to go up and down but use the touch screen to just press on what you want to select….if you press the power button to select it just keeps restarting…..hope that helps!

  16. lewis says:

    Deep sleep suddenly started working fine….not sure what it was but rebooted a couple times from cwm and took out the battery for a bit.

    • lewis says:

      Realised the fix for deep sleep if anyone else is wondering… cpu spy from market to monitor frequency levels of cpu….if deep sleep has 0% or very low you need to turn off auto updates of apps that use auto update very frequently. For myself, I disabled google+ as I don’t use it, turned off push downloads for email account and then I also disabled auto sync for gmail (note any apps you don’t need auto sync turn off that feature and just do manual syncs when you open the app)….Then turn off phone and take the battery out for a bit, out it back in reboot….then deep sleep should be working fine, even with wifi or data connectivity on (check this with cpu spy again after leaving phone on idle for about 10 mins).

  17. lewis says:

    Anyone know about disabling fast dormancy for orange uk…would it improve battery life??? or do they support it??

  18. kirk says:

    Hey Max, thanks for these videos, they’re really helpful. 🙂
    Just wondering if you could delete multiple messages in this ROM because i tried v9.6 and i cant delete multiple messages at once. Just delete all or delete one by one. Thanks!

  19. david770 says:

    i ave galaxy s 2 t mobile in I would like to get information on the sgh t989 on new roms coming up .
    I already subscribed.
    god work

  20. Maan says:

    hey guys i have a question, can i flash this awesome rom with any version of the andoid’s? im new here, i just rooted my phone and my android version is 2.3.5, can i flash this rom with android version 2.3.5? Really need help, THANKS IN ADVANCE

    • lmh91 says:

      should be fine. You need to root your phone first using odin….use youtube to find a video that will show you how to do that…..then get titanium back up to back up apps + data before and restore all apps + data after….then look at how to use clockworkrecoverymod so you have a clue before you start….perform a back up of you current rom…..after that just follow Max’s video above which is very straight forward and you should be able to update no problem.

      • Maan says:

        Im having this problem : failed to verify whole-file signature error when i perform a back up of my current rom @@ guiding needed, appreciate.

  21. Gav says:

    hi guys
    i followed the install and the google play shop stops working anytime i try to load it does anyone know how to fix this

  22. CoxyofNewp says:

    Thank You !!!!!

    This is the first ROM I have installed, As I felt happy enough to do so with your (EXCELLENT) tutorial..
    I have learnt so much from your site..
    And would just like to say THANKS for all your hard work !!

    And just wish to say the ROM is Amazing !! A much better all round experience than the original…

  23. Renata says:

    Hi Max! I tried running the official Samsung ICS on my S2 but the battery drained fast, my gmail and whatsapp wouldnt sync properly and my wallpaper kept disappearing 🙁

    Running this one now and hope it will be better.

    Thanks a lot for your vids, I the techno dummy wouldnt have been able to do it otherwise :p

  24. Pieter says:

    How to improve the battery life for this rom?
    I lost 8% in airplane modus last night….did had that before

  25. Gabi says:

    Photo editor not working – anybody else having this problem? Any sollution?

  26. nalbi says:

    Great ROM, been using it for two days now.
    smoth performance and good battery life.
    but i realy liked the samsung contacts, is there a way to take the best of both.
    Great ROM and with samsung contacts?

  27. Kevin says:

    Help please… I get error when I install the 1.0 ….. please need help….

  28. Kevin says:

    Help please… I get error when I install the 1.0 ….. please need help….

    I have the error

    E: signature verification failed
    installation aborted…

    please help me help me!

  29. thez says:

    hi max!!
    i installed d new remix ROM v1.0 on my s2 device as how it got installed in the above video.. things went fine for first few minutes of rebooting.. later i encountered dt my home button is not working & lock screen is missing too.. so, no way access to task manager & related events.. with no other option i just entered into 1.0_CWM through stock recovery mode as u did in video..
    finally i flashed my ROM down with resurrection remix 9.6 (earlier version).. now everything is working fine..
    but still im tad depressed dt i’m missing an upgraded ROM..
    so max.. i’m in need of ur kind suggestion to taste the resurrection remix PRO.. with all functionalities….
    kindly reply….

    from thez…..

  30. Kevin says:

    Help please… I get error when I install the 1.0 ….. please need help….

    I have the error

    E: signature verification failed
    installation aborted…

    please help me help me!

