SuperNexus Android 4.2.2 ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100/GT-i9100G/SGH-i777]

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For those of you looking to experience “pure” Google Android 4.2.2 without all the additives, you can try the SuperNexus ROM by Faryaab (You can follow him on Google+ here), which is exactly that. Built from Android 4.2.2 sources, SuperNexus gives you a purely “stock” Android experience, just as what you would find in a stock Nexus 4 (or Galaxy Nexus) when you buy a new phone.

Of course, it does not have all the customization and new features offered by many custom ROMs like AOKP, ParanoidAndroid, or CM10.1 but it does give you stability of stock Android and also 100% stock features. (e.g. Long-press wifi/bluetooth in quick toggles will turn on/off your wifi/bluetooth, a stock Android 4.2.2 feature, some custom ROMs don’t have it.)

Also, you can experience stable battery life as there’s less things that can go wrong with SuperNexus ROM and in return you get stability in battery life also.

So, if you want to experience stock Android 4.2.2 and turn your phone into a Nexus 4, give SuperNexus ROM a go, I am sure you will like it (as many users have also reported in past with previous version of SuperNexus). And do let me know how the performance/battery life on this ROM works for your phone!


Download SuperNexus Android 4.2.2 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Download SuperNexus Android 4.2.2 ROM for Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-i777

Download SuperNexus Android 4.2.2 ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (most likely needed, backup ROM and backup apps beforehand!!!!), install ROM, reboot.

Once after booting successfully, reboot into recovery and flash Gapps.

Credits – i9100, i9100G, i777 <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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91 Responses

  1. Saman says:

    I am on Supernexus build 3 for the pas couple of weeks. Awesome rom, with great battery life. I only have some problems with ram usage. I have to use a taks manager app to empty the ram once in a while, otherwise the phone becomes laggy and needs rebooting. Other than that, I really like it.

  2. Michael Siegel says:

    How is the battery Life

    • Hart_Koor says:

      Galaxy S2 – same as any other Nexus 4 phone, a day on a charge. I was on JellyBam, and could last a day or two on a charge, but that was without GPS/WiFi. Overall i would say battery life is good om my phone.

  3. parisal says:

    Galaxy s2 I9100G.
    I cannot install rom.
    I have an Error
    E:Error in/tmp/sideloader/

    • Michael Siegel says:

      Use The Siya-v3.4.2 Kernal

    • markbc says:

      This happens sometimes in switching between custom roms.
      Sometimes when you flash a different rom the new rom wonโ€™t flash!
      It will return your โ€œerror Status 7โ€ณ which I think means that the kernel of the rom you are going to is not compatible with the kernel of the rom you are leaving… While the rom is flashing recovery “discovers” this and kills the install!
      Not a good message, You probably have already googled the answer, but when you see this, the usual fix is to go back to your old rom again (what a pain in the neck after clearing all the caches/factory reset!!) and then download a compatible kernel (not sure, usually I have used Siyah kernels at this point, but you would do well to download a few different kernels –or read on xda which kernal a) is compatible with your current rom and b) won’t return a status 7 error)) and then flash that new kernel ON TOP of the old rom.

      Then reboot the phone, don’t bother setting anything up, just go back into recovery and again try to flash your new rom again. It might take one or two reboots (or using differnent kernels) to work. . . That is how I fixed my status 7 error, but others here may offer a better answer!
      good luck!

  4. richi says:

    I just can’t figure a way to root my Samsung i777

  5. chard says:

    I’m using GT i9100 flash this rom but im stock nexus X logo after rebooting, please help. thank you

    • arnold says:

      I have the same

    • SJamaly says:

      Did you wipe data/cache ?

    • Alex says:

      I have the same problem, I’m using CWM v6.0.2.8 and after loading the rom, the nexus logo just loops.
      This is really frustrating and upsetting because I feel like I may have bricked my phone…
      Could someone please email me at

    • markbc says:

      This ROM takes a really long time to load the first time one installs/flashes it.

      Sometimes you must wait 15 minutes before applications start the first time, thereafter it is pretty quick. However, if you wait 15 minutes and still no change from the nexus screen, then pull the battery and restart and see if it boots in the following 15 minutes. If not reflash the rom –but make sure you have cleared the cache, done a factory reset/cleared data and also gone to advanced menu and cleared Dalvik cache as well. THEN re-install the rom and start that 15 minute wait.. .It really should work!

