Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100][SGH-i777][V3.1.3][Android 4.2.1][Multi-user]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM version 3.1.3, comes with latest Android 4.2.1 and multi-user!

The Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean ROM is available for both GT-i9100 and SGH-i777 users and this is probably one of the best ROMs you can run on your phone.

With the latest version, you will find more options than ever with ROM Control and if you install Siyah kernel, you will be able to tweak a ton with its ExTweaks app including overclocking, undervolting, GPU overclocking, BLN notifications and more.

v3.1.1 – The latest version comes with AOKP Milestone 1!
v3.1.2 – Latest kernels, CM10 sources, 4.2 clock app and keyboardm, fixed A2DP bluetooth connection issues, fixed all issues from 3.1.1
v3.1.3 – Based on Android 4.2.1 with Lockscreen widgets and multi-user feature!

If you haven’t tried the latest version, give it a twirl and let me know what you think!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for GT-i9100
Download Resurrection Remix ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777
Download Gapps

Credits – RR, XDA

Also see review of version 3.1.2:

Also see review of version 3.0.6:

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341 Responses

  1. Slim says:

    hey max, (or some kind person out there), can you please tell me exactly which Siyah kernel is that that you are using in this video?
    much thanks:)

  2. Mack says:

    Hi! Anyone can suggest where can download Galaxy S ROM?
    Sorry! I just try help my friend to find out where can download it.
    I’m Galaxy S2 fans and support android too… Haha….

  3. james zuvich says:

    Great site!!! Have learned a lot. Having an issue downloading this rom, will not end. Gets to the last few megs then stops, any suggestions??

    • Risspartan117 says:

      I too have the same problem. I haven’t found a solution but I use the XDA or the developers site to download the ROM. You could do the same. 🙂

  4. bob says:

    any reason why i keep getting error when trying to download apps from google play store? wont let me download nothing tried every app possible same error code poping up saying “error cannot complete action” any suggestions???????:(

  5. gilmar says:

    thanks ..ive learned heaps with this website..just just having a problem with this room there any other installation method or its the same as usual ? because when i try to flash it nothing happens..i thought that could be the file so i donwloaded another one from the official website..i was using resurrection remix 3.0.8,, thanks

  6. travis says:

    im having trouble downloading any rom from this site. All i get is an about blank page when i click download and nothing happens.

  7. Stephen Scott says:

    I have been using this rom for a few days now and love it.
    very smooth operation and full functionality so far.

    the look of the rom is great – so much nicer than the JB 4.1.1 stock rom thats just been released for the S3

    well done RR once again a great rom

    no complaints whatsoever from me.

    will keep you all updated with regards to battery life.

  8. utsav says:

    amazing and an uncomparable rom great work westcrip and thanks max for putting a link out here btw update me sucks!!!

  9. Francois vV says:

    Hi Max.

    Have you tried the Slimbean rom (
    I like it more than RR, AOKP, Revolt and CM10. Tried them all.


  10. Geof says:

    Hi max,
    Help please!!i cant flashed this rom..i tried flashing it using CWM but it aborted,installation aborted..what should i do?

  11. james zuvich says:

    HooRah Got it to work by going to dev site and using the QR Barcode reader. Will let it run for a while. Thanks to all who responded.

  12. Eric says:

    I have a rooted GS2 GT-I9100 and I’ve been trying to get this new rom but with no luck. I have ROM manager installed, holding down volume up&home&power brings up the Android system recovery. From there I can reboot, wipe data and apply update from sdcard which I should select I suppose. Problem is, it loads around 25% (until it gets to verifying) and then stops saying
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Will try out an other one now, but still, some tips how to get it working would be good or a link to get a normal CWM or something as I’m a complete newbie, and I can’t imagine what the problem might be.
    Thank you.

  13. ifthakar says:

    hi max
    can you help with one query,
    i am unable to find the USB debugging option on this rom,
    plz to hel me with this

    how to enable usb debugging mode on S2 I9100

    Thanks in advance

  14. astralbee says:

    Definitely the best and most stable JB ROM I have tried so far, but with one very major flaw which is the touch screen sensitivity – it absolutely sucks. I’m not the only one to notice this, there are other similar reports on the RR forums too. It’s so bad that if it isn’t sorted in an update soon I’m going back to the stable ICS build.

  15. Zboom says:

    This rom looks like one I really want to try, but I do have one question that I cannot find the answer to. If I go to JB can I go back to ICS?
    Maybe I can’t find the answer to this question because there is no problem going back, but I would like to make sure before I attempt it.
    I am running SHOstock2 v6.0 now and love it, but want to try something different.

  16. Stephen Scott says:

    Loving this ROM and battery holding up pretty good. One question though is when I come from outside and go onto WiFi it takes a few moments to go onto wifi . This also happens if phone sitting not in use. Any suggestions people. Noticed this on previous RR build but also on rootbox. Is it a jellybean thing?

    • DGH says:

      I also experience the same thing. Even on my previous ROM (Jelly Bean).
      Also when my phone is not in use and WiFi is connected, the WiFi will “switch off” and I start using normal network data… until I start using the phone again, the WiFi will turn back on.

      I would also like to know, if this is Jelly Bean related or because of custom ROM’s. This never happened on ICS for me.

    • DGH says:

      I think I found the solution, looks like a Jelly Bean thing.

      Go to System Settings > Wi-Fi
      Then press the options/menu button and go to Advanced
      Then select to “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”
      And deselect “Avoid poor connections”

      Looks like this is working for me so far. Hope it does the same for you.

  17. Narcotrix says:

    Nice, I’d like to try this ROM, but actualy I have CF-Root with Stock ROM ICS 4.0.3

    Can I flash Siyahkernel over CF-Root ? And what then ? Installing the Resurection Remix JB ROM and whatother ROM ? Since Siyah supports dual-boot, I suppose I’ll hav to install 2 ROM’s. Any advice ?

    • DGH says:

      You don’t need to use two ROM’s. The Siyah kernel just gives you the option to do so. You only need this one ROM. When installing this ROM, you get the option which kernel you want to install.

      You can flash it over CF-root. Just go into CWM-based recovery and:
      1) wipe data/factory reset
      2) wipe cache
      3) wipe dalvik cache (under advanced)
      4) then flash zip file from sd card.

      You don’t need the Gapps zip file. The ROM includes the Google apps.

      If you need anymore advice help, feel free to ask.

      **For those intrested…
      Here is the latest RR ROM (v3.1.1):;dl=item237

    • stupid flanders says:

      yes you can as far as I am aware. If you have CWM recovery then you can flash this ROM with the AROMA installer giving you the option to select a kernel..As for dual boot you can have only one ROM(if thats what you meant) no need to flash a second ROM with Siyah..I am running Siyah with only RR 2.7 ICS..

