Revolution ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777][Note 3 Launcher]

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For this week’s GT-i9100 and SGH-i777 ROM of the week, check out Revolution ROM.

Based on Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz, Revolution ROM aims to bring you the best of S4/Note 3 features while keeping it lightweight and super-fast.

Inside Revolution ROM you will find tabbed settings (just like on Android 4.2.2 TouchWiz), 4.2.2-like quick toggles with more toggles, Note 3 keyboard, S4-style multi-window, S4 video player, S4 music player, and S4 status bar.

Lastly but not least, Revolution ROM ships with Note 3 launcher ported from the leaked Note 3 firmware, you can take a quick peek at what’s coming with Samsung’s latest phones. And of course, Note 3 launcher has also been modded to run much, much faster and boy it runs fast.

Overall, Revolution ROM is bundled with simple S4/Note 3 upgrades but very lightweight and fast for those of you looking for a good daily driver.

Try this ROM out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Revolution ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100/SGH-i777

For installing this ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2, see How to Install GT-i9100 ROM on AT&T Galaxy S2.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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73 Responses

  1. raper droid says:

    good battery or not?

  2. raper droid says:

    download now..i’ll try this

    • raper droid says:

      nice rom, keep work bro.. but i dont use its coz i hve problm with this rom.

      PHONE : SGS2
      ROM: NeatROM_Superlite_v1.1/
      KERNEL: ApoloJB_4.10_ExtremeV1-CWM / Siyah 6.0 beta5 with Battery Guide by Many40

  3. adnan says:

    does this work for gingerbread ??

  4. Jose says:

    SUPER FAST ROM! but has minor bar notification bugs, and home button, back button, search button doesnt work !
    Anyone w same issue?

    which is better?


    • Rubic_Cube says:

      Usually what I have noticed with the hardware buttons is due to the kernel. If you flash a different kernel that supports hardware buttons, then you are good. However, I would ask the developer prior to flashing a different kernel.

      I have never tried Revolution. Between Bitfor and SHOstock, I prefer SHOstock. It’s just brilliant and clean.

      ~ RC

    • Luis says:

      For me shostock3 is great and stable but biftor is more customizable. Maybe if you want a ROM that look similar to stock one you can chose shostock3.

    • edwreybax says:

      Nice ROM… and runs well on my GALAXY S II I777 with Jeboo kernel i777 v2-3a… need to install this kernel in order to make all the buttons work.

  5. ajay says:

    Nice Rom. Very smooth and light weight as promised by developer. But power save toggles button is not working.
    Somewhere something missing, Rom would have been more better if some of the features of S4 added ,

  6. Bjozzinn says:

    I’ve got a problem with the auto screen rotation, it doesn’t work in my i9100.

  7. Las says:

    I think so very good Rom.Smooth and funny. GT I9100

  8. Nick says:

    The web browser doesn’t work for me, but other browsers work fine like firefox, etc….

  9. lior says:

    doesn’t support Hebrew if that can be fixed that will be awesome

  10. vik thind says:

    amazing battery life

  11. Atif says:

    Stuck At The Startup Animation
    Can’t Reboot
    Please Help

  12. Bruno says:

    The link doesnt work, start downloading but when is on 40% the dowmload stop

  13. iZel says:

    downloading now.. will comment later for any issues!

  14. iZel says:

    link has some issues… i’ve stopped at 94%.. @max pls. fix the download link! thank!

  15. Danilo says:

    The rom is fast. Battery life is very very good. I still dont find any bugs. Runs great.

  16. DAVE says:

    I think my ESET found a virus on the download link so cancelled it everytime. Not sure if this is a false positive but its definitely saying malware inside the zip!! 🙂

  17. Ddinor says:

    Bugs…. restart Launcher … error
    Bugs,,,, Seach

  18. dhanz says:

    thank you soo much. i’ downloading it right now and i’ll give it a try

  19. BryanGuatemala says:

    I have a question , have Samsung Galaxy S2 i777 , I do not run back button and the search button , What I can do?

  20. Ddinor says:

    PLEASE tell me how to fix phone freeze after i select RESTART LAUNCHER from the menu???? anyone have same problem or only me? SEARCH also dont work.

  21. Aaron says:

    I’ve got an issue with the browser, that is, my Google search is always lagging. To the extent that my search result will not appear after minutes. When it does, it will redirect my current browsing page to the Google search result. This is highly disturbing.

