Revolt Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Best Jelly Bean ROM]

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Looking for the “best” Jelly Bean ROM right now for your rooted Galaxy S2 GT-i9100?

In my opinion, it’s the Revolt Jelly Bean ROM, which comes with everything working including bluetooth audio and video codecs (which means Netflix/Hulu works). Although Jelly Bean ROMs are still “beta” this Revolt Jelly Bean seems more complete than other Jelly Bean ROMs out there, mainly the fact that everything works out of the box.

So, if you’ve been waiting for a good Jelly Bean ROM, give this one a try and let me know what you think.

You can also follow the developer of this ROM Jony Hany on Twitter and let him know what you think!


Download Revolt Jelly Bean ROM
Credits – XDA <----- Don't forget to donate a beer to developer if you like this ROM!

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212 Responses

  1. ruari bush says:

    does TV out work?

  2. nine87 says:

    Can it work on dual boot?

  3. feden says:

    does native radio work?

  4. lucky says:

    Downloading now… will comment after installing πŸ™‚

  5. BobbysGT says:

    Dual boot works fine

  6. nine87 says:

    Dual Boot is working. My problem now is the Superuser Permission keeps on popping up even though it was already granted. Tried factory reset, wipe cache, re install Siyah v4.0.1 and wipe dalvik cache BUT it did not fix the issue. Please help! thanks! πŸ™‚

  7. symine says:

    for me everything work great thank s MAx πŸ™‚

    • Shady says:

      Hello there. Need an urgent help. I’ve just completed installing revolt jb rom in my galaxy s2.. Now while starting up, its displaying a multi-colored “X” and it’s really taking a long time. What should be done? PLEASE REPLY!

  8. Adrian says:

    can i flash this to my ICS galaxy sII? i havent upgraded it to jellybean…!

  9. Ganesh says:

    Hi Max,

    Check out and post your review on Cyanogenmod 9/10 lite by marcellocord. Its pretty smooth and fast.


  10. john says:


    Rom looks great so far, however when I try and run titanium backup it says ‘that it could not acquire root privileges. Please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox and try again’
    Any ideas as I need to restore my previous apps

    • john says:

      Reinstalled rom and Titanium worked. However when I updated Superuser to stop the permissions pop up issue, when I try titanium I get the root privilege error again πŸ™

  11. lucky says:

    This ROM is more stable than other jellybean roms out there, It is similar to ressurection rom but i would say better experience on this one, Everything works fine WiFi, 3g, bluetooth, camera etc.. The only thing i found not working in this rom is Youtube… Nice work but when you use volume rocker youtube stops..(even when you have not opened youtube) This is bit annoying… Plus when you install this rom you have options to install dream kernel or siyah kernel thats pretty cool πŸ™‚ Thats after using 1 day.. will post more updates if find.. keep up the good work guys πŸ™‚

  12. nine87 says:

    Hey John. I have this problem with Youtube app, when im on landscape mode and I press volume up or down, it force closes the app. This also happens in Resurrection Remix JB ROM. Is it fixed on Version 2.1? Thanks!

    • abilash says:

      You can use ES file explorer to uninstall the youtube application and then install the updated youtube from this link
      worked for me. This one has youtube HD and its awesome.

  13. Bjorn says:

    Well, Max, I appreciate your flexibility in recommending this ROM as the best one after having been true to Resurrection Remix since I started visiting your site when RR 1.8 was the way to go.
    I am now using RR 3.0.5 as primary ROM and Revolt JB 2.1 as secondary ROM with the Siyah 4.1rc1 kernel. I haven’t noticed any real differences so far, but do not yet know whether battery discharging rate differs. For me this is important.
    With both ROMs Youtube crashes when I push a volume button.
    I do not use 3G and rarely use bluetooth, so I cannot comment about these.
    I guess that two good ROMS competing for your certification as best ROM is a good thing for us end users.

    • abilash says:

      You can use ES file explorer to uninstall the youtube application and then install the updated youtube from this link
      worked for me. This one has youtube HD and its awesome. Good luck

  14. Dardan says:

    Hey how about the battery condition? i had RR 3.0.1 i think and the battery was awful. thnx

    • Bjorn says:

      As Max has said elsewhere on galaxys2root, you should not judge on the first day of use how good or bad battery duration is. That’s because updating or reinstalling all you apps and such uses up a lot of energy. In my experience 3.0.1 was fine. 3.0.2 was not.

