Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM v.1.1 on Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best ROM]

Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM version 1.1 is here folks for the Galaxy S2 i9100. The new version has LOTS of new updates, mostly behind the scenes to give you much better performance, battery life, and perfect deep sleep mode. I know some of you were having trouble on 1.0 but give the new version a try, it should be “flawless”.

UPDATE: Version 1.2 is out now with AOKP and Android 4.0.4!!!!

Installation Video:

Download ROM:

Download Resurrection Remix ROM files

Credits – XDA
Also see version 1.0 video review if you haven’t seen it yet:

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169 Responses

  1. daveboy4144 says:

    Hi can I know if there is a resurrection remix rom for DXLP7 I9100?

  2. Ace says:

    Hi mate, thanks a lot. This ROM has been really good but i still prefer downgrading to Gingerbread 2.3.5 on my Galaxy S2 i9100. ICS experience is vibrant but I still miss the Touchwiz UI with Gingerbread. Any suggestions how to downgrade? I’m afraid the apps Force Close problem is still not fixed. Many apps don’t yet support ICS experience.
    Please help in downgrading.
    Ace (UK)

  3. Joshua says:

    wow can’t wait to install this in my galaxy s2, the 1.0 version was awesome but not flawless, hope this one gonna fix all the annoying problems that im having right now

  4. vivs says:

    V 1.0 was awesome experience..just going to try this one now…great work mate…keep it up

  5. robert says:

    How do i change that HORRIBLE custom boot to original or something else? please help

    • Benedict Tan Shan-Wen says:

      This is also relevant to my interests! I have been looking for a way to do this with no definitive answer for Resurrection Remix.

      • robert says:

        yeah dude i don’t know why this guy says it is cool, it is damn horrible!.. please help anyone!. Tried by doing it via ODIN on PDA and a TAR file and nothing, will try with a SBL.bin file…

        • Benedict Tan Shan-Wen says:

          Hmm, I posted a reply from the office but it may either still be waiting for verification or been rejected. Basically It’s possible to change the boot animation and relatively easy to do; I found instructions on youtube on how to do it using just ES file explorer and a boot animation of my choice I found off XDA Developers. Come Monday I will know whether me post had been rejected or not.

  6. Josuhu says:

    Do I need to to wipe Dalvik Cache after installing this Rom ?

  7. Jose says:

    I’m having some problems with my phone when i install any new rom. My phone doesnt read the sim card and the lockscreen is not working any idea to solve this??

  8. JPC says:

    Awesome video Max!!!
    wow request answered.

    my SGS2 is currently on Resurrection Ver. 1.0 (baseband XXLPQ with LPJ kernel) and im thinking to upgrade to Ver 1.1

    couple of questions thou,
    1. On Ver.1.0, its compatible for XXLPQ, but ver. 1.1 say’s XXLPE, can i still upgrade to this version same with the procedure on this video?
    2. Someone advised me to use the Siyah-v3.orc1 Kernel for ver. 1.1, what are your thoughts on it?


  9. Josuhu says:

    Does not connect to Kies. Gonna try to flash this again. Please let me know if you face similar problems. otherwise working really good.

  10. Lawrence says:

    It doesn’t have flash player! What to do!?

  11. Wutan says:

    What is the best way to go from 1.0 to 1.1 if you only have access to clockwork manager (not recovery)?

    I’m updating from the Resurrection 1.0 to 1.1 and ran into problems. I followed the previous 1.0 install video and installed the additional updates (including the CWM zip). I have Clockwork Manager, but have limited functionality because of the kernal (i.e. I can’t install rom from zip). Unless I flash a different (compliant) kernal, I don’t think clockwork recovery will work as it once did.

    This is the first time for me where I flashed a kernal/rom and clockwork recovery disappeared, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks community!

    • Josuhu says:

      I updated from V1.0 to V1.1 with CWM recovery touch by running the 1.0_CMW update from stock recovery. Thats the way you can get the CWM recovery running and then just flash the new rom.

      Just make sure u put the 1.0_CWM file to the external SD card and then you can run it.

      • Paul W says:

        @Josuhu – I am running Resurrection v1.0 & have had no issues at all.

        Is there an file to upgrade to v1.1, or do I have to re-flash from scratch, just like a new ROM?

