How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-I777]

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Well, just got my AT&T Galaxy S2 yesterday, couldn’t keep myself from compiling.

Here’s how to root AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 model using Windows! (For Mac and Linux, see How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2 for Mac and Linux!)

UPDATE: This is for Gingerbread only, if you have ICS, please follow the other ICS root method!!!

-CWM (thanks to codeworkx!)
-SuperUser App 3.0.5
-SU Latest 3.0
-Custom Boot animation support (copy over file to /system/media directory)
-init.d support

Here’s how to root your AT&T Galaxy S2!

This one, you just have to flash the tar file in ODIN, that’s it, you get root, CWM, and the extras.

Step 1. Put your phone in download by connecting a USB cable from your phone to your Windows computer then holding down Volume down, Volume Up, and Power button together until you see warning, hit Volume up button.

Step 2. Make sure you installed Kies, download here if you didn’t:

Download Kies

You can double-check that Kies has been installed and that your Galaxy S2 drivers are correctly installed by going to Control Panel->Device Manager and see “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device”.

Step 3. Download rooting files/kernel here:


Step 4. Unzip and Run odin3v1.85.exe.

Step 5. Choose “SGH-I777-ATTGalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxKernel.tar” and hit Start.

Step 6. Your phone should reboot and you can verify that you have SuperUser app, congrats you are rooted!

Also, if you go to Settings->About Phone, the Kernel should say, if so you are rooted.

Step 7. Make your first backup in ClockworkMod Recovery by pulling out your USB cable then holding down Volume down, Volume Up, and Power button together until you see blue ClockworkMod Recovery menus.

Q. Do you lose any apps or settings?
A. No, you don’t lose any apps or settings.

Q. Why do I get a i9100 and exclamation point?
A. That’s just a security feature by Samsung to be able to tell rooted phones. You can always flash a stock kernel back to unroot but if you are rooted, you will get this on start-up.

Q. Is this a stock kernel?
A. Other than additions, yes, it’s built from Samsung’s open source.

Q. My wifi isn’t working?
A. When I made this kernel it was for Gingerbread 2.3.4, you can fix this easily by flashing Entropy KernelΒ in ODIN.

ROM Devs: Would be honored if you include my kernel in your ROM, no need to ask or linking needed, just put it in there for me will ya?

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327 Responses

  1. brad says:

    Hi, without thinking I decided to mount USB storage like you explained in your video. Now I’m just trying to figure out what that actually does. I also did a backup like you suggested and it said it was successful at the end, but did not back up to ext-SD because it could not be found. I imagine that stands for external SD, which I do have, which does have free space, any ideas? Anyways, I did 2 backups which is probably just a waste of space, how do I find the extra backup I made and delete it?

    • admin says:

      They are stored in your internal storage under /clockworkmod/backup directory, simply rename the folders to your liking and also you can delete them or even copy them over to your hard disk.

      • Dani says:

        my samsung gala xy s2 from at&t is model number: Samsung- SGH-1727 baseband version: 1727UCLE2 build number: IMM76D.UCLE2 kernal version: 3.0.8-perf-1727UCLE2-CL526987 etc etc… how can i root my phone???

  2. stig says:

    Thanks for sharing your steps and I’m tempted to do the same with mine. Before I do, can you please clarify if I need to have the phone in USB debug mode or not? Do I connect the storage?
    Also, it appears you are going to download mode while the phone is running, can you confirm this?
    My phone is running Android 2.3.4, kernel, UCKH7.

  3. fallingreason says:

    Will this kernel work with most roms?

  4. fallingreason says:

    Also, is CWM stable now? When there are updates to CWM will a new kernel need to be flashed and will I still have root access?

  5. brandon says:

    Please help me UNROOT my samsung GALAXY S2 SGH-I777 I need to turn it in and I just want the stock phone back no root or overclock. I rooted with your video and now i need to return it to the stock phone. Help!!

  6. Jon says:

    I’ve done everything exactly as you have said, but it will not do the final steps for me. When I load it in odin, it tells me “can’t open the serial(COM) port.” My .tar file does not look the same as yours, but other than that I am not sure what the problem could be. Can you help me?

    • admin says:

      You have to install Samsung Kies.

      • Chris says:

        Make sure you don’t have Kies *running* however… It took me a while to figure this out. I had installed it to get the drivers, and it was just running in the background. Odin would try to flash the tar file just sit there doing nothing, then eventually failing after it timed out.

        Once I shut down Kies, Odin was able to get full access to the phone and the process started immediately.

  7. Jon says:

    Thanks for the speedy response. Yes sir, I have kies installed and the driver is there. Is there some converter I need for my .tar file to look like yours? Do I need an sd card? If so, why does it matter? Like I said, I followed every step you gave and it won’t let me do it. Thanks again for the help. I am new at this so maybe there are some steps that are suppose to be understood to do first that I might be missing.

    • admin says:

      You just need to flash the tar file no need to convert it any way. You might not see the tar extension on windows as extensions are hidden by default.

  8. Jon says:

    Just an update…it ended up being the usb port I was using was giving me problems, so I just changed it to the back and it works great. Thanks!

  9. JC says:

    Hi, I’m a complete Android newbie. Before I root my ATT S2, could you please clarify a few questions for me?

    1. do I need to set usb to debugging mode in settings–>applications–>development–>usb debugging?

    2. over at xda forum, there are discussions about losing phone sound quality after rooting and need another patch, would I experience the same problem with the steps in your video?

    3. I’ve installed Kies, in Win7x64 under device–>usb controllers, I see “Samsung mobile USB composite device”, when phone is connected in MTP mode, not “USB CDC” shown on your screen. Do I have the right driver?

    4. Do I actually need to use Kies aside from the included driver during the rooting process? It takes 10 minutes to start up, would rather not to use it.

    Much Thanks!

  10. Miguel says:

    Please post the Mac version ! πŸ™‚

  11. AntirisK says:

    Yo! The simplest rooting I have done so far πŸ™‚ Awesome work!!

  12. Nisssmo says:

    I have odin 1.70 and for some reason I can not get 1.85. Can I still root using your method with my version of Odin ? Thanks.

  13. Nisssmo says:

    Managed to get 1.82 … 1.85 gives me a error message..not sure if I can do your Root method with 1.82

    • admin says:

      odin 1.85 is included in the download file, try that. It says odin.ini file is missing, you should just run the odin 1.85 from the folder and it should work.

  14. Seven says:

    Hey Thanks, rooted but my home key doesn’t take me home anymore. :/ Any idea why?

    • admin says:

      try rebooting.

      • Michael says:

        Same problem, and I tried rebooting and restoring,..etc…nothing helped. I pressed *#2663# and it said Touch Key FW update, I clicked it and thats when all the touch stopped working and only the back and menu key light up…HelP!