      Check installation instructions for details on the ROM homepage.

      hope that helps.

  18. Oliver says:

    Best ROM that I tried on my SGS2 🙂
    But UpdateMe prompted and saying RR 3.1.1 version is available on RR website for download. It say improved performance and added tweaks. Is it worth it? Kindly let me know your thoughts about it. Thanks.

    And also how to backup my current setup on 3.1.0 so that when I decided to switch to 3.1.1 I will not to go back on installing all my apps and restore its data and stuffs. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks.

  19. Zboom says:

    Is there a way to get the ICS cotacts, phone, on this rom? I just don’t like the JB ones much

    • Jesús says:

      Hello fellow … install this rom and it worked well during the installation process select LPW modem but is a bit unstable changes 3g – H constantly, with the official rom my phone was 4G modem which you selected or which is the best?

  20. Jesús says:

    Hello fellow … install this rom and it worked well during the installation process select LPW modem but is a bit unstable changes 3g – H constantly, with the official rom my phone was 4G modem which you selected or which is the best?

  21. Jesús says:

    I have the SGH-I777

  22. iZel says:

    RR 3.. bugs:
    * only bug i’ve noticed was the gps.. it cannot get my
    location since i’ve use this version for less than a day..

    -> There is a new version already ready released its RR 3.1.1.
    Pls. check at the official resurrecrionremix site for the
    updated version.

    -> this link is RR 3.1.1 issues & its fixes

    • iZel says:

      RR 3.1.0 bugs:
      * only bug i’ve noticed was the gps.. it cannot get my
      location since i’ve use this version for less than a day..

      -> There is a new version already released its RR 3.1.1.
      Pls. check at the official resurrecrionremix site for the
      updated version.

      -> this link is RR 3.1.1 issues & its fixes forum:

      Hope it can help!

  23. mobilearor says:

    That update killed my back key and search key. Have you tried it? Let me know if you expirence the same thing?

    • Oliver says:

      I haven’t tried the RR 3.1.1 version because RR 3.1.0 version is stable in my phone and no bugs at all. I might stick to 3.1.0 until they release the most complete and bug free version of RR 4.1.2 or higher. IMHO.

  24. TheOnion says:

    So to upgrade any ROM, basically re-flash all over again?
    Clear cache etc etc?

  25. Jordan says:

    i can’t use my camera because it says “no external storage available”

  26. shubham says:

    help me max…!!! while updating this rom my phone got stuck…!!!it caanot goto recovery mode can goto download mode though..i tried removing battery and putting back but dint work……Can i unroot my phone running jellybean???

  27. and says:

    Great rom but touchscreen sensivity is awful. It’s hard even to text messages. 3.1.1solved this problem?? Please reply

    • astralbee says:

      Yes, I had the touch sensitivity issue on 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 is brilliant. In fact it has been so stable that I’m disabling Update Me so I don’t get tempted to move to another!

      Just note that there is an update to flash after flashing the main rom which fixes a few things.

  28. Angel M says:

    Nice ROM ! It is pretty stable, i was waiting to update my previous RR rom.

  29. Eli says:

    Hi Max

    i see that u got siyah s2 v5 on your phone where did u get it
    will siyah s2 v4 work fine with this rom or do i need v5?


  30. astralbee says:

    3.1.1 is already out and it wipes the floor with this previous version. I love this ROM!

    • Oliver says:

      Hi astralbee,

      can you list the additional tweaks added on the RR 3.1.1 before I switch from 3.1.0 hehehe 🙂
      also how can I retain my apps and data without wiping them and upgrade to 3.1.1? your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks.

  31. Tifoufou says:

    I got 2 quick question: how the heck can you get a full screen wallpaper!?… And my ram when everything is killed it display 440 mb/782 mb that’s normal? before on stock ics my was at 1/4 of used mb

  32. hmdot says:

    Hey Max,
    This is a great Rom and I am a rookie at this but when I installed this and tried the custom install it turned
    out real well all but the modem part. I am running this Rom on my SGH-I777 AT&T, which modem would
    be best for stable but fast performance.
    Thanks Hmdot

    • Glenn says:

      I have a similar problem, i don’t remember which modem I picked but now my wifi won’t work. Let me know if you figure it out or get an answer.

  33. Adam M says:

    How’s this rom so far guys?

    Does it have lag/system lockup issues like the last rr version? Thanks

  34. ayaz says:

    hello frnds . i m using galaxy s2 and installed jelly bean 4.1.1 build jro03h. but it is not stable . . . i m willing to install this version as i like the video n comments . so just wanted to know how to dual boot ics rom with this rom . . coz i want to use wifi direct in ics. . bcoz this rom might not be having wifi direct support . . . pls tell me the complete guide . asap . coz i m really exited to use this version

  35. Martin says:

    Hey max alot of help please. I went to rom manager and backed up my current com and now my phone wont turn on after the Samsung galaxy s2 start up! Idk whats going on. HELP PLEASE!!!!

    • Rednine says:

      The same here. I backed up my rom, wiped, everything like your supposed to, flashed the rom, then I got stuck in boot loop.just yellow triangle forever. I couldn’t get to recovery, download mode or anything. I thought it was toast. Just keep trying to get to recovery. Power and volume. Hold it for a long time. After two hours of trying, it finally worked, and hit restore.

    • Rednine says:

      Oh my bad, just reread your post. DONT USE ROM MANAGER WITH I777. Its a death sentence. I did the same. The only fix is download mode, Odin flash something else.

  36. bob says:

    did anyone figure out a fix to the killing of the backk key and the search softkey after the rom update to 3.1.1?

  37. Frost says:

    am i the only one having problem with initializing whatsapp app??

    • Stephen Scott says:

      My whatsapp too not working. Its not a RR issue though as I’ve tried other ROMs today and they have same issue.

  38. Pedro Ramos says:


    My Galaxy S2 with the last version (v.3.1.1) choosing a ringtone doesn’t work….
    “ error”

    • Govind says:

      I am facing same ringtone selection problem. compelled to use only one ringtone. secondly facebook contacts couldnot be synced with contacts. Otherwise this is best ROM

  39. Stephen Scott says:

    Use the music player or file manager. Works for me

  40. artem says:

    Installed this rom (from ICS), everything works great, except Google Now gives ‘Network error’.

    If I try to install it from Play it says ‘device version not supported’.

    Reinstalled ROM – no change.

    Anyone knows how to fix it?

