Thunderbolt Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100! [V5][Android 4.1.2]

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Thunderbolt ROM has now been updated to Jelly Bean for your Galaxy S2. This ROM comes with a choice of Apex, Nova, stock Jelly Bean, TouchWiz UX, or Experia launcher. Another very solid ROM by ALHussein Mohammed, you will find full AOKP ROM Control options, Flipboard app, Playstation app, Power saving app, and a whole lot more.

If you are looking for a good ROM with versatility to switch between AOKP and TouchWiz, give this ROM a go and let me know what you think!

V5 now includes:

  • S3 theme
  • S3 launcher [AROMA] With yahoo and deep sea and other mods
  • fixed xperia launcher
  • minor bug fix
  • 4 modems
  • Fixed HW and Memory Leak thanks to @westcrrip
  • Based on AOKP Build-5
  • Samsung sounds
  • 3 Kernel selection (siyah,doriminax,CM10) [AROMA]
  • More Option in ROM Control
  • Fixed Memory Leaks
  • Added Option to Reboot to Download Mode

Download Thunderbolt JB ROM for Galaxy S2 i9100

Credits – XDA

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83 Responses

  1. Konstantin says:

    I will try it soon ::))

  2. ALHussein Mohammed says:

    goraw its your problem reflash it again

  3. goraw says:

    i reflashed this for many times…its not working properly

  4. ALHussein Mohammed says:

    in the info ull find the link to my forum on xda go check the instructions

  5. mysterious_boy says:

    first its a very nice Rom and it works good with me expect one thing
    i can’t take screenshot by using power and home button … why ? and how can i take screenshot ???

  6. mysterious_boy says:

    doesn’t work … thanks anyway πŸ™‚

  7. ALHussein Mohammed says:

    go to rom control ull find power menu and add screenshot and press the power button and take the screenshot

  8. Harry says:

    I copyed it to my external sd card. installed it from zip and everything is fine until phone boots up. This nice colorful picture keeps loading and nothing happens. tried to install all different kernels what it includes :S What shoult i do?

  9. anyone says:

    This ROM should be banned its the worst ever don’t try it.

  10. anyone says:

    This ROM should be banned its the worst ever don’t think about trying it sucks

  11. utsav says:

    its a very nice rom…. i think its better than RR 3.0.6 its even got the hold back to kill button and stuff and comes preloaded with lots of apps i really liked it :-)… good job

  12. ALHussein Mohammed says:

    thnx and people who have any problems go check on xda the instructions

  13. hvd says:

    hy ur rom is nice…but y does my phone over heats…while charging n also during normal use…n thr r no apps running in the background i hav checked !!
    tis also happends with RR any version….so im using CM10 1.2 pure aosp…. ;-(….pls advice

  14. utsAv says:

    hey my computer is not reading my memory card:-( pls help:-(

  15. mozafar says:

    Does this rom support flash?

  16. ALHussein Mohammed says:

    Yea it’s a pretty shit ROM guys, I agree with everyone.

  17. Konstantin says:

    is the best that can be offered!!

  18. Fry says:

    This doesn’t have Google Now. Why?

  19. aldous says:

    Just installed and found two things missing in the thunderbolt: cpu overclocking and jelly bean. Advice?

  20. Văn Thắng says:

    this room look commonly called tot.nhung has a thing is not like that which is very cost Ram.2 days to restart the phone.

  21. Karol says:

    it’s a very good rom… tested for 2 days. I think its better than RR 3.0.6 in some cases. It’s very fast and has TW 5 on JB (awsome). It comes preloaded with good apps like Power Sawer, Walkman, polaris office, solid explorer, etc.
    I Use it as Daily Drive. I previously used the RR 3.0.6 but my phone restarted 5 times a day.

    This ROM:
    + Very fast
    + 5 launchers
    + Nice theme (x2)
    + No FC or restart phone
    + some good apps from stock ROM like polarisoffice, samsungApps
    + good batery life
    + can’t find any big bugs (for now)

    – absence swipe keyboard
    – absence radio
    – absence TW wallpapers
    – absence callrecorder
    – Xperia launcher sometimes not working well

    good job….

    • aldous says:

      after reading your post, I recognised I had downloaded the ics thunderbolt instead. Since both the ics and jb versions are on this website and they have the same filename, can someone rename the JB version accordingly, please?

  22. aldous says:

    What differences with regard to installing dream or syiah kernel? Syiah drained the battery faster in my previous experience with a different rom.

  23. Farhan says:

    How much time it needs on X sign while installation???

