Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v.1.9.1 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ROM]

Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 1.9.1 is out, now with a bunch more features like ExTweaks and Siyah kernel. ย I think with the new version 1.9, it’s better than ever, you should find many great features, better performance and battery life.

UPDATE: Please see update version 2.0!

You can now also get Tablet Mode easily by flashing the Tablet-Ui in CWM. Also you can re-flash Default-Ui to get it back into Phone mode.

If you haven’t tried the latest version, give it a go, this is the coolest ICS ROM for your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100.

And as always, let me know how it works for you!

Download ROM:

Download Resurrection Remix ICS v.1.9.1

Credits – XDA

To install, wipe and install the ROM file

Everything else are add-ons as explained in the video.

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

You can see previous versions if this one doesn’t work for you:

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255 Responses

  1. saqib says:

    how do i install this verison from 1.8 without loosing all my apps and data and just doing a simple upgrade many thanks saqib

    • admin says:

      you can try installing without wipe, but make a backup of your ROM in CWM beforehand just in case. But most cases, u should be able to upgrade to the new version without wipe.

      • max says:

        Data works great over wifi, but i canโ€™t get my data to work over the mobile network. i see that there is no APN configured in the Network Settings. i try to set the settings manually but everything goes away when i select save. what can i do to solve this?


        • Momo says:

          I’m have the same exact issue, can’t seem to save a new APN. It just disappear every time I save it. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.

          • florin says:

            You have to enable from Setings -> Device Setings – Radio tab
            HSPA – Make a selection there.

            After restart will work

    • freddy says:

      hello i install it on my galaxy s2 and all evriting works but have no internet can some one help please

  2. Luke says:

    I highly recommend you add the long hold menu button to search within apps. It works on the main menu, but not within apps…

  3. extreme4123 says:

    hi buddy,
    thanks once again for the rome, i am downloading them just now and will surely let you know the result. One thing i wanted to ask was, the latest ROM of samsung S3 has been out there for download, will it be safe to put that thing on my S2. Please Advice,

    God bless

    • Jean says:

      dude please tell me the site for downloading it asap!!

      • extreme4123 says:

        hey buddy,

        i don’t know much but here’s the link “โ€ฆ

        gives all the information, but there are still lots of basic things not working.

  4. woodtable80 says:

    Do you have to flash the siyah kernel. To upgrade to new ics rom or just wipe an load on
    old .mod kernel? Does the sim data plan work on this version. Thanks

    • Nuchon says:

      Nope…. it does all by itself. It’s so quickly i didn’t believe it… works like a charm. The only two things that are not so ok are:
      1. No mms
      2. My phone had turned off by itself twice…

      The Google Music externalsd issue was solved too… really, it’s just really really good! ๐Ÿ˜€ 19/20

  5. Sam says:

    I still get a external SD issues – cannot seem to find it in the external_sd folder on the internal storage, no ideas where it has gone?

  6. Luis Leighton says:

    Sorry for the NOOB doubt but, Where do i download the table mode?

    • admin says:

      Just download all the files in the download link, the one you want is Remix ics 1.9.1Tablet-Ui

    • Luis Leighton says:

      Damn… feel so stoooopid…

      Thanks buddy IOU a beer.

      • Luis Leighton says:


        I tried to unroot using this rom using stock ICS ROM File and many others but after installation the phone doesn’t complete the boot and gets stuck in the glowing samsung logo and stays there for days…..


        What do i do?

  7. lmh says:

    When playing music the eq settings with musicfx turn off as soon as you go to the next track… also how can you tell beats audio is working I can tell no difference with musicfx selected or not….any fixes?

  8. David says:

    Hey bud,

    Your website Rocks!!! Thanks again for all the videos and clear explanations. Awesome!!!

    I’ve downloaded the Res 1.9.1 ROM Remix on my Galaxy S2 and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

    Everything works perfectly. However, since installing it, I’ve noticed:

    1) I cannot get ANY of my calendars to sync (all my emails use google apps, including my work emails).

    2) I keep getting a sync error for the CALENDARS (emails, contacts etc sync with no problems).

    3) I have tried to go to Apps, and Calendar and Clear Data, and reboot, to no avail.

    4) I’ve tried deleting all the email accounts, rebooting, then adding them back again. Same error.

    I didn’t have this problem with the 1.8.1 Res Remix Rom.

    Can you let me know what I need to do to fix this?

    Please Help!



  9. Pieter Provoost says:

    @zedomax extweaks->misc->default cpuGovernor there you have ondemand, don’t you have to chose smartassV2?because you have that on scalingGovernor in RomControl

  10. David says:

    Ok I flashed Gapps fixer again, and voila! My calendars are syncing correctly now.

    All is good with the world again….and I LOVE the new ROM! : )

  11. Amos Arthur says:

    hey buddy i want to install the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v.1.9.1 and in the link you’ve given there are around 5 files. Can u plz help me out and temme which file to download or can u plz upload a video.
    thanks u rock.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sam says:

      Hi mate,
      You just have to download the 1.9.1 Rom and flash it.
      The rest of the files are just extra’s.

