Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.4.1 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [BEST ROM]

Also review of v2.2 here to see all the AOKP ROM Control stuff:

Resurrection Remix ICS ROM version 2.4.1 is here for your rooted Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! Main changes from version 2.2 include a highly-customizable Aroma installer that allows you to customize your ROM during installation, optional Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX launcher, and a whole lot more!

UPDATE: Try new version 2.5.3 with Jelly Bean Transitions instead!!!

Give it a twirl and let me know what you think of the new version!


Download Resurrection Remix ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

Missing FM radio? You can re-install it by downloading this FM Radio APK, then set Method to “Galaxy S2 Test” under Settings->Audio in the app.

You can see previous versions here:

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228 Responses

  1. Need4Speed says:

    Your reviews of ROMs are an awesome help. Why individually install ROMs when I can just see your videos and get a feel for what ROM I think suits me best?! Thanks alot and two thumbs up!
    I’d like to make a small suggestion. For me (and I am guessing many other ROM users) performance is an important aspect in deciding whether or not to use a ROM. Can you also start including quadrant scores of the ROMs in your reviews so that we get a rough idea of how well each ROM performs relative to its competition?

  2. SuperVirus78 says:

    may i jump from RR 1.9.1 to 2.4,what’s the steps?Just flash or i have to wipe something?

  3. ahmad says:

    hello .. 1- does it matter if i put the file in the external or internal sd
    2- does it matter if i put more than 1 roms in the same file and then choose the one i want through cwm
    3- when i put the resurrection rom and tried to install it through cwm when it installs it gives me ( ” Unpacking file and and a bunch of thing more then it gives me “” can’t open resurrection*etc*.zip file “”” and the “”” ( bad) and it wan’t install

    so i want ur help .. thanks in advance…

    • Max says:

      1. No it does not. In CWM, you have option to install from sdcard or internal sd card.
      2. You can put as many ROMs on your sdcard then choose the one you want to install in CWM.
      3. Re-download the file, you probably have a bad download.

      • ahmad says:

        thank you MAX for the help… appreciate it !! but i also wanted to check if Is there any way i can put the Stock Music Player And File Manager back into the rom or even getting them in like .apk !!!

  4. wilson1691 says:

    Hey Max, first off, love the reviews. got bored with my stock s2 and you drove me to root and i can say im never going back 🙂

    Im currently on RR v2.0 (first root i ever did) and i am wanting to upgrade to this, or possibly salman seeing as my partner has the s3 and im a tad jealous, Is it just as simple as downloading the files to my s2 and installing them as i did when i first rooted, i have taken a backup of the rom in CWM and also app+data backup using titanium so should i be alright to do a wipe then install the new files?

    thanks for the help and keep up the great work.


    • Pat says:

      YOUR FIRST SENTENCE SOUNDS pretty disgusting…

    • Pat says:

      Anyway, if you’ve done the app+data backup of system, do not restore that in one go when u install ur new rom, pick the apps u downloaded from play store and restore them, but don’t restore the system apps. It will screw up the system partition.

      • wilson1691 says:

        reading it back it does sound weird haha.

        thanks for the help, had a quick look in TB and think i should be alright, if i restore what i like as long as it does’nt have red writing.

  5. Shaad says:

    can you please tell me whether in this rom whatsapp, viber and gtalk is working in 2G data connection that is without wifi as i frequently use because in the previous versions of ics rr , these apps were not working in 2G.

  6. heck says:

    hi zedo,

    can you please suggest this over there at xda forums.. (can’t post there, just a noob)


  7. Rory says:

    Hey Max, guys.
    I was wondering if this version had the ability to enter tablet mode as I have been using the tablet mode from the previous version for the last few weeks and have grown to like it. Does it come with the ability or if not could I use last version tablet mode .zip installer? Cheers

  8. Gio says:

    hi Max awesome review i installed it and i really loved it but for some reason the usb connection to my pc os not working, i don’t care about the radio o so on but the usb is the thing that drives me crazy anyway if anybody has problems with the sd card reading download an app to mount sd and that should solve it.

  9. Cloyd D says:

    Hey Max,

    Wanted to kno that will installing this rom wit the siyah kernel affect my SGS2 which has the EMMC Bug…i got that confirmed using chainfire’s app.
    I havnt installed any custom roms or kernels til now til now, jus the official ICS rom and rooted the default kernel…
    please do lemme kno if it’d be safe or shud i refrain from installing the custom rom…

    Btwn, great job buddy…thanks a lot…!!!

    • Cloyd D says:

      I jus upgraded to RR ICS 2.4.1

      But my 3g et seems to be working very slow compared to earlier… speeds r jus like a 2g network…

      is this a known bug and is any fix available…!!!

