Salman ICS ROM v4.2 for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100! [The GS3 ROM]

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For those of you who have been asking me for the next Salman ICS ROM, I’ve got some great news for you, it’s HERE! And also another good news, Ali Al-salman the developer of Salman ROM has made his new home!

Anyways, the new version should make everything better than ever and turn your Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy S3, so give it a twirl and let me (and Ali) know what you think about the new version. And if you have any future requests for features, don’t forget to use the comments line, thanks!


Download Salman ICS ROM
Download Hacked S-Voice
Download Floating Point Video

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182 Responses

  1. bashar says:

    thanks man! its a great rom 🙂 keep up the good work!

  2. Aboody says:

    Great work man keep it up…..

  3. luke says:

    so how good is the battery life on this rom?

  4. Mike says:

    Is there going to be a tmobile salmon rom ? D:

  5. Alex C says:

    Do Nancy at 2pm, huh? You naughty man!

  6. Owen says:

    how the battery life?

  7. alex says:

    sal max ! how you do the back blak for s2 white! help me! i want to change this !

  8. Risspartan117 says:

    ROM looks good, just looks good though. I’ve had an exceptionally poor battery life. It usually lags in the widgets menu. Net speed is coming very slow. Another issue, I can’t install the SVoice. It just says app not installed. I don’t know what’s wrong with this. If this is something only experienced by me, then let me know.
    To Max, HELP!!!

  9. maldohector24 says:

    Will this rom come to gs2 t989

  10. maldohector24 says:

    Will this come to t989

  11. maldohector24 says:

    Where I can find a gs3 rom for t989

  12. sgs2 says:

    best rom ever, one thig thow, i get “jkay framework not installed” in jkay delux but everythig applys when i reboot!

  13. monsterstorm says:

    Found one bug in which selecting a lock screen wallpaper when disabling sbe gallery because i prefer the samsung gallery app but it just shows empty selection for where to get a picture from no gallery and crashes the settings window other than that very impressive rom 🙂

    • vijay says:

      facing the same issue with lock screen wallpaper. also i with sbe gallery enabled, cant select the default wallpapers (which came with rom) for lock screen.

  14. arun says:

    this rom is amazing though
    cant install svoice
    and sometimes crashes and battery life is not gud
    it was seriously much better on the previous one

    zedomax great work for u too

    and pls pls pls tell us how to install svoice

  15. naufil imran says:

    can u use the official samsung slide to unlock, instead of the ics one and is it possible to get the s3 unlock

  16. henry says:

    This rom is awesome! I love it.
    but ONE THING I am not happy with it is that there is no korean language support.
    Could you please support korean in next version?

  17. Nikola Seke says:

    Great Rom but when you long press on contacts to delete them I keep getting this error android.process.acore has stopped. And It would be great if he could make uninstall icon on app draw.

  18. arun says:

    it force closes itself
    hangs alot
    any idea what to do

    i have an s2i9100 (international version)

    and i flashed it properly

    all these times when i flashed previously i never had any problem with any rom till now i used only 2 types of rom
    1. Resurrection remix (2.2,2.4.1)
    2.salman ics V4
    3.(now) salman ics V4.2

    its sad it hangs wat to do max ???????????????????????????????????

  19. rei says:

    i dont have CWM when i install the om. also i cant connect to mobile data. any fix on this?

  20. arun says:

    thank you so much for ur time bro

    youre a great dev and i did all nessary steps did a full wipe and all as u said

    but still it crashes sometimes and

    can u pls take tell me exactly what u mean by full wipe according to you just fro cross references didnt have a problem with ur previous rom

  21. arun says:


  22. Roonie says:

    Seems pretty kiff. Can I use Odin to install?

    • Jamil says:

      No pls, pls, dont go brick your phone… Read instructions always do flash in cwm on your phone. Odin will not recognize all the files and might mess up cwm and you DONT want that.

  23. Delfi says:

    i was a do full wipe …3x times,and my wifi dont work with sihay kernel…but when i put a new one siyah 4.0 wi fi is working…..
    and still FC and some freeze..i dont now wht , and lockscreen wall dont work …and homescreen wall same…i cant put 2 difrent wallpappers on lock and home and on home picture is still over the screen to big ……no weather on lockscreen ……… and so and so….to much bugs this version have..pls fix that …….. this is a rom with great potencial but need to work harder on that …………..

