Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]

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Your favorite Resurrection Remix ICS ROM is now available in Jelly Bean flavor! For those of you who want to enjoy the best Jelly Bean ROM, you might just want to flash the Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM for your rooted Galaxy S2 i9100!

Although Bluetooth isn’t working at this moment (as that’s a CM10/Jelly Bean bug) fully (it connects but sound doesn’t work), everything else works just fine as fully usable as a daily driver. As for ROM Control, AOKP team are still adding new features so you will have to wait a bit longer for full feature like the ICS version.

What’s great about Resurrection Remix over other CM10 on the market? It “still” offers full Aroma installer with a ton of options you’ve gotten used to lately.

Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Get your Jelly on bro!


Download Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – Resurrection, XDA

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153 Responses

  1. parth walikhindi says:

    hey max can you please suggest me a ROM that has an attractive and customizable UI and is pretty stable!!
    like my current ROM Batista Foxhound sniper wolf ROM!! havent found a single ROM that is as stable as this one!! so any suggestions?? please lemme know 🙂 and it needs to b an ICS Rom!!

    loving the jelly bean ROms but i would prefer to wait for more stable versions!! love to watch your videos and have learnt a lot!! i love flashing different types of roms but the only thing that makes me crazy is restoration of all apps!! its damn tiring job!

    • Kai says:

      You are right. Batista Foxhound is perhaps one of the most stable ROMs outside. Unfortunately, they have stopped its development and are now focused on Galaxy S3…
      I have tried prior versions of RR and I find it very stable and battery friendly but then I needed to use my MHL connector and plug the phone to my TV, so, “fun with RR” ended there: no mirroring (for instance to do presentations stored on the phone over a projector), no support for my MHL adapter to play files stored on the phone, and wifi interferences when using internet live streaming over HDMI. And what was the problem? RR (unlike their very first custom ROMs) is not based on the official Samsung base!. Cyanogenmod, MIUI, AOKP, AOSP, etc, etc, do NOT support MHL for neither mirroring nor playing stored files over a HDMI adapter. And here it is when I found Batista Foxhound!. Very good custom ROMs with everything on it and everything I was always looking for, good-looking, stable as a rock, BUT a terrible battery life, even after having waited for many battery drain and filling cycles to stabilize it and doing all possible adjustments to help it – no wonder however, in some way reasonable, with all the stuff this ROM is able to offer.
      Yet, I have just found a very good contender: “Pure AOKP”, good looking, minimalistic but perhaps the most customizable ROM available (this is something missing in Foxhound!), a battery life that lasts longer than Dorian Gray!!!, AND… as stable as a diamond wedding!
      Yes I know, this ROM is based on cyanogenmod and that means, no MHL support. BUT: you can still enjoy your files stored on your phone being transferred to your big screen via wifi. You need: a device (TV or bluray player) that supports DLNA/UPnP and install two free apps in your phone: “BubbleUPnP” and the one and only “MXPlayer”. Now you can see your photos and home videos, listen to your music, watch your films (even flash videos! – and even subtitled or having more than one audio track) without playing around with connectors and cables.
      I only miss one thing now: NO TELEPHONE MIRRORING with AOKP. Yet, this is something I can live with for the moment.
      I hope, I could help you!

  2. Bjorn says:

    I’m sure the ROM will be fine after more options have been added. Question: can Siyah kernel v3.5.2 be used with this ROM? Has anyone tried?

  3. Rishi says:

    Thanks for the review bro. Wanted to see it like hell. Anyways let me know if there’s any news about official upgrade to Jelly Bean for S2. Not really a concern as I’m really happy in custom ROMs, but it will be better to know if Sammy and Google still remember S2. I mean if it’s coming for Nexus S officially, why not S2? Last time I checked S2 was better than Nexus S in *EVERY* direction.

    • OmegaZero says:

      Because Google promised that these 2 devices (Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus) will have updates regardless of the carries decision, its not really about the hardware, it’s about Google Nexus devices. And as for S2 recently there are leaks (as in rumors) the Samsung is now testing their Jelly Bean built on Galaxy S2 and S3 lately. No official news as for now. Don’t held your hope high.

