Snapdragon S2 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100! [Galaxy S4 Theme/Apps]

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I’ve been getting a ton of requests lately on the best ROM for making your Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy S4.

Well, we’ve featured the ROMS4 ROM couple weeks back and if you want another great ROM like it, check out the Snapdragon S2 ROM.

Snapdragon S2 ROM is another solid performer for turning your Galaxy S2 into a Galaxy S4 with a bunch of Galaxy S4 stuff.,

The Snapdragon S2 ROM comes with Galaxy S4 wallpapers, S4 browser/music player/widget, S Translator, S4 UI sounds, S4 keyboard, S4 lockscreen, S4 icons, S4 contacts, and much more.

As for performance, the Snapdragon S2 ROM comes with Siyah Dorimanx kernel (for OC up to 1.6Ghz) and Snapdragon Battery Guru to make your experience snappy and calibrate your battery.

Also you will find ink effects, Sony Bravia Engine 2 (For better quality images), auto call recording, and some more.

Overall, Snapdragon S2 ROM is a very good mix of Galaxy S4 theme, apps, performance, and battery life to bring you as close to a Galaxy S4 as possible.

If this seems like something you have been looking for, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Snapdragon S2 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Credits – iPr0Hacker <--- Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks on XDA if you like it, thx!

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60 Responses

  1. culon008 says:

    hi Max, is there any ROM come with Vietnam language

  2. Onur says:

    Türk olupta sorunu olanlar burdan yazabilir yardımcı olmaya çalışacağım. Thanks for rom.

    • ismail says:

      Selam onur.
      yazını gordum ve fikrine ihtiyacım oldugu dusundum.
      S2 4.1.2 kullanıyorum. sence buradan hangi romu kurmalıyım ve ındereceğim rom türkçe destegi sunacak mı. Yardımcı olursan sevinirim.

  3. Lucas says:

    Hi, how is the camera on this rom? is it stock samsung or is it AOSP camera? thanks!

  4. Ashwin Raj says:

    Please review the Roms4 Rom for the galaxy s2 I9100. It ids a very good Rom with great battery life and smooth ui performance.

    • feras says:

      Hi man its all ready there go and check it on his YouTube channel its there with all the details hope it help

  5. Kemdall says:

    Please, we need SnapDragon for T989, looks nice. Pleaaaase SnapDragon for T989. Thanks

  6. Bobo says:


    I flashed this Rom on my s2 running android 4.2.1(paranoid android). The thing is my home button has beenot working nice i got the phone but it had CMW10 Now it’s suck on tho home stuck on the home it’s stuck on the boot screen. Is there anyway i can get to download mode without snapdragon cable?

  7. says:

    hi, max can u upload a video of installing this rom pleas?

  8. darren.h says:

    hi max beautiful rom one of my favourites cheers mate. sounds weird but for some reason it wouldn’t work properly if i installed it from my phone had to flash it from my micro sd card lol but all is good

    cheers again max appreciate your time.

  9. Ahmad Zaiadneh says:

    hey, I installed the snapdragon rom to my galaxy s2 v4.1.2, but it doesnt include the hebrew and arabic languages, is there any way to add them or just to change the rom?!!

  10. Bobo says:

    SORRY Guys excuse my English for the last comment what I meant to say was I flashed this Rom on my s2 running android 4.2.1(paranoid android). The thing is, my home button has not working nice I got the phone but it had CMW10 Now it’s suck on the boot screen (showing the Samsung logo). Is there anyway i can get to download mode without VOLCANO BOX cable?
    software maybe that gets the phone to download mode?

