Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.2 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ICS]

XDA user WestCrip has done it again! Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 2.2 is here folks, better than ever with more features. This is certainly one of the stablest ICS ROMs out now, especially if you like AOKP and ROM Control.

UPDATE: See update version 2.4.1 here!!!

Go ahead, flash it and let me know what you think of this version!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM

To install, wipe and install from sdcard,

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

You can see previous versions if this one doesn’t work for you:


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136 Responses

  1. Tejwant Singh says:

    Can you tell me in brief what is new in this rom than 1.9.1?

  2. Abzzolum says:

    Whats the best ROM Version one that is working with FB and lock Screen Bug?? any REcomdations plz??

  3. Kiril Stanchev says:

    Hey, dudes, I really like this ROM and I wanna install it, but can you show me a similar ROM, on which KEIS works. Thanks in advance!

  4. moe says:

    you da best Max thanks for all the hard work .

  5. Sumit says:

    Can we play .avi/.mkv files ? I was having problem playing them with v2.0…

    • ajay says:

      install mx player for videos 🙂 🙂

      • ashish says:

        hey i hav 2.3 official gingerbread..if i wantto install dis rom do i need to root it first ya directly ho jaaega..aur kya isme network data chal raha hai ??? plz answer..m so scared to do dis!!

        • roberto says:

          We’re sorry. People here only speak english, not gibberish

        • AJ says:

          You need to root it. Download this ROM, and Once rooting is done, use the cwm application that is now installed to reboot to recovery.
          Now select instal zip from (internal or external SD… Wherever you downloaded the data) .
          Suggest a factory reset and wipe data and dalvik cache after installation.

          Now reboot phone ND enjoy. Remember to take a nandroid backup of your previous ROM before installing new ROM. Hope this helps 🙂

          • AJ says:

            Oh yeah, and by the way, your warranty becomes void by changing ROM other than your country official ROM, so, the risk is your choice :). Be sure to check that your ImEi is proper after installation.

  6. moe says:

    I have a question about it tho do I install the 3 files or one

  7. Ben says:

    Can I update without wipe from 1.9 to this one?

  8. Glenn says:

    My gf has the S2 and I put resurrection on it about 10 days ago.
    She’s gotten really poor battery life out of it, with Android OS using around 50% battery, and getting 14h idle and 1h20mins of screen time out of a brand new 2000mah extended battery.

    I hope this improves things

    • AJ says:

      Have you tried wiping data and dalvik cache. Try tahis. Also, try to use battery calibration application available in google market and follow the calibration institutions as given in the application. IM getting an entire day on moderate use

      • Glenn says:

        2.2 seems to have done thé trick. Battery calibration does absolutely nothing for battery life btw. Thats jusr a myth.

  9. fbarraganm says:

    why u always say this is the best rom?
    i like it but i just can’t believe why this guy does’t fix the external sd issue.
    or if u know a fix metod please tell how.

  10. fbarraganm says:

    why u always say this is the best rom?
    i like it but i just can’t believe why this guy does’t fix the external sd issue.
    or if u know a fix metod please tell how.

  11. Amit says:

    hi, I dont know if this problem is just with me or any1 else has encountered it

    While typing msg the Enter key is missing 🙁

  12. Mustafa says:

    Are there any Turkish support for this rum. If you would like to build.

  13. Tedi says:

    Guys how is the camera working? Does it take 9 MP photos?

  14. Thestuf says:

    Is it possible to get the notification lights other than installing siyah kernel to get ExTweaks?

  15. Anton says:

    I like the rom, but for some reason i have a problem with mobile data. It doesn’t connect to the mobile network, i have reception and can make calls and send messages but no internet or 3g data. it was working fine on 2.0.

    anyone else has this problem (or maybe a solution)?

    • Tushar Kumar says:

      same problem with me..
      any solution to it guys??

      • Saber says:

        Try enabling HSPDA on SGS2 settings

        • Peter says:

          I tried that, but it doesn’t seem to activate. I click on “enable HSDPA” and it simply offers me a choice of UMTS, HSDPA only and HSDPA+HSUPA. Regardless of what i select it won’t activate. Any further advice?