  24. Jamil says:

    to salman and max
    I am currently using salman v4 as RR still gives errors, but what i wana know is:
    1) has the wallpaper issue been fixed?
    2) will the touchwiz stop crashing when using more than five screens?
    3) will i be able to now set live wallpapers as lock screen?

    Honestly speaking i love the salman rom, only one i ever use with cwm as my phone seems not to like the siyah kernel (no loss for me) 🙂

    • Risspartan117 says:

      I don’t know about the wallpaper issue as this is my first go at Salman. But its most probably fixed as I didn’t encounter any such issue. Tw works perfectly fine with seven home screens. I am running live wallpaper in my lock screen. It will be the one you have set as your home wallpaper. Nice rom. Give it a go.

      • Jamil says:

        well i am currently having no FC errors on start up and while running apps, my problem is when i set a wallpaper, not live but my own, it allow me to crop the image and sets but does not look right, its just a zoomed section of the picture…..
        I am busy backing up and downloading the rom right now – cant wait.
        Not too botherd by the wallpaper issue as i use a black image looks very sleek and makes the phone icons stand out, oh and i hope that the blue on blue pop up has been changed to some thing we can see, lol what were you thinking salman?

  25. Ganesh says:

    Salman and Max,

    Thanks for another release of fast and stable ROM.
    I m continuously getting error message as “Unfortunately, DSP Manager has stopped”. Please help to fix the same.

  26. arun says:

    thanku so much



  27. Frederik says:

    Hey Salman & Max!
    CWM is not showing up in the app drawer?
    Where is it?
    I need to flash s voice!!

    Please reply anyone that can help me out 🙂

  28. S2 User says:

    Can any1 tell me how to install this rom?

  29. luis says:

    I install this rom and i cant connect the mobile data on the phone why??

  30. Pride says:

    Great one … thank u man

  31. sgs2 says:

    Awesome rom.. keep up the good work Salman.
    Got no fc yet and no bugs but I was wondering how do I know if beats mod is working or not?

  32. Micahel says:

    im using this ROM but i encounter error “unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped”
    please help what should i do to remove this error.. thanks

  33. Ken says:

    Hi Salman, it’s great that you are here. Very frustrating what went on at XDA you gave so much of your time and helped so many and replied to everyone too. Hope the word has spread and people know where to get Salman ROM 4. Do you have any recommendation on which kernel to use with your ROM. I currently use Siyah and am curious your thoughts. This is a bit tongue in cheek but will there be more updates or are you tempted to go back and buy that G3 that you looked at…Thanks.

  34. von says:

    does blutooth and wifi work for this rom?

  35. arun says:




  36. Ali says:

    Great rom, i rooted my phone for this rom i never rooted before, the rom amazing great work keep it up, dont need s3 anymore when i got s3 rom.

    one request can u get the “play speed” to work pls on the music player

    everything else is great loving this rom!!!!!

  37. sgs2 says:

    Hey Salman great work.
    I have one question.
    How do I know if beats mod is working??
    Please reply

  38. pratik chirkute says:

    Hi Great work with the ROM.

    I have two questions:
    1. I am not able to use load zip from internal memory option in the recovery mode after installation of this ROM
    2. I am not able to find the video popup where we can parallely play video and do other activities

    Please help. 1st question is very important to me

  39. hanis says:

    I’m annoyed that I still can’t download the s voice …
    Even after emoving my SD card..

  40. Brent says:

    This is a good Rom, so far I haven’t found any problems with with it. However this next payday blemvi don’t know if it’s to do with my phone or the rom itself. So I left my phone on overnight, didn’t charge it so it was on around 80%. Though when I woke up it had turned off so I had to take the battery out and insert it back in. Afr doing this the phone turned on with only 13% left?!! Why is this and how can I solve the problem?!!

  41. ali says:

    hi there …a great work over there .. i was using V 4.0 for a while and it’s amazing but here i reinstalled it many times with full wipe for everything but WIFI still not working … any help here please

    • Delfi says:

      flash Siyah 4.0 … and flash a XXLPX modem and you will be fine …i was have a same problem …

      • SGS2 User says:

        how to flash siyah, and are you sure it is compatible with this rom? btw i dont know why I’m getting this “Android OS” battery drain with all roms!!! and when i downloaded GSam battery app it showed me that its the kernel that is draining all my battery (67%) thats why i need to flash a new kernel (for the first time ) and see.
        Thanks for everything btw! 🙂

  42. Taha says:

    Salam alikom brother your rom looks great !
    i did not installed any rom be4 so i wanna ask if this can work on any kernel (i have jpkj2) ?

