ROMS4 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Galaxy S4 Theme]

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For this week’s ROM of the Week on the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, check out ROMS4 ROM.

An Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz ROM, the ROMS4 ROM gives you exactly what the name implies, a ROM with Galaxy S4 theme.

It’s a very, light-weight ROM with Galaxy S4 theme including Galaxy S4 white multi-window flashbar, Galaxy S4 icons, S4 weather widget & other S4 widgets, and S Health app. Multi-window has been enabled for all apps.

The ROMS4 ROM ships with Apolo kernel which gives you excellent battery life and swift performance although there is no overclocking. You can use the Apolo Configurator to adjust your CPU and even undervolt to get better battery life.

Although not fully-packed with a gazillion features, the ROMS4 ROM is very simple, lightweight ROM with great performance/battery life while giving you that Galaxy S4 look you are looking for.

Check it out if this is something you may be interested in and do let me know what you think of this ROM, thx!


Download ROMS4 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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76 Responses

  1. veasna you says:

    OMG thanks

    i’ve been waiting for this rom so much!

    thanks max lee


  2. sickrun says:

    ya… me too. thanx max!

  3. Preet bhamrah says:

    Hey Max,

    The Link is not Working & download failed to complete.
    And its not starting at all.

  4. cg0505 says:

    link is ok, downloaded and installed today works GREAT, i think u need to add a new camera, im really getting tired of the old stock camera

  5. onur says:

    teşekkür ederim çok güzel bir rom olmuş. Fakat kamerayıda s4 theme yapsaydınız daha hoş olurdu.

    • cüneyit says:

      onur merhaba.ben de yükledim fakat sürekli donuyor kapanıp açılma yapıyor.bilmediğim bir eksik işlem mi yapıyorum acaba

  6. Florin S2 says:


  7. lilnev says:

    It looks like a very good rom, yes it would of been better to include the Galaxy s4 camera.
    Still waiting for it to finish downloading, I’m looking forward to this one.
    Just taken off my supernexus rom and reverted back to the S3 style Stock one after months of use, Galaxy S4 is way overpriced and I’d rather have this rom until I get my Oppo Find 5 thanks max.

  8. Pavan says:

    Download link is not working.please fix this asap
    Thank you

  9. Major says:

    Downloading link not working

  10. sochai says:

    Download link not working
    Fix it please Max

  11. lee says:

    been running this rom for a day now and loving it no problems at all everything working love the settings colour and keyboard so much easier to see with the white background think ill be sticking with this one. battery been good lasted me all day at work with heavy use. dont do overclocking so dont miss that just kills battery any how thanks max great work

  12. angelo says:

    The Downloadlink is not working

  13. alexcustodia says:

    The link doesn’t work. Is it possible to fix that?


  14. john says:

    link does not work but got from xda and work a treat thanks xda

  15. Perin40 says:

    Link now working for me…

  16. Zaryab says:

    hello max
    could u please get the ROMS4 for GT-I9100G

  17. Preet Bhamrah says:

    It still has too much bloatware.
    Been running this Rom for 3 days but results are just fine not great.
    Freeze the bloatware if yu want some extra juice out of your S2 battery.


  18. isaac says:

    max the download link is not working..can u please give the xda link to us

  19. sule says:

    download problems

  20. potter says:

    Bad rom

    I has fucked colors really fucked i hate it i preffer miui v5 instead just because the rom visual sucks so bad… the battery is not bad though but could be better.

    go for miui!

  21. ameer says:

    i download it but there are a lot of file which one is the root and no one its extent .tar.md5
    as before!!!!!! how can instill that on my phone

  22. ameer says:

    finally i do it this is the best ROOM i have ever seen before

  23. Lolo says:

    Is the FM Radio working in this ROM??

  24. Geert says:

    link is broken but if you try google you can find many other links like this one from xda-developpers:

    But I have another problem: the Google search Widget doesn’t work!

  25. win diesel says:

    it doesnt work for me ! 🙁
    is there any problem wid d firmware no. ? mine is XXLS8
    reply as soon as possible please! 🙁

  26. Sexy says:

    Wow max what a chodu jaisa rom just enjoyed the cum!!

  27. dawkon13 says:

    Version v1.4:
    Wipe cache/dalvik cache after flashing

  28. Jo says:

    Hi … is this a rooted ROM? Or would I have to root it again?