      Good Luck

  6. Navneet singh says:

    I get error on my GT-i9100
    Please help

  7. Jan says:

    Hi I have an error transferring the Gapps zip file and when i open it with WinRAR, i got this error message..
    *************************************************************** Unexpected end of archive
    pls help me with this?

    • markbc says:

      don’t use winrar
      put gaaps into your sd card (somewhere…anywhere)
      then go into recovery
      then chose install from sd card
      then find where you placed gaaps
      then flash it.
      then you’re done and have google applications
      hope this helps!

    • SJamaly says:

      as Markbc says, it need to be a zip file inorder to flash via CWM Recovery

      just put it in sdcard (internal, external whatever) and install via CWM recovery

  8. Ag says:

    Jan you don’t need to use winrar on gapps flash that file via cwm?

  9. Faisal Butt says:

    Hi Guys…
    i have very serious problem with battery…. Right after updating from GB to JB, my phone battery start creating problem…. i have tried plenty of jelly bean custom roms (RR, Alliance, Revolt etc) including Super Nexus.. Sometime it shutdown automatically… and every time when i restart my phone it become 1% or 10% or 5% even if it is 100% before restart…. But if i kept charge it during restart it doesn’t have any problem… please guys tell me what should i do? i always do full wipe, format/system etc before installing any rom…..

    • markbc says:

      Almost All roms have crummy battery life when you first install or flash them. Then, after a few days they get to a better battery life as the rom settles. If that is what you mean, then perhaps just waiting a few days and a few recharging cycles may help…

      For hardware, however, the only battery issue I have found is for the ATT version (SGH-i777) whenever you are running a stock rom or if you are running any TW (touchwiz) based samsung rom (like unNamed in GB and Shostock3 in JB). Then you have to watch or be careful about which battery you use.

      When you use these TW roms, they look for the battery and expect it to be a “stock” battery for the SGH-i777. If you have substituted a replacement battery that is i9000, then they will work or run off of that battery but they also will turn off whenever you plug anything into the usb port.

      Odd, because if you run an AOKP rom or non-touchwiz rom (like Task JB) then you CAN use any I9000 battery and also plug it in and charge it without problems!

      But touchwiz based roms all look for “real” sgh-i777 batteries –at least for that model!

      hope that helps

      • Faisal Butt says:

        Thanx mark for your reply…
        Actually i have SGSll i9100 and everything is original including battery…. and now someone told me to wipe battery stat after charging it full by swithing off the mobile…. let see if it help or not?….
        before i was using CheckRom Revo v6 with siyah kernal.. everthing was ok except that my fone was freezing sometime, so i decided to upgare to jellybean…. but now im facing this battery drain problem…. anyway if that battry stat thing will work ok, otherwise i will ask for the assistance again…. thankyou

  10. C Graham says:

    The only problem I have with it is it doesn’t go into dock mode. The phone will only charge when I place it in the dock. I can’t adjust volume or hear the ringer anymore.

  11. Alex says:

    My first attempt at installing this rom failed miserably as I had a boot screen loop.
    After stressing out and a quick google search… had a boot loop fix article which I followed to the letter.
    I flashed the GT-i9100 back to stock. Re-rooted the phone again through odin3-v1.85 and then continued to the boot loader to attempt the rom installation for a second time. It worked flawlessly… Although I was pulling my hair when the boot screen took about 2 minutes to do anything, but eventually it started working.
    All of this was done while I was at work and a customer spotted the look of success on my face when I’d finished and asked me if I won the lottery or something ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thanks heaps! The new rom is great so far!

    • Alex says:

      Where the hell is the play store app? wtf?

      • Alex says:

        Ok… You know it would have been nice if “gapps” was explained in this article…
        Rather than having to spend 30 minutes trying to figure it out, then re-reating the article twice, I googled the gapps link to figure out what it was…

        The rom is great but this article did not explain gapps at all. Not even a basic little “google apps aren’t installed unless you install them yourself with zip file”

        • markbc says:

          Hi @Alex

          You have a good point –It would have been a good idea for Max to mention Gaaps with at least a few more words, but I think he did at least with the link… and that is enough for the experienced. But for those who entered into the world of customizing their phone here for the first time it really is not enough and is confusing!