  12. Keneth says:

    hi guys, i have been having problem with this rom as i cant download apps from google play store when im using my data but i can download apps if im on wifi. help please!!


  13. Aaron says:

    How does the Beats Audio feature works? Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lmh says:

      Go to settings/sound/music effects select musicfx which has beats audio integrated into it…..then in play music on sound effects turn the eq on….this will turn beats audio on there is no setting to select it as it is integrated into musicfx….note that you can’t use the eq to make changes as they will just turn off next song….if it works you will not notice much but the base notes are a little richer and the volume is a little higher….is an improvement though….hope that helps!

  14. rohit says:

    i have a problem with my galaxy s2 when i try switch of my fone my fone reboot automatic but when i puse switch of button and menu apear and select switch off then every thing fine . So pls help me
    Sorry for my bad eng

    • Sam says:

      There is a setting somewhere that controls the ‘long menu butten press’.
      Search for it and change it

  15. littlecrazywolf says:

    one big no no again for this lame ass rom and previous versions, most say great rom i ever tried, everything works perfectly but…………..this dont work. that stops, and bla bla bla, dudes read your own message what you have wrote down, how the f@ck can you say its a great perfectly working rom :S.

    and for the noobs who have never flashed a rom, better flash more roms and make a comparison and than say this is the best rom. offcourse you can write your oppinion here but if you need some attention ask it to your closed ones.
    i have flashed it all max and with great dissopointment, ill stick for now with the criskelo v10 and foxhound what is sattisfying my hunger for roms at this moment, how ever i like overclocking but notice that my phone got really hot and got running slow. and benchmark dont say shit bcose one time i got around 3500 and another than i got 5300. waiting for a good 404 rom till than criskelo and foxhound rulezzzzzz. and get high on my stinking feet ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Samuel Tan says:

    can i download it with siyah kernel ?

  17. Kevin says:

    I’m running the resurrection remix ics v1.9 by westcrip 4.0.4, and the Wi-Fi wont seem to connect..

    Is there a way to fix this or should I just upgrade to v1.9.1?

  18. ndubuisi says:

    i cant find my sd card…i can see it when i navigate to “storage” in settings but I cant seem to access it
    please help.
    aside that, this Rom seems to work, especially with the radio apk…good to know it dosen’t rely on the internet….

  19. Adit says:

    does this version support usb otg?? it says it already uses the siyah kernel as a default… on v 1.8 now….which kernel will get the otg up n running?? ryt now it doesn seem to be working on my rooted sgs2

  20. ndubuisi says:

    and also, how does the Beats Audio feature work?

  21. taniket says:

    hi,yesterday i installed v1.9
    today there is new one available …just want to ask is there any way of upgrading without loosing data…from v1.9 to v1.9.1

  22. Adit says:

    Major problem….installed the rom but it reads the SD card as USB storage and the gallery nor the music player detects any files stored in the SD card…..please give me a solution

    • dcdancruz says:

      Got the same issue on media files.phnce cant seem to recognize pictures and mp3s both in gallery and music players too. Did a resca media root. Did reboot. Turn off. No joy at all. Any fix for this?

  23. paul says:

    Ive used this rom all day and as many other users have reported SD Card issues still remain for me as well , this rom wont even allow me to make calls without crashing , it does look good though , but id rather have everything work as it should . The benefits of having a modded rom from stock are great if you get everything working this rom does not offer that, i am therefore going back to my backed up stock rom with root. What you do is upto you..

  24. Adit says:

    can’t tell u how good this rom would have been if these issues were not thr…..wifi dies at times, games like gangstar rio which store their files in the sd don’t work coz the location has been chnaged to emmc and not external_sd, the sd problem, and loads of other bugs which just take the limelight away from the superb features which have been introduced….like…flipboard of galaxy s3, the rom control and theme feature….siyah as default kernel and what not

    • ndubuisi says:

      dude, how did u get ur games like gangstar rio to work on S2 with ICS?my games keep crashing…as if they are not compatible with ICS of any kind…help anigga out?

      • adit says:

        hi…can u post a screencast or a screenshot?? which rom are u on?? if nothing works i will give u the apk i used or my titanium backup file if i can locate it

  25. sandeep says:

    music player does not detect any songs fromthe SD card, please help…… if this cannot be solved then its a horrible ROM….

  26. sandeep says:

    i think that the VK ROM is better than this one as it has beats Audio, complete Google nexus interface and HTC sense for multitasking, but i have heard so much about this ROM and wants to use it but SD card is a big issue.

  27. pacmanman says:

    Hello, do you know if there is a “vibration intensity” setting as it is in the custom rom?


  28. Chepe Centro says:

    I’ve been trying this ROM for a day and so far almost everything works fine for me.
    I’ve got problems with the select/copy/paste functions. They don’t seem to work. Any clues anyone?

    Also maybe a n00b question. Where or how can I install Google Talk? It’s gone!

  29. sohaib says:

    Hi all folks,

    To tell you the truth, there is not any problem with the SDcard.