  4. Steve Offer says:

    Max, Thanks very much for your site and instructional videos. My S2 would be a brick if it weren’t for you. Regards RR 3.0. The phone application seems to be an issue, keeps crashing and cant add or edit APNs. So if you do a wipe you will not be able to use the phone functionallity with this ROM. With regards to bluetooth, there are more applications that a simple headset. I am a motorcyclist and bluetooth is critical for voice guidance etc. Also, it is time to update your Titanium Backup video. I find this one app has both extremes of good & bad; the UI is terrible (I still cant backup SMS conversations) but the rest of it is brilliant, particularly batch operations.



  5. vivs says:

    Siyah kernel will not work…phone will not boot will freeze is the bootup screen.. I had some issues with the mobile network..but so far so good 🙂

  6. Philip says:

    I dont know if this is just me but i can send messages and use 3g anymore.Switching back to my older ROM RR 2.5.3

  7. h4ri says:

    Look great, but my wifi not working. I cant turn it on. 3G is fine. Has anyone any idea?

  8. Malmon says:

    Hi, in my settings, it says that my current kernel version is “3.0.32-Siyah-v3.2.5.1+
    Can i flash this ROM using my current kernel version?? thanks.. been wanting to change to jellybean for quite some time..

    • Bjorn says:

      No you cannot. Siyah 3.5.2 is required, but in RR version 3.01 it’s included as one of the kernels you can choose.

  9. Pambos says:

    Hey max i have this ROM and as far as i can see it’s really flawless except the fact that when im watching a video using MX Video player or any other video player the sound isnt working.Any fix in that?

    • Sadesh Abeysinghe says:

      Yup same here…..the solution I found was to use s player called dice player…..its quite good 🙂

  10. artnada says:

    You say Bluetooth doesn’t work on this or “X-TremE CM10 Version 1.0″…My bluetooth works perfectly fine for phone calls on the “X-TremE CM10 Version 1.0” on my Galaxy S2 i9100 (UK)

    I may try this ROM too and see if BT works.

  11. pege63 says:

    WIFI dont work 4 me

  12. Hidayet says:

    I saw touchscreen problems. Why is it happens?

  13. Gabo Carreón says:

    Viber App don’t work anymore for me with this update!! Anyone has the same problem??

  14. sri says:

    for me PLay store, gmail and my bluetooth car kit doesnt work..pls check
    battery life looks ok.

  15. tushar29 says:

    heyy max….the best rom till now is the foxhound sniper rom…its working absolutely fine…has all the features in it and no need to flash any other thing other than the rom itself…can u commend a bettter rom than that…each and every other rom has some bugs…foxhound is the stablest( if that is a till now…please i need some change for the better but cant find any rom better than foxhound..i have used rr but i didnt like it much due to a few bugs in almost each update even though the starting ones were good…please gimme a lil of ur time and tell me a better rom…thnx..wid d link also…..thanx..:)

  16. john says:

    hi max i install the rom but my phone doesent turn on whe it turns on it turns off??!!

  17. Juan K says:

    Hello Max.

    I installed the rom but sadly I found a few glitches for some reason I cannot set the APN when I try to go an enter in the APN settings ”” crashes and and cannot manually enter my APN settings. tweeker does not support JB yet so I am boned with the APN….It does not have the performance option to tweak the CPU Governor like CM10 or the CPU Voltage but anyway We can change that with no Frills…but I had to go back to CM10 until they fix the APN thingy, I can see that other people have no problems with the 3G data but I already reinstall and same thing, same process crashes and won’t let me set the APN.

    Hopefully next release will be better in the mean time I’ll stick to CM10

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

    • Juan K says:

      Hey guys me again! there is a new release! 3.0.1!

      based on latest AOKP & CM10 SOURCE
      added siyah 3.5.2 kernel
      added dream kernel 2.6.8
      updated latest cm10 kernel
      added theme chooser
      added extweaks
      updated camera
      updated settings
      updated bluetooth
      added holo red theme
      fixed apn issues
      repaired framework.res
      performans and batterylife improved
      many more improvement

      Enjoy and keep flashing babies!

