How to Root Galaxy S2 i9100! [ICS][Android 4.0+]

For those of you who want to root your Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 on ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0+), here’s how to do it by flashing a new kernel.

Step 1. First, put your Galaxy S2 into download mode by holding down Volume Down, Center, and Power button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. When you see the warning screen, hit Volume Up button to enter download mode.

Step 3. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy S2 to your computer.

Step 4. Download ODIN program and CF Kernel.  Then unzip both files. (Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip.)

Download ODIN

Download CF Kernel

Step 5. Run the ODIN program.  You should see a yellow highlighted rectangle box with a number.  If you don’t, you need to install Samsung Kies.  Download Samsung Kies and install.  After installing, un-plug your phone then plug it back in, you should now see it.

Step 6. Hit “PDA” and choose the “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.tar” file you unzipped earlier.

Step 7. Hit “Start” and the kernel will start flashing to your phone.

Step 8. Your phone will reboot when it’s done.

Step 9. Once you reboot, check that you have the SuperSU app.  If you do, you are rooted.  Congrats!

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332 Responses

  1. obaidah says:

    Hey, guys im running the ICS resurrection PRO Edition v1.0 … is it safe to flash this kernel? coz i want to get CWM on my phone???? plz reply as soon as possible

  2. alitriggers says:

    awesome !!!!!!! thanx man

  3. Mike says:

    i think this is better than LPQ stock. BTW, email works fine here unlike the stock.

  4. Darryl says:

    I tried this after installing ICS resurrection PRO Edition v1.0 and got a black screen.

    I used the stock ICS and odin to get my phone back working.

    I then flashed this kernal and then ICS resurrection PRO Edition v1.0 which seems to have worked!

    • maxali says:

      what do u mean to flash, i did the same thing u did and ended up with a black screan, now it’s running resurrection PRO Edition v1.0

  5. Chand says:

    Hey, just wanted to know whether i must enable usb debugging while flashing this Cf root kernel??? Even if i did enable it would it cause any problems??? ………Thanks man ….love ur work

  6. maxali says:

    zekomax, can u help me out, i did how u showed on the video,that is intalling the resurrection PRO Edition v1.0 but it says my sd car isn’t mounted, and i saw this video u made, did the same thing but ended up with a black screen
    need some help! man thanks 🙂

  7. Java1784 says:

    I am at foreign lands and tried it as the video shows, I showed the yellow triangle and then all I am getting is a black screen. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  8. Andrew says:

    I tried this on my girlfriend’s new phone but was in a hurry (deadline to meet) and forgot to enable usb debugging. Kernel flashed okay according to Odin but now I just get a black screen. Tried flashing official ICS Kernel to see if that fixed it, same thing. Can’t find the official 2.3 kernels for the phone anywhere. She’s going to kill me.

  9. Chris says:

    This was the rom that got me into flashing! I got so pissed of at samsung for having ‘swipe to unlock’ locked on the startscreen, and telling me there was no way around it!?! So I went from here to ressurection remix pro 1.0

    Big thanks!

  10. bill says:

    i rooted and now my phone will not turn on pls help….

  11. Koent says:

    same problem as bill please help

  12. Dave says:

    Also hit same issue as above. Joys of rushing things. A quick read could have avoided. Luckily you can boot in to CWM and flash what ever ROM you like.
    But does any one know if/how to recover contacts from the ROM that is now stuck in not booting?

  13. Mike says:

    Hello guys
    Need your guys assistance
    My phone unable to boot after root
    it stuck at the andriod pic + yellow triangle symbol
    plessss help me huhuuh

  14. mike says:

    can this one support my SGS 2 I1900 G version ?

  15. Xavier says:

    CF Root is awful any chance of normal root method as some apps do not like CF installed. ie get errors as sd card is not mounted. Proper Superuser (in green icon) didn’t give me this error.

    Thanks Zee

  16. elrick says:

    same here….help pls

  17. Wesley says:

    My phone also unable to boot after root
    it stuck at the boot screen and a yellow triangle symbol….help pls


    I can go into the odin mode….

  18. M M says:

    Same here!!!!

    PLZ somebody help??