  24. Krazzy says:

    nice rom..very fast…
    got 2 problem instead… Googe Play store (cant install apps updates )and Viber doesnt work..
    pl intruct how to solve this…

  25. Blazingstar75 says:

    no service with this rom, and stopped accessing APN settings

  26. Jason Stewart says:

    I had HUGE problems with this Rom. But version 3.1 is out now and that seemed to fix most of them, even comes with ota updater. So far working good.

  27. aldous says:

    I’ve reverted back to RR JB ROM. The present thunderbolt JB turns phone off when it’s not connected Online; It says “ stops” whenever APN setting is clicked on.

  28. brian says:

    ok had this 4 days now and almost flawless, ive tried every god darn rom available and this is a keeper for now fast slick not butter smooth but almost.

    cant reccomend this rom enough, thanks to Mo πŸ™‚ this is the real deal.

  29. JON says:

    The bluetooth works but it is asking my for me to enter a code on my computer – which it is not popping up with a code box.

    My worst problem with this is I cannot control the S2 on the car dock, audio is only coming through phone speaker and this is very annoying, seeing as I just purchased the official S2 dock from Samsung. Tried a couple of fixes, but no use … the dock setting on the ROM is grey and cannot be modified.

    Tried and App from Play and it had this info:

    Please have the CM dev supporting your model verify the correct mapping exists between the ROM audio device and the kernel audio path (commonly set in libaudio).

    Example: DEVICE_OUT_ANLG_DOCK_HEADSET in ROM should map to the path PLAYBACK_EXTRA_DOCK in the kernel.

    I hope that can be remedied soon in a patch/apk update??

  30. androsland says:

    is this rom development ready?
    i mean, is eclipse able to detect the device and load your app on your mob?
    i had this issue with another rom. if anyone tested it, please tell me. i have to develop an app for my university

  31. armin says:

    hi, first of all this rom is just GREAT!!!! πŸ˜€ everything works fine but I have a problem πŸ™ my phone doesn’t recognize external sd card, when I use astro file browser I can use external sd card but music players cant find musics in sd card πŸ™ plz help me I need my external sd πŸ™

  32. armin says:

    plz guys help me I cant use my external sd πŸ™

    • Max says:

      erase .nomedia file in your sdcard.

      • Alsden says:

        Hi Max,

        I agree this is by far one of the best JB ROMS I’ve used, but I too have the issue with music not being seen by any of the apps (Walkman, Play Music, Music, Apollo and even PowerAmp) On ICS, I had all my Music on my External SD Card and it always automatically available on any music app I installed.

        Where is this “.nomedia” file? and also is there any truth to the SD Card’s format being wrong? (Although I can still see all my music and play it if i go through a file explorer) I just want to know how to get my music in my SD Card to show up in the library of the music apps…

  33. larry says:

    hi, may i know if i am able to flash this rom, then flash dorimanx kernel over it?

  34. Prajesh Solanki says:

    Not sure what all the different Kernals do.
    But I tried the Siya Kernal.
    I quite liked this ROM, the different launchers etc.
    The Xperia ROM doesnt seem to work fully and the Xperia process shows as stops responding sometimes.
    Plus on a few occassions (about twice or 3 times) I have noticed that the screen colours screwed up/inverted but a reboot sorted it. Not sure why that happened.

    Battery life? seems to be a little draining but doesn’t seem any worse than any other ROM.
    I’d say this is a good ROM and one to definatley try out. My favoutire launcher has to be the APEX laucher.
    Havent noticed any major issues except if you want to overclock, then reclock the CPU back to normal settings – both sliders move when you move the minimum CPU speed.

  35. Andy says:

    Does any one experience any problems, changing the rigntone or notification sound?
    I get an error “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” when click on the phone rigntone. Use Apex launcher may a problem with it, not with the ROM itself? Any ideas?

  36. Andy says:

    Ignore previuose wrong post

  37. ali says:

    hello there… i tried to flash this rom twice but in second time it hanged at wiping data for 5 minutes then i tried to put the phone in recovery mod again by pressing the 3 buttons , but what happened is, my phone no more working at all , it’s just black screen .. i removed the battery but no use doesn’t work …
    any idea pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee……

    • ali says:

      guys… please it’s emergency .. what i have to do ??????
      is it broken or what ?????