  18. Jimmy says:

    After installing if asks to reboot but mine gets stuck at resurrection remix screen. need help
    its on i9100 i dont know what to do

    • Juan K says:

      The first boot always takes a while cause its setting all the files, is not like a regular boot, but you need to wipe everything..

      Fix permissions
      Then install and try using Siyah Kernel which is the most commonly used .

      Hope it helps

  19. marcusmichelsen says:

    hey all jb didn’t work for me did the siyAH update ver 3.5.2# no go on a FACTORY WIPE AND INSTALL
    serendipity didnt work either im running 4.03 ics gonna wait for now for jb to come out with something stable. and not lacking the features ics 4.3 carries i read the threads about the conflicting platforms but could not get a successful load
    also loaded the res remix and lost alot of my apk features like voice.. s2 has apk version that far exceeds the vlingo version on play store.. as always thanks max

  20. Matiso88 says:

    Hey there,

    Just updated my I9100, works just fine except for one thing. my lock screen is gone and so are some of my pics. they replaced or removed?

  21. humbal says:


    does anyone know whats with external sd.. on JB, cause i couldnt see any file in my external sd,,now the problem is recovery can’t find any recovery file on external sd,..anyone know how to restore my rom in this scenario???

  22. raisul says:

    ITs not working for me. I installed it but its not rebooting…. please help?

  23. Fahadh says:

    Please upload rom like HTC One X wuth the same sense and everything..

  24. EdGe says:

    lol on the wax comment hahaha! good one sir!

  25. Lielianjie says:

    Hey guys,

    Can somebody help me to remove the botom navigation bar ?
    I tried with the rom controle setting but it won’t go away.

    Can someone help me with that ?

    Thx !

  26. osama says:

    I installed this ROM and so far here is what i noticed:

    1- If you use viber often, do not upgrade to JB yet because Viber does not work on JB yet.
    2- Youtube: increase or decrease volume will result in YT crashing (FC)
    3- Google Now and Google Voice Search works very well.
    4- BT: i did not try it.
    5- Wireless works
    6- 3G wouldn’t work. trying to change the APN settings manually will result in a FC.
    7- Camera works, but a bit sluggish and slow. it works though.
    8- the new notification center looks very promising.. i think it needs time for app developers to start utilizing the new features it supports, but overall looks good.
    9- i noticed huge improvements on Voice recognition, but maybe its just me being over-excited about JB.

    if i notice or remember anything i’ll update. will test gps lock speed soon .

  27. Lielianjie says:

    And what about the navigation bar ?

  28. ajay says:

    wifi not working…………… plz help………….. i use wifi too much ……….. 🙁 🙁

  29. Lielianjie says:

    I resolved my issue. I was in the custom installation, I selected the navigation bar installation.


  30. marcusmichelsen says:

    hey all did the kernal update recommended for this rom and lost my wlan… ugh very important you back up your current driver in cwm so you can go back in time.. unless you have the working tar file and put your phone in odin mode and go that route to restore your phone to working order.. i have been doing this stuff for awhile and have tried these roms max is pretty tight with xda and when we [samsung users] get the over the air update.. these guys are all over it in getting us a solid working rom… my best advice backup backup backup before these roms are attempted.. but there is a bug in the latest siyah kernal ver 3.5.2 like i said that took out my wlan…
    hey humbal if you didnt save a backup on your internal and your external isnt recognizing in cwm. you probley need to download a working rom and use odin to recover you phone..

  31. Javier Acevedo says:

    Hi! I am really scared about that ROM! I flashed my Samsung GSII and then I installed the ROM in the sdcard folder. Then, I followed all the process and the installation was successful but when the phone is rebooted, the screen turned black and nothing else happens. I am really concerned about that because I don’t know what to do. Can you help me please.

    • JMac says:

      Any life out of it at all? Recovery mode not responding?