      Please Help…


      • Ahmad says:

        Yes i had the same problem so i advice you to enter recovery mode then go into advance and then fix permissions …reboot your phone and this should solve it

        • Cloyd D says:

          thanks buddy…got it fixed…

          but i miss quite a few features from the official rom like the orig alarm clock, call settings…cant seem to find it…
          still exploring more options…!!!
          Max, can u plz make a tutorial video on how to install mods to this rom and certain other features like themes…it will be a great help…

          Thanks a lot buddy…!!!

  10. gali says:

    Can I use Odin to instal dis ROM?

  11. hamed says:

    hi men

    sd card not supproted in to the any manager!!!

    plz help

  12. Phil says:

    Hey Max,
    Your video makes it so much easier for us to Root and Flash our S2.
    I got my S2 running on 2.4.1 with Siyah-v3.3.2+ and loving it.
    Coming from 2.2, I notice 2.4.1 has fast dormancy on. I know it saves battery, but that brief lag from switching from 3G is annoyiing.
    Is there a way to turn the feature OFF?

    Keep up the good work bud
    Thanks a lot!!!!!

  13. JIBLET says:

    *#9900# gets you into the sysdump menu and you can disable/ enable fast dormancy.
    if ya using apex luancher its *#*#9900#*#* i belive

    • Phil says:

      Hey Jilbet,

      Both *#9990# and *#*#9900#*#* didn’t get me into the sysdump menu.
      Any ideas???

      • JIBLET says:

        ive just loaded ver2.4.1 and your right *#9900# dont work . i havent had chance to find out what will work because my phone keeps crashing, random resets , kernal panics.
        only thing i can say is have a look on xda forums might find answer there.

  14. JIBLET says:

    anyone know if touch wiz ux supports folders ? i love that on apex

  15. Chaitanya says:

    Hey Max,
    Everytime I flashed in a new ROM (both Salman and Resurrection Remix 2.4), the first reboot didn’t work. I had to reboot the system twice to get things going. Is this normal?

  16. Khairuldin says:

    Does anyone else have the same problem as me where the rom doesnt load the contacts from the sim card?

    any way for me to solve this.


  17. ajay says:

    data transfer speed is low on these roms…….. is thr any way to bosst it???? just give 2-3mbps ….. 🙁 🙁

  18. Nicolas says:

    hey max, i install this rom but my data plan is no working (I need Wifi to connect) any suggestions?

  19. Nick says:

    Hey max this more of general question, so i have rooted my phone backed my stock rom by cwm app bckup dn and also efs dne, so i am planning to flash ressurection remix v2.4 but since this is like my first custom rom i mean is it okay to flash this particular one or should i settle for more stable release( p.s i really liked rr2.4 :-))

  20. Gali says:

    I love dis rom but my 3g is damn slow,very slow
    Help me out pls

  21. Musah says:

    I can’t get the rom to work. I get stuck at the boot screen showing the siyah ics logo. How can I fix this please help. I tried fixing permissions, wiping cache, factory reset, rebooting multiple times and still it won’t work. I’m using rr 2.2 and it works flawlessly. Thanks

    • Hela says:

      Hi, same problem here. Panic attack! But….installed v 2.3 again and rebooted without a problem.
      Too bad I’m having wifi-probs now (not before) Can you help us out please. I’ve been trying for 2 days and afraid to install any other rom now.

      All help is appreciated!

      • hela says:

        Persistance does pay! Got it working!!! I followed these steps (after backup apps-data by TB and back-up in CWM:

        1. Wipe data/ factory reset -> Yes
        2. Wipe Cache partition >Yes
        3. Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache -> Yes
        4. Go back
        5. Install zip from sdcard
        6. Choose zip from internal SD card
        7. Install Resurrection-remix_ics_V2.4.1 zip

        It worked for me, hope it does for you 2!

    • d says:

      Same issue here , just keeps hang on the resurrection logo thank god for back ups

  22. venkoonjb says:

    Thanks a lot….ur reviews r very great bro…!!!!!!!! I using using dual boot with resurrection remix and stock ics problem in remix rom…cant assess my sdcard directly have to select emmc to fix this

  23. adrion says:

    everything was fine and I find your videos are the most help full! but bro I just download the 4.0.4 and install on my galaxy s2. worded perfectly until it start saying android key board stopped working. is there any solution for that. pls let me know ASAP!!!

    • Musah says:

      If you have rom manager installed just select fix permissions and that should solve your problem. I be patient though as the process might take a few minutes.

      • adrion says:

        Hay thanks man but finally I got rootbox 4.0.4 running on my s2 so far no problem. anyway thanks a load man!

