Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM v3.0.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]

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Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM version 3.0.6 is HERE for your Galaxy S2 i9100, taking over the “Best Jelly Bean ROM” spot over here at

The latest version comes with more goodies with the latest AOKP ROM Control settings, Bluetooth audio/Netflix/Hulu working, and a whole lot more.

If you aren’t on the latest Resurrection Remix, give it a go today and let me know what you think!

For best battery life, try CM10 kernel over Siyah kernel, available in Aroma installer options.

UPDATE: See latest version 3.1.0 instead!!!


Download Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM v3.0.6

via XDA, RR

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167 Responses

  1. heitkrew says:

    questions πŸ™‚

    1. does this version has the option to save camera photos directly to sd card?
    2. does this have the sim tool kit app?

    hope anyone can help πŸ™‚


    • Garry says:


      1. I can’t seem to find any option to save camera photos directly to SD card
      2. The SIM too kit app can be installed or not depending on your preference

      Hope that helped! πŸ™‚

      • heitkrew says:

        thanks man!

        i installed the sim tool kit app but its not working. maybe you know how to make it work?


        • Garry says:


          Sorry to hear it’s not working. I have no idea I’m afraid. I’m just a novice with these custom ROMs. All I know is that I installed it through custom installation when flashing the ROM with CWM.

          Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  2. rg says:

    Hey guys. I have RR 3.0.4 on my s2. Do i have to wipe my cache before i can install this rom? Or can i flash it outright?

  3. tony says:

    When using the CM10 kernel over Siyah kernel , wireless does not work. Any ideas??


  4. Scirious says:

    For some reason contacts are not syncing with Google. Contacts get download from my Google account but any changes made from the phone doesn’t show up on Google.

  5. carl says:

    I have been having a problem with all versions of this rom with audio its loud as hell when playing music using a portable speaker but when i watch a film with moboplayer the audio is quiet its even louder if i just use the phone speaker ..??…

    • Adhiraj says:

      its the other way round for me… with RR rom, the audio is so low when i use the earphones and if i try to increase it with vol up button, then there is no change in the output. i then changed thru ExTweaks but it has not helped to the extent of what vol i had in ICS 4.0.4

      • James says:

        I have also had the same problem with the volume being too low to hear through headphones. I have increased the volume boost through EX tweaks as much as possible but still can’t get it loud enough to hear properly.

        I was just wondering if you had found a solution to the problem


  6. Pedro says:

    I’ve been using this ROM since Monday. It’s a great ROM but a few things I noticed…

    1) I had to download Apex launcher as it used xperia launcher by default (this could have been a mistake i’d madee during installation.
    2) Xperia launcher seemed VERY limited in its customisation.
    3) I can’t seem to find the option of ‘long press to kill apps’
    4) I can’t seem to find the option to change how a screenshot is taken. Prior to upgrading to this ROM I changed the screenshot button so it was part of the power off menu.
    5) When pressing the power button to wake the phone it seems to have a lag/delay on going to normal brightness.
    6) I use Swiftkey 3 keyboard and Facebook, when typing anything into facebook it sends the text but also prompts an error saying that it could not send. This could be either the swiftkey app/facebook app or combination of both. It could the apps support of the kernel.
    7) Battery life seems on par with res remix 2.6

    Don’t let the above put you off. It seems a good and stable ROM however I don’t see anything that has been worth me moving from res remix 2.6.

  7. kenny says:

    My rom control can’t work and it keeps saying rom control stopped working each time i try to use it.

  8. Hanzi says:

    Q: does the kernel support USB OTG?

  9. Brian says:

    This jb version lacks a lot of features. I have been with RR from the beginning, but still am going to say this, the “[ROM][MIUI][04/09/12] cMIUI 2.8.31 [4.1.1][AOSP][OTA][Aroma][Multi” rom is far better and has to many more options!! Am on that on since 2day.

  10. gogo says:

    do i get galaxy s3 launcher

  11. mrg says:

    unable to unzip the zip files from the link.

  12. mrg says:

    i try to unzip using different software, but all stated archive file cannot be open. please help!

  13. steve says:

    Wifi doesn’t turn on with CM kernel!

  14. KoMat says:


  15. steve says:

    wifi won’t turn on with cm kernel!!