  15. Ronald.dip says:

    hi everybody im using 19100dxlp7 4.0.4 Rooted with vk rom and speedmod kernel it is safe if i flash this room ?
    and how about usb mass storage ?

    sorry my noob question

  16. john says:


    Tried to update to 2.1 using OTA – downloaded the files ok and then said it was going to reboot in recovery mode. Phone came back on however the screen flashed for a while and then went off. Now when I try to reboot the battery icon comes on showing empty and wont charge, so phone wont start. Had over 50% battery whilst updating…

    Any ideas ? Hopefully this doesn’t mean I now have an expensive brick πŸ™

    • john says:

      read on another forum to do a soft reset and hard reset but no luck . Samsung name comes on and then phone goes off πŸ™

    • Vitta says:

      Hi john, I dont know if you have solved the problem yet but I had exactly the same issue….

      Phone did not boot and could not get into recovery mode as well. The weird part was that the screen sort of made flashes every now and then.

      Long story short after many trials I managed to re-flash the original (carrier) rom using ODIN.

      So the steps are : & install ODIN. the original ROM – make sure its the original rom from your carrier otherwise it still won’t boot.
      3.Put your phone in download mode and connect it to your PC.
      4.Open Odin and click on the PDA button and enter the rom. Click Start,

      your phone should ow be working!!

  17. Ivan says:

    Resurrection remix 3.0.5 JB is the best rom, no bugs and more options than this rom

  18. momi says:

    hi mate. i tried to instal this rom but nothing happened, now just galaxy s 2 boot words com there bt it doesnt boot up. suggest me what to do nw?
    it was running on mystic’s glory . plz help mate

    • Mitja says:

      same here. I used odin and rooted phone again so I could go in recovery. Then I reinstaled the rom. Everything works again but sadly I lost all my sms.

  19. Dardan says:

    Hi which one should i install RR or REVOLT ? thnx

    • utsav says:

      rr is any day better

      • Bjorn says:

        Well, maybe you’re right, but I have been unable to open the ESC 2012 app on RR, but have on Revolt. Granted, it’s a specialized app, but I figure that if this is true for one app, it’ll probably be true too for some other.

  20. neosourabh says:

    hi maxx..i seem to have an issue with the vibrator of my s2…the vibration pulse is no longer distinct…by that i mean to say that the vibration seems to be flattened or something…it is no longer that short pulse…i cross checked this issue with many s2s(none of thrm were ever customized)…do u have ny clue as to what the problem may be?

    ps:i once installed rr2 on my s2…and i personally feel that maybe that vibration intensity issue with that rom may gave sonething to do with this!

  21. D'jnr says:

    anytime i install a jellybean rom, i realize my netwrk stops working fr sometime untill i restart my phone….dont know if this rom has sames issues……if yes any help? coz im downloading already amy cant wait to flash………….thnx max. keep doing the good work. Safe!

  22. artnada says:

    installed fine on dual boot, (diLiDrOiD), but it just stays on neXus boot screen then stops.

  23. Elanzed says:

    For me its looping on JB logo, didn’t boot, any help please.

  24. Jens says:

    3G doesn’t work in Thailand. Using dual boot (Salman rom 4.2 and dream kernel) finds TOT (Telephone of Thailand net work code 520 15) in zip seconds, but JBvol4 2.1 finds nothing, besides other networks that doesn’t use the 2100 band. Can use 3G via another provider in this case AIS on the 900 band and DTAC on 850.

    My Rom starts up showing the droid that’s wants me to connect to USB everything after sliding in. I reinstalled twice, after deleting all caches. Annoying.

    In System->Settings->Quick Links->Rom Control->Navigation Bar crashes instantly.

  25. Jens says:

    not everything but every time…sorry…

  26. Bish says:

    is anyone else finding that their are no notifications on the stock launcher? nothing appears over the message app when i receive a text.

  27. theodore vialleton says:

    Can i use netflix in europe?

  28. Ahmed says:

    Please dude pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease add arabic to this fantastic rom
    please guys always add arabic to ur roms so we can use it here in the middle east we r big fans of ur fantastic roms

  29. visthu says:

    this version of jelly bean can be used only in verizon or any other s2…am from india…we don have verizon network i checked out my model…its GT-i9100…can i use Jelly Bean in my S2??