  24. Ruck says:

    i really like this rom paired with the siyah-v3.3.2 kernel, but it seems when i power off my phone and turn it back on, my music player wont play songs off my external sd card. i tried wiping the cache etc. but it seems to only work if i restore to default.

    any advice?

  25. angie says:

    can you do this on T-mobile galaxy s2?

  26. Adrian says:

    Hey Max,
    i’m just new to this stuff. i just want to know if i need to flash a new kernel to install this Rom.. Thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      roms come with its own kernel so no u can just flash the rom.

      • Adrian says:

        Thanks Max… it turned out to be a really great rom.. just one thing.. I can’t find the way to change the fonts I want… I am from Myanmar… the past rom,
        andyX to be exact, worked fine.. I just couldnt find a way in this rom..
        I really appreciate u answering… u must be very busy.. this is a great website..

  27. SuperVirus78 says:

    Any chance to change fonts in this rom?Thanks Max for all that you doing for us…

  28. Pratyush says:

    Hi Max,

    I dont seem to find the fast charge option for USB charging in v2.4.1. Has the option been taken off?

  29. Newbieeee says:

    It seems to lag a little on my phone compared to the stock ICS version.. Did I root my phone wrong or install the ROM wrong by any chance? I have tried wipe the cache partition a few times.. still lags a little in most cases… It can’t handle overclocking to 1600mhz.. it crashes and reboots… sorry still a newbie at this 😀

    • Chris says:

      No need to ever OC it I havn’t run into a game that it can’t handle on stock 1200MHz max. what kernel are you using? I recommend Siyah 3.3.2 for a bit shorter battery, but lightening speed!

  30. Newbieeee says:

    It seems to lag a little on my phone compared to the stock ICS version.. Did I root my phone wrong or install the ROM wrong by any chance? I have tried wipe the cache partition a few times.. still lags a little in most cases… It can’t handle overclocking to 1600mhz.. it crashes and reboots… sorry still a newbie at this >.<

  31. EdGe says:

    Thank you for your videos and for all the information that you are providing.

  32. Ned says:

    Is it possible to connect it with computer with USB ? Does it have that function? 🙂

    • adrion says:

      yep it dose. on ur top menu u should see USB icon. press that and it will show u “turn on USB storage” select that. that’s all.

  33. supermax says:

    I can’t seem to send some SMS on this rom. I’ve tried Go SMS and the stock SMS app to send (It shows that the SMS has been sent) but it doesn’t seem to be sent to my friend’s phone. I’ve also tried removing and inserting my SIM and rebooting but no luck. Can someone please help? I don’t know if the problem is in this ROM or it’s something else.

    Other than that I have a great experience on this ROM. 😀

  34. Olivr Palr says:

    this is definitely the best GS2 ics rom, by far! Music playlist works now, among other things. I dont know if Temple Runs works this time, I’ll check it tonight.

  35. d says:

    ok im having issues installing this, do i need to try an older version first or should i be able to use 2.4.1 straight away.

    i have factort reset, cleared all cache etc

    im using siyah v3.3.2

    anyone help?

  36. Marcel says:

    Still problems with google maps and compass.Google maps has irratic behaviour when using compass NOT while using google navigation

  37. EdGe says:

    Just installed this ROM. I’ve noticed something. The camera does not seem to work. I just get a screen with the blue shutter button at the center. Does anyone have the same problem? Please advise. Thanks.

  38. Nwosu Kingsley says:

    Hi max…..

    Ur videos does a whole lot of great job, nd more also great rom as well. But i seem to discover few lags for now which is, i cant actually do a multiple selection in d contact application to delete contacts or make certain changes to multiple contact. And also d cursor does nt highlight properly wen am typin. Cld this b fixd, cos it took me quite a while to get dis comment typed. Asides dis few lags i jst observed, its a great rom nd it works flawlessly.

  39. Deven says:

    Just got new S2 GT- I9100G, can i be able to use custom roots ?
    Please reply,

  40. Alestair says:

    How long does this process take?

  41. stevo says:

    this dont work at all on my sgs2 :/ just comes up the zip files and file is empty..need help asap

  42. jahanxeb says:

    can u tell me roms for my s2 i9100G

  43. jahanxeb says:

    i installed resurrection remix but its not working can u help me ? need roms for my i9100G

  44. Flux says:

    Hi Gents,

    Keep getting the error Unfortunately, Android Keyboard has stopped.

    Any suggestions please?

    Other applications also stop at startup.


    • Lloyd says:

      Did you back up all system data as well as user apps and data in TB? I had the same thing when doing a back-up. Try a re-install of the ROM but just restore the user apps and data. Worked for me.

