Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Android 5.1.1]


Resurrection Remix ROM is back with latest Android 5.1.1!   Probably our favorite Galaxy S2 ROM of all time, Resurrection Remix ROM by @WestCrip brings you all the goodies of AOSP customization along with best and greatest Android 5.1.1, all working flawless out of the box.

With an Antutu score of 18,500, Resurrection Remix ROM will give you the best performance out of your aging GT-i9100 while giving you a ton of customization options.

For customization, you will find everything from status bar, lockscreen, notification drawer, hardware/soft buttons, and much much more.  For details, make sure to watch the above overview video.

The ROM also comes with Pitch Black theme (you can also grab it on the Play Store), which should save you plenty of battery life with darker backgrounds and a killer theme if you ask me.  After months of Android 5.1.1 being out, I can finally say we have very stable Android 5.1.1 custom ROMs for the GT-i9100 and if you are looking for the best Android 5.1.1, this may just be it so grab some coffee and test this ROM out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (Also check the XDA link below for latest version if you are reading this in the way future!)

Download Android 5.1 Gapps (DO NOT USE older Gapp as you will FC!!!)

 For installation, please follow How to Install Android Lollipop ROM on Galaxy S2!

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install SuperSU and reboot. (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Also join Resurrection Remix G+ page here.

Extra MODs:


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I have no Play Store!
A: Make sure you install Gapps zip file in TWRP or CWM Recovery!!!  Download link in this post above.

Q: I am getting Status 7 error in CWM/TWRP!
A: Sometimes, ROM developers put restrictions by accident, you can try this guide to get around it.

Q: I have no root access!
A: Missing root?  See How to Enable Root on CM12.1!

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57 Responses

  1. xdarkknight says:

    I’m really loving RR Rom! I flashed it over the weekend with BaNKS dynamic Gapps and it’s worked GREAT!

    I also repartitioned with a 6GB Data & 1GB System partition, so it’s got loads of wiggle room. (downside was that I had to re format the internal SD before I could mount it.)

    2 Issues I’ve found are this:

    (1) the Nav buttons randomly disappeared for a while today, but came back on reboot.

    (2) I was looking at the Developer options. This rom does seem to suck battery and heat up a little more than normal so I thought I would try switching Developer options OFF. It immediately says “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” and force closes Settings. Developer options stays in the Settings menu, but force closes Settings if selected.

    This is a bit of a bummer as I have used the ADB Bridge a few times to push things over… which I now can’t do.

    I know the i9100 isn’t top priority as there are insanely better phones out there, but I’m still amazed by what the S2 is capable of even now, 4 years after it’s release! If there’s anything you can send my way in order of an update or other GS2 specific goodies, I’d be greatful!

    Thanks Max!

  2. Michael Bence-Lyons says:

    This is the first stable Lollipop rom with everything working that I have tried all the other lollipop roms for the S2 that I have tried are rubbish.
    The phone did heat up a fair bit when downloading all my apps wondering if I could fry an egg on it, but all seems normal now it’s up and running.
    Can’t comment on battery drain as my battery is dodgy.

    • Agboola Aremu says:


      I really love this Lollipop Rom which i try to install on my s2 i9100 but always gives error,here is the error its always displayed.

      Warning: No file_contexts detected filesystem ext4 for /dev/block/mmchlk0p9

  3. Tiago says:

    I flashed SuperSu and it doesn’t work

  4. Kavish Gour says:

    stuck on “checking connection” help me guys !! thnks.

    • kada bkh says:

      try mokee rom

    • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

      If you encountered the ‘checking connection’ loading screen after entering the wifi password during the very first initial setup, then simply press the back button and “skip” the wifi menu. It will work fine.

  5. Michael Bence-Lyons says:

    Massive battery drain another Lollipop ROM bites the dust……

  6. Yusuf Dzhemal says:

    So i want to ask something about this rom ao I install the rom and all ia good when I flash the gapps it get stuck on the boot animation

    • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

      If you flash the gapps in the recovery right after you flashed the rom then it is normal to take 5-10 minutes for booting up. If you flash gapps after booting up the rom then try wiping cache and dalvik cache. It will take time to boot after wiping dalvik cache too.

  7. João Rodrigues says:

    this room has all the languages? Im interested in knowing if it has Portuguese-Portugal

    • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

      Yes , it has Portugues (Portugal). It will say settings stopped after applying the language

      • João Rodrigues says:

        Thanks! I will try to install this ROM!
        I have stock/official 4.1.2 JellyBean and pretty much everything stock and i will do my 1st ROM instalation.
        Do I need to root my s2 GT-i9100?
        Or i just need to follow this tutorial?

        • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

          Then install a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP
          Then flash the rom and gapps through it

          You can find everything in this site only

        • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

          Install a custom recovery (CWM or TWRP)
          Then follow the steps of this tutorial to install rom

          For rooting queries refer to this

          • João Rodrigues says:

            Thanks! It went all well!
            Now I have one issue with superSU binary update, so at the moment I cant do the update.
            what should i do?
            I have the Resurrection Remix-lp-v5.5.5 ROM and I have CWM and kernel 3.0.64-CM-gdac0c27

            • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

              In 5.1.1 if direct install of the super SU is not able to update the su binary then you have to manually flash the supers SU as a zip through the recovery
              You can get the zip of SuperSU from google

  8. Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

    Nice Rom. Battery is working fine after calibration and turning off boot up for certain apps in privacy guard. So far ,good for daily use . Thanks

  9. Varinder Kumar says:

    Every things looks good to me except network issue. Got message on top NO SERVICE – TPG . Can you please let me know how to remove and fix network. Network is working fine with mobile data (After APN setting). Switched off mobile data or move to WIFI also lost the mobile network.


  10. Serkan Demirhan says:

    it works fine for 4 days with no big problems but……. why it doesnt come with SUser ? and non of the playstore SU work properly :/

    • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

      I didn’t get any error on my S2 regarding the superSU. The rom will work fine without superSU just enable developer options by going to settings > about phone and tapping the build number options a few times until it says ‘no need developer mode already enabled’ there you can find root settings for apps and adb
      But regarding the superSU I had selinux settings on permissive instead of enforcing. Try changing yours too and then try it

  11. David says:

    Hi guys. I recently installed this latest ROM for my S2 and it appears to be working fine. Just had a few questions. Can you add pages alongside the home page (only two currently)? I have a # in my notification bar – what is that relating to? I am unable to move an app file into my system/app folder even if I give read/write permissions and mount the folder (says not enough space)? Finally my battery seems to be running out very fast – any ways to help the battery perform better without going to battery save mode? Any ideas on these issues would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

    • Ravkirat Singh Mann says:

      1.You can add more pages to the homepage by setting up widgets.
      2.’#’ indicates that an app is using root access
      3.Try moving apps by using es file explorer if the stock cm file manager wont work. If the problem still persists then you might have a bigger problem. Your phone may frequently reboot as a measure to delete temporary files. Worst case scenario your cache memory will overload and you will be stuck with either the recovery mode or the download mode.If so don’t waste any moment and flash some other rom or your phone might get ‘HARD’ bricked.If you still want to run this rom then flash a .pit file. You can find more details of .pit file from xda.
      4.In the Q&A section of this rom try the 3g/4g LTE fix
      5.Calibrate the battery and after that only sync and location services will prove to be a battery hog you can make it even better by unistalling system apps you don’t need and installing alternatives to it (eg LatinIM for cm keybord).Moreover you can use the privacy menu and prevent apps from running on boot up or using location or keeping screen awake as per your requirement
      Hope it helped

  12. Dubz says:

    so something is not right here with my attempt to install lollipop.. I had kitkat resurrection rom installed on a paritioned galaxy s2 GT i9100. been running that for long time.. saw this update and this is what happens.
    – i have the right version CWM installed..
    – installed rom from recovery (tried both lollipops ver 5.4.7 and 5.4.8)
    – gave me that ext4 line which i’ve read is not a problem. ended up with success message.
    – then i installed gapps. success
    – then installed supersu v2.46
    – then i choose reboot and get message that root access may be lost? fix ? i go yes.
    – then it reboots
    – i get the yellow triangle screen
    – then the new RR boot up animation screen comes up and this is where it just hangs..!!

    – I have waited over 30 mins on that screen
    – I have tried 3 different gapps, all failed .. latest ones downloaded from these links here. (gapps-L-4-21-15, gapps-5.1-2015-06-02-15-20 and tk_gapps-modular-pico-5.1.1-20150913)
    – I tried the tips here like flashing /system and reinstalling, waiting, formatting, cache, sdcard0 etc…

    what am i doing wrong? is it something to do with gapps ?

    i have been flashing roms for long time on my S2 and this is the first time im stuck .. ahh ya yai !!