  31. bobby says:

    Will this work on the galaxy s2 skyrocket?

  32. Daniel Albuquerque says:

    Worked like a charm on the first day. Really good ROM, although I didn’t like contacts and apps management (touch wizz is better on this subject) On the second day the ROM started to freeze from time to time. After 10 seconds it shows a message saying that process android.(something I can’t remember).acore has stopped and the system comes back to normal. Did anyone have the same issue? I loved this ROM, but if I can’t keep it stable, I’m going back to the official one.

  33. Steve says:

    ROM number 4 installed and still getting the same errors. Can’t edit photos in gallery and phone will not obtain IP address when connecting to wifi, and don’t seem to be able to set a static IP address. Forget this, I’m going back to official updates only this is bull!

  34. Assil says:

    This is the first time that i flash my phone.Thank you Max for the great tutorial and keep it gone.
    I have tow probleme with this ROM :
    1) The ROM freeze time to time
    2)I have probleme to run modem from my samsung S2 to my wifi tab galaxy 10.1
    It connect to the wifi but internet dont work on the tab (i tied with HTC and it work :so it come from my phone)
    and it has been the same probleme even with my last ROM 2.3

    Any help please

  35. Gien says:

    Lots of apps crash on this rom. anyone knows a fix?

  36. Thomas says:

    I have flash it 3 days now and it works as a charm! No bugs found except an instant blink when lock it 😉

  37. Satyen says:

    Hi! I needed some advice, I am currently on the official version of ics on the galaxy s2,.
    I really don’t like the touch wiz. Is this a good rom to go for and completely stable or would you recommend some other. My phone is not rooted at the moment. Suggestions please.

    • Thomas says:

      I have tried the official ics and it’s a bit laggy so I changed to Resurrection ROM from which I have zero problems..! If you just don’t like touchwiz you can simply download “Apex Launcher” or “Nova Launcher” from Play Shop 😉

  38. Karan says:

    pretty much android noob. Was wondering if I could use this ROM for an unlocked i9100 in India, because it was mentioned in the video that it basically looks like the official ICS rom as in Europe, and India doesnt have a ICS update yet. So can I use this ROM on a rooted 2.3.6 s2 and will it work in india ..?

    Thanks in advance and pardon the noobness!!

  39. Jason says:

    1.Download Rom Manager.
    2.Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery
    3. Done

  40. waller says:

    Is there a way to get the screen to light up when recieving a notification?
    Specifically a text message?

  41. Antonis says:


    Great rom and very good step by step tutorial. I only have one isssue. I have this rom for 4 days now and my phone stop responding twice. The screen goes black and none of the buttons is functioning. When i call my phone from another mobile or landline the phone call goes through but the screen is black and there is ow ringtone or vibration or anything. As a result i dont know if someone is calling me. They only way to turn it back on is to remove the battary and place it back and turn on the phone. I had exactley the same issue with v9.6 or remix rom. I dont know if anyone has the same issue as me. If you know why or any possible to this pls let me know! Thank you!

    P.S: my spelling sucks a bit, sorry about that !

    Thanks again really good and helpful website

    • Antonis says:

      *any possible solution to this i mean

      • mat says:

        I have the same black screen problem
        Did you find solution?

        • marco says:

          I have the same problem….. sometimes cannot unlock the phone, screen stays black… can remove the battery or hold the power button for >10 seconds to reboot.

          calls go through, but phone is not responding at all. VERY annyoing. have to go back to another rom.

  42. denis says:

    Tried it today n very smooth… But a few questions to ask;
    1. Sms editor has no Next button
    2. Scrolling from last homescren to another is laging a bit even with infinate scrolling is enabled.
    3. Changed clock to 12 hrs mode but the AM& PM didnt appear. Tried many times but failed.
    4. Kies restore on sms & memo were failed.
    Other than that, all are nice…. Glad to have this rom.

  43. Renata says:

    Can anyone help?

    I’m also having the problem where the phone freezes from time to time, especially when I’m rearranging my playlists. Also in “Music” some of the options come up in CHINESE and I have no idea why my phone is on UK English settings.

    But the most annoying thing is even tho I disabled power saving and have no battery apps, the wifi and 3G seem to cut out when my phone goes to sleep!! So I miss out on lots of whatsapp msgs if i don’t constantly unlock my phone. Is anyone else having this problem??

    Please help!!