          • Peter says:

            OK, figured it out: For anyone having problems with getting a Data connection try this:
            1. Click on system settings >> wireless & networks: More… >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names

            2. if there are none listed, look up the Access Point names or APN for your particular carrier (just google it), select “new APN” from the menu button and enter the data you googled into each of the relevant fields EXACTLY as it is shown.
            3. Click save and do a reboot. You should now have a data connection. If not check that you entered the data correctly.

            • Sam aka Busy says:

              some networks will send you the settings in 1 or 2 text messages which you would need to install… you can call their customer services and ask for the settings to be sent or… google something like….

              APN settings YOUR NETWORK “text settings to”

              hopefully you’ll find something like this…

              e.g…giffgaff being a uk network… if you text “settings” to 8020 you’ll get the settings (for giffgaff) send straight back…

    • Nicklas says:

      You need to enable HSPA in the Settings -> Device Settings.

  16. Ibrahim Serra says:

    Hi All

    Just a quick question, in one of the older versions of this rom there was an option to answer calls with the home button, this has now disappeared and you can only answer a call by using the touch screen. Does anyone know of a way to answer calls using the home button??

    Many thanks

  17. Ahsan Ejaz says:

    @ Max

    i just flashed this 2.2 rom,, i just wana ask that how can i take screen shots from this rom,, as i used to take screen shots from my previous LPX stock roam by using home+power button, but its not working here..


  18. Mustafa says:

    Do not have no one to help me? Are there any Turkish support for this rom? If you would like to establish.

  19. sunny says:

    Does this read exFAT / NTFS formatted microSD cards?

  20. Tushar Kumar says:

    I like the rom, but for some reason i have a problem with mobile data. It doesn’t connect to the mobile network, i have reception and can make calls and send messages but no internet or 3g data.


    • sunny says:

      do you have the appropriate APNs?

      • Tushar Kumar says:

        after i enter all the details and then save it,it doesn’t save..

        • sunny says:

          so.. we found the problem..
          now to tackle with the solution..

          what happens when you create New APN? – is this where its not getting saved?
          did you try with restore default APN?
          did you try with restore default APN and may be then edit the defaulted ones accordingly – assuming the defaulted ones are not correct?
          format cache.. i dont think dalvik cache is a problem.. just wipe that too.. to be sure…
          after formatting.. may be then recreating / defaulting the APNs?

    • Vaseey says:

      Go to the device settings in the settings tab an trn on radio hsdpa/hsupa enabled

  21. Tushar Kumar says:

    Thanx bro.
    i wiped cache and then my mobile network started to work.

    thanx 🙂

    • sunny says:

      you’re welcome buddy..
      can you please help me out with my question?

      does this ROM support exFAT / NTFS formatted microSD cards?

  22. Tushar Kumar says:

    yes it does….. 🙂

    • sunny says:

      i am not much of a flashing guy.. well.. i used to be.. :p.. and i didnt see much reason for me to upgrade to ICS.. nows the reason.. cant wait for this weekend to flash this thing up.. 🙂

      btw.. any issues you found with this ROM?
      anything working in GB broke on this? USB-OTG.. anything you find?

  23. Tushar Kumar says:

    i just flashed it an hour ago.. 😛
    except that mobile network problem..everything is okay,period.

    will let u know if i find any problem 🙂

    • sunny says:

      thanks buddy.. 🙂
      my main concern was the exFAT support.. now that its working.. i shall take the plunge.. 🙂

      • Tushar Kumar says:

        bro i have a problem.. 🙁

        I flashed this ROM yesterday but i didn’t like it so i restored my previous ROM and since then my WIFI isn’t working.I flashed this ROM again but still WIFI isn’t working..

        Please bro help me.I use WIFI a lot so i need a fix.


        • sunny says:

          could you please try flashing your previous rom in the following fashion
          format system
          format data
          format cache
          format dalvik cache
          install your previous ROM’s CWM flashable zip

          so.. what exactly you didnt like in this?

  24. Tedi says:

    How is the camera working? Can it take 8MP photos? RR v2.0 could NOT

  25. Abhi says:

    Hi all!
    Love RR Roms so far. Thanx Zedomaxx for the extensive reviews. I have a question… Since the 2.2 is based on the cm9 kernel would i loose dual boot when i flash this on a siyah kernel?
    And also an age old problem on RR for me is i’m not able to connect to the internet with apps like Gtalk, Viber and whatsapp on the 2g network… works flawless when on wifi… any solutions?

    pls bear wid me if my questions are silly 🙂


    • Shaad says:

      Even i am going through the same problem, kindly do something about it otherwise its great , keep it up guys !!!