  30. Jay Joshi says:

    Hi Maxx,

    I have RR 2.5.6 installed, can I install the Revolt JB 2.1 without a Data Wipe?

  31. abilash says:

    Hello all…
    Can you please try this if you have flashed this ROM. Turn ON bluetooth and turn it OFF then go back or press home button. For me this causes a restart. Can you all please post your results.


    • Jay Joshi says:

      Yaa.. It does happen.
      Max… Please help this Situation….
      Everything else seems to be working awesome except Bluetooth…
      I cant connect to my Sony MW600, if by chance it gets connected, the phone Reboots automatically.
      As adviced by
      Stefan Lelieveld says:
      August 27, 2012 at 10:35 am
      This is a really good JB ROM. I tried several now on the S2, and most of them react a bit slow (even SlimBean ROM 2.1) when switching between apps, it didn’t respond as wished. But this ROM is AWSEME.
      The Only thing I did change, I installed it with the Siyah kernel (the beta6 supplied with the ROM. but I experienced some problems with the GPS module. To solve it (my point of view) is installing the latest stable non beta Siyah kernel. (in my case β€œ”).
      Now all functions work and super fast as it should.
      Siyah 4.1.1 CWM seems to be removed from the site so I changed my Kernel to Siyah 4.1.2, Cleared Cache but all seem to be working in the same manner.

  32. abba says:

    I would like to recommend a ROM to everyone. I found it from xda-dev. Max please review this one. The developer is religious and has few extra religious apps installed in it. But we can uninstall it using Titanium. And in xda forum no users have reported any crash or bugs… I installed it today… and I’m so happy with it. Please review this ROM. Its real butter πŸ™‚ Here is the link

  33. Alex says:

    Google now doesn’t seem to work (not sure if its supposed to). It just says that there was a network error and to please check the network connection and try again. The network is working fine though

  34. Elanzed says:

    Everything works except:
    – Volume on youtube app.
    – WIFI Tethering works but doesn’t connect any device.

  35. heitkrew says:

    guys! need help in camera storage options. i want my sdcard to be the default location of photos and videos i capture. is this possible in this ROM? i tried to navigate thru camera options but no available option for this. HELP!! thanks!

  36. Alex says:

    When I go to Settings > ROM Control > Navigation Bar it crashes straight away. Other than that, everything is working great! Is it possible to make it so that if you hold the power and volume up button together, it brings up the voice search? That would be very useful

  37. Elanzed says:

    Nice to have:
    – Holding on menu button to go to search (was on S2 stock rom).
    – Media scan issue, I always have to to reboot to get my files scanned again, some apps like (media scan) didn’t work. do you know a way to rescan media?

  38. Miron Raz Kafman says:

    The REVOLT 2.1 ROM is indeed much more stable and complete than other ROM’s such as RR 3.0.5 but still I have a pretty bad issue as whenever my GS2 paired with my Car Bluetooth made by NOKIA it rebooting itself again and again. I’ve tried to pair it with other Bluetooth devices (non NOKIA) and no problem. Please advise.

  39. Israel Goldenstein says:

    1.CWM backup function doesnt work.
    I’ve to recovery-boot (which i can do with cwm app) and then backup in recovery mode.
    2.using tune radio i get an error but if i cancle the message, the radio works fine. appex back drawers- whats the diff. Between app and downloaded tabs?

  40. Harris says:

    First up, Many thanks for all the videos you post here. I’ve been using this site and flashing ROMs on GS2 without problems. But last night, when I decided to flash the latest version of Resurrection ROM[3.5.2 I think], my phone bicked πŸ™ I can’t even boot to recovery using vol up+home+power. The phone just get stuck at the exclamation mark image and no matter how long I wait, it doesn’t boot. Not to recovery neither to android.
    Can you please give me some hints and suggestions?


  41. israelg says:

    just noticed- after upgrade to 2.1 navigation bar setting in rom-menu/settings stoped working.
    any idea?

  42. Xavier says:

    Tried this Rom and works well. However, mx player and in built video player stutters and its a big shame. Anyone else ?

