WizzKat ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100!


For this week’s Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 ROM of the week, do check out WizzKat ROM.

UPDATE: There’s a new version, CLICK HERE to see it instead of this one!!!

Based on Android 4.1.2 (off Neat ROM base) TouchWiz, WizzKat ROM brings you up to speed with its own Note 3 UI/icons/features including Note 3-styled dialer, toggles, calculator, and some more.

Other notable features include S4-themed multi-window bar (with all-apps enabled by default), Kill App Back button, inverted Play Store, Viper4Android (See our full tutorial on Viper4Android here), Hovering Controls (See our full tutorial on Hovering Controls app here), Flash Player, Note 2 Gallery, S Health/S Translator apps, and more.

For speed, you can overclock WizzKat ROM as it comes with Dorimanx kernel and STweaks app.  For best of both worlds, overclock to 1.5 or 1.6Ghz and undervolt your voltages to get great performance and battery life (you may have to play around with this as shown in video).

Overall, WizzKat ROM is a great choice for those of you looking for a TouchWiz-based ROM that’s fast with Note 3 UI and many essential features.  So, check it out for this week’s ROM of the week and do let me know what you think!


Download WizzKat ROM for Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU HAVE GT-i9100!!!)(Link fixed!)

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere Camera

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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47 Responses

  1. Mr.D says:

    read the article carefully bro. 😀

  2. ravi says:

    I m unable to flash this rom in gt i9100

    • Max says:

      Sorry please try this:

      • Pratham says:

        Dear Max Sir… My Question Is__________
        Sir can u tell me that, can i install AOSP 4.4.2 rom with Jellybean Sammy Stock Rom 4.1.2 Both Roms with dual booting condition on my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100??..

        I’ll be greatfull to u sir, if i would be able to do this..

      • ludak says:

        Hi every one I have only one question
        HOW I Can remove the
        Back to kill MOD is so bad! but the rom is coool

      • bashman_ says:

        This wizzkat ROM v2.0 is such a stable and a beautiful ROM .. Many thanks to the developer of this ROM (max-rrggr) but the only noticeable bugs are the 1. Notifications color – the notification bar doesn’t retain its normal default black color when running apps like kik , keep , instagram and many others like that I’m talking about the notifications bar that displays the battery bar and time not when you slide it down ..
        2. The settings icon in the notifications bar when you’ve slide it down doesn’t seems to be working when you click on it , it doesn’t do anything
        3. Then when you slide your notifications bar down right from the top middle of your screen and then try to release it it then brings up the menu that appears when you hold down the power button .
        Those are the only bugs I noticed after installing it on my gt i9100 .. Please the developer can help us fix all those issues mentioned above especially the notifications bar color .. Many thanks to him !!! We appreciate his great work .

  3. mr.patel says:

    installation aborted….please help me ?

  4. mr.patel says:

    hey max this is the first time you disappointed me….i have flashed more than 20 roms without failure but this time….
    the error message was unable to open zip file….and i think many users are facing this problem….so help us out how to get rid of this

  5. Amarbayar says:

    Hey Help us! It doesnt working

  6. armaan auluck says:

    http://d-h.st/rUc for the rom link now the rom will flash!!!

  7. Yash.Patek says:

    heyyyyyy instalation aborted ……………….. plzzz helpp

  8. Ivan says:

    Don’t install. My recovery says “aborted installation” and there are a “andy” with a red triangle. Please put correct file

  9. iv4o says:

    Hi how I can remove back to kill mod plese ttell me?????

  10. yash.patel says:

    Hey developer plzzzz fix that package plzzzz I need it

  11. Ivan says:

    This file is now the correct. Try it. I’m happy with this rom

  12. macnifico says:

    Install but gives a black screen. Phone is on but with the black screen is impossible to do anything.
    However I did install it correctly once, but couldn’t make root, so I uninstalled it.
    Two days later, re-installed, but as I said, get a black screen.
    I give up. I’ll re-install Carbon ROM.
    Unless there is a fix…

    • macnifico says:

      Well, I don’t like to give up, so I kept installing the ROM, doing various thing in combination, and finally I got it right.
      It is installed and with root. It has been running for 24 hours now with no problems.
      However, I find it a little bland visually. Run of the mill regarding battery life, average speed.
      Will keep it a few days, but I’m sure I’ll be going back to old reliable Carbon ROM.

      • Joms says:

        Hey. How did you got it right? I want to try this rom but im also facing the black screen problem when i already installed it. Thanks.

        • macnifico says:

          I used Mobile Odin Pro with the Everroot option.
          However, the ROM started to act weird. Gallery could see only my Flickr account photos, Contacts started to lose entries, and several apps lost their configurations.
          This was after 2 days or so of normal use.
          So I erased it, and went back to Carbon with 4.4.2.
          I do not recommend this ROM, WizzKat, I used and recommend Carbon and Resurrection Remix, amongst others.

  13. Karim says:

    How can i install this Rom I am using CM11 on sgs2 does i need back to ggaps 4.1.2 ??

  14. Hugo Diaz says:

    Karim: In my S2 i9100 it shows as Android 4.3.3, not 4.1.2. So it uses 4.3 GAPPs.

    • Karim says:

      but I got an issue with the instalation when i install the wizzkat rom the samsung logo comes and don’t stop coming I have waiting for al long time but it doesn’t ends so im now back to cm 11 p.s I am sorry for my worse english but i want this rom it looks nice !

      • macnifico says:

        Karim: I don’t like badmouthing the works of others, but WizzKat needs more work. A lot more work.
        Go with Resurrection Remix or Carbon daily builds. They are stable, solid ROMs.

  15. isa says:


    I have flashed wizzedkat rom on my i9100 s2 and their is a ota update which says to download to 2.0 (s5 theme) but it is taking a long time to do is their a wizzedkat rom 2.0 rom to flash on i9100
    Could u let me know

  16. Steven says:


    • rick says:

      same problem.
      even cant go back to recovery mode and usb isn’t working.
      think i’m fucked.
      how did you fix it?

      • Hugo Diaz says:

        I tried a few times to start the phone into recovery, even taking the battery out for five minutes. Eventually I made it to recovery, where I did the three wipes, and restarted normally. I know it is not much help, but don’t give up.

  17. isa says:


    i have installed the wizzedkat rom on my i9100 everything is working fine but the OTA app says there is a 2.0 version available i tried to download it but their is not status of how much it has downloaded. is their a way to install the update.

    • Hugo Diaz says:

      When I had it installed,it wanted to give me a OTA update to 1.2. Problem was I already had 1.2 installed!
      I’d recommend going to a different ROM.

      • isa says:

        my rom is 1.2 but says update to 2.0 (which has galaxy s5 theme) but i want to know how to install it another way. i found a zip file for the 2.0 version but not sure how to install it while i have the 1.2 version of wizzkat

  18. isa says:


    i wanted to know why my Google widget doesn’t work on this rom (wizzkat)

  19. Jerryd176 says:

    Very nice app it worked fine with my sgh-i777. But I had to delete it because whenever I get or make or get a call the mic nor speaker worked

  20. Pontus says:

    Is the Swedish language included

  21. Alex Note says:

    Work well but with dorimanx-V8.43 kernel with 1.2 rom version.I lost the root of my i9100
    How can I get it back.For every body whu have problems with instalation I have copied on the external and than instalation begin. it won’t instal from SD storage .Some how now I don’t have a root privilege

  22. abdulqadir says:

    Wizzkat ROM install guide
    Please help
    My Samsung galaxy s2 i9100

  23. Abhishek says:

    best toucwiz based multiwindow rom…………reallt amazing man…..!!!!

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