VK ROM for Rooted Galaxy S2 i9100!

If you are looking for a good ROM, check out the VK ROM for rooted Galaxy S2 i9100, this one comes with pretty nifty features like transparent app drawer, ability to sort apps by name or popularity, and more.  It also comes with Siyah kernel.

This is one of my favorite ROMs so check it out.


Download VK ROM


Don’t forget to say huge thanks to XDA user nguyenxuanhoa for this wonderful ROM!

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3 Responses

  1. sarang says:

    didn’t like this one either cause for some reason, i can’t use email and it doesn’t have korean language.

  2. rob says:

    Hi! I just rooted my phone with the help of your tutorial.. Thanks! I want to install this ROM but how do I do that? I just finished downloading the VK ROM. Can you guide me again? Thank you very much

  3. Rishi says:

    I like the rom…. It gave a little problem when i used titanium backup pro to restore ALL APPS + SYSTEM DATA. the rom started crashing and many apps closed unexpectedly. Had to restore my old rom and try again… It worked well in my next try when I just restored my apps+data.

    It’s got nice gestures and is very customizable. Only problem is that I’m unable to make folders in the app drawer. Other than that it’s very nice. 🙂

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