  43. KoMat says:

    i just updated to Revolt 2.1 last night, I also used RR 3.0.5 but it felt sluggish and not smooth (may be didn’t give enough time as I only used it for a day). So far Revolt is working fine and smooth, however, I have not used Youtube so I dont know about the voulume up button issue. Only thing I have complain is that I use an app called Impetus (workout clock app), it quit making beeping sound and it won’t let me control the volume. Any help with it, please?

  44. marx says:

    Which is the case you are using in the video?

  45. Imad Siddiqui says:

    I have a noon question. How do you take a screenshot?

  46. David Arjona says:

    hey i’m loving this ROM, but whenever i try to use the volume keys i get a message that “youtube has stopped working”, is it a bug? maybe there is something i can do to fix this? it’s not a big deal, but it gets annoying sometimes….

    thanks for the help in advance… and keep up the good work! i love this site πŸ˜€

    • KoMat says:

      a guy name Abilash posted this “You can use ES file explorer to uninstall the youtube application and then install the updated youtube from this link
      worked for me. This one has youtube HD and its awesome” but I think the download is broken or something, i had issue with it. So after uninstalling Youtue App with ES file Explorer, I went to the Google Play market place and re-installed it. so far so good and no error message.

  47. Russ says:

    Using 2.1 – Bluetooth being switched on/off may randomly reboot the phone =/

  48. mamdouh says:

    Many crashes, besides it is not stable at all.
    sorry but it is not the best jelly bean please mike if you can try this it is at leat better than this one:

  49. Russ says:

    Found the sure-fire way to get it to auto reboot.
    Turn on bluetooth, connect it with my Nokia stereo headset.
    Turn off the bluetooth on the phone while still connected and the reboot will happen.

    Had tried it while connected to my laptop’s bluetooth but that’s ok, so not sure what’s so special about the Nokia bluetooth headset

  50. P-Roy says:

    Just tried this rom, not impressed, kudos on the hard work lad but it didnt really offer me anything that i couldnt get in a different rom, ebay wasnt working.
    no task manager to clear ram, no option to set hold back button to force close apps.
    plus it just didnt feel right, but maybe im just not your target market, please dont take this as an insult

  51. Jorge says:

    Hi, sorry but how do i know if my SGS2 is the Verizon version, i’m from Costa Rica and verizon is not even here. I know the AT&T version doesn’t have center button, mine does have.

    Some data :

    Model: GT-I9100
    Baseband: I9100XXLPQ-CL223505se.infra@SEP-94 #3
    Built: IML74K.XXLPQ

    Again it’s the one with center button.

    Thx in advance.

  52. Amy says:

    Anyone else having trouble readign their sd card? I can see my photos in my photo gallery, but whenever i try to use the camera it says there is insufficient memory or something. I already tried to mount and unmount the sd card and reboots but no luck! Help please!

  53. Daniel says:

    After applying zip. In sd card and going through installation, my SII won’t go pass the colourful cross and it just stays on that screen. What’s wrong with it?

  54. FREDDY says:

    Using the ParanoidAndroid ROM which MaxLee hasnt given a chance to ‘promote’ but for me its the BEST JB ROM, its stable too. No FC on any app and battery life is good as well. Everything works for me .

  55. kv says:

    Excellent for a daily driver… Given it a twirl…….. not overclocking ( Don’t wanna mess with ma hardware). Anyway, it lacks Face Unlock…….i tried installing a .apk which took me thru the whole experience of setting the Face Unlock up, but on the lock screen, the screen does not start scanning for your face…instead it directly takes you to the pin or pattern lock …..It would be awesome if someone could give me a download link for the new Jellybean Face Unlock.apk (the one with liveness check-blink eye detection) . Otherwis this ROM would get abt 10 out of 10 from me

  56. zach says:

    hi all, i am stuck on the installation of this rom. its been on the ‘opening update package’ for a while now?
    what do i do?
    any help would be great!

  57. zach says:

    hi all, i am stuck on the installation of this rom. its been on the β€˜opening update package’ then says cant open the file and then in bracket it says (bad). installation aborted.
    any help please!

  58. Aslan Hud says:

    Will this ROM work with my swedish Galaxy S2 GT-I9100?
    The reason Im asking is because it sais that all ROMs on this site are for Galaxy S2 Verizon only.

    Thanks in advance!