  15. omar says:

    Hi there and thanks so much for sharing out your magic,,, I just got my att&t galaxy s2 and cant wait to root it,, but got this miner confusion; step # 7 above is for backing up the device to original software, should not be step # 1, i mean: should I back up the device before commencing the root process or after, please excuse my confusion.
    one more thing; can you tell if ATT&T galaxy s2 run MIUI ROM, cause I am fixing to install multi language with additional method that does not work in MIUI as the developer mentions? thanks

  16. Delta says:

    Try to root Galaxy at&t 2.3.4 with Android UCKH7, but the Message stop at more than 30 minutes
    Repeat the process few times, same result, any thoughts?
    Thanks and regards,

  17. omar says:

    Hi, I was able to root my device as you said, I got the superuser,, thanks a lot.
    after the root and reboot I discovered two issues; Samsung Kies didnt recognize the connections (say connection mode not supported by Kies).
    the other issue is that when I go to mount usb mass storage, the command takes me to another page mentions “usb mass storage device
    leaving this menue unmount
    your SD card from your pc.” then right beneath that the word ” Unmount”
    in my computer; the list of drivers does not show or open the driver that appears when connect the device.
    can you help with the MOUNT process, what is mount means here any how:)

    thanks always

  18. Jay says:

    I’ve followed your instructions step by step and rooted my phone. Superuser was successfully installed. However, I am having trouble with the wifi. It will turn on for a few seconds and then turn off again.

    • jack says:

      having the same issue. wifi will start and then just completely turns itself off. It is the zedomax image that is causing it. if i flash back to stock it is working without any problems. anyone else have this problem or a fix for it? would love to use this but can’t afford to give up wifi on AT&T limited data.

      • Michael Tran says:

        Same issue here. Do anyone know how to fix this? I can’t give up unlimited data plan for this. Please help.

        • Frank says:

          Put me on the list of dropping wifi.

          • Guillermo says:

            Same thing w/ my wifi. Hope we can get a fix, Fellas.

          • Guillermo says:

            Fixed the WIFI problem! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
            My phone was (AV)2.3.6 when I rooted.
            This root was for AV 2.3.4
            So, I unrooted and it placed me back at (AV)2.3.4
            After this I rooted once more and problem solved!!!

            • Threnody13 says:

              Thanks for the tip! I unrooted following the directions on this site, then rooted using these directions, and now my phone has no wifi issues. I also had Android Version 2.3.6 on my phone, so unrooting to 2.3.4 worked out great. πŸ˜€

              One caveat: if you have Clockword Mod ROM Manager installed on your phone, it won’t go into download mode when you push the buttons unless your device is already plugged into the computer.

          • Jason says:

            Just unrooted mine, wifi does still not work.

          • Jason says:

            Backed up contacts and did a factory reset. Was then able to reroot as Guillermo described.

      • Joe says:

        Same issue. No wi-fi after rooting. I have android version 2.3.6 and when I try to unroot as per this sites directions it does not change. I seem to be stuck so I would appreciate any ideas.

    • Hasn says:

      I am new in this thing, just followed the instruction and end up with same WiFi issue. Is there any solution other than un-root?

    • Sean says:

      I’ve also got the wifi problem all of a sudden. Any fixes out there besides unrooting?

  19. larry says:

    Nice. Thanks. Rooted and have superuser access. However when I tried to install wireless tether for root users from the market I get a message . This item is not available on your carrier. What ? So how do we go about getting wireless tether on this device? Thanks.

    • MrAirForce says:

      If you have successfully rooted, instal an app like Titanium Backup…. Go into backup/restore list and look for tetheringmanager…. click once, click freeze (or remove if you dare)….Voila, now you can USB or wireless tether.

  20. Danny says:

    When I download the it says the zip file is invalid. Tried with windows and win-rar.

  21. james says:

    i rooted using your method w/ no problems. thanks a lot!

    but when i tried to back up my rom, it goes thru the back up, but then says “no sd-ext found, skipping backup of sd-ext”

    and when i put the sd card into my computer to check the file, it has a couple folders, but they are both empty. tried this twice w/ the same results. thanks

    • james says:

      update: i found the backup files, they aren’t on the external sd card, they are in the internal storage under the clockworkmod folder. is that a problem? did i miss a step?

  22. Ali S says:

    Are your rooting instructions still current, or would it be better to use the method(s) presented at XDA, e.g. ?

  23. Ali S says:

    In particular, I guess I was wondering about the “there is NO reason to root at all if you are going to flash any custom roms available here in XDA” comment at … given this, is rooting even necessary?

  24. Harry Linssen says:

    After Rooting my at&t GSII I lost browsing from my PC(s). This was a particular problem when I tried saving your OTG enabling kernel to the SD card (Kies/Network access is of no use here) so I had to unroot again to get USB browsing.
    Any comments/suggestions, Max? Prying open the device each time to remove the microSD for writing to it is a bit of a pain…..


  25. Joe May says:

    Just wanted to first off say that your site is amazing. Perfect tutorials! Even made the USB Jig with no problems (Really cool BTW). If it wasn’t for i would be so lost LOL. But anyway, I bought my AT&T version of the Galaxy S2, rooted it the day i got it and installed the zedomaxoc kernal and had no problems what so ever. Last night I tried flashing this supposedly “stable” 1.836 GHz overclock kernal and it completely erased all my phone info like the IMEI, my phone number, network status. It pretty much wont read the SIM, and it doesn’t even show a network. I unrooted it, re-flashed the original kernal and got it back to completely stock. I even reset the binary counter in download mode. I also took it to AT&T and they tried replacing the SIM twice, but still nothing. You have any ideas? You seem to be the man when it comes to this so I figured I’d ask. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Joe.

  26. CJ says:

    you mentioned “stock except for add-ons”, add-ons like what?

  27. Mike says:

    Is it possible to root if I updated to 2.3.5?

  28. JAck says:

    Followed the video instructions and got a Red FAIL on Oden
    I have tried a few times more, and same issue.
    I put the correct file path to the TAR file under PDA and still nothing
    Only thing checked is auto reboot

    my phone is on the oden mode and says downloading.
    I have no idea how to get it off that mode since this root isn’t didn’t work for me

    would you be able to explain how to do so?

  29. JAck says:

    I have tried to do it again.
    The message on oden no longer says fail but stays here

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:6)..
    File analysis..

    The drivers are installed correctly
    I have the exact same thing as video in my device manger

  30. Rob Tisdell says:

    Very simple root method… Kudos for all of the hard work. After rooting my AT&T Galaxy S2 I loose WIFI functionality. Wifi comes on for 15-20 seconds and then turns off. I have tried returning to stock and then doing the root process from start to finish 6 times now and I get the same results. Can you please help me?

    • Michael Tran says:

      I have the same problem. Please help.

    • Rob R. says:

      I had the same issue. After booting into recovery and resetting/wiping the phone everything now works.

      The one issue I run into is when using ROM Manager, any ROM I download fails to open due to a verification key error or something like that.

  31. tim says:

    i cant stand all these bullshit apps that at&t has loaded on my galaxy s 2 so i rooted it following your steps (worked great thanks) but i still can remove the stupid apps like “books” “ap mobile” “att navigate” ect. what is the purpose of the superuser app and how can i remove these at&t fluff apps

  32. Eric says:

    I successfully rooted, but I don’t have the recovery. When I press volume down, power, and home buttons, it says signature verification failed. It only gives me the options to update from sd, wipe, and reboot. Any help is much appreciated.

  33. ruwanb says:

    First thank you so much for having this site running,

    Quick question….could you please let me know if I could use following,

    after using your kernel to root? Please let me know. I am planning to travel and this will help me to use my GS2

  34. ljones says:

    Trying to download the file from the link and nothing happened. Is this file still available.