  19. Mohammed Qassem says:

    i just rooted my sgs2 i9000 and after reeboted its comes with a black screen with the android logo in the up left of the screen with a (KERNEL PANIC UPLOAD MODE) what should i do plz help

  20. Bünyamin says:

    I have a problem, I rooted my phone, and backed-up my android 2.3.5, now I have put an ICS rom, but I want to unroot my phone, but when I wanted to restore my 2.3.5 back-up it says that there is no file!
    Can someone help me?

  21. Dan says:

    Hey. Great site. Great vids. Question to this rooting. Under my phones settings i read that the kernel running is:
    3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505 se.infra@SEP-94 #3

    In the instruction the zip-file is called:

    What im trying to say is, its different. Works with XXLPQ/stock-ics as well? Aiming to be able to backup my phone and slowly start flashing.

    • Dan says:

      Aha. My fault of being nonchalant. Hehe. Now read “XEO_LPQ”. But then another question. With this rooting, am i then still able to download Samsungs updates via KIES? Presuming of course that i only root (and not start flash).

  22. Amanjeet Singh says:

    i did till the part where the .tar file is flashed (thats the term i guess)…and then after the screen with the yellow triangle my screen goes black….kindly help me asap! …

  23. NeXt says:

    Can i use this for beta ICS LPH? wanna root this version so i can install ROMS

    Thx in advance

  24. Daniel says:

    help !!!
    my s2 was on gingerbread 2.3.3 at beginning
    I tried to root it using this method… then the screen became black … then I did the unrooting method and it went running ics (which was what I was looking for)

    But now I want to switch back to the gingerbread 2.3.3 …. how do i do this please ??

  25. Dan says:

    does my GS2have to already be running ICS for this root or will this put the ICS on my S2? if not how to i get the ICS

  26. Marcelo Maciel says:

    What a nice tutorial. Even white-belt Android-users like me must accomplish it. Thanks and congratulations.

  27. wilmor24 says:

    Thank you. Rooted without issues.

  28. carl says:

    i extracted CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5 with winrar but got a zimage file not tar. any help please?

  29. Dandreb says:

    Hi Max, I have a galaxy S2 – I9100G. How can i root my phone and install custom ROMS? Thanks

  30. Stevie says:

    Hi can anyone help me i put ICS on my Galaxy S2 using this Kernel but it wont give me root access so i have tried your method but still wont give me root access tried going back to gingerbread but wont let me when i use your method i get the yellow triangle but your app doesnt show only the old super user app i had before and that wont work hope someone can help me out.

  31. Farhad says:

    pls help me My Phone is not booting after root.. it stuck on Yellow Triangle.. Pls help me

  32. Lawrence says:

    question. I restored my mod to gingerbread using cwm icon in ics rooted. after restoring, i don’t have the cwm app anymore. where do i get it? can i use the file here in CF-Root-SGS2… to root gingerbread and have the cwm app icon again? thanks

  33. Arnav asati says:

    i hav done the process as described..but now my phone is stuck at the start showing yellow triangle…what to do now…after the triangle the kphone screen turns black…and then nothing help me out pls…pls

  34. Diogo says:

    My kernel is I9100BOLPD. Can I install another kernel version or should I look for this exact one?
    Sorry for being such a noob.

    • Ybother says:

      It depends on the ROM you are using, some kernels require a certain version. Thoravukk on XDA work with many. Read the kernel and or ROM threads on XDA. Ask if necessary to find the best combinations.

  35. Ybother says:

    An easier way of rooting SGS2 on ICS is by holding Vol up, Menu & Power buttons and flash Busybox installer then CWM through the update from zip from your SD card. Odin not needed.

  36. ram says:

    hi i installed as video instructed but when came to clicking super su on phone it says installation failed please help

  37. ram says:

    also wifi functionality doesnt work it doesnt pick up my wifi now…any advice please

  38. elqqqqqqqq says:

    I can run ODIN on Linux O_o .ok i just dowloaded WineHQ so i could run odin on linux. so CF root also works on linux.

  39. Maarten says:

    Does not work. SG2 won’t start up after I installed it.

    I have ICS installed (I9100XXLPH):

    Do you know what I have to do to root the phone ?

    Thanks in advance for all the good work.

  40. Christian says:

    All you faggots which got a blackscreen after doing this, PLEASE first check if you already have ICS installed. If not do that first (you can install an official version without root acces) and THEN and only then use this tutorial.

