Resurrection Remix ROM v4.0.5 for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/GT-i9100G/SGH-i777]

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For this week’s ROM of the week for the GT-i9100, GT-i9100G, and SGH-i777, check out the latest version 4.0.5 of Resurrection Remix ROM.

UPDATE: See latest version here!!!

XDA Developer WestCrip has returned to development scene (after months of absence) to bring you a totally “resurrected” version of Resurrection Remix ROM.

Resurrection Remix ROM comes with full AOKP ROM Control Settings (from MR1 Milestone 2), ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings, and lots of more features customized just for the Galaxy S2. Probably the coolest feature is the ListView animations, which you can choose from various different animations.

For those of you looking for the most stable AOSP experience, you can’t go wrong with Resurrection Remix ROM as the ROM itself has been built specifically for Galaxy S2 models, giving you better performance and battery life (plus features) over many other “ported” AOSP ROMs.

If you haven’t tried Resurrection Remix ROM yet, definitely give the latest version a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100/SGH-i777

Download Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G

Download AJK Kernel for SGH-i777 (Credits)

Download Gapps

To install ROM for GT-i9100/GT-i9100, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from previous version of Resurrection Remix ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

To install ROM for AT&T SGH-i777 S2, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from previous version of Resurrection Remix ROM), install ROM, install AJK kernel, install Gapps, and reboot.

To fix broken Google Now search, simply update “Google Search” app in Play Store.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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118 Responses

  1. chivaloko says:

    Thanks, i love this rom, ive ics rr2.6

  2. Jose says:

    how about battery life? i`m using shostock3 and its excellent, minor bugs and excellent battery life!

  3. Sayed says:

    I think it have Bluetooth issue..!! It doesn’t even turn on….!! Anybody else facing this problem??

  4. Wesley George says:

    Hi Max…Ive been having a consistent problem with hybrid roms on my i777…they wont install!!!! I keep getting a getprop status 7 error all the time. I have no idea whats causing this. Any help?

    • brainless says:

      I “fixed” this issue by removing assert from the META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script within the zip file. Just remove all the lines at the beginning, from asert( to the closing );

  5. Wesley George says:

    Found your tutorial on highonandroid. Works!! Thanks!!

  6. Riz says:

    How good is this Rom, is it good/fast/smooth as much as Omega JB 4.2.2 with all options in it??? Pls confirm if anybody used it in S2 I9100? Thank you.

  7. Samuel says:


    Again i dont have 3g on my phone i can turn it on but the arrow’s wont show and there for my internet doesn’t work.
    Does anybody has a solution for my ?

    Thank you

    • Chris Brown says:

      Try putting your APN settings in manually. I have a great connection on this rom. Failing the APN try flashing another modem, its xxms2 on this rom which I think is best but maybe the LP8 modem works for you?

      • Samuel says:

        First of thank you for replying

        But i dont know annything about flashing a modem. Can you give me a site or something ? and i have tried to manually put in my APN settings but it didn’t work.

        Thank you

        • poppiesgdd says:

          Hello Samuel , to load a modem driver
          get on a PC and download the ” exact ”
          zip file for the chip in your phone to the
          PC . Go into ” Recovery ” on your phone
          and do a complete backup to an external
          sd card for the reason I will explain later.
          If you don’t have an external sd card
          partition the Rom with enough room to
          hold the backup plus the modem zip
          plus a bit extra . Load the unopened
          zip file to your phone via usb to an
          external sd card or the partition you
          made earlier . The reason for doing
          a backup is if the phone soft bricks
          at the next stage , it is easily recoverable .
          Go into ” Recovery ” and load the
          modem zip file .
          If it loads, well and good .
          If the Android lays down with a red
          warning sign on his open stomach
          it means you have tried to open a
          self extracting zip file into recovery .
          I know there will be arguments about
          whether you can tell if it is self extracting
          or not , but , I have had it happen to
          me before , and paid the price by losing
          everything . Usually you can go back and
          go to ” advanced ” – ” fix permissions ”
          and reboot and not have any more
          problems . The next thing is to open
          the zip and load it from the file on the
          phone and you should be finished .

          • Samuel says:

            where can i find the chip in my phone and is it a number i am looking for or what ? What do i have to look for on my phone i dont know what to put in to google for modem drivers for my galaxy s2. Where do i find this information on my phone ?

