Resurrection Remix ROM KitKat for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!


For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 ROM of the week, check out latest version of Resurrection Remix ROM with Android 4.4.2 KitKat by XDA developer WestCrip.

UPDATE: See latest version here!!!

If you have been following the custom ROMing world for the last couple years, you probably remember that the Resurrection Remix ROM by WestCrip was one of the best custom ROMs to run on your GT-i9100.  Well, the latest version is better than ever with latest Android 4.4.2 along with full support for ART (you can enable this in Developer Settings) and a ton of customization you are used to.

Inside Resurrection Remix ROM, you will find a ton of customization under “Resurrection Tools” menu in Settings which will allow you to customize everything from your status bar, lockscreen, transition animations, and enable neat features like Halo, screen recorder, plus much much more.

I have been using this ROM personally on my GT-i9100 for the last couple weeks and the performance and customization is simply top-notch and highly recommended to those of you new to custom ROMing or been flashing since day one.  So, definitely give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM v5.0.2 for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 [v5.0.2.1 – NEW] (PLEASE DO NOT FLASH ON ANY OTHER S2!)

Download Resurrection Remix Gapps 4.4.2 (DO NOT USE OTHER GAPPS FOR THIS ROM!)

Please follow How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat ROM on Galaxy S2!

Credits – WestCrip on XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!  (You can also follow WestCrip on Twitter.)


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (uninstall existing Gallery app using Titanium Backup app then install this!)

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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155 Responses

  1. Airton says:

    Hi there,

    I follow your channel and also your page since a long time ago and I really appreciate your tutorials about the Galaxy S2 GT-I9100.

    I’m running on my S2 the current stock version 4.1.2 I tried many of those ROM’s you publish but I am having troubles with almost all of then regarding Battery consumption.

    I would like your suggestion for which is the BEST EVER Rom to install in my device. I mean the most stable and reliable version to install for daily use, because following your channel aways came a “new best” ROM.

    Thank you!

    • djohn says:

      I’ve been using Illusion for the sgs2 i9100 for like 9 months now and it’s really good, don’t know about battery life but it’s not the worst one I’ve tried.

    • Ingo says:

      I have been using several of the ROM’s mentioned here. More recently I have been using the Beanstalk 4.4.2 ROM. I must say after several weeks of standard use, I can get the battery to last throughout the day until mid-evening. During the day I have the WiFi off, but it is in the morning for about 30min and then again in the evening for several hours before a charge is required. Even then after a full day of about 5-6 phone calls, I still have somewhere between 30-40% battery life left. The system is responsive, everything works as stated, even the GPS and Bluetooth (the latter used in my car). Charging is quick (seems quicker than others?).
      I am using the original S2 i9100 which is now over 2 years old, with the original battery.

    • Tomas says:

      Biftor V14 gave me almost a 9 hour life when I used it through the day, and like 14 when I didn’t use it that much.

    • Dale says:

      In my experience SentinelROM has been the best for battery consumption and I haven’t encountered any instability. Not sure why I haven’t seen very much talk about it, it’s a great ROM and the code was optimized by the developer for maximum battery potential.

      • Airton says:

        I tried Beanstalk and it’s didn’t work for me. I bought a new battery from china in replacement for my 2 y old battery, after a few days using these battery I set the phone charging over night and guess what !?
        I woke up in the morning smelling some burned smoke and I found the battery melted inside the phone and even with old battery my phone doesn’t turn on anymore !

        Fuck yeah ! :#

    • Suleman Gul says:

      I also tried many custom ROMs but found CyanogenMod 10.1.3 Android version 4.2.2 as the most stable. I have been using it since last six months with no problem. Battery life is also good. This is the BEST EVER ROM I used.

      • avin raj says:

        den u should try cm11 snapshot.. its like shit. battery drain is crazy. phone heats up like crazy… will definitely give RR a try tomorrow

  2. praagna says:

    please help me..!!
    when i tried to install from SD card.. it says error in files and the installation is aborted.. please help me. im stuck!

    • Risspartan117 says:

      Maybe the files you downloaded are corrupted. Has happened to me quite a lot. Could happen for many reasons. Try re-installing the ROM. Usually solves such issues. 🙂

  3. mohammed says:

    Is this room supports the Arabic language????