  35. matt speer says:

    Nice websiteeeeeeeeee
    well i just move from iphone 4 to sgs2 and im in love.
    i got 2 im playing with the small sgs2 from att ( will leave sgs2 tmobile alone for now)
    i got my att i777 rooted BUT im trying to install roms, i got usb debugging on.
    installed the workclock kernel
    download the unnamed rom, when i try to upload it , keep telling me :
    Can’t open /sdcard/ ………
    I renamed the file to
    try transferring it from the external to the internal memory and nothing.
    try downloaded again…and nope.
    try to download another rom….nothing…
    almost 3 hours and nothing.
    i try my best to read everything before asking for help since is the best way to learn.
    but i exhausted my posibilities/
    give me a hand plz

  36. zohb says:

    I have kies installed and i installed my att s2 but when i go to check it says SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device there is no CDC why?

  37. Julespilot says:

    Hi Max,

    Any chance you’d be able to supply the .tar that will do have all the same features as this, but with the stock android version 2.3.5 (preferably with at&t bloatware removed, but no worries if just stock), as it is my understanding that 2.3.5 has 15% better battery consumption?:
    – android version 2.3.5
    -CWM (thanks to codeworkx!)
    -SuperUser App 3.0.5
    -SU Latest 3.0
    -Custom Boot animation support (copy over file to /system/media directory)
    -init.d support

    that would be huge, thanks.

  38. Gaganjot says:

    i had sg2 i777 if i root it can i use it on any carrier i want or it will be lock to the same carrier

  39. gacuna says:


    If I root my SG2-i777, will I have the same features as the International/Global version of this phone? like:

    1. Video calling over 3g, without any 3rd party app? just by calling.
    2. When finish the call, will the phone give me the option to call/message/video call my contact again?
    3. Would I be able to change the background skin of my messages? (I don’t care too much about this one)

    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Markbc says:

    Your rooting process is great -thanks! You made it easy. . .and I loaded Titanium BU, screenshot ER, Root Explorer and it has made my SGS2 -(AT&T) better.
    – I did run into a problem –tried to use Rom Manager to load CyangenMod ROM for SGS2 ATT and it left me stuck at the CWM blue menu, (choosing any menu choice only gave me the Rom Manager “Hat” logo ;-(
    – Got out by ADB “reboot” command, (what a learning curve!)
    – Tried to go back and do a nano backup, but that again put me in the same blue screen (that time I reflashed the stock rom with your link using ODIN ;-).
    – Now I am OK, & again re-rooted, but would really like to flash the MIUI ICS ROM you showed on your channel –yet I am afraid it will just put me back to the non-functional CWM screen!
    – Question: Would using ODIN to flash the rom work? would it fix my ClockworkMod screen mess?
    Thanks, regardless –your channel has been very informative -I really enjoy my (recently purchased) SGS2 more because of it

    • markbc says:

      I fixed my own mistake. I was getting into recovery, but could not do anything else each time I pressed the power button to “select” and option, I wound up only at the Rom Manager “hat” picture. (Boy I am learning not to like that pix).

      IT is fixed! It turns out that once in CWM (Blue) recovery menu, all I have to do is make selections by using the home button -not the power key!!! I am sure this was intuitive or mentioned in the process, but after watching some other Max videos on changing kernels and his references to pressing the home button to select (I thought that was only for international models πŸ™ I tried it and (feeling dumb!) discovered that there is nothing wrong with my set up and now I am nano backing up. . . next stop. . .some other ROM.

      Thanks for this site Max . . .it is really helpful and full of too much material (I should be doing other stuff

  41. The original Ryan Reynolds says:

    I followed your steps. On my phone it says “downloading do not turn off target” Odin status is ‘zImage’. been this way for 30 minutes. Should I keep waiting? HELP!!!!

  42. tg says:

    Need some help, I downloaded the galaxy2 file but odin wouldn’t open up.

    • Jon says:

      Did you make sure to unzip the odin? the same thing happened to me when i didn’t unzip it

      • Tg says:

        Jon, thank you for the fast respond.
        Yes, the file was unzipped. When I double clicked the Odin exe file, a box with chinese or Japanese characters came up and I pressed ok and nothing happen.

  43. Jon says:

    can you use odin to flash a rom?

  44. sk says:

    I did exactly the same as what is described here. Everything went good and my device is rooted successfully… but for the wifi. i am seeing an error that
    says “application tethering manager is force closed” and my wifi always stays in the obtaining ip address from…….

    can you please help..

  45. sk says:

    an update…tried lot of research as to how to resolve this..could not find a way..this was the process
    process – com.tecace.tethering manager that always fails when i try to enable wifi. some forums i read rooting will never cause wifi to fail .. in order to make sure rooting is not the culprit , i did an unroot of the phone and everything works like a charm without any change….not sure still why wifi is faling for rooted phone…

  46. MJ says:

    I rooted the Att galaxy s2 and currently using it with the Tmobile network, however I can’t get
    access to the Tmobile 4g network for some reason. I live in an area with Tmobile 4g access but my phone only shows EDGE as the mobile network type. Anyone knows how to fix this?

  47. Oldfart says:

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII
    Can no longer access external SD Card after I rooted my phone. It show under windows explorer as removable drive e: & drive f:. If I click on the drive it prompts me to insert a card.

  48. Simon says:

    Don’t do this.
    It if incomplete rooting.
    You will lose WiFi.

  49. PC says:

    Anyone have the root procedures for the new OTA ATT upgrade?

  50. Lucas says:

    I followed the rooting instructions step by step. Instead of the box in the upper left corner saying Reset and being blue, it was red and said fail. Now my phone won’t do anything when I turn it on except say “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again.” Help! What do I do?

  51. Jeff says:

    The rooting procedure seemed to go ok but i noticed that the superuser version is 3.0-beta4(34). Is this ok or did i do something wrong ? I rooted the samsung galaxy s II model sgh-I777.

  52. michael says:

    Thanks for all the great info. I have one question when i try to download Kies on PC it says its not a valid Win32 application. Got any idea??? Thanks for everything.

  53. Poz says:

    After you root the phone will you have access the FM radio chip?

  54. Nikhil Wadhwa says:

    After flashing the phone with the root, it stays in the boot screen. How can I fix this.

  55. Zach D says:

    I just did this root to my friends s2 and it worked great, but I have a question. is this root the same for the skyrocket or are they different?

  56. Chase from HongKong says:

    I brought a GS2 i777 in Hong Kong and originally it (seems) rooted using MIUI. (I find it rooted just after I buy it) But I find some problems about the home button. So I tried your method to follow your steps to rooted the i777 myself. I finished all the steps but after “Step 5. Choose β€œSGH-I777-ATTGalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxKernel.tar” and hit Start.” I see in the Odin3 it show PASS! with green background and the i777 automatically reboot. The problem is that the i777 stops after the animation (the MIUI logo) and no any other response even I try to push some buttons. And I reboot for few time. Same problem occurs. What should I do?

  57. Chase from HongKong says:

    Something happened. I use another thing to root my i777. It success! and the Kernel says And then I follow your method (this page) again and now I finished the steps up to “Also, if you go to Settings->About Phone, the Kernel should say, if so you are rooted.” However, the new problem is that when I turn on the wifi, it says “turning on”. But after few second it back to “turned off”. How to solve this problem?