  16. Lino John says:

    Please#########Phone doesn’t open,!!!’mmm
    I just install the Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM v3.0.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]+++++++++
    Just Tae Gwan Do Logo is on Screeen,,,,,, not working;;;;; please how should I undo it?????

  17. tere says:

    is there a way i can remove google from the lock screen?..if not no worries,this
    is a great rom ..thank you.

  18. jure says:

    My phone always turned on when I turned it off!!! WTF. It is only turned off without baterry:/ Can u pleas help me?!

    • NΓΌchon says:

      Hey, I had that a few months ago… I could not turn off the phone, it would turn on the moment I put the battery on, by itself, it wouldn’t charge… etc. It was a problem with the usb port (don’t know if that’s how it’s called), i had it changed and it works like a charm now.

      good luck

  19. pratik chirkute says:

    working great πŸ™‚

  20. al says:

    anyone know if this ROM supports moving apps to SD card? I am sticking with 3.0.1 until this is added as without it I can’t restore my apps again after flashing.

    • Ken says:

      Does anyone know if V2.6.1 supports sd card.

    • Nishit says:

      Try using Titanium Backup to backup and restore your apps. That is what I do. I flash new ROMs every week and have a lot of apps with updated data. I have never had the need to use shift the apps to sd.

      • Al says:

        Hi Nishit,
        I use Titanium, but unlike you I need to move Apps to SD card. Without this Titanium runs out of space to restore and stops.
        I really want to know if this version supports moving apps to Sd (From Manage Apps/Pick an application – is there a button for move to SD card?)
        Cheers all,

        • Nishit says:

          ‘There is an option in apps setting says move to USB storage.’ aziz commented. I am not too sure abt that but I vaguely remember there being an option under ‘Manage Apps’ to move a particular app to sd. When u go to ‘Manage Apps’, then select the app u want to move to sd. At the bottom of the screen u will see the option. I would’ve checked and confirmed but I am trying out Paranoid Android 2.10 right now.

  21. KoMat says:

    OK, anybody else having issue with adding email accounts on this rom (hotmail, exchange, yahoo)… Gmail is working but I use many email accounts so I need to add more than just Gmail. Please give me some suggestions on fixing it or is it one of those thing that wont be working until update… I don’t have this issue with Revolt JB 2.1.. so I think RR isn’t best JB ROM out… Help

  22. Nikhil says:

    Guys, Has anyone facing the network coverage issue as in india we are not getting the proper full network in this version….

  23. Fiifi says:

    looks like total recall & all other call recording apps don’t seem to be working on all versions of jelly bean. has anyone got a solution to that

  24. Ben says:

    Thanks for this great rom. Everything is working very well except d captured pictures that have dark background.

  25. Maryus says:

    Hi! there is any JellyBean rom wich has the option to swap the internal and external memory cards from the storange section. I saw some ICS 4.0.4 custom Roms such as paranoid that had that option ..but now i updated to JB version and they took out this option…editiong the vold.fstab file doesn’t solve that, it only get worse because i don’t know what are the suitable changes in order to achieve this trick. Any Help would be usefull. Thanx !

  26. Konstantin says:

    MAX presents well, but when I work and the phone restarts itself if it does not have to re-flash? Give advice?

  27. heitkrew says:

    anybody know how to make the sim toolkit work? i can access it but the services are not working. thanks!

  28. zach says:

    hi i am currently using wanamlite rom, and i do want to try this rom.
    do i simply put the zip file on to my phone and install by wipe?

    • zach says:

      not to mention im currently on ICS

      • Garry says:

        Hi Zach. If you follow the instructions on the FAQ page for backing up and flashing ROMs via CWM then you can’t go wrong (don’t hold me to that!). I followed them and flashed this ROM a few days ago.

        1. Make backups of SMS, apps, ROM etc using third party app (SMS backup & restore), titanium backup and CWM backup
        2. Put ROM .zip file onto SD card
        3. Boot into CWM Recovery.
        4. Wipe/Factory reset (I also wiped cache and dalvik cache in advanced settings. not sure whether I was supposed to at this point but I did and phone is working fine so…)
        5. Install ROM from SD card
        6. Select custom installation
        7. Pick features you want
        8. Enjoy RR πŸ™‚

        • zach says:

          thanks so much mate! how you finding the battery tho? and is there any issues with the rom? just trying to sus it out before download it πŸ™‚

          • Garry says:

            No worries πŸ™‚

            Sorry it took so long to reply. I didn’t tick the “E-mail when people reply” box!