    Also, I backed up everything with Titanium before updating rom. Even though I didn’t do anything explicit to restore, is it possible that it ported over some old settings that confuse Google Now?

  41. rfb813 says:

    Here is the hellraised Vs 3.1.1 Milestone 1 ROM for Resurrection Rom

    • rfb813 says:

      By the way the Hellraised (ported) I777 Version includes the Siyah 4.3.3 Kernel and the UCLE5 modem. You will get the Aroma installer with the Gaaps included.

  42. Eli says:

    very cool rom! 😀
    when i installed it dodnt know what modem to take, can someone explain to me whats that for and does it make a defference, Thanks

    what i’ve seen so far battery is very bad
    any suggestions to make battery life better with this rom will be most appriciated

    otherwise very nice, smooth etc etc

  43. Bob says:

    After installation of latest update (jelly bean) on my SGS II, it killed.
    From past 24 hours, I see only Samsung Galaxy S II logo on screen.

    I tried to hard reset, wipe catch, wipe data/factory reset …. all on web.
    but no use at all.

    I didn’t even know what kernal it has.
    Can someone help me down.

  44. Jeffery Jackson says:

    when I update it 3.1.1 on my AT&T s2 …..I can’t call out

  45. Andy says:

    Does any one experience any problems, changing the rigntone or notification sound?
    I get an error “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” when click on the phone rigntone. Use Apex launcher may a problem with it, not with the ROM itself? Any ideas?

    • Andy says:

      Any idea guys, has any one got this issue as well?
      I think there is no other way to chgange the ringtone apart from the seetings?

    • Taariq says:


      I am getting the same error on my side. Just commenting so that i get notified when a fix comes along 🙂

      • iZel says:

        this is the bug from RR 3.1.0! Pls. read above comment regarding this issue or must update it to 3.1.1 to fix the problem. if you have 3.1.0 u dnt need to do full wipe jst flash RR 3.1.1..

  46. rfb813 says:

    There is another update to vs.3.1.2 on the XDA site. Here is the link:

  47. ayaz says:

    this rom is awesome . i liked it very much . very smooth. very fast . bt only problem is the media player crashes every time i try to open it . . . but not a big deal . . .
    thumbs up for this . . .
    bt guys pls tell how to dual boot any one

  48. merin says:

    Hi, The rom is working for me, but the folder /sdcard/external_sd is empty, it dint mount. my songs , videos and pics are in external sd and am not able to see anything in gallery pls help

  49. Jeshua D says:

    im using the i777, first time using the AROMA Installer and totally lost. the phone just hangs at the rr boot screen and will stay there, its animated just doesn’t move on. Can someone post the settings they used to get it to work?

    • philcole4321 says:

      When this happens it means your installation did not go well. I would suggest that you do a reinstall of the RR software and ensure you clear your wipe and clear your cache before installing. Also ensure you backup your phone before doing this. Additionally download the apps available to backup your call logs and sms messages.

  50. Taariq says:


    Could someone please advise me on how to put on power saving mode? If there is another way to save power, please advise the settings accordingly.


    • philcole4321 says:

      Power saying mode can be found under settings – ROM Control – Performance – Governor. The basic setting is “ondemand” but you can change this by clicking the ondemand and selecting any of the following options which are sorta self-explanatory interactive, conservative, userspace, powersave and performance. If you want extreme powersaving you can choose Powersave or conservative.

      Please note you can also tweak you screen options to adjust brightness, sleep time, etc. in other available settings options.

  51. Abhishek Sethi says:

    hello all,

    yesterday i flash my samsung galaxy s2 I9100 with resurrection remix jelly bean v3.1.2
    this rom working amazing but i am facing problem that when i press the power key screen usually gets off like a television, but this not happens all the time , i want that all the time and when i tried to change the phone ringtone i gets a error like media not responding…kindly help
    and please reply asap.

    • philcole4321 says:

      It depends on how long you press the button. A quick click and its goes off, press longer and you get the the options to power off, reboot or go airplane mode.

      • Abhishek Sethi says:

        i always make a quick click but my phone gets lock but its not gets lock that it should be..i mean that sceen animation ….

  52. philcole4321 says:

    Overall good experience except for the POP3 email (NOT GMail) set-up which does not seem to work on my phone. Does anyone else have this problem?

  53. rlimar says:

    hey guys,

    Need some help. On the official ICS you can make folders in your app drawer. Is this also possible with this rom?
    Or is there a certain app that could make folders in my app drawer? i have searched, but i can only find apps that make folders on my homescreen, and that’s not what i’m looking for… Can someone help me?

  54. Paco says:

    I have problems with the gallery thumbnails that wont show pics and MX Player repeats songs files and some of them wont work.

  55. incognito79 says:

    been using RR v3.1.2 for 2days,.. (updated from 3.1.1.)

    installed RR 3.1.2, installed fix 3.1.2, wipe cache, wipe dalvic cache, fix permissions,
    installed dorimanx kernel v7.10
    charged my battery to 100% then calibrate the battery using battery calibration(NEMA),
    THE RESULTS: Battery is at 90%(17hrs 52mins 26secs) with extreme battery, cpu governor=HYPER, smooth scaling set at 800mhz.

    some tweaks:
    – at Performance(under ROM Control), i set the cpu settings under the minimum cpu: 200mhz, maximum cpu: 1000.
    -Juice defender(this is optional) with customize settings = scheduled to turn off mobile signal at 3:00am to 6:00am.
    -Autostarts app (to control which app will start/stop at startup OR after-startup
    – brightness set to 25%~30%….. i just turned “Automatic Brightness” to OFF.
    – i use wifi occasionally for checking emails, facebook, twitter.. etc..

    i don’t know how this works out but turns out to be the best settings i have for now.

  56. Suprateem says:

    Hey I used your rom on my galaxy s2 GT i19100G, and it is not restarting….I can’t access the other mode(how we install roms) by holding vol up+power+home! Have I bricked my phone? Please help me….I’m too nervous! Its just showing Samsung Galaxy s2 GT-19100G(The starting Screen).

    • incognito79 says:

      i think this rom is not compatible with GT-I9100G?.. i dunno.. works with my device GT-I9100 with no problems.. did you backup your rom before doing the flashing??, if yes, restore it using recovery mode (Power + Volume Up + Menu), choose restore then locate the backup file from storage or SDcard… if not, same procedure – recovery mode (Power + Volume Up + Menu), then this time choose the correct rom for your device GT-I9100G.

  57. leon says:

    hey max,

    i was wondering if i can still use this ROM even though i’m still using a rooted gingerbread version for my SGH-i777? Thanks!

