Samsung Official OTA ICS ROM + Root for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [XXLPQ]

Folks, the long wait is over for ICS on the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, Samsung has released their “official” ICS update as of last night. For those of you who can’t wait, you can install a rooted version of the XXLPQ update so you don’t have to lose root. And this is our recommended way of updating to the official ICS update so if you don’t like it, you can always go back to another ROM like the Resurection Remix ICS ROM.

How is the official ICS ROM? Since we’ve seen the leaked ICS on ROMs like Resurection Remix ICS ROM, it’s nothing new. Actually, I personally like Resurrection Remix ROM better. If you are not having any problems on that ROM, I don’t think there’s a need to install this.

But if you have minor problems with custom ICS ROMs, you are welcome to flash this official OTA ICS ROM with root and ClockworkMod Recovery.

If you don’t like the TouchWiz launcher, you can try the Darky ICS ROM, which is exactly same but with Nova ICS Launcher.

Download ROM:

Download Samsung Official OTA ICS ROM with root

Just install this ROM with or without wipe, here’s how to install ROM on Galaxy S2.

Credits – XDA

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108 Responses

  1. krc209 says:

    Can i flash this ROM on my At&t i777 samsung gs2 . thank you

  2. Moiz says:

    Can you install this using CWM recovery?

  3. jim says:

    can this be used for i777?

  4. alitriggers says:

    really love this man, big ups!

  5. alitriggers says:

    @ krc20, i dont think u can.

  6. alitriggers says:

    @Moiz, yes, thats what he said and and it works great with no bugs yet.

  7. fa182 says:

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! i already install this rom, and there is a problem with message… when i try to go to messagge says “messagge is not installed” PLEASE HEEELP!!

  8. fa182 says:

    or message is stop to work, i tried to reinstall the rom… and the problem still

    • Ralph says:

      Try rolling back to the previous ROM… also, is your device AT&T because i think this is for international version.

  9. $RK says:


    • Malek says:

      Yes flash is supported just download from the market. And no it did not overheat. But it did overheat on wanams rom. The Only thing Ive noticed about the stock is that it did take longer than usual to read the SD card.

    • tester says:

      mine is overheating during standard usage (web surfing + skype + FB)
      + bad touch screen sensitivity
      + bad battery life

  10. reawo says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-9100G – will this actually work for my phone?

    Current Android: 2.3.6
    Buildnumber: GINGERBREAD.XXLA1

    hope you can help guys

  11. laurence says:

    link is dead, let me know when it works again if you could.

  12. patrick says:

    Think im going to stick with the resurrection remix ROM. Keep getting high on android love your work

  13. thgylfa says:

    Hi thanks for the video, worked like a charm and i have ICS but now it wants to do a OTA update, should i do it ?

  14. Malek says:

    Good video, Ive tried both the stock using odin and wanamlite 9.3. The stock is much more reliable, wanam was good but it was little buggy and it had rebooted a few times.

  15. karan says:

    hi there i followed each and every step . to be really honest and i am very happy witht the update but theres a small little problem which is i am not getting any photo editor along with this version though ive heard the latest ics has a dynamic stock photo editor
    and the second question would be that will i get future updates over kies having this version installed . WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY

    • karan says:

      hey please reply asap as i should know whether to keep this version installed or downgrade it back to 2.3.3 and wait for update over kies ?
      thanks a ton

  16. Vade says:

    Hi … I just upgraded to this ROM via clockworkmod recovery .. all working perfect .. except .. google tries to give my apps from before back through market .. but is seems none of the apps are downloading … it shows “downloading” and the bar under it keeps moving … but no progress or anything … phone is online on wifi and 3g … any ideas? .. I also enabled the feature for unknown sources. Thanks

    • Vade says:

      Ok I managed to resolve … after I went to about phone and software updates … I switched off auto update and new market immediately came and now working

  17. Goldsub says:

    Hi after doing a clean install to this rom i can no longer install any apps from my external sd card. Even Samsung app store gives me an “ERROR Installation failed. Try later” message. Only android market apps install without a problem.

    Please advise.