  41. jalal says:

    hi guys i root my samsung galaxy note N-7000 using heimdall and clicked on close pc screen and it stuck on the yellow triangle so i turned it off and when i try to turn it on again wont start but when i connect it to the pc i hear connecting voice on my computer and my computer search for hardware and installed for the device and when i try to use odin seams device wont connect to the odin and still my device in black screen so please help me im stocked

  42. Oscar Gatta says:

    Worked perfectly on 4.03. Very easy to follow, only took 10 minutes. Thanks.

    • Oscar Gatta says:

      Actually, my SD card doesn’t work any more? Wont let me install apps to it, the apps that were there don’t work, and I can’t access my music. Any ideas how to get this working?

      • admin says:

        Hmmm, not sure on App2SD, will look into this but your music should be all there.

      • admin says:

        Your SD Card is under /EMMC

        • Dean says:

          I have the same issue, root went ok, but the SD card stopped working properly, i can still access pics and music but moving apps to it doesn’t work, just says ‘couldn’t move app’, and some apps wont even download from the market unless i unmount it.

          Also all apps that were previously on the sd card don’t work.

  43. Sreekanth Chaladi says:

    It worked like a charm for me on my Latest ICS 4.0.3 BVLP build on Galaxy SII.

    Now building app data and re-configuring apk’s that suits my style and nature.

    Thanks for allowing me to root my ICS early.

    Ice Cream For you Mod + Dev


  44. mats says:

    Pls update choice of kernel to CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-PROPER-v5.4-CWM5.tar as V5.3 makes some apps refuse to be installed. e.g. RealVNC ans Svampguiden……

  45. JaumeI says:

    Everything went smooth, but now the apps I have in my SD won’t work, and if I download any app that installs directly to the SD card, i get an error. How can I fix this?

    • Ybother says:

      Your SD card is probably /emmc, a different location than previously. You could try installing an older ROM. Might need to reinstall the apps.

  46. Sumit says:

    I had Updated unrooted galaxy s2 to android 4.0.3 officialy via kies. Now I used this method to root. Worked nicely but I cant move my apps to memory card via apps 2 sd
    Gives me error
    Couldn’t move app

    WHat to do ? ANy help ?

  47. Tarek Badawi says:

    hey please can you help me to solve this problem:/..
    first i download odin all version
    second i download the file name: GT-I9100_XEO_I9100XWLP8_I9100OXALPS_I9100XXLPS.tar.md5
    then i turn off the phone and i forgot to make the USB Debugging mode‎ enabled..
    i download the PIT file and i press start button
    after a 10 min of waiting without working i unplug the cable from the phone..
    now the phone wont work.. and it doesn’t work.. every time i tried to flash my phone its stay saying setupconnection and it give me fail to connect.. and it doesn’t work.. any help to turn the USB Debugging mode‎ on?? please:/
    now i try to root the phone i download the file: CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5
    and i put it in the PDA file and it give me setupconnection till now:/
    please any help!

  48. napy says:

    hey my phone not start…stuck on samsung galaxy s2…damnnn

    • Ybother says:

      If you can boot into download mode, go & search xda for either a stock ROM or Resurrection Remix if you have root. If not follow my previous post. Resurrection has a brilliant community to help you if you have problems.

    • admin says:

      do you have i9100?

  49. Lem.Cruz says:

    thanks man. easy as pie.

  50. Harshit Kukreja says:

    Help pleassseeee.. i tried to root via your instructions , got stuck at the step where the phone is suppose to reboot . Get stuck on the screen with the symbol of samsung galaxy s2 and a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. Odin says that pass and then disconnected. Help plsssssssssss

    • Max says:

      you do have i9100 on ics?

      • Harshit Kukreja says:

        no.. i have gingerbread.. 2.3 … and i think i forgot to put the phone into usb debbuging mode..what should i do??

    • Ybother says:

      If you have a SGS2, your question has already been answered earlier in the thread. Have a read or visit xda.

    • Antonio says:

      Use Odin v1.7, flash CF as in this tutorial, and see if it boots. If it goes after the yellow triangle but doesn’t boot completely, flash a stock firmware with Odin 1.7 to get it back alive. 🙂

  51. Vijay Roy says:

    I am running {ICS version 4.0.3}
    Kernel Version {3.0.15-I900ZWLP7-CL340913dpi@DELL134 #3}

    Please tell me if i also can root my phone using the above method.