    • marcusmichelsen says:

      can you get into download mode? is this phone an att sg2 model sgh-1777???
      #1 pull battery
      #2. make sure you have samsung keis installed if not download.
      #3 download odin ver 3v1.85 download. and download sgh-1777_ucle5_cwm and unzip this file.
      #4 put battery in phone plug the usb cable into your phone and hold power vol up and vol down at the same time.
      #5 your phone should go into download mode hit vol up till you see DO NOT UNPLUG TARGET.
      #6 start odin you should see a yellow box that says com 4 after you unzip the sgh file youll see a file named 177ucle5_1777attle5_1777 something… the file type is tar. md5.
      #7 hit pda in odin and it should default to the md5 tar file you unzipped.
      #8 hit start. and wait this will re- flash your phone with ics 4.0.3 and if successful it will say PASS and the phone will reboot.
      this will work if your phone is an att s2… just make sure you see the yellow com port in odin it may not say com 4 but it will show up yellow.. DO NOT CHECK ANY BOXES IN ODIN. and DO NOT USE THIS FILE UNLESS YOUR PHONE IS ATT. . if it dosnt work in odin like it hangs up not pull the battery and try the steps again..
      #8 if you want to root acess heres a file to use in odin the same way as above but you dont need to unzip just hid pda in odin and lead it to this file…siyah-v 3.4.2 nonswap-1777
      i hope this all works for you having a blacked out device voids any warranty with your carrier, they will use these steps to revive you device so if you follow this outline you should be able to get back online..

  32. marcusmichelsen says:

    hey max i cant find the file link to the file that gives me the md5 tar file for stock ics using odin in download or odin mode im trying to help javiour out and realized i sent him the wrong file name there was a sgh 1777 att file i got from you somewhere when unzipped it gave you the tar file that you can use in odin to install ics 4.0.3 help,,,

  33. dhan says:

    This works great but something brought my attention. When I opened my gallery or music player.. no albums or songs could be seen. Anyone has any idea why and how can I resolve it?

    • dx says:

      i got the same problem..=/

      • Fadi says:

        using the Es file explorer which comes with the rom , go to settings , enable ” root explorer ” and ” up to root ” , go back to the files screen , press back button once and you should ne at ” / ” ( not /sdcard/ ) , now go to /emmc/dcim/camera , and open one of the pictures with the gallery app , do the same steps for the music , and u should be fine 🙂

        * you can use any file explorer supports root exploring
        * in the jelly bean realease of RR , im not sure about the /emmc/dcim/camera , i mean it is not cery accurate , just go to the emmc folder , if you find dcim directly , thats great , if not , there should be files like ” sdcard 0 ” sdcard1 ” etc … look for the one which is your sdcard ( you will find your sdcard files in it ) and go on ..
        hope it helps 🙂

  34. h4ri says:

    Anyone know about the wifi problem?

  35. Dreik says:

    RR rom is really best rom everythibg works great, i tried a lot of roms and none of them wasnt such stale as RR except one fucking thing on every rom i tried works connect with HDmi perfect even if these roms was very very unstable and RR is best rom and i still wait on version where it will working, is that so hard to fix that little thing when on every other fucking rom it works. This post isnt against RR i love that rom 🙂

  36. rom says:

    Installed rom… seems good but got only 6 hours of battery life… however is still first day of use. How is everyone else finding the battery life.. compared to stock samsung rom and previus resurection remix

    • scarface says:

      I too also find the battery life appalling to be fair. I really haven’t used my phone at all today (sent less that 10 text messages) and my battery is dead. apart from the battery life, no real complaints for an early version. going to try cm10 for a day or two. If that is also poor on the battery life I’m going back to RR 2.6 until it’s a bit more polished

  37. jabapu says:

    Is it possible to use radio with this ROM?

    thanks for all the tutorials, they have been very useful for me.