  45. Lielianjie says:

    Hi there,

    I just install the last remix version (2.4.1). I have to admit this rom is gorgeous but I have some bugs. From time to time, apps crash. Apps are not the most important, the worst part is when I try to add a wifi connection (with hidden SSID) it crash all the times.

    Systematicly, after entered the SSID and the password, when I hit ok the crash box appear and I’m not connected to the wifi.

    I have no issue with no hidden SSID wifi connection by the way.

    Is somebody can help me on this ? Is there anything to activate or something to do ?

    Thanks a lot guys.

  46. Rishabh says:

    Is there a way to hellraise this for Galaxy S2 AT&T I777?

  47. S# says:

    how can I select network (WCDMA/CDMA/GSM)?, because when I enable data network it select GSM or 2G but I prefer to connect to WCDMA so I connect to 3G.
    there is no option to select network

  48. sravan says:

    battery performance was decreased compare to 2.2

    • Chris says:

      There are at least 3 users with 4+ days with moderate use, and low screentime 2.4.1 is still the BEST with Siyah 3.3.2.. else there is something wrong with your phone!.. Give it a few load cycles, and you’ll like it!.. No.. you’ll love it!

  49. Ruck says:

    Really love this rom, but the problems with music player is really bugging. The play is inconsistent and it keeps duplicating the tracks. And yes, battery is not so great as well.

  50. Michael says:

    Hi Max
    Many thanks for all your work, would not of rooted without you.

    Unfortunately I have a problem with my calendar on rr 2.4.1. When i make an entry it does not show. Also the calendar crashes quiet a bit , any advice? M

  51. valter says:

    The foursquare is not check-in.
    this locking

  52. valter says:

    The battery is running out very fast. Foursquare is not checkin doing more, is catching.

    For now it is. The ROM is excellent. Very good. Congratulations

  53. richard says:

    hi maxx

    can u pleaze help me?

    my phone keeps lagging alot when i update to ics is this my phone or what? i go crazy about this thing and wifi dous not work nothing works normaly on this thing :S i asked u bevore to help me but i get no response from u so maybe u could help me out here.


    • Chris says:

      If it’s invisible network,, it TC’s the wifi app, when trying to save added network. Else the wifi is connected to kernel.. I myself prefer Siyah 3.3.2.. for multiple reasons!

  54. Alex says:

    Hey guys I need help badly, I have the Resurrection Remix v2.4.1 and it worked fine, but I don’t know why I couldn’t have data or acces the internet without wi-fi. Then i restores the phone to factory settings and now the phone won’t boot up. It just shows the samsung galaxy s2 logo and the yellow triangle that it’s rooted. Can anyone help me? I lost my phone? 🙁 please help

    • Phil says:

      Hey Alex,
      I had the same issue with no data without Wifi. I had to pull out my sim card and plug it back in and got it to work for now.

      Since you restored the phone to factory setting, I suggest you to flash the rom again. Then it should be fine

  55. Jamil says:

    Hi max

    Pls help i cant seem to download this new rom, i updated your rom onto salmans v3 but now on ressrection i keep getting the error message “android keyboard closed” constantly, pls assist i was also not able to download via google play.
    Did i do somethig wrong?
    Why am i getting constant errors? I used CF root and have CWM plus SU but till, pls help

  56. Michael says:

    Please help

    after installing rr 2.4.1, my calendar does not work. When i write an entry it does not display or save it. I have tried some other calendars on Google play and have the same problem.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i have looked all day for solutions and am now more confused that when i begun!

  57. Steph says:

    Version 2.5 is out now 🙂

  58. Pratyush says:


    After upgrading from 2.2 to 2.4.1 I have great battery drain issues. Any suggestions?

  59. Dardan says:

    Hey thnx, i like the new rom…i have 2 questions….

    1)How can i remove some photos that are shown in gallery like “Posts – dardanilijazi”,”instant upload”,”Profile photos”,”scrabook photos”,”blogger pictures”….i think these albums are from google+ i turned off sync but still there are empty folders.
    2)Is it normal to overheat a lot…i searched and read that is normal at some point when you use your phone for a long time but sometimes it really gets hot +44c….?


    • Chris says:

      Take out the battery for 5 mins.. then put it back, and leave the phone alone for a while.. and it’s back to normal (for me at least! Only happened on 2.4.1

  60. Lielianjie says:

    Guys, You should try the 2.5 version. It’s works flawlessly.
    I had some wifi trouble with the v2.4.1 but they are solved with the v2.5.
    Unfortunatly, Max didn’t post it yet. I found it on the official Resurection Remix website.