  44. pdwOnline says:

    tried it and unistalled it. Problems are:
    – Camera doesnt work (after installing seperate camera apk, the camera and the new installed camera app works both)
    – English only (you can select another language during installation, but half of the apps will stay English)

    Dislikes are:
    – Dailer sucks (okay, that seems a default ICS feature: while typing dailer keys, only the number will be searched for, su you can’t quickly type someones name to dail: touchwhizz does a far better job here). Can be solved using a 3th party dailer such as goContacts

  45. Jean says:

    I love this new version of resurrection remix is so smooth, it works almost too perfectly! thanks for video instructions and everything you keep up the good work!

  46. maxali says:

    can someone help me, i can’t get the cmw, i have sd card but it says not mounted and it can’t find when i’m in stock mode recovery, i tried to flash with but ended up with a black screan help help 🙂

    • Quijote says:

      I share your pain. From everything I am reading, flashing a CF-Root module is never going to fix this. The ROM developer needs to make some changes there first. For the time being, temporary CWM may be the best we get….

  47. Bestoun says:

    is it only my gs2 that kinda flickers/lags when i shut the screen off with the power button? it’s kinda annoying, it worked on 9.4 but not on 9.6 or this version.. thats the only problem i got and also that folders on the homescreen are kinda slow 🙂

  48. benz823 says:

    First of all great Rom. I istalled it without any issues and it works great. I noticed one thing, whenever I get a text/email/missed phone call it does not give me a notification in the lockscreen nor does the screen come on to let me know there is a notification. The only place I see the notification is the status bar after I unlock the phone.

    How can I make it so that I can see the notification in the lockscreen?

  49. Alan says:

    Hi Guys, Well, I gotta say, I loved the 9.6 but I was no longer able to move apps to SD card. I unmounted and mounted again – still no good.
    So, I installed 1.0 pro, and though I did a full wipe, and wiped dalvic afterwards, I kept getting reboots all the damn time. Strangely, the thing that DID work was moveing apps to SD card. But, because of all the reboots, I had to them move to the rooted stock samsung ICS. All is stable at last, but now I am back to not being able to move apps to SD card!
    Can anyone help with this. I have unmounted, mounted again, removed it and put back again. Nothing works.
    The biggest problem is that I can’t use Titanium backup to restore my apps, because every time it gets to one that was on the SD card Titanium hangs!
    I am forced with the possibility of having to go back to a rooted 2.3.5, then move all my apps from SD to Phone, take another titanium backup and then return to resurrection remix 9.6. At least that one was stable and really rocked.
    Any help for the SD Card issue would be a great help. This is a problem on the rooted stock ics (from here) and also the 9.6 resurrection remix. nb. I should mention I have international non-branded galaxy s2.
    Thanks Guys.

  50. wesley says:

    Hi all

    I flashed with Resurrection Pro Rom roughly 8 hours ago. I have since then downloaded and installed apps from the Market. Please note that I had no previous apps installed. I believe that one of the apps I have downloaded and installed is causing the S2 to get very warm. Enough to say that it is hot!!! I know that this is not good for the hardware!!! Is anybody aware of any app that is causing overheating on this ROM?


    • says:

      My phone also becomes very hot after the upgrade. I believe to be a problem in the GPS because it does not work right and the phone gets very hot when it is turned on the GPS …

  51. michael says:

    nice app but keep popping out when playing some apps or playing with phone setting or while smsing – unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.. what does it mean? can anyone help?

  52. abdul says:

    hey man, just wondering, the camera app is not working for me?, wat sup with that

  53. 2rip says:

    Max, thanks for the instructions. I will not trust any other source coz you make it so easy.

  54. Karan says:

    A lame question probably. Did anyone lose their IMEI after this process? or I am just being paranoid.
    I read about people losing their IMEIs after custom ROM flashing.

  55. Amos Manso says:

    If you want to keep CWM DO NOT USE this ROM. It´s great but it just does´t work with CWM

    • Pieter says:

      I had that problem too….its a touch recovery….use the volume buttons to go up and down but use the touch screen to just press on what you want to select….if you press the power button to select it just keeps restarting…..hope that helps!