  59. man says:

    help me
    i installed the rom after following full instructions and it installed well but after starting i got the message that not enough memory when trying to install titanium backup.
    then i did a factory reset from within the rom.
    since then the phone is not starting, all i get is the galaxy s2 logo wen starting up, but after that only black screen. not able to start in download mode or recovery mode….
    plz help someone asap…………….

    • man says:

      i am using I9100 international version..

      • man says:

        okay now i am able to get into download mode, anything i can do from now on?

        • Juan says:

          I have the exact same problem, I was on 2.3. After two days of perfect function (I was so happy πŸ™‚ )… the ram overloaded all of sudden, overheating the device and draining 100% battery in like 3 hours without me opening any app, tried the Factory Reset to begin with the wipes and then… it’s dead.
          You sure can enter download mode, I can. I have found some forum threads (and even in the comments below) that what we need to do is flash a Odin compatible ROM so we can access again the Recovery, from there we can flash again this ROM or whatever. My problem is that I don’t know what’s better to flash first, stock or custom ROM, I want to give another try to Revolt, but this time with the Siyah kernel.

          Still lost, any more experienced help or someone pointing to a good tutorial will be very appreciated.

  60. dan says:

    Hi, I just install this rom but it sticks on the boot screen with siyakernel symbol and does not want to start, I am very concerned and I hope you can help me

  61. Sudhish says:

    Everything is perfect.. this rom is too good.. I just installed it and everything is fine…

    The only problem is …Whenever I go to System settings>> ROM Control >>> then Navigation Bar, whenever I click on to it, it shows an error, “Unfortunately, ROM Control has stopped”. Any Suggestion?

    And also I can’t find Camera settings where I can do some effects..


    • Fry says:

      Navigation bar is a feature only used on android phones that have software menu and home buttons, like the Galaxy Nexus. The camera also only includes camera features that appear in stock Jellybean.

  62. Jan says:

    this 2.2 version better than RR 3.0.5??
    I’m currently on the RR.

  63. Hudd says:

    I guess this rom is well made and very smooth. But I am going back to the stock ICS rom.
    I was really disappointed that i cannot change the vibration intensity and it is too strong. Obviously, it drains the battery whenever i type.
    Also, I really didn’t like the touch sound (like when you press icons or menu button etc). it just sounds like a typical ‘beep’ which is very ugly and i cannot change it.
    And some options for camera are missing.
    There is no FM radio

    Please let me know if you know how to change the vibration intensity. I would go back to this rom only if I can change it.

  64. Gerry Madrigal says:

    My Review about this ROM.

    1. This ROM is designed for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 9100, not the AT&T SGH-i777. See the list here:
    This doesn’t mean that is going to damage your i777 if you install this ROM, but the buttons won’t work the same. Your home button will become the back button, and the back button and the search buttons are disabled.

    2. This ROM appears to drain batteries very quickly. Much quicker than an ICS.

    3. APN Settings must also be restored. Make sure you keep those settings handy before installing.

    4. When browsing pages or changing pages quickly, it doesn’t feel smooth. I think phone performance is diminished.

    5. Google Now works very nicely.

    6. Google will restore your play store apps, but it will not reinstall non-market applications.

  65. Soshified says:

    How come when i connect my phone to my usb my SD folder shows up as an empty folder?
    It says 10gb free of 20gb but when i click into the folder its empty? Did i do something wrong because
    when i go into recovery mode all my folders and mv are still there.

  66. DAW1d says:

    the ROM is awesome! Thanks alot! Its fast as a Flash and stable. I found only two problems/bugs.
    At the morning i connect usb flash disk to my phone thru original Samsung ET-R205 USB host cabel and copy some music from the phone to the flashdrive. In setting (storage) i click to remove the disk, but when i remove the disk something strange was happened. The widgets on main desktop (Beatiful widgets and Tasks) was gone and the aplication too! So i try to explore and some other aplications was gone too (CameraZoomFX, SportTracker, SystemPanel etc.). About 5 apps was gone, the icons was on the desktop but when i click on it, it says “aplication was removed”. So i go to market and all the apss was able to download again (like it wasnt be installed before).
    The second problem is copying thru normal USB cabel from PC. When i am copying music from pc to the phone, sometimes it shows the error “device was diconnected” and it dont copy the folder. For example iam copy 10 folders and the error jumps 5 times and the other 5 folder is copied correctly. I was trying to turn off developer tools but it dont help. And it dont shows the speed of file transfer.. but its not big problem;)
    Please help me fix this problems. But thanks one more time! The rom is very nice and fast:)

    • Alec i9100 says:

      I can confirm the USB transfer problem. Btw, if you rename the file that gives the error, as in deleting one letter from the name, or a space or whatever, it copies afterwards.

