Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM on Galaxy S2 i9100! [Android 4.0.4/AOKP][Best ROM]

XDA user WestCrip does it again! One of the best ICS ROMs out when ICS was first available was without a doubt the Resurrection Remix ICS ROM (v.9.6 I think). Well starting with PRO version 1.2, the Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM comes with Android 4.0.4 and AOKP features like ROM Control (which I love using on my other phones with AOKP ROMs), allowing you to control every bit of your UI and even overclock to stable 1.6Ghz.

Anyways, you have to try the version 1.2 (and version 1.3 is being uploaded as we speak) and let me know how it works for you!

Installation video:

Download ROM:

Download Resurrection Remix Pro ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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190 Responses

  1. Marcotagudelo says:

    gunna have to try this!!!

    • Asian guy ----- Yip says:

      this rom is not gd, no radio function!!!
      also the task manager !!!!
      however have rom manager ><
      by the way, any ways to solve Chinese inputting issue
      hard for chinese guys text

    • cornel says:

      hey i installed it, it’s ok, all going smooth, but 3G data connection doesen’t seems to work !! PLEASE HELP!

      • Asian Guy says:

        Actually, i have face this issue before. Just reboot thr system and.the 3G data connection will work normally back again.

    • Dumshay says:

      I’ve installed rom but after reboot it stuck on LOADING screen from 1:30 hours…. How much time it takes??
      Please help me..

  2. kwesi yasay says:

    waiting for 1.3

  3. Felix Tresierra says:

    I install the ROM but when I enter to Recent Calls and to try dial a number the screen going black and close the activity in some seconds. what is the problem?

  4. robert says:

    it’s not like i’m trolling, but damn i got 4100 on Quadrant, it’s freakin’, Freakin’, FrEaKiN aWeSoMe!!! lol xD

    • shubham dhand says:

      my galaxy s2 i9100 got 4161 on quadrant benchmark without even rooting..
      that’s amazing isn’t it?

  5. aiti says:

    my hard button are not working at all,i cant use home or back buttons

  6. JPC says:


    1.3 is out

    wow West is really fast


  7. Ali says:


    I have downloaded this rom however as per the video i rebooted my system but my phone is not getting switched on at all. it just shows as samsung galaxy s2 screen w yellow triangle and thats it……

    please help


  8. sanket says:

    dude I am using samsung galasy s2 i9100 & recently downloaded pro remix rom v 1.2 & tried to install it, but i cant root it properly even if i follows the video. Option display in video are not seen in my cell…..
    pls help me for installation of best rom .

  9. Tzadok says:

    Works great very fast and without bugs except for one thing I can not see the external sd card
    some know how to fix it??

    • Sam says:

      The folder of external sd doens’t work indeed, but you have to use the home butten (little house) and then go to emmc. Thats it

  10. ayuns says:

    Whoooooo says there is no bugs?????? 🙁 Please update a review about the v1.3..hope at-least the bugs are fixed in that version… and one more question in this latest versions loads of gapps are missing when i compare with v1.0…is there any way that i can have them back with 1.3? pls pls pls reply..

  11. Sam says:

    I like this ROM very much. Only thing I didn’t like is this:
    In version 1.1 you could acces the task manager app, but you couldn’t clear data or close apps.
    In version 1.2 you can’t even acces the task manager.
    Guess it’s not necessary, but I kinda liked it.

  12. ayuns says:

    Tnxx sam,,will try with the next flashing….and can you please tell me, is the gps , camera and caller bugs are fixed with the new release (v1.3)?

    • Sam says:

      Sorry, havent tried the 1.3.
      Figured I’m going to wait a while now. Can’t flash my phone every 2 days 🙂 (well I can, but I have other things to do besides reconfiguring my phone all the time)

  13. aditya anchan says:

    when are you going to post review of v1.3

  14. Axton says:

    Having error in the apps market.. and i cant even delete my gmail account in sync

  15. Stonka says:

    no Task Manager
    no Radio
    no Kies Air
    other stuff is cool
    Thx for the rom, waiting for newer version

  16. ku123 says:

    nice rom !! cant wait for v1.3

  17. Robert says:

    I have used this on 2 phones both no longer have Video players ?

