WizzedKat ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100/SGH-i777! [Galaxy S5 Style]


For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 and SGH-i777, check out the latest WizzedKat ROM.

Based on Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz, WizzedKat comes loaded with features we showed you last week:

Other notable features include S4-themed multi-window bar (with all-apps enabled by default), Kill App Back button, inverted Play Store, Viper4Android (See our full tutorial on Viper4Android here), Hovering Controls (See our full tutorial on Hovering Controls app here), Flash Player, Note 2 Gallery, S Health/S Translator apps, and more.

For speed, you can overclock WizzKat ROM as it comes with Dorimanx kernel and STweaks app.  For best of both worlds, overclock to 1.5 or 1.6Ghz and undervolt your voltages to get great performance and battery life (you may have to play around with this as shown in video).

With the latest version, you will get a big visual upgrade as WizzedKat ROM now features Galaxy S5 framework, dialer, icons, toggles, wallpapers, launcher, calculator, and some more.

If you want to get an early-look at what’s coming with Galaxy S5 “right now”, WizzedKat ROM will let you do just that so definitely give it a test drive if this interests you and let me know what you think!


Download WizzedKat ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100/SGH-i777

For installing on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777, simply follow our guide on How to Install GT-i9100 ROMs on SGH-i777.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere Camera

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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67 Responses

  1. kilver says:

    because when I make a call it tells me not registered on the network which is the problem?

  2. Taha says:

    I can’t download it , whats the problem ?

  3. Tomas says:

    same problem, can’t download… :\

  4. palo says:

    Hi all, this rom looks good, but I don’t know which CWM need to use to instal.
    This for JB rom’s or this for KIT KAT rom’s


  5. kamil says:


  6. kamil says:


  7. Dashka says:

    This is really bad rom fix :p

  8. Rabbi says:

    Which gapps version do we need to install this? or do we install it without gapps?
    Thank you

  9. pradeep says:

    biftor rom control is not working it crashes when ever i open it…….
    there is no s5 wallpapers shown……or is there app gapps to be installed in it..?????
    it look a bit different from the video above…..

    • Celes says:

      there is not suppose to be any biftor rom control, it may be from your previous biftor rom.. there is a way to wife the system settings in recovery, but i am not sure.. had the same problem, so i just flashed odin again, and then this rom.. works fine now

  10. Dhruv says:

    amaing rom Max, stable, smooth on my gt-i9100,loving it, smooth battery life, cool s5 theme, wallpapers

  11. Reddie says:

    Hi…anybody know about battery life of this rom??

  12. DonLyn says:

    this rom is great and the battry is good in this rom..
    but the touch key light duration allways off is not working also the toggle setting on the notifacation in not working..and sometimes in lag..but its good rom..im waiting for the next version of this for..

    this rom is 4.4.2
    no need to flash the gapp in this rom..

  13. Dhrumil Waghela says:

    This rom is good indeed… but it doesn’t gives the specifications it tells… The Toggles in notification are not of S5 Neither the Keyboard is of s5… But its a Good Rom with good Battery Backup…!!!

  14. palo says:

    how make screenshot

  15. Alvin says:

    i have install this rom but it dont look like the one in the video help

  16. Mangesh says:

    Good Features
    Draining Battery Heavily, Very Very Slow..

  17. trisha says:

    I have this rom. It says that my phone is not rooted when I opened some apps. Can I root it using this method https://galaxys2root.com/galaxy-s2-root/how-to-root-galaxy-s2-gt-i9100-jelly-bean-android-4-1-14-1-2/ ? Or is there a specific method for this rom?

  18. Celestine says:

    I have this issue where the external sd won’t be able to be detected suddenly.. After few reboots it might be there, and again after a day it randomly goes missing.. But it can be detected in recovery tho..
    Does any one else face this problem, and know how to solve it..

  19. iv4o says:


    • Celes says:

      turn multiwindow off.. and turn it on again.. then in home screen, hold the back button.. should work, worked for me

      • iv4o says:

        ok thanks for that!!!! but i want to REMOVE it when hold kill f***k i hate it
        is there any app to remove thish f*** mod ???