            As far as I can see, the battery life is a lot lot better on Jelly Bean than ICS. I can only compare this though to my ICS ROM (I was on the Resurrection Remix 1.7 ICS ROM) so it may differ between ROMs I guess, but between RR ICS and RR Jelly Bean my battery seems to be lasting a lot longer. An example would be if I leave the phone over night when I go to sleep, on ICS from 100% until morning it would drain to roughly 85-89% over night, but on JB at 100% it drained to only 96% over night. When using it too, on mobile internet browsing it doesn’t seem to drain anywhere near as fast as it used to.

            Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  29. Risspartan117 says:

    ROM looks good. Everything *I’ve tried* (not apps to sd) works well. I’m facing a problem in EVERY JB ROM is that my phone overheats like shit and battery is poor. I’ve to plug it in while even using 2g (CM kernel). ICS is working fine. Any help for the above matter is appreciated.
    Other than that, the ROM does seem slightly laggy, but that’s something I can live with. πŸ™‚

  30. Michael says:

    Had same issue with CM10 not working with wifi, and Siyah kernel producing poor battery life. To improve battery life you can try changing the kernel profile from default to “battery”. Do this in recovery mode by going into the kernel specific options. Worst case scenario I’m going to try and undervolt it.

  31. Garry says:

    Not sure about anyone else, but my mms has stopped working…

    Love the RR ROMs, but would just like to see a few more of the customisation options like with previous ICS versions added in there.

  32. aziz says:

    For those who asked about app 2 SD . There is an option in apps setting says move to USB storage.

  33. Chris I. says:

    my wifi is not working. any idea ??

  34. G-F0RC3 says:

    Hi sorry I got a problem…
    Every so often my phone reboots itself without warning
    please give an explanation on how to stop this and why it happens…

  35. brent says:

    i downloaded Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM v3.0.6 for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best Jelly Bean ROM] and i did a full wipe and factory reset and when i go to install it i get E:Cant open /emmc/download/RR_JB_V3.0.6_AOKP_4.1.1_T9100.ZIP (bad) installation aborted please help thanx

  36. Ben says:

    Move Apps to SD is working well on my phone

  37. zach says:

    ok so i downloaded it, went through what custom things i wanted. Then went to reboot and im currently stuck on a ying-yang symbol and its just frozen on this screen. help please! thank you in advance!

    • zach says:

      no stress in helping. ive currently gone back to my old rom. but i really do want to give this rom a try!

      • Nishit says:

        Do a complete data wipe and cache wipe and try again. You should not face any issues. Trust me, I have tried numerous ROMs and have never faced any issues. Especially the ones featured on this site always work.

  38. heitkrew says:

    is it me or this ROM doesn’t free up cache memory?

    anybody have the same observation?

    • Nishit says:

      yeah I have the same issue. Uses up a lot of memory and have to reboot every couple of days to free some cache. Task Manager doesn’t free up too much memory.

  39. aziz says:

    The ROM was great for two days now . But now its freezing like every half an hour or every hour

    • Nishit says:

      Check ur RAM usage in Task Manager. It must be very high. Reboot the phone and it should work fine for a few days till u have to reboot it again. That’s what I noticed in my phone. Otherwise an absolutely gem of a ROM with tons of mods.

  40. Eli says:

    Can this rom be run on the i777 i installed it and it works for everything but the back and the search buttons so far.

  41. Me says:

    Hi… I can’t download the Rom file… it says temporary unavailable… should you upload it again or it will be ok in a few hours?
    great work by the way…

  42. hvd says:

    my phone heats up like crazy….any advice…it gets so hot tat the phone vl burn from inside causing hardware damage o something…n thr r no processes running whn tis happens…cuz it occurs even during standby mode…i love tis rom but since jb i hav faced tis problems n no solutions yet…pls advice

    • Risspartan117 says:

      I had the same issue…. Unfortunately, I can’t help you as I don’t know how I got rid of it. I just went back to 2.6, then installed again without Data Wipe. It still had the problem. Then I just wiped data and rebooted. It did heat up a little, but then went fine after a while. Battery is also good now.
      I don’t know if what I did solved the problem, but if it did, it might help you too… πŸ™‚

  43. Haider says:

    Does data connectivity work with this from as it didn’t work with the revolt so I need to be sure if everything and I mean everything works.