  58. jed says:

    how can i install this?thanks

  59. rfb813 says:

    I just upgraded the kernel to the Siyah v5.0i kernel from this thread:….php?t=1650948.
    It allows dual booting. It works without a problem and I am now dual booting between this Rom and a ICS Rom. Will dual boot two JB Roms. I originally had Resurection Remix and this Rom. Try it and enjoy!
    This is for the I777

    • rfb813 says:

      Max, you should look into this it would make a good informative update video on dual booting.

    • merin says:

      i currently have dual booting with both JB roms, but yet Jellybam has gallery and secondary (thunderbolt,revolt,super nexus….) they never show gallery or run media scan, I have GT-I9100 phone .. 🙁

  60. Pablo says:

    I like it so much…very good rom and I have better battery life than the ICS Nexus that I had previusly.
    Thank you so much, yo make my Galaxw S2 an aweson phone!

  61. javicba says:

    I never install a room in my galaxy s2 SGH-I777. Where I can learn how to install this room? If I install this room I can put Spanish language?

    • Shahriman says:

      You are in the correct website. Now you just need to read the instructions carefully and sequentially. And think thoroughly because this is not something you can undo just like that. If you don’t know or not sure, ask again, or just don’t install custom ROMs

  62. mobilearor says:

    Anyone know when the update is coming for the i777 and I need it asap or recomdations to similar ROMs. This ROM kills my signal when using on talk time. Hangs up passing 2 minitues. .

  63. EdGe says:

    Hello Max. I’m having problems with this ROM. First my WiFi is disabled for some reason. I can’t turn it off or on. It was working the first time I installed it but now it’s not and I don’t know why. Rebooting the phone does not work. I haven’t tried reinstalling it though. Second thing is sometimes my UI turns negative. I mean the colors turn like black and white for no reason at all. What I do is go to the device options and tap the screen tab and tap the negative settings and tap the normal mode. This happened to me before on a previous RR Rom (I forgot what version). Any suggestions as to why these problems occur? I love the battery life and the smoothness of the UI on this ROM.

    • EdGe says:

      Already tried re-installing this ROM and choosing different kernels, still a no go.

    • EdGe says:

      Another bug that I noticed: I cannot select a new ringtone from the sound options. I always get a “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” error message. What do I do? WiFi problem still has not been resolved even after installing a different ROM.

  64. Astralbee says:

    This is the most stable version of this JB rom yet. It’s so stable in fact that I’m sticking with it and not upgrading to 3.1.2 which is already out! Everything runs great, smooth as the day I first flashed it.

  65. Govind says:

    Kies Air could not be installed. Message “Your device is not compatible with Kies Air”
    Kindly guide how to install Kies Air on Galaxy S2 RR ROM

  66. Govind says:

    Very good ROM except Facebook contact sync and ringtone selection. kindly guide to resolve these 2 problems

  67. Farooq says:

    I want to install new version 3.1.1 in samsung S2 gt-I9100 Now I have Android version is 4.0.4 and Kernal 3.0.15-I9100JPLPH
    Can anybody help me to install new one or someone help me for instructions.

  68. Paco says:

    Now all my photos suddenly disappear from my ext sd, i put the sd on another phone and connect it to the comp and see that all my pics are gone. When i connect the my i777 to the comp the files repeat themselves each. That could be a damaged sd?

  69. chester says:

    alguien q m ayude como poner estar room para el s2 at&t por fa soy nuevo n esto y no se como instalar la room

  70. SandyChezz says:

    I really, really, really like this ROM. It is fast, awesome and I couldn’t be any happier with my s2.

    However I can’t seem to enable Mass Storage or any other connection to my PC. Every time a message on my phone pops up saying System UI has crashed. The notification bar disappears then I have to wait 15 seconds for it to come back. Anybody else having this issue? Really the only flaw with this ROM.

    Anybody else experiencing bad battery life on their s2? Something on the lines of 2 hours on screen time and 5 hours idle for the battery to drain out? Should I buy a new battery?

    Any replies are very much appreciated.

  71. aerooo says:

    Defenitaly need a new update for the i777. Front camera doesn’t let me capture pictures/videos, gallery force closes, UI force closes, and messages won’t show up sometimes. Anyone know any other similar ROMs or when a update is coming.?

  72. martin says:

    Currently running resurrection remix v.2.5.3 on my i9100. Siyah kernel 4.0.1

    I am trying to dual boot and install it as my 2nd from for testing before i commit to it full time, but after installation when I try to boot 2nd rom it just goes black and does nothing.
    My daily rom (installed as 1st rom) works fine.

    Any advice?

    I have deleted 2nd rom data,cache and dalvik cache before install.

  73. z.mark.effendi says:

    RR is a fantastic ROM. I have installed RR 3.1.1, working flawlessly, not update to the latest 3.1.2…
    but I have a minor problem,
    1. the process of “” stopped when I tried to choose ringtone from RR ringtones.
    2. second problem is “volume key” does not work for changing tracks (while listening to Apollo Music Player) when the phone is sleep.

    have u guys encountered these problems? does v 3.1.2 solve this problem? any solutions is much appreciated. thanks

  74. Miles Teg says:

    I have a problem with the MMS. I can not send or receive MMS messages with this ROM. The settings are correct but still couldn’t manage. Also everytime I try to create a new APN it just disappeares even if I save it. Also after changing a setting in the existing APN, the default APN disappeares too. Any suggestions about that?


  75. Udara says:

    Check——> for day to day updating roms

  76. DGH says:

    Using v3.1.2. I can’t seem to install Kies Air, it says it’s not compatible with my device. Anyone else got this issue?

    I know a lt of people don’t use Kies anymore, but I find Kies Air really helpful for quick copying of images/music etc…

    Any help will be greatful.

  77. Banu says:

    I have used this rom for few days now… and suddenly when im takeing pictures via my camera… i get this error saying… Unfortunately gallry has stopped… i tried clearing the data and the cache but no luck…. anybody?? faceing the same error?? 🙁

    • James Krimm says:

      I have had the same issues. I am using 3.0.1 on i777. Is there an update to 3.1.2 for i777.

      I just tried updating with the i9100 version and it did not work.

  78. udara says:

    Jellybam rom updated.. with 4.2Google Apps .. visit—->

  79. James Krimm says:

    Can some one post a link to the RR rom update to 3.1.2. I have tried to update using the builtin updater and I have not been successful. I have also tried updating by installing the i9100 3.1.2 update and the capacitive buttons did not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  80. Anthony says:

    Hey, can someone help me out
    I installed RR 3.1.2 on my SG2 i9100 which was on ics 4.0.4. After installing it, I rebooted the phone and it stayed stuck on the RR bootscreen . I dunno what I might have done wrong. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  81. Miles Teg says:

    I’ve tried this one had a lot of problems. Brightness and sound adjustment options always stops responding. MMS and APN settings caused some problems and there were no solutions. A lot more minor problems I’ve delt with and that’s it. Rolled back to 3.1.1 and everthing seems fine now.