  61. Luis Alvarado says:

    Hi, i just installed Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.4.1 for Galaxy S2 i9100 but i have some issues… Actually each time that i reboot or turn on my s2 the widgets are gone and my animated wallpaper… an with some widgets that i try to put back its come an error something like this (Your application is already running)…

    I hope you can help me!!!


  62. Etbaba says:

    I have 2.4.1 version and I have the weirdest problem. My wifi turns itself on every hour or so. I’m desperately looking if an app is causing this but nothing so far… Is it related with the ROM? (if you guys need more info just tell me )

  63. Eichhorn says:

    Hello. I have a couple of problems with your ROM.
    I have invisible wpa2 protected wifi network but every time I try to connect system settings force closes right after I press “save”, therefore I can not be login to my Google account or download anything.
    The other problem is not really a problem but a complaint that there is too many pre installed apps, of which I have no use and there seems to be no way to check which one to install during the rom flash process..

  64. Shahrukh says:


    I installed the ROM – love it so far, huge upgrade from Gingerbread 2.3.

    I just one one problem. The USB transfer rate when I’m transferring files is super slow. It’s going at around 500kbps. Any suggestions?

    • Shahrukh says:

      Ok I cleared cache in recovery mode and its up to 1.5 mbps. Thats a lot better, but can it be faster?

      • Chris says:

        Try the different modes >settings>storage left nutton >usb-connection to computer. choose either MPT or mass storage, and see which one is fastest for you.

  65. Ramin says:

    hi max can you please tell me how to install Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.4.1 for Galaxy S2 i9100 by odn
    cuz i am only getting the option to connect the usb no other option to install from cd card zip file

  66. Wayne says:

    just installed this rom but found theres no fm radio app, any fix coming for this?

  67. Wayne says:

    also how to you turn off the predictive texting. turned off the auto correction setting but that did nothing.

  68. arnold says:

    ik whant this rom on my phone but i have installed the Lightning rom and that works white odin
    can sombody help me how to get this rom on my s2

    gr arnold

  69. Chris says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve installed the ROM using the video method but the ROM wont boot past the ‘resurrection remix’ logo. The logo just continues to flash (glow animation). Can someone help me please?


  70. Moussa says:

    Hello Christ you stuck in the boot loop try to go back in recovery mode make a full wipe and you should be good to go

  71. Tushar Kumar says:

    Guys..there is a serious problem..i think i have bricked my s2.. 🙁

    i flashed this ROM then when i rebooted my phone,it got stucked on that SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 screen with a yellow triangle..i switched off and then tried to open CWM but it didn’t is still on that screen..removed the battery also but still the same..i don’t know what to do..

    please guys tell me any way to open it..i just bought it a week ago..please guys 🙁

    waiting for your reply

  72. Moussa says:

    Does it turn on at all?

    • Tushar Kumar says:

      it’s working…thank god.. 🙂
      i think i didn’t wipe cache after flashing the ROM
      i removed my battery for an hour and when i inserted started to work..


  73. arnold says:

    need some help please

    i want this rom on my phone but i have installed the Lightning rom and that works with odin
    can sombody help me how to get this rom on my s2

    gr arnold

  74. haneesh says:

    Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.4.1 for Galaxy S2 i9100 .but my external sd card won’t shows any file please help

    • Chris says:

      It’s under /mnt/emmc/ or just /emmc/

    • Chris says:

      If it’s an application that demands external_sdcard .. check the faq for different solutions (this is not a support site 😀 just comments on the RR rom and it’s current version (or in this case 2.4.1)

  75. ik says:

    Hi Bro,

    i cant find the task manager

    • Chris says:

      There is no taskmanager since version 1.1 or 1.2!! The phone manages it by itself. and you can longpress the homebutton to get to recents.. and swipe them away or go to >settings>R Rom control>general UI and choose hold back to kill..and du just that.. they stay killed even if the show up in recents, and if that annoys you and then swipe it away as usual..

  76. Philip says:

    This is the first time i have rooted and and installed a new ROM and i was wondering was this supposed to happen, in the install it said install aborted flashing kernel then flashing modem (failed bin error)but it still works when i rebooted.Works fine thanks

  77. Chris says:

    The RR-rom’s are getting more bug-filled, and strange each release! why a 2.4.1? because 2.4 were a mess!!
    Why a 2.5.1? because 2.5 more or less was hopeless for 30% of the people to install from full wipe.. the RR on top of the crowd, now only lives on as the ‘top’ rom, because of your turbo-reviews.. where you don’t test EVERYTHING.. and there is the problem! You just praise it without any critics at all.. are you west in disguise?
    (NO! You spell better! even in the installer there are lots of spelling mistakes)