    I am worried if this will not work for my kernel version.

    Thanks in advance.

  52. JM says:

    Really straight forward, took me two minutes! Thanks for the tutorial.
    One thing I wasn’t sure about and read about on other tutorials was whether to check ‘USB Debugging mode’ before starting because your tutorial doesn’t say to do that. I did it just in case and it worked fine so *thumbs up* 🙂
    For those interested, original kernel was – 3.0.15-I9100XWLP7, stock ICS version 4.0.3

  53. mats says:

    PLS update guide with CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.4-CWM5.tar
    v5.3 as in guide do not allow several apps to be installed.

    Otherwise the guide is great

  54. nick says:

    hey mate, i am having a galaxy s2 i upgraded the firmware from GB 2.3.3 to official ICS 4.0.3 using kies,

    can you help me in rooting it ???

    following are the details

    MODEL NO -GT-I9100
    baseband version-I9100DDLPA
    kernel version-3.0.15-I9100XWLP7-CL340913 dpi@DELL134 #3

    many thanks in advance

  55. David says:

    Guide works fine, but there is one annoying thing after it’s done.

    My phone keeps on askim me to do a system update (probably due to kernel update) and I cannot get rid of the message. At most i can delay it for 1 day. Even if i go to settings and turn of system updates, the message is still there. How can I get rid of it? If I do update the phone that way, the root is gone and I have to re-root it again and I’m back with the same message again.

  56. Matt says:

    Okay, I’m using a Galaxy S II GT-I9100T running ICS 4.0.3, updated legitimately from whatever i bought it with. Will this work for me? Seeing all these people who have fucked it up kinda makes me cautious.

    • Matt says:

      Also, do you need any other information?

      • Ybother says:

        There’s always a risk. I have flashed a lot of ROM’s. A few haven’t booted AFTER flashing& I have restored my backup. Only twice have I needed a PC, rooting from Gingerbread (no alternative and once a soft brick (bad download). I don’t use Odin if I can help it (more to go wrong). People who have messed up have probably not followed instructions.

        Best to follow the instructions on XDA (listed above). Backup with cwm or clockwork. Then flash a good ROM like Resurrection Remix after downloading the 3 (total) files onto your SGS2.

        Good luck.

      • Ybother says:

        BTW the only difference between yours & the international version is the modem. Everything should work, any problems flash another modem, search xda for them.

  57. Jeffrey says:

    Works good m8, ty!
    Only got 1 problem, i cant move apps to sd-card.
    sd-card itself works, i can open the music on it, but why can’t i move apps to the sd-card?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Allready solved. Reflashed the stock kernel, got rid of the yellow triangle and sd-card works again.

      • camboja says:

        Where can I get this stock Kernel and how to re-write it back again? With Odin?
        Some apps just won’t install on my device!

  58. one111 says:

    and if you don’t see the SUPER USER icon ?? bricked??

  59. Xiang says:

    I’ve done all the steps as stated above , but i’ve got one question. After rooting and starting up , some of my apps doesn’t appear or start up. What’s wrong ?

  60. erall says:

    Need request urgentlly,

    Hi, I have a little problem ther. I allready installed KIES and the computer recognize my SGSII ICS but Odin didnt recognize. So i uninstalled my usb ports chekd ones more again but windows recognized my mobilephone ad installed driver but no hope from Odin app. The problem is I allready put my SGSII on download mode. What can I do to solve this prob. Thnk u for your attencion. Sorry for my English.

  61. anothernoob says:

    hi. i have a GT-I9100 on android 4.0.3 (unrooted and updated to ics through kies)
    kernel: 3.0.15-I9100DXLP7-CL233393dpi@DELL166#3

    my questions are:
    1) can i use the above method and the above kernel to root my phone?
    2) are there compatibility issues between kernels? for example my DXLP7 can only be flashed with a rooted version of DXLP7? or i can use any other kernel?
    3) how can i identify which kernel will work on my phone?

    • Max says:

      The CF Kernel is compatible across all i9100 on ICS regardless of your kernel/software version. You can also use any other ICS kernel to get root.

      • anothernoob says:

        Ok thanks!