    You just got to rename the “ร‹xternal_sd” to External_sd123…. and Voila!!! Things work normally… All your apps will read the SD card … and guess what.. the best thing about it, there is an update package included in this ROM…

    So the people who need to update from version 1.8.1 to 1.9.1.. is simple… JUST Flash the ROM through CWM… No cache or Wipe needed….

    I have done it.. !! works like a charm….

    • Alex says:

      Sorry but I’ve tried renaming the external sd to “external_sd123” and it still doesn’t recognizes it.
      It really sucks most of my files are there,I love this rom but if I can’t fix this then I’ll have to flash stock again.

    • adit says:

      hi shoaib plz put up a screencast of the procedure…it’d helpful

  30. sohaib says:

    For GOOGLE TALK…. Download the Default_Apps for

    Install it in CWM using option Install ZIP from SD card…

    There you go… you have all the google apps in your resurrection ROM….


  31. Anurag says:

    Hey max.. Plz help me..

    I downloaded 1.9
    And now they they’ve 1.9.1
    how do I update?
    Do I have to download the new version and flash it all over again and again setup the whole apps etc?? Ain’t there a way to update update a rom?
    If my question is stupid, I’m really sorry coz this is my first custom rom ever

    • sohaib says:

      Just… download the ROM 1.9.1 and Flash it using CWM selecting Install zip from SD card… or from internal SD….

      This rom has an update package which detects the previous Resurrection version and updates it…. All your data and Apps will remain untouched… Do Not WIPE or clear Cache….

      I did it on S2 and works perfectly alright… check my post above…

      • Anurag says:

        Thanks sohaib!
        I’ll try that ..
        One more doubt.. some stock apps like messaging, email (not Gmail ,just stock email app) are not working ..whenever I open them q message is displayed ” messaging has stopped working ”
        And whenever I reboot the phone ..there’s a message displayed ” unfortunately, exchange services have stopped ”
        Any remedy ??

  32. john says:

    i just installed this rom and now my home key is the back key,the back key dosent work and the search key dosent work, any way to fix this?

  33. sohaib says:

    go to Apex lancher settings.
    open Behavior settings
    select HOME key action… SET to SHOW APP Drawer…


  34. lmh says:

    Volume loud with beats audio on….if I have volume low then skip a song volume suddenly goes much louder….fix anyone?

  35. freddy says:

    i need help i have no internet on the phone now what can i do please some one help

  36. Ken says:

    Does anyone get a battery indicator (text) on the left hand side of the status bar. I want to remove it. I know how to change the setting for when to show it on right say if using symbol, text etc…in ROM control.

  37. Preo says:

    Nice looking ROM, cant get over my contacts not syncing tho.

    Any instructions on how to fix this?


  38. Anurag says:

    The theme is entirely black ..keyboard , YouTube , Gmail etc..any way to get the default theme which is there in galaxy nexus ?

  39. ramatsuilap says:

    Awesome Rom, Thank you for the radio app, I did not see it initially, so I removed it and tried out other ROMs today. In searching for Siyah kernel I saw the link. Now I flashed back my Rom back up and my phone is Resurrected!

  40. jure says:


  41. Clement says:

    Hello all,

    Has any of you faced the issue where by your phone doesnt wake up and you need to force reboot? I faced this 4 times already over 2 days with 1.9 and 1.9.1 rom…

    2.3.6 stock rom had this problem when wireless was on. Not sure if this is due to that…

  42. ndubuisi says:

    can someone PLEASE tell me how to locate and use the Beats Audio feature? that’s actually the main reason why am trying this ROM…

  43. dev says:

    camara image is poor , no radio. how can i fix it ?

  44. Tusharpande29 says:

    Someone pls telll…does this rom support video calling by data network….if yes then how do we video call…pls hellppp…..:)

  45. BCR says:

    Anyone else having issues with the edit functions while typing?

    See screenshot. Select cursor appears, but I can’t select/copy/paste text. I touch it and nothing happens
    Am I the only one?.

  46. sakkamidou says:

    slt jai fait lโ€™installation de le fichier ROM Rรฉ il reboot mais il est bloquรฉ au niveau d’image d’androide gris fond noir comment je peut faire c urgent . merci d’avance

  47. tjx says:

    A couple of problems so far:
    1. Messaging always forclose. When I want to check SMS, I can see the list. But when I click one for details, the application will forclose with the err message “unfortunately, messaging has stopped”
    2. Skype voice calls: I can hear the rings when I dial, but once the other side picked up the call and call is connected, no sounds.
    3. Same problem in Talkatone for google voice.
    Anyone has the same problems?

    • tjx says:

      The problem 2 and 3 looks like only happens when I use a Iphone earphone (not sure if only iphone earphone, I will try other earphones). Without earphone, skype and talkatone works well. In my previous gingerbread 2.3.5, I can use Iphone earphone for call and I can even change songs and pause when I listen to the music. But now all these functions are gone in this rom.
      So now the only problem I care is messaging application does not work and I can not read SMS. Another problem I just found this morning is the phone has been dead twice after I turn off the screen. I need to long press power button several times to start the phone.