  43. bryan says:

    go into recovery download the zip here
    put zip file into a folder i usually put it in download
    reboot into recovery
    install zip from sd
    find the file in download folder
    click install
    reboot…..enjoy s voice

  44. Jamil says:

    Ok flashed the rom, did not do factor reset as i was already using salman v4. so i noticed alot of missing apps but not sure which one but i do know svoice is missing. I am busy downloading the hacked version of svoice and will flash it in now now and i will.
    Very sooth nice work salman. Great stuff. So the live wallpapers are still force closing but no big deal.

  45. Justin bradbury says:

    For some reason apps stored on the SD card have no icon in apps drawer, is this a bug or am I missing something.

  46. Paramjit Dhankhar says:

    Was on 4.0.1, flashed this ROM. Great work Salman, seamless install – the floating video player works great. S-Voice has it’s own sets of issues but everyone needs to live with it for now.

    Will play with it & will share feedback. Thanks again!

  47. John says:

    Why isn’t Korean supported?

  48. John says:

    Brilliant Rom ……Many thanks !!!!

  49. amrsamon says:

    mobile data not working any help ?

  50. trpson says:

    This rom is awesome! I love it.
    but ONE THING I am not happy with it is that there is no Arabic language support.
    Could you please support Arabic in next version?

  51. Warnell says:

    android.process.acore is a problem for me. I come from RR and I’ve reset everything and still getting it. This ROM is awesome, I need it to work,

  52. cristy7610 says:

    hy i found this site and downloaded v4.2 but i have problems with weather in lockscreen and wallpaper …i mean lockscreen wallpaper issue is only on me or is general problem?

  53. Nitish says:

    off late my phone has been hanging alot on this rom. around twice or thrice a day the phone hangs on v4.2 and i start getting superuser notification “shell has been granted superuser permissions”. this notification keeps on coming after every 5 seconds and the only way to stop this is to reboot the phone. this generally comes when touchwiz hangs and i have to force close it.

    how do i get this problem solved because this causes alot of battery drain if left unchecked.

  54. Nitish says:

    also there comes certain problem with the toggles not responding at all. for example the mobile data toggle stops responding to touch and if i enable/disable data from inside the settings it gets disabled/enabled as soon as close the particular settings window. i dont know if this issue is only with me or others also. same is the issue in the brightness toggle. nobody else seems to have responded with this kind of problem. i come from rr3.0.1 and love this rom because it gives me great battery but for the shell problem and the fact that i love touchwiz.

  55. cristy7610 says:

    is somebody here who can change wallpaper in lockscreen and weather works also in lockscreen?

  56. JerryP says:

    Is the hotspot wifi hack working with this ROM?

  57. SY says:

    Is this ROM is based on the Jelly Bean 4.1.1???
    and what kernel???

  58. brian says:

    hi im currently using original salman rom but after full wipe i cant get 4.2 to work, where am i going wrong people?

  59. Taha says:

    some apps are not showing in the apps pages but i can see them in apps list on settings Any help ?

  60. steven says:

    Can anyone help.tryin to restock ma samsung galaxy s2 using Odin buh won’t this due to havin to do it the s3 way than the s2 way need help asap someone

  61. MarkS2Ja says:

    I love the UI of the rom but I am not able to get the data service to work. I have wipe the data and cache from the phone and did a clean install twice but still nothing. Tell me what is it that I am doing wrong Salman.

  62. Prìnce 'H' Alí says:

    Salman, 1st of all love yuur rom , great piece of work it is, everything’s works perfectly fine apart from message app lagging a bit, if you could imrpovw that it’ll be appreciated and I have suggestion, if you could make the dialer exactly galaxy s3 or port it or wateva, ill donate, thanks

  63. Vitta Gamma says:

    Amazed with the rom Salman, thanx so much!!!!

    • Vitta Gamma says:

      Just one question…..could somebody explain :

      A) how to intall S-Voice through Recovery (which file , from where and the steps)

      B) how to install Siyah through Recovery ( which file , from where and the steps)


  64. brian says:

    vitta forget s voice it dont work very well not worth worrying about

  65. Stan says:


    This rom is good but where is GPS and Navigator?

    They appear to be missing.

    Anyone else missing these with this rom?

  66. Dziugas says:

    I’ve tried few roms but this one is amazing! Thank you Salman!

  67. RustyR says:


    Anyone having problems changing the keyboard from the default android? I can’t seem to select another keyboard.
    I’d appreciate any help.


