Resurrection Remix ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS ROM]

Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 1.7 is here folks! It’s still rated the “best ICS ROM” in terms of stability over time. If you haven’t tried Resurrection Remix on your i9100, you are missing out.

UPDATE: version 1.8.1 is OUT!!!

Since our version 1.2 overview, lots of new features have been added like 3GP to MP4 file format video recording, camera shutter using Power button, storage of camera photo/videos to external storage, GPS now super-fast, CM9 kernel, better battery life, and browser with swipe to kill tabs.

Version 1.7 does not come with overclocking but you can always flash Siyah kernel to get you overclocking.

Give it a go (as always) and let me know if what you think of the latest version.

Download ROM:

Download Resurrection Remix ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Not all versions are created equal, you can see previous versions if this one doesn’t work for you. (My favorite is still v.9.6)


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114 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    How do I put this on my phone ? … No instructions πŸ™

    • Quijote says:

      The forum that supports the Remix ROMs is now up to 27000 posts with a great deal of info about these ROMs. The good news for you is that they have compiled a FAQ which you absolutely must read if you don’t want problems with it.
      The FAQ includes complete and detailed INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION which I recommend that you follow to the letter.
      The users who have done that are reporting great results with this ROM. There are some issues: to get FM radio you have to use another app (free); docking with your car stereo won’t work; recording of phone messages doesn’t work. Those are the biggest. Some users report minor problems – all of which can be solved by reading the FAQ.
      You will also find suggestions to improve battery life and some folks are getting terrific results.

  2. Abdullah says:

    You can just put the ZIP file on your sd card. After that, you reboot into recovery mode by holding volume up, home button and the power button. Finally, you look for the ZIP file on your sd card and go and install it.

  3. kevin says:

    Does the 1.7 rom show all the navigation bar buttons? cuz only three navigation bar buttons where shown in the 1.2 rom…

  4. ashtead says:

    I do not know whay I am doing wrong but after I launched installation I got initially that huny ICS animation on the screen and now is only flashing android sign and says loading , it has been already 40 minutes, when I tried to reboot the phone keeps doing the same , Is it a brick now?!

  5. ashtead says:

    Than for the reply I have done whay adviced all the same I will get Resurrection 1.2 and try than.

  6. FS says:

    I see this one is just the one zip…
    Does it include GApps?

  7. Diego says:

    Where is the FM Radio??? That’s why I reverted back to 1.1 because of this.

  8. Pent says:

    Any problems with this? Which version is the most stable?

  9. umar says:

    Installed this rom.. Everything is working fabulous… But why the hell is it draining my battery so fast.. I mean within 4 hours of normal usage batter down to 10%.. Plz any solutions for this??

    • lll says:

      give it at least 3 full charge cycles before posting about battery, fyi after wipe data/ factory reset and all kinds of flash your are bound to have battery drainage because the phones uses all its cores to do the mention tasks

  10. chris says:

    this rom is crap sd card dosent show up and when trying to wipe it it wipes internal sd card instead

  11. kevin says:

    guys did someone try the navigation buttons? the ones located under the dock

  12. Rocky says:

    Can u plz tel me….on which firmware is this based on..??…i did Resurrection Remix v1.0 on Baseband Version XXLPQ…..soo can i proceed flashing with this v1.7 on XXPLQ firmware..???…plz rply…i cant wait anymore without using this ROM..!!!..thnx..

  13. osama says:

    I’ve been using 9.7 for a couple of months, and im not happy with it.

    -battery life was good at first, but that didnt last long.
    -performance is good, but it hangs on the phone app and some other apps.
    -the Voice Control pops up asking me what i would like to do when i press the home button only once , this happens a lot. i had to install an application in order to freez the voice command application.
    -brightness on 2.3.5 was way better, now i can barely see in direct sunlight.
    -all in all, im not happy with this rom at all, and i’ve been waiting for the devs to release a new major version to upgrade to it.

    my question to you is… is this the release i’ve been waiting for?? im looking for a yes/no answer if you would be so kind.

    thank you.

    • Hidjes says:

      dude why do you think the devs keep on upgrading? because they improve it again and again, and this one is sooo stable and sooo customizable. Lots of people say it has good battery life, especially when you are a light/moderate user, the battery can last in this situation for 2 days:).
      It has an outdoor mode in this version.
      I should upgrade directly!

  14. sujay says:

    i miss a few things like, USB utility + Task manager app ……….