      • Anurag says:

        I have the same messaging problem..couldn’t really find a remedy.. So i downloaded go sms pro.. Kind of sad but it’s a fine alternative

  48. wpin says:

    First of all, thanks to the developers’ best effort to develop this excellent ROM!
    However, I’m facing some problems as below:-

    1. Why can’t just to stick back the external SD card reference to external_sd but need to refer to a new directory of mmt\emmc which is quite confusing?

    2. New terms of storage: Stock ROM Internal Storage has been changed to SD Card under this ROM; Stock ROM External SD Card has been changed to USB Storage under this ROM?

    3. Apps to SD Card, previously we can move it to the External SD Card (named as USB Storage by this ROM) but now it moved to our Internal Storage (named as SD Card by this ROM). It’s confusing yet it taken up all our internal storage and the expandable SD card just purely serves as media storage. Sometimes we need the internal storage for HD games. With this kind of changes, all apps and games data etc. have taken almost of my internal storage.

    4. After USB debugging mode is on, or whenever after unmounted the SD/Internal Storage, the Gallery needs to take almost 1 hour (or longer) to appear in the Gallery Album?!

    5. Facebook account can be added into syncing, however it doesn’t reflects to the contact list. It doesn’t import / sync into the contact?!

    6. Problem with the Email stop and Exchange Service stop. Any solution on this?

    Thank you!

    • Steph says:

      tell me if you find a way for facebook contacts please ๐Ÿ™‚

      • wpin says:

        I didn’t find any solution / reply from others. There is no phone video call button, can’t sync Facebook contacts, Apps to SD has been stored in the internal memory and scanning of photos & videos are too slow. Hence, I’ve changed it to another ROM which can completely fulfilled my requirement, and I’ve to sorry and good bye with this hottest ROM in the world.

        However, I found this ROM is superb fast and smooth. This is the advantages for it.

  49. steph says:

    Hi ! I really love this rom but i’m not able to make the bln works. Could someone help me please ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. nura says:

    hello guys…. my only problem with this great Rom is that i can’t choose 3G as my default mobile connection, the 2G is good for saving battery but extremely slow…. the phone decide for me when to be on 3G or 2G and that is real bad cos i can’t stream videos perfectly.please could anyone help me out…..Thank you all.

  51. simol says:

    M stuck into a big problem.
    In short i want to ask you , will it work for indian APN settings ? coz wen i asked the network operators they said like the phone needs to be unlocked. It belongs to international market. I cant explain them that i got a rooted galaxy s2.
    Plus i tried several times to save manual APN settings, found on forums , but then they wont show up after i save them. APN space will remain blank.
    please help or I dont want to live anymore ๐Ÿ™

  52. paddy says:

    anyone able to connect with Kies with the rom??

  53. dimanto says:

    Hey fellow ROM users,
    Great ROM, some problems:
    1. After changing wallpaper cannot find the original wallpaper the ROM came with. Anybody knows the store location of the image file. Thanks in advance for any reply.
    2. How about battery life? Do you make a whole day ?

  54. ron says:

    Someone please help. This is my first time using a custom from. Everything seems to work fine except he following:

    I am unable to hear anything during incoming and outgoing calls.
    Also how do i get to use all the hard button.

    Thanks for your help.

  55. snoop says:

    I v e flashed the rom and everything is fine execpt the missing Gtalk app…
    Where can i get the gtalk app as a seperate zip or combined gapps zip package

  56. boo a says:

    Flashed version 1.9.1 on my sgs2 and my phone became so unstable at 1400ghz overclock.. I had siyah kernel on it.. It was stable at 1300ghz overclock only.. I installed tegrak 2nd cpu and it was only then it became stable at 1400ghz.. Is it supposed to be that way? My battery drains a little bit faster.. I thought version 1.9.1 would be everything.. But mh phone was much stable at version 1.8.1 1400ghz overclock..

    • admin says:

      It all depends on your phone, some phones can handle more overclocking than others. Also depends on ROM too but more with your luck.

  57. paddy says:

    how do i make a video call?

  58. ndubuisi says:


  59. tjx says:

    Still the external SD problem. I cannot find the directory (mmt\emmc) in file explorer. But some applications, like Gallery and ezPDFreader can read all files in external SD card. How to locate the folder? Do I need to download a third party file explorer?
    BTW, when I first install the ROM, Gallery can not read any file from external SD card. But after some time ( I do not remember how long), the Gallery find all photos in external SD card but I did not do anything.

    • ndubuisi says:

      click on the File Explorer,
      click on /mnt/sdcard/
      click on mnt.
      you will see a set of folders, including your external s.d but it is named “emmc”

      • tjx says:

        There is no /mnt in my explorer. When I open file explorer, there are three tabs on the top: BROWSE, SD CARD, and FTP. I went to SD CARD, and there is no /mnt folder. But there is a up arrow on the top right under the three tabs. If I click that , it shows “SDCARD” and “EMMC”. I can tell EMMC is the external SD card from the size it shows. But if I click “EMMC”, I am not able to jump to EMMC and still stay in “SDCARD”.