        I really want to keep my existing data & apps – will this be possible?

        Can you advise the best way to update yo v1.1?


        • Josuhu says:

          I think the best way to update a ROM is doing it with CWM recovery and yes you also have to reset your phone by doing factory reset in CWM recovery. BUT!! take backup of all your apps and data with “Titanium backup” and then you can restore them for your new ROM. That is the best way.

          Importan! Remember take a full ROM backup in CWM recovery of your current working ROM. This way if facing problem with new ROM you can go straight back to your Resurrection V1.0 and all will be there just like you left it.

  12. Ernesto says:

    Hi I did all the steps as in the video and it always worked for me untill now? I went from resurrection 9.6 to 1.0 and now when I try to root to 1.1 it says e signature failed aborted?

    Please advice m8 I am stucked.

    Cheers E

  13. Sam says:

    Lock screen not working – fix (worked for me)
    Download “Terminal Emulator” app from market
    – open it
    – type into the command shell you just got:

    echo -n ON > /efs/imei/keystr


  14. extra says:

    I have resurrection remix pro v.1.0 rom , now I’m trying to update to v1.1 but I failed in the first step , when I connected my device to the computer and tried to copy the files into internal storage its says ” cannot copy the file , the device has either stopped resoponding or has been disconnected ” common for god sake , I want to updrade, I haven’t faced such a problem …
    although I haven’t installed the cwm yet is that relevant .. this is the first time I’m having problems with ics rom

  15. extra says:

    max help , can’t copy ROM files into internal usb storage…

  16. extra says:

    I have just bought micro sd card , I copied rom files on it as well as CWM v1.0 , then I rebooted into recovery mode.. selected ” apply update from external storage ” and then chose CMW , it was okay for a while a menu appeared that contain the regular options of CWM , BUT BUT it is not functional , I couldn’t selected anything from the menu options … this version of CWM seem to be buggy and not functional , is there a better version of cwm…
    I really want to upgrade to resurrection remix v1.1 because of the sms issue .. please reply

    • Josuhu says:

      Hey extra. It is a “1.0_CMW recovery Touch” just use it with your touch screen. It got me thinking too if its a faulty but it really works fine.

  17. geet says:

    I couldnt install this Resurrection remix 1.1.. Error shown “Verification Failed” while trying to install the 1st file.

  18. Raid Rabadi - Jordan says:

    can I use install new updates from ” install updates/ ….. etc ” with gapp remix 1.1 in CMW ????? and rest steps same Resurrection_remix_ICS_PE_1.0

  19. Daniel says:

    Hi people 🙂

    I really need help please because I’m a total noobie to the rooting/rom installing … I just bought my galaxy s2 GT-I9100M with gingerbread 2.3.3

    1) Is my phone compatible with this rom ?
    2) What are the first steps I need to do in order to put this rom ?

  20. Stu says:

    The boot up animation is the worst I’ve ever seen. Also the ROM is so much slower than 1.0 and v9.7. 3200 in quadrant. At least the T9 contact lookup from dialer was fixed though. Bring on v1.2.

    • Quijote says:

      I´m having similar performance issues with 1.1. I was very happy with 1.0 and it gave me Quadrant scores of 4100. This ROM only gives 3300. But the worst thing is that the wifi no longer reaches my upstairs bedroom which means no music to wake up to.
      I installed 1.1 with no issues at all, but immediately also flashed the Siyah kernal v3.0 rc4 that all the folks on the XDA forum seemed to like so well. So I´m not sure if the lack of performance is due to the ROM or the kernal. I´m going to read a bit on XDA to see what folks are getting with this newest Siyah kernal.
      But if I can´t tweak it, I´m going back to 1.0 because it did everything really well except for easy CWM.

      • Quijote says:

        I tweaked the Siyah kernel a bit and the Quadrant scores were all over the place… a low of 3100 and a high of 4100. I improved the wifi a bit by changing the channel on my router. The phone is basically weak on wifi and the ROM doesn’t affect that. I’m gonna stick with 1.1 a while longer and see what I can do with it.
        I have to say thought that I have had absolutely no problems with it in any way. Everything works fine. I was super-careful to do the installation just as instructed and it works great.