  56. inkka says:

    hey i too forgot to do the cwm 1.0 when i did the rom… so i tried using the factory restore to put it on and it copies but once it starts it keeps resetting cwm and not working


  57. kevin says:

    The good thing about this rom in my P.O.V. Is that
    Good battery saver. However.
    There is still a bug for this rom like the browser. The text to speech and 2 galleries ihave. And two music ppication which i havein the ginger bread
    And it eat too much in ram….sorry if you see wrong in this because of the keypad sometimes unresponsive

  58. dylan says:

    okay so i fubar’ed my self i rooted phone and did everything right but hafe way though installing i relised i forgot to add gapps installer so now i have a phone that i cant download any apps to so i thought well i will add them to external sd and run it now after the fact and am getting a e:/ error of some kind any ideas how i can fix this? can i fix this or do i have to start over

    • dylan says:

      okay so update for anyone who may have a like issue … it just started working after i put the 1.0 CWM …. no idea why

  59. Arjun says:

    Thanks dude.. for the tutorial and for the ROM… easy to install and works perfect on my SGS2.. benchmark scores doubled from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3
    Works like a charm. No issues so far…

  60. JPC says:

    Great Video Max!!!
    Awesome Video

    i followed your instructions on your video and flashed my SG2
    i can say my battery (stock 1650mAh) have a “life” now..
    on stock XXLPQ my battery life was about 8 to 10 hours (if im lucky)on standby
    and 4 to 6 hours with wi-fi/games/video use..

    after flashing this ROM i have 12 to 16 hours standby and about 10hours w/ wi-fi/games/video use.
    yes, definitely better than stock 4.0.3

    Questions thou,
    how can i install the AOSP clock widget, should i save it in Internal SD or External SD?
    do i have to backup my files again?
    after flash will i wipe the delvik cache again after installation?


  61. Arek says:

    Hi there,

    I tried to follow your tutorial, but I have no option “install update from the sd card” or “install update from the internal memory” when I enter the recovery mode. Any ideas why is that and what I can do to get around it? My GS2 is a pure Samsung with no operator’s customization on it, if it is any helpful information…

    Thanks for your help!


  62. Niraj MS Shrestha says:

    Just flashed it, came from Hyperdroid Androimeda 7.0 did a wipe of data/factory reset, cache format and Dalvik cache. Everything seems to be good but the weird part is after enabling wifi non of the SSIDs are detected..?
    What am I doing wrong? Please correct me.

    Thank you very much in advance…

    • Niraj MS Shrestha says:

      Please ignore my comment. It was just a misunderstanding.. 🙂
      The ROM is great. Hope the battery life is great.. 🙂

      Thank you very much..

  63. SamDroid says:

    Brilliant ROM. No bugs at all. Highly recommended. 🙂

  64. alex says:

    can i use this rom on my galaxy s i9100p? or i might brick it?!

    • hidde says:

      I won’t try if I am you, because in the description it says that this ROM is only for GT-I9100.
      Look for other ROMs for your GT-I9100p!

  65. jeff says:

    hi, by mistake, i choose wipe cache partition, and when i apply the update of resurraction remix pro, it shows me error message”E: signiture verification failed”, then installation aborted, how can i fix it, many thanks

  66. George says:

    Hi! I want to install this ROM but i have all ready the resurrection remix v9.7 rom with XXPH. What should i do first to install de resurrection remix pro v1.0?
    1. flash the official rom XXPJ first, the root and flash the resurrection remix pro v1.0 like the tutorial?, or
    2. can i flash directly like the tutorial and don’t do anything else?

    I’m all ready rooted. I have this doubt and i’m afraid of bricking my SGS2.

    hope you can help!

    • hidde says:

      I believe you can flash directly, like the torturial, because I believe that the flash includes an auto-update to the new kernel, so that means you do not have to flash the official rom firstly.

  67. James says:

    Thanks for this great rom. I installed it a couple of days ago, following your instructions to the letter and everything works fine.- Very smooth.

    Cheerrrrsss from Indonesia

  68. Josuhu says:

    Did you guys notice that the CWM does not actually work at all when you use in the stock backup mode ? Just an important notice that I made. It is useless because it just crashes and gives errors. Did you get it fully working ?

  69. tyson says:

    installed it without any difficulty……
    but found that messaging has no enter button….
    and gallery force closes when trying to select a lock screen wallpaper….

    everything else works fine..thats great
    but need help on above problems

    • hidde says:

      you have to install the gapps+gappsfixer, this could solve your messaging problem.
      If you are having that specific force close, select a wallpaper, and when it closes, reboot into CWM and select in ‘advanced’ ‘fix permissions’.

