Rootbox Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [Android 4.1.2] [V3]

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Want Android 4.1.2 on your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100?  Well, Rootbox Jelly Bean ROM brings you the latest Android 4.1.2 and AOKP ROM Control first to the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!

Inside the latest Rootbox Jelly Bean ROM you will find full AOKP controls (like Resurrection and Revolt JB ROMs), cherry-picked fixes from CM10, T9 dialer, init.d support, and much more.

Most importantly, Android 4.1.2 should bring you more stability, better performance, and more features (that we are still trying to figure out).  So, try it out and let us know what you think has improved the most over Android 4.1.1!


Download Rootbox Jelly Bean ROM

Download Gapps for JB

To install, boot into CWM Recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – XDA

Also see RootBox ICS ROM.

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126 Responses

  1. Anup Dcruz says:

    HI Max .. is facebook contact sync working in this version of JB??? Plz let us know…

  2. Slim says:

    Hello, im currently running a rooted I9100 ics version 4.0.3, my first and main question question is must i already be updated to JB 4.1.2 before i can install this ROM or can i just install it while i still have ICS 4.0.3? in other words, will installing a JB ROM mess up my phone if i have ICS ROM now?

    Also my next question is im currently using the Siyah Kernel v.3.3.2, am i correct in thinking that i must upgrade to the Siyah Kernel v.4.0.1 first?

    • csakal says:

      Hi Slim you can flash this from ICS just make sure in recovery:
      wipe data/ factory reset
      wipe cache
      advanced – wipe dalvic
      mounts and storage – format /system
      then flash the zip and gapps and then wipe dalvic and cache again and fix permissions and you’re done!
      Flashing this zip should also update your siyah kernel!

      • siddarth malik says:

        Hi csakal,

        I watched one of the tutorials on how to flash the rom for the first time…
        i did data factory reset.,,
        ,wiped cache partition ,,
        ,then wiped Dalvik cahce,,
        flashed the ROM,,
        flashed the Gapps package…
        and rebooted the system…
        ROM works fine…
        is it the correct method???? or
        Do i need to wipe cahce partition and Dalvik cache after falshing both the zip files too????????
        pls reply

      • siddarth malik says:

        also would format/system in Mounts and storage DELETE the data on the INTERNAL sd card?????

  3. Olivr says:

    Thanks Max, I’m a faithful RR fanboi, but this time I’m going to try rootbox, to see how much I’m missing in life:)

  4. ivan says:

    can u pls tell me which one is the best rom for s2 i9100?your opinion… 🙂

  5. Risspartan117 says:

    Any comment reviews for this rom are welcome… 🙂

  6. matt says:

    I have tried this rom although im not seeming to be able to use the siyah kernel with it to dual boot? I installed it on the primary rom and when you boot into it you just get black screen, although it works with the stock kernel it comes with. Anyone have any ideas why? (And i have tried Siyah 4.0.1 and 4.1.5).

    • D says:

      1) Download latest version of the patched siyah kernel from here

      2) Now, boot into CWM recovery and flash it

      3) Go into advanced tab and tap on reboot recovery

      4) You are now in siyah kernel recovery, go into dual boot option and tap on Remove 2nd ROM (If you don’t do that, JellyBam wont boot)

      5) Now go into advanced tab and tap on fix permission

      6) Reboot and enjoy siyah kernel

  7. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    I installed this ROM and now i cant open the play store !

  8. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    please help me! i cant open the play store!

  9. alto says:

    i’ve installed the rom. it looks great but when i enter into my google account it says “sync off” and i need to tap on each item in order to sync it. i couldn’t find the way to activate constant sync.
    any solution will be appreciated

  10. Bilal says:


    I followed the steps in this post, after rebooting the phone, i keep getting RootBox logo, and nothing else.

    What should I do to undo and go back to previous state before I ran this ROM?


    • john says:

      Did you do a backup before you installed this ROM…..

      If you did just go into recovery mode and restore it…happened to me on a different rom

      Good luck

  11. mysterious_boy says:

    hey guys can anyone tell me if i have to download gapps or not and what is gapps ?

    • matt says:

      gapps includes the play store, gmail, youtube…. you dont have to flash it, but its highly recommended you do or you wont have these

  12. mysterious_boy says:

    ok thank you 🙂

  13. mysterious_boy says:

    hey sorry i have one more problem
    when i use keyboard there is a vibrate on touch i canclled all vibrate options and ii dont know how to cancel it
    can u please tell me where can i find this option

  14. Harsh Chandarana says:

    I cannot find the music player on this! Its so annoying!
    Also, I don’t see how do I check my internal sd storage files!