        • Quijote says:

          OK, here is my final report. I read all the 18,600 posts on XDA developers site and also all I could find on the Siyah kernel. And with that in mind, I have tweaked this system to my satisfaction.
          First, I have found absolutely no problems with the ROM. If you load the kernel that comes with it, you should have a good balance between performance and battery life.
          I loaded the Siyah kernel – the most recent version 3.0. With this kernel, your configuration of it will be important. I found that I could change my Quadrant scores dramatically depending on the kernel configuration. But setting for high Quadrants will give short battery life. So there are settings that give a good balance. Here is what I learned: with dual core processors like the ARM, running both all the time will heat up the phone and run down the battery in no time, so they have schemes to run on just one processor until the second one is needed for some intense task. In the kernel, there is a progam called the Governor which regulates the speed of the processors and sets a threshold before the second core joins in. There are many adjustments for the governor, but there are some setups that you can load that do most of the work. I selected one that gives me nearly 4000 on Quadrant, but gives me an entire day of heavy usage on the battery. (I play with the phone a lot). To adjust the performance of the kernel, download from the store the free program ExTweaks (only for the Siyah kernel) and use that to configure.
          If you follow exactly the process shown above for installing this ROM, there is no reason why you shouldn´t have success with it.

    • Ashish says:

      To change boot animation download file from

      copy that file to system/media using root explorer (mount to r/w)
      Reboot ur phone to see new bootscreen.

  21. Chris says:

    Hi I was just wondering is there anyway of stopping my phone sending messages twice to people? Loveyou it only happens with this room. Thanks:).

  22. Jay-D says:

    first time user of samsung s2 and installed this rom on my samsung s2. everything worked perfectly fine except for the first time the camera would open and close by itself but then went into applications setting and clear the cache and force stopped the application and ever since then its been working fine. battery life is great. the only bug that i see in this rom is that it wont light up when i get a text which needs to be fixed! apart from that great work guys your videos were really helpful.

  23. gpujari says:

    Bugs: Apex launcher fc on every boot, dialer does NOT work. FC everytime. Flashed to stock..

  24. Joshua says:

    This is a great Rom. Ive been using it for a couple of days now. Pretty stable.
    The only issues i can think of are the gray backgrounds with the dark gray text on it. For my whatsapp messenger text screen and the facebook widget.
    Also. When i get a new SMS its highlighted in orange for some reason.
    Other than that. It seems really good.
    One question though. How come none of these ROMS have the AOSP call screen? like CM9.
    I think thats the only thing missing. How can i get the stock galaxy nexus call screen?

  25. Artur says:

    How to chech if the application list which runs on background ?

  26. Sandeep Chauhan says:

    It has a few problems as v1.0is better than this
    Contacts always show force close .. and its not as smooth as gingerbread well how to forget that dreadful animation in start hope these problems will be fixed in next version

  27. Daniel says:

    This is great, but i cant get it to connect to 3g. I’ve doublechecked my carrier settings, but when I enable “Use packet data” nothing happens. Also the hotkey for data on the drop down menu does not work. Anybody else got this issue?

  28. JN says:

    MAX, I have got a problem that I have installed the resurrection pro v1.0 but then I cannot boot into my sdcard in the stock recovery that it says failed to mount. What is the problem and is there a way that can enable me to update to this v1.1? Please advice.

  29. ahmed kadous says:

    the contact always force close when i installed this rom this rom is not stable as you told us

  30. waqas says:

    The 1.0 made my S2 overheat alot so i removed it, will this new 1.1 fix that issue or not???

  31. joselesanroman says:

    Max, or anyone out there…

    Which one is better? which one has better battery, and which one is more stable?
    I previously had resurrection v9.6 but i then upgraded to pro v1.0

    let me know what you all think.

    CHEERS 🙂

  32. Droidoider says:

    Dude can we flash LPQ kener n modem in this rom and also wanna ask which one is new Resurrection 1.1 or 9.6?


  33. SEBYYY says:

    The Dialer always FC now.
    actually dialer FC with showing COntracts stopped working, but actually the contacts is workign fine. the real problem is with dialer only. looks like it has problem in reading the call log and also with T9 contacts.

    urgently need a solution for this otherwise we canot continue using this rom.

    The rom is nice and works fast, also like the black interface for calling which saves battery.