      • Strictly.Mobile says:

        Please Follow the Following Instructions for Installation:

        If coming from a Samsung ROM:
        1-Wipe Data/Factory Reset
        2-Format the System
        3-Flash the Rom
        4-Wipe Cache
        5-Wipe Dalvik Cache

        If coming from another Custom Rom:
        1-Wipe Data/Factory Reset
        2-Format System
        3-Flash ROM
        4-Wipe Cache
        5-Wipe Dalvik Cache

        If upgrading from Older version of this ROM :
        1-Create a Nandroid
        2-Flash ROM
        3-Fix Permissions

        If Upgrading from an ICS Version of this ROM to the Jelly Bean Version:
        1-Create a Nandroid
        2-Wipe Cache / Data
        3-Wipe Dalvik Cache
        4-Flash ROM

        • ali says:

          thank you for replying… i know how to do the installation but the problem is that my phone doesn’t respond at all as i mention before….
          no power at all …. any idea????
          thanks in advance

  38. Strictly.Mobile says:

    I’ve flashed a few roms but this one takes some beating, very easy to install following instructions, i’m currently running with Dorimanx kernel v7.8. Even thou I did have a few issues, it was very easy to fix, firstly the xperia launcher was crashing, l kept getting a pop up window saying xperia had stopped working, so I installed Root App Delete from Play, froze the launcher, then deleted app. I then had issues updating gmail, google+ and youtube, so I followed the same process with Root App, then reinstalled from play without any problems. I am now very happy using v5 across 3 launchers, no real need for using the dual boot option and I can’t wait to get a look at v6.

  39. Farhan Abbas Khan says:

    @ali Download resurrection remix rom in to your external SD card than reboot in recovery mode and select that rom you downloaded and follow the instruction … its the best rom I have used … google resurrection remix and download from thier website

  40. Ryan Wiblin says:

    I flashed this Rom last night. I have been running older versions of thunderbolt for quite some time. Its a great Rom..
    I do have one problem though…
    I don’t know much about flashing different modems and last night the aroma installer prompted me to choose a modem… I just chose the first one…
    But the data throughput isn’t that great… it’s quite slow and doesn’t really work most of the time..

    I don’t know what modem I should be using and don’t know if I can flash a different modem or where to even find different modems….


    • philcole4321 says:

      I do not recall seeing any options in the Settings to change the modem. You may have to try reinstalling and choosing another modem when to get that option. Before you do that look up what modem your stock software used and choose that during setup.

  41. mkm says:

    great rom, one of the best good battery life smooth and fully working,thanks bro alhusain mohamad for such a nice work

  42. Ivan says:

    I know this is not where I should write this but can you please tell me if you know when will the official JB be released for the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100?

  43. tsouts says:

    Good Rom, good job. But what about Radio?

  44. Aleks Pavlovic says:

    Hello, I’ve been reading through this rom being very interested in it,
    Right now im on a GS2 i9100 2.3.4 Litening Rom, I want to upgrade to JB/ICS (Whichever the rom is better for) and try this rom out, I’m just curious about the battery, Does it hold out well? How many hours do i get? Stand by, call, music and Etc.
    Please respond, thanks!

  45. Bozicko says:

    How to enable speed dial in this rom.
    Please answer ASAP…

  46. Paulius says:

    What KERNEL or MODEM should i pick? im googling but i can’t find anything.. what is this? i want to choose best option tho.. so please help me, say what + and – have each other

  47. Joshua says:

    I’v got a problem with the sound from my headphones, they are very low on Aokp, and cm10. Does this Rom fix this?

  48. Sam says:

    I have flashed my S2 with thunderbolt… but I am facing problems with Data connection. It doesnt seems to connected. I have reset the APNs as well… Kindly help… what I m missing ?

  49. Cosy says:

    Love this rom. The only issue I’ve had is that the data and wifi have a tendency to drop out every so often. Aeroplane mode off and back on again sorts it out. This isn’t that often.

    Fantastic smooth rom with no freezes/crashes or random reboots.

    Kudos Dev and thanks Max.

  50. lfeliz says:

    Hi I love this rom but I can’t get DATA only wifi, how can I fix this please, thanks

  51. Udara says:

    Checkβ€”-> for day to day updating roms

  52. wpin says:

    No Wifi Direct? No setting for the camera storage, but all photos and videos saved under internal SD Card? No photo self-shooting function?

  53. udara says:

    Jellybam rom updated.. with 4.2Google Apps .. visit—->

  54. Zeta says:

    Hi! Can someone tell me what is the best ROM for Samsung Galaxy s2 GT-I9100 (Including overclock, a lots of apps, and good battery life)

  55. ali says:

    the battery in my phone is lightning

  56. ali says:

    did the thunderbolt ron is good for gt-i9100, how can i download it to my phone s2

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