Resurrection Remix ICS ROM 2.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ROM][Jelly Bean Transitions]

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Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 2.6 is out folks for your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! I know a lot of you are already on top of your stuff and running this already (good job!) but for those of you who haven’t, here’s a complete overview (again) of the best ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!


Download Resurrection Remix ICS ROM

Credits – ResurrectionRemix, XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

Also see overview of AOKP ROM Control stuff:

You can see previous versions here:

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92 Responses

  1. teslax says:

    What is difference between version 2.5.3 and 2.6? Wi-Fi and Cam are working without problems on 2.6?

    • Max says:

      Wifi and cam has always worked fine.

      • akbar says:

        i got S2 i9100 Resurrection Remix ICS ROM 2.6
        * Wi-Fi not working !
        * not reading sd card 32 gb!
        i m back to MIUI

        • sjb says:

          What a great rom this is!!!
          Finally I have the courage to step up to rooten my phone and setup this ROM.
          With the original samsung firmware my phone was regularly determine whether he fell out.
          Since this ROM with the Siyah kernal I actually have a new phone.
          Everything works, bluetooth, wifi etc. and its FAST…!

          Thanks for all the info, you guys made me real happy!

  2. vlad says:

    does this rom has a touchWiz Launcher ? im on 2.4.1 now and the only reason i don’t want to change
    is because of the touchWiz its really nice and this version work awesomely good compared to others i flashed

  3. Nick says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of bugs with this firmware:

    >> Keyboard randomly stops working (and has been every since i’ve been using since 1.9) – which is very annoying when browsing the web or sending a text – you have to force close the app you were using the keyboard on to get it working again.

    >> The battery icon seems to have a mind of its own – for a good 2 hours my phone was getting more battery before the phone turning itself off due to low battery.

    >>Music player breaks after opening and closing once, along with googleplay music.

    >>Music in apollo is replicated with a new entry every time I re-boot the phone which makes the music player basically useless – you cannot scroll backwards due to 20 entries of each song.

    >>Wifi randomly breaks and requires a whip of the caches to get working again.

    >>Battery life in this version seems a significant step down from previous versions

    Beware before using. This has a tonne of bugs, all though very impressed with the look and feel – is a big step down from the ICS sandwich rom you get from Samsung in terms of stability. There are a lot of bugs in this software. If you like to mess around with your phone and spend hours looking for bug fixes this is fine – when it works its fantastic software. But if you just want your phone to work then this is a option to consider yet.

    • Bjorn says:

      My personal experience with RR 2.6 is different from yours:
      1. No problem with keyboard. I use Multiling.
      2. No problem with battery life, which is better than with the stock ROM.
      3. I don’ really use music play.
      4. No problem with wifi.

      I don’t know why our experiences are different. Even thought I hated doing so, I did do a factory reset before the most recent upgrade. Is that relevant? Go know.

  4. pratik.chirkute says:

    Its really a nice ROM.

    I am facing one issue. Before installing this
    ROM I was able to install the Sims free play
    but now Google play says this application is
    not compatible with my device.

    The game is good and I want to know why
    my GS2 is behaving like this?

    Please help

  5. John says:

    Loving this ROM

    Been waiting for Salman’s 4.2 ROM so decided to try this whilst waiting…

    Very very impressive !!!!!

  6. Ashraf Raj says:

    How to Update form 2.4.1 to 2.6 ?


  7. Nav L says:

    Been using 2.6 since it was first released (just a week ago), freaking stable as! Luving it! Most stable Resurrection release so far. Definitely worth a try.

  8. anotheretc says:

    Hey Max,

    I flashed the patch before the rom and I can’t seem to fix it. I tried to flash the original software as you instructed on your other post without any success. I can still get into odin mode and someone recommended that I reflash the pit file to repartition the phone. What do you think about this and where can I get the software? Any other Ideas you could give me on fixing the phone? Thanks for the help

  9. Satyen says:

    I am using 2.6 since over a week now. There are still several issues I am facing with the ROM.
    1. Music Playback not working – The Default Music player, you can use a Winamp or something, that works.
    2. Signal drops while on the phone – The network signal just drops while on call.
    3. GPS hangs. The GPS gets stuck at “searching for satellites” hence providing an inaccurate location.

    eagerly waiting for the next version for these bugs to be fixed!

  10. steve says:

    Hi all enjoying this new rom.

    I’ve got one very strange bug which is that videos and photos stored in my external memory card show up as doubled or tripled in the gallery, these doubles wont open. This is also happening with my music I think causing any songs that are on my external memory to be unplayable (using google play). Using another players the doubles appear, one of the files being playable. I’ve tried formatting the card and adding everything again and all is fine for a while till the bug appears again. Apart from this I’m loving the rom but not sure if I can keep it with this bug.