  34. SEBYYY says:

    i have solved the problem by using the belwo dialer, which is very nice and fast.
    Suggest guys who have problem with dialer please try this if you like the rom.
    Ray Dialer from google play.

    this will help from reinstalling the rom and save time.

    If this helps anyone 🙂


  35. Joshua says:

    im surprised that as an update from a very well polished ICS rom, this one is extremely bad. like there are so many bugs, audio problem, crash everywhere, play store doesnt work etc. This even makes me to install the stock ICS for galaxy s2 and root it. Still we have to appreciate his work nevertheless, He’s the first person who brought me to rooting stuffs

  36. merlin says:

    this ROM sucks at :
    1 the boot screen is horrible
    2 call recording is not recording
    3 caller bugs
    4 there are subtle changes to the UI , the previous version -v1.0- was better ( I’m talking about the backgraounds pannels )
    5 non english language sucks.
    6 bugs in lock screen

  37. merlin says:

    Arabic language is really really odd, and big , I even think to downgrade to gingerbread because of the arabic language.

  38. merlin says:

    is there a tweak or something to treat the Arabic language , I don’t even want syles I just want the font to get smaller..

    • extra says:

      OVER HEATIGN problems , come on guys , don’t you test the version first , and the camera is like hell …

      • Josef says:

        I have a lot og issues with the keyboard when I text. The keyboard freezes constantly
        Annonce else experienced this problem with 1.1?

  39. extra says:

    battery life was alot better with v 1.0

  40. Lucas says:

    Hello. Thank you very much. I just got to know your channel this week. Its great! thank you very much.
    I root my sgs2 gt-i9100 european version (spain) and then I downloaded the rom manager clockword mod then I tried to make a backup (as you recommended), but I got stuck because there’s a “E failed verify asignature, then I checked in you webpage, you keep writing to check step 18 for how to root gs2gt-i9100. but It doesnt work for me.
    Any way. I thought about getting this new ics rom resurrection remix, but I cant make a make a backup. I’ve already downloaded the 4 files, but step one after rebooting is delete user data, or something like that. So, my question Max, if I follow all steps, then my contacts, smss, whatsapp messages, photos and videos, apps will be delete, because they are User data?

    Thank you very much again, and sorry my English.

    ps.oh, by the way, im denitivly not getting a lumia 900 😛 funny vid that one

  41. Artur says:

    Using this Rom for one day. Probles: battery drain, heating a little, no ram active aps list in the manager runs by pressing the home button. But no crashes, application stops.

  42. littlecrazywolf says:

    terrible rom, quadrant score less than 3900, lockscreen shows some error, had to flash syah kernel and got a score of 4400, but this is better than the battista rom who made my phone very hot. dont know if gonna keep this bcose of the horrible bootscreen, just saying whats wrong with it, but appreciate the efford of westcrip. going to instal xxlpq firm and flash it with shyah, you guys will hear from if its something

  43. abilash says:

    Does this ROM support voice calling from default gtalk? And what about google voice. Can I call from phone over wifi through google voice??

  44. Rishi says:

    The ROM is really good, but I don’t know why my N.O.V.A 2 is not working at all… It just won’t start. Fc after fc. Have I done something wrong or is it a problem in the ROM? Otherwise it’s nice.

  45. littlecrazywolf says:

    hi max

    i instaled criskelo v7 and runs like a charm, but when i pres the on/of button i see a white line, maybe have done something wrong with installing, can you make a video of the new criskelo v7. its seems a little difficult bcose you get automaticaly add ons. im new to this so hope you can help me and others who would like to use this, your other videos helped me alot so nothing but props dude

  46. littlecrazywolf says:

    ow yeah forgot that the twlauncher doesnt work,

  47. ayuns says:

    Still there are loads of bugs,,,,,,, ex:The memory clearing does not works & facebook shrink doesnt etc,,,pls pls pls chnage the bootscreen to its original as it is in official “S2 FIRMWARE”

    • Josuhu says:

      You can change your boot animation as you like. Go youtube and search how to change galaxy s2 boot animation and you´ll get direction from there. Then just find the original samsung “” and voila. I changed mine and it is easy file copy paste 1 minute thing 🙂