  38. chris says:

    How do I remove the navigation bar? I can’t find it anywhere

  39. mato says:

    hi guys,

    ive just found another bug. when i press Power button, i can unlock screen with finger like always, but also when i press the left button, which i think isnt very good. when ive phone in my pocket, he can easily unlock by him self.

    sorry for my english

  40. Gordon says:

    Hi guys! I just installed the resurrection remix 3.0.1 on my galaxy s2 i9100 and the first boot animation was as slow as hell…. it goes frame by frame, i waited for hours and it’s still stuck at the shiny “Resurrection Remix” text….. Anyone had any ideas on how to fix this?? I have already do a data wipe, cache wipe, fixed permission………

  41. Hneine says:

    I installed this rom I didn’t like it’s too slow how can I get back to the 2.6 rr version when I get back and flash the rom I got the screen stock at rr tweak.:(

  42. Taniket says:

    URGENT HELP!!!!!!!
    hey guys,
    I installed this rom I didn’t like it’s too slow how can I get back to the 2.6 rr version. but its stuck on boot screen where Ressurection Rom logo appers….plz help me i already cleaned cache …plz help me..i am in a big trouble

  43. Dev says:

    i installed Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM. working great. can i go for dual boot kernel??? like Siyah-v3.3.2.

  44. Rafal says:

    Oh wow. This Rom is absolutely awesome ! Thank you guys so much for sorting out the RR Boot-stuck. Updated the Kernel, waiter for a little bit and now got a full JB. Already love it.

  45. Jagjit Singh says:

    I have been using this ROM for a couple of days and seems to be working like a breeze. Yes, there were a couple of occasions when it hanged completely. I think the next versions will be more stable.

  46. Anthony Flinn says:

    WIFI WIFI WIFI!!! For any one with the Wi-Fi problem. Simply flash the ROM again, choose custom installation, and select to flash with the Dream Kernal instead of the pre selected.

  47. Rafay Khalid says:


    I want to install this rom but the problem is that im currently on LPO and im reading so manyyy stories of 4.0.4 devices getting bricked due to CWM n stock reset etc etc..
    so can you kindly brief me as to what should I do? I want to go back on LPG but I dont want to lose my apps n settings.. is there any way to go back on LPG and then root the device, make a back and install this one..

    really looking forward to your reply as the battery on LPO totally sucks..
    Cheers 🙂

  48. Ricky abarquez says:

    I installed the 3.0.1 RR job and when I press volume up or down YouTube will crash.why?

  49. YV says:

    ok,im having a problem with the rom..when i change to this rom i cant see my contact on my sim and it said empty..but when i change back to my old rom and i see my sim contact again..any solution pls? :'(

  50. Andreas says:


    I tried installing this rom on my device. I had some errors whilst setting up the phone after the installation. Some google processes stopped from working and I could not get any further. Rather disappointed I must admit.

    I have now followed your unroot/unbrick guide to get back to basics before fiddling with anything else.

    Any clue why it went down that road?

  51. Shaan says:

    will it work on international version of of galaxy s2 i9100
    im using official ics 4.0.4 i9100 XXLQ5
    i will remain thankful

  52. Bjorn says:

    Version 3.0.2 has arrived. More options. Contains the newest version of Siyah kernel.

    • Arahant says:

      did you try it? i have a problem with the general ui options

      • Bjorn says:

        Yes, I tried it and haven given up completely yet. Biggest problem that I hadn’t had with previous versions, including 3.0.1, is terrible battery life. This is true even though I didn’t do a factory wipe when upgrading van 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. I’m even using the battery optimized option of the Siyah kernel, which I did not use before.
        Any comments, Max?

  53. Arahant says:

    Hey, little problem here:

    Today RR released the 3.0.2 rom. All fine and good, BUT… I cannot seem to change any options on Rom Control > General UI.

    On that slab, (before), we got options of screenblock and boot animation and key managment… a bunch of stuff..
    now, nothing except “Show notification count”

    Anyone else has this problem?

    Thanks in advance.. I’m going back to 2.53 until they fix this one.