        • ndubuisi says:

          under BROWSE, SD CARD and FTP, u will see the search icon(magnifying glass). then /mnt/sdcard and then an arrow pointing back and and arrow pointing up
          click on the /mnt/sdcard

  60. Rene says:

    Cannot connect to WIFI
    Iโ€™m running the resurrection remix ics v1.9.1 by westcrip 4.0.4, and the Wi-Fi wont seem to connect
    When activating wifi, it says – not within range.
    No problem when I used v1.8.1

  61. Aaron says:

    I’m having troubles with my music and photos in the gallery, they don’t appear unless i wait for an hour or so.
    Is there any way to fix this? It happens every time y reboot the phone or go into usb mode.
    Thanks in advance

  62. SyafiqSuarez says:

    Why can’t i download instagram?! ๐Ÿ™

  63. Ken says:

    Does anyone get battery indicator in left hand side of status bar and if so how to disable.
    Also is anyone able to disable the touch keys backlight. By selecting Settings/Device Settings/Sensors/Enable keys backlight the setting does not work. Lock phone and open and the touch keys light up even when this is not set. What a battery drain having these lights on when the screen is on.

    • Steph says:

      I dont know about the battery… is it the icon or the battery bar ? If its the battery bar then go to rom control/battery and you can play with it. For the backlights, did you take a look at Extweaks/BLN. If you’re not able to disable it, you can at least set the led timeout to 1.5 sec and switch off the “led on touch”

      • Ken says:

        Thanks for the reply. What you suggested regarding the led light worked. Set it to 1.5 sec and it times out when phone is unlocked. Can’t seem to disable it fully but that’s not a drama. Regarding the battery I know how to remove the icon on right hand side but it’s the text icon on left I was wondering if it was possible to remove.

  64. Ron says:

    V1.9.1 stucked on boot screen from last 15 min…NO backup in internal memory…error in mounting sd card…what to do ? Please help

    • Gandalf says:

      you should try flashing what ever you had before so that the phne works download it again and re install it. I had soemthing like that happen to me, and it was just that when I downloaded the ROM somehow it didnt download all of it just 199mb of 207mb, so i re installed 1.8 then download it 1.9 again and unstalled it and it works just fine… only thing is I havent found BEAT AUDIO …. no biggie

  65. Blank says:

    Heey can zedomax or someone else help me with something.. sinds i had V1.8.1 installed and i played a little bit with the fast charge option, my SD card and phone won’t mount anymore on my pc. And sometimes when i am charging it says that the voltage is too high and it stops with charging. Even turning on my phone is annoying right now.

    I already wiped batt stats, reflashed the rom to 1.9.1 but it doesn’t have any effect.
    Does somebody experienced this before?

    I would appreciate it if someone helps out.


  66. Blank says:

    I have found my solution. In Ex tweaks i found out that my default stats of the battery has been changed. Like way too high. I set everything back to default and problem solved !!

    • Steph says:

      Can you tell me how to change everything to default in extweak ? cause I’ve been playing with a lot of stuff and now my battery/default/performance .. are all mixed up. thnxs ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Blank says:

        If u look at the bars under CPU there will be small explanation about how high the defaults are and of course how high stat it is on this moment.

        Set it back to the level of default and you’re done.

  67. emanuel silva says:

    i jave preblems with the MTP aplication i can’t conect to kyes and copy music files to external or internal sd who i can do???

    • Blank says:

      Have you tried reflashing it back to gingerbread and do the *#7284# tutorial? (Under USB, Configure it to modem and back to PDA and if it its already on the modem switch it has to be set on PDA))

      That should help

      • emanuel silva says:

        i wipe data factory reset and change mastorage to mtp and for now is good but i can’t conect to kyes but is ok

  68. WhoKnows says:

    I cant seem to get wifi direct to work. I went to settings-wireless & network-more-checked wifi direct. Is it just me or this rom???

  69. jhoel_1225 says:

    can i use this for dxlp7 stock rooted rom 4.0.3 ICS? I have siyah kernel v3.2.5.2 installed on my current rom. i successfully flashed the resurrection remix rom but after i reboot the screen just goes black after the siyahkernel icon then nothing happens. can somebody pls help me?

    • Strenki says:

      go to XDA forum, Resurrection Remix ics v1.9.1 thread, and install ROM as said in FAQ (follow all steps)
      must work!

      • jhoel_1225 says:

        hi Strenki, I already did. I even followed the long FAQ provided by GaboWinter. did it twice even. same result.=(

  70. tjx says:

    My phone has been dead four times until this morning. It happened after I turn off the screen as normal. Everything is normal before I turn off the screen, no foreclose, etc. Since in my last installation, I increase CPU to 1400 HZ which made my phone keeps booting, I just use the default 1200 HZ after I reinstall the rom. Anyone has the same problem?

    • Clement says:

      Are you referring to the phone not able to wake up once it goes to auto screen off (pressing any buttons doesnt wake the phone)? if so i do have this issue too.

      Just curious are you running any battery saver apps? I am doing some testing and nothing conclusive now.. however if you turn off your wifi, it should solve the issue of deep sleep. Not ideal but worth a try as it works for me.