  44. Liam says:

    i am having problem with sound. when i play video or music, threre is no sound. everything else sound works great.

  45. utsav says:

    i dont know what the problem i like this rom but it works perfectly for one day and then i get a black screen someone plz help….

  46. DSK says:

    Hi just flashed this and i want to flash CWM using odin , where do i get the compatible file of CWM from ? I tried flashing CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5 which just soft bricked my phone .

    Thanks in advance

  47. LGFUAD says:

    Sorry but I am not sure if this is a problem with the ROM itself, but unlike the previous versions of Resurrection Remix, this version (3.0.6) doesn’t seem to have the wifi working for some reason..

  48. rare says:

    can it support 3g video calling?

  49. Seb says:

    Installed the Resurrection Rom. Looks Great! it absolutely does. When I go to gallery I can access all picture on my external_sd, but when I go to a file manager, it sees a external sd, but it says its empty.
    Working with it, it gets stuck every 10-20minutes, in thus far that I need to restart.

    Battery is draining big time!

    • DigitalxXBoy says:

      To access the data on your sd card simple use the OI File manager that came with the rom. From there, just select sdcard1 and you should see all your data.

      To fix the battery drain, read up on the different cpu governor’s available and tweak accordingly. You can also flash the cm10 kernel (can be found here: It has much better battery life then the siya kernel.

      Hope this helps.

  50. Alex says:


    Can you tell me where can I download the rest of files I need to put on my SGS? I have the ROM but I need the rest.


  51. Dardan says:

    HI, i have RR 2.6.1 and i want to know if i can flash the latest Siyah kernel to the rom and if yes is the battery performance better ? thnx

  52. Lucky Rihal says:

    For best jelly bean experience on galaxy s2.. go to xda website and install jellyking 1.6 cm10 nightly build rom released on 14 september… install it and then you will see the difference between that rom and roms on this website… remwmber a full wipe is needed for installing that rom and you have choice of installing your choice of kernels and modem, launchers, theme etc. If any one needs the link let me know

  53. bjorn mulder says:

    There is a led option on this rom but it wont work on my phone

  54. UnlPsy says:

    How to enable USB option to transfer file.. Only USB debug mode seems to be active after plugging in the USB cable.

    Please help..


  55. Andy says:

    I get stuck on Resurrection Remix screen. Keeps just flashing for a long time and nothing happens. Any ideas? It’s Bell Canada phone, but I heard this ROM works with Bell…


    • DigitalxXBoy says:

      This rom is for the SGS2 only! You should download the one specifically for your phone otherwise you can cause some major damage to it.

  56. frank sharma says:

    just installed it in my galaxy s2 i9100
    nice rom but i have a few ques:
    1 what is modem means when you intall rom it ask which modem you want to use like lpx lpj etc etc..
    2its eating lot off ram how to free it up
    3 under rom settin > performance setting how can i tune it up i mean to say can i tune it up and get a better btry life like useing less processr or somthing like that
    4.what does swagger do
    5.this rom is f*kin aWSM πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ thnxxx thnxxx loT even i have dual boot 1 is jelly bean and the second1 is ics samsung stock rom love both use this rom for a day no bugs no problem no error no force closeing
    i know my english is worst so sorry guys πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  57. Kuji says:

    Hey guys, just installed this new rom and its working great. Nice and smooth. Quick question: how do you resize widgets? When press/holding, usually a blue box appears when you let go, and allows you to customize the sizes. This update has no box, just a new animation while you drag the widget around the home screen. Is there a trick im missing or hasnt this been implemented on this update yet?

    • Garry says:


      Which launcher did you install and which are you using in the ROM (default Android launcher or custom installed launcher?) I had the Apex Launcher installed on RR ICS when I had that and liked it, so installed it again in RR JB. In this launcher holding on a widget and releasing brought a menu that included things such as “Remove”, “Resize” etc, which sounds similar to what you’re describing, but in the other launchers different behaviour was needed to resize widgets.

      Basically, I think it depends what launcher you have installed and are using.

      Hope this helps!