  54. hvd says:

    all rr roms r v good but tis 1 has a heating problem as in the phone heats up so much tat i need to switch it off fearing from any hardware damage…tried all the 3 kernels provided but still no fix….n contacts gives me a force close error sometimes so i cant view the names of he contacts only their number…n all of this along with a battery drain issue from 100 to 85 in 10 mins [without any solid use reading mails n msgs tats all n tis is also cuz the phone heats up too much.]
    And yes some options r missing[rom control>>G UI….2.6 rr is much better rr is not a full proof JB Rom yet 🙁
    pls dont review as best rom thank u

  55. lamo says:

    Hello there!

    Whenever I switch off the camera app, and flash is on automatic, the flash light is going on for about a second when the software quits. Has anybody an idea how to stop this?

    By the way, the rom is amazing. Thank you.


  56. Bjorn says:

    I agree with hvd (August 9).
    Under RR 3.0.2 the battery was draining unacceptably rapidly and the phone was heating up.
    To make a bit more sure that battery calibration was not to blame, I superdepleted it, removed it, put it back in, and fully charged it, but this did not improve the situation.
    I then downgraded (?) to RR 3.0.1, and battery life (according to the percentage of battery charged shown) has reverted to normal, while the phone is not heating up anymore.
    As the French say, “Le mieux c’est l’ennemi du bien”, which means, The best is the enemy of the good.
    I’m eagerly awaiting RR

  57. Bjorn says:

    Well, now version 3.0.3 is out, and at least the battery drain dissue has been dealt with.

    • ash says:

      How do you notice the difference? What did you do to test batery on both?

      • Bjorn says:

        3.0.2 had a problem with extremely rapid battery draining and heating up of the phone. Battery life was about half a day! I have been a fan of this ROM since version 1.8, and this version was the only one with said problem. As I mentioned, all is back to normal with 3.0.3.

  58. AshuAddy says:

    I’am un able 2 install ds rom via CWMR ( siyah kernel-3.5.2 — XXLQ5) can u plz help me wid ds……

  59. Cormac says:

    Have been using this ROM for roughly 2 weeks. It was great at then start but at times it looses all connectivity. I have to reboot phone to get cell service and be able to connect to any Wi-Fi network in range. Other than that great ROM and am looking forward to the next update! 😀

  60. Morgan says:

    hi Max
    having rebbot issues after upgrading my galaxy s2. i have loaded the latest Rom and hen i boot up it comes to the Kernel sign then it stops there and then screen goes off,
    am i missing anything or its normal. how to id boot it in recovery mode or back to factory defaults,
    hope to hear from you soon.



  61. lucky says:

    Installed this ROM, I have few problems which other users have also mentioned above:
    1. Wifi does not work (was working on CM10 Xtreme Beta)
    2. Widgets dont give space to each other as it should work on JB (was working on CM10 Xtreme Beta)
    3. You cannot customise/add Lock screen widgets (was working on CM10 Xtreme Beta)

    Good points
    1. Good battery life (CM10 Xtreme beta drains a bit quicker)
    2. All Google applications like Latitude, Navigation, Local are there (Xtreme Beta doesnt )
    3. More language support added (Japanese & Chinese keyboard as well)

  62. Clarke Kent says:

    for those with the APN issues…download the latest version of the ROM;dl

  63. Ceviche D. Camote says:

    Hello Max

    Thanks for the frequent updates about RR.
    I installed this release and I miss a lot of the customization options that were available in ICS.
    I upgraded to 3.0.2 and that one was incredibly buggy and drained my battery in less than 5 hours just sitting there. I read 3.0.3 still has battery performance issues. Can you please update us when a stable update is available?
    Meanwhile, I went back to 2.6.

  64. SetoRiz says:

    hi after i install 3.0.2 ROM my s2 start to warm or hot back side near the camera. while i instal it back to 2.6.1 but same thing continue. i can not open wifi or can not play a game.galaxy s2 90C temperature goes it close. install again official rom but same… CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bjorn says:

      3.0.2 did have “issues”, such as the heating one you mention and rapid battery draining. Do a factory wipe (I assume that you have previously nicely backed everything up) and flash RR 3.0.4. Follow all of the instructions on the developer’s site. I did, and said problems are no more.