  48. Josuhu says:


    Here is a youtube link and this little dude tells how to change your boot animation. Changed mine already and this works. Go find your favorite “”

  49. Hasan says:

    The wifi problem not have ad hoc and WPA2 enterprise
    There is any fix for it

  50. ahmed kadous says:

    this rom is a very very bad rom ever there is a lot of bugs i returned back to V1.0 it was stable than this one i a devise any new one in roms do not install this version

  51. seVenrider says:

    Google play isnt downloading any data. internet works fine with the browsers. i tried placing a titamium backup.apk in my external sd, could install it either.. seems like the installer has stopped working… ANY SOLUTIONS ????? PLZ DO HELP, I’D APPRECIATE IT… CHEERS

  52. Sybren says:

    Why does this rom has no Swype?

  53. Quijote says:

    To all the folks above who have complaints about this ROM: install it EXACTLY as shown in the video – don’t cut corners or get creative. If you do that, it should work perfectly for you. I have a standard European i9100 and the update went as per the video. I have absolutely no complaints and I have been probing into all the corners as I configure it to my liking. True, I loved version 1.0, but I’m not going back.
    Well, I´d love it if someone would post a link to the original boot animation – the one with an S that glowed with pink overtones. I replaced the one with 1.1 with one I found that is a little Android with 3 dots underneath but I really liked that glowing S!

  54. JPC says:

    hello guys,

    i had the same problem too,“Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped.”
    i was using Viber’s dialpad to call, then suddenly the dialer worked again, maybe we just need to test this ROM for a couple of days.

    the dialer is working for me now. i hope it will not make the same error again.

  55. Artur says:

    In install instruction over the xda-dev. website for this rom there is one point that is not mention in instruction video – wide dalvik cache. I installed this rom exactly as posted in xda-dev. website and have no problems with this rom.

    • Quijote says:

      You are very right. That is a most important step…. and probably accounts for most of the problems listed above. Most could re-install again, add the wipe of Dalvik, and have a nice clean 1.1.

      • Josuhu says:

        This ROM works fine for me. I did wipe the dalvik cache during installation. Just minor app problems, to be exact only two apps give me FC problems and these apps can be replaced easily.

        Quick comparison: I tried this rom with the latest Siyah Kernel and this ROM is better with its own Kernel.

        • merlin says:

          Yes … only that is left working… you really feel comfortable messing up your CPU… then there really great chance of bricking your 600 bucks galaxy phone

  56. Artur says:

    And guys, if anyone installed “pure android” rom ? Maybe this one is worth of attention.

  57. Raps says:

    99 questions or there abouts Max do you not think you could make a reply to at least one …. after all they are following your guide .. whislt i do appreciate that your busy getting high on andriod i think its something you need to do … or apoint someone whith the knowledge to help you ..
    Just a thought Max ,,,,
    great video’s by the way

  58. extra says:

    I can’t belive it , It is getting slower with time… at first it was lightening fast now its like … crap
    I’ve never had GPS problems , Now I do > the GPS cannot be activated as long as google location service in on …

  59. merlin says:

    there is no perfect ROM , but the stock one that is developed by google and tested hundreds of times before every release ,,, and this makes sense a punch of asian developers or the biggest company in the word ,, I’m goning to unroot , this is just insane … I replaced my very ever stable stock version with some carp that is called the best ROM on earth , that’s all you can come up with … when some one trust you ,, you can at least test the version before you release it …

  60. Shashank Hegde says:

    Hello guys,

    I am ina deep trouble after flashing it.

    It flashed with no errors and when I am rebooting it will stuck in kernel panic upload mode..

    The Clockworkmod is also not working. When I flashed it using ODIN i flashed old ROM.

    But why it happened just to me..??

    What is that panic mode.?

    • hazim says:

      i have same problem u have any solution??
      help ???

      • Shashank Hegde says:

        I just flashed recovery 4.0 using Odin

        restored the stock rom,
        tried with other ROMs.
        CM9 didnt work. Just stuck in boot screen and can’t go to recovery too.
        worked with MIUI old ROM. Now going to try MIUI2.4

        I will update as soona s it works.