    • Pra says:

      Same thing happened to me. I then checked the Advance section of Wi-Fi settings, and realized that MAC Address is “Unavailable”. Could that be the cause? How do we get it reassigned? Any help would be appreciated.

  58. Serena says:

    I’m trying to do step one, but it keep turns off not showing that screen. I’m holding volume up and down together and power button. How do i get to that screen?

    • heath says:

      Yea I had that same problem. when your phone goes blank wale 5 seconds and then when it shows the battery push the three buttons again and it will pop up. The only problem Is my driver for the cdc isn’t working. it’s has the yellow triangle on it. I tried to reinstall kies and rebooted and that didn’t work

  59. Marco says:

    Is it safe to root using this method on 2.3.6?

  60. sam says:


    I have SGH-I777 2.3.4 KERNAL

    I have rooted it using Doomlords tool kit. But there are some problems like i cannot back up with ROM MANAGER.

    Can i root it again using your method. is it safe. please reply


  61. Aadesh says:

    Does this work for Non-Rooted Phone? I updated OTA from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 and want to go back to 2.3.4. Will the above steps solve my problem?

  62. Aadesh Chordia says:

    Can I root my phone after doing OTA update of my i777 from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6.

  63. Mike says:

    So, I’m kind of a new b. I was able to root my galaxy s2 phone without issue. However the with the root, my wifi doesn’t work. It is not recognizing networks. Everything else seems to work fine. How can I correct this? And/or, what did I do to cause this?

  64. Lilia says:

    My ATT Galaxy S2 is updated to android 2.3.6. When I rooted my phone, I have problem with USB connection and wifi. Any fixes?

  65. pete says:

    Same issue with wifi not working ….help! 2.3.6 upgrade before rooting and cwm.

  66. Manny_Castro says:

    I just followed the steps to root my ATT SGS2 and one of the first things I noticed after the reboot, my wifi was OFF, I turned it back on and within 5 seconds it went back off, went to wifi settings and and enabled it, same thing, within 5 seconds went back off line.
    Im about to attempt the unroot, which seems a little odd, to root its a 7mb file to unroot its a 313mb file.
    Any comments/suggestions ?

    I just want to get rid of all the stupid ATT software that its using my data plan without my authorization

    Thanks ‘;-)

  67. Manny_Castro says:

    I guess if there is no prompt answer from the site-admin then I will follow the reset to “factory settings”.
    STEP 8 from the “how to untroot guide”

  68. Manny_Castro says:

    Update to my previous update

    – I restored to factory defaults, but guess what, no wifi funciontality and the battery wont charge.
    – I will attempt the entire unroot process.
    I noticed that when I selected factory reset, it gave me a UNABLE TO ACCESS ATT PARTITION (yeah a major uh oh) it shows like 4 NO and only one YES, so I selected that and pushed the power button,
    I was Running Gingerbread 2.4.6
    After the unroot, it went back to 2.3.4
    My battery still shows 4% and charging, so the build in app, software update will not run unitl the battery got some more juice. I hope the ATT update can bring me to 2.3.6 ….

  69. Manny_Castro says:

    So finally with 10% battery, I was able to download the latest update from ATT using the software update app.
    now Im running
    – Ginger bread 2.3.6
    – Kernell

    On my personal opinion DO NOT ROOT your 2.3.6, unless there is a newer root designed for 2.3.6
    Thanks for your time and have a terrific holiday, happy new 2012 !!!

    • Tim says:

      Did you get wi-fi access back?

      • Manny_Castro says:

        YES …. seems like everything is working fine now, BUT because I started this using my USB connected to my laptop’s docking station and my battery charge was low, as of right now still shows 3-5% … dunno what to tell you, I will have to go home and use the OEM charger.
        but tyeah, everythings looks good.

  70. Otonicar Ales says:

    I am looking for Galaxy S2 full recovery method. Reading the web it looks like that there is no other way than by rooting the phone. Is that correct? Is really NO OTHER way to get ROM image? What Samsung developers were thinking .. World N01 Smart Phone without backup possibility. It took many days to adjust phone to personal needs . Over 50 apps, micro phone setups etc.. And all this can be crashed in a second without chance to be fully recovered . There must be alternative backup method or this is really Samsung N01 Madness ..

    The main problem is that rooting the phone is related with Guarantee and also phone functioning risk. In my case rooting has to be done only for backup purposes, phone is no ready for use – all instolled, all working great..

    You said that ROM can be replaced back to original unrooted one. But how – I am able to do ROM image after phone is already rooted?! .. My Kernel: root@DELL143#2. Andorid version 2.3.4

    Cheers, A.Otonicar – Slovenia, EU

  71. TC says:

    please help, i think i might have bricked my phone…
    i followed your steps odin had the green success/pass

    it then restarted automatically and my phone is stuck at the samsung screen?
    please tell me there is a way to fix it!
    any help is welcome!

  72. Matt says:

    The video and step by step instructions were simple to follow. why cant everyone else who makes these type of tutorials be as clear as you? this is my 2nd android to root and i completed it in about 10 minutes as to 3 hours on my last one. thanks for your help i really appreciate it.

  73. Sean says:

    Hello! Thanks for the tutorial. I have one issue. My Wifi doesn’t work after I rooted the phone. When I enabled Wifi, it would scan then automatically turns off Wifi. Any suggestion? My phone is AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 running 2.3.6. Thanks again.

  74. MikeMarcsVacs says:

    Hey man! Just followed your instructions and everything went OK. YOU ROCK! Thanks a lot

  75. joeycoggin says:

    Hey i did exactly what you said and it worked great except now i can not connect to any wifi networks after i rooted it! What can i do to fix it? I already restored it, unrooted it, and rerooted it and nothing worked. It worked fine before i rooted it.

  76. Q says:

    **DO NOT** use this root method with 2.3.6 unless you want to break your wifi.
    Technically, this isn’t a root, but a custom ROM you’re installing which has been rooted.

    If you’re using 2.3.4, google super one click root and use that. That will root 2.3.4. No custom ROM.

    If you rooted your 2.3.6 phone and broke the wifi, watch his video on how to unroot, which will take you back to 2.3.4 which is jsut as it was from ATT.

    • Joel says:

      Damm… Knew it was too easy. Now I have to unroot.. So after unrooting, any suggestions on the easiest way to reroot?

  77. iROOT says:

    Rooted using your method, worked in 5-10 seconds. Bravo…. but

    I am experiencing the same problem as one other reader, while turning the phone off and charging it, after about 3-5 minutes the phone turns itself on.

    I tried to drain the battery and waited for the battery to run out of juice completely.
    Plugged in the charger and the phone turned on after about 5 minutes.

    Any suggestions??

    Thank you for all your support

  78. MBOKC says:

    I need your help. I have new ATT SGS2 (purchased 12/27/11) and am new to rooting. I was link to this page by friend bc of your step by step instructions. I did everything exactly as you said and it i thought everything was fine. But i noticed I dont have any wifi capability now. I looked closer and can see that your phone says 2.3.4 and UCKH7. My is baseband v is l777UCKK6, Kernal v, Build v GINGERBREAD.UCKK6
    After rooting kernal changed to…… like you said. Im guessing this is probably an easy fix but i dont know what to do.This was my first time ever doing this. If you have the time will you please tell me exactly what to download and exactly how to install. Btw, your demonstrations and detailed instructions for this root were great. Thank you

  79. Mostafa says:

    Kies can’t connect the phone, and when I try to start to add the software from ODin 3 it either writes fail or it just starts and freezes

  80. ljones says:

    My phone is rooted, however I notice there is a new software update. Will I be able to update my phone’s software while it is rooted? Or do I need to unroot the phone first.