  18. ayuns says:

    Update makes thing worser and worser……begining to hate this rom…giving so much of disapointments…not stable at alll…… :@ :@ :@

  19. Sybren says:

    v1.1 didn’t had Swype on it, i wonder if v1.2 does. Enybody?

  20. Astroskidder says:

    Bring Swype and FM Radio Tuner back!

  21. PrivateComm says:

    I have been using this ROM since 9.x on the strength of Max’s recommendation as best ICS ROM and it was very very good. However, 1.2 is just broken in so many places and I didn’t find AOKP apps that great. Have moved on to Omega 9 with speedmod and am pleasantly surprised by how good it is in performance and battery. In my opinion it is one of best if not the best ROM. I know Resurrection 1.3 is out but I think I’ve found a better replacement. Resurrection has been a good friend but sadly it is time to goodbye.

  22. teejay cuervo says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. very helpful!

  23. karam says:

    im waiting for your review on this rom !!! plz do a review .. then ill try it 😀

    thanks alot for the awesome videos 🙂

  24. omar says:

    as set up my phone data.
    select data and data roaming, but not working.

  25. Hugo says:

    Do you know how to install system apps? you rated that this is the best rom but i love the samsung stock apps like the task manager, music player, pic gallary?

  26. omar says:

    I need help with my previous post. I tried everything, but I am not able

  27. ThatOneGuy says:

    Okay, I’ve tried v1.3 out, and here’s what I found:

    1. It’s a beautiful ROM, but it doesn’t deliver on performance like I thought it would. I only manages a score of 2100 on Quadrant, with the IO speed taking an especially big hit; the rooted Samsung stock ROM gives me a a Quadrant score of around 3900 to 4000 without overclocking, and between 4500 and 4600 when overclocked to 1.452 GHz.

    2. Aside from installing a custom dialler (which break the aesthetic very jarringly), I could find no way to implement speed dial. That is a feature I absolutely need.

    3. The camera app cannot save photos to the external SD card.

    4. Swiping left and right on contacts to call or message is not available. I don’t know if this is typical in ICS, but I thought it was a very nifty feature in the stock contacts app.

    5. The overclock is gone without the Siyah kernel (which apparently causes the camera app to crash).

    6. I never realized how much I relied on the task manager until it was gone. The ability to clear the RAM was also sorely missed.

    Besides these issues, the ROM works great. If anyone has any fixes to these problems, please do let me know. I love this ROM, but can’t make daily use of it without at least the speed dial and task manager.

    Thank you!

    • ThatOneGuy says:

      Please don’t reply to this thread. I forgot to enable email notifications for comments. (D’oh!)


  28. ThatOneGuy says:

    Sorry about reposting this, but I forgot to click on the email notification option. Please reply to this thread instead of the earlier one.

    Okay, I’ve tried v1.3 out, and here’s what I found:

    1. It’s a beautiful ROM, but it doesn’t deliver on performance like I thought it would. I only manages a score of 2100 on Quadrant, with the IO speed taking an especially big hit; the rooted Samsung stock ROM gives me a a Quadrant score of around 3900 to 4000 without overclocking, and between 4500 and 4600 when overclocked to 1.452 GHz.

    2. Aside from installing a custom dialler (which break the aesthetic very jarringly), I could find no way to implement speed dial. That is a feature I absolutely need.

    3. The camera app cannot save photos to the external SD card.

    4. Swiping left and right on contacts to call or message is not available. I don’t know if this is typical in ICS, but I thought it was a very nifty feature in the stock contacts app.