      • tjx says:

        yes, i am talking about the same problem. I am using extended baterry saver. But when the problem happens, I did not use any power saving mode. I cannot turn it off as I do use wifi most time. I just uninstalled the battery app. I will see if the problem still exists.

        • Clement says:

          i am using juice defender myself… and when wifi is on it tends to go into a deep sleep. So in the past i will just turn on wireless when i needed it and off when i dont. but at times i forget and the above happens

          what i did was to stop juice defender to control my wireless and left wireless on. So far it has been good for the last 10 hours..

          I think it should solve this issue with this configuration but let me test it out more throughly before concluding this works.

          Hope this helps you somewhat.

  71. tjx says:

    My phone has been dead four times until this morning. It happened after I turn off the screen as normal. Everything is normal before I turn off the screen, no foreclose, etc. Since in my last installation, I increase CPU to 1400 HZ which made my phone keeps booting, I just use the default 1200 HZ after I reinstall the rom. Anyone has the same problem?
    BYW, my messaging application still does not work.

  72. Rudie Kruger says:

    Hi There,

    How can I enable the system sounds on the Resurrection Mod. Screen Lock, charging, battery low & full sounds to be more specific.
    I had it on TouchWiz and replaced the stock sounds after rooting.

  73. ramatsuilap says:

    Every time I send an sms , my cellular network goes off automatically. Had this problem in 1.8.1 also.

  74. Gandalf says:

    Hi, I did as u saw did full wipe then installed 1.9.1 now my phone has been with a black screen w/ bottom 2 touch buttons light up and it does a short vibrate every 30 sec or so… hopefully its just booting… n e 1 else w/ this prob? If its like this later on Ill just flash 1.8 again and try redownloadin 1.9.1 later on… ill let u kow how it goes

    • Gandalf says:

      ok got it… i guess the download went bad and some files were missing, I reinstalled 1.8 then downlaoded the 1.9 again and installed it again… looks like its working ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Parth Walikhindi says:

    hi, Iโ€™m not a geeky guy and i am from a commercial background, but still i love playing around with my Galaxy S2 GT I9100. In these previous 2 months i have learnt a lot from ur videos! nd finally i have managed to root my phone and install ressurection remix v.1.8.1 and its awesome. then i got exited and installed d new version of RR v1.9.1 it coz i wantd to use dual ROMS. but then a lotta shit happnd and now i was able bring my phone bck to the old version 1.8.1. but now m facing a problem my Internal storage is almost full(even after deleting the ROM packages) and m not able to acess music files in music player which r in my SD card. firstly i wanna ask u
    โ€œhow should I relieve my internal storageโ€
    secondly i love good UI ROMS so can u suggest me a good ROM other than MUI (jus coz i dint like this one much) which r different than stock ROM?
    thirdly CAN U PLEASE GIMME UR EMAIL ID?? ( i wud really need some expert advice always)
    Fourthly i like to change my ROMS from time to time so can u tell me any way of changing them without making any effect on my INTERNAL STORAGE???

    sorry for lotta questionsโ€ฆโ€ฆ..please help me out!!! m confused like hell!!

  76. Pete Houston says:

    Hi, thanks for the guide.
    However, I’ve got a problem.
    Before flashing, I was on GB 2.3.4 stock ROM, and use Samsung Kies PC to backup Contacts/SMS…
    After installing this ROMs, connect phone to PC and open Samsung Kies PC, it says error:

    Title: Unsupported connection mode alert
    Content: Reconnect the device in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode. Current connection mode is not supported by Kies.

    I want to connect by Kies and restore all the backup data. Do you know how to fix this?

  77. max says:

    Data works great over wifi, but i can’t get my data to work over the mobile network. i see that there is no APN configured in the Network Settings. i try to set the settings manually but everything goes away when i select save. what can i do to solve this?

  78. Tim says:

    I am missing google talk, FM radio and voice recorder… any ideas on how to get them back??? Thanks

  79. Tim says:

    I have found a file to install all of the google apps, however now in my notification bar there seems to be a space. It’s in the left corner, any notifications I have are always one to the right. It’s not a big deal but it’s very annoying.

  80. zvenzi says:

    i have a problem after that rom….. my home button not working anymore and on lockscreen it starts to up screen light by itself . i tryed everything ( install stock rom , factory reset, all wipes several times…. etc) i guess something wrong about key maping (system\usr\keychars) but i don t know how to program it again. can u help me?

  81. zvenzi says:

    don t worry Dereck u r not the one ๐Ÿ™‚ i can t find solution either i guess i will break my s2

  82. Ken says:

    Have you set up an account and looked in the content guide under settings. When I trapped on system locale it brought up news sites for Australia.

  83. artnada says:

    Just tried to install this on my S2. It seems to be stuck on the “silver android” logo and is not appearing to do anything!
    Been like it for 15 minutes now.

    Any advice?


    • artnada says:

      Sorted now. Just needed to wipe n reset cache.