  81. Dean says:

    rooted my phone and everything seems okay but when i get a call i cant hear anything and the other party cant hear me.

  82. ahmoud says:

    hi all
    i have downloaded the european rom for my at&t galaxy s2
    when i opened the phone i found that i cant use th searsh and the return botton but the home botton works as the return botton

    so please any 1 can help or give me a new rom please

  83. sash says:


    i rooted my s2, but now the home- und the return-button don’t work. Therefor i can’t do a factory reset. Havy anybody an idea?


  84. Ransom Cozzillio says:

    For some reason I can’t use Odin. I downloaded it from the link on this page but when I try to open it, windows prompts me for permission to us it. Then a small dialogue box pops up saying “Odin3.ini” followed by what appear to be japanese characters. This dialogue box only has an “ok” button, which when pressed gets rid of the box and flashes what appears to be the odin program for a second and then it disappears and nothing else happens. I’ve tried this on multiple computers to no avail…what’s going on with that?

  85. Cesar says:

    hey i did this and its perfect , the only thing that worries me is that my wifi wont work anymore?

  86. Hunter says:

    I keep trying to root my S2 but it doesn’t work. Just says that it failed to root it. What could it be?

  87. Mikl says:

    I followed your instructions and rooted my phone but now I’m having problems with my wifi…It doesnt stay on when i turn it on…How can I fix this problem or restore my phone back to normal? I’m new to this kind of stuff and any help would be great thanks…

  88. Will says:

    When i unzip the the download, I do not get the same files you do but instead, it is a file called, “zImage”, and when I go to it’s properties, it’s file type is “file”. In addition, Odin does not allow me to select the file (I’m assuming because it is not a .tar?). Any idea what I can do?

  89. Jason says:

    I too am having trouble with the WiFi after the root method described above. The WiFi turns on, then off again after about 15 seconds. I’ve seen a few other folks having the same trouble. Is there a resolution, or do I need to unroot?

    • Jason says:

      Never mind. I just saw the post from Q, stating that one should NOT use this method with the AT&T Galaxy S2. I did just that, and the expected results indeed came about. No WiFi.

      I will now go about the unroot method. Thanks!

  90. jafar says:

    I tried to root my phone which is galaxy sll GT-I9100 by means of your outlined above procedure but the “three buttons” didnt work. could you please guide me with it.
    million thanx

  91. Scott Raymond says:

    I rooted my phone as per instructions as described obove but i lost my wifi wont turn on what should i do?

  92. ifedmyphone says:

    I tried this on my galaxy s2. Now I don’t have service with sprint or wifi. Any way of undoing this?

    • Jonny says:

      Uhoh.. This is for the ATT SGS2… Not sprint. Google “xda epic 4g touch forums” and find a Epic 4g touch rom and flash that via recovery.

  93. Garnett123 says:

    I downloaded your but I need the TAR file

  94. Nwhit131 says:

    Went Perfectly. Extremely easy and took minutes. Thanks!

  95. kevin says:

    if your wifi does not work you need to unroot so you run 2.3.4 gingerbread. if you have 2.3.6 it will not work

  96. Craig says:

    I tried this on my Galaxy S2 and everything seemed to work ok, no errors but now the wifi does not work.

    When I try to turn it on it stays lit for about 10 seconds and turns off again. Might have to go back to stock. πŸ™

    • Craig says:

      Like the others, I used the unroot instructions located above then re-rooted. Seemed to fix the problem.

      Only downside is I’m using 2.3.4 android instead of 2.3.6, but I’m ok with that as long as it works.

  97. Hayden says:

    I rooted using your method a while ago, and everything was working fine, but then I needed to reformat my microSD, and my internal storage to connect to my computer and do some simple file transfers. Reformatting fixed those, but then when I tried to unroot my phone I was unable to do so. I followed your steps using Odin, and my phone was able to connect and tried to begin the unroot process, but after letting it run for half an hour the bar was still only a millimeter away from the start line. I’ve since unplugged the phone and it isn’t bricked, but I’d like to unroot it. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do?

  98. Brad says:

    Hey people, I just managed to recover my GS2 from the train reck I put it through after flashing to 4.03 from 2.3.6(Big Mistake) this is simply becuase it was made for the i9100 version, and since no one warned me and I didn’t bother reading the file names I flashed it without backup of 2.3.6 – It worked for the most part, but had really shoddy wi-fi/network signals and obviously the Home button functioned differently, and the back/search buttons not at all.

    Anyways I attempted just to install the 2.3.6 firmware via Odin, it worked but caused errors of all kinds, so I used the Unroot file, had the issues of force closed before set-up. So I went into recovery mode, cleared cache and restored settings, reboot = working 2.3.4 GS2 πŸ˜€ – I then used an official fw/odin to get to 2.3.5 now I wait for my phone to tell me to update to 2.3.6

    Anyways I thought I’d share this for all, it’s a nice tutorial on how to root on 2,3.6, which is basically this tutorial, but the thing is he shows you how to flash a new kernal so you can get wi-fi working. I personally will wait for a less complicated/buggy version but I hope this helps you guys. – Remember when in doubt, Un-Root, System Recovery, Clear Everything, Reboot.

    • stuckmoto says:

      @Brad – followed the tutorial using and it worked fine.
      Sooo….if you followed Maxx’s tutorial for 2.3.6 and lost wifi, follow this guy’s video

  99. Francisco says:

    I want to know if this root works with android 2.3.6, and i have Kies Air but i dont find Samsung Kies the diference is that the one i have is wireless but i dont know how this affect

  100. xhawkx says:

    No follow-up yet?

  101. Nick says:

    @zedomax do I have to unmount external SD? Do I need USB debugging?

  102. Nick says:

    ur the best thnx i rooted and it was sooooooooo easy!!!!

  103. Jesus says:

    Hi Zedomax. When I bought my i777 it came already rooted (Superuser app is installed). However it still have 3e version of stock recovery. Can i use this method to get CWM? or there is a method to only get CWM without re-root the phone?

  104. Ernsto says:

    I rooted my phone using the 1st method for the AT&T version of the GS2 and for some reason my wifi stop working. It keeps on turning itself off every time I turn it on. Can you help me fix the problem?

  105. xhawkx says:

    Damn, I am not trying to be a pain in the ass, but assistance for 2.3.6 is needed, is there a root for this if not, what is the way that one should proceed? A response by the more experienced would be greatly appreciated.

    • Eugene Johnson says:

      There is a post above by Brad dated 3/6/12 (thanks Brad….helped me a LOT!) with a link to a root for 2.3.6.

      Site Guru:
      Maybe the post by Brad should be moved up to the very top like
      NOTE: This video is for 2.3.4 only.
      If you have 2.3.6, see Brad has pointed to the link:

  106. Blake says:

    Got to the Start button on ODIN…now my phone is bricked saying “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recover mode in Kies & try again.”


    Now I have to bring this phone back to AT&T and hope to god they warranty me out.


    • Blake says:

      I was lucky. AT&T has a device repair center with Samsung Authorized firmware. They restored my phone back to factory and we are good to go. I will not be rooting using this TAR file and my advice would be to find another one.