  70. dave says:

    when you flash the rom do you have to have the latest cwm recovery ? i am running

  71. aiti says:

    my wifi doesnt work with this please

    • Josuhu says:

      Check that your modem and phone has the same WPA PSK and try changing ASP to TKIP and it should work. Just security settings that caused my wifi problems in the beginning.

  72. Saeed says:

    There is a bug in Task application in which became really strange to me. As everyone already aware that how this application is working, we need to have a note written as a discussion for a specific task we scheduling. The text box called Name has a black background’s colour and the font colour is black as well when we writing something. So everyone could guess what will be happened. This is exactly the same for Note field as well. I have fallen into habit of using this good application to order my tasks but I could not with this new version of ICS. There is also another design bug in Memo application, in which is not really important to mention. I know that I can use another application to replace it, but this is not a good excuse. Does anyone here who can help me to overcome this problem?


  73. David S says:

    Hi everyone, a few days i was follow the instructions to flash mi SGS2 with this rom, and this is really simple to do, looks great and every app works faster, the battery life is better than the previous rom that i have, im from MX, i bought my phone earlier 2 weeks, and it came with Gingerbread official with a lot of crap of TELCEL(my phone op).

    Thanks a lot to all the team of galaxy2root!!! youre awesome!!!

  74. heidari says:

    Hi. First thanks because of your exclusive ROM. I wanna know is there any way to add another language on this ROM? I wanna add another writing language and i don’t know hot to do it.


  75. dave says:

    Forgot to wipe the dalvik cache will this cause me problems or can i just got and do it now?

    • hidde says:

      You will maybe notice when you try to access/download something from Play Store for example.
      This is not in any case like this, so it could be you have no problems.
      If you are getting trouble, you can always wipe your dalvik cache later

  76. sy says:

    first timer here as just got rid of my dirty old iphone 4 n convert to the android s2 n very happ about it.. anyways im rooted and got clockwork manger and want to install this. at mo i am on gb 2.3.3 can i go right a head and do these instructions? do i need to be on ics first? and how if i have to? thanks in advance..

  77. Gaurav Mn says:

    does it requires root sir ????

  78. Andy says:

    HELP!!!! after I flash my phone, my Google player doesn’t allow me to download anymore! I did clear all cachs just like what you did in the video! Do i need to root again or wat?!

    • Andy says:

      OK I just saw one of previous common… but I just found out another problem.. my CWM doesnt have advance anymore, and it is diff. from previous CWM… what can I do now???

      • Sam says:

        Download CWM v1.0 from this site, put it on your SD card, then reboot into recovery, install this CWM file from SD and then you are back in clockworkmodrecovery.

  79. Ed says:

    Hi, just wondering how long does it take for the phone to get into deep sleep from the moment the screen shuts off.
    And will i still get notifications from messaging app while the phone is in deep sleep? I woke up in the morning and didnt receive any notifications and i can only receive the new incoming messages (from an app called ‘touch’) when i open the app (not the regular sms). It would be good if i can still receive notifications though.

  80. Michal says:

    Hi. Thanks for this ROM, very good job! But my phone is getting very warm even I`m browsing the settings. What is wrong?

  81. Izwan says:

    the screen brightness can’t be adjust by swiping the top screen..please help.. overall the rom was awesome..

    Thanks 😉

  82. M0f3yw4lk3r says:

    Hi, first I have to say I love the smoothness and the pure ICS look of this rom, but i have a huge problem. Vibration only works on calls. So when i get a message via facebook messenger or whatsapp there is no vibration at all. Does someone else had this problem too?

  83. SAYU says:

    Hello Everybody,

    I know it was my mistake but can anybody help me ….
    Actually I downloaded Resurrection Remix ICS PRO Edition v1.0 for Galaxy S2 i9100!
    I put that in my sd card’s … i made new folder named system and put all 3 items in it….
    after cwm recovery I did as on video but after all that and rebooting my phone stuck at on welcome screen ( the screen before S logo )
    Also I am not able to enter in CWM mode…..

    Plz plz plz help me my phone is not working no…..!

    • Sam says:

      You have to download the CWM 1.0 file from this site, then boot into recovery, install from sd, install cwm 1.0 and then you can use it to reflash or recover.