  4. Tomas says:

    First actual day with the rom…I spent a lot of time deleting the bloat ware (google stuff and other things I would never use). Does anyone know a way to change the lockscreen? I hate..with all my soul the lockscreen on this thing, I’m used to biftor roms that actually allow you to change the things you want to change…while this rom may say its fully customizable it doesn’t even come close to biftor :\

  5. iv4o says:

    Hi I have only one problem. how to remove the hardware buttons on screen
    . Iam not with nexus

  6. George says:

    Can I apply this Rom to i9100G

  7. Hugo Diaz says:

    Can’t download. Gives nginx error. Please fix so I can try it.

    • Hugo Diaz says:

      I finally d/l’ed it. I have been using it for a week now. IMO, an above average ROM.
      My only complaint now is that a new ROM version is available, and the download site forces you to d/l their version of MoboGenie, even if it is already installed. I don’t like that, so I didn’t d/l the update.
      The ROM is stable, with a good battery life, everything works, and I’ll keep it until (and if) Carbon give us a KK version for the i9100.

  8. rikster says:

    Cant seem to get any kitkat rom to work. The problem being when i dial a number the phone wont ring and when i try to hangup it wont. Anyone know whats wrong ? It works on any rom with touchwiz though !

    • Waleed says:

      This is the problem with modem.Try flashing a new modem before installing ressurection rom

      • rikster says:

        Tried flashing new modem via cwm still same problem both baseband and ril matching. Cant workout whats wrong anything on based on Sammy 4.12 works but kitkat doesnt. Any ideas anyone ?

  9. Wong Cerbon says:

    BEST of the BEST !!!
    Thank you.

  10. vikas says:

    It would be much better if it had multi window and other note2 features if it can b then please update otherwise I think biftor 14 is the best

  11. Borko says:

    Excellent room just will not have a problem that we remember APN `s parameters of my internet? sorry on my bad English. Greetings from Serbia

  12. Dhruv says:

    Can’t get super user to work…installed it from recovery and it says no binary found….please help

  13. Dhruv says:

    Can anyone help me why is superuser not working in this rom?..
    i cant backup as titanium backup isnt working because of root permissions.

  14. jannie says:

    Im glad to see westcrip is back to his old self again. Showing everybody how kit kat should be implemented. I tried all the other kit kat roms…none worked.
    There is no rom developer like westcrip. I used resurrection remix 3.1.2 for a long time with stability way beyond other “stable” roms.
    Zedomax, everyone always ask you what roms are the best, you can tell them without a doubt, resurrection remix kicks f!@#$! ass.

  15. nitesh says:

    hello friend please tell me most stable kitkat ROM for the GALAXY S2.

  16. Minti says:

    Great work – Flawless instructions. The rooting video using stock Jelly Bean followed by flashing to Resurrection ROM was awesome. Thanks
    However, I didnt partition the internal memory and I am still stuck with 1.97GB for apps. Is it possible to repartition using PIT files now that I am already on 4.4.2 resurrection ROM and if so what file should i put in ODIN PDA?

  17. ME says:

    very good rom. Stable, no errors, everything works, everything is fine. Just battery % falls fast.. using for 8 hours (not much) and 30% left.

    • Matt says:

      Agreed. Really liked previous RR room so upgraded a few weeks ago. Runs and looks great.
      Battery life is a concern. Power drops way too quickly, even with all the tweaks. Sick a shame. Going to have to change as I’m currently having to charge a couple of times during the day, and not using heavily.

  18. LJm says:

    Excellent rom but cant save the apn… Can somebody help me plz!

  19. MilesTeg says:

    I’m having battery issues with this ROM. No matter how long I keep the phone charging it charges very little, o very slow. I’ve tried different chargers but result is the same. I’ve plugged the phone last night with 30% charge on it, woke up this morning with 48% in 6 hours. Also the battery gets really warm while charging. I was using Chrome 4.2 2 days ago and never had that problem. Any suggestions? I’m thinkin of getting back to same ground and set up a chrome ROM again.

  20. Francis says:

    can you get rid of the weather widget in the lock screen?

  21. Francis says:

    android debugging not working properly?? cant seem to do anything through debug. E.g. installing apks from computer using wondershare

  22. Tomas says:

    Just an update, I have 13+ hours of battery life two days in a row 🙂 FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  23. MCO says:

    My only complaint is lack of BLN. (back light notification)

    Do I have to go back to Syiah Kernel to get BLN to work?