    • steve says:

      Think I found a fix already, simply unmounting and remounting the sd card via settings seems to work. After rebooting it still seems all good too, yes!

  11. Glen says:

    Hey this is a great ROM. I love it but have one problem,
    When I receive a call it very difficult to answer as the slide icon to answer is almost off the bottom of the screen.
    The phone graphic is showing only half the other half below the bottom of the screen. It makes it hard to answer.
    Is there a way this can be changed?

    • Bjorn says:

      You can still answer your phone by pushing the Home button. That’s the button in the middle below the screen.

  12. shyam says:

    does this rom already come with google apps??

  13. SJCatar says:

    Which languages does this image provide? Does it support Brazilian Portuguese? And does it have Swipe or Swift Keyboard?

  14. stuart says:

    Flashing from 2.5.3 to 2.6.1 is it a non-wipe flash?

    • Bjorn says:

      If you read the instructions on the Resurrection Remix site, it says clearly to wipe when doing this upgrade. No explanation is given, but I guess you just should.

      • Stuart Wilson says:

        Found these instructions on the xda-developers – Resurrection remix page

        1- Install the Main ROM
        2- In AROMA installer select “Custom Installation”
        3- Choose depending of your taste
        4- When AROMA installer finish untick the “Reboot Now” option
        5- When you’re back on recovery go to Advanced
        6- Wipe Dalvik Cache
        7- Fix Permissions

        Followed these without wipe and I haven’t had an issue, running smoothly.
        Cheers anyway

        8- Wipe Cache Partition
        9- Reboot

  15. Jetix says:

    Hi there
    It’ a really great Rom with fantastic look and feel BUT I am wondering why I am facing the following problems:
    1. No WiFi connection ability (touching the icon doesn’t change anything)
    2. No internal storage control option:
    2.1. touching the storage option in settings menu results in “force close”, and
    2.2. there is no option to view the internal storage or USB storage through (OI file manager just helps with the external SD), as like the “My files” icon on ICS 4.0.3
    3. No PC connection (attaching the device to the PC results in nothing but charging the phone, i.e., no data storage options!
    Please help me with this, or, I will get crazy on this.
    Thanks folks

    • John says:

      Make sure you do a wipe first…

      I had the no wifi issue but just reinstalled and it all worked fine

      • Jetix says:

        I did all the necessary steps including wiping data+factory reset and wiping cache but still no wifi connectivity in addition to other issues cites above. Also, I tried the new update i.e. 2.6.1 but no progress yet! I love the graphics but these lags just make me dislike the Rom!
        I wonder why I am the only folk facing such problems?!!!?

        • Omar Farooq Halim says:

          Count me in bro , i am also unable to connect to wifi through this rom but the rest is fine. i also wipe data/factory reset but still facing the same problem

  16. Arman says:


    Does anyone mind breaking down the pros and cons of the siyah kernel vs the cm9 kernel?

  17. JimmyFrostbite says:

    Anybody know how to make a screenshot with this rom?

  18. 22 says:

    Hey Is There Any Option For Changing The Font ?
    Font Sucks =/

    • 4mula says:

      Try the “font installer” app – its available from the play store and has tons of fonts to choose from. It requires that your device has root access and comes with all the usual warnings

  19. John says: This ROM has its own forum where you may find useful. 2.6.1 just released too

  20. Warnell says:

    My problem with this ROM are 2 things

    1. My contacts don’t sync with facebook and can’t merge from different accounts.
    2. Flash player doesn’t work, when I go to settings i get a blank page, tried uninstalling and installing again and nada.

  21. GXJH says:

    I’ve proved it… It supports OTG mass storage, but I cannot find how to umount ONLY usb attached devices… you know how?

  22. Nazi says:

    Wifi is not working

  23. JMac says:

    Great ROM, smooth and fast as hell! This 2.6 build fixed all previous bugs for me in terms of crashing in the phone settings or apn settings. Also fwiw I moved over to cm9 kernal this time around and battery life has improved dramatically for me. Got home from office last night and was running at 79% after 14 hours of moderate/heavy use. Keep up the great work!

  24. Ian says:

    i downloaded & flashed 2.6.

  25. Ian says:

    i downloaded & flashed 2.6.1 but then when i went to the market to download “bittorrent beta torrent app” it said that its not compatible with my device , then i went to see if my dpi was fine and it was still on 240 and it used to work before when i had it on stock dpi 240 , i tried clearing market data and i dont know what else to do now :(!?