    • DK says:

      I’ve had the same problem with 3.1.2. Full wipe/reset and install — everything works fine EXCEPT trying to adjust the Settings > Display > Brightness. I get “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”. Reinstalled twice now. Might have to go back to 3.1.1 or maybe I’ll try this new Rainbow ROM…

  82. Dardani says:

    HELP PLEASE !!!….Hi i installed the rom it works fine, i had installed “Gallery Lock” app and have hidden photos when i wiped the previews rom all photos are gone…PLESAE can anyone tell me if i can get back my photos 🙁 THNX

  83. Daniel Peery says:


    anybody able to help me….
    I am running the RR 3.1.1 and when I try to set up alarm tones, ringtones and notifications i get an error message…
    The was stopped…..

    Do you know what this can be?

    And also in the toggle menu on the top of the screen … whats this pink hat?

    • Miles Teg says:

      Same thing happened to me with 3.1.2 and I’ve returned to 3.1.1 and everthing is fine now. May be you should try the opposite 🙂 Try 3.1.2 and lets see what’s gonna happen.

      That hat is a mistery to me too.

  84. Pedro says:

    I had the issue where I could not get passed the RR boot animation. Since I struggled to find an answer anywhere I will post what I did to get round it below, hopefully it will help others and avoid the pain i went through:

    Rebooted back into download mode using power + volume down + home button

    Loaded ODIN on PC and re-rooted.

    Booted back into CWmod mode using power + volume up + home button

    Select wipe data/factory reset

    Re-installed the ROM. Selecting the same options as above on the aroma installer.

    Now boots correctly.

    I have seen others on the net have had this problem but nobody has bothered to post what they done to fix it. Hopefully this will help others.

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this anyway

  85. SanoJ says:

    I got cf-root on my galaxy s2 gt-9100. i did full reset and so on, followed all the steps, then loaded up the zip file and started installing then the screen went black and nothing happens in 15 minutes, tried pulling out battery and reboot, nothing happens. whats up with that? i got the right version of the rom for my phone.

  86. SanoJ says:

    i followed these steps

    You can flash it over CF-root. Just go into CWM-based recovery and:
    1) wipe data/factory reset
    2) wipe cache
    3) wipe dalvik cache (under advanced)
    4) then flash zip file from sd card.

    now nothing happens, cant even get into download or recovery mode to restore backup

  87. Hmdot says:

    Hey Max,
    do you know when the AT&T I777 will get the v3.1.1 version with AOKP Milestone 1?
    I’ve been watching for it and would like to check it out.

    Thanks Max

  88. David says:


    I need some help with my rom. I’ve installed the resurrection remix 3.0.6 and the updater always shows that there’s a new version available. So my problems are:

    -1.: I don’t know how to do the update, I’ve tried doing it through cwm(that seemed logic) but it didn’t work. If someone could tell me what to do with it I’ll be more than grateful.

    -2.: the phone won’t connect to the pc in storage mode. The pc itself recognizes something(makes the sound of connecting it), but it doesn’t display any device. Any ideas for this?

    Maybe if I solve the first issue the second one will be gone, I don’t know.

    Regards, D.

    • David says:

      Problem solved.

      I reinstalled the rom I had trouble with, downloaded the 3.1.2, put it on the phone and installed it.

      Works fine ever since. Little bugs here and there but other than that it’s running fine.

    • David says:

      Problem solved.

      I reinstalled the rom I had trouble with, downloaded the 3.1.2, put it on the phone and installed it.

      Little bugs here and there but other than that it’s running fine.

  89. Ibrahim says:

    hey alI
    Does anyone know how to invert the colours of the default e-mail aPp?


  90. hks003 says:

    Excellent ROM! Battery life on 3.1.0 Jelly Bean is 2x better than AT&T’s stock ICS. I’ve been using this ROM for about a month, and the update checker within the ROM has found that 3.1.1 has been released, and now I see 3.1.2 has been too. If I download it via the in ROM updater and then flash it, do I lose everything like I did when I initially flashed 3.1.0? If so, are the updates worth it? I haven’t had any noticable problems with it, so if it doesn’t add something very useful or make something better (battery that’s already awesome) then I’d rather not have to mess with spending a few hours redoing everything I have set. Thanks for any help!

  91. Ty N. says:

    I have an issue with trying to update to 3.1.2… it tells methat it ddownloaded it to my storage and asks me if Iwant to boot into recovery.. ill do that and I can’t find thefile… now when I found the file, it turns out to be a “404” file meaning an error. Is there anything I can do to get the update? Or possibly a correction to this issue?Its still telling me in the notification bar that iI have an update. Thanks.

  92. jec says:

    almost perfect ROM. I like it specially the battery life. It could last for a day unlike the previous one which can last only for 2 hours. the only problem is the camera. panorama shot is gone and the screen capture which I find it very useful

    • Nemo says:

      The screenshot function is still implemented…. Press POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons at the same time and hold for about 3 seconds…

  93. armin says:

    guys I need help! this rom is good but I have a problem , I have 3.1.2 but my system UI is not working, when I connect USB or when I want to change ringtone I get “unfortuantly system Ui stopped” error. plz help me 🙁

  94. Mr E B says:

    Had the very same problem. In the end I re-installed RR and the problem disappeared.

  95. armin says:

    then I will give it a try, thnx

  96. armin says:

    I have another problem with this rom, when I try to send anything by bluetooth it comes to gmail 🙁 I tried to disable gmail but after that I don’t see send by bluetooth 🙁 I mean my bluetooth is gone 🙁 . one other question , does this rom support kies? otherwise this rom is great I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  97. Jordy Prikken says:

    Love this ROM very much, but I have one question:
    Does anyone know if there’s an oppertunity to (re)arrange the icons in app-drawer? You can sort them by title or most used, but I want to sort the icons myself. As far I know TouchWiz launcher have this possibility, but TouchWiz launcher isn’t included in this ROM.

  98. Harold Naparst says:

    Fast, but telephone doesn’t ring (only vibrates) and bluetooth tethering doesn’t work. Also, the Resurrection forums are useless and suggestions are met with derision. So overall, not to be recommended.

  99. Din Ellias says:

    Hi, is it possible to install the ROM when my Android version is 2.3.3?