  107. JOHIN says:

    Rooted and had the popular wifi issue, backed up, unrooted back to 2.3.4 and rooted again, now everything works. No issue so far. I am new to Android but the videos have been very helpful.

    The unroot was supposed to wipe of all apps so I did a Titanium backup, however turns out all apps and data were kept intact after the unroot and re-root process. Strange but I did verify that I have root access.

    Thanks for all the postings.

  108. Marcos says:

    After Rooting With The Zedomax Kernel My Data Network Stopped Working? Anything Ideas???
    Wifi Works Fine

  109. Rodrigo says:

    Hey I need to know how to fix the GT-I9100 and triangle boot image from my galaxy SGH-I777 (At&t). I used your method of rooting and i cant find any solutions as far as removing it.

  110. itzik says:

    i did as you show here.
    but WIFI stoped to work
    i see your kernel
    abd it updated to android version 2.3.5
    i have super user etc
    but wifi is not working. when i turn it on it start to look for network can not find. then auto in turn off
    please help

  111. ricardo torres says:

    my wifi do not work why I DO

  112. Jake Best says:

    So i rooted it and its rebooting but its stuck on the reboot screen with the little yellow warning triangle. Any ideas?

    • Javier says:

      That also happened to me, did you try unrooting?

    • Christopher Allen says:

      Nice to see that no one gives a crap. Same thing happened to me.

    • ken says:




  113. Justin says:

    Sorry if this has been asked before but does this work for version 2.3.6 or do I need to downgrade to 2.3.4. If so, how does one do that?

  114. Herb says:

    Max, I rooted my phone as per your video And now my wifi does not work.My phone is the Samsung SGH-I777 android version 2.3.6.Do you have a new kernel version that will work. Help please! Herb

  115. Andres says:

    Disables wifi completely. Unrooting does not bring the wifi function back.

    • Ken says:

      Same thing happened to me on my samsung skyrocket… Any suggestions to get this working with tmobile… After I did this I am not getting any service at all, says to insert sim and my sim is in…

      Please help…

  116. shiva says:

    I have the same problem.

  117. Craig says:

    I downloaded the zedomax.tar file. When I rooted my phone I had superuser ver. 3.0.beta 4

  118. sam says:

    will this root work for ICS 4.04? please respond or email me

    • EricHostile says:

      I would not use the TAR file in this post.. Go to XDA developers and use that methods that are posted there. That goes for anyone, this should be updeated/deleted.

  119. Aaron says:

    I have the at&t galaxy s2 and want to root it. Its running 2.3.6. UI want to be able to tether other devices from my phone. Plus maybe install ics. Im new to android and dont know alot about the rooting process. Is there an easy way?

  120. scotty says:

    Can you make one without the boot animation? don’t want to flash the stock since i needed it rooted.

  121. Mike says:

    Wow, i have no problem with wi-fi, but this has totally killed my battery life. When i am on Wi-fi it works great, but for some reason on HS data when i am out of range my battery life has virtually been cut in half. I think i’m going to move to an ICS ROM and hope that brings me back to a full day of usage.

  122. Dave says:

    I had my ATT GalaxyS2 rooted and installed your “Leaked ICS” and it worked fine, but as you know, doing that unrooted my phone. So, using your ATT instructions, I attempted to Root the phone again. Now I am stuck in the Samsung screen with the yellow triangle and it will not complete booting to the Rom. I have cleared the cache and still nothing. Help!

    • Dennis says:

      This is not intended for use with ICS. Just use the ICS install method again, and it will reinstall the kernel you need to run ICS.

  123. Matt says:

    Can’t get my WI-FI to stay on so I can connect.

  124. Sam says:

    Jan 16th By Quads

  125. salvador says:

    I rooted my phone and I wifi was not working so I decided to apply the only workaround that I found that can solve this whis is to Unroot it and then root it again. After I Unrooted the phone I can`t root it again, I get a serial connection problem:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I already tried even with a differnt computer and still have the same problem. can anybody help me to solve this isuue???

  126. Luis says:

    wifi doesn’t work after installing your zedomax kernel…why.

  127. Ken says:

    Hey Ken,
    I successfully rooted my sgs2 a while back using your method. I then proceeded to do a factory reset on my phone. Everything is ok. I am now trying to root my phone again… when I open odin and pda the stock kernel, (above id:com- instead of KERNEL like in your video, right above id:com my odin says FACTORYFS when I click start)
    what is factoryfs? am I doing something wrong??

    The phone rebooted but not rooted.
    I don’t see superuser, etc. Nothing!

    Please help

  128. venky says:

    MY SGH-I777 AT&T S2. WORKING IN. A.V=2.3.6
    CAN I UPGRADE A.V=4.03 ?

  129. Ken says:

    After doing this, can’t find my sim and when I turn on the wifi it searches but finds nothing and shuts off. I tried to install another kernel but won’t let me… Error… can’t mount /emmc

    Please help…. πŸ™

  130. John says:

    So all of your steps worked out fine, but now my WiFi will randomly toggle itself off every ten seconds.
    It refuses to stay turned on :/

  131. Luis says:

    First, thank for all the information you post here. Its a great help.
    I have sgh-i777, was rooted, and had no problems.
    I just installed the leaked ICS version I777ucld4, with the one click EXE for windows.
    I don’t find the way to root it again, nor to install CWM.
    Is it possible or not yet ?

    • admin says:

      You have to reinstall a kernel with CWM then install a ROM.

      • Luis says:

        OK, any Kernel that you recommend ?
        I tried Siyah, installed it with Odin, but i had some bugs.

        • admin says:

          I do recommend Siyah which version did you try?

          Try one of the newer ones.

          • Luis says:

            I tried the last version, v3.2.6.3.
            The “go back” & “Serch” buttons didn’t work. Home button was like “go back”.
            And the wallpaper i had was moving with the screen when i way scrolling it right and left.
            It was rooted and installed CWM. I even tried to install the “phone bricker v2” rom from SD, thought maybe it will fix it, but process was aborted.

            • admin says:

              Hmmm and you have i777?

              • Luis says:

                But the version wasn’t the one i sent you it was v3.2.5.1
                Sorry, i just checked fast in the web site, didn’t see the dates. But i don’t know if its a big change…

  132. Dan says:

    I just upgraded my SGH-i777 to ICS from the instructions on your site. All worked well. But now, the phone is no longer rooted. Do you have root instructions for this phone running ICS now? I’d like to install AOKP.

  133. Viper says:

    Quick question, sorry newb here for rooting, but Ive rooted the phone, fixed wifi issue, but im on gingerbread 2.3.6, can I used ICS rom? will that “upgrade me” even though my kernel is

  134. Alex says:

    HI!Thank you for the info,everything worked out,at last!!!

    But the problem is-my wi-fi won’t turn on!What should I do???

    Thank you.

  135. Jean says:

    hey i just rooted my phone but the wifi is not working i dont know why could you help me??