  26. Ben Konyn says:

    Hey all

    I use the car dock and 3.5mm jack to play audio in my car.
    Ever since updating to ICS it will not route the audio to the dock and I have to plug the lead in to the phone directly.
    Has anyone else had this?

    Also the compass on Navigation seems to be out by 90 degrees?

    Any suggestions?


    • Nerijus M says:

      Yes, I was using another ROM (Pure Spike) for about 3-4 months and the car dock was working just fine, the music was playing/streaming to my car audio system, and since yesterday after flashing this ROM music is not streamed through dock’s audio plug… Is there a solution? :/ everything else seems to work fine and the rom looks decent :}

  27. NajmulBappy says:

    I am facing some problem..
    Auto rotate, Camera, WiFi and not reading SD card.
    Pls fix this…

  28. Jehan says:

    Hey Max small problem.
    My widgets keep on crashing when i try to add them to the home screen through the app drawer. I can only add widgets through this list which i get when i click on widgets in the app drawer.

  29. utsav says:

    fast torch bug….(if i hold the power button for 8 to 9 seconds my phone switches off!!!!) pls fix..

  30. Jetix says:

    Hey you all guys! Wanna face no problem with this high-end graphical Rom? So just do the following before the installation proceeds:
    1. From settings do the factory reset (you should backup your entire data beforehand and keep it somewhere else like your PC),
    2. In CWM or recovery menu, do wipe the data,
    3. Install the Rom but don’t reboot the device at the end,
    4. While back on CWM, do (1) wipe cache partition (2) wipe dalvik cache and (3) fix permission, and finally
    5. Reboot the device.
    After the boot is complete (which normally takes some time) proceed with device configuration, and then, just enjoy the fantastic look, feel and customization options …
    The main issue with the Rom is the low file transfer speed on pc connection mode!

    • Koala says:

      Hello there Jetix.What you mentioned in ure post about this stuff should be done
      1. From settings do the factory reset (you should backup your entire data beforehand and keep it somewhere else like your PC),
      2. In CWM or recovery menu, do wipe the data,
      3. Install the Rom but don’t reboot the device at the end,
      4. While back on CWM, do (1) wipe cache partition (2) wipe dalvik cache and (3) fix permission, and finally
      5. Reboot the device.

      I did that all 2 times over and evry time i finish it wireless does not work.Icon is not clickable at all and in settings it gets bugged badly.(It says Turning wifi on)
      I dislike this OS with the bugged wireless its not worth anything.So untill it gets a fix this os will fail bigtime.
      If you have an idea why is it not working and what is wrong with it please RESPOND TO ALL THE POSTS ABOUT WIFI NOT WORKING
      We are posting here so we can work out on problems not to get ignored.

      Best regards


    • Rah says:

      Initially I had not enabled WiFi upon starting up after the reboot. I noticed the 3G network wasn’t detected however and i couldn’t access it. So i tried this but this time round I enabled WiFi and logged onto my network. I could get everything done (titanium restore, log into my gmail acct etc.). When I disabled wifi though, again my 3G was still not detected. I rebooted the device once more and i saw my 3G connection. Then i tried enabling my WiFi again and this time round it worked. Seems to be working so far as well during the past few times i have disabled/enabled it. We’ll see if Wifi will cease to be an issue or if it will resurface.

  31. steve says:

    For anyone using the siyah kernel and thinks their battery life is poor, try going to the advanced settings in recovery mode and change the profile from ‘default’ to ‘battery’.

  32. feden says:

    How do you make fast charge work? I can t even see the option

  33. Manu says:

    hey i found 1 problem i dont have the default camera app in this rom is there any way to get this… PLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSS HELP !!!!!!!!!!

  34. NickoMachine® says:

    Hello guys please help me.I have this issue with my cell.When i connect to my PC it dont recoqnize it.Only charge it and nothing more happens.What can i do to resolver this problem?Send you Hi from Chile 🙂

    • Jetix says:

      have you installed the Rom according to the instructions given above? a complete perfect installation will not end to such issues like of yours!

  35. bryangilo says:

    Hi all, first time i am going to flash custom rom on my SGS2 – GTI9100. I have root my device by this method

    My device is rooted.

    Can i just simply flash this ROM via (temp). Is it safe? Or do I need to flash a safe Kernel like the Abyss 4.2 in Galaxy Note.

    I really don’t want to use ODIN.

    Thanks in advance.

  36. duhteh says:

    No camera app, no apn, no music player, no fun.. ..

  37. Alex Horrocks says:

    Ok, so i bit the bullet, rooted my i9100 and flashed this ROM. Ever since i have done this, my loudspeaker does not work when making calls. Playing music/video etc works fine, but when i click to use the loudspeaker in a call, i get nothing….