  18. eitan says:

    hay man;rom works grate,only problem like on the beta version,is that u cant install apps on sd card,can u fix it?
    by the way i like having full hebrew support

  19. JU says:

    Unable to edit photos. When going to photo then selecting edit, it hangs. Anyone getting the same issue?

  20. Manuel says:

    Installed it, I used the rooted version, installed fine, everything seems to run except SMS crashes always, messaging has stopped is what keeps coming up. Running on International i9100

  21. Tim says:


    Yesterday i rooted/flashed my Galaxy SII for the first time it all went very smooth. Thx to!!!.

    I used this rom and the problems i got is:
    – Google Chrome Beta crash’s. At first i deleted it and reinstalled then it worked again. But later it crashed again. Didnt search yet for a solution. Its givin this error code: Critical functionality required to run Chrome is missing. Either your chrome installation is incomplete or not compatible with this version of android.

    I also used the app darkyota is this only for this rom or will it work on others?

    Are there any ROM u guys think i should try?

  22. Thomas says:

    If I flash it will my yellow triangle get away from the boot screen??

  23. Mike says:

    Hi Maestro…I have a mac with lion 10.7.3 and I installed hemidall-fronted and put the S2 in USB debugging, but nothing happens. What´s the script or what I have to do? Hemidall-fronted opens well but ask me to LoadPackage or Flash or Utillities, but I don´t know what o load o where. Thanks

  24. rohan says:

    Hey man….great rom..but i am having market problems..i am not able to install some market apps that require data to be downloaded…any help?

  25. roddney says:

    Hey dude,

    Would you be able to provide a way to get the Swype keyboard on these roms enabled/available? this rom, and the other touchwiz 4.0.3 versions don’t have the swype keyboard available as an option. would you know of any alternatives to these guys?

    The resurection rom had it but i prefer the touchwiz/ics combination on this rom, realy awesome.


  26. TLMacson says:

    Does anyone know of any differences between the official XXLPQ ROM and the Beta XXLPJ that I installed earlier in the week?

    • ervin says:

      My Phone
      Model: GT-I9100
      Baseband version: I9100XXKG1
      Kernel Version: I9100XXKG1 – CL349526 se.infra@SEP-39 #2
      My only concern is that i dont know if it will work in my phone or not?

  27. cadoo says:

    can ANY1 answer if this will work on the AT&T I777? Thank you!

  28. cadoo says:

    Also, is there any difference to this rom and the rom he posted on this site in tilted “CM9 ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 with On Screen Buttons!”?

  29. c618 says:

    Just installed this and it seems to be working great.
    Will I get official OTA updates with this rom?

  30. Red says:

    resurection remix ROM v9.6 is the way to go. UI is great and no bugs to mention (so far)
    Only issue was swype which I couldn’t get to work. Slide it app installed so got around that issue.
    Install resurection ROM guys, you won’t be disappointed.

  31. knut says:

    hi. how can i get build number back to xxplq. i have andyx v7.1 now, but it hangs and i want to go back to xxlpq.

  32. Christian says:

    Hi!!! Now Wanan has updated the rom using DXLP7, maybe you can try it and tell us what you think about!!! New fixes, imporvements!!! wahtever 😀

    Thanks in advance!! Best regards…..

  33. tigeliu says:

    i installed this rom on a i9100 international. all works fine but i have a problem with market, i cant see “my apps “on market, there is no autoupdate, but when i search one of my paid application and there is an update i can install it !!! i am lucky that i have an android tablet with the same apps and i can see on it when an update is available. anyone can help me to solve this problem with “my apps”, please?

  34. kumar says:

    I am running android 2.3.3 with speedmod kernel.
    I want to update to the stock ics but had a couple of questions, if you could please answer would be really appreciated.

    The data that I have, contacts, calendar, acount settings, apps, photos, videos, music, do they all get wiped out if i do flash the ICS?
    The kernel, does the kernel needs to be updated for it to work efficienlty with ICS or vice versa. If so please suggest a good kernel for better battery life.

    i really appreciate ur information. Have been on ur site and whatever I have done to my phone is coz of the info you provided..Thanks

  35. redonk says:

    I get the “couldn’t install on usb storage or sd card” error with this method. Any fix?