  68. brian says:

    wanamlite is the best rom by a mile and trust me ive tried all the main contenders, its total stability and never had an issue.

  69. tester says:

    LOVE IT !!!!!! …so fast ….. everth works !!! SALMAN U’RE GREAT 🙂

  70. Dziugas says:

    is it neccesarry to wipe dalvik cache and fix permissions after you flashed rom?

  71. gearo says:

    The best gs2 from for me.
    I’ve got broken back and option leds …any chance of soft keys Salman? Please and thanks again.

  72. jorge says:

    hi salman the rom is great but if u update the rom …i dont know if u will…can you focus also in try improvement in batery …well man …the rom is great..but better life batery would be even greater …not a critic …i admire ur work

  73. Maurice says:

    Hay nice work i really love it but can you fix the Gps problem ?


  74. vijay says:

    i have used this rom for 2 days now and here is my review..
    1. look & feel – very nice and responsive
    2. bluetooth, wifi, mobile data – all working fine.
    3. issues with lockscreen wallpaper and live wall paper exists. no solution as of now
    4. youtube app fails to update. found a solution after trying few things.
    —–disable the app from settings-applications, delete the apk from system/apps folder using a root browser (i use file explorer), reboot the phone, install youtube from the market.
    5. installed s-voice by following working for now but have to use it a bit more to find any issues
    6. battery drain is more than other stock roms (have used ics roms of 3 countries in past) and cm9. but i m ok with it.
    7. dont know how the floating player works. i am not able to move the pop video window on the screen. is that how it is?

    overall its very nice. thanks salman. i m lovin it.

  75. nelabasis says:

    Really nice work 😉 But is it just for me or it’s a bit laggy when you going through homescreen pages? drawer pages?

  76. Shahriman says:

    I don’t usually bother myself commending and commenting about new roms because they usually sucks and buggy and is a work in progress, but this rom the Salman ICS v4.2 rom is something else it is that good. You can mark my words I am not a noobie to custom roms world I have tried all the top contender and almost all of them is buggy and like I said a work in progress. This Salman ICS rom is perfect and stable and not at all buggy. If any of you reading this has a GS2 and are bored of your rom /OS, try this one. This gives you almost perfect copy of GS3 rom with most functions and drivers working. And most importantly, the battery life is TREMENDOUS. 20 hrs with 4.5hrs on screen time and 50% brightnes all on a stock 1650mAh cell. Major improvement over ICS 4.0.3.

  77. Cardevi says:

    I totally agree with Shahriman. In my own set-up, I am able to achieve around 5,500 points in Quadrant using the latest Siyah kernel ver4.1rc1, plus 22hrs of battery life without any problems.

  78. tester says:

    i heard that salman was banned from wda-developpers forum !! is that true ?!!
    i always support u salman if its true or not … your work is great =)

  79. Maryus says:

    Hi, Salman! Can you please tell me wich file is responsable for the battery percentage from your previous version of ROM? how can i do the same if on another ROM without installing any application? thanx!

  80. Backken says:

    I have a few problems with my Sll since i installed the Salman Slll ROM.
    1. problems with the sound and alarm. I always put the phone in silent mode when i go to sleep and the alarm overrides the silent mode. NOT this time since i installed the salman slll. The silent mode was really silent, the alarm did not make a sound. Why? is there a fix??
    2. The touchwiz. On boot, i get the message ” Program Touchwiz-starts. No answer. Close?
    Why? Is there a fix?
    3. My email client, the built in dont work, it never starts. Its about the same problem as the . Any ideas why?

    I´ll probably have som more issues in the future whith this ROM but i hope it´s fixed soon cause i rellay like this one.
    The phone is a GTi9100 european model with CF root, siyah 3.2 kernel and Salman “Slll” rom.
    Anyone knows somthing about this?

    // B

  81. P-Roy says:

    Just tried this rom, not impressed, kudos on the hard work lad but it didnt really offer me anything that i couldnt get in a different rom, ebay wasnt working.
    no task manager to clear ram, no option to set hold back button to force close apps.
    plus it just didnt feel right, but maybe im just not your target market, please dont take this as an insult

  82. P-Roy says:

    damn i comented on the wrong rom fuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  83. shahriman says:

    I guess its not all sunshine and rainbow for this rom. I found one really significant issue with this. Some of my apps began to ‘disappear’ from the app drawer. I had reflashed the rom but it still happens. One solution is to detect, reinstall the disappearing app and make a shortcut to the home screen before it goes disappeared again.
    Nonetheless still the better rom for me. I’m getting 40+ hours on a 85% discharge with Gtalk and Google Maps (top battery drainer/ wake lock ) with a 3 hours screen time.