            Thank you

  8. Chris Brown says:

    I flash a different rom everyday. Find it hard to stick to one. Until now. RR is a great rom! I find it downloads apps/games alot faster than any other rom ive flashed and installs things really fast. 4.0.5 is a great update, nice and fast and stable. I cant comment on battery life as yet as I have calibrated my battery but it seems fine so far. I usually stick to stock based roms but RR is by far the best out there. Stop reading this and flash it!!!!!

    • Schorsch says:

      the same 😀 tried a lot of them, but this one is amazing

    • Zufri says:

      Hi Chris,

      This ROM is good and fancy but I find it very complicated. I mean, why would I want to go into so much detail in changing how the battery indicator looks like or its color ? I would prefer a similar (different to regular Samsung) ROM but a bit simpler and faster and battery saving..

      Also, there are a couple hiccups with this ROM in my Galaxy S2 I9100.
      1. The search button (magnifying glass) on the keypad does not respond on many occasions and so does the full stop “.” button.

      2. There is NO RADIO..!!! I am surprised that such a complicated ROM does not have the inbuilt Radio App. Any recommendations on this ?

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful work on this page which is very informative for Android Geeks like us..

      Please keep up the good work..



  9. saeed says:

    hllo its great rom but my wifi doesnt work i run it with jeboo kernal
    after install rom i installed gapps this
    and now my wifi doesnt work help me ????????!!!!!!!!!

  10. KT says:

    Hey Max, can i use siyah kernel on this rom……

  11. chris says:

    Hi, this won’t install getting status 7 error. Followed instructions as ststed. Any help would be appreciated thanks 🙂

  12. Markús Viðarsson says:

    For some reason the play store does not install with the rom. What is that i’m doing wrong?

  13. saeed says:

    i change my kernal to dorimanx and its ok now ihave wifi

  14. Fayiz PK says:

    Plz develop a official 4.2.2 stuff for galaxy s2
    Including all new functions like gallery, settings,
    wallpapers, widgets,music player, video player,
    contacts, wether,lockscreen gesture controll etc……..

    A lote .of people waiting for 4.2.2 for galaxy s2
    Including more updated function like
    Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 etc……….

    A rooted rom always make truble to use

    • Schorsch says:

      a rooted rom can be fantastic if u know how to use it, u should google for touchwiz roms, this are a little modified original roms, in many cases u will not see a difference to the original one, so u can flash S4 rom on your s2 and so on

    • Gr1ffo says:

      Then don’t use it. Simple. Sounds like you don’t know what you are doing.

  15. Adrian says:

    Hello, sorry for my english :p

    I want to know why i can’t instal apk that i have downloaded, like root explorer or blackmart?
    And can anyone tell me how to change mms.apk and keyboard ( i want a sgs3 keyboard).
    I realy like RR but i want to change keyboard and mms.apk.

    Thank you a lot for your help 🙂

  16. Deepak Mewada says:

    the package shows error :
    E:Error in /tmp/sideload/
    (Status 7)

    I am using GT-I9100.
    Unrooted till yet.
    Please help.. I really need this ROM!

    • Schorsch says:

      you should root it before flashing, my favourite is the dorinmax kernel, 8.** is for Sammy roms and 9.** for aokp roms

  17. Ruben says:

    So if i get this right, i just install this rom, flash ajk, following the kernel instructions of course, and i won’t get status 7 or the home button not working issue?

  18. Julian says:

    I installed this yesterday and all seemed fine until today. An update was available for version 4.0.6. So I installed it and then it seemed to take a backwards step. Holo launcher and icons missing, direct access to rom actions and widgets etc, disappeared. Also the problem with google play store. What’s going on?

  19. Schorsch says:

    A really nice rom, best ive ever seen, i tried a lot of them, slimbean etc, but this one (update 4.0.6) with dorinmax kernel 9.33 it’s the most stable rom with very high speed and long battery life. there are only few differences in the customization but they are nice. i did never believed there is something better than slimrom… but this one is amazing

  20. Julian says:

    What do you guys call “amazing ” battery life? I keep seeing this all over the place and the battery life sucks on ALL of these roms and I’m not a particularly heavy phone user.