        • merlin says:

          guys , don’t install inappropriate kernels , that might brick your phone very easily,,
          kernels are integral part of the android OS
          If you can access the recovery mode ( press volume up + power button + home button ) then choose : ” apply updates from external SD” you should have installed micro-sd preloaded with CWM v1.1 ( this file comes with installation files of version 1.1) … but note that it works by touch , now wipe all data factory resest ,, and istall another ROM or restore your backed up data …

          • Shashank Hegde says:

            I dont think its inappropriate kernel as mine is I9100,

            But I didnt find the CWMv1.1 in the installation files.

            As I have flashed recovery using Odin no help in installing new kernels..

            Its hard to say hardware issue too…

  61. Tony Stark says:

    Drained 10% battery in just 8 min. Its stupid..
    Going back to v1.0 it was way better and faster…. Can’t believe that its a newer version… :O

  62. kumar says:

    1.0 is better and it had minor probs than this …………its not an upgrade version at allllllllllll

  63. Arek says:

    I’m on generic uk galaxy s2 and after flashing it with ics resurrection 1.0. To be honest, there is loadz of stuff that doesn’t work. Have to reboot the phone every day or even few times a day… Guys, does anybody know how I can identify the right stock gingerbread rom for my phone and where I should be looking for it? I went through some stories about bricking the phone after flashing it with wrong rom. Is there any way of checkin what rom is right for the phone if I didn’t take a note of the original info? Thanks for help!

  64. satyen says:

    Hi! I am currently on XXLPQ Official ICS ROM in India on my Galaxy S2. I am not happy with the touchwiz interface. Which ROM do you recommend that is stable, and bug free that I can update to.
    Is the Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM v.1.1 a good ROM to use.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Josuhu says:

      To me it has been a great ROM. Some people said that it overheats and I did feel a bit heat too. Thats why i installed SIYAH latest KERNEL V3.0.1 and now even in hard use it stays warm not hot. This is “stable” ROM and I get full day battery out of it with full use.

      – Remember to make a clean install, wipe Dalvik cache and make a factory reset in CWM recovery.

      Feel sorry for all of you who have had problems with this ROM because mine are very few and minor. Great ROM.

      • Shashank Hegde says:

        How do you install new kernel in this ROM..?? like u said siyah 3.0.1
        Just flash this rom using CWM and flash kernel using Odin..?
        Apologies if its a funny question.

  65. Josef says:

    I have a lot og issues with the keyboard when I text. The keyboard freezes constantly
    Annonce else experienced this problem?

  66. Josef says:

    I have a lot of problems with my keyboard ón the new 1.1. It freezes constantly when I text? Have anyone Else experienced this problem?

  67. merlin says:

    GPS is not working most of the time…

  68. hazim says:

    kernel panic upload mode \

  69. Ruben says:

    Hi, I want to install the Resurrection Remix 1.1 rom but I have 2 questios, please advice me.

    1. I live in Colombia, will I have problems with my modem?, I dont want to lose signal.
    2. If I dont like it, how do i get bak to my original ROM?

  70. Shashank Hegde says:

    I just flashed recovery 4.0 using Odin

    restored the stock rom,
    tried with other ROMs.
    CM9 didnt work. Just stuck in boot screen and can’t go to recovery too.
    worked with MIUI old ROM.

    What I observe is most of the ICS roms are not working.
    I cant flash Roms using Odin… all will stuck in boot screen or reboot after boot screen.

  71. Brian says:

    Hi All,

    I have now read trough most of the posts on this page without really finding a solution to my problem.

    This is the first time I’ve tried flashing my Galaxy S2 with a new OS. I friend of mine had version 1.0 and suggested that I tried version 1.1 for comparison. I think it looks good and the speed of the OS is faster. However, I have mainly two problems:

    1. The standard SMS/MMS program fails to open my messages (primarily old ones received through the stock OS), but also new ones. I’ve tried running the SMSfix package, but it still stalls and then fails with the message “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped”. By the way; a message that I get a lot on this version 1.1, also for other programs.

    2. To fix the sms issue temporarily I tried installing “Handcent SMS” from play market. This program can open the messages and I can send and receive message without problems. However, I noticed another bug. When I type messages, whether it being sms, mms or email, my keyboard often get stuck. Some words in particular can not be written. At first I thought it was just the danish special letters like “æ”, “ø” and “å” that would crash the keyboard, but also regular letter does this. For example when I try to type anything with “li..xxxxx” it fails after “li” and the keyboard as well as the message program in use fails.