    I can’t highlight texts properly and it also tends to lag whenever I type or use other browsers. Seems like thunderbolt is still the way to go.

  22. BryanGuatemala says:

    I can not make calls, I do not hear or listen

  23. iZel says:

    my problem so far is the bluetooth.. it will always disconnect w/c says: canceled.. i will update later other issues with this rom.. so far, it the bluetooth that has a problem..

  24. chee says:

    really looove this Room .. but it doesn`t support arabic .. can you help how to fix it..

  25. andy says:

    contacts stop working

  26. RUTAGENGWA says:


  27. anuj232 says:

    Very good and Fast rom but not the smooth one as the Launcher is little laggy..

  28. lopez says:


  29. Rubic_Cube says:


    This ROM has been a touch and go so far. I have seen it work pretty good some of the times, and very buggy other times. I kept going back to SHOstock 3 – totally outstanding ROM.

    However, know that all the TW based ROMs are mostly on Android 4.1.2. If you want to benefit from the latest, I highly recommend the Carbon ROM. Totally rocks! Super smooth, great battery life so far, truckload of features – to the point that one gets lost within settings! 🙂 Loving it so far, haven’t noticed any issues.

    ~ RC!

  30. Fernando Kenji says:

    Hi, i have one galaxy s 2 with cm10.1 installed. I would like know how to install this version in my cell phone. thanks

  31. salt says:

    Great rom, great battery life…..but can not record video for mms. doesnt give u options “capture video for mms” like in stock rom…

  32. bold liberty says:

    Great rom over all, but I have a few problems
    1) during a phone call I can not hear or say anything
    2) back button doesn’t work

  33. Naeem says:

    How i can install it plz tell me

  34. Kemar says:

    So y the hell this rom is not for SGH-t989 too I really like it an wud want it on my SGHt989 not everyone got gt-i9100/SGH-i777 u know

  35. Leonardo says:

    Not found anywhere installation instructions in the GT-I9100 and the title tells it’s for GT-I9100 and I77, the link that you provided the instructions apply only to the i777, is a tutorial for the GT-I9100 please.

  36. maan says:

    which kernals can b used with this rom ?

    doesnt installs in siyah dorimans v5

  37. pranav says:

    after showing pass my phone is not working only showing samsung galaxy s2 logo.what to do???urgent pls

  38. Juha says:

    Does not work for me. Gt-i9100 and siyah dual boot kernel. this rom is 1st and the 2nd rom. neither of them work. Does dual boot require ics? This rom probably is JB

  39. adil ahmed says:

    This rom is not working properly on my sgh i777
    My back and search key is not working

  40. adil ahmed says:

    I m not recieving ky calls as well as the call is not going to other person voice is not coming on celll

  41. adil ahmed says:

    ThiS rom is having bug due to which my mobile keys are not working properly

  42. adil ahmed says:

    Plzzz give rply on my email plzzz urgent plz give thre idea how to fix the bugs

  43. Marcus says:

    Does this room work with my Galaxy S2 Gt-I9100G Android 4.1.2? Reply Asap anyone

  44. Marcus says:

    Does this rom work with my Gt-I9100G ? Reply asap anyone

  45. Yus says:

    Is there Revolution ROM for GT I9100G ?

  46. AmO says:

    Does this Rom work on Gt-I9100T ??

  47. chris roberts says:

    great rom but cant hear when making phone calls, anyone else having problem

  48. chris roberts says:

    I777 with jeboo kernal

  49. Zebi Rajpot says:

    hey what about the multi windows . . . .in video i didn’t see any multi windows feature . . .is this feature included ???

  50. Zebi Rajpot says:

    gapps in not working its always says no connection even my wifi is working very well what the hell this 🙁 i really love this rom . . . how can i solve this problem please admin help 🙁 </3

  51. sandy says:

    heyy I cant get the download link plzz … gave me …

  52. tcindia says:

    Good stable ROM with minimal battery drain .
    pls help ..unable to pattern lock screen. unable to disable s4 type lock screen.
    moreover RAM usage is bit higher side

  53. Vuthyvan says:

    Help me !! How to fix status 7 erro 🙁

  54. Sraban says:

    Worst rom… very slow, camera doesnt work

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