          ***warning boring GAAPS (pseudo) history lesson follows****
          The way I understand it, quite a while ago, Google did not allow CyanogenMod (CM -“the mother(s) of all ROM developers” ) to bundle their apps in their alternative roms; it was some sort of legal problem if they did that. However, they did allow CM to create a separate package of “Google apps” (GAAPS) including the GMAIL, the market (play), messenger, and something else that I can’t remember right now.

          So all CM roms had two pieces. (1) the rom and (2) GAAPS. Flash #1 and while you are still in recovery, immediately flash #2… Then you are set! After others started writing roms as well, setups like AOKP roms and AOSP roms and other “Kang” roms all (mostly) alsoused the model of rom+gaaps.

          However, Samsung-based roms are different. And if your first custom rom were a Samsung-based rom, you might never hear the word GAAPs!. Don’t know why for sure but most all the samsumg-based roms that are developed these days usually DO include google apps inside of them. Not a lawyer and not sure why Samsung roms are different, but (I think) the code may licensed by Google to Samsung so when someone hacks and dev’s a Samsung rom, Google does not care or have a direct legal concern (maybe?). So, if you have a Samsung “touchwiz” (TW) based rom it usually won’t bother with gaaps since it is “preloaded” with google apps. For example: UnNamed was a TW based gingerbread rom and Shostock2 was a TW based ICE rom and Shostock3 is a TW based JB rom and all of those roms include gaaps inside the rom. But AOKP roms like Task’s JB or mixed roms like SlimBean JB, follow the old CM model of adding GAAPs separately. It is not as confusing as it sounds once the background is mentioned.

          Oh… one final point. YOu will also see “inverted gaaps” and these are the same google apps, but set up or written to have reversed display -usually white on black instead of black on white. I think the idea of inverted gaaps was to save battery by having less screen lighting, but I never saw much of a difference when I used them –it was just cool to say you loaded “inverted gaaps” ๐Ÿ™‚

          OK, So next rom (like if you switch to Shostock) you might not even need GAAPS …

          Oh, one totally different point you also may run into –not in using this (nice) rom, but in switching roms. Sometimes when you flash a different rom the rom won’t flash! It will return an error in recovery saying something like “error Status 7” which I think means that the kernel of the rom you are going to is not compatible with the kernel of the rom you are leaving and the rom won’t flash. When you see this, the usual fix is to go back to your old rom again (what a pain in the neck after clearing all the caches/factory reset!!) and then download a compatible kernel (not sure, usually I have used Siyah kernels at this point) and then flash that new kernel on top of the old rom, then reboot recovery and try to flash your new rom again. It might take one or two reboots of the phone to get it to work. . . That is the other “what the heck?” problem that one can encounter in flashing custom roms. . . (well there are probably many many more, but this is enough gloom for one post!)

          good luck!

          • Tom says:

            Hi there,

            any idea how to go back from this to normal android rom?

          • Alex says:

            Thanks for the small lesson in Android rom’s. I’m currently in love with the AOKP build 5 rom and can’t imagine myself going back to anything else anytime in the near future.
            Since putting it on my i9100, I’ve also managed to put it on my mates i9100 and my Nexus7.

  12. Nigel Caba says:

    I know this is a very minor problem but I am unable to use emoji’s in the stock messaging app.. after i downloaded the emoji keyboard, there is no option to activate it like in the pacman ROM.. I would rather not download handcent or go sms pro. Anyone know how to fix this?

  13. differentmax says:

    Every time I close the screen, it closes like an old crt tv. Any ways to disable this?

  14. jbuchmann says:

    Hi, I just install Vanilla RootBOX Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Custom ROM (I9100) and I found it amazing, thin, stable, fast, etc (so far).
    As I am newbie in this ROM stuff, so I will appreciate if you can make a review for this ROM.

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Levin Yeo says:

    How is the battery life anyone? I’m thinking of using this rom, Is it good so far? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • FilPride says:

      Probably one of the best battery life out there. The best one i’ve had since resurrection remix in terms of battery life.

  16. Allan says:


    I just flashed this ROM… I have problem restoring my data to TB. It said “Current backup location cannot be found”. Also, i cannot access to my SD card be it internal and external. Could this be the reason why my backup was not detected?

  17. kunjal says:

    how do i delete extra home screen on this rom? i tried pinching on the home screens but can’t edit it and my clock time keeps changing!

    • Bradf says:

      @kunjai – Idk about deleting the extra home screen, but as far as the clock time keeps changing, I restarted my GS2 once after installing gapps and stuff and it worked fine, also my SMS wouldn’t show up in till a restart.