        I’m still a bit apprehensive/scared. Any idea why those guys above bricked their phones?
        What are the common causes of bricking an s2 during rooting? ( I just wanted to avoid their fate)

        Should I enable usb debugging?
        Any other settings/steps i should do before doing the above stated steps?

        sorry for all the noob questions 🙂

        Great work and more power!

        • Max says:

          They may have “soft bricked” which isn’t brick and recoverable. Just follow the directions one at a time and it should be fine.

  62. anothernoob says:

    Ok thank you again!

  63. sumit says:

    please help me. i have rooted my samsong galaxy s2 from odin 1.85 root was done but my home screen is not coming . i tried every buttons….and tried after puting battery out . then also not responding …

    so ple. tell me what to do?
    my email:

  64. Paulius says:

    Hi, i need help i’m using GT-I9100 ICS 4.0.3 (i updated via kies)
    PDA: I9100BULPC
    PHONE: I9100BULP6
    CSC: I9100ATLLP6
    Build info: Mon Apr 2 22:11:16 KST 2012
    And i can’t find version to use for root? can u help me? 🙂 or i need to use the kernel above? 🙂
    thanks for help 🙂

  65. Dave says:

    Hii !!! what about XXLPX ? thanks

  66. Daniel says:

    Hey, tried the method using heimdall 1.3.2

    SALAXY S2 GT-I9100
    ANDROID 4.0.3
    Kernel Version 3.0.15-I9100XXLPQ-CL223505

    I used the CF Root provided and all seemed to work fine. It rebooted with the ‘exclamation’ mark. Titanium could not gain root access. Also I could not install any apps from the Google Play ‘Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card”.

    I am stuck and not sure where to go.

  67. Paul says:

    Does this erase the phone or reset it?
    ie will the root process leave the current apps and data

  68. Paul says:

    Where is the latest CF root, which fixes the SD card problem ? ie CF root 5.4 or 5.5?

  69. Eddy says:

    Hey all,

    I’ve got a huge problem. Many other people have got this too.
    I followed these steps and my phone rooted succesfully. Then
    I was trying to install a custom ROM, a Galaxy S2 Recovery from or something.
    After this my phone won’t turn un. When I hold the power button, the normal boot up text appears and a yellow triangle. I tried to clear the hardware via ClockWorkMod, but nothing helps. Everytime I turn my phone on the text and the yellow triangle appear and nothing happens.

    Please help me out,


    • Dave says:

      Hi !!! Re.root your phone and download lastest CF.CMW. I thinks lastest CF.CMW is 5.3 but i don’t know ir lastest or not. !!! Don’t extract .tar file !!!..

      Good luck !

    • krishna says:

      yes eddy..

      u were right.. i faced the same problem… how many things i did it wont work…
      atlast i ended up with gingerbread 2.3.5.. best fit as far as i gues.. if u dont want ics


  70. huron says:

    Please help me!
    After following the above instructions the samsung logo appears with the yellow triangle followed by a black screen.
    This is my first Android phone (GT-I9100) and first attempt at rooting. I basically know nothing.
    Am in Jamaica with Digicel as provider.

    Would greatly appreciate some step by step assistance .
    Is my phone a goner?

  71. Justin says:

    Hey man, very nice website. I’ve watched almost every single rom video of yours about the s2. I have a question though. I’m debating if I should install an AOKP wrong on my GS2 right now cause i like how fast it is and the stock google experience. I’m just wondering cause I have an i9100T version of the GS2. would the same rooting method work for it? (BTW this i9100T version that I have is from Telecom New Zealand) I think it’s the same as the international version. only to differentiate it with the Telecom variant hence the T. but I’m not sure. Your answer would really be appreciated.

  72. Iraj says:

    Hi all.
    I install ICS on my GS2 but when I press the power button the phone turned off and also face detection not work. Im sure that the framware is ok becuse I use it on another GS2 and its work well. Please some one help me.

  73. Robert G says:

    oh my god. why… why did i try this? first time and i fuck everything up. fuck you friday the thirteenth.

    damage done : usb will detect phone but not any storage at all. reinstalled drivers, tried different ports, tried debugging mode, nothing. Odin sees the phone but can’t write to it.
    wifi won’t turn on, period.
    can’t access any of the folders that CWM can see, so can’t really change the firmware or anything i think…
    going into settings -> storage results in settings crashing immediately.
    download mode doesn’t seem to work, since odin can’t communicate with it… i don’t know what to do… i’m gonna cry, wtf…

    • Robert G says:

      false alarm. was having all those problems, but i tried running the installer again, selected the options manually for a different kernel and stuff , and it worked, now wifi works, usb mode works, not sure about the others, but upgrading to 2.6.0 right away whilst i’ve got the momentum.