  100. Albin Jr says:

    I want to try this rom for my galaxy s2 at&t i777, but i have some troubles, i have try like 10 roms and i never have problems, but with rr when i do all the stuffs, my cellphone keeps restarting to the recovey mode, and i really want to try this rom, some help please !!

  101. Ankit says:


    I’ve installed RR v3.1.2 on my GS2 GT-i9100 however I’m encountering a major problem:

    The 3G on my phone doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried the LPS & LPX modems (although I don’t know if my choice of modem controls my 3G). This is my first time rooting and I’d really appreciate some advice.


    • Ankit says:

      So tried all the various modems, still no success!

      • !c3 says:

        Hi Dude,
        I might just have the solution for you…
        Have your checked your APN (Access Point Name) settings?
        You can get this settings from your telco service provider…
        you can enter ths settings under: Settings>More…(Under Wireless & Networks)>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names

        • Ankit says:

          Haha! Thanks, that was it. Awesome, I simply got the details online and put in the settings. Everything working AWESOME now 😀

          Thanks again.

  102. pst007x says:

    Can’t get this boot…. fails! just hangs…..

  103. Nicholas says:

    I recently upgraded from v2.6 to v3.1.1 but now I can’t transfer file via USB. It always crashes and says System UI has stopped working. PLEASE ADVICE!

    • Bjorn says:

      Did you do a factory reset?
      But wait, wait, wait…because if and when you go to version 3.1.3 you’ll have to do that again.

  104. Rinaldi says:

    Hi, I’ve installed the RR in my SGS2 GS2 GT-i9100 and I’m having a little problem. Everytime I open the Voice Search it stops. Any idea on how to solve it? Thanks.

  105. Cris T says:

    I had an error several times on installing this rom: the keyboard is missing, I cannot input any letters whatsoever when trying to set up the wireless network or google account.It’s ok with revolt, but not with resurrection 3.1.3.Don’t know what’ wrong…

  106. Shashank Hegde says:

    I downloaded the RR zip and Gapps. But when i flashed both there was force closure of setup after booting.
    So just flashed RR zip and guess what setup is displaying but I cant enter any charecters as keyboard is not opening at all. i am stuck at setup. Please help. I really want to try this ROM

  107. cio says:

    i try this new rom resurrection remix rom 3.1.3 but i do not have the keyboard tash to conect wifi g mail app store .before i use lion rom 1.3 .why do not bify the tash? please help

  108. Irfan says:

    Are this rom install using ODIN?

    Please help me.i’m new

  109. cio says:

    corect.i post before to reed.but radio not work?please help

  110. cio says:

    i do not posible to conect usb with pc.dont recongnize.i do not have the option more and find usb and conect

  111. kv says:

    im having problems with the installation of the ROM on my international GT-i9100. i previously had v3.1.2 which was working perfectly and was my daily driver (jellybean version 4.1.2).I downloaded the ROM v3.1.3 on my phone using the RRs stock OTA update app. I then flashed the ROM without restoring/clearing caches/dalvik caches etc. (the usual) as i thought i wouldn’t be needing to do that since i was coming from the same ROM and just a previous version. Also in the AROMA installer i selected the “DORIMANX kernel” and the first modem (i don’t know what it was). I previously had the SIYAH kernel. Now my phone is just stuck on the Resurrection Remix boot logo…………. Any help will be greatly appreciated ! thanks in advance

    • Nikki says:

      You can’t install new version (3.1.3) over existing (3.1.2), cause new version is JB v4.2.1 and older version is JB v4.1.2. First, you must do full wipe/factory reset in CWM, in mount/storage, format system, than you can install v3.1.3 and prefered kernel. After that, do again full wipe/facory reset and reboot your phone. You can use new version of the ROM normally! Good luck!!!

  112. cio says:

    i solve and the usb but from the radio i do not find ?

  113. Ralph says:

    First time i’ve installed custom rom and really satisfied. Everything works fine as i’ve checked. Just force closes when settings>storage is opened.

  114. Anad says:

    hello, i install this room and evrything is ok but i dont have a keyboard…

  115. Zeeshan says:

    Great fan of this ROM! Have been using this ROM in my i9100 for a long time. Recently updated to v3.1.3 Everything works good except that when I select storage in settings, I get “Unfortunately, settings has stopped.” and it force closes. Any fixes?

  116. Rednine says:

    Coming from Jellybam. I backed up my rom, wiped, everything like your supposed to, flashed the rom, (didnt know what to chose in all the kernal options etc, just picked the top one…then I got stuck in boot loop.just yellow triangle forever. I couldn’t get to recovery, download mode or anything. I thought it was toast. Just keept trying to get to recovery. Power and volume. Hold it for a long time. After two hours of trying, it finally worked, and hit restore. What did I do wrong? Not that I’m going to try again….. that was close.

  117. Ralph says:

    I also noticed that it takes longer to fully charge. Or do I need to calibrate the battery or something ?

  118. jossie says:

    No keyboard upon instaling… Any fix… Pls

  119. jeff says:

    Any way to set up a APN?????

    • !c3 says:

      You can get this settings from your telco service provider…
      you can enter ths settings under: Settings>More…(Under Wireless & Networks)>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names

  120. Ron says:

    Awesome ROM. great work. however 1 issue. I am unable to use my HOME or SEARCH button on my phone. Please advise.

  121. Ron says:

    Here are a few more issues:

    cannot access storage (settings app crashes)
    voice search or voice dialing crash.

    Help is much appreciated.


  122. Ralph says:

    Err. phone suddenly turned off and wont turn on anymore! It was working perfectly fine on standby..

  123. Ferrod says:

    Para el SGH i777 – luego de instalar la ROM active el teclado inhabilitando el teclado fisico, sin instalar ningun parche, de este modo no se desactivan las teclas home y serch, espero le sirva, saludos

    • Albin Jr says:

      Lo hice con el parche y ahora veo tu comentario, pero no veo la opcion para desactivar o activarlo solo me dejaba seleccionar algun idioma, por favor ayuda, que no tengo home ni search bottom

  124. Mats Rydholm says:

    Hi Max

    When i try to install the latest RR3.1.3 i cant get my keyboard to open so that can fill in my email, paasword and so on. I´ve tried several times but i don´t get it to work. I´ve done a full wipe but it still doesn´t work. What do do??

    Regards Mats

  125. Help!! says:

    I installed this and then accidentally unrooted my phone, what do I do to reroot?? Btw the keyboard doesn’t come up unless you turn physical keyboard off in settings…battery life is really good compared to rainbow rom,voice search doesn’t work. You cannot use any voice powered software.

