How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2 on Mac or Linux! [SGH-i777]

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For those of you who want to root your AT&T Galaxy S2 using a Mac or Linux, here’s how to do it.

For Mac OSX, you can use Heimdall Frontend to install kernels, see How to Install Kernels using Heimdall video.

Step 1. Put your phone in download by connecting a USB cable from your phone to your computer then holding down Volume down, Volume Up, and Power button together until you see warning, hit Volume up button.

Step 2. Download rooting files here and unzip.


Then run the heimdall-1.3.1-mac.dmg for Mac, and heimdall_1.3.1_i386.deb for 32-bit Linux and heimdall_1.3.1_amd64.deb for 64-bit Linux systems.  This will install command-line heimdall you will need to flash the rooting kernel.

Step 3. Verify you have heimdall working by opening up a terminal and type, “heimdall”.  If you get a bunch of usage messages, you have correctly installed heimdall.

Step 4. Type the following to flash the kernel: (Make sure you are in the directory you unzipped the files to.)

heimdall flash –kernel zImage

or for Ubuntu:

sudo heimdall flash –kernel zImage

You should get “successful” message and your AT&T Galaxy S2 should reboot.

Step 5. After your phone reboots, check that you have Superuser app.  If you do, congrats!  You have just rooted your phone!

Step 6. You can also verify you have full root by opening up an app such as Titanium Backup (available free on the Market) and Superuser request should pop up.

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