    The aroma launcher were a really really bad step on this rom, since to get a working black gtalk.apk you need to use the awful installer twice, same with black MultiDPI-store.. And that is if you know exactly what you are doing.. 2!! installs, to get where you should be from one!, if you don’t. you are up to 4+ installs!! In a launcher that is only saved by Gabowinters flashable themes.. so you don’t have to suffer the aroma anymore! Even Paranoid Android have skipped the totally useless and annoying installer! And there there ain’t no black apps to be added just the standard, boring white (working ones)

    RR is about the best FAQ ever written (gabo’s) and it’s team of peer to peer helpers, (that quit in despair) .. or turn into modders. And the earlier customization options on what color to have on each Gapp, by just choosing the app from either the black or the default (white) think for a minute, realize how to move it, and set its permissions. As I mentioned earlier.. there is the BEST ever faq for each realese, read it!!

    It’s only because of YOU that RR XDA have almost 7 million views! Be really objective in your next review, instead of thumbing around for a few minutes, praising it to the skies!

    The installed modem you have and are really pleased with gets overwritten, without any choice or confirmation.

    Be OBJECTIVE! Test everything!. then submit a review!

  78. Adrian says:

    Hi everyone… Can anyone tell me how to change to zawgyi.ttf font in this rom? Big fan of android…

  79. -Magic Man- says:

    Hi Max….

    I thought that this was an excellent ROM,…but there is one major issue I face.
    I tried flashing earlier versions of the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM (v 1.7 & v 1.8)…but their battery life was very low and when the phone is on charge …the percentage moves up very slowly….where as when I use other ROMS the charging speed is pretty normal
    I find it very hard to deal with as it may take over 10 hours to charge to 100%….I tried everything I know….please give me a solution for this..


  80. Jesse Harjunpää says:

    Hello. There is an unstable jelly bean rom released on XDA. You might want to test it (idk). Here is the link for you:

  81. Shaun says:

    Hi Max, I have tried installing this rom, following all the instructions from you and also the RR website. I have tried various versions of the rom and my phone just loops at the “resurrection remix” screen (where a blue light comes from left to right). I have waited a good 30 mins to allow it time to load, which is too long?

    Have you any idea’s how I can resolve this?


  82. paul says:

    This is the last time i try to use the RR ics rom .. lovely looking great apps and great UI. still cant read the SD card.. Keeps saying its empty .. with its not ,, all my apps videos and music are on it .. so it does not look like Wescrip can sort that problem out ..

    I installed the rom as directed by Wescrip him self and followed the guide down to the very last part , no joy again .
    so ive decided that i will not put my self through the hassle and disappointment of not getting a fully working ROM again …
    Not Your Fault Max …Great Vids as always buddy …

    • Shevron says:

      Look it up on the XDA Dev website.

      Author issued a USB fix for the latest version. Not sure if I am allowed to link it here.

  83. Patrick says:

    This ROM works awesomely great!

  84. Olivr Palr says:

    this is not the best rom. the best rom is RR ICS 2.5.2:-) check out:;dl=item64

  85. Patrick says:

    in stock version of ICS there is SMS sync in exchange mail.
    Now I notice it is gone in this version. How can we get it back in this 4.0.4 version?
    Thanks in advance!

  86. Juan k says:

    Hey Max very good reviews and nice rom but I tried and it seems to freeze sometimes anyway I am using CMW Is it possible that my CWM affects the installation process? any way thanks a lot and keep it up baby! awesome job and yeah Iphone sucks balls!

    • Max says:

      Probably not it could be one of ur apps try uninstalling the app with the problem.

      • Juan k says:

        Thanks, I had an app killer but the problem seems to be while the screen goes to sleep…the whole thing freezes and I have to restart, go in CWM and select reboot from there even the boot freezes lol. I installed the GS3 launcher as well the one that says beta do you think if I do it again without that would help? I have some battery watchers…but I can’t think of anything else that could resolve this thanks.

  87. Paul stringer says:

    Hey guys running this right now super stable however, the Apollo app and d the Google play music app says there’s music when I’ve deleted it is this a know problem and does Abby one know how to fix this? Chere for any help

  88. Fagundes says:

    Hi Max! Your reviews are awesome! Thank you very much for your work!

    I’ve just installed this rom and it looks great! But I need help in 2 things:

    First, anyone get the kies air to work with it? If don’t, what program do you use to backup the contacts?
    Second, I can’t creat APN configuration… It doesn’t save! Anyone get the same problem?


  89. Karan says:

    I am currently on resurrection v 1.0
    As far as I remember this ROM didnt have CWM installed by default and needed an external SD to do it.
    Can anybody tell me the exact steps to upgrade to this ROM.