  74. Dave Carr says:

    Okay I’ve now successfully Rooted my Galaxy S II Android ver 4.0.3 ICS using the instructions above now what is open for me to do with my Rooted device.

    CWM & SuperSU were installed as part of the Rooting process.

    With my cell the way it is now would I be able to install custom ROM’s using CWM & when they are installed will it cause the Yellow Triangle to re-appear once again?

    Also if another official version of Android comes out like 4.0.4 ICS or 4.1.x Jellybean & is upgraded either OTA or via Kies will I have to re-root my cell again?

  75. Nikolai says:

    Did everything according to instruction: everything works fine except camera. I mean, I can take pictures and videos but the screen is totally black during picture-taking process. Any ideas how it can be fixed ?

  76. Andres Villalba says:

    I had the same problem of most with the yellow triangle and then black screen. Here is the solution. You have to be sure which version of the CF-root you are downloading. I download the one in this tutorial and it didnt work because I had a differnt kernel version. I had to search in google for the CF-root for my version, in this case: CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_LPJ-v5.3-CWM5 …i have XXPLJ with ICS 4.03

  77. Marcus says:


    • Max says:

      Which i9100 do you have? model number? Make sure you don’t have i9100G.

      • Marcus says:

        i dont understand that but from what i can read at the back is
        model GT-I9100
        ssn -i9100gsmh
        does that help i cant see others because my phone is completely off and black on the screen please help and thanks for the early reply.


  78. Dan says:

    Hey! I am from Mexico and I had actually the original ICS, so I did root my cell phone and it worked. I wanted to erase the mobil company provider softwares but I wasn’t really able, don’t know why. The fact is, if I ever want to sell the phone I will have to unroot it, and I tryed your method but it didn’t worked (my model is i9100), can you tell me how can I unroot it (what do I need to look for)? since I actually never backed up the original software I should do that right away and then root/unroot, change rom etc…

    • Max says:

      Sorry YouTube removed my videos and my tutorial is gone, I am going to try to see if I have it but in the meanwhile you can try XDA Forums for unrooting instructions.

  79. Marcus says:

    @ Max Hi am still waiting or your feed back please help

    • Max says:

      does your phone turn on at all? do you see anything?

      • Marcus says:

        @ Max it’s off completely and i can not see anything but when i put it in the pocket for some time it heats and i believe it still has life but how to put it back on i don not know

        • Max says:

          It might be a broken LCD, try puttinng some pressure on different parts of the LCD after pushing the power to turn on the screen see if touch works, do the unlock swipe. If it does, it’s a bad LCD.

          • Marcus says:

            Hi Max i believe the Lcd is fine this started after the the yellow triangle when i was trying to flash it. so i still think the LCD is safe do you think it could be some thing to with the Bootlom?

            • Max says:

              So this happened while rooting? Do uou have ics?

              • Marcus says:

                yes it happened while rooting but i do not have, probably i should be asking what ics you are talking about is it a software oh hardware stuff?

                • Max says:

                  ICS is Ice Cream Sandwich and GB is Gingerbread.

                  If you have Android 4.0+ it’s ICS, 2.3 it’s GB.

                  • Marcus says:

                    okay i have that but can it start my Phone since it’s off completely can it come one with this particular software? thanks Man i am relying on you to have my phone back

  80. anser says:

    What is the difference between Siyah and CFRoot? What is best suited for Resurrection Remix?
    Appreciate your response..

  81. Shamanec says:

    Worked like a charm, Thanks!

  82. Henk says:

    I use to have ICS ROM and one day my friend crash my phone, so I try your method to save my phone. The problem is I connect my phone and finish using odin it does show PASS!!! and I was waiting to reboot. But my phone can only see the “samsung galaxy s2” with a yellow triangle with “!” and then black screen all the time, cant boot my phone. What should I do?