  67. Russ says:

    I hope this fixes the bluetooth…..

  68. Alec i9100 says:

    I’ve been watching for some time now and it actually made me buy an S2 a few days ago. Used the tutorials to root it and flashed ReVolt 2.2 on it 2 days ago. Thanks to the creator for this awesome ROM, but as a noob, I do have some questions and would like to report some bugs.

    First of all, I don’t know if it’s normal, but my battery is just draining, as in while I use it, I see the percentage go down let’s say 1% every 10-15 minutes. I’ve calibrated the battery (charge to 100%/pushed the calibrate app’s button and I’m currently waiting for it to drain to charge it back to full again.

    I would like to know some recommended settings for AOKP ROM settings as in what governor and I/O to run and what frequencies to increase battery life. I want to find the perfect combination between fast and durable as I hate having a slow device. Please offer a solution for this as I really love this ROM and would like to keep to it.

    I’d also like some fast but durable settings for ExTweaks. I’m running Siyah-s2-v4.1.2+

    As for bugs, I’ve found that

    -sometimes the phone doesn’t ask for my SIM PIN and just ignores my SIM and this meaning I have to restart it again till it asks for my PIN.
    -while watching a movie/listening to music (Oh, and I would love the stock music player. I kinda miss it from my stock 4.0.3) if I receive a text or notification, the volume goes down, but never comes back up. The only way of fixing this is pausing and restarting the movie/music. The other bugs are minor issues I can live with.

    Oh, and is there a way to set custom ringtones?

    I’m awaiting your answers and help <3

    Cheers and can't wait for ReVolt 2.3!

    • Alec i9100 says:

      Oh, and the overall volume of the device is low. Running Beats audio driver.

    • Fry says:

      Yup, I can confirm that the problem with the volume not returning to normal after a notification is also happening on my phone.

      Also, since upgrading to 2.2, accessing the mobile data network while in roaming mode seems to be very buggy, and only the internet browser (Chrome) seems to realize that it’s connected to the internet.

      Battery life also seems to be significantly decreased over the previous release, even after a few charge cycles. Only seem to be getting maximum of 6 or so hours, even with light usage.

      One small thing is that I’ve never gotten Google Now to give voice readouts of the search information I get back from queries. From what I’ve seen of Google Now, I’m sure that there should be a female voice reading out the answers. If this is just a setting that I’m overlooking, maybe someone could point me in the right direction?

      A couple of things that would be appreciated in the next build would be the ability to have a toggle in the notification area that switches between normal, vibrate and silent, rather than have them on separate toggles, and also a few more built-in customization tools for the lock screen.

      Apart from these few problems, everything runs blazingly fast, and makes me feel better about my phone than when it was brand new. LOVE Jellybean.

  69. cammy says:

    I got issue regarding google play after installing RJB, i am unable to update or download any app from google play. Every time it shows up some error messages.
    Just help me fixing it…!! Thanks

  70. Kiev says:

    I have the tmobile sigh-t989 and I accidentally flashed this rom and the phone won’t turn on anymore, no vibration, can’t go into download mode or recovery either. Is there any way to fix it at all or is the basically done.


  71. Alec i9100 says:

    Anyone getting the phone shutting down automatically bug? I mean, I leave it on my desk and when I want to check it, nothing happens because apparently it’s shut down. Anyone have any idea about this?

  72. Hudd says:

    Well, for the first week after I flashed this rom, I thought it was quite stable. But now, I saw my phone freezing several times, and lost signal sometimes and camera failed. Also, battery life is very bad.
    I really think stock rom is the best except that it’s not jelly bean.

    I will use this rom until samsung release the official jelly bean rom.

  73. heitkrew says:

    please make the simtoolkit app work. PLEASEEE! πŸ™‚

  74. Alec i9100 says:

    Updated to v 2.3 and there are some tweaks and it’s better, but I just bought an external SD card today and can anyone tell me how can I access it from my Windows PC? Because when I plug the phone via USB only the internal SD memory appears.