    • poppiesgdd says:

      A couple of questions .
      How old is your phone?.
      Have you replaced your battery yet ?.
      Glenn .

      • Julian says:

        Almost 2 years old and no I haven’t replaced it yet.

        • poppiesgdd says:

          From what I was told by a man that
          supplies all the telco’s in this area ,
          and aftermarket ,is that if you get
          more than 18 months out of the original
          battery ,you are doing really well.
          I replaced mine because it wouldn’t
          hold a charge for more than 8 or 9
          hours and it swelled up enough that
          I couldn’t put the back on again after
          removing it . About half a millimetre.
          Replaced the battery and straight away
          got over 24 hours before recharging .
          Even just re-starting with 75% charge
          would drop the level down to 15% on
          the old battery , and it would just cut
          out whenever it wanted to . I have
          posted further down the forum on
          some things that save battery life.
          The proof is in the eating as the
          saying goes . Glenn .

    • Wesley George says:

      Reset your battery logs. Have a look at biftor requirements for installing a rom. He has a script that does a nice clean wipe. Install RR after and you will notice a different in battery life.

  21. Tushar Kumar says:

    How do I turn off the Sync for whatsapp, Facebook etc. I can’t find any option under accounts tab. It’s messing with my battery so help me.

    • poppiesgdd says:

      Do yourself a big favour .
      Load an app called Greenify !.
      Use a battery app like Gsam to
      check what is using up your battery .
      Kill all open apps before you shut the
      phone down . When you load the Rom
      and start it for the first time , don’t allow
      it to sync then or add wifi .
      Add wifi after you get it up and running
      Do sync each time you start an app
      with sync turned off in settings .
      It saves a huge amount of battery .
      Over 2 days average usage with
      15% battery left on Paranoid Android (v3.68).
      I had a screenshot of usage but
      accidentally wiped it loading
      a second Rom .Try it and you will
      be amazed by how long it takes to
      run the battery down . Glenn .

  22. Tushar Kumar says:


    How do I turn off the Sync in the settings tab, I can’t find it. In the previous ROM, there was an option under accounts tab but in this version i can’t find it. Tell me please.

  23. Surendra says:

    Thanks for this great ROM. This is my first custom ROM. I was about to flash AOKP rootbox ROM but saw this ROM on this site and planned to flash it. Its been 4 days and I have not faced any major issues with this ROM but few things to report.

    1. Halo launcher may be buggy but it is not the actual launcher.
    2. Sync shows error in sync but when I go inside and sync, it does not error. So I am confused.
    3. In Data Usage, if I have enabled data limit, I can not change the Max & Warning levels. They stick to 5GB & 2GB level respectively.

    Also, got update message saying 4.0.6 is available. What difference does it offer over 4.0.5? When can we expect 4.3 through this ROM? I am loving it so much that I may even end up donating.

  24. Randy says:

    why always the gellery on 4.2.2 is not fast

    please can i flash any other gellery on this rom?????????????????

  25. NIHAR says:

    its a battery eater rom ,,,no active programs but still it is operating at 800mhz and fluctuating in between 500-800mhz,,for idle condition its a hell for battery,,,ram consuption is much more in comparision to other 4.2.2 roms,,,,,i tried illusion rom 4.2.2 beta ,its in beta but it is best when comes to battery with a marginal difference between RRR so go for

  26. Randy says:

    guys can i flash another gellery or not ?

    if your answer is yes please give me the link

  27. mate says:

    can anyone tell me what file in /system is responsible for listview animations in this rom,I want to use it in another android roms on my phone

  28. nick says:

    does this rom support MHL usb to hdmui connection to tv?