      • Setoriz says:

        i said that i have problem heating backside under the camera and it after 5-10 minute it became 36 to 50 C and i try install official ROM. same problem happened. today i install rr 3.0.5 but same again. half of month i search for this but no slotion found if anyone have solution Help me i will donate it….

  65. Gjanosh says:

    Hi! Please someone can share the wallpaper which was seen on the video? (The simple black one; I can’t find it on Google 🙁 )

  66. Jan says:

    Youtube not working?? Help!

    I installed 3.0.4 (upgraded from 2.6 RR through the rom updater)
    and I love it… I first installed the Black theme but didnt like it. Installed Default theme and always when i boot up it says: “Unfortunatly youtube has stopped working ”

    Why is this? I didnt have it with the black theme.
    Someone know anything about this? Is it a bug? bad install? need a data wipe or something?

    Thanks for the help

  67. Kolya Rybalov says:

    I love you guys

  68. lucky says:

    I reinstalled this rom and wifi works now… 3g also works (but sometimes need 3 4 reboots)….
    it doesnot have fm radio,, i listen to radio so i noticed it,
    youtube stops when you use volume keys,
    you cannot increase or decrease volume while typing text,
    you guys might have found more bugs

  69. Dardan says:

    Hi there…which one should i install RR or REVOLT ? thnx

  70. birdman says:

    Any word on getting YouTube to work? Comes up with package error and I can’t update it. Damn timing.

    Also, I’d above having problems with Chrome freezing up return you start typing?

    • Birdman says:

      I noticed On Another Site That You Can Hard Instal YouTube. But When I Open The Apk It Says instAll Fail. Anyone? I Want YouTube That won’t Shut Down When I Used The Volume.

      • marcusmichelsen says:

        yt_4v.023_wifi+3g_hd use titanium back up make a backup of your current you tube app then uninstall using titanium back up ant then in stall the file i mentioned its an apk so you need to check under security options on your phone “install third party apps” this yt version is excellent and i have found it to work with most if not all roms.

  71. Max says:

    Make RR in S3 ui.

  72. VC says:


    I wanted to know if this ROM (or any other JB rom) will work with my existing S2 Kernel?

    The Kernel Version of my S2 reads
    “3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505 se.infra@SEP-94#3”


  73. Nishit says:

    Is there an issue with PC connectivity on this ROM? Cos I cannot connect it to my (Windows) p.c. for data transfer. Or am I missing something?

  74. marcusmichelsen says:

    Im runnin turkbey rom version v 12 and its awesome
    Battery life is good and all the features work great its available on xda ported
    Development for att s2 i177. use clockwork mod
    Factory format clear dalvik cache and flash away
    Im using siyah kernal v3.3.1 and my phone is screamin

  75. Kunle says:

    It’s gotten pretty laggy on me after about a week and the apps crash alot. Thinking about going back to Touchwiz which I really don’t want to do.

    Could someone let me know if this is happening to them as well.

  76. Angshuman Dey says:

    Hi Max,

    I am using RR JB 3.8 rom. Its working fine.
    Got a new samsung OTG cable too. Was wondering if I can connect my xbox 360 controller using it.

    I tried to do so. The green light in xbox 360 strats blinking but there is no response on the button press.
    Have you tried it? If so let me know if any config is required to make it work.

    Thanks in advance. And this site is too good. Keep doing the good work.


  77. James says:

    Alright, so I thought I’d jump ship from SKY to Resurrection, and went with a clean install. AROMA worked like it should have, and when it prompted to reboot, I clicked OK. Now? Nada. No ROM, no CWM, no download mode. I’m away from my lappy right now, so I won’t know if ODIN will work til tonight. Any input? Am I Hardbricked?

  78. Sriram says:

    My phone is getting heated up!!! Is anyone having the same problem?
    and it takes too long to get charged..

  79. Ben says:

    I am having issues with my samsung galaxy s2,a friend came for it since he had his pictures on it only to go and install dream kernel on it.When he brought it back to me and I switched it on,I gets stuck on a screen with dream-ics on the screen and a logo.
    I tried using odin but still the problem exists.Can anyone please help me out or is my phone gone for good

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