  24. zemy says:

    I cant seem to get wifi direct to work. Anybody else having this issue?

  25. foz says:

    Got to say this is the best Kit Kat Rom I’ve used so far, not one problem at all. Beanstalk, Gummy, CyanogenMod, this Rom blows them all out the water. A lot of the features I haven’t got a clue if I’ll need them or not but ……

  26. Anand says:

    Best rom ever…flowless with lots of features..highly recommended…for kit kat users…

  27. yash.patel says:

    Hey guys plz tell me about the battery consumption of this rom is it good……??
    I m using omni rom and it has not much good battery performance ……….is it better thn omnj rom for battery…plz. tell me help plzzzz

    • foz says:

      My battery lasts for around 14 hours BUT, its a 4800mAh battery (the thicker one with the extended back)

    • Ash says:

      Omni ROM was horrible for my phone.. It used to heat up like crazy and the battery would drain. RR ROM is excellent – after the omni disaster I have no battery drain now. GO for it!

  28. yash.patel says:

    Hey guys plz tell me the rewies of original battery bakup………is it good or not……..

  29. Anand says:

    Now it’s showing a update of this Rom it’s…plz tell me how to update..

  30. Anand says:

    This Version is best one but it’s keep notifying me that new update of this Rom which is I don’t know it will be better or not. and how to update for that..but i just getting battery problem..nothing else..everything is should i go for new version or what…plz guide me if anyone..updated new version

  31. Minti says:

    same here. Other than battery problem and occasional google search crashes, it works fine. let me review the website if the new update addresses the battery issue

  32. yash says:

    Hey plz tell me how to update this rom witout losing the data ….and anybody has problem about xposed installer not working

  33. shahdaab says:

    is this an update for the previous reserruction remix rom?
    coz when i flashed this rom all that happens is the samsung display shows up and then blank.
    if any could help me i’d be thankful.

  34. mehdi says:

    I lose the root please help 🙁

  35. edi says:

    I have been using this ROM for about 1 week now, it works perfectly but I have only one problem.
    I am using Active Display and “show notifications around the ring”..the problem is that the text messages or other notifications aren’t around the ring, they are showed above on the clock and I can’t understand anything. any idea about what should I do?

  36. Nick one says:

    Liking this rom loads apart from the on screen nav buttons. does anyone know how to disable them please?

  37. Nazmul Hossain says:

    I’m install this ROM and other K.K Roms but every time facing the same problem and it is read/write sd card problem. For this kind of problem I can’t restore my backup which I’m doing Go Backup & also I’m trying to install Modded GooglePlay but every time it said I don’t have enough memory in my system. Please guys help me to install K.K in my phone.

  38. naz says:

    Problems encountered so far:
    1. Wifi direct isnt working (might be developer too lazy for this)
    2. The kernel that comes with this seems to block read/write function on /system even after enabling r/w for such folder. No changes can be made in here 🙁

    Other than that, i must say this is the most stable KitKat for S2. Neat interface and very easy on the RAM.

  39. d says:

    Forgive me if I’m being a noob but I just cannot connect to the internet either via wifi or 3g. Wi-fi just constantly says it is authenticating without actually every connecting. Anyone else had this problem?

  40. Ash says:

    Play store refuses to connect, and (only) one game app force closes. Which happens to be my favorite 🙁
    So nearly flawless otherwise! Can anyone help me?
    And while i’m at it the other thing i noticed about kitkat ROMs – while playing music & typing with any keyboard other than stock,causes hell like noise. Anyone else had this?

  41. Jason says:

    This rom is crap. Adding a Microsoft exchange email doesn’t work

  42. ALDO MARTINEZ says:


  43. Kid says:

    Hello all.

    I have a quick question. I want to try this Rom. I am currently running Biftor Rom V14. Do the instructions in the install video apply in my case as well?

    Thanks in advance for the response.

    Cheers 😉

  44. barinder says:

    i lost my ‘google now’ window after otp undate. how to bring it back.

  45. DEM0 says:

    This is an awesome rom
    Usig it for about 2 weaks or so. No buggs countered, everything works, fast, stable and awesome. Battery got drained fast but worth it anyway.. Using on i9100

  46. MANISH says:

    Proper installation,gives no problem at all.
    Battery life good
    Try new battery 2 year old users

  47. palo says:

    Great rom,nice quick ,but one question.
    I cant find my external SD? Somebody help me?