      My only complaint is the Google Search bar being on every home screen. Wish I could get rid of it some how.

  18. fred says:

    Hi, first of all congrats for a great rom! battery life is very ok if we compare with many other roms out there this times. I do have an issue though, with GPS. It basically stays on “searching for GPS” forever..
    I tried disabling google location services reboot and enable it again as I read on another forum, but without success.
    Can anyone help me with a fix for that please? I’d really like to stick with this rom for some time, but I definitly need the GPS to be working properly.. Thanks for replies!

  19. Admin says:

    Thank U, Great ROM and works like a charm.
    Followed to letter the instruction in the article and ROM installed without any problem mentioned. ROM is very stable and now itโ€™s up for about 24 hours without any difficulty. Battery life and performance R the 2 most important 4 me in android and this rom does it well! Thanksโ€™

  20. mkkv says:

    I have problem- E:signature verification failed how can i solve this

    • Sche says:

      Followed the steps and gave me the same error message E: signature verification failed. Until now I have not found the fix yet.

  21. Bradf says:

    Alright, so after a few days of use, the clock will not stop changing, I’m having issues with auto-rotation sometimes not working, but other than that it’s a great rom. Think I’ll check out the Captivating Rom, see how that goes.

  22. bernard says:

    i tried a lot of rom and i like to give this one a try.what kernel should i use for this rom.pls give me an answer.

  23. bernard says:

    sir i flash this new rom but im stuck in boot logo.i already did the wipe and reset.pls help……

  24. bernard says:

    i really like to try this rom but everytime i try to install im stuck in boot choice but to go to RR 3.1.3.pls sum1 can help me so i cn give this a shot…..

  25. bernard says:

    works with dual boot with RR but the MOBILE DATA NOT WORKING.

    • BERNARD says:


  26. Nathanael says:

    Does this ROM have “blocking mode” or is that only in Shostock?

  27. Dave says:

    i just finished flashing my i9100g…. flashed the rom and gaapps with no problems.

    however when i rebooted the phone, i got stuck at the startup screen… and its pixelated as well. i’m still waiting on it , has been 10minutes now. i’m wondering if i should take out the battery and restart it again?

  28. Dave says:

    ok… reading from the comments above, i took out the battery, got it into recovery mode, wiped data and cache, reinstalled the rom and the gaaps. hit reboot system, and now the whole screen goes blank… no lights nothing.. ๐Ÿ™


  29. Dave says:

    ok guys…..
    i got it…. just for the sake of the others…

    i was on GB 2.3.6 before rooting and flashing, so maybe/probably thats why i got stuck while rebooting after flashing…

    anyway was finding ways to make it work thru trial and error… was able to still boot into download mode, so i flashed the stock 4.0.3 ICS..

    from ICS, got into download mode, rooted it using odin with LP7 (couldnt find LP6, worked fine, stable)..

    system reset & viola!!!

    loving the nexus pureness of it all…. SLICK!

  30. Ajay says:


    I installed this ROM yesterday and everything seems to be running great so far except that when I select the
    ‘Automatic Date & Time’ and the ‘Automatic Time Zone’ it doesn’t seem to be picking up the right time from the
    network provider.

    Anyone else experience the same issue? What is the fix for this?

  31. Dimitri says:

    Been running for 50hours without charging, running good ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. skot says:

    This rom is amazingly fast, but I really miss having some of the customization settings offered by the other roms, particularly AOKP. I just switched to the new ‘JellyBam’, and have all I wanted in one basket… thanks a ton!!!

  33. John says:

    Has anyone had issues with notifications freezing up the phone. It seems like if I restart my phone because of sluggishness it will then show new pending notifications that are old. I’ve def had issues when trying to use auto update from the google play store, while the apps were trying to update my phone would freeze.

  34. Miguel says:

    usb mass storage doent work after i installed this ROM…. any idea?

    • Shahrey90 says:

      Disable USB Debugging..or else try to reset the usb setting in the the dialer, then dial *’ll see the PhoneUtil settings..there are 2 categories..1st is UART and 2nd is the second category (USB) it should be the PDA set to be default..reset by click on MODEM, then click on PDA again..