      • Kuji says:

        I usually use Apex and had no trouble resizing widgets. But after this new update I wanted to try the new layout and features that are only working on the Xperia Launcher.Is resizing widgets not permitted using this launcher?

        • Garry says:


          I did install the Xperia Launcher first when I first flashed RR JB, but didn’t like it so instantly switched to Apex. I didn’t spend enough time on the Xperia Launcher to really work out how to work it properly, but is it not just a case of holding a widget for a second then releasing it? I know on the default launcher this triggers the resizing (as opposed to the drop down menu in Apex Launcher), but I thought this was the same for Xperia Launcher too?

          Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

  58. Arman says:


    with this rom you cant install apps through eclipse/adb wich makes development imposible

  59. kenneth dyson says:

    anybody having trouble with the batter not charging?
    had it plugged in while on, battery charge icon on, but it ran down and shut off.
    battery charging indicator is on while shut off and plugged in but it is not getting the charge.
    any ideas?

  60. Deepal says:

    i m facing a problem
    when i open the browser and open google than after typing something on google search bar
    i just move my coursor(“l”blinks )and the browser crashes

  61. KonFry says:

    Best ROM I’ve found yet.. thanks author!

  62. biep says:

    I’ve installed this Rom and loved it, however….every picture was in very flashy colors (not like it was on ICS) and very very bright and not very sharp too…It was a bit laggy too (on my phone ;-). I must admit, for this time being I cloned it to 2nd rom and installed a new ICS stock rom as 1st rom. Maybe I’ll try the thunderbird Jellybean rom in stead….I love the Siyah Kernel which allows me to do so…

  63. Garry says:

    I wish there was some news on a new version. Westcrip has gone very quiet on twitter so I imagine he’s working hard on it, but now that I’ve used 3.0.6 for a while it seems a bit buggy. Looking forward to a Build 2 release πŸ™‚

  64. Adhiraj says:


    i have installed this ROM with Siyah kernel [dual boot with ICS 4.0.4]. this rom is really good and works great. some issues which i faced: great if someone can help me in that.

    Q1. there is no Google Talk in this ROM? i dont have the apk for that.
    Q2. the google play store doesnt work. it says server error. due to this, i cant install any new app. also if i have back up of paid app and if installed then that app doesnt start as it cant check with google play store as google play store doesnt respond.
    Q3. i dont see sim tool kit.
    Q4. When i boot into ICS, after sometime, the screen goes black. the phone doesnt respond to any keys. its not off. if someone calls then that person can hear the ring but i cant see anything on the screen. its like a phone when there is no battery.

    but with this ROM, the battery life has been great. earlier, it lasted only for about 8-9 hours with ics but now it goes upto more than 20 hours. even the UI is good n fast…

    can anyone help on above 3 questions? thanks.

  65. alinasym says:

    Hey, I could not find a way to send messages to a group. Can any one help?

  66. Ben says:

    At last official RR 3.8 is out

    At last am using official RESURRECTION REMIX 3.8 JB for Galaxy S2 I9100 – butter smooth and stable so far

  67. Momi says:

    working properly but GREAT BATTERY KILLER…
    whenever i start download anything it restarts

  68. Pedro Rodriguez says:

    Hey wanted to ask you. I’ve done everything succesfully, ROM is working fine but one particular thing. When my wifi antenna is off, the nexus tv animation when shutting off the screen won’t show, once I turn on the wifi antenna, the animation will then work. Any ideas on how to fix this?


  69. john jacobs says:

    Can anyone help please?
    I have installed RESURRECTION REMIX 3.8 JB and can no longer get audio/music out through the micro usb.
    It was working perfectly through my car stereo with ics.
    When i plug it in i get the usb docked sound it charges and the driving mode icon is on screen but audio/music comes out of the phone speaker and isnt passed through.
    I have tried it with usb debugging both on and off, “use dock usb audio” setting in ressurection settings both on and off.

    Thanks John

  70. IL says:

    I’m currently on RR version 2.5.3 and would like to know how do I update it to 3.0.6? Do I just download it from update me -> ROM -> download new ROM version?

  71. Chel says:

    my wifi is freeze/not working cannot turn on or off looks like its disabled how to fix this? I really love this rom but I cant live without wifi, may CWM is v6.0.1.2-Siyah


  72. Javier Acevedi says:

    I tried this ROM yesterday and I have a huge complain because the home button doesn’t work and it is really annoying to play with the phone. The ROM is fast and very stable but I don’t know what to do to solve this problem. Thank you for any response that can help me.

