Salman ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [TouchWiz UX][S Voice][GS3 ROM]

I know a lot of you have been asking for Galaxy S3 ROM on your Galaxy S2 i9100. Well, there’s a ROM for that. The Salman ICS ROM gives you powers of Galaxy S3 with a Touchwiz UX launcher, S-Voice, GS3 wallpapers, floating video player, and a whole lot more.

UPDATE, please see new version 4 here!!!
I won’t get into more details other than that this ROM runs pretty solid, give it a twirl and let me know if you’ve turned your Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy S3!


Download Salman ICS ROM

unzip EXTRACT ME, DO NOT and copy the folder to your phone after installing ROM.

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, please see Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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93 Responses

  1. G-F°R¢€ says:

    Has anyone tried it yet?

    • Aboud says:

      Yes ,, its very nice Rom but has a problem with Secuirty it has a laggy Problem every 10 times u put ur Pin or patteren it resets The Secuirty to silde :S and Paare Of Programs wont install Like ( Magic Piano “Smule” and some other Programs) … but it really Turns ur GS2 to a real GS3 Experiance .. Recommended

    • Reboot says:

      Yes. I installed this yesterday. I don’t use a PIN and therefore have not ran into any troubles as mentioned by Aboud. This is the smoothest most responsive ROM I have used so far. It is practically stock, no customization (that I have found yet) but it is extremely fast and smooth. Touchwiz is actually not bad in this one. I like the Samsung Apps so I am really enjoying this ROM.

    • tomy says:

      Nice rom,but it has bug;( every time i use widget,or add something new on other screens,after some time massive crashes starting,anyway i hope it will be updated,touchwiz ux is the best

  2. shadrach says:

    Downloading it now. i have dual boot now so will try it as 2nd rom and see. Now running paraniod

  3. James says:

    Hey there!
    Is there anyway to get the Samsung galaxy s3 lockscreen??

  4. dave says:

    where is the Extras download ?

  5. Kunal says:

    Getting greedy – but does this rom work on the i777?

    • jeff says:

      Idk I have a t989. Check xda to see if there’s a port cuz most roms from the i9100 work on the i777 since there very similar

  6. Ady says:

    Hi,..admin.When remix rom for i9100G can make?..official ics make battery drain very sad…
    I like this rom
    Thanks for response

  7. shadrach says:

    works well.but can’t dual boot with siyah kernel. can’t use root functionality because doesn’t work with siyah kernel

    • Max says:

      Just install Siyah over the ROM:

      • Parth says:

        Hey max please help!! This a great Rom and I don’t wanna change it but the only problem is every time I callsomeone or there is an incoming call the system crashes!! Please help! I really want this rom!! Will running it on siyah kernal solve the problem??

  8. parth walikhindi says:

    I tried this rom! Its wonderful the only thing is whenever i end a call it hangs for about 8secs and there is a force close!! Is there any way to stop it Max??

  9. Nag says:

    I’ve installed it to my second rom
    it is looking very very good
    but I am not able to use titanium backup
    it is saying it does not have root access
    but I am using RR 2.4.1 without any problem
    what to do please give me rooting option for this rom
    thanks in advance
    Nagendra Chary

  10. 4mula says:

    Good rom. Main thing stopping it from being my daily drver is the phone ap as others have mentioned. I can use a rom where the phone crashes after each call. ; p. The name of contact displayed when on call is not properly aligned.

  11. john says:

    Loving this so far……Have tried a few ROMS in the past and this is my fav so far…..Only thing I couldnt get to install was S Voice.apk -tries to install but comes up with application not installed…

    Other than that ….brilliant 🙂

  12. Chaitanya says:

    I have installed it. But it force closes every time there is an incoming call. There are other apps also where it is getting force closed. I had to go back to my stock ROM

  13. john says:

    So can the ROM do 3 photos per sec and 6 photos per sec on burst?

  14. Dave says:

    Need help here guys…

    1) Installed Salman…..but after it loads, and I get the main screen, then every 2 seconds, keeps saying something like process stopped….damn irritating….not sure why I’m getting this error. And I do not see any Settings…or it takes forever to load….but the process or something like that keeps occuring every few seconds….any ideas???