    5. The overclock is gone without the Siyah kernel (which apparently causes the camera app to crash).

    6. I never realized how much I relied on the task manager until it was gone. The ability to clear the RAM was also sorely missed.

    Besides these issues, the ROM works great. If anyone has any fixes to these problems, please do let me know. I love this ROM, but can’t make daily use of it without at least the speed dial and task manager.

    Thank you!

  29. Daniel says:

    Hi Guys,

    So im currently running on resurrection 9.4 and all is well besides im getting shocking battery drain, so looking to upgrade to the current version. Do I have to do a complete wipe again and start from scratch, as I would really love to just upgrade and keep all apps/settings/data the same…??



  30. Faisal says:

    I had 3098 for 1.3

  31. Faisal says:

    And 3148 after overclocking 2 1.6ghz

  32. Amos Manso says:


    We know you love Resurrection roms. But they have some issues , it doesn’t deliver more battery. The benefit from this is marginal. I can’t tell the difference. And two things keeps crashing CONTACTS and the DIALER

    I really can’t believe this is BEST ICS ROM

    • ayuns says:

      I agreee…big time…this sucks now… becoming a crap..

    • phhhhhhh says:

      So I am NOT the only one with the contacts/dialer problem! I can’t believe it’s so sh!t. This rom sucks. I’ve tried it from 1.0, to 1.1 (which had much better battery life) and now 1.2 is sapping battery faster than a rugby player drinks beer. And my phone is just on sleep! I didn’t even go online yet! I’m not using live wallpaper or have fancy widgets. This REALLY sucks!

  33. Artur says:

    No sd card without connecting through file manager emmc, no rask manager and samsung shop – that sucks. But rom seems stable and fast. Try espacially nova launcher with unninsraling this Apex. Thats great. Many things to configure thats nice. Less battery draining.

  34. Stonka says:

    WESTCRİP must include Kies Air , Samsung apps, Task manager, Radio, USB Mas storage and it will be perfect.

  35. Artur says:

    There is usb mass storage mode when you just plug usb cable to the phone and comp.

  36. kiki says:

    my drained in full use in 2,5 hour

  37. a user says:

    I really think you should all take a step to dragon ICS. AMAZING smooth and everything you need. Excellent ROM

    • ash says:

      Tnx for the tp man, Dragon might even be better than Resurrection remix.
      Have just installed it and used it now for an hour and am already in love.
      where do you get the updates??

    • ash says:

      do u have any troubles with google play?
      everytime i try to download apps it says fail.
      Don’t understand what that is. had the same problem with other roms.

      • Galaxy_Tweaker says:

        I have had this problem ever since i rooted my phone.
        The fix to this i simply to unmount/disable the sd card in settings–>Storage and go to the bottom i think. And after you have installed it you can mount the sd card againg and transfer the app to the sd card if you like.
        Hope this helps!

  38. santiago says:

    hello is any posibility of getting a hard brick flashing with cmw

  39. kobby rhule says:

    Hey man, after install this, you can not manually change your hsdpa to be on all the time. as soon as i put on the data network, it goes straight to Edge which i dont like. is there any way you can fix it to WEDMA only without switching?

    • shashankdombe says:

      hey man, normally the mobile network will be set in “auto mode” or “preferred WCDMA”. You can change it by going to settings, more>mobile networks>network mode to GSM(2G) only or WCDMA(3G) only, so that it wont change. you can also get 2g to 3g converter apps.

  40. kobby rhule says:

    HSDPA wont work at all. it changes back to EDGE why?

  41. chris says:

    hey, please help

    in 1.2 theres is no task manager and no german swype. i mostly have NO Signal and the WLAN works strange or nothing.

    where can i find 1.3?
    Or are there some fixes?

    Please help me.