  35. jaseer says:

    i cant install…when i turns to install from sd says registry file error…what to using gt i9100 2.35 ginger bird

  36. David says:

    Hey, i want to root my samsung galaxy s2 but can max’s root method and roms work for the gt i9100M? I really dont know what the difference between gt i9100 and gt i9100m is. Thanks

  37. zino says:

    i have SGS2 i9100 but i have a problem I cannot install this rom.
    I have an Error E:Error in/tmp/sideloader/
    please help what i have to do

  38. roberto cortez says:

    Thanks, I have installed this rom and run faster and stable.
    Somebody know how can dlna make available?
    Thaanks in advance

  39. Sam says:

    i am going to download this rom so anyone tell me does this rom is missing some apps or not & how is the battery life?????


    • kevin says:

      idk anything about that rom but i would say shostock 3 is by far my favorite and no probs whatsoever. sgh -i777…..great signal tweak as well.

  40. vkaidan says:

    Hey, does anyone know of a tweaked netflix app that actually works with supernexus 2.0 build 4 for the Samsung Galaxy SII i777? If so, please give me a link! I can’t seem to find a working netflix app anywhere! Thanks in advance!

  41. smruti says:

    Hi I tried the super-nexus build 4 and followed all the steps, but could not install the rom. The operation just aborted (Error-7)

    Currently i am running Jelly bean 4.1.2, baseband -XXLS6, Kernel : 3.0.31-462349 se.infra@SEP-111#3SMP PREEMPT, BUild no.JZO54LK

    I have rooted the phone and have philz CWM .

    How do i install customs roms 4.2.2 . Plz help ??

  42. ugan.git says:


    I installed the ROM. I love it. Works well. Camera is smooth and fast. But!! I CANNOT MAKE CALLS. THE IS NO PHONE SIGNAL. I installed the previous version and its the same issue.




  43. Arturo says:

    Some times the gyroscope does not work properly and take photos on landscape mode an the videos don’t turn. Anybody knows how to fix it? The

  44. prajith says:

    hey this ROM is perfect…but some minor issues like ….. I cannot transfer files between my phone and pc via usb….i enabled usb debugging and enabled mass storage….but still my oc not detecting my phone… this a common prob or is ther any soln to this…thanx in advance if anyone could provide me with a soln……

    and also to toggle btw 2g and 3g is also bit annoying and sumtyms it wont work as well…..otherwise the rom is very stable ..and has gud backup……

  45. Whip1985 says:

    hello, i got something to ask

    i m first time to root my S2 GT-I9100G

    i m interest to root SuperNexus Android 4.2.2 ROM, but i can’t find any tutorial video or info, can u teach me how to root it?

    Thanks a lot

  46. mostafa tera says:

    hello i installed it exactly how u said by every step but it seems to have problem with android keyboard , it keeps cushing plz advice i’m on GT-I9100

  47. Vineet says:


    I was on this Super Nexus Rom was sometime, the only Issue I saw was the Sound was Low for Music and Ringer for which i had to roll it back to Stock Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

    If there’ any solution to increase the Volume of Music, Ringer etc, I’d definitely want to go back to Super Nexus 4.2.2

  48. haider says:

    how to uninstall it i want to go back to the official version pls help

  49. Kunle says:

    Best, most stable ROM I’ve ever had on my Galaxy S2. Thanks Max.

  50. Kunle says:

    The best and most stable ROM I’ve ever had on my Galaxy S2. Thanks Max.

  51. Guillermo says:

    Hi! A question: How can i migrate all my contact from Google to my new Android SuperNexus? When i pulse the “Contact” icon it doesn’t give me the option. Please, help!

  52. Patrick Manning says:

    Very stable from my first day with build 4 on my S2 but the battery drain is literally ridiculous. The phone has been unplugged for just 10 hours and I have hardly used it at all as ive been at work. The battery is at 35%!! I’m used to still having at least 85% battery left after I get off work so this is just horrible. Will have to try something else. It’s Android System and Google Play Services that are using 90% of the battery.

  53. Milan says:

    Hiii…all work fine,but j don’t have signal…”Sim network unlock PIN”-what pin j to enter?

  54. Jose says:

    I installed ROM through recovery mode Rebooted, worked fine then Installed Gapps rebooted and keyboard app doesn’t open and the BACK and OPTION buttons (the ones on sides of home Button) doesn’t work… Any advices?
    Do i MUST install GAPPS and/or any Kernel? I noticed that with just ROM installed im missing lots of apps. What should i do now?

  55. kevin says:

    It shows error 7

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