  126. help says:

    Pls help why i dont have a keyboard when i instal this rom…

  127. Ron says:


    Please help. I am unable to connect my phone to my PC.
    When i click on storage, to enable USB, the app crashes.

  128. jhon says:

    Any fix for home and search buttons on i777 yet?

  129. chris says:

    downloaded it and the keyboard will not work at all. what can i do to fix this

  130. Sadir Omer says:

    Hey Max, i just installed this ROM… But the keyboard is not working… Its not popping up when i click on a place where a keyboard should appear.. What can i do to fix this???

    • Rednine says:

      On this page under the download links is the the link for XDA (“Credits”) scroll down to the download links there, and you will find a link to download the keyboard fix for sgs2

    • Alan says:

      If you check Westcrips twitter there is a link to the keyboard fix, i dl the link for the fix and whacked it on my phone via my pc and voila that fixed it

  131. chris says:

    ok my phone is doing random restarts. what can i do to fix this help please

  132. Mohamed says:

    hi all,
    I’m from asia. I’ve been using custom rom since the day i bought s2. I’ve tried most of the roms under ics 4.0.3. I’ve no problem with all the apps using 3g data. but once I tried to installed jellybean rom, I started to have problems with only 2 apps that is. Zello and whats app messengger. I could not sign in using 3g. It only allowed to sign in using wifi. Now I’m stuck with ICS. The only jellybean software that i could use is the officiaal leaked 4.1.2. all works great. Any adviced that I could try other roms that have been release by max. RR.. lion rom , slimbeam cm10 all I’ve tried but 3g could not sign for those 2 apps. Thanks

  133. aj says:

    Is there anyway I can invert the color in my Contacts list so that I have a black background?

  134. ronos says:

    Are this rom install using ODIN?and are this rom already root??

  135. janjan says:

    I have done my research on XDA and everywhere.

    I am installing new modem (3 already) through CWM. It always gets aborted (status 7). Files are in ZIP file and are CWM flashable as per XDA.

    Either I do it in stock or any other ROM, result is the same. 🙁

  136. ronos says:

    Whats wrong with my sd card…someone please help me….

  137. MOHAMMED IMRAN says:

    I m downloads. Zip file. And my phone. Is non rooted so what I do Plz help and guide me

    • MagaFromSVK says:

      Download ODIN along with a Recovery Mode. Open ODIN, leave all at it’s defaults, put your phone into Download MODE, connect it, wait for GREEN signal in ODIN to showup, browse the PDA option to your downloaded Recovery Mode file before. Confirm to Root it, after root come back.

  138. Romka says:

    hi, I installed this ROM following the official instructions but the flash animation at the start is unbearibly slow and in most cases the OS doesnt even reach the UI… when it does, errors appear saying that system UI or “….” crashed. i tried installing it with different custom settings (kernel, apps…) and did dalvik-cache wipe. what is wrong here? i am using siyah 5.0.1 kernel and installed the ROM on the second partition.
    please help

  139. remixer says:

    I don’t know if its related but after a couple days having resurrection remix jb 3.1.3 flashed to my phone (an i777 sgs2) i lost service completely and it would say “searching for service.” i reflashed my phone with the rom and it came back but has seemed to keep losing service like this.

    im not sure, but i slowly re-added my apps and re-did my settings (for the 15th time) and i think superSU may have something to do with it. at least the premium version.


  140. slasher says:

    downloaded and installed but had no keybord lol had to reveart back to neatrom.

  141. sgr says:

    I am unable to install this Rom..
    It says:-
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    Installation aborted.

    I am using rr jb v 3.1.1. Pls help…

  142. James says:

    I believe this ROM was originally built for the GT-I9100. The keyboard error apparent for both the GT-I9100 and the ATT I777. However, the fix only works for the GT-I9100. Because of this the home and search keys do not work in the I777 because GT-I9100 has three buttons below the screen whilst the former has four. Anyone have the solution for the I777, which I believe is the only phone with the problem?

  143. cxv says:

    Not working too well for me. Battery life is worse than what I initially had and now my phone keeps freezing.

  144. Gail Alcazar says:

    I Just flash this ROM its good but only got one problem as of now its the voice search or Google Voice 😐 Its nearly flawless thou. I’d Love to know how to fix this problem.

    • Gail Alcazar says:

      and the second problem i notice now is when sending Sms theres poping up that always ask to allow or deny, i search in settings on how to fix but no i couldnt 😐 if someone could answer me please , i kinda love this rom except for the 2 mentioned problems i notice as of now (13hrs of usage) if someone is kind out there please help me 😀 ?

  145. Kausang says:


    So after multiple (Over 10 times) attempts to install this rom for S2 I777 i realized a few things… This rom is compatible only to a certain extent. although all of the button including “back” and “home” work properly there are the existing issues i occurred……

    1.Keyboard doesn’t work at all..I fixed this problem by leaving everything blank at start-up then manually installed a keyboard apk and keyboard problem was fixed….also for those who may not know, there is a setting which says “Physical Keyboard ” on/off its automatically marked as on which needs to be turned off in order for custom keyboard apk to be installed.

    2. Wi-Fi doesnt not work for I777 (doesnt not connect, Keeps sayin authenticating)

    3. Google search is problematic and Google voice search does not work.

    3.None I REPEAT NONE of the Siyah kernels work for this rom for the i777. (tried Siyah4.1.3 & Siyah 4.3.3, Siyah5.0.1 is for i9100 as of now only stock kernel they offer works.

    4.Manually flashing GApps like offered above does not work AT ALL, need to install the one that is offered in the setup process (do not uncheck the GApps when installing).

    5. Multiple error messages, all saying Unfortunately (whatever may be the program) has stopped working.

    This rom may only be fully compatible with the I9100 NOT the i777, i repeat NOT A GOOD ROM FOR I777, if i had to pick the best i would have to say “AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2! [Android 4.1.2][11/20/2012]” is the BEST ROM so far….Never have i ever encountered so much trouble and hassle to install a rom until i came across this one… there is folks

    • Matthew says:

      Hey, thanks for this. Was just about to make the plunge on this with my i777 but after reading all the difficulties you faced I think I’ll just wait for a more stable ROM to rear its head. Really, thanks again. You more than likely just saved me a few hours of headache.

  146. Lucky says:

    This ROM might amaze you in the start but trust me its full of bugs yet. Its not stable. Freshly installed ROMs always work fast and smooth but i would not recommend any one for daily life use. Especially heavy users would not like this rom because its slow and when switching from one app to another it freezes alot. This ROM has great features which you would not find on any other ROM but developers need to fix the issues. I would say the worst problem with this rom is stability. Everything seems to work fine but after some time users face problems. I own GT-I9100. I have used this ROM and other ROMs on this website. Any questions? ask me. I can tell them in detail if i know.