  42. kobby rhule says:

    How do i activate WCDMA only on Network mode. with v.1.1 you can activate it smothly but with V. 1.2 and V. 1.3 you can. it only has on device HSPDA + HSUPA and HSPDA and UMTS and when you enable enable of this, it doesn’t work but rather moves to EDGE. why? is there any fix

  43. 3xxi says:

    hello nice rom but I got s big problem I cant put off thr google search(voicr search) I was trying many ways but no luck untill now,like this I can’t search for wnything in black market,google market and so on please help! 5* if you help me fixing that issue hope in future with task manager:)

    • Sam says:

      go to settings, language and input, delete google speach thingy. (don’t know the correct english terms for all of these menus)

  44. Roberto says:

    My camera doesnt work and all my apps turn into landscape mode. isn’t there a more stable rom than this one?

  45. Jason says:

    I’m currently using foxhound’s latest rom. I did use to have Resurrection remix but I will wait till a better and alot more stable version is released. * I would recommend the latest foxhound rom btw 😉

  46. omar says:

    Rom is the best I know so far.
    Within 48 hours of use, do not lock me even once.
    I discuss some details:
    1 The camera does not have all the options.
    2 When you receive a call, you can see the whole menu.
    3 The option to call or send message directly to contacts.

    Greetings and congratulations

  47. Fan says:

    I can Not get internet at all. I enabled the HSPDA + HSUPA and still nothing. I also made sure to check network data…..any help please?

  48. 3xxi says:

    well I didn’t found any option to delete the google search..any1 know solution?or have the same problem I don’t want to delete the rom just because of this:(

  49. mahmood alasfoor says:

    i was thinking about switching from foxhound to this .. but after i read the comments i changed my mind .. the batista rom is giving me a nice 4800 score on quadrant after overclocking to 1400MHz .. scaling governor lulzactive .. its not perfect though and it crashs .. but i learned to live with that 🙂

  50. assil says:

    i use 1.3 version for 2 day now and the only problem is battery drain (it was good with 1.1 version) i dont now what happend .
    please some help.

    • assil says:

      i has been back to 1.1 version because the 1.3 version drain my battery and 1.1 work perfectly for me. but if any one knew how to fix the probleme of battery in 1.3 (please tell me :i like the knew option of rom control in 1.3 but i can’t use because of the battery probleme).

  51. Tony Stark says:

    Hey I have updated to 1.3 and I have few bugs
    1. Can’t restore sms the sms app crashes
    2. Can’t install where’s my water
    3. Sd card not visible (its visible in recovery mode)

  52. Andy says:

    with the last version that i tried to install (i think v9.6 of non-Pro) i had some major issues with widgets not sizing properly (A.K.A being cut off, especially resizeable widgets). I noticed that it is a problem with most ICS home screen applications. For example when i try to put the digital clock included by samsung on the homescreen, it takes up 4*2 instead of 4*1, and when resized to 4*1, it cuts off the edges. Is there a way to get around this?

  53. Nick says:

    Does anyone know why my app store isn’t showing up on this ROM?

  54. pege63 says:

    Why cant i mount my EXT SD card only in CWM can i see my ext sd card?
    How can i fix this in V 1.3?

    • Ehab Reda says:

      Fix if you want MTP with Sd card again..

      01) Download “Terminal Emulator” from google play
      02) Open app
      03) Type these commands (press enter after each line)

      setprop persist.sys.usb.config mtp

      …Copied from XDA forum…

  55. Mert says:

    I’ve tested everyhing and all pretty awesome with the rom, thought theres an issue, incoming call screen is kinda fucked up zedomax. Is there any way to fix that?

  56. Ehab Reda says:

    I have done some readings in the XDA forum…

    Best Rom ever.

  57. Bjørn says:

    Installed 1.2 alomg With Siyah kernel, and no problems so far.

    Found out that multitasking by longpressing homekey is just disabled by default, but Can by enabled under settings (rom control -> navigation bar -> kong press home key).

    Lige the rom so far, but misses MIUI.