  36. Chris says:

    Any ‘oneclick’ rooting for this version.. I updated to the official version the second it came out. and your one click guide doesn’t work on it (xxlpq)

  37. Sircoynie says:

    Also having the issue with not being able to move apps to the SD CARD, does the new DXLP7 build fix this?

    Have come across possible fixes but they seem very painful to do:-

    Note: Issue also appears with darky rom

  38. nico beukes says:

    Good Day
    I am on mtn south Africa and got my s2 about 2 weeks ago.
    Can I use this rom on my galaxy s2 ?
    I am running the 2.3.4 update from kis right now.
    Model: GT-I9100
    Base version: I9100XXXKI1
    Kernel version:
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.XWKI4
    my only concern is that it might not work with my mtn carrier once I update and am not sure what to look for when updating and if this would work on my mtn s2 in south africa.
    I am new to this, please advise and help a newbie get ICS

    • Zubair Verachia says:

      I am on Vodacom, and it works good no problem with the network. I am sure it will work on mtn 🙂

      • nico says:

        Thank you, i loaded 4.0.3 rrom and all works well , i followed the instructions oj their site and have been using it for about a week on mtn and nonproblems so far

  39. mario says:

    it is usual that i loose my email??? i can make the proper connection on social hub which by the way i like to use to set up my email acount out site the Gmail i have,, for that i use the gmail application,, now i need to set up my email whit the gmail app since my email host uses google apps, i need to set up the account and link to,, on my phone on my outlook client on my lap,, i have another configuration,, wich im not able to imput on my phone on social hub,, any ideas why i can set up the outgoing server??? it ask me for secure ssl for incoming anf tls for outgoing

  40. thomas says:

    It crushes while opening 🙁 i cannot install it.

  41. Alan says:

    Hey Guys,
    Installed this fine and almost everything works great, but unable to restore many apps from Titanium backup because this rom does not allow me to move any apps to external sdcard. I had the same with resurrection remix 9.6, and the new pro version of remix kept crashing and rebooting (but did allow move to SD!).
    I have unmounted and mounted the sd card again, but still no good. When booting the external sdcard is not even getting tested.
    Any idea how to get back move 2 sd?

  42. Daniel says:

    I Installed this rom last night and so far everything I tested worked just fine. Execpt for the clock app.
    The timer keypad has the word “Some” in place of number one… o_o
    And whenever I try to set an alarm, the app freezes. =/ That’s really bad for me, because I use that app a lot.
    Does anyone know how to fix this? Did any of you have the same issue?


  43. pdwOnline says:

    Works fine BUT has some bugs:

    1 – ‘couldnt-install-on-usb-storage-or-sd-card-problem’ (this error comes occasionly when installing apps, can be avoided by taking out the SD card during installation)
    2 – SMS messages are sent twice with the same timestamp. (i found on the net that this is a known bug in some Russian ICS versions)

  44. Sam says:

    When I first flashed my S2, I installed this ROM (official ota ics). I liked it, but I wanted to experiment. So I installed the ressurection remix (which you say is the best one). On my S2, it kept crashing and rebooting and had a lot of problems eventually (it worked fine at first). So now I installed this rom again. Now that I’ve got a taste on the ressurection remix, I can’t go back to touchwiz.
    I know there are ways to modify the themes of the notification bar and the settings menu, but it’s very hard to find a proper ‘guide’ to this. So my question is: Can you do a post on modifying the notification bar and/or other menus?


  45. ervin says:


    this ics can be used also in XXKG1?

  46. ThatOneGuy says:

    Samsung’s integrated Vlingo, Swype keyboard and the stock Photo Editor are gone. I can do without the last two, but I liked the “double-click home button to call up Voice Actions” feature. Is this common? Any fixes?

  47. Zubair Verachia says:

    The gallery keeps on crashing when i try to change the wallpaper or edit a photo. Is anyone else having the same problem. Is there a fix ?