    2) Installed the Resur 2.4.1 (which I love) , it cannot find my internal HD so my computer cannot read it and neither can wireless pro app, so can’t transfer files. HELP!!!

    can ANYONE help with these 2 things?

    thanks in advance,


    • Sam aka Busy says:

      Hey Dave,

      I’m no pro by any means but which kernel are you using…. i had bugs and was on CF kernel (cant quite remember) but i discovered the Siyah kernel has dual boot function… i flashed to this and have had no faults at all since doing so…I’m using Siyah 3.3.2 with RR 2.4.1 as primary ROM, downloading Salman right now to give a try…

    • Sam aka Busy says:

      I learned, in basic terms, that the Kernel is the “middle man” between the ROM and Hardware. i.e The rom/software asks the kernel to tell the hardware to play a sound/vibrate, or possibly in your case the SD card being there…..

    • anjo says:

      Did you clear cache/wipe out data

  15. S# says:

    love it so so much, thank you so so much

    for Svoice, search for this one :, it work great for me :

  16. Dave says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the email…I tried that too (Siyah kernel)….didn’t work.

    It keeps giving me this error message when Salman ROM loads up:

    “Unfortunately, Messager has stopped”
    “Unfortunatley, the process has stopped”
    “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”
    “Unfortunaely, Contacts has stopped”

    I have never had such problems before so am really confused why they are occuring.

    Could someone please suggest how I can rectify this?

    I’d appreciate some simple step by step instructions as I’m not as experienced as some of you are.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Max says:

      Do a fresh re-install.

      • Dave says:

        Hi Max,

        I tried a fresh re-install of Salman ROM (wiping Dalvik and cache etc).

        Same deal.

        I get the following errors once it loads AFTER the lockscreen

        “Unfortunately, Messager has stopped”
        “Unfortunatley, the process has stopped”
        “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”
        “Unfortunaely, Contacts has stopped”

        And this error I get every 5 seconds or so:

        “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”

        And everything is SUPER SLOW….even when I press Settings etc…REALLY slow.

        I’m really stumped…..the Res 2.4.1. works great and is really fast.

        But I do want to try out this Salman Rom.

        Any ideas on what could be causing the above error messages?

        Any ideas on how to fix it? Already tried a fresh install.

        If Anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE let me know.

        Thanks in advance,


  17. Bjorn says:

    I’ve installed Salman as a second ROM and sort of liked it. Several problems though:
    1. After using the phone as a phone (yes, really, I do that sometimes), the screen colors go completely haywire.
    2. Apps requiring root permission do not function.
    3. I can’t find a way to reboot without just shutting down.
    I think I’ll wait until the next version comes out. I do prefer the Resurrection Remix ROM to this one so far.

    • Max says:

      1. that could just be your screen, it happened to my i9100.
      2. just flash supersu zip files in cwm.
      3. Battery pull.

  18. Cosy says:

    Hey Max.
    Love the site and the reviews.

    Been running this Rom for a couple of days. As much as I like it, the battery just drains way too fast. With my Darky Stock ICS rom I get anywhere between 24-36hrs whereas Salman Rom managed 11hrs. I really love these new Roms (Resurrection Remix inc.) but the battery drain is always a killer.

    Am I missing something with these? Surely most of you guys aren’t settling with 11-12 hrs battery life?


    • Arnav says:

      Yaa i agree with you the battery drains faster than before,is there anything we can do to overcome this battery problem?

  19. hanis says:

    Hello… I downloaded this from and it’s pretty wicked awesome. Buttttt… my notification won’t work
    What happened? Can I fix this? How? So many questions. When there’s a message, it won’t tell me on the notification bar at the top… but when I pull it down, it’s there.. I’m like… whaatt??? So can It be fixed? Thank you.

  20. pats says:

    had the same issue with dailer, used to freeze the phone after making every call..

    then did a hard reset, wiped system cache n dalvik cache, flashed the phone again with SalmanROM, did all wipes again …

    now the phone’s working great ..

  21. Jeff says:

    I love this rom so much! It’s very stable, but the battery life is not so good 🙁

  22. Nivi says:

    Hi zedo,
    I need ur help. My S2 stop going into usb mode when i connect my s2 with cable. the msg in notification dont come. and i m unable to transfer data into my phone. kindly help me in this matter.

    Thanks & Regards,

  23. Shyguy23 says:

    This ROM is probably the best ever ……..! Works perfectly just like the S3 is meant to work. Great ROM……!!!

  24. Dave says:

    Hi Max/ Everyone

    I tried a fresh re-install of Salman ROM (wiping Dalvik and cache etc).