    Cheers and thank you for this great ROM.

  75. Mahesh says:

    Thanks Dude! The ROM rocks! I was about to buy an extended battery for my S2 due to poor battery but since I have installed this ROM, the battery life has improved significantly! It is just few hours up on the new ROM but I can see the difference with same # of apps! Kudos!

  76. frank says:

    i got stuck on X logo any idea?

  77. bobbys_gt says:

    My SD card shows empty when I use the file explorer… any thoughts

  78. LKHEL says:

    Hi, does this rom better than the last update of resurrection remix jelly bean 3.0.6 rom?

  79. Noushad Chullian says:

    Flash does not work while recording video on revolt job rom

  80. kobu says:

    Uld b great I posted this issue before but I can not add email account on this ROM, yahoo, Hotmail…exchange… is there way to fix this or no fix…I like this ROM a lot but I went back to RR 2.6.1 any help

  81. bobbys_gt says:

    My ROM is Starting to crash a lot and can not read my memory right and my camera says out of memory. And also says can not connect to my accounts.. I have been running this ROM for awhile now and these issues are just now coming up

  82. kevin says:

    my phone is stuck revolt jb logo please help how can i get passed this

  83. kevin says:

    my phone is stuck revolt jb logo please help how can i get passed this
    what shud i do

  84. Patrik says:

    i have not tried this shit yet as there is no point.
    i just read it over XDA

    whats the point of releasing an unfinish product?
    without google maps its like driving a ferrari with a volvo enginge.

    answer the fucking question.
    why release unfinished roms?

  85. Patrik says:

    if you want a rom that turns your S2 into a S3
    go and get the Salman ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100

    everything works and its super fast.
    this rom is the best so far in my point.

  86. liviuflorin says:

    Hello Max,
    How do I upgrade from version 2.1 to version 2.5 Revolt?
    Wipe cache? Wipe dalvin cache ?

  87. DAW1d says:

    Please HELP!
    I did the factory reset from system setting in phone and now my phone is death!:( When i push the power button for short time nothing happened. And when i push it for few seconds empty battery loading logo is shows and than the phone is black. Whats the problem? I have Revolt 2.5 rom with dream kernel. Installation was perfect and the rom was going well to.
    Please help! Whats my problem??

  88. tushar says:

    hey help me!!!
    i did whole installation and it was sucessful
    then as said i reboot my device and after 5-7 mins while the siyah logo was on
    a screen came kernel panic upload mode….
    what should i do…..

  89. tushar says:

    hey help me!!!
    i did whole installation and it was successful
    then as said i reboot my device and after 5-7 mins while the siyah logo was on
    a screen came kernel panic upload mode….
    what should i do…..

  90. tushar says:

    i cant even load into cwm recovery…
    help me please…

  91. tushar says:

    anyone please help me!!!!!

  92. DAW1d says:

    My problem solved this.. try it:
    Whenever you have a problem with your Phone, power it down, remove battery, remove SIM card and Ext SD card and press and hold your power button for at least 30 seconds to a min, before reinserting battery and trying any solution.

  93. DAW1d says:

    And then you must go to download mod and flash rom.. recovery for me didnt work.
    “Power down, Pull out Battery, Pull out Sim Card and Ext. SD card, press power button for a Minute than power up again to try the combo buttons again…
    (This works for Jelly Bean, when you cannot get into recovery mode but only download mode)”

  94. haneesh says:

    Please help me .I had a problem video formats can’t play videos like flv etc.and streaming videos is not working.please help me.I was install this ROM in cwm.

  95. Dhruv says:

    I installed this ROM and everything was working perfectly fine..until I noticed 1 issue.I could not use any chat clients when using Mobile packet data..On Wifi everything works smooth but as soon as I switch to packet data…I am not able to use Whats app,Gtalk etc…It is strange.I tried a lot of things and 3rd party messengers none worked.Am I missing something?Infact the browser works fine with packet data.I am able to open Playstore as well as my mails but not the chat clients.I tried other jellybean roms as well and found the same issue.when i switched back to ICS its resolved.Is there any setting for Jellybean I need to change???

