VK ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100!

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I’ve been getting a TON of requests for VK ICS ROM on the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, so this week’s ROM of the week is VK ICS ROM!

VK ICS ROM is a Touchwiz-based ROM that comes bare-boned, fast and light.

Some of the notable features include Jkay Deluxe apps support, Volume Up and Down camera shutter buttons, call recording, call noise reduction, YouTube 720P HD videos on Wifi/3G, and a ton more.

Also does come with Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX and couple GS3 apps you might enjoy.

I am really liking this ROM and I have to agree that this is one of the better ROMs out there for your i9100. Flash it and let me know what you think!


Download VK ICS ROM

Install the THREE files in the following order:
–VK–ICS-XWLPG-V5.1.3-Jkay Support-Multi-Language.zip
–VK–Add Lock in status bar.zip

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM? Do you have a rooted phone? Please see Galaxy S2 FAQ FIRST if you are new to all of this!!!

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15 Responses

  1. Krish Mansukh says:

    Hi Max

    My s2 is giving me problems. Battery is always flashing and a message keeps popping up every few minutes “Charging paused. Voltage too high”. This happens when charger not connected. For some reason this happened when i installed the ICS 4.0.3. Battery drains out real fast too. Do you think its a hardware problem or a software problem? I personally think its a problem with my usb port on the s2. What do you think?

    Would be awesome if you could help me out. Thank you.

    • krish G says:

      definitely a hardware issue i just flashed it and i am testing it now and i get no such issues only thing broken for me is the agenda list widget which crashes allot on sg3 home.

  2. Nav says:

    Thanks for this best jelly bean rom yet…works amzingly aosome on my s2 and like the jelly bean look!…
    Damn good
    U rock

  3. friv says:

    Great ROM reviews!!!

    I think JW player loads the video much slower. . .

    Looking forward for more great ROMS!

  4. arepai says:



  5. meydan says:

    hi max
    Amazing job!
    can you tell me how can I add Hebrew keyboard support?
    thank you!

  6. Lee says:

    Since I installed this rom my phone gets very hot, I checked on the task manager to see how many apps are opened and I only had two apps opened, I was browsing through google market when it started getting really hot. I have to keep on clearing the ram and close apps. Any advise what I can do to reduce the heat I never had any problems in my previouse stock kernal.

    • Lee says:

      The phone isn’t heating up as much as it use to, I flashed the siyah kernal and did wipe cache. I like this rom its very stable. The theme is great and I like the fact that wallpaper shows when you go to settings or camera mode cool!!.

      One thing I have realised my ram is always high e.g 567mb from 837mb even though I have closed all apps and processes, and I thnk thats one of the reason why the phone heats up so rapidly. Is this a bug or is there any solution to fix this problem? please help!!!

  7. Rishi says:

    As someone has mentioned earlier, the phone heats up like hell…. And what’s worse? The battery is next to dead. I charged my phone for nearly 8 hours today, and it only charged from 5% to 72%. My phone is under really light usage currently. No WiFi or 3G. Just Packet Data. I ran music for nearly 20 mins and the 72% battery finished within 4 hours. I’ve gone back to RR the problemo solved. So my hardware is okay.
    Other than this issue, the ROM really lags. I dunno why only I’m getting these problems, as many guys are saying this is fast and stable. I’ll try re-installing. If anyone experiences such problems, and finds a solution is more than welcome to let me know. Love the appearance though. 🙂

  8. nikhil says:

    cool rom..lovin it fast stable..
    1 problem..audio output is lame..i mean its less when compared to stock rom..
    fix plz..

  9. Faisal says:

    this rom is having inbulit launchers.

    I cannot use LCD resolution app and am not happy with the default resolution. Can it be fixed somehow ?


  10. kv says:

    Hi everyone,
    Please could u help me
    I was Dual-Booting (Using Siyah Kernel)
    Primary ROM: VK ROM
    Secondary ROM: Samsung stock ICS 4.0
    I changed my CSC not knowing what it is…….
    It was previously “KOR” on the VK ROM but then when I changed it (to i dont know what) it switched off and wont switchh on again…………………..
    could someone please help me
    its a really urgent matter

  11. jay says:

    Hi Max, as i know that there are a couple of new VK roms someone been using, can u keep us follow up?

  12. tinku says:

    hey hi
    will this rom supports video calling option..!!! pl do let me know im waiting for it…!!

  13. rahman says:

    i like your vk rom… can u add in the lock screen like galaxy s3 (water lock) & u add in loud speaker because sound not so good.

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