    • Khairul Hafiz says:

      This rom not include music player, download another music player at play store. You can use es file explorer in play store to check your internal sd.

  15. Anuj says:

    The scrolling doesnt work properly. When you touch the screen for a long time the screen shakes

  16. Anuj says:

    This rom sucks!

    • john says:

      And that’s it ?????

      No reasons given !!!

      By all means have an opinion but back it up with reasons or there’s no point.

      • Anuj says:

        There is no file manager. No music player. Computer doesn’t recognize phone on USB connection. The gapps doesn’t contain all the apps. Scrolling shakes if we hold the touch at one place. Performance wise the ROM is good. Not yet tested on battery and other parameters.

        • Anuj says:

          And 2g also doesn’t work.

          • Anuj says:

            Please help for USB mass storage!

            • Anuj says:

              No wifi direct.

              • Shashank Hegde says:

                Dude dont act like kid who wants everything in a package. Developers work is to make good ROM with stable kernel and performance. There are so many file managers in the market, download one of them,

                For 2G checked ur APN settings or if your in india when you restart it will automatically takes the default.

                I think you can put any JB Gapps package.

                Do some work no one is here to spoon feed you. Google it. Dont cry in forums..

                • Anup Dcruz says:

                  Hey shashank.. thought of asking u this question… if u hav flashed ur s2 with multiple roms hav u come across any rom which dramatically increases the battery life coz as per my experience all roms gives me 12- 14 hours on normal usage (with data connection always ON). ??? ur views Plz

  17. mike says:

    Reallly wanted to try this bad boy out. For some reason I cant get past the boot screen its just black. Ive wiped both caches and removed second rom before flashing the zip. Im dual booting with the siyah kernel and cant seem to figure out why it wont work? Ive dual booted many times with different roms just cant quite figure out how to get this one to work

    • matt says:

      I had the same problem, its the siyah kernel. The ROM will boot using its stock kernel but when you use siyah it doesn’t. If you scroll up someone answered me with a fix but I havnt tried it yet. Hope it helps your problem.

      • Naveen spyker says:

        finding update package
        opening update package
        installing update
        symlink: some syslinks failed
        E:Error in/emmc/
        (status 7)
        Installation aborted.
        WHAT TO DO.

  18. Stephen Scott says:

    Don’t waste time on this ROM. WiFi doesn’t work. Back to RR for me

    • john says:

      Such an unfair and untrue comment…
      WiFi works fine for me..
      Have tried quite a few ROMs and I really like the feel of this one. Minor issue with Google account but can live with that…

      Great ROM….many thanks !!!

    • jose says:

      dont say that…!thats unfair…!the rom was great…!thanks matt..

  19. wongda says:

    wifi actually works for me …

  20. Stephen Scott says:

    Sorry I appear to have offended a few of you. Having used many ROMs with WiFi working I couldn’t get WiFi to switch on. I will try again. If I’m proved wrong then I’ll crawl under a stone

  21. Stephen Scott says:

    OK I’ve crawled under my stone. Will work on this one and post further feedback. We all have some issues with ROMs that may take a reflash to resolve

  22. graham says:

    facebook doesnt sync with jelly bean because google are trying to stay away from facebook because they have google+ i dont think it will sync in the official release either. there is an app called haxsync which is pretty awesome and that syncs all your facebook contacts. better than the actual facebook sync. hope this helps!!!

    • Risspartan117 says:

      I for one don’t think Google will do that. Facebook is a giant and almost every android user in on it. They can’t just stray from it just ‘cuz they have Google+. That would be a very “Apple”ish behavior!

  23. graham says:

    what is the battery life like??

  24. jose says:

    i already apply this rom..but i cant download the google map….what will i do?

  25. Robert says:

    Hello. Nice video, tnx. I have a i9100, kernel XWLP7. Can I install this rom, or i will brick my phone? 🙂 Thanks.
    ps: phone is rooted.

  26. Tony says:

    Installed this ROM a couple of hours ago and the service “” is causing high cpu usage. Anyone else having this problem?

  27. Olivr says:

    Hi guys. have any of you experienced crashes in Google Chrome with this ROM? Unfortunately for me, it keeps crashing on me, I had to use the stock browser instead of Chrome. Appreciate any reply.

  28. Nav says:

    I tried flashing a rom to my i9100mugkg2 but don’t know what I did because I’m new and now the phone stuk at the boot logo can’t get into recovery but could into download mode. What should I do???

  29. Stephen Scott says:

    OK so ROM seems stable enough. Some nicer user touches would be nice such as black screen for text etc. Also more difficult to set contact ringtones…….
    Added mobo player and Google play music which work well for me.

