Resurrection Remix ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS ROM]

For those of you on Galaxy S2 i9100, I HIGHLY suggest you to try the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM. I really think this is the “best” ICS ROM available out right now, everything works great with also long battery life. I was having some problems with other ICS ROMs but the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM seems pretty darn solid and most of people I’ve talked to who are using this ROM say the same thing.

UPDATE: Please see updated v9.6 instead!!!

So, if you are looking for the best ICS ROM on your Galaxy S2 i9100, don’t wait and hit up the download link below.

And let me know what you think!

Download Resurrection Remix ROM

Download GoogleApps

Download GoogleApps Fix

Installation directions – Boot into CWM, wipe, install ROM, install GoogleApps, and install GoogleApps fixer, then reboot!

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install ROM? See How to Install ROM on Galaxy S2!

Also refer to Galaxy S2 FAQ.

*NOTE – Please only install this ROM on Galaxy S2 i9100 series, not compatible with other Galaxy S2 phones.

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101 Responses

  1. Fraser says:

    Hi, thanks for all your great work on this site.

    Can I ask, If I use this ROM, will it scrub all my contacts information and apps?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Daniel Arocha says:

      First make a backup with KIES bro!

      • Fraser says:

        Thanks for the reply, I have contacts and things backed up, its just a pain having to do all that again if it scrubs the phone 🙂

        I tried using the new method to root the phone, but it does not work for me 🙁

        Do I need to root the phone to put a new ROM on? or is rooting just for things like using other apps that are not on the android market?

        Also, this ICS ROM has 3 folders within it, how would I use them in Odin?


        • hidjes says:

          Hey man,

          You can not install this rom via Odin, it is like a new layout for the leaked ice cream sandwich firmware called XXLPH.
          If you have XXLPH installed via Odin, you have to root it and then start up in recovery mod. Select install zip from SD card and locate it.
          When you have installed it, you have probably the very best from for the galaxy s2:)

          I hope I helped you.


  2. Pam says:

    I have watched your video and tried several times now to root my new Tmobile galaxy s2 4g…. The process flows correctly as it shows in your video, but in the end, I never get Super user. Error reads something like Read only file failed to transfer….. I must mention that I also tried to root via your Oden video and that also went perfect till the end and NO superuser transfers to the phone … is there a setting that needs to be changed in my phone… Like I said the process duplicates whats show on the screen , it just doesnt put anything on the phone.
    Can you let me know what ive done wrong .


  3. luke says:

    oh boy! 😀 will have to give this one a try today but need to back up my well loved MIUI 2.2.24 rom (I suggest everyone try this ginger bread rom if they want stability, ease of use, a sexy UI, decent speed even greater with overclock and the battery life is pretty good too better than stock).

  4. Gustavo says:

    Hello, is it possible to install this rom usind Mobile Odin???
    My Galaxy S2 is from Brazil? Is there any problem?
    And how is battery life?
    Please, help me. Thks

  5. FAICAN says:


  6. momen says:

    i’v installed it and it’s really good 😀 … but i have wifi problem 🙁 i can’t connect to any network .. help please !!

    • hvd says:

      same problem…pls advice

      • Abokyi says:

        Follow the instructions exactly. Download and install the app fixer. Everything works on mine except the video. I’m still trying to tweak to get it working. But id anybody has video working, throw a life line to me, guys.

        • SUJAY says:

          hey i hav no problem…i just followed his steps… i can run 1080p videos and can take one too…just re-install it of luck..its realy nice rom

  7. Chi says:

    Please give instruction on how to “install GoogleApps” and “GoogleApps fixer”.
    Thank you

    • Nick555 says:

      you load it in clock work mod the same way you load the rom just dont wipe and rest again lol that would be dumb load google apps then the fixer start up your phone and you should be fine it worked for me after i rebooted my phone the second time

  8. Phil says:

    FM Radio is not working anymore
    0.00 is displayed at the frequency bar, no sound

  9. Max says:

    hey champ, the samsung community will be lost without you! lol you definitely take the fuss out of searching for roms etc compared to XDA. i actually tried this rom about 3 weeks back, one bug i found is i couldn’t get a data connection over 3g or hsdpa, switched to Wanamlite ICS and loving it, everything works and stable.
    keep up the good work champ, give me a way to donate, next rounds on me. 🙂

  10. Shashank Hegde says:

    I tried this. But I dont know why Phone and contacts were not working. Many apps were crashing after restoring from backup. I dont think its a good ROM to try. Thank god I was having wannlite with me. So I changed to it. I am happy with wannalite.