  136. matt says:

    To fix the wifi unroot then re root or install a rom both methods worked for me

  137. admin says:

    Or you can also install any kernels on xda to fix wifi, when I made this kernel 2.3.6 wasn’t out so…

  138. blkhacker91 says:

    When rooting my phone under Android version 2.3.6… Everything was successful but now I am having wifi issues…. every time I turn it on or just turns off a few seconds later…. I saw the thread about it in the comments column but u nvr put in a response…and I was going to get a recommendation from u on what I should do… Should I unroot and reroot under Android version 2.3.4


    Since I was planning on installing a custom ROM ne way…should I just keep the current root and just flash the new ROM and hope for a wifi fix through that method? Or do u just have a completely better way?

    What do u recommend? Plz help and I thank you and appreciate ur website so much

    Thanx again

  139. Brian Allen Jensen says:

    I did everything and it is rooted but i can not get my wifi to work at all. I turn it on and it will say scanning then just turn off.

  140. michael says:

    wifi broken on newly rooted att sgs2

  141. Fitzroy Brown says:

    Hey Max, I am one of your subscribers on YouTube. I must say I have been using only the ROM’s that you recommend for my AT&T Galaxy S2 and I haven’t been disappointed as yet. Thanks for the great ROMs you post. I live on the island of Jamaica but I have one of the AT&T Galaxy S2 phones and I am having the time of my life installing and trying out the different ROMs. Right now I am running Phone Bricker and loving it, the tutorials are great, thanks man. By any chance would you know why Kies is saying it can’t update my phone? When will AT&T release ICS for it’s Galaxy s2?

  142. Dan says:

    Ok, I must be an idiot. When I plug in the USB cable, then hold volume UP and DOWN (which is a magic trick in and of itself) then hold power button…the phone simply reboots after a few seconds…what am I doing wrong? Thanks.

  143. ken says:

    when u plug in your usb and your device shows the usb connected screen with the green android,


  144. ken says:





  145. Tony says:

    I followed your guide, didn’t have wifi. I noticed you updated saying to flash the Siyah-v3.2.6.4.tar file in ODIN. I did this, it succeeded, but I can’t boot the phone past the Siyah boot screen… ideas?

    • admin says:

      hmmm thats weird u can flash back the original kernel for now i am looking into this.

      • broken phone says:

        Same thing just happened to me. I started with a fully functional stock phone and now it doesn’t work. Why don’t you update your original video or description? It’s causing a lot of people hassle.

        • xhawkx says:

          Well, before you shift blame and point the finger, I wonder what the thousand or so that had no problems are thinking when they see you spewing out a flame or two. Now, I, only speak for me, but,prior to attempting these procedures you are told what can happen. That said, try to do some research before you attempt, read ,read and read again. You are given the tools to obtain what many have already done. This hobby has taken valuable time from peoples lives, for YOU and others, for your happiness, so if they were to update the Vids every time a tweak has been made, the fellas’ would never have time to expand. Don’t be lazy, research before you try or go elsewhere to cast your BS due to your lack of experience. Your problem starts at home so, yes It disgusts me when I see this BullShit from those who want to be spoon fed…………………….X

          • yo pappa says:

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            How about you give the dink that wonderless advice and have him do more research before he releases worthless kernels. zedomax my fukin balls!!!!!!!!!


            • xhawkx says:

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              • yo pappa says:

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                Nobody is that ignorant as to put that kind of story of this homo forum…. then I guess maybe I’m wrong… Your imagination while twisted is quite entertaining!! Thanks for the laugh hawkpussy!!!!
                can you hear the violin???

                She was great though…too bad, the boys will miss her.

                • xhawkx says:

                  You better put the lights on, I don’t think that’s a violin between your thumb and index finger, didn’t you hear Fido panting away ?.

  146. Graylin says:

    I attempted to root my SGH-I777 S S2 ATT now all I get is the Hat in front of the orange circle.. Is there a way to back out of the update.. i has obviously failed? Odin3 v1.85 was the tool i used to deploy SGH-I777-ATTGalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxKernel.

  147. JORGE ANTUNEZ says:

    tengo el mismo problema que muchos aqui y sin encontrar solucion, mi sgh-i777 no le funciona wifi, quise hacer lo de arrancar de raiz y me sale un combrero y no hace mas nada, por favor alguien que nos ayude

  148. Pat says:

    I’m using Gingerbread version 2.3.6 rooted with the ZedomaxStockKernel, and when I flashed the Siyah-v3.2.6.4 Kernel to fix the wifi connection problem an ICS logo popped up then the phone went blank. Couldn’t turn in on or anything. I was able to put it in download mode luckily and re-flashed the ZedomaxStockKernel and its now working again, but no wifi connection. What did I do wrong?

    I do plan on trying out the SHOstock ICS ROM when I get some free time….will the wifi connection issue be fixed in that?

  149. Josh says:

    I rooted as per your instruction using your kernel and had no WiFi so I flashed the Entropy Kernel as per your instructions and it all flashed fine and rebooted and then got stuck of on the boot loop screen. I can use the 3 button into the download mode with the USB cable attached but if I try it with the USB detached to try to get to the recover screen it just goes right back to the yellow triangle boot loop screen. I tried flashing back to your kernel but get the same problem. How do I get my phone back working?

  150. Santiago says:

    Great Video GOt phone rooted. However, i cant mount usb storage withclockworkmod recovery it tells me unable to write to ums lunfile (no such file or directory) how can i access my internal memory? i need to access efs for unlockingm

  151. Brian says:

    How do i flash this Entropy Kernel in ODIN so i can get my wifi to work ?

  152. MortitionPoet says:

    I’ve been trying to root my SGH-i777 for hours now, but to no avail.
    Followed the instruction as per the above video to the letter.
    I’ve even tried all types of variations.
    With and without USB debug enabled, pulled up task manager to kill background Kies applications, tried every single USB port I have, bought 3 brand new micro USB cables, cleaned all USB connections, made sure the correct Samsung drivers installed with the latest Kies, used only the version of Odin and kernel provided and I’m no closer. It stops every single time at
    Am I missing something entirely ?

    • MortitionPoet says:

      I’m running Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 64-bit
      if that makes any diffrence

    • Max says:

      try another computer if you have one, it’s probably drivers in your computer interfering with the ODIN process.

  153. G says: seems to be down. Is there another DL site?

  154. Mac says:

    Hey im having a problem with 0din3 v1.85 i tryed to start it and it just says:
    Setupconnetion.. and then it just does nothing. Idk what to do please help me

  155. Nate says:

    Im trying to get my Galaxy s2 back to stock but the baseband version is I777uclc2 instead of I777uckh7 how do i do this?

  156. Adam says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a unlocked atnt sgs2 phone running GB, I didn’t not root or unlock this phone. I bought it from someone.

    Now I want to upgrade it to ICS, Unable to get ICS from Kies (it gets timed out again and again) , Can you tell me how to upgrade to ICS with diff ROMS ? do I have to root the phone again? I have searched the web and your website but couldn’t find a way to ‘Upgrade to ICS from a rooted ATnT SGS2 running BG’, I hope you reply.

  157. Adam says:

    I have baseband as I777UCKH7
    Kernel :

  158. Trent says:

    i followed the instructions all the way and all seemed to be fine. but after it rebooted it just sits on a screen with the Samsung logo and a yellow triangle. i have tried to reflash and also rebooted my computer to attempt a reflash, but nothing has worked. what do i do now?

    • Trent says:

      discovered i had a crappy connection. everything works fine now, but the WiFi issue is a problem. i will see if i can get that working.