  29. Kai says:

    No MHL support with Resurrection Remix

    I remember the very first versions of RR supported MHL partially but now you hardly find a custom rom with such an important functionality. It is a real pity because I cannot imagine too many users out there, who either don’t care about it, are unaware of such feature, or simply rely on DLNA or WiFi Direct (provided you have the right equipment) to wirelessly reproduce their media on a TV (internet streaming included). I have found that MHL support is a combination of many factors in order to work properly:
    1) Official ROM or a Custom BUT Samsung-based Rom (identified by their base starting with “X” – others based on “CynogenMod”, “AOSP”, “AOKP”, “PA”, “MIUI”, etc. either have a very restricted or no MHL support at all, like Resurrection Remix)
    2) The right MHL cable. It is said that the official MHL cable (or HDMI Dock) of Samsung is more reliable than the no name ones. Apparently, most of no name cables (despite their additional and necessary power supply of course) do not deliver the necessary power to the smartphone resulting in three undesirable effects: frozen or stuttered images, killed wifi (vital for internet streaming) and quick battery drainage.
    3) Delivering media from the smartphone to the TV via MHL (sometimes even under 1080p) is a very resource-consuming task. You are displaying images and sound in high resolution on your TV and the telephone is also displaying the same image on its own touch screen, you are, for instance, streaming a video from the internet, you have your telephone signal activated and perhaps a couple of background services synchronizing all the time, and lastly, your smatphone is not receiving the necessary energy to accomplish all these tasks.
    4) There is a free app in play store called “Screen Standby” that can turn off the device’s screen without putting it to sleep and while running MHL/HDMI. That way you save a good deal of resources.
    5) It also helps cutting off additional signals like telephone (airplane mode), GPS, synchronizing services, etc. for the time you use your MHL.
    6) You have to change your WiFi channel on your router as it can be overloaded with too many people using the same WiFi channel. You can download for example the free app “WiFi Analyzer”.
    7) Lastly, I have heard from the feature “Fast Charge” available on some kernel mods and that helps your telephone charging faster over USB, but I haven’t tried that. It is said that your telephone recognize MHL as USB and not as the normal AC charger and that’s why it doesn’t get the required energy over MHL.

    Since MHL is very important to me, in combination of course with battery life, stability and user friendliness, I have to live without attractive features available in other roms, such as trendy customizations (among others, pitch black for instance) and be meanwhile satisfied with samsung-based custom roms. I have tried them all (Samsung-based roms) but I always have to return to Chameleon ROM, version 3.0.2 (the 3.0.3 update is not as stable). Just try it. You won’t regret it 🙂

  30. zelda says:

    This ROM (RR4.0.5) is just awesome ;D I used PA3+ and really liked it but when I saw this with all of its features and customations, including ROM control, PA Halo AND the awesome PA Hybrid as well, I had to give it a try 🙂
    The result is amazing, just outstanding! I like it a lot. Battery life is really good as in PA3+. I had stock 4.1.2 before theese and this is by far much better than stock!
    -Awesome is the only description!
    And yeah, my gt-I9100 runs like a charm ;D

  31. Kike says:

    How this ROM works in the s2 i777?

  32. Mc says:

    I was not able to install this ROM on my i777. I tried everything: removing the assert lines from the updater-script, flashing an AJK kernel, all with no success. After the script extracts and opens the zip package I just get a “instalation aborted” message and the process ends right there.

    Any ideas please? Do I need to “hellraise” ?

  33. zelda says:

    “For those of you looking for the most stable AOSP experience, you can’t go wrong with Resurrection Remix ROM as the ROM itself has been built specifically for Galaxy S2 models, giving you better performance and battery life (plus features) over many other “ported” AOSP ROMs.
    If you haven’t tried Resurrection Remix ROM yet, definitely give the latest version a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think! ”

    I agree 100% and in my opinion it´s totally bugfree ;D

  34. poppiesgdd says:

    Yes madam Zelda ommmm
    I will do that. I am transfixed.

  35. Raps says:

    This ROM is absolutely amazing!!!!……

  36. Fayiz PK says:

    I need a custom rom for galaxy s2 like sotmax rom (s3 rom)

  37. Michael Bence-Lyons says:

    This ROM looks promising, I usually go back to AOKP MR1 Milestone 1 now 2 after trying other ROMS. This is the curse of rooting your phone, I have briefly installed so many rubbish ROMS lately both 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 some with minor problems other with major problems the current 4.3.0 ROMS are a disaster don’t waste your time with them. I am using V 4.0.6 which is the latest hope this ROM becomes my favourite.

    • poppiesgdd says:

      If you install dorimanx and your
      daily driver as a primary Rom
      you can change the secondary
      Rom any time without doing
      anything to the primary .
      Saves a lot of mucking around .

  38. Smolya says:

    all super, but ….
    Where is WiFi Direckt?
    and I do not like the red (dark) color of the clock (in some cases) and control the volume, brightness, etc. – Very hard to see in sunlight color!