  11. John says:

    i tryed this rom and this rom is theeee BOMB everything works except FM, Battery life is amazing i got 1d 12h 22min so try this with your EYEs close.

  12. Nick555 says:

    been using this since the morning have yet to find a bug, better than warmlite v9.0. resurrection is the Best ics rom iv used yet

  13. Pablo González says:

    here’s an issue with ICS Browser +… it gets stuck. everything, even power button, becomenresponsive… after like 2 minutes it reboots and it DRAINS 25% BATTERY ON THOSE 2 MINUTES… so far everything else working.. camera had some issues at first but after like 3 force closes it works perfectly… Battery life is even better than stock gingerbread

  14. alin says:

    oh! this is a great rom. but after restoring my backups from titanic the password does not match and i reinstalled again. still the same problem. (only if you are using pin this will happen) camera crashed few times. apart from this its really ok.

  15. Anish says:

    Hey, I tried installing it in recovery mode but it says “E:signature verification failed”… What should i do???

  16. darshole says:

    I love how its based off of zerg omg

  17. Jason says:

    Can you check for the issue with the driver
    as when connected to the computer my device is not recognized .
    when recognized it doesn’t allow to copy or transfer files to/from my computer.

  18. yi says:

    the rom works, but it does lock, and home key does work, i try all the rom, they all doesnt work

  19. yi says:

    the rom works, but it does lock, and home key does work, i try all the rom, they all doesnt work

  20. emile says:

    Whats the issue with the deep sleep ? some people get it and some people dont. im one of the unfortunate few who gets the deep sleep issue.

    even when i have freshly installed the rom and see the home screen for the first time,it still wont deep sleep.
    What is the issue, is there a way you must install it to prevent deep sleep ? if u dont get deep sleep then what must u do ?

    with wifi on or off still no deep sleep!
    like i said, i do a fresh install of the rom with none of my apps installed and it still wont deep sleep!
    ive checked better battery stats(after the fresh install) and i do see some entries with high counts but what do i do? it ruins the whole experience.

    • hidde says:

      Can you explain what deep sleep is?
      Never heard of it.
      Can someone please say what you have to do to get a better battery life?
      My battery life was even better on the Pure ICS, I can hold out for around 12h with 3g switched on all times.

  21. ScorpionHD says:

    Has anyone tried hellraising this ROM to i777?

  22. mani says:

    im using this since 4 or 5 days …Superb,i tried all but this one is better.

  23. paulo gabriel says:

    This rom is really fast! Just got 4126 on quadrant! Thanks a lot!

  24. James says:

    After flashing when i reboot my sgs2,it takes m to CWM Recovery mode…….it doesnt boot nd thn i hav to restore my previous backed up ROM……..

  25. Joshua says:

    Hi, I have some problems with trebuchet launcher as whenever i try to put a widget to my homescreen, it always hangs and crashes. How do i fix it?

  26. mizi2054 says:

    after i flash with this ROM from, my google plus unable to update..its said please uninstall previous 1. ?????

  27. Carlos says:

    Running the app for 24h no crashes or major problems. Ran into a small bug with wifi witch cleared up after stopping the wifi sharing process. I would recommend this app to anyone wanting to make the leap to ICS with the GS2 I9100, it doesn’t seem to have any more bugs than stock does.