  73. Gilbert Aporto says:

    Im about to root my sgs2 i9100, iwas thinking to use this as my rom, is it safe ? Reply is Highly appreciated

  74. Shailen says:

    Help I installed RR 3.0.9 ROM with Sammy ICS xwlp7 ROM by siyah kernel.RR is primary rom. After reboot it started well. But after then I rebooted n entered in primary ROM it stucked. Then I checked status in cwm it showed only Sammy 2nd ROM. Any suggestions on installing these two ROMs together??

  75. Martin says:

    Which is better? RR.3.0.9 or this?

  76. steve says:

    I’m running 2.6 and the only issue I have is that music volume is muted whenever I receive a text message. I remember reading somewhere that this was going to be fixed in a later version, are people having this issue?

  77. Grant Yao says:

    Max, loving your websites and makes me want to get a Galaxy S3 and install a RR rom in it. πŸ™‚

    Question though, have you installed the version 3.0.9 RR build on your Galaxy S2? I watched your video with RR version 3.0.6 on Galaxy S2 and I like the weather theme on the locked screen. It looks different on 3.0.9 or is this something I can amend? Please advise and more power!


  78. Sumit says:

    This is my first day of rooting. I did the following:
    1)Rooted my I9100 via your video that says “[EASIEST METHOD]” ON YOUTUBE.
    2)Installed titanium backup and backed up my contacts.
    3)Entered into CWM and first “wipe …..factory settings”… and then installed this ROM.
    4) using cm10( for battery as you said) and LMS modem(randomly, didn’t know what to choose installed the ROM.
    5)Everything is great except when i enter ROM control and touch on “Performance”… a dialog box pops up saying “Unfortunately, ROM control has stopped”.
    I tried clearing DALVIK CACHE. Still no help.
    Please help me out.

  79. utsav says:

    Hey Max I’m Not Able To Download 3.1.0 From Update Me Is There Any Other Link For RR 3.1.0

  80. TitleDeath says:

    when I open phone ( select language step ) my Galaxy s2 restart i can’t do any thing

    how can i solve this proplem ?

  81. Mohamed says:

    Hi , Max
    I luv to try this resurection rom. anyway i can do it only over wifi. I just couldn’t get connected whenever i switch to 3g data connection. My main apps that i could not get connected is zello and whats app . Others than this whenever i use wifi its perform flawlessly. any solution. Main problem when ever i’m using AOKP files

  82. Joe says:

    Thanks a lot for your effort. I am very new to the Android world. I managed to unlock my galaxy s2-i9100m. The android version is 4.0.3 and the baseband version is I9100MUGLD3.
    I want to know whether the I9100 is same as I9100M.
    I would love to experience the Jelly Bean but i am worried whether i will brick my phone.

  83. Kuro says:

    Is there a way to save pictures from camera to sd card? Theres no option in camera settings

  84. Misbahi says:

    Hi Guys !
    Everything is Fine at this rom only one problem i am facing here.
    my USB is unable to read in my computer only it is charging. Does anyone has solution???????????

    • David Arjona says:

      hi Misbahi,

      if you have siyah kernel you can do a double boot option and use a regular rom on the secondary to access your USB, or download a completly different rom. i had the same problem and used the dual boot option for a long time until i found a better rom.

  85. vijay mukilan says:

    KoMat@ To get you email (corporate) remove the gmail account before you configure your email exchange.

  86. Sudip says:


    I have been using this ROM for quite some time and i love it. The Rom is smooth with very good to handle. I just need one help. I have recently activated 3G on my phone but the subscriber requires me to change the network mode to WCDMA and i ma not able to figure out from where to do that. Please help

  87. Joe says:

    Thanks a lot for your effort. I am very new to the Android world. I managed to unlock my galaxy s2-i9100m. The android version is 4.0.3 and the baseband version is I9100MUGLD3.
    I want to know whether the I9100 is same as I9100M.
    I would love to experience the Jelly Bean but i am worried whether i will brick my phone.

  88. Abhishek says:

    my system is crashing in between . in settings i cant check some properties like storage , accessibility etc.
    I am using a 7 gb external card right now. should i increase the memory?

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