  39. Raps says:

    Can anyone kindly assist….I’m in need of a step by step tutorial on how to dual boot….your help will be much appreciated…this flashing of new ROMS is annoying…kindly pls help…

  40. Wesley George says:

    So I have had this rom running for a couple weeks at 1300 mhz and the battery life sucks. My battery is now completely depleted and not charging so I need to get a separate charger for it. Task650 rom was much better on batter life and Shostock was the best!

  41. Kike says:

    Does it work well in the s2 i777? Has someone try it? Thanks

  42. Joshua says:

    Can i dirty install this ROM when coming from another 4.2.2. rom? Sentinel to be precise

  43. Akshay says:

    Very Poor data speed transfer from windows to phone in both the mode mtp and usb mass storage …
    the max speed i observed is 2 MBPS, and before i used RR 2.7 ICS which is stable used to transfer at high speed i.e upto 12mbps..
    Please update this bug and uses a lot of ram as tons of apps run in backgroud, and hence phone gets heated very soon and poor battery life
    RR 4.0.5

  44. Afshin says:

    i have tried to install from zip but i get bad error, and cannot flash this rom
    i am on neat rom with siyah v 4.0.3
    please help me

  45. Mert says:

    It works well but the problem is : it cant update itself. Whenever i open ROM Updater it fails and crashes? Any idea? Thanks!

  46. Jason says:

    The camera and gallery doesn’t work? Any fix for this?

  47. poppiesgdd says:

    I have a gti9100 and have not had a problem yet, I don’t understand why people have these problems.!?.

  48. Gary says:

    I tried installing this rom to my phone and it gave me error status 7. Thanks to Wesley George’s comment, I got rid of that error code and it gave me error (Status 6). Can someone plz help me?

  49. Black says:

    why i cant flash this rom trough cwm.. (bad) model were i9100g and using blazing safe kernel..

  50. Qube says:

    Hi, i am having trouble with rr 4.07, error appear when i update from rr 3.12 or so…, when i instal with factory wipe/reset everything is OK. I even tried instaling fresh 4.07 and restore only userdata, but after that same errors appear… maybe smb knows the problem ?

  51. Julian says:

    Me too. 4.07 does not work.

  52. rubu says:

    So I try to install this rom…and failed. I first got the status 7 error and got rid of by removing the asserts. but still the rom fails to install and aborts. I am updating from ICS. I want to get the Jelly Bean. I have a Samsung galaxy s2 AT&T version. I did use the correct version of the rom…..appreciate the help.


  53. gerald ferrer says:

    dis rom is good.. d bad thing is my batter life.. its like alucard suckin d bloody hell juice out of my s2 haha.. and also d 3g.. i hope d next update maybe 4.0.8 u can include auto modes, edge only, 3g only.. so that d speed can be somehow consisten hehe but over all very nice, ver customizable and fast too i luv it haha

  54. Marcelo says:

    It didn’t work for me. I’ve tried to upgrade from Biftor without success. When turning on phone, Ressuction Remix logo is the only thing it displays. Any ideia?

    • zelda says:

      you probably did a full wipe/factory reset? wipe cache/dalvik -> mounts and storage meny->format system
      flash ROM + Gapps and reboot system. even if you did this process, do it again, it should work 😉

      • Marcelo says:

        Hi, Zelda. I formated system folder and I think that due to this I couldn’t install Resurrection ROM. Instead of trying to figure out what was wrong, I decided to migrated to Paranoid. Thanks for your help.

        • zelda says:

          ok, that´s good then 🙂 There are so many good but also similar ROMs out there, RR is one of my favorit, also paranoid android, pac-rom, carbon and BAMrom as well. good luck anyway ;D

  55. Anthony says:

    Been spending 3 hours on this. It doesn’t work on i777. I fixed the status 7 error. You can’t remove the status 6 error. It aborts right after status 6 error.

    I feel like this isn’t for i777. Look at the file your downloading people. It says i9100 . There should be a file with i777 included in the name, if it was meant for that model.

  56. psychopat7 says:

    how to downgrade from kitkat roms to a jelly bean 4.2.1 rom?

  57. Chris says:

    Can i install this rom on Galaxy s2 i9100T ?

  58. zeus says:

    this rom is not stable..

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