  28. TLMacson says:

    When I downloaded the Resurrection ICS Rom and the related google apps & google apps fixer via my GS2 (ROOTED via NEW method GT I-9100) browser they did not find their way to a root folder, but instead ended up in a download folder on my EXTERNAL SD card. I’m guessing this is why CWM did not find the files when I attempted to “choose zip from sdcard”. I attempted to create a “rootfolder” file on my GS2, but according to my laptop this folder was created on the phone’s internal “sd storage” and not on the external SD card. Based on various Android forums I’ve read and this site I’ve concluded that the external sd card is the correct location for the root folder. Am I correct? If so, how do I get the 3 zipfiles into a “rootfolder” file on the external sd-card so that they can be “found” by CWM? Will that solve my problem(s)? One last question: would I have fewer hassles if I just downloaded the Rom Manager from Android Market to flash new roms. I’ve heard various pros & cons concerning that app.

    • hidde says:

      You have to pick install zip from internal sd card instead of install from sd card.
      It is in the same menu at the bottom.
      This is it:)

      • TLMacson says:

        thanx – I’ll give that a try. Btw – do you have an opinion re: using Rom Manager v just using CWM as downloaded via the internet?

      • TLMacson says:

        Still have a problem; here’s more info. CWM is not giving me an option to install from internal sd card – only install from sdcard. I found the 3 zip files using Windows Explorer (Windows 7) and they are at root level (after addl research I think I finally understand what that means now) on the GS2 External SDcard. In WE the I9100 (GS2) is broken down into 2 “drives” – the Card (external sdcard, I believe) and the Phone (I believe this includes the internal usb storage). So it appears to me that CWM is only allowing me to install from internal (called “sdcard” in CWM) and not external sdcard storage which is where the 3 zip files appear to be sitting at this time; where they’ve been since they were downloaded via the GS2 browser (actually, I moved them out of the downloads folder to “root level” using windows). Do I try using WE to move them from external sdcard to internal usb storage or is that asking for trouble? I’m sure this question makes it fairly obvious that I’m a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing.

        • hidjes says:

          Well you can move the files by an app installed on your phone; My Files.
          Your research is right, the card in WE is the external sd card and phone is the internal sd card.
          I dont know what it is with your CWM, maybe it is an old version?
          I use CWM v5.something.
          So maybe try that version or root again.

          Haha it is ok, I got the whole idea of understanding roms n stuff just a month ago but I flashed 5 roms in the time past.

          • TLMacson says:

            My version of CWM came about using this site’s “New Galaxy S2 Rooting Method” I know it’s a v4. version. Could I get the v5. version if I download Rom Manager from the Android Market? Your My Files suggestion worked like a charm. Thanks for your help. I’ll get there one step at a time.

          • hidjes says:

            No I don’t think that will work, but I am not sure.
            I have always used Odin for rooting, it is not hard to do you just follow the steps. There are tons of vids on YouTube how to flash XXKI4 or the version you have. Mostly when you root this way, you have the latest CWM, and you are almost sure if the file is from Chainfire (a developer, not a site).
            Haha indeed just take your time and you will get there!

  29. TLMacson says:

    it appears I have a much bigger problem now. When I couldn’t find the zip files I used CWM to restore my backed up original rooted ROM. After backup was complete I pressed reboot now. Phone is now in a 20 min rebooted loop and unable to get to lock screen. HELP!!

    • hidjes says:

      Whoops something went wrong
      Try to flash it another time, sometimes this helps surprisingly.
      Are you sure you have installed XXLPH because this can be the cause too.
      If you checked these 2 points and nothing is wrong I should flash XXLPH via Odin another time and then try it one more time.

      If you dont want this cool ics thing, you flash the latest gingerbread firmware via Odin.
      Then you have the old baby UI back;)

      XXLPH and the latest gingerbread firmware are both downloadable via Sammobile under ‘Firmware’.