  84. Joshua says:

    So Installed this for 5 days now and I found its outstanding but there are some bugs, although i barely use any of these apps just because its not as good even without bugs and instead i go with the non official one. So first one is the video player. Its kinda buggy. When you move around the video tab, it highlights the word but when you click on the other one it highlights the other one but also the previous one. the built in messenger is extremely buggy, in fact its broken, I cant even manage myself to connect to it. The option for lock screen is kinda buggy, i changed the location of the clock in the lock screen up down middle but it stays in the middle plus when i enable the weather on the lockscreen, it doesnt work. Overall they are minor problems just because I barely or not even using them but still

  85. Mitchell says:

    Im in love with this site, always thought there would be to many issues with rooting my s2 but this site makes it easy as. Only issue I have and forgive me if i have missed something but when installing CW 1.0 when I run it I get advised that the Kernal is no longer CF 5.0 or above so most of CW options are now disabled until I update, with the previous Resurrection I had no issue so hoping someone could give me a hand with this?


    • Mitchell says:

      Don’t worry, this CWM does not work finally made my way through the post’s.

      Hopefully the Developer can make the required update and release an update?

  86. Arjun says:

    It’s been a few days I’m using this ROM. No issues so far. I just found out that Polaris Office app didnt get installed by default. I tried installing from \resurrectionv1.0_remix_ics_exclusive_4.0.3_xxlpq_full-wipe_2\data\app\com.infraware.polarisoffice-1.apk
    but it says ‘Application not installed’.
    Can anyone there help??? Thanks,


  87. ahmed kadous says:

    i have 2 questions :
    1- is it support arabic in writing and reading
    2- is it support kies in sync and restore my old backup or not

    • maher says:

      ahmad, it does support reading and writing the arabic language. i have it on my s2, and its the most stable rom i ve ever used, even better than the stock 2.3. as for the kies part, am not 100% sure, but m guessing it works as well.

      • ahmed kadous says:

        so please advice me waiting for official ICS update or install this rom cause i am new in android world and about kies i am only want to restore the backup after installing this rom
        thanks maher for your respond

  88. Heath Stranack says:

    I’ve upgraded from .97 to version 1.0 and my battery performance seems to be worse. On the otherhand it could be my battery level indicator. For instance in one day (today) it went from 100% at 7am to 32% at 6pm. And then after 5 minutes of checking emails using Go Email it went to 12%!! Now at 10pm it’s showing 20%???

    My battery performance in .97 was awesome. A full day of use and I’d still have 50% battery life.

    Any ideas?

  89. mark fish says:

    Great rom! except no loudspeaker during phone calls

  90. Danish Parkar says:

    I have installed this rom yesterday.. Works great butjust one problem. The stock ics browser crashes most of the times. So installed Ics browser plus from the market but that also crashes. Many times it doesnt even start. Just a blank screen appears. Even google chrome hangs. Please help.. Thanks in advance..

  91. Mohammed says:

    Nice rom, as you said probably the best. some of my findings:
    – the power saving widget doesn’t show well, it is cropped at the right side and bottom.
    – kies couldn’t restore the backed up data (messages, contacts, logs, notes …etc.) from 3.4.4 TouchWiz to this rom (duh!)
    – Titanium Backup did a good job with angry birds seasons
    – Titanium Backup couldn’t restore messages but did restore the notes (didn’t try anything else yet).
    – Once the TV off effect (when hitting the power button to lock the phone) is finished, the screen flickers for a second which spoils the nice effect.
    – At first I was able to change the brightness from the settings, not anymore, maybe it’s something I did.

    These are my findings in the last hour. My phone battery juice depleted and now recharging.
    If you have a way to restore the call log and SMS messages, or even how to extract them from the kies backup batch file (.sbu) please share it with us.

  92. ahmed kadous says:

    i installed the ROM but when i restored my backup from Kies its failed so i can’t restore the messages and the log calls any body can help me please?

  93. samin says:

    i’ve flashed my s2 with this rom about a week ago. but now im having problem connecting to wifi. when i tap the icon it shows “wifi is turning on”, but the process wouldn’t end. in the beginning i didn’t face such problem. what to do?

  94. ahmed kadous says:

    How an i update this rom from resurrection v1.0 to v 1.1 or should i install the rom again by 1.1 cause this update is much better from this rom

  95. Benedict Tan Shan-Wen says:

    Just installed this last night, for the most part running ok. On my device I have a few force close issues with some of the features within Apex, namely any sort of attempt to alter the grid but that’s minor.

    This Rom seems to be more power hungry than stock 2.3.6, after my regular whatsapp ritual with my girlfriend this morning I’m down to 90% in an hour where before I would be at 95-97% thereabouts.