    Same deal.

    I get the following errors once it loads AFTER the lockscreen

    “Unfortunately, Messager has stopped”
    “Unfortunatley, the process has stopped”
    “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”
    “Unfortunaely, Contacts has stopped”

    And this error I get every 5 seconds or so:

    “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped”

    And everything is SUPER SLOW….even when I press Settings etc…REALLY slow.

    I’m really stumped…..the Res 2.4.1. works great and is really fast.

    But I do want to try out this Salman Rom.

    Any ideas on what could be causing the above error messages?

    Any ideas on how to fix it? Already tried a fresh install.

    If Anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE let me know.

    Thanks in advance,


  25. Jamil says:

    i tried the rom, works well but i do not knw how to install the extras, what must i do? How do i do it? i have the extras on my phone and device but cant seem to add.
    Pls help

    • Jamil says:

      And i cannot seem to download through google play, and i do have 3g and data…. But all my apps work. I also get the error “you need to root your device” yet i do have super user and rom manager…and can i make that yellow triangle go away and keep the salman rom?

  26. Newbieeee says:

    but ONE issue, internet 3G mobile data doesn’t work anymore.. O.o it wouldn’t connect. wifi works fine… but mobile data internet doesn’t work >.<
    besides from that.. EPIC ROM! I definitely recommend it!

  27. stevo says:

    weird how my comment gets deleted :S…this rom dont work for my sg s2 :/, any off use dudes tell me why..want this so much

  28. Muntasir says:

    Great ROM!!! Love it! 😉

  29. Dave says:

    Can anyone help?

    I am currently using the Res Remix 2.4.1. as Salman ROM is giving me MAJOR problems

    Everything is working fine but for some reason the CALENDAR is not working and not syncing.

    1) All my email and calendars are via google mail
    2) Everything syncs fine like my emails etc, but not the calendar. (infact it doesn’t even show up on Calendar apps). I have to find the Calendar via the Search function of the phone…its not in my apps. I normally use Business Calendar Free for my calendar….but even that has ZERO calendars showing.
    3) I’ve done the Apps, Calendar Data wipe, Gmail wipe, Calendar Storage wipe etc. but still not working
    4) Tried gapps fixer, doesn’t work. Flashed Siyah kernel, didn’t work.
    5) Wiped everything, reinstalled the Res 2.4.1. ROM still didn’t work.
    6) Deleted ALL my Gmail accounts and added it again, but same issue….everything syncs EXCEPT the calendar.
    7) When I go to Calendar or Business Calendar Free, under the Calendar section, NO CALENDARS show up.
    8) Btw, there’s nothing wrong with the Gmail syncing itself, as everything syncs perfectly on my desktop computer (including all the calendar entries etc)….so its a problem with the phone settings etc.

    I really don’t want to do a factory reset and then have to root etc all over again, so I really hope one of you can help.

    I’ve spent over 6 hours on XDA forums, and google etc. and am at my wits end!!!

    Can anyone help me PLEASE?



    • Newbieeee says:

      Wow sounds really serious, try wiping cache partition? Re-install Resurrection Remix. There is a new update. V.2.5

      • Dave says:

        Thanks Newbieeee

        That didn’t work unfortunately.

        Can you post the link for downloading Res Remix V.2.5 please?



        • Newbieeee says:

          here you go bro 🙂 I haven’t tried it but apparently some of the changes are:
          based on AOKP buiid-40 see changelog

          siyah kernel 3.3.2(extweaks)

          cm9 kernel

          fluxi kernel beta9 (xxtweaker)

          XLPS Modem

          Updateme RR OTA update added (Added to settings)

          bluetooth issues fixed

          holo red theme added (thanks to dev)

          flipboard updated

          nova updated

          apex updated

          gapps updated

          hardware info added to settings

          great battery life (battery save retweaked)

          framework impoved

          smooth and fluid performans

          gpu improved


          ………and more changes…………….

  30. Jamil says:

    Guys anyone else having problems downloading from google play?
    Any fixes u recommend?
    And how do i solve the bugs after boot up and unlock:
    1) unfortunately has stopped working
    2) unfortunately has stopped working
    3) unfortunately has stopped working

    Anyone know what i can do to fix that?
    I have tried fixing permissions both on rom manager and in rom mode from booting

  31. Alex E. says:

    Will this ROM work for T989? I’d love to flash this if possible!