      • TLMacson says:

        I was able to reflash via Odin to my original rooted XXK14 2.3.5 GB firmware. The good news; that coupled with the foresight to download Titanium (and actually use it to backup EVERYTHING) I was able to get my phone back to its original rooted only state. The weird news: the yellow warning sign is gone and when I reboot into recovery mode the on screen text is now blue (no longer orange) with even fewer options than before. Something tells me I’m not getting into CWM anymore. Now what have I done? I really appreciate you help.

        • hidjes says:

          Mostly when you flash a new firmware, you lose your root including CWM.
          By the colour that you earlier had, orange, can I yell you had not the newest CWM.
          So now you have a non rooted GB phone and without CWM.
          This is the cause of the lost triangle and the non CWM recovery (it is the stock recovery from the phone itself)
          To get back your CWM + superuser you have to root your phone!


  30. coaa says:

    hey man, i have one question, can you share the wallpaper with drops from this video? i realy like it

  31. seVenrider says:

    Brilliant ROM. everything works super smooth. Great job max…

  32. Zubair Verachia says:


    This is a great ICS rom. I need a little help though. For the life of me i cannot find the keypad dialer, please can you tell me where can i find the phone number dialpad

    Btw thanx for the great videos, Your a star

    • hidjes says:

      It is an app called ‘phone’ very surprisingly!
      It is at the homescreen at left bottom.

      There was something written in the changelog about the phone dialer so check it out on XDA 🙂

      • Zubair Verachia says:

        hahaha yeah i installed 9.5 but you have to also install the fix with clockwork to get the phone app to work otherwise it just crashes ..

  33. Kenneth says:

    Ehm.. It actually worked pretty fine… Then i installed g-apps… Now at the setup wizard it just keeps force closing, and i can’t get past that screen. Furthermore I can’t reboot into CWM by holding vol up, home and power. It just boots up into Android, and then it repeats the above… Any suggestions?

  34. Alec says:

    Hey guys. I loaded the ROM onto my SGS II’s internal storage. When in ClockworkRecovery, it says that I can’t mount the sd card. Does it need to be an external sd or can I use the internal storage. Furthermore, I went to ROM manager and selected the ROM and the same thing happened. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • hidjes says:

      I use my internal sdcard, i dont know if external works properly too.
      What you can try is mounting the sd card in ‘mounts and storage’ in CWM.
      Maybe that helps

  35. Tony says:

    Messaging not working on mine.Causes system hang then message: unfortunately messaging has stopped.Also getting hangs with contacts and phone.

  36. Johann Ostertag says:

    Sry. but why isn´t my keybord the ics one?

  37. Fernando Albino says:

    The 9.6 Rom with some fix, is here

  38. SUJAY says:

    tnks man…u ver a big help…. 🙂

  39. tony says:

    9.6 ROM works well.just don’t restore contacts or message data from titanium, causes messaging and contacts to crash.

  40. maximus says:

    this ROM is fab cant get enough of it. fantastic stuff, i duff mi hat. one thing though, i use SGS2 9100 bought the usb jig but it did not initialise the count. im all rooted, clockwise and all that but just cant also remove that ugly exclamation mark. I believe theres something i need to replace in my system to an older version but i dont know what. Please HELP

  41. TLMacson says:

    Finally got RR ics v9.4 up and running, but now I’m seeing that v9.6 is available with many enhancements and fixes, but installation looks like a much bigger pain (at least for a noob like me) than v9.4 was. Max, any chance you can make it as straight forward as v9.4 was on your site? If not, maybe you could flesh out the tech-speak at Westcrips’s RR ics thread at xdadevelopers. You’ve got that special knack that gives us lay folks the confidence we need to proceed.

    • hidjes says:

      Hurray, congratiolations!
      Yes you are right, v9.6 is quite hard but you can install v9.5 just the way you install 9.4, but without the wipes etcetera, only install from sd card.

      • TLMacson says:

        Can’t find gapps for remix v9.5. Should I reuse gapps for remix v9.4 again? What about gapps fixer? I did a “wipe data/factory reset” (forgot to do prior to my v9.4 install) and then installed v9.5.

        • TLMacson says:

          Sorry – found gapps v9.5 and it appears to me that gapps fixer is the same.