  15. mhd says:

    Does they seen the ad hoc network ?

  16. Adam says:

    Hi Max,

    I agree with you on 9.6. It’s the very first ROM I flashed and since then tried others but I always come back to 9.6.

    It is a wee bit confusing on how to install the 1.X series because the guide on the XDA forum is not that straight forward and was anxiously awaiting your update and review.

    Appreciate all the work you have done and thank you for the guides!


  17. ThatOneGuy says:

    Does the dialler have video calling and speed dial? If not, is there any way I can add those features?

  18. MOHAMMED says:

    GOOD ROM!! after one day of use.
    I like it a lot

    What I don’t like:
    1) Operator is shown twice.
    2) Can’t view my contacts from my sim card, maybe they are all deleted.
    3) File explorer sux, IO File Manager works perfectly
    4) Lots of missing original apps (Calc, Calendar, Task, Memo, …etc.)
    5) There is no easy way to turn the data on or off
    6) All settings shortcuts on the home screen has the same icon… settings icon.
    7) on 1.1, there used to be some useful icons in the notification drop down menu… was really handy
    8) very stupid boot screen

    Why aren’t these simple things included or fixed already?
    They used to work before… I’m sure the next version will fix some stuff and mess up other stuff.

    • MOHAMMED says:

      I don’t know how to restore my backed up contacts in CSV format… any help plz pleeeeeeez

    • osama says:

      5) There is no easy way to turn the data on or off
      Go to Settings => ROM Control => Toggles => Enable toggles =>scroll to find “Data” and select it. hit back and check your notification center.
      hope this helps

    • Hidjes says:

      yup like said above, enable the data toggle/switch for your notification bar, this is the most fast way. not only in this release, but it is simply always the fastest way.
      Or you could download a widget from the play store to toggle data

    • MOHAMMED says:

      first of all thanx osama and hidjes for that, at that time I didn’t fiddle all around the options but what you said worked fine.

      regarding contacts and messages, I used an app called “Backup Contacts” to back up the contacts in .CSV file format on the memory card (I usually backup the whole device using ClockworkMod before installing a new rom) then uploaded that .CSV file to my gmail contacts and then enabled sync on the new rom and now I have all my contacts back.

      i used TITANIUM BACKUP which is the BEST backup app out there to restore my sms, notes app + data, tasks app + data and it worked, calc and angry bird seasons + data. Only if it could restore my contacts.

      It could not restore Voice Recorder unfortunately.

      Very solid rom, amazing battery performance, I only got it to hang and restart one time only by fiddling with the *hold power button to enable flash light* which I can’t find anymore.

  19. osama says:

    I installed the rom last night.

    so far im very pleased with it, good performance, slight enhancement in screen brightness and yet to test the battery life, last night i drained the battery til the device passed out then connected it to the AC charger and kept it turned off to fully charged then i turned it on this morning.

    differences i’ve noticed so far:

    – the device and rom settings are very useful and fun to miss with
    – although i like the old notification center with the scroll-able on/off buttons, but i can get used to this one as its also customizeable and the old one wasn’t.
    -the in-call screen is changed, i like this one.

    those are off the tip of my head, and there are many other things yet to be put to the test in order to come to a decision on whether this rom is getting any better.

    and guys, dont be cheep, if you like the guy’s work, buy him a beer πŸ˜‰

  20. Marco Campos says:

    i was using the VK rom final and stable version but i just had to return to resurrection it’s way more custamizable and cooler

  21. patrick says:

    I am also very disappointed with this ROM. I always go back to 9.7 which was a bit more stable than 9.6.
    Since v1, this ROM is a disaster. I do not know why the push to move to AOKP.
    1. What is with the boot screen??? I have never seen something so bad before. Luckily it is easy to make your own and replace it.
    2. The notification screen is useless. The 9.7v was very handy. The new one, frankly, sucks.
    3. Generally more unstable apps running under AOKP. Again, why change to this? Just to make a change?
    4. Battery life with >ver1 makes the phone not usable if you travel someplace and wont have time to charge your phone twice a day.

    I really love version 9.7 and always go back to it. It is really a pity to see the direction this ROM went. But, on the other hand, it is free. To each his own.

    • Hidjes says:

      hmm dude you know that you can tell something about battery life for real when you have used it for more than a week? Your phone has to get used to the new kernel with its behaviour.
      I don’t understand your second point, simply because you can customize everything! so it has to have something for you???