    • darren.h says:

      try turning off and hold power, home, and the volume up key for download mode – if all els fails try to reinstall the rom from your sd card and dont forget to Wipe data/factory reset, cache, and dalvik cache whitch is allocated in the advanced menu

  11. Bobo says:

    Hello Deren, My home key is not working eversince I bought the phone as second hand – is there anyother way to access download mode without using the home key? software maybe? the only other thing I found was Volcano box which is basically a USB dongle that forces the phone into download mode without having to press any key commands…I just cant wait for delivery while my phone lies dead. saddening momments that

  12. darren.h says:

    try pressing your home button hard thats what i had to do once and where abouts on your phone are at the boot screen ?

  13. Bobo says:

    Thanks Darren, your the man!! – IT WORKED!!!! so does this mean my home button is actually not broken? if I flash a kernel would this button work afterwards?
    What is the difference between a Kernel and a ROM? and are they installed differently?
    I ask this because I feel loading the kernel via CMW was the mistake I made, maybe I should have used ODIN? please advice

  14. darren.h says:

    hi im glad it worked 🙂 i dunno about the home button mine worked propally again but then glitched now and again. all i can say is just try and see what happens its all try and error. the diffrence is the rom is the main theme of the phone and a kernal helps the mobile with certain tweaks e.g better battry life or speed. some roms come with there own kernal like this one does come with dorimanx preinstalled but some roms like avatar you can choose to download and install the kernal sepearate. well i installed this rom via cmw and it all whent fine i do how ever when i reboot my phone 50% battery life is taken away if you are using this rom make sure you plug your phone on charge before rebooting that way your battery wont decrade 🙂 if you need anymore help with anything dont hesaate to ask im always here 🙂

  15. irfan says:

    Thanks for this rom, can you tell me how to enable auto call recording feature.
    and what option should i choose for viper4
    Without VFP
    With VFP or
    CortexAX with NEON


  16. amjad says:

    Hi… im using this rom….it is awesome …

  17. mario says:

    This rom is awsome and works perfect in every aspect although its a big rom 800mb. I find it better than aosp or aokp and battery life is very good for now i will stick to the snapdragon s2 v1.3. Thanks Max great work.

  18. Bobo says:

    Hello Guys, this is by far the best ROM out there…big ups to the developers, finally got it to work – with a few issues that I noticed. just incase someone is having problems like I did;
    1. my Google Apps was crashing when I rebooted, I first cleared cache on google services, google framework and google play (this is found in the settings menus – just go to all installed apps), this seems to have corrected the error messages that I used to get after each reboot.
    2. Google apps did not want to download even though I logged on, cleared cache and data for that app – solution is I installed the new google apps that comes with a bug fix for locations – this worked! basically the phone though my internal SD card was my external card (only on google) so just download the latest google app apk and install everything works after that .

    Now the only issue I have is my phone mic level is too low when I receive or make calls people find it very hard to hear me on the other line, I tried the s settings app that comes with the ROM to no avail, I tried that *#*#197328640*#*# code which doesn’t seem to work on this ROM. does anyone have a solution for something like this. Please help, im resorting to downloading a third party app that I think can help with the level correction but I am to try that later on. any help would be appreciated guys.

  19. Ramatron says:

    hey max, how can I get the stock camera app for the gs2 I9100, cuz the jelly bean version sucks… lots of features have been removed from the gingerbread or ics….. PLZ someone reply

  20. Bobo says:

    CAn you guys advice me how to increase mic volume for this rom. I tried everything to no avail

  21. David says:

    Does this rom have MHL support?

  22. Olivr says:

    do any of you have problems with google play services. it prompted me to update it so google+, hangout, etc,. can work. but everytime i update, it says invalid file. what went wrong?

  23. bozo says:

    i have installed this rom on my s2 whic already repaired imei but after this rom i having no registered on network message , if i install coyagenemode rom its fine can u help me ?

    bu romu imei düzeltillmiş olan s2 ye kurunca şebeye ulaşılamıyor ama coyagenemode rom kurunca sorun yok yardımcı olabilen varmı ..

  24. Peet says:

    I really like this rom but device encryption does not work with it. I’ve tried many different times so now I had to go back to stock rom as I need device encryption for ActiveSync.