          • hidjes says:

            I installed v9.6 yesterday in combination with the optional vertumus theme and beats ported audio and it is great!
            It is not hard at all to install, just the way you install all other ROMs, via CWM etc. Just forget about the LPH kernel + those zip files because this is already built in in the main resurrection zipfile, so you don’t have to do that.
            A miror link is a link to an other site where the file is downloadable too, in case the other link doesn’t work.
            For installation of the vertumus theme and beats audio, look in the extra files folder and download them. To install them, you only have to select install zip from internal sd card without a factory reset, wipe dalvik cache or wipe cache partition!

            So let’s install v9.6!;)

          • hidjes says:

            Like this:

            Installation on Main ROM

            Install REMIX main base .zip

            Install GAPPS_FOR_REMIX (don`t use GAPPS 10-11, doesn`t work good on v9.6)

            Install GAPPSFIXER

            Wipe cache partition

            Wipe dalvik cache

            Fix permission

            + eventually install the extra files like that vertumus theme (very cool!) by only installing it without any wipes

  42. Roie says:

    Just installed 9.6 as per instructions and it worked flawlessly. Thanx for the great tutorials 🙂

  43. TLMacson says:

    Can someone explain the difference between the following 2 items:

    Resurection REMIX ICS v 9.5
    Resurection REMIX ICS v 9.5 (mirror; please hold ctrl+s and link will appear)?

  44. Amit says:

    I am unable to install this rom. I am getting an error in the clockwork mod recovery stating
    E:Signature verification failed
    I followed all of your steps
    Device rooted and usb debugging enabled
    Flashed clockwork mod recovery and rebooted

    However instead of getting CWM based reovery, I am getting
    Android system recovery

    Enter: OK Key, Select: Vol UP / Vol Down
    reboot system now
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition

    What should I do to get out of it?

  45. TLMacson says:

    Prior to installing Resurrection Remix v9.5 I backed up all data and apps w/ TitaniumBU. For some reason I did not get my SMS conversations back this time during the restore (no problem w/Titanium after v9.4 install). I’ve tried restoring 2x but no luck. I backed up everything in Kies as well. Can I recover SMS’s from Kies even though I’m not using a stock ROM now?

  46. coaa says:

    where i can find wallpaper with drops from video?

  47. Manny says:

    My question was regarding the wallpaper, where did you get the blue ones with the lines or what is it called?

  48. Mohammed says:

    Hi, if i install this will i still be able to install the real ICS software when it comes out? can i stall the updated version straight from gingerbread or do i have to update to .6 ICS first thanks in advance?

  49. javiers says:

    why does it gets very hot and battery life is bad from 100% to 90% in 2 min help

  50. tobydarklord says:

    good instructions man … worked well for me just a quick question tho is any1 finding this is better for battery or not ???

  51. nalbi says:

    installed v1.0 and it’s smooth , good battery life.
    but how can install samsung contacts, i miss the swipe to call and message 🙂
    thanks for a great tutorial, followed your steps and all worked fine

  52. bartio1975 says:

    Everyone talks about great battery life but not for me.. I’m on the Resurrection 1.0 PRO ICS. I did battery reset etc.. and yet my battery drains regardless of whether it is turned ON or in Sleep. I love the ROM but can’t put up with the battery drain! I get about 7 hours even with light use..

  53. Alex says:

    thank you very much

  54. Nestor says:

    Signature Verification Failed. It cant install. Whats is the problem?

  55. bogdiani says:

    I have an I9100 Galaxy S2
    I used it in Europe and I had 3G connection but when I moved to US my phone only has EDGE on T-MOBILE, will this ROM work with 3G on T-MOBILE ?

  56. Greg says:

    I’m after the Blue wallpaper, the one with the wavy lines. anyone able to point me in the right direction.

  57. Javi says:

    I felt in love with this great ROM but after a few hours I had to uninstall it because of APN, can anyone tell me why the hell I can’t save just one APN to get 3g???

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