  20. foysal ahmed says:

    can’t download

  21. david bradbury says:

    I can’t access settings, when I press icon nothing happens

  22. david bradbury says:

    I can’t access settings

  23. vicky says:

    Slim kat rom…with 4.4.2 is betrer than this…..
    Stable and does not drain battery also…..best rom used on kitkat so far

    • Jose Lapao says:

      I have in this very moment the Slim Kat rom in my S2 GT-i9100P and my battery drain very fast and the phone is hot like hell, and if you say thats is stable I can say thats is very unstable in phone so unstable that my phone reboot 2, 3 times a day, and my Sony sw2 that is connected to him loose the connection all must every 10 minutes.

  24. Manusha says:

    ha ha love this rom less use of ram battery life amazing and for me its the best rom after shostock 3

  25. JMar says:

    I dont know how to install the rom

  26. Pizzy Ralph says:

    Pls I had difficulties installing this Rom but after several installation it was successful. The problem now is that I lost my root to this particular firmware.

    • Celes says:

      had the same problem, din know any easier way.. so i just flashed odin, and re-rooted ma phone again basicly, works fine now.. i feel it was worth it

  27. Pizzy Ralph says:

    Pls I had difficulties installing this Rom but after several installation it was successful. The problem now is that I lost my root to this particular firmware. Pls help me out.

  28. bashman_ says:

    This wizzkat ROM v2.0 is such a stable and a beautiful ROM .. Many thanks to the developer of this ROM (max-rrggr) but the only noticeable bugs are the 1. Notifications color – the notification bar doesn’t retain its normal default black color when running apps like kik , keep , instagram and many others like that I’m talking about the notifications bar that displays the battery bar and time not when you slide it down ..
    2. The settings icon in the notifications bar when you’ve slide it down doesn’t seems to be working when you click on it , it doesn’t do anything
    3. Then when you slide your notifications bar down right from the top middle of your screen and then try to release it it then brings up the menu that appears when you hold down the power button .
    Those are the only bugs I noticed after installing it on my gt i9100 .. Please the developer can help us fix all those issues mentioned above especially the notifications bar color .. Many thanks to him !!! We appreciate his great work .

    • Celes says:

      U said it best.. Have all the same bugs here, just noticed the bug on no.3.. Can use it as a shortcut now 😀
      And too add on, stweaks makes this rom soo smooth and stable

      • bashman_ says:

        yeah lol its a good one , im running v2.0 and planning of upgrading to v2.3 which is the latest as soon as possible ! i was even trying to post those bugs on xda developers (max rrggr’s xda developer’s page and then i was told im being banned from the forum :() so i couldnt post anything to let him know about those bugs.

        • Celes says:

          well it would have been really helpful if u were able to post it on xda.. and i forget to mention one thing, after a random reboot i wont be able to detect my external sd card anymore.. i use to enable it under recovery, that didn’t help tho.. but now every time after a reboot i will have to enable it under settings/storage/mount sd..
          do you have this same problem, just wondering cause i have never faced this in other roms

  29. Luis says:

    I have a problem with Jeboo i777 CWM, the buttons didn’t be fixed. What i did wrong? I installed modem, kernel and Rom but buttons don’t work

  30. Luis says:

    I have a problem with the buttons on my I777. I installed modem, Jeboo i777 cwm and Rom but buttons don’t work

  31. Steve says:

    I had a problem installing this on my GT-I9100. It would never boot after installing and would continually power cycle. It also broke my root access so that I could not restore my latest Carbon rom backup. Fortunately it warned me and I was given the option of restoring the root access. After that I was able to restore my Carbon rom backup. But I am worried about trying this rom again. I am fairly new to this and have only installed 6 different roms so maybe I missed a step. I have CWM installed maybe that is not the version required.

  32. Beloo says:

    System ui / status bar
    Doesn’t appear
    From: gt-i9100

  33. Bilal says:

    There are few annoyances that i hope to be fixed soon.. but overall good rom

    1- After updating via OTA, on homescreen > menu > settings crashes touchwiz.
    2- Before updating via OTA, notification bar (slide from top) > settings doesnt work..
    3- Sometimes stucks with error message (Samsung TTS has stopped working)
    4- After i reboot phone each time, it doesnt remember my last settings like ringtones, homescreen shortcuts, font size etc..
    5- When i select any wallpaper to set as Home + Lockscreen and immediately go to home during ‘Loading’ popup, it sets wallpaper on homescreen but not on lockscreen.. This is not a huge issue but i didnt had this on original 4.1.2
    6- Removing S5 stuff like finger print lock, LCD density etc from settings will make it better.. It just crashes the touchwiz when select.. not a huge issue as well..

    besides these.. i had no issues and overall Great Rom!