    • Dubz says:

      SOLVED !

      just thought i’d share my findings in case it helps someone out in the future.. took me hours to find solution so hopefully this post saves you some time.

      i wasn’t doing anything wrong above

      the problems happened to be the partitioning.. so anyone who has their phones custom partitioned may run into this issue where after installation LP will just hang in a boot loop after start up.

      the problem is the /preload folder which CWM just does not format so it conflicts somehow.. even if you try to format through CWM, it wont allow you.. so you need to flash another kernel just for the purpose of formating /preload folder. once done, flash CWM again, ROM, GApps .. presto !!

      Here’s the link i found on XDA where this exact issue was resolved. At the bottom of the page, you will find Philz kernel.. that’s what you need and that’s what fixed this issue for me.

      hope this helps.

      • Vince Aggrippino says:

        I’m having this problem and my phone isn’t partitioned 🙁

        • Dubz says:

          this problem where it hangs on the boot up animation screen is generally due to some conflict with older files still on the system.. you have to make sure that you do a full format of the entire internal memory and all the sub directories created. the factory reset option doesn’t format all directories.. this was the problem for me and may be for you too even though you haven’t partitioned.. get around that issue and you should be okay because the Resurrection LP ROM itself has no problems.. I’m loving it .. much better than kit kat.. and there’s no restrictions on sd cards so i have access to both internal sd and my micro sd .. good luck.

      • Agboola Aremu says:

        @Dubz, please can you give me details on how to completely format my internal memory through recovery mode cos when ever i try to install the resurrection remix the error its always give me is Ext4,i have downloaded the above file you mentioned –
        [Click for QR Code].
        Flash it on my GT-i9100 phone,install the current cwm recovery then try to install the resurrection again same Ext4 error came out again. please i will be very glad if you can help me out.

        • Dubz says:

          hey.. it’s been a while since i solved this so cant remember fully.. but i used that philz kernel to format /preload folder and everything else. then i did the normal steps as instructed. if it gives you root access error message, ignore it and dont fix. this procedure might only be applicable if your internal sd was custom partitioned before. make sure you have the right gapps also.. you also have to be a bit patient first time it boots up. took about 5-10 mins i think first time phone started up but then it was smooth sailing from there.

          i have attached a screenshot of all the files i used to flash LP.

          as a side note.. i love LP in every way.. its way faster.. battery life is awesome.. esp. if you optimize it with CM cleaner app etc. and i have access to the internal sd and my micro sd .. which kit kat couldnt do.. user interface and features are great too.. best android to date !!

          • Agboola Aremu says:

            Thankz so much for your support i really appreciate your precious time spent for me,i will give it a trier and get back to how it goes. Thnx once again.

            • Agboola Aremu says:

              @Dubz, thnak you so much i download all the software and follow your description on the installation and it installed but i notice that the HOME BUTTON is not working or respond at all,do u have any idea about it. its your home button working?

              • Dubz says:

                No I never had the home button issue. All my hardware buttons work just fine. Maybe go into settings and have a look at the hardware buttons configurations because you can configure it to do nothing and have long press and double press options for it too. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue on this one as I never experienced it. Hope it helps.

                • Agboola Aremu says:

                  Good morning dubz,how are you hope fyn? i checked the button configuration you mentioned and it all solved. the rom worked flawlessly on your phone but it didn’t for me cos its battery sucker hot plate ROM on my phone, Around 5pm my battery is within 85% and by the time we are around 7:30pm my battery as drained to 15% thats too bad,i had to reverse the rom back to previous jellySNAP 4.3. I don’t know why its like that on my phone. Am still thanking a lot for your support really appreciate it all……….

                  • Dubz says:

                    Hi.. So with this issue i don’t believe it’s the LP ROM that is the problem. Think about it.. hundreds of people are using this ROM and the battery works fine.. so is the issue the ROM or the hardware.. in your case it may be that your battery is on its way out.. S2 is an older model and if you still have an original battery, then it might need replacing .. with a genuine replacement and not a cheap spin off. So be careful when getting a new battery.

                    Either that or you have too many apps running in the background. Most apps autoload themselves on start up and continue running in the background. So you need a battery saver app. I use CM product Battery Doctor. My battery lasts a whole day and i have many apps installed.. and its still the original battery.

                    Also depends what you use your phone for. If you playing music and videos on it all the time, then it will drain faster obviously.

                    Bottom line, LP ROM is not the issue.

                    Having said that, I believe S2 is approaching its end of life. It has been 4 years since this phone was released and naturally newer ROMs take up more memory and space. I don’t think I will be upgrading to another ROM with the S2 again.

                    I have all the samsung galaxy models and definitely the S2 is a little slower compared to the S6.. naturally

                    I tried many ROMs years ago on this phone but stuck with resurrection for many years since its so stable compared to all others.

                    • Dubz says:

                      An update on battery saver apps.

