How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-I777]

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Well, just got my AT&T Galaxy S2 yesterday, couldn’t keep myself from compiling.

Here’s how to root AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 model using Windows! (For Mac and Linux, see How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2 for Mac and Linux!)

UPDATE: This is for Gingerbread only, if you have ICS, please follow the other ICS root method!!!

-CWM (thanks to codeworkx!)
-SuperUser App 3.0.5
-SU Latest 3.0
-Custom Boot animation support (copy over file to /system/media directory)
-init.d support

Here’s how to root your AT&T Galaxy S2!

This one, you just have to flash the tar file in ODIN, that’s it, you get root, CWM, and the extras.

Step 1. Put your phone in download by connecting a USB cable from your phone to your Windows computer then holding down Volume down, Volume Up, and Power button together until you see warning, hit Volume up button.

Step 2. Make sure you installed Kies, download here if you didn’t:

Download Kies

You can double-check that Kies has been installed and that your Galaxy S2 drivers are correctly installed by going to Control Panel->Device Manager and see “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device”.

Step 3. Download rooting files/kernel here:


Step 4. Unzip and Run odin3v1.85.exe.

Step 5. Choose “SGH-I777-ATTGalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxKernel.tar” and hit Start.

Step 6. Your phone should reboot and you can verify that you have SuperUser app, congrats you are rooted!

Also, if you go to Settings->About Phone, the Kernel should say, if so you are rooted.

Step 7. Make your first backup in ClockworkMod Recovery by pulling out your USB cable then holding down Volume down, Volume Up, and Power button together until you see blue ClockworkMod Recovery menus.

Q. Do you lose any apps or settings?
A. No, you don’t lose any apps or settings.

Q. Why do I get a i9100 and exclamation point?
A. That’s just a security feature by Samsung to be able to tell rooted phones. You can always flash a stock kernel back to unroot but if you are rooted, you will get this on start-up.

Q. Is this a stock kernel?
A. Other than additions, yes, it’s built from Samsung’s open source.

Q. My wifi isn’t working?
A. When I made this kernel it was for Gingerbread 2.3.4, you can fix this easily by flashing Entropy Kernel in ODIN.

ROM Devs: Would be honored if you include my kernel in your ROM, no need to ask or linking needed, just put it in there for me will ya?

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