      This is a sweet ROM. So fast, even compared to ICS stock. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Tim says:

    Anyone know how to change theme settings for messaging or calender?? I can hardly tell which messages are new because the distinction is soooo dark. I would just like the new message notification in the app to be brighter

  85. Jose says:

    Can i flash it to a “i9100G”?

  86. galaxydeads2 says:

    i just rooted my phone and installed ressurection1.9.1 and now it works (phew) lol i was installing the like 8mb file instead of the 200mb file =P anyways now im using SPB Shell 3D and this rom and its TERRIFIC! Only complain i cant get my internet or service up, no APN’s or anything? can anybody help me!?? =( i read on another forum that i should download file directly to phone n use cwmr from there? I cant find bell networks i can find the rogers one only (can i get into that one =P) Where i live rogers is better lol but love bell phone. But ya any solutions guys?

  87. Yerffoeg says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for quite a while now and its really good, fast and stable, highly recommended.

    I’m currently on version 1.9.1 and my SGS2 is rebooting by itself like twice or thrice a day. What do you think
    would be my SGS2’s problem? I’m running at stock speed, Could it be Siyah kernel? Never encountered this
    problem since i’ve used ICS ROM 9.6 to 1.8.

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated :

  88. Gabriel says:

    Someone PLEASE help me! I really love this rom but because of this SD Card problem, I can’t use it.
    Before this rom, my default SD card location is external_sd but now it has changed to emmc. For instance, if I try to use a music player , no songs will be there because it cannot detect the music from emmc folder. I have tried allowing the folder to be readable but it won’t work. Please help me , how do I fix this? ๐Ÿ™

  89. dba says:

    hey gabriel!
    this is the solution to your problem:

    good luck

  90. ToppieRoy says:

    I have my S2 rooted for a couple of weeks now and i’m thinking about installing a rom.
    For now i’m thinking about the ressurection remix rom.

    But, can anybody tell me if i need to back-up my contacts before i install a custom-rom?

  91. csaez says:

    resurrection remix 2.0 out!

  92. tjx says:

    gallery cannot find any pictures in the phone and sd card. This happened several times so far. Anyone knows how to solve๏ผŸ

  93. heck says:

    been lovin’ the battery life this rom gave me so far.. but my question is, DOES IT SUPPORT HSDPA+? (H+)
    i’ve noticed that the display is only H and not H+ as before is installed this rom.. any help would be appreciated.. thanks!

  94. Ethos says:

    When someone calls me cant see phone icon pickup and deciline icon

  95. Technowolf says:

    Hi Zetomax
    Are u doing to do a review on resurrection remix 2.0.

    • admin says:

      of course!

      • Technowolf says:

        Hi Zetomax
        I installed mix 2.0.

        I didnt see much difference, Waiting for you review, one thing I noticed that the Samsung apps has been removed. If possible please add in ur review how to get Samsung App back. and music player has been changed to apollo player

  96. Ashnee says:

    thx for the awesome video and the rom btw i wanna change my casing like ur phone, any ideas where can i get the cover???

  97. JK says:

    is it necessary to backup the efs folder while flashing a new rom? i have read this on xda.

  98. Ethos says:

    Proper battery drainer!

  99. hk says:

    please help : can i update to this version directly from gingerbread as u said in the video ??

    • admin says:

      Yes you can. For all Galaxy S2s, the great thing is that you can install “any” custom ROM regardless of Gingerbread or ICS, I flash back and forth easily 10 times a day.

      It might sense to think that you have to upgrade to ICS first but in reality you can simply install custom ROM that is GB or ICS.

  100. Kai says:


    MIUI is very good looking but has the worse battery life than any other rom available (despite using the phone in a moderate way). It is understandable though, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to have such a pretty design.
    Two K.O. features for MIUI in my case:
    1. Just chinese and english. Where do I get further languages?. Its probably possible but that involves time and a further task that you would spare yourself by flashing another rom.
    2. No MHL to HDMI support at all. Meaning in the first place that you WON’T be able to display neither your videos nor your fotos, etc. saved on your telephone on your TV screen, and secondly (obviously) no MHL support for streaming live internet on your big screen.
    If you don’t care about this two features and don’t care about battery life but love a pretty face, than MIUI is definitely for you.

  101. mariner233 says:

    hey man , good job… I love your Rom … but to me there is one problem , in the stock rom I can choose if I want to work on WCDMA only or GSM only or WCDMA & GSM … I want this option , where can I find it.. because I work all the time on 3g.. but when I am using this rom it works on 2g all the time because it’s signal is stornger than the 3g… is there a way in the rom to disable the 2g and work only on 3g.

    • ajay says:

      go to synstem settings then wireless and network setting> more>mobile network> and then deselct “use only 2g networks” if u want to use 3g in ur mobile…… select it again to use 2g ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • mariner233 says:

        I did that but the problem that, when the 3g signal is weak it turns automatically to 2g.. and I don’t want that.. I want when there is no 3g signal or when there is 3g signal but weak to never change to 2g like the stock rom

  102. TheStuf says:

    Thanks, its working well and it has may great features.