  30. Kayeng says:

    Thanks to the devs for this one..been using it for a few days now, no crashes yet..some inconsistent performances in general but nothing annoying. the one thing that didn’t work for me was the flash sync of the camera..never got the flash to sync with the shutter, so only dark shots at night

  31. Slim says:

    has anyone been able to successfully dualboot this rom with siyah 4.0.1. ( i have one 4.0.3 rom now but im scared to try this JB rom dualbooted with if while im with siyah 4.0.1) any input would be appreciated

  32. Edward Bradley says:

    Can someone help me, after i installed the Rom i cannot connect to my data network Wifi works.But my data connection doesnt.

  33. mark says:

    hey Max,

    i have the latest cm custom rom,
    its pretty stable and a really good rom with 4.1.2 i highly suggest this one…

    keep it up,

    grtz from the Nethelands

  34. Appelkvist says:

    “NOTE: PLEASE ONLY INSTALL ROMS INTENDED FOR YOUR VERSION OF Galaxy S2! Otherwise you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE and I will not be responsible! ALL ROMs on this site are ONLY for Verizon Galaxy S2!”

    Is the Verison version the same as the international(GT-I9100)
    I have the GT-I9100 and do not want to mess it up.
    So my question is: Can i use the roms from this site even if i dont have the verison version?

  35. Miron Raz says:

    Hey Guys,
    I started the madness of Switching from ROM to ROM about a year ago and I’ve experienced many of the RR to CM from ICS to JB. And now, I am very pleased to announce the current ROOTBOX JB 4.1.2 is not only the best JB ROM but the best I’ve experienced ever. Well done.

  36. Matt says:

    Have been running this rom for 5 days now and it is superb. Everything is working as you would expect and the battery life is outstanding with this rom and kernel. I am using one of the 3,500mah batteries from Ebay and I am getting 4.5 – 5 days life out the battery with Facebook, battery monitoring software and camera apps also 2 news apps. While using CM10 or Resurrection Remix 3.6 I would be lucky to get 3 days at most.

    Well impressed!

  37. Alex says:

    i uploaded this ROM and lost all contacts .fortunately i had backed up my stock ROM post rooting my S2 with clock work mod .
    how do i go back to my stock rooted ROM to restore the backup
    when i try the vol down + power +home button . i go to the download screen and not the clock work mode menu

  38. David Arjona says:

    hey max and everyone,

    i got siyah kernel on my phone and have revolution remix JB set as 1st rom and i tried to install rootbox as secondary but it wont start as my second ROM… has anyone been able to use this as secondary? any suggestions?

    i’ve also deleted cache and dalvik on 2nd rom.

    thanks 🙂

  39. Marky says:

    Does anyone here have an alternative link for both gapps and rootbox rom? I cant seem to download from the link here

  40. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    Hey Max,
    I dont have Samsung apps anymore since I installed this ROM

  41. max says:

    the device becom burn like fair

  42. francis says:


    after installing this rom, the phone does not seem to be recognized on my macbook??

    what could be te problem??


  43. siddarth malik says:

    good ROM ..the only problem for me is that I DONT get the screen lock ANIMATION everytime…sometime it does sometimes it doesnt….any suggestions y this happens??? anybody noticed this????????

  44. Shashank Hegde says:

    Pretty good performance as of now. But found an issue with the Modem as couple of times network disappeared when there is an incoming call and took 10 seconds to get the network back. But for caller it will be ringing.

    Has anyone facing this issue?

  45. rfb813 says:

    I ported (Hellraised) this ROM to the ATT SGH-I777 with the Siyah 4.3.3 Mali Kernel, I overclocked to 1400. It works fine with Voice Navigation and Google Now working. All my apps are also working. A great JB ROM.

  46. Zonnie says:

    Hi, I love this ROM, I only have one problem with it.
    A few times a day it askes me to unlock the simcard again. The phone doesn’t reboot or something, just the field tot enter the code appears. I have to unlock before I an do anything else. Things like email do get through in the mean time, but I can’t make a call. Strange, but even more strange is that when I enter my code, it unlocks again, while on top of the screen there is a message that the code is incorrect….
    It isn’t incorrect, otherwise it wouldn’t unlock, but why do I get that message? And what do I need to do to get rid of the annoying error that causes the sim to lock?
    Is there anyone else with similar problems?

  47. Bilal says:


    I received an update today to my ROM, I downloaded them but couldn’t figure out where were they downloaded to. Any help?


  48. Salma says:


    I already installed this custom ROM. Today, I received an update to the ROM, I installed it. However, after rebooting my Galaxy S2, I cannot find the Camera application.