  90. artem says:

    Hello, I am very new to roms and rootings, but that seems to be the only option to get ICS on my s2. Samsung kies and all their crappy support simply fail to do so.

    So. There seems to be plenty of good stuff here, but it covers gingerbread to gingerbread and ics to ics. But not gingerbread to ics. Can you advice me what to do?


  91. Hey says:

    The Kies is unable to connect after installing this rom. (status stays ..Connecting…).

    Also contacts on sim are not showing up.

    That leaves me clueless and i have to remove the rom.

    -Tried tosins of times swiching usb settings.

    -Tried even reinstalling the kies but didnt work.

    -Also Kies Air is not supported for this rom.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  92. Stefan, Slovakia says:

    did u try to instal it ? its Jelly Bean for SG 2 … thank u for reply

  93. dgi says:

    Is this ROM have full Polish language?

  94. Juan K says:

    Hey Max hope you can help me here….ok I tried this version of resurrection and the newest version with both I have the same problem..when I install everything goes well but when the phone reboots if I choose Siyah Kernel most of the time gets stuck at the Siyah logo, ok so I tried fluxi and works fine, the installation and everything .
    I get to the home screen I get the apps and everything is perfect..NOW the problem is when the screen turns off..the whole thing freezes and I have to reboot.

    if the screen goes off and it unlock it quick the screen will respond but if I leave the screen off for more than two minutes Boom freezes everything.

    Baseband: I9100XXLPS.
    Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100XXLPB-CL99600
    Build number: IML74K.XXLPB

    One thing that I want to mention is that I rooted my phone with a CWM version from a different site.
    CWM Manager: V3.10.
    Current Kernel: CF-Root 5.2

    At some point I thought it could be one of my apps causing a problem so I skipped the Gplay thingy to restore apps so I tried with no apps at all and the boom screens off and phone frozen.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

  95. Bunns says:

    Hi Me 2 Can’t read SD card?!?! :/

  96. Ryu says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for all video from root to flash rom, all worked out. Just check out xpa and has 2.5.3 to download. Have you tried it?


  97. Paul stringer says:

    How to I stop this site sending me an e mail every time someone comments it’s getting abit annoying now

  98. Andrew says:

    Hi! I am running into a problem with my music when using Resurrection Remix. I have been using this ROM since version 2.4, and i currently have it updated to the latest version (2.5.3). In all versions that i have put on my phone, all of the songs which are on my SD card show up multiple times in every music player. Not all versions of the same song will play, only one. Currently each song shows up 5 times, and only one copy of each is playable. The only music player which only shows one of each song is Google Play Music, however it cannot play any of the songs, i get a “this track cannot be played” message. All of my music is on my external SD card, and i have tried formatting and reloading the music, which simply allows it to work for a short time, until the same problem happens again. this is a VERY annoying problem since i use my phone for my music. please help 🙂

  99. Paul stringer says:

    Andrew, go to running apps and clear the cache of all music players and clear the cache of any thing that says media, there’s a little tutorial on the resurrection remix website, also only use mp3 Apollo doesn’t like anything else

  100. Jose Raul says:

    Now, the realese of Resurrection Remix 2.5.3 just came out and it fix a lot of issues its even better and it came whit S3 behaivor

  101. lawrence says:

    Hello Max,

    I have a problem, I installed RR 2.4.1 and when I hit restart its just on initial “Samsung Galaxy sII” screen, kindly help!!!!


  102. Moussa says:

    Hello make a full wipe

  103. Moussa says:

    Can you be more precise see if I can help you

    • lawrence says:

      Yes as instructed, I installed CWM(clockwork manager) got on to recovery mode and installed RR 2.4.1 as this page instructed. Everything went on perfectly fine and the phone asked for reboot after that is when the problem started,.. The never started after rebooting, I get the screen which says Samsung Galaxy and thats it nothing happens!! I am unable to go to the recovery mode to install any other version also.

      Please help guys

  104. Moussa says:

    Hello Lawrence I don’t know if it will work you but it worked for me,download Odin on your pc,put you phone in download mode so that you can use Odin and flash a stock firmware in order to get your phone to it initial state .

    • lawrence says:

      Hey Moussa,

      Good news the phone is not bricked!!! my battery was dead so I got it charged from my friends phone and now I am able to go to the download mode and recovery mode 🙂 but yet again when I wipe and install RR 2.4.1 it gets into the hanging thing and thats it!!! what do i do???

    • lawrence says:

      Moussa quick question, can I do a wipe cache partition??

  105. lawrence says:

    Moussa/Max, anybody please reply.