  96. Patrik says:

    as this is my favourite ROM for the S2 and i also want to see it ahead of everyone else in the future i think
    its worth to donate a small amount of money.

    so the question is since i cant post comments on the Revolt Thread on XDA forum:
    How do i donate money to Johnhany97?

    keep it up and i hope Revolt 2.6 would have fixed the memory leak and it should be great
    if the FM radio is working aswell

    • mark says:

      You can donate him by going to the ROM’s XDA- Thread and then from the first post on the left of it is his name “Johnhany97” and under it “Donate to Me” press that and pay to him whatever you want via PayPal. I am sure he will appreciate it. I think his ROM is the BEST !!!!!!! Keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  97. Patrik says:

    notice: i apologise for the bad words before πŸ™‚
    i didnt know then how good revolt is even with the small bugs.
    i have changed my mind so to speak πŸ˜‰
    overall it is the best and fastest JB rom so far.

  98. Khym says:

    May I ask… i like your casing when i can buy that??? please reply on my email i cant hear your email in your video sorry :(… thanks for your reply

  99. Patrik says:

    fuck this!
    just got the new and improved?..not 2.6
    google fucking play and search dosent work.
    i have wiped everything including the phone πŸ˜‰

    hey Johnhany97!
    if you want fucking donations please make a working rom and dont include NEW BUGS!
    this rom isnt finished.

    but ok you must be 15 years old
    come back in a few years when you know what you do πŸ˜‰

    • Johnhany97 says:

      Ok. You are not happy with the ROM ….. Then don’t use my ROM. You don’t read the solutions i post. To fix your problem with GApps, Go download the latest Gapps Package from and flash it. I never did release incomplete ROMs you just had problrms and assumed It was because this is an incomplete ROM. What the hell does it differ for you whetherI was 15 years Old or not. The thing is, I am a 15 year Old developer with A ROM for the I9100 and the I9100G and I am working all Alone with no help and yet still My ROM has taken (Best ROM) Before. Well to be honest with you, i don’t get WHY DO YOU USE MY ROM IF YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE IT ?????????? Please answer me at my E-Mail : and I want to have some conversation with you about your opinion about my ROM , OK ?????

    • Bjorn says:

      I was just wondering if you were the same Patrik who on October 21 apologized for using bad words.

  100. Cristian says:

    just flashed my S2 to ReVolt 2.6 ROM and I get the infamous pink spot problem with the camera.
    can anyone confirm this?
    and is there a fix for this ROM?
    I didn;t have the pink spot problem on the ICS stock ROM.

  101. Patrik says:

    hey prick!

    another unfinished product haha
    what the hell is wrong with you?
    why release crap roms that doesnt work?
    whats the purpose?

    fix it boy!

  102. Patrik says:

    you must send me 10$
    that the time that cost to test your shit and roll back to the backup.

    • pSynrg says:

      I really don’t want to feed this troll but I can’t help myself. Patrik, you are a first class dickhead. I should send you a bill for the time I’ve wasted in replying to your idiotic comment.
      However, I will give you the benefit of any doubt and ask you to supply a copy of the contract you received when you were tasked with installing and testing. The one that states you would be compensated for any time given to the project?
      What do you mean you haven’t got one? Why on earth would you commit to such difficult hard work without a guarantee of getting paid?
      On second thoughts maybe it’s because the installation and use of any freely provided modified ROM is entirely at your own discretion. Did you not understand that there is no obligation from anyone that you must install such a ROM? Of course you didn’t understand. Even your phone is smarter than you.

  103. Blaze says:

    Hi Max

    I am trying to find a Good, stable Jelly Bean Rom
    but after seeing these comments i kind of unsercure as i experience bugs in CM10
    where i can’t reach some button and no play store in itso i am afraid that this rom need file to flash

    so Could you recomend me some ROMs

    p.s i don’t want launchers in them πŸ˜›

    • Blaze says:

      Hi Max
      I am now rooting the ReVolt Rom but i seem to be stuck with this blue line above the yellow triangle… i has been there for quite awhile. May i know What wrong or what did i go wrong

  104. Eduardo says:

    I just flashed your rom but when I try to set APN for my data connection, pops out an ad That says unfortunately com . has stopped… also my network just drops when I’m in the middle of a call.
    What can I do?
    I’m just looking for a fully functional jb rom for my s2

  105. Benoy says:

    can anyone help me out ! just cloned my ROM n my phone doesn’t start , i use galaxy S2, it is stuck on the samsung logo on start up !

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