  147. Kausang says:

    No problem, after all the headache it caused me thought I might put this out there for all the I777 users. I searched most comments for I777 issues and when I couldnt find any posts w/ help thought it would be best just to mess with it myself and put the word out there….Just glad I could help.

  148. Tommy Chin says:

    i get error “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”….any1 know how to fix it ? ~.~”

  149. Nathanael says:

    I installed this rom and but now have no keyboard. How do I get a keyboard to type with?

  150. Nathanael says:

    Big problem. I installed this rom. I have problems, so want to restore my last rom. So, I reboot in Clockworkmod to restore. Before, My version of Clockworkmod had a touch screen “enter” button. Now it doesnt. The problem is that my power button doesnt work, so I have no way of “entering” my selection to restore an old rom!

    Help!! The other problem, is that I cant download anything because with this new rom my data connection no longer works. So, I cant install a newer or different version of Clockworkmod. Any suggestions are welcome… Please!

  151. kunal says:

    pls…. add CB cell broadcastin option in next rom
    and old gingerbread music player thanks

  152. Ibram says:

    do i have to root my phone for this rom ??? … what is siyah ??? … and how can i put it on phone ?? ( by odin method / installing from internal memory method ) .. thanks in advance

    • Ibram says:

      i mean the rom .. how to put it on the phone ??? … one more Q .. does this rom support arabic language (read / write ) …….sorry for a lot of Questions but i’m a beginner in this rom things and all my info are from google searches …………. btw i have the GT I9100 and SGH I777 … the last one is rooted … so i’m asking all this for avoiding any mistakes …

  153. Shubha Silwal says:

    I am currently using ver 3.1.3, everything is pretty good but the display doesnt seem that good as it used to be. the color and contrast seems to be washed out. any suggestions so that i could get the crisp display on my GALAXY S2 GT-I9100 again??????

  154. pti galant says:

    Love this rom a lot.. Installed since 3 days. Working great..

    BUT having 2 little prob Firstly when making calls. The screen goes black. Cant even hang up.

    Second prob is my phone getting overheated when playing games.

    Any suggestions how to fix these issues please?


  155. guddu says:

    i have installed 3.1.3 yesterday…seems to be working fine thanks guys for good work….two issue i am facing ….can not connect to laptop as usb for internal and external storage second if i tried to open storage option it says unfortunately setting has stopped and app gets closed…please help me would like to keep using it..

    • Zulhelmi Effendi Zulkifli says:

      Hello guddu..

      Please try this. First go to Settings and go into Ex Tweaks apps.

      Under “Misc” tab, scroll down and you will see “USB Mass Storage Mode” and select “Force Mass Storage Mode”..

      And try to reconnect with your laptop. Let me know the solution. Thanks.

      • Mosh says:

        Try this steps and it works you can download from your int. and sd card


        1st Go to Misc.
        2nd USB Mass Storage Mode> Force Mass Storage Mode
        3rd Charge Current> AC,Misc:650mA, USB: 450mA

        and Reboot make sure that you unchecked the USB debugging

        Hope that will help cheers!

  156. Martin Ha says:

    So uhm, What’s The Fix For ThE Broken Keyboard?

  157. Najmul Hossain says:

    I just want to say, RR JB V3.1.3 is really bad ROM…
    Previews version is much better & faster then this version..
    Camera app is digital but where is 16.9 features…???
    That is why I can’t take picture in full screen mode >:(
    This is the bad version of Resurrection Remix series I ever used.. >:(

  158. joel says:

    was workin f9……then went to alliance… back to RR….
    but now screen oriantention has got a prob….
    everytime i use landscape it gets stuck on tht mode….
    only after pressing the power button it sets to potrait….

  159. Ash says:

    I love the look of the ROM and battery .but problem is with my google accounts it dosent let me signin in web browser and google play asks me to signin through web browser. it says “Error retrieving information from server. [RH-01]
    and also i cannot sign into any google services except my gmail account on the phone works fine. Lately i downloaded whats app from their website but my pics arent uploading fully it stops at halfway.

    I didnt have any of these issues before.

  160. Ralph says:

    Can I update directly on stock Jelly bean or should i go back on stock ICS first? Wanna update my phone to stock jellybean:

  161. Fred says:

    I tried this ROM and removed it form my i777 after about an hour.
    1. Google voice search crashes ALL of the time.
    2. Exchange service crashes constantly.
    3. This ROM was created for a phone with a physical keyboard. You have to skip all of the set up and then go into the keyboard settings and change it to the on screen keyboard so you can type.

    I have run several ROMS from CM9, to AOKP, and Shostock 3. I was looking forward to checking this ROM out, but besides the nice installation walkthru there is nothing worth while about this ROM for the I777.

    I have got to find something at least JB 4.1.2 that is super solid. I re-flashed to the stock ICS ROM but I miss my Jelly Bean.
    If you have any suggestions please let me know.

  162. Joel says:

    Well as none of u all could hep me ….i say screw u all…..for
    1) the prib gt fixed…..nd
    2) my voice search started working…..

    • Bjorn says:

      Joel, what exactly did you need help with? Spelling or politeness?

      • joel says:

        spelling or polietness??? really ????
        better taech ur mom some better grammer coz i believe she made a mistake naming u BJORN…
        NO OFFENCE…..

        • Bob B says:

          @Joel, stick your head up your a-hole, if it is not there already. This site helps all members and you must have patience, something you are lacking. This, like all other sites is not by appointment, admin is not stuck to this site 24/7, so, why don’t you tweak your patience and politeness a bit, then you may OR may not get assistance……………………and, I did take offence to your post, Bjorn helps many,brothers and sisters of the membership here GSII………….NO OFFENCE INTENDED.

  163. Riz says:

    I am using Galaxy SII and have updated my rom to JB 4.2.1 resurrection remix. I am trying to open STweaks but message comes “No root access, or timeout!”. please help and let me know how to open and access STweaks for customization in my phone as i always does it earlier, rest this rom is one of the best and leading roms amoung all other roms. thank you so much Developer 🙂

  164. wessam says:

    This is Rom is pretty fast … I really liked it …
    But i had a little problem with keyboard it haults and doesn’t appear I don’t know why? evey thought with my purchased swift key it do the same

  165. rexayie says:

    Hi max..everything works fine on me. However i cant use papago m9 after installed with titanium backups. Error message ” unfortunately navitotal has stopped”. Pls look up this issue..thank u.

  166. sudipto says:

    how to enable usb mass storage mode in dis rom pls tell….

  167. bernard says:


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