    The OS login animation is as fugly as it can possibly be. Hope the ROM author gets an artist to change that.

    This ROM is FAST as all hell though! 500 points up on quadrant.

    We’ll see how that all goes with a little use~

  96. Naman says:

    Hi buddy,
    Awesome explanation bro. I juz wanted to know what do i do i am getting E: Signature error and Installation aborted when i try to install 3rd party roms. i am using Siyah kernel 3. b7….. kindly help me out bro i tried installing Andyx rom v8.0 also….but same problem in doing so……Kindly help…..i am using i9100xwlp3.

  97. Abdullah says:

    This ROM is great. I am using it right now. I also tried out the version 1.1 but this is better in terms of battery life and many other aspects. The battery is almost unbelievable.

  98. liviuflorin says:

    I installed ICS Resurrection Remix Edition PRO v1.1 for S2 Galaxy i9100 but has not disappeared after the last reboot yellow triangle.
    What can I do now that yellow triangle disappear?

  99. Lenn says:

    I just installed this rom, but after the install my home button and my back button aren’t working anymore…. !!
    Not even in the recovery mode, its just like they dont exist anymore!
    How can I fix this?? I hope my galaxy isnt permanently damaged!!


  100. Prashant says:

    Hey , Rom Is very good. Work perfect on my galaxy s2 Thankx buddy for your excellent rom, But only problem for me contact save opposition is not i save the contact on my mobile,and some app not responding how to solve this problem…..sorry for my english

    Thank you in advance!!!

  101. Omar says:

    Someone Help me!!! I cleared dalvik cache 3 times, cache 3 times, but when i went to recovery mode to flash another rom because of battery issues It went into manual recovery, can ssomeone tell me how to flash clockword modrecovery please on ICS 4.0.3 Please?

  102. carlos says:

    HELP!! i installed the ICS remix ROM and everything works except that when i make calls i cant hear the person on the other end and they cant hear me!! what do i need to install or patch to fix it?? your help is greatly appreciated.

  103. Bob says:

    Great ROM overall, better than all those updates that came after, most of which do not have FM radio.

    Few issues with me:

    1) The theme issue, the grey background doesnt help matters especially under bright sunlight.
    2) Battery life is good overall. However it has good battery back up from 100% til about 30%. Thereafter, the battery runs out so quickly from 30% til about 10%. Does anyone know how to fix these?

  104. sohaib says:

    hi, everyone.

    i have got a small issue after flashing this rom.


    the phone does not show any contacts…

    Please advise about the issue?

  105. Liju A says:

    link to “” seems to be broken. could you take a look?


  106. Nadine says:

    I have rooted my Galaxy s2 with Resurrection Remix v2.0 but I am no longer receiving app notifications and I do not have a task manager to close opened tasks – Please help more with the notifications becasue it is driving me bonkers I get my Email, Texts and calendar notifications I just don’t get facebook, twitter etc etc. Is there an app I can install to override this? I love the ROM otherwise and would be very sas to go back to Stock ROM as I have spent fair few hours gettingit just the way I want. Thanks

  107. Leon says:

    This ROM is as good as people say.

    I am having trouble finding where to set the animation effects, specifically for the back button behaviour, can anyone assist?

  108. Shubham says:

    Can anyone tell me how do I fix my External SD Issue in this ROM??

    I cannot have an access to my External SD Card now,
    Tried many File Managers like Root Explorer, ES File Manager,
    But the External SD is always EMPTY!!

    Should I mount them by going to the Recovery mode??
    Someone please help me regarding this,
    I will really be helpful.

  109. saad says:

    Need Help, I want to intall this rom on my Galaxy s2 which is rooted but its on stock gingerbread and is an orange uk phone. i.e its GT-I9100P will this rom work ?

  110. saad says:

    Its odd my phone spec say:







  111. wavtor says:

    Hi am gonna make this easy for everyone
    This rom works on both i9100 and the i9100p fine
    I have had it running on both and my phones are orange

  112. saad says:

    i was trying to backup my current rom but it gave me a
    E: failed to verify whole file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    I have cwm installed then whats the issue :S

    • saad says:

      Alright backing up current rom didnt work on GT-I9100 Orange version but i managed to back it up from Cwm in recovery not through Rom manager. Anyways there are some changes in installation its a lot simpler in v2.4. No extra installation Gapps included and so is everything else.

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