                      I did a bunch of testing and have now uninstalled all battery saver apps and task managers. That includes all CM products (Battery Doctor, Cleaner). I have found they are not needed and in fact cause harm to battery life. Latest Android ROMs have more than enough stable functions to help manage apps and battery life. These 3rd party apps are a waste.

                      The trick to extending battery life is to ensure apps that are constantly running in the background do so in a user controlled manner. The one app I would recommend would be Greenify (I have no affiliations). Other than that, let Android do its thing. It works well on its own without needing all those apps.

                      So im no longer using 3rd party task managers and battery savers other than Greenify (even this may not be needed). Optimize your phones through inbuilt functions and profiles. Then just enjoy your phones.

                      Greenify is only needed on older phones like S2. I don’t have anything on my S6. It’s far more powerful so no need to bother.

  13. Cengiz Güngördü says:

    Dear friends
    when I have a call, My screen is getting black.
    I am not able to see who is calling me.
    Can you help me to solve this problem please

  14. Nik says:

    Hello… I had CM11 on my Galaxy S2 i9100, with CWM Recovery.
    I wanted to install the latest Resurrection Remix. Following the instructions I managed to install the ROM, but when I try to install gapps I get a Status 7 error!
    How can I solve? Thanks in advance

    • Dubz says:

      i had that issue too.. scroll down and read my posts.. hope it helps. i have posted a screenshot of all the files i used to install LP successfully.

      • Nik says:

        Thank you very much. Your post is very interesting and useful, but unfortunately my S2 was not custom partitioned, so I don’t know if your method is applicable…

        • Dubz says:

          What I’ve found is that not being able to install has to do with a few issues and if you can work your way through and eliminate them all, then it might be a hardware problem with the phone itself (which is also unlikely if your phone was working fine until now).. which leads back into one of the issues below. It’s definitely NOT a problem with the LP ROM as many of us have been able to install it successfully. It’s either :

          – not using the right combination of files (the wrong gapps file will cause issues too)

          – not following the correct procedures
          – not being patient and waiting long enough for installation and boot up
          – some conflicting files still exist in one of the folders (MUST format all folders). CWM does not format all folders even if you do a clean wipe because it does not see the /preload folder.

          If you have not custom partitioned then the question may be what are you upgrading from and whether your phone was rooted or not. If some users are still on the original ICS ROM, then you might have to upgrade to KitKat first before being able to upgrade to LP.

          Basically it comes down to some human input that is incorrect or missing if the hardware is fine.

          Hope that maybe explains the logic behind not being able to install in most cases. Of course, I don’t claim to know all the issues and there may be some other factors which I’m not even aware of.

          Hope this helps.

  15. Dubz says:

    only issue i had was the inbuilt flashlight.. it comes on but light goes off some time after the screen goes black. tried many settings bla bla. .still no good.. then i read somewhere that there’s an inbuilt code that kills the light after certain time to protect it from burning out.. anyway.. couldnt get it to work but i did find a solution.. i installed CM Flashlight and problem solved. add widget to home page and flash is only 1 click away.. stays on as long as i want it to.. hope that helps.

  16. Thorsten444 says:

    Good rom, responsive, 1st time was a huge battery drain, but after the second charge, no more battery drain (during the night).
    I can’t remember why i had some problems to install this rom (it was a problem of CWM not up to date). But now it’s very comfortable and performant, but think you still need to charge frequently the device. So Good rom and good work.
    Note : i don’t follow the OTA rom updates.

  17. Jerfeson Duarte says:

    – Português BR: Olá, gostaria de saber como gravar a tela usando está rom ? … Já tentei de diversas formas e o resultado somente é o travamento do celular, tendo que desligar forçado.

    – ENG: Hello, I wonder how to record the screen using is rom? … I’ve tried a number of ways and the result is only the cell phone crash, and forced to shut down.

    Thank you!

    • ananto desyantoro says:

      Yes, i had the same issues. Sadly, no luck yet until now. Tried many different apps from playstore such as ADV, SCR, Lollipop Screen Recorder & some but all of them give freeze when start to recording.

  18. Noor RjP says:

    hey guys, I am facing a problem with my S2 i9100 running on RR rom. while using wifi or mobile network it stuck and restarts automatically and after the boot screen appear that android is updrading even when i reboot it manually. Please help me it drains too much battery

  19. Artur Eagle says:

    tons of bugs

  20. Balaji Kumar says:

    HI friends,
    i’m bala from india i have a one please help me
    how to download custom rom for samsung s2 GTi9100 mobile
    anyone knwo please tell me the website

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