  84. sid says:

    no lock screen…home screen wallpaper is ur lock screen wallpaper..
    no music controller on lockscreen..
    no notifications of message and missed call on lock screen.
    looking up for a contact it contacts crashes a lot..
    and pleasse if possible change the slider lock to the 1 used in the s3.

  85. s2 1900 international says:

    Iam just a starter in rooting and stuff..just rooted my phone yesterday and thout that this concept is amazin…
    i got the rom and put it thru ..but it never opens up..i get many ANR log is not responding and messages is not responding..
    can anyone please help…iam looking to use this rom..
    and can anyone gimme a detailed description of wipin and everythn…and how i shud do it..
    pls help…iam tryn to get started…
    i rooted thru odin and i also hav CWM..thanks in advance..any help ud be appreciated..

    • shahriman says:

      Very easy actually. Before installing/flashing you need to wipe all four wipeable options , including the full wipe. Don’t worry it won’t wipe your entire SD card ie. your SD card contents still intact. After that THEN only you flash your new ROM. But I would suggest you flash your rom one more time just to be sure.

  86. Amro says:

    Great room Salman its working really well. I just have one small problem , when I write letters in arabic language to my friends it shows to them as repeated “?” instad of words like this ( ??? ???? ??? ??) the arabic letters are replaced with it. i noticed my original smasung keyboard doesnt have Arabic , so i used Go Keyboard then many other keyboards hopefully it would fix the letters format but it didnt.
    The weired thing i can read arabic messages received from others , but when i reply to them they just see this ( ?????? instead of letters lol.
    do you have any idea that might help ?

  87. Kevin says:

    It keep freezing when i do something it freez and i must wait a 15 sec and then its over and afther some seconds it freeze again.

  88. Angelko says:

    Hi Salman GREAT rom. Here is the problem you missed reboot button when you hold the power button but it’s ok i can do from notifications the s-voice cannot be installed I saw you at the edn of the video to set the cpu min 200 mhz and max 1400 max ondemand. I have downloaded setcpu but the problem is that i can set max 1200 mhz and i know that galaxy s2 has 1,2 ghz (1200 mhz), my question is why i can’t overlock on 1400 mhz i chouse ondemand and is the same

  89. vijay says:

    have been using this rom for sometime and i like it. new issues i noticed are:
    1. apps disappear from the app drawer sometimes.
    2. when i try to delete or edit contacts, it freezes.

    please try to fix these issues in the next version if you are planning one.

  90. Kevin says:

    Sins a day my s voice is away and when i try to install him again its says app not installed.

  91. heitkrew says:

    guys! i installed this rom and i loved it! only problem is that i notice that my signal bars are limited only to 4bars. is it safe if i flash a dxlp7 modem? i came from dxlp7 baseband and modem.

    appreciate feedback guys!


    • Dave Whitehouse says:

      This frustrated me too, but solved it when I went to menu, settings, about phone, status. Seems to now use all bars, but has to be redone every time the phone is rebooted.

  92. shubham says:

    initially i had revolt jb rom.
    then i tried salman rom…i did wipe system wipe cache wipe data…
    but my phone lags saying has stopped working..
    especially in the facebook app its a big issue…the phone hangs…and i continuously get has stopped working. commands…plz help…i m not able to attend even phonecalls now….should i install another rom?

  93. Belpaul says:

    Hi, does this rom work with OTA update?

  94. Belpaul says:

    Hi, forgot to also ask before I flash this rom.
    Is it possible to move the app draw to the center of the dock?

  95. Yew Hoe says:

    Hey Salman! I have a question, how do we rectify the “S-VOICE NOT INSTALLING” error? Can it be done through the CWM? Do I need to wipe data? My previous Rom was the stock from Samsung. Please advise, thanks 😀

  96. Simon says:

    i have a i9100 with rotbox jb v2.4 can i install this salman ics rom with no problems? o do i have to do something? thanks

  97. heitkrew says:

    anyone know if there is already a fix for the contacts issue?

  98. arun says:

    bro ur rom is so so so so so so so laggy

    everytime it say process has stopped even in idle state
    i tried watever u said

    i did each step by step on how to format it but still it has issues

    it is the fifth time im formatting it

    seriously sad u being such a great developer we expect more bro
    no offence to u bro

    but im seriously pissed

  99. Imad says:

    Will you come out with the JB ROM of the S3?