  26. Tedi says:

    How is the camera working? Can it take 8MP photos? RR v2.0 could NOT

    PLSSSSSSSSSS someone answer my question PLSSSSSS

    Its the only reason why im not flashing it now

  27. pranav says:

    hi folks

    in older versions even the v2.1 i had a problem that the files (wallpapers and mp3) in my external memory card were shown double. example, if i had a wallpaper named folder in my external sd card and 10 files in it, after 1 or 2 days same files where shown twice in gallery, widget etc. but not in file manager. Same was the case with mp3 files. Also the music player stopped working after 1 or 2 days. It said music is not responding.
    Does this new version have same problem?

    I love this rom because of its music quality and the quality reduces after the music app crashes. please help as i love this rom.

    • Hawk says:

      I recently installed the Resurrection Remix Pro v2.2 mostly for the drop dead good GUI and the DSP manager which made listening to music a blissful experience. Unfortunately 2 days after installing the ROM the music player crashed and keeps crashing ever since.
      I tried making small changes in the settings but to no avail.
      Please do keep me posted if there is any progress with regard to the same.
      I tried to look for the player to re-install it but i have not yet come across that one for download.

  28. Fontzig says:

    I flashed this rom a couple of days ago and have been taking alot of photos at 8mp. No stress.

  29. Fontzig says:

    I had v.2.0 before flashing and did not wipe. Worked like a charm.
    Thank you Zedomax for making these videos!

    • Shams says:


      I have 2.0 currently, how can I install 2.2 without loosing all my existing stuff?

      • Fontzig says:

        Hi. Just flash the rom over your current version, without doing a data wipe. But make sure to do a backup of your current version, just in case. Everything was just the same as I left it before flashing.

  30. ercan dirik says:

    Why have not you in this beautiful rom s new kernels,
    4.0.3 Given the result shows that the setupcpu program with the device also features

  31. Shams says:

    Im am currently using V.2.0. At times i receive my text messages really late, although the time stamp is correct. Anyone to know to fix this?

  32. Tushar Kumar says:

    Guys i have a problem.. 🙁

    I flashed this ROM yesterday but i didn’t like it so i restored my previous ROM and since then my WIFI isn’t working.I flashed this ROM again but still WIFI isn’t working..

    Please guys help me.I use WIFI a lot so i need a fix.


  33. steph says:

    I dont like this version… too much bugs compared to previous versions.

  34. noobflasher says:

    flashed it it.
    flashed another rom also yesterday, but that kept on chrashing, was unable to download, had no internet, even almost bricket my phone (that made me sit on the toilet for a while 🙁 )
    Only problem is that whats mentioned here earlier….the sd_card problem… hope there will become a fix for this

    • Vince says:

      I too sat on the toilet for a long time last night solving the same conundrum…GF was pissed in the morning. Anyway with the sd card I can’t remember exactly but I read on xda developers that there is an sd card route app you can install which basically routes everything from the emmc folder to the sdcard folder…will let you know if I find it again.

  35. Android d Giant says:

    Too many “uhms” in this video. But great info. Would love to try this rom. Currently on speedmod kernel stock rom. Helpful site.

  36. Tedi says:

    Guys I have Siyah v.3.2. Should I install another kernal for this ROM or stay with this one?
    Thank you 🙂

  37. Tedi says:

    HELP PLSSS my phone does not boot. it stopped at RR logo

  38. Lewis says:

    Resurrection Remix rom 2.3 is now out.

  39. David says:

    Great ROM only issue i’m having since i have a screen protector on the IR sensor is turning the screen off when on phone calls and can’t seem to turn that feature off

  40. Redonered says:

    So far so good, the only Problem i’m having concerns the switched place between Sd card and Emmc, I’ve read some thing about unchecking “Allow application moving” in Cyangenmod , but it seems i can’t find this option in the so called best ICS rom ever ;'( , also tried ICS SD Blinder which caused me no more than troubles in detecting SD card by the phone.
    Thanks anyway for your effort ))

  41. wwchris says:

    I have never flashed any rom or kernel before. [current version: 4.0.3, ZSLPG]
    If I want to flash the latest resurrection remix ics rom, do i have to flash kernel (e.g. siyah) after flashing the rom?