    Have anyone had similar problems and even better; did someone solve them? I’m considering to move to the version 1.0 as my friend have not yet reported some big issues.

    By the way I have to agree with an earlier comment in this thread: “The startup animation sucks! It looks like something from an old arcade mashine” 🙂


  72. maxali says:

    kies doesn’t work help! all my contacts are saved on a laptop, need to get them back.

  73. Madaracha says:


    Which 4 files should I copy over?

  74. JPC says:

    Hi guys

    from Westcrip
    aokp 1.2 is ready!!!!

    just wait for more tests…!!!


  75. sergf says:

    hey guys,

    I’ve never flashed my android before, and I’m a little worried that I may accidentally brick it.
    How can I be sure that this rom is compatible with my GS2 i9100?
    My phone is rooted btw…


  76. Kimmo says:

    So this was first time I installed custom rom in my s2. I did it yesterday. Now everything
    works fine but I have few questions:
    1. Why android OS has used about 600mt wifi data?
    2. Now Im using this so can i just go to recovery and install another custom rom if I want without doing anything else?

  77. Sam says:

    Don’t forget to wipe the Dalvik Cache when installing this ROM.
    Most of the issues posted here can be avoided by doing this.

  78. Gaurav Mn says:

    i flashed the rom and when i reboot…. it says LOADING for 1 hr.
    WHAT TO DO ??

  79. Ahmed Khalid says:

    I really appreciate your hard work man…
    But I got some problems with:
    1- “Task Manager”, when I click “Clear Memory” the blue line doesn’t get decreased!, I think it’s not working dude!
    2- “OVERHEATED”!!! –> battery drain of course.
    3- I got in Quadrant in this version “3200” while I was “4000” in the previous version 1.0
    4- Boot screen Animation “Sucks!”.

  80. metallious says:

    I have an unlocked sgs2 with official 2.3.5 android, by flashing to this version will I lose my unlock, if no, please tell me in which case this will be done, because i’m still stucked in gingerbread version since i bought my phone in europe SFR user and i’m avoiding hacking because i really don’t want to lose my unlock! (I even don’t know how this phone got unlocked)

  81. aditya anchan says:

    yo man there is an update on this rom of v1.2 is out nw give us a review on it

  82. JPC says:


    video for V1.2 pls…

  83. Kimmo says:

    This ROM is using so much data. About in 1 hour Android OS has used over 200 mb data and battery drains so fast when wifi is on.

  84. darkuz says:

    i’d like to ask how can i save a new contact to phone or sim memory, because when i started to use this rom i cant do this? with stock rom its ok..

  85. Seppo says:

    Which one is better D4 Rom or Resurrection v1.2

  86. Oscar says:

    Sorry but i don’t get something: What’s the difference between resurrection remix 9.6 and resurrection remix pro 1.1? Or 1.1 version is after 9.6?

  87. JK says:

    hey man, love your reviews. i love resurrection roms. now new update is available v1.2 based on AOKP. review it when you get the time, thanks.

  88. Al says:

    Does anyone know if this rom supports Move 2 SD?
    This worked for me with Gingerbread, but since upgrading to Remix ICS, I can no longer move to SD, which is a real downer, as I only have 500Mb free from the internal apps storage (2Gb).
    Is it just ICS? I have heard from others in ICS that also cannot move to SD card anymore.

  89. Jose Bautista says:

    all your posts are excellent..!! Now, I’d like to know about Resurrection Remix 1.3 with ICS 4.0.4… is that true that all the bugs are fixed in that ROM?

  90. Somedude says:

    Is it just me or does it sound like the dude is getting a bj in the background noise??

  91. Dave says:

    Can you help me please.. i have a problem … i put my new sd card… When i reboot my phone.. and it says… unfortunately, system UI has stopped. How to fix this.. THanks

  92. Charith says:

    Can anyone pls tell me how to install pitch black gapps in this ROM ???
    It would be great if u could give me a link to download them.
    Thanks in advance. :))

  93. Jason says:

    I cant access the Internal memory card via the PC. I can only access the extrernal card. Kies doesnt connect to the phone at all.

    Is there anything I can do?

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