    Any ideas guys?

  38. utsav says:

    i just love this rom!!!! its damn good

  39. Koala says:

    Another problem also when trying to take a picture it says insert an SD card before using the camera.
    In the option Internal sd card is checked and im still unable to take photos…..
    Why is this happening?
    How can the OS be so bugged?
    Or could it be a phones proble?
    If yes what please explain

  40. adrian says:

    switch to airplane mode and back and the WIFI works
    try it

  41. feden says:

    Is there a way to get a sound when locking or unlocking the screen?

  42. Utsav Jhaveri says:

    Awesome ROM see the boot animation in negative fucking awesome!x!

  43. Jon says:

    Hey there. Looking at some new ROMS to flash, and decided to settle on this one as the newer ones seemed to have a lot of bugs/stuff not really working properly. I’m coming from Ressurection ICS 1.81, can I just flash this or do I need to full wipe?

  44. Lucas says:

    i am running ressurection remix 2.5.3 and i don’t know why, those two touch buttons each one on one side of the middle button have its lights always on, and i search on the rom control options and everywhere, but i just can not find where i set the time for it to stay on. Can anyone help me? thanks a lot

  45. Bk says:

    I don’t know what happened or if it only happened to my phone….had no problem with the previous releases….this might sound weird but did a factory data reset from within settings and my phone got bricked after three phone restated! Is that possible? IT WAS A SIMPLE FACTORY DATA RESET! I’ve already unbricked it and using salman 4.2 but just thought I might share this little incident.

  46. Joel Hill says:

    Hey, I tried this rom on my i9100. I really liked it, but I’m having an issue where my phone locks up on idle. It’s fine while playing music or texting, but if I leave it alone for any more than 10 seconds it locks up and I am forced to reboot. Anyone else have this issue?

  47. Johanvdv says:

    I love this ROM, it is really great. Except for one MAJOR problem. During the day I quite often loose the mobile connection. I mean the network connection for calling/getting data over 3G. When this happens the battery dies in less than half the time it normally lasts. So HELP!! Does anybody knows a solution for this

    In the normal version the Baseband version XXLPS. I have been trying XXLPW (like it comes with the normal Dutch stock version) and XXKG3. Nothing helps! When I boot with Syah kernal (dual boot) to mu normal stock ROM I do not have this problem with the same smallbands version being active.

    Anybody knows any solutions for this??


  48. Thomas says:

    Upgraded to 2.6 and had to revert to 2.5 because play store didn’t work after upgrading.
    Didn’t change DPI and tried clearing cache and data from play store and google framework, didn’t work either.
    After downgrading play store worked fine again.

  49. cooler says:

    the same problems wifi isnt working
    the rom is beautiful rom but this is a really big issue that should be fixed asap

  50. Dj says:

    Hey Max, how can I revert from 3.0+ to 2.6?
    I know its the jelly bean to ics deal…. but, I cant find tutorials on this… should I reinstall everything from scratch? (including kernel)

    Thanks for the help,

  51. Taha says:

    very bad rom !
    it show my sd card as “Empty” in the file manager + the latest ver is looks so stupid !
    im going back to salman rom !

  52. heitkrew says:

    guys! im running dxlp7 baseband. after i installed this rom my baseband was changed to xxlps. now i dont have simtoolkit app in my app drawer and my apn’s are now missing. please help!


  53. heitkrw says:

    my dxlp7 baseband was changed to xxlps after installing this rom. plus, the sim tool kit app was missing. anybody know how to maintain the existing baseband? (which is dxlp7 in my case)

    thanks in advance guys!

  54. Chua You Hong says:

    Hi, anybody can help me with this? How do I change the ringtone to an mp3 file of mine in the sdcard? I really hate the ringtones and I want my own songs to play as ringtone. Other than this, I believe RR is a really good ROM being smooth and fabulous.

  55. Alex says:

    Hi, this ROM is working great for me, inclufing Wi-Fi and overclocking. But I still have a problem. All games keep crashing after about 30 seconds, except 4-5 games like sims, world of goo etc. Games like Asphalt 7, N.O.V.A doesn t even install. I use the Siah kernel. HELP!!!

  56. Alex says:

    Hi, this ROM is working great for me, inclufing Wi-Fi and overclocking. But I still have a problem. All games keep crashing after about 30 seconds, except 4-5 games like sims, world of goo etc. Games like Asphalt 7, N.O.V.A doesn t even install. I use the Siah kernel. HELP !!!

  57. Aflo says:

    I am kind of scared because this is my first time. I don’t wanna brick my phone so is this rom safe for everyday use and what are the chances of bricking the phone? (i have an s2 obv lol)

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