  42. andymihail says:

    I was on a cf rooted ics stock rom.
    Flashed Resurrection Remix 2.3 and it works fine except I lost google talk
    which I use a lot.
    Tried to find a solution on xda and tried to install again using root explorer, then tried to flash
    a zip with google talk, no luck.
    Anyone know hot to make google talk to work on this Rom (on a SGS2).

  43. andymihail says:

    I did install it and it says it stopped working each time I try to use it.

  44. sravan says:

    resurretion remix_2.3 also out checkout this url

  45. sravan says:

    on 2.3 no gtalk,fm apps
    no sdcard support,unable to connect to mobile data(3g&2g)

  46. Shanaka Silva says:

    hi i updated to this rom everythn works fine but my music application is not working ever since has anyone one come across that issue ?

  47. Sam aka Busy says:

    Hi All, i have rooted and flashed to Resurrection Remix ICS 2.2, does seem faster, eventhough Quandtant test reports just over 3000 points when on official ICS from Samsung scored over 4000, strange…

    A couple of real problems though, i keep getting Force closes with “e-mail” and “exchange”, which i don’t use but they happen? and once with Nova Launcher.

    Also where is the option to output Audio through car dock, this used to be easy to find in settings… i docked phone anyway hoping it was now default but no, computer says no. Please help?


  48. Hneine says:

    i installed the previous rom i found out that wen i enter any flash game the phone freezes i thought its because of the game but all games were null.Any body has any suggestions what shall i do?
    note that i installed latest flash player.

  49. andymihail says:

    Update. In order for Google Talk to work in RR 2.3 you have to install RR using the default apps, not pitchblack theme.

  50. Rafay says:

    Can we boot tablet ui mode from the 2.0 version in this latest update?

  51. Salihdeen RM says:

    I have a question.. I installed the ROM (v 2.0) and now am thinking of getting rid of the yellow triangle but I don’t want to waste a USB cable (the jig, i dont want that).. So what happens if I flash the original kernel that was there already on my phone? Will the ROM be affected in any way??

  52. Danré says:

    Flashed it, but I’m back on 2.0, I really dislike the “rr” slider on the lock screen. You also loose ExTweaks as the ROM comes with a cyanogen kernel…I know you can flash the Siyah kernel again and download ExTweaks from the market but it’s all so much trouble. The lolzactive governor is also gone, wich I liked. Hope the next build is better.

  53. andymihail says:

    RR 2.4 released.

  54. Lance says:

    Did someone noticed that in this and a lot of other galaxy s2 roms you cant buy mass effect infiltrator, max payne and another set of games? Do you know why we cant?
    Thanks for your time!

  55. avi says:

    Resurrection Remix ICS ROM is updating rapidly. is there a way to upgrade/update to the next version without loosing stuf

  56. luiz says:

    hey max! we wnat to see the galaxy s 3 rom for the i9100! please dude!!!

  57. Peter says:

    Anyone know why I can’t seem to access the phone via a USB connection? I have it set to USB debugging mode and the computer shows two removable drives, but neither can be accessed. KIES is installed and was working previously, so the drivers should be ok. I have installed the RemountSD apk to overcome the idiotic switch from external_sd to emmc nonsense. What was the point of that?!?!?!?

  58. kalyn says:

    im using 2.0 and my lockscreen is buggy, does this rom fix the lockscreen bug ???

  59. kalyn says:

    hi, im using version 2.0 and my lockscreen is buggy, does this rom fix the lockscreen bug ???

  60. Michael says:

    Hi everyone
    This is the first custom ROM i have installed and unfortunately i am experiencing several problems, ( listed below ). Although i like the feel of this ROM the shortfalls are making me want to go back to my old Gingerbread. Apologies in advance for things that i have caused myself. Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I now have terrible reception
    2. Transfer speed between pc and device (Galaxy s2), is now incredibly slow
    3. Default video player will not restore from ti backup from previous ROM

    Many thanks M

  61. Sam aka Busy says:

    Hi all

    has anyone found the Audio output (car dock) selection menu yet, it used to be directly in the Settings menu above the Date & Time menu……. (it is in Samsung’s ICS/GB and Batista Fox hound)

    Also, earlier this week i mentioned i was having Force Closes with Resurrection Remix 2.2, i decided to try Batista ROM but it didn’t have the immediate oooh nice factor as RR….