  48. Nick says:

    This rom sucks!

  49. The Knight Rider says:

    Guys…. Does this rom support line to line call recording?? With apps like total recall. I dont want to use Mic recording!! Please. Thanks. I run Alliance rom now with line recording that works great. But want Kitkat 4.4. That supports line recording. Thanks again for all the support 🙂

  50. asd says:

    can i remove the navigation bar?

  51. Minti says:


    After installing this ROM, somehow my bridge dialing has stopped working. If I dial an access line and then follow it up with an 800 number, the tones are not registered and I can’t connect to the bridge. Any help would be really appreciated as I have to log on to many calls everyday.

  52. mamat says:

    my phone now 2.3.6 version..can i directly upgrade to this rom? or i should do something else?? sory for my english..

  53. ME says:

    i have a question. why there are only few roms? i tried few 4.4 roms and they all lack normal battery performance.. using this rom i had 4% gone per night. and now i installed slimcat rom. and it is the best 4.4 rom (slin roms are always awesome) now per night i my battery drains only 1%. so it has the performance of 4.4 and battery durability like 4.0.4 or something like that

  54. Balaji says:

    My HD videos are not running properly in this ROM . So can help some one to fix this issue and also I see screen resolution is lesser. Do i need to install any other extra software to get the high resolution in samsung galaxy s2

  55. Juan Cubillas says:

    I just tried this resurrection ROM and was displeased by the constant bombardment of FCs I keep receiving? Am I missing something not in the install instructions? Restoring my stock firmware as I write…

  56. Robb Elineil Paa says:

    i got my phone soft bricked after installing the framework on xposedapp

  57. Robb Elineil Paa says:

    any one having trouble installing the framework on xposedappsettings

  58. Suleman Gul says:

    I installed SlimKat 4.4.2 on my SGS2 I9100. I used it for the whole day and till now no problem at all. Good rom with lot of customization. I recommended it.

    • foz says:

      I’m trying out SlimKat 4.4.2 as well. Three days in and the battery is lasting longer than on the RRemix ROM. I’m kind of enjoying SlimKat a bit more as well. Nice find fella 🙂

  59. foz says:

    And for anyone else that tries the slimkat rom, you have to hit the “build number” (in settings – about) around7 times to unlock developer mode, and then tick the Root access and usb debugging…… Took me bloody ages to find it :/

  60. Damian says:

    After I put new update my App Store didn’t work after that i put Gapps again and now its working ok but my University Wifi connect to my phone but won’t download.there wifi ip is 172.xx.xx.x plz reply me soon as possible thanks.

  61. Vivek says:

    Hii pal,
    I using the sgs2 running on 4.1.2, when I am trying to install resurrection kitkat rom via cwm it’s showing “port the issue” error and not able move further.. Kindly help me in installing,

  62. joel says:

    for some reason mine keeps crashing at the install says. themes not working and all kinds of errors. cant even select the language!!!!!

  63. joel says:

    for some reason mine keeps crashing at the install says. themes not working and all kinds of errors. cant even select the language!!!!!
    systemmui and so on

  64. joel says:

    for some reason mine keeps crashing at the install says. themes not working and all kinds of errors. cant even select the language!!!!!
    systemmui and so on
    android processacore

  65. dogma says:

    I must say that the best rom I ever used on my Galaxy S2 was the old Resurrection Remix 4.0.4 ICS. I think it was the final 2.7 version. You can still find it @ RR website, its hided in download’s. This KitKat roms keep freezing, crashing, etc. The 4.0.4 with Siyah kernel never crashed, restarted, or freezed. The battery life was just insane. With normal phone use, and the right extweaks settings, i had a 5 day battery life. Im not joking! 5 day for real. Now I think I will reset my phone, and downgrade it to that old perfectly working ICS rom.