  58. Naruto says:

    I just love resurrection remix and the 1.3 is the best, but I had to go back to 1.1 for one big feature!!!
    The TV out dose not work properly!!!! 🙁
    I dose not show what is happening on the screen, bu it can play some videos to the TV bu only MKV format, and
    for them also it depends on the codec also.

    If this cod be fixed in another reels this would be the best ICS rom for GS2 out there.

    But for now I have to be satisfied with 1.1 :'(

  59. Paulo says:

    This isn’t the best ICS rom, never. FC, no speed dial, contacts and dialer freezing… Solved all problems using the much better Foxhound ROM.

  60. Ahmee kadous says:

    V 1.4 is out and I will traying it today

    • ahmed kadous says:

      i tried 1.4 it very stable but there is some application not found in it like samsung app store

      • Ed says:

        samsung apps will no longer be available on the v1.4. that’s because v1.4 is based on aokp while samsung android is based on aosp. so all samsung apps will not work on this version.

  61. Stu says:

    For me – v1.3 and v1.4 don’t pickup network settings from Vodafone NZ and therefore APN’s don’t exist. Added these manually and then all of a sudden they turned up however on a restart it would not connect to the APN’s in order to perform downloads over 3G or HSDPA.

    Contacts (sync from Exchange) within the dialer keeps crashing and therefore can’t dial anyone.
    No APN’s

  62. shank says:

    Few problems need to be solved & needs lots of changes !!

    1) Mobile starts heating up after playing a game for more than 10min’s.
    2)Few apps are not supported.
    3)Strongly recommended that task manager be re-initiated.
    4)Battery problem(phone stays alive only for 6hrs or max 8hrs).

    P.S i love this rom and thanks for all the dedication you have done!! keep up the good work!!

  63. 7seng7 says:

    Does it work on Tmobile Galaxy s2?
    I seem to get an error message saying “unverified signature”.

  64. Spunky says:

    Tried v1.3, but got disappointed. Tried it with Siyah and speedmod kernel.
    It just wasnt as smooth as Lite’ningrom v2.7 so i flashed back to that. The rom control is good.

  65. richard says:

    yet again its crap! i fucking hate samsung and never want it again!
    i strongy consider to buy iphone than this piece of crap, nothing works and after 1 week wifi stops working i cant updat nothing im sick of it and i will tell the world to stop buy samsung crap!

  66. Ahmad Saab says:

    Hey i installed version 1.4 , but it gets stuck at the boot logo which says android i followed all instructions please help

  67. aditya anchan says:

    why do u prefer remix rom every time there are many ics rom for gt-i19100 even then u always post review of remix rom
    i would recommend you to give review of other rom rather than remix rom such as criskelo servan and dynamic rom

  68. dan says:

    you said you will put a video of how to change boot animation.

  69. lmh91 says:

    Hi guys just upgraded to 1.4 form 1.0 yesterday….did a tried both a full wipe install and a non-wipe install multiple times following all tips on xda and have a couple problems. Scrolling seems to lag and jump a bit and is not as fast and as smooth as the experience on 1.0. Also the phone doesn’t seem to go into deep sleep that much and auto syncs are rarely put on. Apart from that this rom is better in every way compared to 1.0! Any ideas how to fix these 2 problems? could changing the kernal help?

    • Ed says:

      For the screen scrolling lag problem, it is due to the kernel. just flash it with a better kernel and that should fix your scrolling problem. I am using thoravukk and the scrolling is a lot smoother than before. I’m also having trouble with the deep sleep function. guessing it’s due to the functions of the governors and the way you use yr phone. for now, i am having trouble with battery life. auto sync seem to work fine on mine. you should probably check if u have your auto sync feature made to turned off when your screen is off in the power saving mode under rom control.