  25. Otto says:

    When using camera, zoom doesn’t work. Anyone with the same problem?

    Overall this rom is very good.

  26. mario says:

    For the battery drain change the kernel from dorimanx 8.32 to apolo 4.8b extremeV0. Althought the kernel don’t have OC it is better in every aspect.

  27. Mg Net says:

    It’s a Grate Rom and I like it too much 🙂
    But On my S2, I got one error. That is i cannot enable tethering and portable WiFi Hostpot 🙁 🙁 Even the Tethering and Portable Wifi Hostpot button is on and show at the notification bar, any of WiFi devices cannot connect my WiFi 🙁 🙁 What Should I do ??? Please Give any advice 😐 I couldn’t share my phone’s internet connection to my PC over WiFi and i couldn’t use any of WiFi tethering apps such as Zapya, Flash Transfer 🙁

  28. Nicenut says:

    Can i use App’s like Backlight Notifications(BLN) with this ROM. This app *REQUIRES* a kernel with BLN mod.
    Its frustrating to keep on checking if you have missed some notifications in S2. Wish there was some ROM which will use the Backlight notifications for all notifications of the phone.

  29. tarik says:

    I installed ROMS4 and i can’t place calls???? i can text and i can get calls but can’t make calls???

    will snapdragon fix it??


    build #

  30. tarik says:

    I also installed snapdragon and i can’t place calls???? i can text and i can get calls but can’t make calls???

    i need a fix?


    build #

  31. javier says:

    Is there one for galaxy s2 t989
    Can you make one for the t989

  32. king says:

    not share wifi hotspot.

  33. Keval B. says:

    i have downloaded s2likes4 for GT-i9100, when i installed through CWM. it has been stuck at boot logo.

    i have done wipe/factory data reset & cache also but same problem .

    so what i am to do??

    pls explain.

  34. Fayiz PK says:

    plz develop a official 4.2.2 stuff for galaxy s2
    Including all new functions like gallery, settings,
    wallpapers, widgets,music player, video player,
    contacts, wether,lockscreen gesture controll etc……..

    A lote of people waiting for 4.2.2 for galaxy s2
    Including more updated function like
    Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 etc……….

    In my personal opinion im used so many
    custome romes,including snapdragon v.1.3.1
    but it does not working properly it shows troble continuesly.

  35. Mzera says:

    Does anyone know how to take the “Life Companion” message off my lockscreen?
    Thanks for the help

  36. eurie ervin says:

    Does anyone know how to take off the “LIFE COMPANION” message on the lockscreen. It’s kinda irritating and I don’t like it..

  37. pradeep says:

    After installing this rom, i have not found any problem, only the phone switches off every now & then, we have to remove the battery and make it on, please let me know, if there is any fix for this

  38. Marco Rivera says:

    Hi Max Nice to meet you.. i have a problem with this room , may be you can solve this problem.
    MEGA don´t work, the error message say.. mega stoped. I apreciate if you can help me, and congratulaions.. it´s realy good room.
    Thank you

  39. slasher1986 says:

    works grait with siyah kirnel : ) fast and stable

  40. naor zino says:

    It is very good rom bur I have problem.
    When I press on the power button for even 2 secend my phone is shutdown.
    And I can’t lock my phone and I did the true setting for that.
    What can you offer to me?
    I have what to do?

  41. Gary says:

    I saw that edwreybax had no problems with it, but will this ROM for sure work on SGH-I777 without any problems (is it fully compatible without bricking the phone) and is there a certain way I must install it for it to function properly?

  42. Gary says:

    I’ve installed this rom successfully. I had to install my own kernel and modem because I have the SGH-I777. I just can’t figure out why I don’t have root access on it. Can anyone help me?

  43. Kasun says:

    the rom is great but I have a problem.the lock screen doesnt show up and when I press power key for about 2secs it shuts u have any solution for this?

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