  66. Richie says:

    The ROM runs really slow on the I9100. I went back to Biftor V14. I may put back the stock Jelly Bean rom as I need long battery life. I was getting up to 14 hours with Greenify and the stock Samsung ROM

  67. syafiq istihat says:

    Hi, my front camera cannot record the video. Is there anything I can do?
    BTW, is PhotoSphere file working? I downloaded the file but it shows that “apk file not installed”.
    Please help me. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  68. bokkkie says:

    AM i being retarded or, where is the radio app for my phone, I don’t mean the online radio but a normal FM radio

  69. gen4sr says:

    I just reinstalled this ROM Resurrection after finding that the AllianceROM (2nd time round) very buggy, kept rebooting, anyway, used it on the train this morning to listen to some music, got into work (hour travel) and the battery is sitting below the 50% mark….. I’ve plugged it into my PC at work to try and recharge, it says it charging but is still losing power, down to 40% and losing about 1% per 30mins….. got to be something amiss with this ROM…. screen is off, how can it bleed so much battery life…. I’ll try to charge without having it on to see whether that improves the charging….
    Will have to put another ROM on tonight…. tried SlimKat before this but couldn’t get the GAPPS to install, kept wanting to give me MobileGenie or something? Any suggestions for max battery life, must be able to install GAPPS though.. I tried Omni ROM before SlimKat and post the build, just kept rebooting, had to completely go back using Odin with the Jeboo kernel to get it to boot into recovery… that was a waste of a couple of hours….

    • Richie says:

      Well I tried the resurrection remix but I find it was too slow on the S2. I tried Biftor ROM V12 and then the newer V14. Biftor is very fast but buggy, I keep getting a “UI has stopped” error. Also Biftor drains the battery twice as fast as stock – but only when the screen is on. I noticed that when the phone was charging with Biftor it was getting very hot and the battery Percentage only increased by 2% in an hour.

      I flashed back the stock 4.1.2 samsung ROM and all the problems subsided, I re-rooted and installed Link2SD. I uninstalled all unnecessary system apps – close to 40, including all the Samsung accounts and hubs etc. The S2 is now blazing fast as the Biftor ROM but without the bugs – even after reinstalling the 200 apps with Titanium backup. To see a list of system apps that are safe to remove from the Samsung S2/S3, check the PDF from galaxyunlocker.

      After uninstalling all of the bloatware I made a Nandroid backup from the CWM recovery. This saves a lot of time instead of flashing the stock ROM with Odin and then taking another hour to remove the junk

  70. rhythm says:

    status error 7 tried to download twice
    pls help

  71. Rathan says:

    im having problem with wifi connection..its not getting i the only one having this prob??kindly let me know what i should do..Thanks

  72. gen4sr says:

    Yeah charging probably needs several reboots. Once I turned the phone off seemed to cool down and them started to charge as per normal. Patience, seems like a fairly stable and useful ROM. Is just me or is Resurrection trying to emulate the Crapple TR-iPhone ios with this ROM! Not that I’ve used the platform (sorry it’s an ecosystem isn’t it).

  73. gen4sr says:

    Just to advise, that I installed Resurrection Remix 5.08 last night and although slightly different, seems to have a better battery discharge rate. The other version has the Google Search at the top of each screen, it is missing in the version, perhaps every screen was overkill, but at least one screen would be nice.

  74. Michael Bence-Lyons says:

    This ROM was fine at first then my Juice Defender app would not work, now a couple of my widgets are not working. I have not found a Kit Kat ROM without problems so far, back to dependable Android 4.1.2.

  75. Alvaro says:

    Hello, did someone have success with MHL-HDMI support on this rom?

    Im trying to found a custom for my Galaxy S2 with this feature.


  76. Naineel Shah says:

    I just upgraded my Galaxy S2 from 4.1.2 samsung version to 4.4.2 resurrection remix. I have never done that before nor have I attempted to do it but thanks to u i did the upgrade without any damage to my phone.

    Thanks a ton

  77. s2pido says:

    Hi! I have a problem with my phone. I installed all and it’s work but when i make a call i hear at every few seconds a noise like a counter beep. Please help me because i don’t know how to resolve this. Thank you!

  78. s2pido says:

    I have a problem with my phone. I installed all and it’s work but when i make a call i hear at every few seconds a noise like a counter beep. Please help me because i don’t know how to resolve this. Thank you!

  79. Rafael says:

    I was using this rom for a few months now. My phone out of nothing rebooted and stayed for quite a long time in the boot screen, the one with the exclamation mark, and didn’t go to animation screen. I removed the battery and tried to turn it on again the same thing happened. I removed the battery again and now it is hard bricked. Any help? Or its time to buy a new phone?

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