SIV Series ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/SGH-i777]

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For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and AT&T SGH-i777 ROM of the week, check out SIV Series ROM.

Built on Android 4.1.2 Samsung firmware, SIV Series ROM aims to bring you the best and latest S4 stuff like S4 multi-window flashbar, apps from S4 such as S Health, S Voice, S Translator, and coupled nicely with Siyah Dorimanx kernel to bring you overclocking near 1.6Ghz.  (Also OC available on SGH-i777.)

Other notable features include AdvanceS app to customize your quick toggles, ink color changer, S4 Glow Light lockscreen, Note 2 Pop-up browser, and STweaks app to fully tweak your CPU/GPU frequencies and adjust sound.

You can also add some nifty S4 features like Hovering Controls App.

Overall, seems like a very promising ROM and the developer of this ROM is looking for feedback so if you have time, please try this ROM this week(end) and post any thoughts on it.


Download SIV Series ROM for Galaxy S2 (For both GT-i9100/SGH-i777)

For SGH-i777, you need to install modem and kernel after, see How to Install GT-i9100 ROMs on SGH-i777!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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30 Responses

  1. Jose says:

    the process has stopped!

    any one w same issue?

    GALAXY S II I777


  2. Nick says:

    Nice rom, but problems with the video player.. “Unfortunately, Video Player has stopped.”

  3. rrgrrg@xda says:

    i would like to thank you max for this review ,, it did really help me and i will include the hovering controls app in the next version 🙂 …for all users on xda or outside it i would like to thank you for trying my rom 🙂 and please join with your ideas on xda forums ..there is a poll and discussions 🙂

  4. Mickael says:

    Nice rom .everything works fine but load to slow .i clock up 1.5 still slow,
    I stick with snapdragon rom one of the best rom i used…

  5. Gerhard says:

    Im struggling to get my lock screen to use the inl changer seems to stay on S4 Glow, hate it lol, other than that it is a pretty sick rom

  6. Sabu John says:

    Awsome ROM , but problems with the video player “Unfortunately, Video Player has stopped.”
    Any solutions???
    really its a good ROM…

  7. #include says:

    Luks pretty awsme…but its like an electric car which luks gud frm outside but dosent have any speed…quite laggy…needs to improve. ..wz vry unstable initially…chngd the kernal…but still lags…wud luv this rom if lags are remvd

    • Sabu says:

      Its updates already released try XDA devolopers site…… u will get the SIV version 3 ROM for s2

      • poppiesgdd says:

        That’s strange , I tried posting a comment about that site
        and had the comment deleted before I could even post it.
        The moderator deleted the comment saying it was spamming .
        What’s up on this site , does it have double standards or what ???.
        I am a member of both sites , and made a valid comment !.
        I would like an explanation from someone here about the
        double standard . This is a question to the moderator or site
        holder , not Sabu , and I am asking here so that everyone
        can see the answer . Glenn .

      • geenjamez says:

        where can we find the latest update for this SIV ROm Ver 3.. thank you.. ^_^

  8. andy says:

    great rom to slow and some of the apps don’t work

  9. edwreybax says:

    Nice ROM… been using it for a week now and runs well on my GALAXY S II I777 with Jeboo kernel i777 v2-3a.

  10. David says:

    Hi there , I installed the rom but my wi -fi is not working ,,, im using a galaxy s2 Gt i9100 , any solutions ?

  11. suresh2006 says:

    back button and search button not working for sghi777
    nice rom

  12. Rubic_Cube says:

    Tried this ROM during the weekend. Slowed down my phone to almost a crawl. Hated the fact that hardware buttons (back and search) were deactivated and I had to use the “Home” button as the back button. I can understand why this would be the case with new devices like the S3 or S4. But for S2, all 4 hardware buttons should have been preserved. Same issue with Bitfor ROM. So went back to ShoStock3 ROM.

    Also, some apps/features like Hovercontrol do not work as shown in the video. I would like more statusbar customizations like the ones available with ShoStock3.

  13. Saravanan says:

    I am running on this Rom, found a bug recently. The phone is shutting down by itself when we keep them in idle. When turned back on, we could see 94% battery remains. Anybody is having this problem?

    • Saravanan says:

      In other words, Is anyone else having a bad wake up problem? What I mean is, this will freeze after some time being locked, and I’ll have to do a battery pull.

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