    I have one problem tho, and i THINK its with the YouTube app. Sometimes when i use the app and when i want to watch a video in landscape, it doesnt turn into landscape mode and after that the landscape doesnt work anywhere even tho turning is allowed in all settings. Playing a while with the settings fixed it and a restart helps too.

    And another thing, the codes such as *#1234# doesnt seem to work???

  103. ajay says:

    hey i dont know wat is wrong with this rom but my videos and audio songs get multiply by 2……….. thr is 2 song of same name now……. some time it get multiply by 3…… from 3 of them just one song will play and other 2 say not suported….. i delete them which take a lot of time and now they came back again…… plz help me guys…. and video player for this rom dont suport many file extensions so i had to install mx player…. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  104. Dave says:


    love your site!

    got one problem with my phone, after i install the rom it never boots up, it gets stuck on the Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 loading screen…. any ideas?

    • Gandalf says:

      I had soemthing liek that happend to me, the problem was that when I download the rom it didnt download completely, so when installed it didnt load properly and the screen remained black. I downloaded everything again and installed it and it works perfectly. Before tryign that do a dada wipe and catche wipe

  105. Ethos says:

    I have tried allthis fkin crap software here and everytime i had to go back to 1.0 version !!!
    All rest shit crap!!!

  106. silva says:

    My galaxy get frees.wen i put it in 1600 ghz can i fix this??

  107. Dave says:

    Hey Bro,

    How can I change my back casing like ur phone, to get the black Galaxy S2? Looks really cool.

    Where did you buy it from?

    Thanks in advance,


  108. zubair rathore says:

    i wanted to install the new ressurection rom 1.9.1.i have a rooted samsung galaxy s2 ics 4.0.3
    Can i install this rom without wipe or is it necessary to wipe.does not wiping create problems after installing

  109. Juan K says:


    I’ve already tried to install this room on my SGS2 twice but for some reason while im installing from the sdcard, it kinda tries to install but the progress bar wont move then it says that the installation was completed then I reboot the phone and it goes to ”kernel panic upload mode” and stays there.

    I had to flash back to XXLPB build and root the phone again, its kind of annoying so, am I doing something wrong?? do I need some other files in order for this rom to work on my GT-I9100.

    I woul really appreaciate some help, cause my XXLPB build has an overheat effect on my phone that I don;t like and that’s why I want to try this rom.


  110. heck says:

    fixed most of the problems.. so far, so good! but alas, i still have some..

    – i changed my bootloader from the one that was provided in the xda thread, lookin’ good. then, v2.0 update came out and said that it has a new bootloader. how am i supposed to revert back to the original bootloader?

    thanks zedo

  111. tyrone says:

    works grat, only 1 problem;

    backd up everything but i cant retrieve my contacts. ive tried everything but nothing seems to work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • EddieM32 says:

      The best way to back up contacts is to have them on your Google account, that way every time u flash a new ROM u can just sync with your Google account and you’ll get all your contacts back.

  112. EddieM32 says:

    Hi Max, I flashed this from and its perfect.
    To anyone out there with problems just wipe ur dalvik cache and reboot and you should be all good. I also noticed that the usual overheating issue wasn’t fixed so I recommend that people should flash the KH3 modem.

    And Max can you please do a review on Resurrection Remix Pro v2.0 because I have to wait until next week to download it.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Dave says:

    I a noob to this rooting and rom stuff however I do have a question I install this rom with no problems other then I can not get or make phone calls is there something I am doing wrong?

  114. sunny says:

    after i installed rom and rebooted the phone. it goes to CWM and doesnt boot the rom. i rebooted many times but every time it goes to CWM. please help

  115. Tejwant says:

    Display is eating up 32% of my battery. Earlier it was always near 20. Please help

  116. Gandalf says:

    I ran into a small problem… I looked it up found some answers but Im too much of a noob to do what they ask…. lol… Any ways my problem is that when I go to the app store to download an app this comes out : error processing purchase. [Df-bpa-09]… on xda forum it says to chnage back your dpi… i have no idea what it is and how to change it. I am currently running ics remix 1.9.1 do u have any ideas?

    • madfire says:

      hi,go to system settings>applications>google play store>clear cache >clear data.i think this would do the work.

  117. elfin says:

    Hey admin.
    I install this rom. I can’t accses play store. Why? Thanks

  118. SuperVirus78 says:

    it’s ok if i set on ROM Control the CPU on 1600 Mhz?Wait for an answer,THANKS!
    RR V1.9.1

  119. heck says:

    v2.2 is out! ๐Ÿ˜€

  120. Keys says:

    How do I overclock my S2 when its on v 2.2? It was easy in 1.9.1V no clue how to in this new one… Welll done though phone is super smooth

  121. sebin says:

    guys i just installed 1.9.1 on my existing resurrection remix 1.0. But after installation on reboot, it goes into ‘Kernel Panic Upload Mode’

  122. Tejwant Singh says:

    I dont get it. Whats the use of dialler while in call when it doesnt even save the nber

  123. carter s says:

    I just installed v2.6.1 today and when I make calls I canโ€™t hear anything from the caller. How do i fix this?

  124. Rhythm says:

    How to install Radio on this rom??

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