      • lh91 says:

        Thanks for the reply mate….what version of thoravukk kernel are you using I’m using 2.23 but it still has lag….tried other kernels but they brought worse problems

  70. Nelutu says:

    Hi, I have installed this version, but I have a problem:
    – when someone calls me, I see in the bottom of my screen only half icons of responding or rejecting the call.
    I have tried to find out how to change the answering mode but no result.
    Can you help me with this?

    • Simas says:

      I get the same thing.. did you find a fix?

      • Nelutu says:

        Not yet, please let me know if you find something.
        Other thing is when you want to delete multiple contacts from call log you can only delete manual one by one or clear entire log.
        Also when you want to call somebody from your auto it’s not so easy because you need enter in contact and then click on the telephone number.

  71. RISING-STAR says:

    1. I’m using RR 1.4 on my Galaxy S2. It is the great rom, but… Is it possible to set storage for camera to use? I used this feature on 1.0 to store my photos and videos on sdcard. But on 1.4 I haven’t found appropriate setting in settings menu of the camera.
    2. RR 1.4 doesn’t install MMS.apk file during the flashing. There is no icon for SMS/MMS application in Apex Laucher dock. You need to install mms.apk file manually after flashing. Seems that it is an issue.
    3. FmRadio and SoundRecorder applications are missed in applications list. I see them in /system/app folder but can’t run. Also I can’t install them manually.

  72. Tushar Kumar says:


    Can i use this ROM on Indian phones?
    I mean that in India,ICS hasn’t launched so can i use it on my phone?

    Waiting for your answer.


  73. Kyozaki says:

    Gave this a shot…while it has some nice customizable options, the camera and gallery functions are terrible. The camera just plain sucks, images are blurry and doesn’t pick up light very well. Recording in 1080p doesn’t work, neither does 720p (you push record and nothing happens). And when you record on the other option, 480p, the result is a radom bunch of coloured lines.

    Again it’s nice and things like FM radio not working aren’t an issue for me, but one of the reasons I chose the Samsung Galaxy SII (nearly a year ago now 😛 ) was the 8mp camera so I could take shots and record in HD. This is a big deal breaker for me so I’ll be reverting back to Italian Custom Style, 4 Seasons 1.0 (based on stock gingerbread so the camera and video are great).

    Thanks for posting this though, I’m sure the rom has value to other people, but its not really my thing.


  74. gil says:

    hello plz help
    i installed resurrection remix on my galaxy 2 but now i dont see any of my contacts that were on my sim card)and im sure that they were on my sim card cause i transfered it from galaxy 1 and the contacts remained)
    what do i need to do ? i looked at all the settings i could find and didnt see any option to export contacts from my sim card

  75. Pent says:

    Am I able to do this on My i9100MUGKG2, the phone is Canadian, network is Bell Mobility.

  76. cornel says:

    please help with the 3g connection….pisses me off…

  77. Matt says:

    I recently upgraded the whole way to 1.4 AOKP from 1.2…

    And all is working great, little disappointed that some apps are missing due to functionality or whatever but not too bothered because of all the sick features I didnt have before 😉

    However, when listening to music and receiving a notification the notification sound plays through the handset speaker, and then the music volume goes to literally just above mute. I then need to use the volume button to reset it to its initial level… any ideas how to fix? It’s really the only thing bugging me atm!

  78. mannen says:

    got 4175 on quadrant

  79. Jayps says:

    I have tried a few of these ICS ROMs and I only have one problem so far – in the app drawer, I can’t create folders to categorize my apps as I could with Samsung’s TouchWiz (TW Launcher). Are there any stable, working ICS ROMs available where I can do this?

  80. lh91 says:

    On 1.4 this from feels a little laggy and unsmooth….the kentetic scrolling lags and is unsmooth …also camera has some bugs like pressing back key the led flash comes on ….using thoravuck kernel 2.23 and battery is sick …..had same problems with stock kernel….installed following all gabos instructions

  81. mannen says:

    neeh, didnt like it..going for the 1.1..went from 1.0 to 1.2, now im gonna try 1.1 that i hope is the same as 1.0

  82. Corrytrevor says:

    Resurrection Remix Pro v1.4 working for me. Did a No Wipe install (upgrade) from v1.2. Phone problem (only showing half of answer button) is fixed. Touch screen is more responsive.