  34. Bence says:

    Would be a great rom if it weren’t for these bugs:
    1. Samsung TTS keeps saying it stopped working so google navigation doesn’t read street names ever.
    2. Notification panel settings in device settings just crashes settings when selected.
    3. Advanced lockscreen settings also just crashes the settings when selected.
    4. Messaging contacts displays everyone I’ve ever emailed, that’s kind of annoying, don’t remember other roms doing that.
    5. Samsung apps bloatware. I thought we rooted our phones to get away from bloatware.

    Has anyone else encountered these issues?

    • Bilal says:

      I had similar issues as commented above.. but resolved it.
      Search for wizzedkat rom version 2.6 on xda developer site. Download the rom zip of about 422mb and flash your phone after wiping/factory reset.. It may not boot at 1st time and you’ll get a new recovery manager.. wipe data again/clean install or just follow instructions on xda.. thn again flash your phone with same zip rom. Once your phone boots, all these issues will be gone.. also, you’ll get 800+ mb ram and overall speed improvements..
      If you face any issue like touchwiz home is blank etc like I did.. download ota updater from playstore and it will tell you about new rom update (v2.5)
      It does seems like a downgrade but restart your phone and flash zip file from ota.. this will fix almost all issues like settings not working and samsung ttf error etc..

    • Bilal says:

      Edit: search for wizzedkat 2.6 with hotfix included instead just wizzedkat 2.6..

  35. Albin Jr says:

    Hey!! I need some help!! I have a sgs2 i777, and i install this rom, everything is working almost perfect, when i push the power botton sometimes it doesnt respond, and reboot my cellphone, i need some advices, i think it could be the kernel !!

  36. Reddie says:

    Hi Max,do you have reviews about this rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2/development-derivatives/rom-s2-rom-s4-4-1-2-v3-1-ready-download-t2346939 ??
    i can’t download this rom,maybe you have the rom?please re upload the link for me..
    thank you so much, and so sorry for my bad english.

  37. Joel says:

    La mejor rom personalizada que he probado. Tiene muy buena pariencia, es rápida, estable y no drena la batería.
    Gracias por compartir!

  38. bikash lamichhane says:

    it is a very nice rom but only issue i had is that my phone gets too much overheating in very short period of use.

    • bikash lamichhane says:

      plz help me out of this problem

    • joy says:

      try apolo kernal …you can download it easily from google or go tohttp://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2/development-derivatives/rom-s5-unique-look-stability-t2629897

  39. andres says:

    make for galaxy s2 t989 t-mobile…. PLEASE

  40. joy says:

    Hi everyone, I have installed this rom succesfully and to fix the overheating i installed apolo kernal…running on wizzkat ver 3.3 latest..just 2 things here dosent work…1)Google search box dosent respond as it looks like a demo 2) S voice works but voice command to control calls,sms,camera,screen unlock dosent work,though i have set the options and it’s checked in settings…so if anyone can help?

  41. J says:

    I’m stuck at a loop boot. Any advice? Please help.

  42. tybeats says:

    Plz not working for me or just i dnt knw how to flash it plz help me i have S2 ics4.0.3 plz tell me how to flash it asap!!!

  43. Muh Yusuf says:

    please WizzedKat ROM for Galaxy S2 in sph d710???

  44. Shahizan Sabali says:

    I have been using this rom for quite a while and it was great. Only one thing is that the status bar is not transparent, it shows a normal black bar instead. Help?

  45. Cosmin Andrei says:

    Hy max! I have 2 questions: what cwm should i use for this rom? And G.Apps? I can.t find them in your post. Now I run the 5.0.2 Hazy, but i want to try this rom. Please help me! 

    • Richard William says:

      Hey, I know I am not Max but you should try CWM Recovery. There are no GAPPS in this ROM because there’s automatically Google Apps in the ROM.

  46. killer instinct says:

    request WizzedKat ROM for Galaxy S2 epic 4g touch please

  47. killer instinct says:

    request WizzedKat ROM for Galaxy S2 epic 4g touch please!

  48. killer instinct says:

    request WizzedKat ROM for Galaxy S2 epic 4g touch please!!

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