  22. Gabriel says:

    Hi Max
    I have tried remix v1.2, worked pretty good for a while and then I couldn’t see my external sdcard anymore. But it showed via my PC explorer!. Tried v1.7, still the same problem. Reflashed on normal ICS rom, everything’s back to normal. Any advice?

  23. jure says:

    i have a question abaut USB?? it dont wana to connect with CP? help plz!!!

  24. fiatlux88 says:

    I noticed a few people complaining about the new Notification screen. I agree the default one sucks, but the options have been added to change it however you like. Goto “System Settings –> Rom Control –> Toggles”.

  25. Rajeev says:

    had an issue with the cam… my cam is nt wrking.. can anyone get me a solution.. plzzz πŸ™

  26. fiatlux88 says:

    Does anyone else have an issue with wifi? I can’t get wifi working at all in this rom. I had no problems with previous versions of resurrection remix.

  27. Rajeev says:

    cam prob fixed πŸ™‚ but in quadrant standaard my value has fallen to 2800 πŸ™ can i know why.. ?

  28. Rajeev says:

    can some one suggest me the perfect settings in this ics.. am new to ics.. plzz help me wit all the settings πŸ™

  29. Mats Rydholm says:

    Hope your taxes were in order…:-)
    When iΒ΄ve installed remix version 1.7 i canΒ΄t find my network. What do i do?

    / Mats

  30. momo says:

    i want any room connect with wifi ad hoc network

  31. Geesab says:

    I’ve been using v 1.7 for just over 3 days. Excellent stability with the stock kernel and great battery life. My only issue is…the weather displays on the lockscreen but then disppears . Can’t seem to understand why…keep playing with the from settings but no result. Any ideas? Otherwise, Excellent work…lets see what other devs come out with to beat this one…will be hard to beat.

  32. Geesab says:

    Thx Jese… I’ve given this another shot following your method… Will keep you posted.

  33. vim says:

    Hi max. Is there any ics roms with the full screen caller id.? Like the original galaxy nexus? Please update when there is. Thanks

  34. Waruzz says:

    stable rom… working properly.. for the selection of gsm and wcdma prob there is an app in the market..

  35. elyas says:

    ive deleted my android and it doesnt boot
    i can boot to recovery mod,now my question is:
    how can i put this zip file on my phone? i cant connect my usb and copy it,i can just go to clockworkmode an downloading mode

  36. elyas says:

    ive deleted my android and it doesnt boot
    i can boot to recovery mod,now my question is:
    how can i put this zip file on my phone? i cant connect my usb and copy it,i can just go to clockworkmode an downloading mode
    heeeeeeeeeeelp me

  37. elyas says:

    plllllllllz help me

  38. daniel says:

    ok i have flash several ics roms like miui and samsungs ics update but when i flashed resurection 1.7 it would not let me change the apn settings. it will let me create an apn but when i save it it doesnt show it in the apn list. i like the look and feel of this rom so please help!!!

    • Ant says:

      Happened to me not showing any APN but I went to my provider website and follow their setting on APN.
      I’m with Optus AU.
      mobile network setting > APN > new APN > ( put the setting) > save > reboot.
      Work very well . Now showing some APN as well.

  39. battery fix says:

    Download battery calibration from play store. Must be root, follow the instructions its simple.

  40. Jeff says:

    Hi, I flash my rom to v1.7 but there is no USB storage feature….. Is there any way I can connect my S2 as storage device?……. pls help…..

  41. Arnav asati says:

    why does wifi direct does not work in this ROM and i cant see the option of video call !!
    anybody help out

    • Zeeshan says:

      Same problem here. WiFi direct does not work. Can any body help in this regard. The only drawback of this Rom is WiFi Direct not working.

  42. adil akmal says:

    hello i want to ask how do i turn off 3G in this ROM?

  43. Tango says:

    so which is better and what are the big difference between them:

    1- Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 1.7


    2- Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 9.6??????????

  44. Robert says:

    Hi !

    Excellent ROM !!! I’ve recently installed the 1.7 which is great.
    BUT… I’m having issues viewing the device on my LCD via the MHL cable.
    I know the cable works because I see an image. but then it freezes… Too bad πŸ™
    And another thing, Can you please publish on the new Version A brut version of google maps.
    There are some folks here who would love to navigate with the maps App.

    Cheers !