  48. lawrence says:

    Just got resurrection remix pro v1.1 because i don’t flash player in this one. Am I the only one that doesn’t have flash player? I have installed it already but all I see is a black box when playing videos online. Anyway, great rom. THANKS

  49. Anish says:

    Hi there,
    i have a question, this ROM is already rooted right? and am planing to flash this ROM, so does the phone have to be rooted to install this ROM or i can install it on the current ROM am running which is not rooted and will it affect the binary counter?


  50. Naman says:

    Hi max,
    I am using sgs2 with Xwlp3 and Siyah kernel 3 b4…. Now i am having this problem which mind sound stupid. but i am not able to install anything from CMW menu option “install zip from sd-card’. If i try either i get an error “E: Signature error Failed” or ” Installation aborted”. What am i doing wrong i tried to install XXlpb, Xwlp2, Xwlp3. i am able to install these via Odin but Any other rom like Andyx rom, or Xxlpb. But whatever i try via Install Zip from Sd-card or internal memory it doest happen……I am really worked up cause spending hours in downloading then it doesn’t install…. Help me out bro.

  51. Mikel says:

    can i install this on a hk1 kernel?

  52. ahmed kadous says:

    is it support Arabic keyboard

  53. Rohit says:

    I live in india and I use galaxy s2 android version 2.3.3
    GT-I9100 baseband v (I9100DDKE2) build num gingerbread XWKE8
    actully my question is I want officaly ics on galaxy can I flashing uk version
    And is this possible no harm my phone.
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for my bad eng.

    • Eddie says:

      yes it is possible, if anything happens have a backup rom on your PC so that if you face any problems, you can just flash the backup rom through Odin 🙂

  54. Reeve says:

    Polaris office is not included in this rom =\

  55. Prashant says:

    Just 2 days back I have bought Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 in which 4.0.3 (ICS) android version is present.
    Currenlty my FB, gmail works fine on S2 but having problem with GTalk.
    I don’t know what to do now 🙁
    Anybody, could please help me help me out?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Prashant says:

      The problem is I am able to do login into it….so I have also tried using IM it also gives message like ‘internal error’ something…..

  56. Mark says:

    Please, I’m using GT-I9100G with the following firmware: PDA: I9100GXXLC1, PHONE: I9100GXXKLA, CSC: I9100GOJVLA2 and GINGERBREAD.XXLC1. I am in Ghana, West Africa using MTN and want to upgrade my phone to the latest version of ICS. Where do i find the firmware to download or upgrade, since my kies (2.0 version) can’t detect the firmware? Thank you.

  57. Jon says:

    Hi admin what a great helpful site.. I have used it so many times and has taught me how to use Odin, CWM and even to install ICS ( Polish ) version.

    I now need a little more of your expertise..

    My friends and I installed ICS rooted version of XXLPQ on our Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 using your instructions, however some want to revert back to their orignal gingerbread ROM others just want to revert back so they can get the offical UK version through KIES.

    Our orignal kernal was XWKI4 and we would like to know how we go about reverting back, do we just have to reinstall.XWKI4 and then flash the ROM or do we just flash the UK ROM over the kernel that is installed XXLPQ.

    Thanks in advance, from a member of your UK fan club.

  58. Jon says:

    Just of to youtube to have a look now, thanks for getting back so quick its really appreicated thanks too for your time


  59. David says:

    I have a Galaxy S2 mobile handset.
    I want to know there are any problem to root on phone.

  60. Chen says:

    If I already have the official rom of sumsung 4.0.3 XWLP4, and I want the official rom with root, I can flash this rom?

  61. Rafa says:

    I am using samsung galaxy s2 GT19100G
    Android version: 2.3.4
    Baseband version: 19100GDZKHS

    I am in Ghana, can i update either officially by Kies/any other software or manually to the new Icescream sandwich version? Thank You

  62. Emanuel says:

    Very nice, The problem that I have is I don’t have latin america modem :(,Please help I want to have this rom but I need that modem

  63. Erik says:

    can I install it, if my device is not rooted?
    and another question, I have android 4.1.2 on my I9100
    can I install this rom, with this case?

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