    Can I download it from somewhere?


  49. Bilal says:


    Just a bit confused. Is this ROM for i777 or i9100? Coz the main description says its for i9100 but the comments section refer it for i777. Please clarify coz i have i9100 and dont want to risk bricking!


  50. Shafie says:

    Hi Max,
    I’ve tried most of the roms that you shared. ICS was good. Most of the AOKP and CM 9 i could not connect to Whats app messenger, I’ve tried JB Rootbox and I really luv the roms but still I could not get connected to whats aapp messenger. Please help. Only for 3g data not working for this apps. wifi ok. other than that this rom is superb.
    Now i still stick with salman ics and batista rom. great job

  51. green says:

    good roms , all is working 4 me even whatsapp and others app BUT i don’t know if anybody notice the graphic is not too good at all , i will like to know if anyone graphic is better,may be is fone or instaln

  52. dualdin says:

    I have been trying to flash a JB rom for a while but no luck. I have tried different roms and always get stuck either on samsung logo or kernel panic mode…

  53. Bassel says:

    can you tell me how to install it step by step please ?

  54. zaw myo wynn says:

    Please help me .
    After updating 4.1.2 and it cannot reboot .And i try again take out battery and try to power on but it totally don’t boot up .How i will do?

  55. udara says:

    Jellybam rom updated.. with 4.2Google Apps .. visit—->

  56. Paul says:

    Hi Max.

    I have an S2 and am using Extreme CM 10 pure1.5 with JB 4.1.1 and siyah kernal v3.0.42 by Dorimanx. I have installed (I think) rootbox as the second rom. When I try to boot 2nd rom, I just get a blank screen. I have followed evey instruction on the install of a second rom but with no success. Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks.

  57. Paul says:

    In relation to my last post, rootbox works without a problem when i switch roms and make rootbox the 1st rom. Any assistance would be great.

  58. kurtz says:

    hey people,
    i have a samsung galaxy gt i9100 with ICS 4.0.3 and id like to update this into JB latest. Could someone explain me in brief how to? do i have to root my device in order to do this? how do i find matching installation file? should it match my current kernal? im sorry, im new to this. thank you.

    • Zeta says:

      To install, Root your device and then download this ROM, once downloaded just copy ROM and paste it to your phone memory in download folder boot into CWM Recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot. To if you did everything correctly you should find it in CWM Recovery. Instructions while in CWM Recovery –> 1. Select Wipe Data/Factory reset 2. Install zip from sdcard 3. Choose zip from internal sdcard 4. Find folder named “Download/” and select “ once installed go again in this “Download/” folder and select 6. Reboot (When rebooting and IF your phone stuck at it just take battery out and put it back and boot)

  59. KIdd N.H says:

    hey guys, i just wanna know why or rather how do i use the usb storage with rootbox, obviously using my s2 ?

  60. Steven Ramadar says:

    do you put the zip into the sd card or the internal storage? to flash gapps do you have to follow the same procedure you used to flash the rom? please reply

  61. bryce says:

    hi iv just installed the rom and its all good but for some resin supersu has stoped working it keeps saying this is no su binary how do i fix it thx….

  62. Steven Ramadar says:

    this meams that your s2 isnt rooted or has been temporarily rooted

  63. bryce says:

    i am running the Rootbox Jelly Bean ROM

  64. S J says:

    Im running Rootbox V3.0 on my i9100, and have recently moved to the USA from NewZealand. Was just wondering how i would change my region so that i can have access to the play store in this region (USA). I can access the playstore but there are some apps which are US only which i cant access though im in the US. Any suggestions as to how i would go about changing the region on my phone so that i can access apps which are US only?

  65. ezra says:

    hi, I installed the rom in my galaxy s2 and i fogot to install the Gapps, now i cant get to play store or see my folders in the sd. can sameone help me please.

    • Steven Ramadar says:

      Go into recovery mode>install zip from SD card>install zip from internal/external SD card(where ever your gapps folder is)>flash gapps folder

  66. Nam says:


    I’ve loaded this rom, But now when i make calls theres a static – the end user is not able to hear me

  67. bryce says:

    hi can someone help me iv been running the rootbox 3.2 with the and it runs fine but when i update to rootbox 3.4 or 3.6 it run is fine untill i install the can someone tale me y this is thxs

  68. emma says:

    i recieved an update from rootbox.
    i downloaded it both rom and gapps but afta
    flashing… shows something like…
    has stop working

    it continue showing this and i cant use the phone

    sumbody help me bcos i need the update
    im using rootbox jb rom 2.9
    the update is rootbox jb rom 4.1

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