  45. Gaston says:

    I taste the “ROM” with “MODERN COMBAT 3″ and this is best throws without LAG” just a little wrong zoom in internet but nothing serious…… best rom in game……………………if some one know “rom” that works very well with games let me know THANKS YOU!

  46. Arnav asati says:

    will anyone who is using this rom please check his wifi direct….does it work????

  47. s2 user says:

    I flashed this from twice and yet the battery keeps going down like crazy, after tracing why this is happening I going the download manager process keep sending requists to download for les then have a unknown file size response, so every 10 seconds this process send the requist again to infinite or like its trying to sync with something, I tried to end this process task but it keeps running again

    I tried the 1.2 over and had no such problem

    Any suggestoins?

  48. Russ says:

    Is this worth upgrading from v9.6? And also can I back up all of my apps and their datas for the upgrade? thanks!

  49. Brandon Pavlakis says:

    Would this rom work properly with the SGH-i777? will the return and search buttons work?

  50. Marcelo Maciel says:

    Finally I’ve done it.

    Important: you have to wipe out you data to install it.

    My very first attempt failed because I didn’t wipe out data, and my phone got stuck on that screen with a blinking, green android icon.

    So, I used Odin to restore back my former version, root it, and then try it all again.

    The whole process won’t take more than 10 min, and you must install Rom Manager App from Google Play.

    Needless to say that Root is mandatory.

    Thanks for all bodies sharing their experiences.

  51. Chris B says:

    I’ve tried a few ROMs on my SGS2 and 1.7 works perfect for me. I love it!!
    No problems. I did try 1.8.1 but could not get my wireless or local banking
    app to work.

  52. bob says:


    got the 1.7 installed but no fm radio and no samsung voice commands/control function.

    how do i get these installed?


  53. daniel says:

    thanks ant im going to flash this rom again cuz im on miui 2.5.4 right now and i dnt like it cuz it like cuz its like combining ios and android in one, HELLO people get android phones for a reason lol. but i was wondering is there a way to overclock this rom? can i just flash cyian kernal and have it overclocked? please help. thanks in advanced πŸ™‚

  54. daniel says:

    oh and i was also wondering that if it is possible to overclock this rom how would that affect battery life vs what you would get from not overclocking this rom? thanks in advanced. πŸ™‚

  55. taz626 says:

    How to screen shot???

  56. gggg says:

    seriously? there is no ‘volume + power button’ screen capture feature and google default note, calender app??

  57. kanchi says:

    thanks galaxys2root for the tremendous work, keep it up..

    Resurrection Remix ICS was really neat,enabled a lot of great customization, had really good fun…
    HOWEVER, it drained my battery like it had a big hole in bottom!@$#% i tried all remedies suggested above and everywhere else, but no party πŸ™ ..made the phone useless as a mobile device in the end..

    so ditched Resurrection Remix ICS, and switched to DarkyROM-HD_BASE_XXLPQ (which is the stock ICS, with bloatware removed and Nova Launcher 1.1.2), very very stable, great battery life, gives u the nice ICS feel, decent customization (root), while also retaining very useful UI features from touchwiz.. i feel its overall more functional.

    best regards,

  58. Zii says:

    RR ICS 1.8.1 works great on my S2. Just about the only thing that doesn’t work is Google Play purchasing…. Is it the ROM or Google to blame here…?

  59. Mazin says:

    I have try this rom it is great…… but after I restore to my original version 2.3.5 .. now i cant rest factory my phone or do any thing please help

  60. sfh says:

    Where is the fucking link to download ?

  61. incognito79 says:

    been using RR v3.1.2 for 2days,.. (updated from 3.1.1.)

    install RR 3.1.2, install fix 3.1.2, wipe cache, wipe dalvic cache, fix permissions, charged my battery to 100% then calibrate the battery using battery calibration(NEMA),
    THE RESULTS: Battery is at 90%(17hrs 52mins 26secs) with extreme battery, cpu governor=HYPER, smooth scaling set at 800mhz.

    some tweaks:
    – at Performance(under ROM Control), i set the cpu settings under the minimum cpu: 200mhz, maximum cpu: 1000.
    -Juice defender(this is optional) with customize settings = scheduled to turn off mobile signal at 3:00am to 6:00am.
    -Autostarts app (to control which app will start/stop at startup OR after-startup
    – brightness set to 25%~30%….. i just turned “Automatic Brightness” to OFF.
    – i use wifi occasionally for checking emails, facebook, twitter.. etc..

    i don’t know how this works out but turns out to be the best settings i have for now.

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