    I decided to use the Dual boot Feature of Siyah Kernell from the Batista install and flash RR to this…Since this i have only had Force Closes with S Voice which i have heard is buggy anyway when ported from the S3…

    Batista also seemed to have a lock screen bug which caused the display to flash with the home-screen image just as the ‘light beam’ animation disappeared on lock)

    Very Happy so far with RR…. audio out setting would make it near perfect…

  62. Sam aka Busy says:

    Hello Max/Admin,

    I’m using RR 2.2 as a second ROM on Siyah “3.0.32-Siyah-v3.2.5.1+” (as my phone displays it) but i have noticed on that this version is available – SiyahKernel SGS2 v3.3.2, what would the deal be on updating/using this?


  63. Nav L says:

    Been using V2.2 for a while. It is one of the best ROMs currently around. It has a lot of features standard which I used to download for my stock ROM.
    V2.2 does seem a lot stable from all the previous versions. However yesterday was the first time the ROM crashed and rebooted. It was only later I discovered it had also lost all it’s WIFI settings, which had to be re-entered. Not a biggy but surprised it happened.
    In of the day, it’s still the best ROM around. Also, loving the new boot screen 🙂

    • Nav L says:

      Just realised this morning that the GPS is not working. Downloaded a GPS signal test tool, it took forever to pick up any type of GPS signal which was also extremely weak. Need to look more into this. So as of ring now, GPS is not working on my phone.

  64. Mack says:

    May I know is there a way to using ODIN to root my phone?
    I cannot use normal method to root it as showing error E:failed to verify whole-file signature.
    It is recommend to use CF-Root to do it but I feel too complicated steps to done it.
    Please help.

  65. matt says:

    Hi I got the resurrection 2.2 from just wondering if there was a setting to remove the brightness adjustment toggle from the pull down notification centre? Thanks

  66. umar says:

    which rom is better, CM 9 or rr 2.2

  67. taniket says:

    do i need to install remix ics apps….wgats the use of it…

    plz tell

  68. Arnav says:

    Can u please help me out with my WIFI-DIRECT,it does not work now after i have installed this RR v2.2.
    please help.asap

  69. paul says:

    Still cant get this rom to read or write files using ress, 2.2 no wifi still a bag of shit Max sorry im so glad ive got back ups all over the place for when the rom trashes my phone … never again will i use resurrection roms
    would rather poke my eyes out and fluch my phone down the john ,,,,

    • Sam aka Busy says:

      chill out dude,

      when i flashed with RR 2.2 i was getting force closes and other bugs so decided to try Batista instead, then realised Batista came with Siyah Kernel and dual boot function, i decided to try RR 2.2 again as it had more featured i liked and just seemed nicer, anyway i have had no problems with RR2.2 at all since, nice and quick, stable, last night i flashed the new Siyah Kernel 3.3.2 using ODIN. Still seems sweet, give it another try.

      I also switched the order of boot ROMs so RR is now my primary ROM, not bothered with Batista since..

  70. Mack says:

    I just change to Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.2 for my galayx S2.
    But, I notice that I cannot update Google+ and cannot download Kies Air?
    Any solution for such problem? Please advice… Thank you.

  71. Lucas says:

    please, how can i get to the TASK MANAGER, when i kill all taht is open, it used to be there, but now it is just missing…

  72. Dhruvil says:

    Everytime i install the rom, the phone shows that its rebooting but it doesnt start… The phone shuts down again..
    What do I do?

  73. Cassius says:

    I am hoping someone could help me out with a certain issue.

    From sometimes to most of the times now, after charging my phone, it still says it is charging when it is not. Hence it shows its percentage going up and down while eventually running out of battery.

    It is after downloading this ROM I have started to experience this. I could back up and do a factory reset but wonder if there are any suggestions anyone would have for me.



  74. silas says:

    after updating my phone to jelly bean it shows sim lock what should i do great friends of wisdom

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