    I am able to go to download mode/ recovery mode, installed RR 2.4.1 and even tried 2.5.3.,.. yet the after the installing my phone starts to hang on reboot!!! please help

  106. Moussa says:

    Sorry was busy if it’s stuck in the boot loop then make a full wipe,it keeps showing the RR logo right?

    • lawrence says:

      yes its showing the RR logo while installing.. Moussa, can we get on a quick call if its not to much of a trouble for you.. I will call you….

  107. Moussa says:

    Lawrence before you do that,try it this way again.put the rom in your sd card,go into recovery mode install the rom then reboot the phone,the phone should be stuck in the boot loop,then turn off the off and go back again in recovery mode you first make a full wipe then reinstall again the rom it should definitely work.i am not a professional,but try this forum you will get answers I assure you,I also had troubles with my phone flashing roms and I got help from there,you can ask questions and they will reply real soon

  108. Moussa says:

    How are you doing lawrence Did it work?

    • lawrence says:

      Nothing Moussa, I give up!!! I am planning to visit the service center and ask them to do it. I will keep u posted by tomorrow evening

  109. Moussa says:

    Did you try to flash back a stock firmware ?well sorry bro I couldnt help

  110. D'Jnr says:

    Hey Max,
    ur roms r splendid and super awsome…… bt i’d like to make a suggestion. i really like the flipboard and the social hub, but unfortunately cant find any of these apps after installation on my gt i9100. is there any possible way ican get them bak without loosing my resurrection v2.5.3 . plssss help me out . Thanx and hey wonderful works!

  111. D'Jnr says:

    ur roms r splendid and super awsome…… bt i’d like to make a suggestion. i really like the flipboard and the social hub, but unfortunately cant find any of these apps after installation on my gt i9100. is there any possible way ican get them bak without loosing my resurrection v2.5.3 . plssss help me out . Thanx and hey wonderful works!

  112. Ashraf Raj says:

    HI, i am using your Resurrection Remix ICS ROM v2.4.1. working perfect so far. but just notice that foursquare is in problem. i can’t check in. this is the only problem. i was using this perfectly before the update.

    Can you help me on this.

  113. François Boris says:

    Help, I can’t connect to my hidden wi-fi network. Whenever I try to input its name and password the settings app crashes.

  114. Gabriel says:

    Hola, esta version es la que esta basada en android Jelly Bean??

  115. Ray says:

    Does everyone elses bootup take ages? not sure why, wanted to restore data and now its taking long to get off the bootloader screen, installed the rom on my gtI9100

  116. pamela says:

    i just tried installing this rom. so it installed and everything and right after it finished it said to reboot so i did and after that it never turned on again. tried going into clockwork/recovery mode and it doesnt wanna turn on at all. i did it while plugged into laptop and not plugged in. pulled out the battery various times and nothing. am i fucked forever? im no longer covered under warranty so i cant got get a replacement. i have the gs2 skyrocket model for ATT. i really hope theres a way to solve this, thanks.

    • Chaitanya says:

      It used to say sometime back. Probably not saying anymore. But once your installation is complete, you shouldn’t reboot your phone. You need to just “un-check” the reboot now option and press finish. It will then take you to your CWM menu again. Then do a data wipe, clear cache and dalvik cache (go to advanced and you will find clearing dalvik cache). After this do a reboot now and after sometime you will be able to get the phone up and running (near the boot logo it’s going to spend at least a couple of minutes for the first time)

      If you are sure that you have battery full charged, try going into CWM again. What happened for me was the phone just turns on and immediately switches off when trying to enter CWM after this. I used to do the sequence till it turns on. Mine is a I9100 model. So I had to press the volume-up, home button and power button continuously till it switches on and goes to CWM menu. For your phone, you have to press both volume buttons and power till you actually get the phone on (even it switches off the first time immediately it’s going to switch on subsequently)

    • Chaitanya says:

      In any case if that just doesn’t work, you should do what is mentioned in the XDA-forums

  117. bhargav says:

    hey i don’t think it is the best rom.
    it hardly gets six and half hours of standy i get more on jelly bean.
    i don’t know why it crashes some time i have restart my phone.


  118. ilan says:

    i just got the 3.1.3 of the resorrection remix,nice ! nice+…!
    the main thing about an OS’s, is allways to try ‘n make theme liter’ smoother and on…
    the core is allways there so just…

    and you guys, did so good with “thing” of yours ! congrats !
    LOVE IT !

  119. ilan says:

    but, anyway, thats not the main resone for me to write here…
    ‘got no media sound (SOUND IS LOCKED), wonna try and fix it (it is a soft prob…)
    ‘dont know how to get in to “LCD TEST” the both combination i’ve found here gave me no relaxetion…
    well, thanks to all.

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