  159. matthew roberts says:

    hi, i tried to download it and it says Removed!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the specified file. (Line: 208)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  160. Jose says:

    Hi from Venezuela, it works for me! Thanks a lot I couldn’t have done it without ur help guide!

    Guys it works, did it on my Galaxy S2 from AT&T, now im going to unlock it with Galaxy S2 SIM UNLOCK cause it’s still blocked :(!!

    Good luck yall!

  161. ree says:

    max…hell me tried to root my wife Att galaxy s2 sky rocket…i messed up man….its says mmc block

  162. Jeff says:

    Hi I keep re-installing kies and when i check device manager it still doesnt show up. πŸ™ Any help?

  163. Jocelynn says:

    My wifi wasn’t working, so I unrooted my phone, but now that it is unrooted, I am still unable to use my wifi. Help please?

  164. says:

    I tried rooting my AT&T skyrocket using your method and during the process my Phone got stuck saying “Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.” Please help, I saw some earlier posts on this thread regarding the same issue but didn’t have a solution. Thanks.

  165. Rushan says:

    hi max .. i have rooted ms samsung galasy s2 i777 with your rooting kernel .. every thing is fine in the phone ..but i am not able to connect it to my pc via usb cable …i have rebooted my phone as well couple of times as well..your help would be appreciated

  166. fabb says:

    i followed step by step and successfully rooted my phone but the problem is my phone wont move on from the GT-I9100 screen. im not sure what to do. please help!!!!!

  167. kalyan says:

    after doing this wifi stopped working,turns off after few seconds

    • kalyan says:

      i again unrooted back and everything is fine,but the version i got is 2.3.4.can you please tell how to get the official att 2.3.6 version which is my earlier version…..plz help me

  168. alecia says:

    hello i successfully rooted my phone but it wont let me use wifi why is that?

  169. Carlos says:

    is there anything for the AT&T SGH-I727 out there??

  170. Carlos says:

    it would be greatly appreciated

  171. Travis jones says:

    I rooted my i777 with this and it went smoothly. I realized my wifi wasnt working so i flashed the kernel posted in the FAQ’s and my wifi still doesnt work. I’m new to all of this so please help.

  172. yawar says:

    I cannot acess any download link to the odin3v1.85.exe file or the other one?

  173. Sandy says:

    Help! I have done everything your video has suggested and everything worked correctly UNTIL it came to the “Samsung Galaxy S II GT-1900” screen with the yellow triangle. The phone has not advanced past that screen. I followed your video step by step and now my phone is stuck on this screen! What should I do next???

    • Sandy says:

      Typo β€œSamsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100β€³ screen with the yellow triangle. FYI it has been at the screen about 30 minutes.

  174. Anon1 says:

    My anti-virus software red flags the downloads from your links because of adware. Is this the only way to obtain the files needed to root?

  175. mick says:

    Hey, I’ve tried a couple of time to obtain the driver that is neccessary, but I don’t know how to get it and I already try download the samsung kies…Can you please help me ?

  176. bonehead says:

    I followed the instructions in the post and have a really annoying problem
    The “go back” button doesn’t work and when I plug in the USB, the phone shuts down.

    How do I recover from this?


  177. marcoko says:

    muchas gracias, funciono al 100!!!!

  178. Casey says:

    Followed the video/instructions. I am able to boot to CWM by holding down all three keys if the phone is already on. But if the phone is off when I do this it brings up the the CWM logo and freezes there. Once in CWM I tried to go to “backup/restore” and it freezes at the CWM logo. I tried “reboot system now” and it froze at the CWM logo. It seems to do this no matter what I select.

    I forget to check “auto reboot” on odin when I flashed the kernel, although IDK how that could be the issue.

    How can I get CWM to work properly?

    • Bradf says:

      Casey, The only problem I can think of with not checking “auto reboot” in odin, which by default is checked, is if you unplugged the phone before turning it back on to let odin finish flashing the kernal. – If your having issues only with CWM, or if your having more issues than just that, I would suggest:

      Using the “un-root” file under the “how to un-root my gs2” section on here, to go back to stock ICS and then re-try the method above. Making sure to let Odin completely finish (I always leave it plugged in till the phone is completely booted before disconnecting my phone and closing Odin.

      I’ve un-rooted and rooted my GS2 so many times, and any issue I’ve ever encounter has been because of an error I made, often times if your receiving error reports, or crashes after booting your phone, a “Wipe/Erase User Data” will be needed, sometimes when flashing similar based roms, you don’t have to do this, but 85% of the time this will be needed.

      If you need more help, I’ll do my best to help you. – Good Luck.

      • Casey says:


        Thanks for the advice so I followed the unroot video on this site. Then rerooted and the issue persists. Then I unrooted and rerooted again. I was super careful to do everything the same as Max (which isn’t too hard its like two steps to root/unroot).

        Got any ideas?

        • Prnbs says:

          Hi Casey
          I was stuck with the same problem. If your SG2 is the US version then, instead of pressing the power button select an option use the home key.
          That will bring in the next set of menus.

  179. panther2709 says:

    how to root new stock i777UCLL6?

  180. zach says:

    i keep trying to open the odin file that you unzip but it won’t flashes for a second and then goes away

  181. Char says:

    Hi, i hve a galaxy s2 and it keeps repeating the rethink possiable logo it doesnt turn on the device
    im trying to re boot it but my computer doesnt know my phone. i tryd to do what you said

  182. Native NYer says:

    I have a few questions. I tried doing this the other night and it took me five hours just to root my phone and get my WiFi back up and running.

    1) Is the Straight Talk Galaxy S2 the same as the ATT Galaxy S2? They are both I777 models but will the procedure outlined above work on the Straight Talk version?

    2) After rotting the phone, I tried to get into the CWM backup by pressing the up and down and power buttons but I don’t get the CWM menu. I get the Android Recovery menu and there isn’t an option to back up anything.

    3) I got scared after all the issues I had and tried to unroot the phone but I couldn’t find another ‘stock’ 2.3.6

    4) I tried to get rid of the yellow triangle but after I flashed it, it said it will only work on version 4.0 or above.

    So, how do I solve these issues? I even took the phone today to a local Best Buy with Mobile where they have a Samsung Rep there and she tried to update my phone and said it couldn’t be updated.

  183. DRU says:


  184. anthony says:

    i cant get my wifi to work can u give a walk through on how to fix it.

  185. eugene says:

    I have the sgh-i777 with 4.1.2 jellybean and I mistakenly tried this, which bricked it. I saved it though but I can’t find a way to root that specific phone and android version. The only tutorials have ICS. Any help? Do I have to downgrade?

  186. ricky says:

    Hello I did all the instructions and get everything, but when I try to search the file attgalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxkernel.tar sgh-1777-all i see is a image and no program to open. how i open that program

  187. CHATEO02 says:


  188. Kal Farah says:

    Started the root, however, received the Android with the Caution triangle and that was where it all stopped. The phone is not responsive any more. So, everytime I restart the phone, I get the start screen with Samsung Galaxy S II, GT-I9100 and the Caution yellow triangle and nothing else. I cannot get out of that screen. What should I do next? and will I be able to go back the original Kernel?

  189. ramon jauregui says:

    una vez que se resetea me pararece como si fuera el i9100 y no del at&t i777 que debo descagar

  190. Kcire Melendez says:

    ayuda como areglo el eror del wifi. soy nuevo en esto? ayuda xfa

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