  83. Artur says:

    V. 1.4 is the best rom I have so far and I`ve tested it some. Very fast, super stable, cool roms options to configurate. Much better tha Batista PsychoMantis. Remember to intall it by instruction. I also wiped data, cache, dalvik before installing it and did data/factory wipe after install – as instructed.

  84. szymek says:

    I found 2 bugs:
    -first, camera recording does’t work (1080p, 720p), 480p works but the image is something wrong (lines in the image)
    -second bug backlight button does’t work

  85. JK says:

    Hey admin,
    can you do reviews on some kernels?

  86. Ed says:

    ICS v1.4 is by far the best aokp rom with most problems fixed.

    Things that i like about ICS v1.4 compared to v1.0 & v1.1 aosp roms:
    1) most bugs have been fixed. It’s pretty much flawless and everything runs so smoothly with very good performance. (after flashing with a new kernel. the kernel that came in the rom was very bad, causing lag and insensitive touchscreen.)

    2) on a secured lock screen, you can still display your slide lockscreen (which looks pretty cool) before requiring
    you to enter yr password.

    3) rom control gives better customization of the whole rom.

    4) although task manager has been removed which i rely on clearing the ram, this aokp based rom managed ram much better than aosp roms. each time i check, it only uses about 330mb out of the available 800+mb ram. there’s no need to clear the ram manually.

    But the several things that disappoints me:

    1) the camera app isnt as good as before with fewer options and the whole camera app seem pretty sucky.

    2) external sd card problem. the phone cant seem to access the sd card by itself from any app (except musics). the only way i can save to sd card is to save the things on the phone 1st then use file manager to transfer to external sd. even within the the file manager, there’s problem using the ‘move file’ option to move to/from between internal n external sd storage. the only way is to COPY it to the new location then DELETE the old file. Computers too cant detect the external sd when the phone is plugged in.

    3)battery life is terrible. i’m using thoravukk kernel and set governors to those that are meant to increase battery life but still no improvement. (limiting the the CPU frequency is not an option to me. i prefer to keep it at default since i play some games occasionally. and the battery life test does not include playing games. its just moderate usage throughout the day. battery life only last for about 6hours with moderate use.)

    4) i like the cooliris gallery but it is not available on v1.4. tried downloading cooliris gallery and also fm radio and installed it but failed. probably it’s only available to aosp based roms.

    5) quadrant test scored with a very disappointing 3100 with cpu overclocked to 1600mhz and governor set to performance. aosp roms scored 4200 without any modification with the kernel and rom.

    i might consider downgrading back to aosp based rom seeing all these cool features are gone and also i get a higher quadrant score plus better battery life on aosp roms. atleast thats for ressurrection remix roms.

    • lh91 says:

      What kernel version are you using?….iv tried numerous clean wipes and thoravukk kernels 2.32, 2.35 and 2.23….2.23 has worked best for me but I still get lag with scrolling… what did you do to get it smooth?

  87. omar says:

    Hello, I have a problem.
    I tried to change the startup animation.
    I changed the but failed.
    I wish someone could explain it to me.

    Sorry about the expression.

    a greeting from Spain

    Hola,tengo un problema.
    He intentado cambiarle la animacion de inicio.
    He cambiado la pero fracasé.
    Me gustaría que alguien me lo pudiese explicar.

    Perdon por la expresion.

    un saludo desde España

  88. Akshay says:

    Hey guys.

    My s2’s firmware’s build no. is XWKL1 and the kernel is also KL1. If I root using chainfire’s CWM can I go straight to installing this ROM?

    Is there anything else that needs to be done?