  29. Sochai says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for shared this ROM..Run smooth & stable with good battery life.Only 1 thing i want to know.I tried to dualboot this rom using Siyah DorimanX Kernel but cannot boot my phone.I have try with several JB Rom like Biftor,RootBox,Carbon,Ghostrider & XTreme.

    Just follow all the procedure.Installing are successful but still cannot boot my phone.Only reboot at animation boot for many times.Can U help me to settle it.I’m looking to overclock my phone.Thanks…

  30. Dr Atif says:

    Thanks for the sharing this rom max
    I highly recommend this rom

  31. Hennie says:

    This rom is very nice, but kills my phone’s battery. Doesn’t last a day, where with the stock rom it last a day and a half or so on a charge. Some app just lock up the phone and have to remove the battery to restart the phone.

    • Sochai says:

      Try to combine this rom with Siyah DorimanX Kernel.I’m currently using it with my S2 i9100.What i had here is 16hours for per day.Also overclocked it to 1.5ghz.

  32. Inder says:

    I Can’t move my apps to SD.

    Reason why i was trying to do so bcoz my phone was lagging and i got OCLF( one click lag fix) but after it doesnt allow me to download library files ( got msg ” Not enough space for Data”). although i had more thn 800MB on app space. I tried to move apps on SD where i had more thn 8GB free space but unable to do that. I got msg ” There is not enough space on SD”
    Whats going on? Anybody can help me plz

    thnx guys

  33. Pavan says:

    finally download link is working!

  34. ehis says:

    so far so good all working fine from rainbox rom to this.

  35. Angelo says:

    With the recommended ApoloJB_4.7_ExtremeV0_TWRP i only can Backup to the external SD Card but
    i would prefer to backup to my internal SD card but i can`t find any possibilities to change the Backup Path.
    Thanxs for Help

  36. shimulna says:

    i cant install it…..cmw recovery cant install it… can i install it…..pls tell me

  37. karimdinhin says:

    TWRP Recovery doesn’t show sd card file or folder in Galaxy s2 gt I9100. rather it show some strange folder, which i didn’t see in phone before. so, how can i install ROMS4? help me.

  38. Erling Maqe says:

    WIFI Did not Working, im trying to connect to my WifiRouter it cant find anything

  39. Heng says:

    Need GT-I9100G 🙁

  40. rimpom says:

    fucking rom…….it doesnt boot after installation even i waited more than 1 hour……

  41. David says:

    This rom sometime was hang has to taken out battery to reboot and no chiness language input.

  42. lejyoner says:

    dont working wifi

  43. akash says:

    Will this rom work for my gt-i9100g kernel version 3.0.31-893450

  44. akash says:

    i tried installing it but after intallation its not at all opening its just showing samsung galaxy s2 introduction page please help asap

  45. Khadija says:

    Can anyone tell me the complete step wise procedure how to install this on my S2??? 🙁

  46. Arkantos says:

    can u plz elaborate the steps to intsall this ROM?? I am really looking forward to it 🙂

  47. Arkantos says:

    do wiping data/factory reset erases everything on my phone? including pics and videos?

  48. henDra says:

    Great rom been using it for a month already. Very stable. Question, is there any updates on this rom?

  49. Rmin says:

    hey everyone and tnx to admin i`ll be happy if anybody answer my question…
    some say mic and wifi teethering does`nt work. is it true? all of you have this problems? i wana install this rom but i got confused!!!
    i`ll be grateful if anyone who installed this rom answers me….

  50. Mahmudul Alam says:

    Very good so far I’m being using for a day, but my Android logo at the starting has been disappeared instead a yellow cautionary sign is showing. Some one please help on this issue.

  51. edip says:

    signature verification failed ????? i cant install couse it says (signature verification failed) what is this please help me

  52. Ddinor says:

    developer not using s2 anymore … updating stoped. so sad.

  53. Arelong says:

    best rom !! can i flash this rom for galaxy s2 G

    sorry bad english

  54. shamir says:

    hey… i need this rom for s2 i9100g model…
    plz. help

  55. mohammed says:

    IS this room supports the Arabic language??

  56. Inderjeet singh says:

    best rom for S2 I9100, not any type of rom can campair from this rom.
    Best betry backup
    no any type of hang problem
    overall. this is best forever…

  57. Gon Zoldyck says:

    Hello Max.. after i install the S4Rom i get bootloop on my gt i9100 it keeps restarting over and over.. why?

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