  100. Lui says:

    Great Rom!
    Been using it for a while now and no problems!
    Battery life is good with moderate phone usage, wifi and a bluetooth working also.
    Had to do a full format a couple of times before I got it to work properly without problems.

    My only small complaint is that the email icon does not display the number of messages unread like my previous rom. Also wish the task manager widget would work.

    Small things that would make the rom excellent IMHO.
    Thanks for all the hard work guys and keep it up!

    • Lui says:

      Hello, was using this rom and very happy but had to downgrade, my data connection kept on dropping, tried installing multiple modems but didn’t make a difference. When using is showed “network connection problems” and some of the apps that used data intensively did not respond.
      Tried installing it again multiple times but there was no change.
      Anybody had the same problem and were able to solve it? I would love to be using this rom over what I’m using now.

  101. Chaser1403 says:

    Hi, great rom i’ve been using it since August and it has been quite stable. however ive notice when i leave wifi area and return when it reconnects to the wifi, it knows out the network until i reboot. this seems to happen quite often. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  102. rfb813 says:

    I have flashed the Ported version of this ROM and the two APKs to my ATT S2. I also installed Google Now. This ROM is smooth and as many of the features of my S3. I had to use Mobo Player and QuickPic APKs from the Playstore since the stock video player and gallery did not recognize my SD card. But no problem the picture in picture works with this Moboplayer and QuickPic works perfectly . Very happy so far and will monitor the ROM over the next few days

  103. dz says:

    u can solve lockscreen desktop problem by installing JKay deluxe 😉 it may also fix mobile data problems.

  104. Cellinis says:

    Hi, just installed it, but the phone is now stuck at the Galaxy SII logo and won’t open up (I was coming from cMIUI rom – did a full wipe via ROM manager). Any help would be appreciated.

  105. Mistiaen Pieter says:


    first things first
    rom runs fine on my S2 it’s a dream to work with, phone is quicker, uses less battery for the same actions,

    i wold like to see one thing extra i love working with the 3×4 keybord when you use the phone in yhe standing position, is it posibil to put it in or is the on avalebil?

    sorry for my bad englisch

    keep up the good work

    greets from belgium

  106. Noel says:

    Hey dude, there is no lock screen. I would really love this ROM if it had. Thanks. 🙂

  107. lucas says:

    hey, i love this ROM, congratulations!! it’s amazing!! in my experience the first day battery felt never ends, but now it’s so normal, i going to test one week more… Do you have Calendar and Alarm apk of the official S2 ROM??, the new alarm isn’t very customizable as the old one, and the stock S2 calendar had more options and looks better for me… thank you

  108. brian says:

    can u flash this i9500 rom to the i777

  109. steven says:

    Can flash this rom on my sgh-i777 ?

  110. Jasonrich says:

    When I use the stock music player (s3 music player) and lock the screen there is no controls on the lock screen for the music player, but sometimes randomly the controls for the music player appears on the lock screen. How do I get the controls to not vansih from the lock screen while playing music through the stock music player?

  111. Magley says:

    Hello, first I want to thanks for this fast and useful ROM, I’ve been using this version for more than two month and is really nice.

    Now I’m trying to se the system log with “logcat” command and I get:
    Unable toopen log device ‘/dev/log/main’: No such file or directory

    Is there any way to enable this logging ?


  112. Udara says:

    Check—-—> for day to day updating roms

  113. lucas says:

    Congrats again for this excelent ROM, is wonderfull, i hope this ROM in JB 😉 ….. meanwhile, do you have the Caller ID APK or something like that?, i love the buttons style and the call record option, and i really don’t like the color above the contact picture with the name…. thank you!!

  114. Sankaran says:


    Congrats on the amazing ROM…
    But is there a way to change the icons?
    It looks a bit childish..

  115. James says:

    Great ROM, looks brilliant on the S2. Has anyone else had problems with the Swype keyboard. Mine just says “please try again”. Can’t uninstall and replace with a newer version either.

  116. azeez says:

    dude the Rom is awsome….but how to fix whatsapp bug?? I recieve msgs but my account is not being verified only….!??? 🙁

  117. John49 says:

    Looks terrific, but why isn’t this available for the Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989? Seems to be specific to the Galaxy S2 i900.

  118. eri says:

    hello whn i started the phone the phone needs network lock control key ?

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