  32. Alex V says:

    I have no Lock Screen why???

  33. Arnav says:

    Hey Max,
    this ROM is best and works great for me as compared to past ROMS that i have been using ,but after 5-6 days whenever i touch any application a red coloured boundary just flashes once for a 1/2 second…which type of problem is this???
    help ASAP.,dont want to uninstall such a good ROM.

  34. Sham says:

    With the extra’s folder, do I just place it in my phone then manually install each file?

  35. uldis says:

    Is there anyway to get the Samsung galaxy s3 lockscreen??

  36. Sham says:

    Hi All,

    Can someone help me with setting up my email? I use hotmail. I put in my email address and password and phone goes into searching for incomming setting but nothing happens.

  37. Manish Jain says:

    Plz Include Hindi Fonts support in later versions as It is not properly displaying text in hindi.

  38. Alex says:

    does this Rom work on the T-Mobile Model or is it only for the AT&T?

  39. galaxyman says:

    I can not make the call… When I try to call, I get a notice “android process is stopped”.. What’s problem?

  40. Mark says:

    Hey Max, all things when I installed went good. but the problem is when I try to install S-Voice.apk what`s wrong? I can’t install it.

  41. BiggestNoobOut says:

    For some reason s voice isnt working.
    Please Help

    • john says:

      Googled it and got it working…

      Had to edit the build.prop file….working fine now

      • Jamil says:

        hi john,
        please tell me the process of fixing that s voice thing as i would like to try it out too.
        oh and if you know please assist me with the downloading on google play as it will not download.
        any help on the errors on start up? must i change my kernel? how do i do that?

  42. teejay cuervo says:

    installed it! thanks ZEDOMAX!

  43. Shaikhul says:

    After install this ROM I face a problem, my device drainage too much charge & battery disconnected frequently while charging. Other wise everything is ok. Any idea to solve this issue? Pls help me, this is very much bothering.

  44. azoz says:

    Its look great but i have two question
    1.does it support arabic
    2. Does it run on the korean s2 shw-m250s

    azoz iraq

  45. haider says:

    i have never rooted my phone myself a friend rooted it to lightening rom it worked great but somehow it stopped working and the only thing i can open is the download and recovery mode. i wanted to ask if i should flash this rom directly or should i first unroot it.


  46. Brad says:

    Found a Bug :
    When ever i try to ring some one using phone or cobtacts with this rom installed it justfreezes keeps the fone call running and then about 10 seconds laters says something is not working or has stopped :/

  47. BiggestNoobOut says:

    Touchwiz force closes very ofte. When i first installed this rom, it was very stable but now it crashes a lot and i get a error saying touchwiz and it force closing. PLEASE HELP!!

  48. Benny McDanish says:

    I too seem to have the aforementioned problems with setting up Hotmail, and dowloading from Play store, it keeps giving me an error (DF – BPA-09) – problems with the purchase, and that goes for bought apps (which I have a HEAP of) and free ones. Otherwise, this is a killer KILLER ROM, the best I have tried, and they number all the way back to when 2.3.6 was released. Any hekp? I could not find any solution, if I did I would donate BIG time ;=)

    • Jamil says:

      max any help pls
      i have been cimplainig about the same thing.
      Cant download, startup errors (just a few)

  49. falcon says:

    Cannot actvat quickheal antivirus

  50. Martin says:

    does it work on I9100G……

  51. laz says:

    I just wanted to know if I can flash this rom to my galaxy s2 T989?

  52. Asif Kamal says:

    Can u guys add GT-9100G roms specially Salman Rom

  53. Muhammad says:

    hey Max i have a question, i flashed this rom and everything works great except from the calibration, for example when i play asphalt just imagine that i tilt the car but the mobile has to be vertical, so you can say that the screen is landscape but the tilting isnt, do you know how can i fix it? thx!! BTW this rom kicks @$$, PS : gyro doesnt work and horizontal calibration is good.

  54. Maryus says:

    Hi! can anyone tell me wich file is responsable for the battery percentage? i would like to upgrade to android 4.0.4 and i would like to have it without installing any app for the percentage, just to copy the file from this ROM …please help me!!!! Thanx!

  55. Faisal says:

    Does this work on i9100P

  56. azeez says:

    I found a whatsapp bug….it crashes at verification, but I recieve msgs… to fix it??

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