  89. EdGe says:

    Installed and running Resurrection Remix on my SG2. Thanks a lot. Your instructions are so clear and easy to understand, I bet my 5-year old daughter would be able to flash her mother’s phone herself.

    • EdGe says:

      UPDATE: I can’t seem to be able to use my hard buttons (Menu, Home and Back keys). Everything else seem to work fine. I can’t even boot back to CMRecovery because my Home key doesn’t seem to be responding.

  90. Danny Nilsson says:

    Now i have searched the most of XDA to know more about this rom. I run the Resurrection Remix PRO ICS 1.1, but is Resurrection Remix 1.5 the same branch or is it two different roms compared to the name PRO?

  91. Galaxy s2 says:

    hello i have installed this rom. but showing me loading logo from nearly half an hour 🙁

  92. Artur says:

    Yesterday, there was v. 1.5 relaese. Nice one.

  93. omar says:

    I have a problem when someone calls me, I can not see the options to cook the call l hang up. Any solution?

  94. omar says:

    I have a problem when someone calls me, I can not see the options to cook the call l hang up. Any solution?

  95. Adi says:

    the battery life needs to be improved its really poor

  96. Bernard says:


    I’m currently on GB (2.3.3) and I’m really interested in installing this ROM. can anybody provide detailed steps/instructions to successfully install this ROM. I’m a newbie to these kinfs of things so any help would be grreatly appreciated.

  97. waqas says:

    I like the resurrection roms but ALL of the roms have one specific problem for me. They ALL OVERHEAT. When i turn on GPS it overheats, when i turn on my WIFI it overheats. Plus the battery performance is great when its in sleep mode like i turn off the screen the battery consumption is awesome but when i turn on the screen it starts draining the battery like crazy. Why is it overheating so much?????

  98. chris says:

    where i get 1.5???

    from my side, i can say in austria only work 1.0!

    1.1 is not so good
    1.2 there are no signal of 3G, no radio, no kies air, no task manager, no swype! like bullshit ( sorry – i like your work)

    please help me.

    sen me some update.

  99. caloyzki says:

    how to enable soft keys?

  100. Justin Ong says:

    flash the kernel that is given in the link or flash the original kernel ( e.g dxkh2 ) ?

  101. Justin Ong says:

    Do we need to flash the siyah kernel on odin?

  102. iamthemarvin says:

    This wrong is very unstable. Here are my experiences:
    -Ive experienced more than 10 freezes in 2 days of trying
    -Drains the battery very quickly
    -Poor scores in Quadrant
    -Heats my S2

    i hope there will be a fix soon. For now i’ll go back to stock rom.

  103. omar says:

    Hello, my cell phone with Rom 4.0.4 does not detect SDCARD Resurrection. I can not install anything or read anything on the SDcard. What solution you give me?

  104. omar says:

    Hello, my cell phone with Rom 4.0.4 does not detect SDCARD Resurrection. I can not
    install anything or read anything on the SDcard. What solution you give me? sorry for muy2post

  105. Samuel Tan says:

    Long press multi-taking is not included or how do i activate it ? someone teach me PLEASE 😀

  106. saad says:


  107. Saad says:

    Ok flashed it successfully the v2.4 version is a bit different but it has Gapps included and you dont have to download anything else on top of it.

  108. Vinar Amrutia says:


    I just updated to this new rom which is amazingly awesome. I am more than happy with this change. the only problem I see is, when I try to pinch the home screen it takes me to a screen which looks like home screen but has nothing except for a button which says “Exit Overview” but nothing happens when I click on it. Unfortunately at the end I have to restart my cellphone every time this happens. Any solutions to this. Thank you in advance. Help is really appreciated.


  109. Rhythm says:

    hi all,

    i m facing quite a few Problem..please provide me the solutions if Any…

    1. do not have Folder Option in the main Menu thing..n cant rearrange the app as well..

    2.lacks Radio Funtion

    pls help…

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