  83. Alex M. says:

    Hello guys. I have rooted my device one month ago, and today i decided to unroot it. So iused Odin and installed stock ics rom. The thing is i can’t root it back. When i connect my device through ODIN, and use PDA CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.tar, ODIN say’s :
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I’ve tried different ways to make it work, like run ODIN in compatibility WIN XP SP 3 in administrator mode. Changed the usb ports, and nothing.
    I want to root the device again to install a custom rom, beacouse i like when i can change anything to my phone.
    Model Number : GT-I9100
    Android version: 4.0.4
    Baseband version: I9100XXLQ6
    Kernel version: 3.0.15-I9100XWLPO-CL913058 dpi@HP19 #3 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 18 21:20:55 KST 2012
    Build number: IMM76D.XWLPO

  84. geoff says:

    sorta new to this i couldnt even get the files to download onto my computer to unzip them. i have kies on my laptop but nothing….????

  85. Thommo says:

    This way is so stupid and a load of utter nonsense
    You don’t even need to flash kernals connect to Pc run this run that – odin mode nonsense

    Download this file from my storage
    copy it to the root of your phone memory NOT SD Card memory
    Switch off your phone press and hold Volume up – Home and then press power – When the Galaxy S2 screen appears release all – On the screen if you get into it – It will say update from external storage – Using volume buttons highlight this option and press power button – On the next screen look for Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed using volume button highlight this and press power button to install – If it says complete with no red txt saying fail then congrats your rooted simply reboot

  86. arsh says:

    thanx i have rooted my gs2 can u tell me how to change super su to super su pro becoz it does not grant permission to root explorer and i want to install s voice on my s2

  87. Agust says:

    I followed all the instructions and everything seemed just fine, but bluetooth is not working. It simply will not urn on. I´m on Android 4.0.4

  88. -SKYLINE- says:

    followed the procedure stated on this page as of 19 August 2012. ran into the problem where apps installed on sd card don’t work. did some researching and found out the CF root 5.3 had problems mounting the sd card. there is a newer version 5.5 from the developer. use that and you’ll be fine. here’s his xda link:

    • -SKYLINE- says:

      AND don’t just rely on the CF root posted here. go on the xda link i posted and try to match your version…. for me it was LPG, which happens to have a LPG v5.5

  89. Arnit says:

    Thanks for this guide. Just rooted my S2 on Vodafone in Australia. Backing up all the data using CWM now….

  90. gunbug says:

    will this work for s2 GT-i9100T

  91. Sajid says:

    Thanking you for such a nice trick

  92. ghostrecon says:

    this is work thnx i root my android.But when i open gamecih not work.he say that please wait.please help me

  93. Agust says:

    Does this work with android 4.0.4?

  94. maw says:

    i have a ics on my sgs2 and i root iy throw recavory mod , can root it again with odion . plz help

  95. Arfan Chatha says:

    I have rooted my Samsung GS2 with CWM 5
    rooted successfully after rebooting it Bluetooth & camera not working
    and cannot be move any app from phone to SD card
    so please help me how can i go back to my original file or what should i do?
    its running on ICS.

  96. shindouz says:

    i follow the steps u show until odin turns green and say it PASS! then reboot my phone and get stuck in the samsung white text? how to fix this?

  97. Deepak says:

    i tried to root my samsung galaxy s2 i9100
    but i not working i these msgs i odin
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    please help me

  98. Lino John says:

    Hi Max & others; please help me out; coz I feel so Low On Andriod; Even Samsung Repair Centre guru couldn’t sort my problem; Hope Max can help me; 1) my S2 G-i9100 got problem with Echo voice with others, 2) updated with Kies; 3) Keep Freezeee and switch off more than 20 times a day itself; 4) Sent it to Samsung Smartcare centre 5) come back with same issue 6)I did root as u showed me; following that guy; But, I still got freezee; and keep switching off itself again and again;; Do u think that is it bcoz of software or something ????I really don’t know what to do;;hope u got any idea for me; Should I return it again to repair centre where they can not sort my problem?? I just wonder just only me or everyone got same freezeee issue? I really proud of having Andriod than apple ios ; but now almost hate; and low on andriod ; pls guys
    Kindest regards, YAN

  99. lex says:

    First time NOOB (well, android noob) and got this working like a charm! Not sure it gets any clearer.
    Now off to get JB and I am done with this touchwiz BS.


  100. Jake says:

    Hi Max, do i need a goldcard to root the S2?

  101. Kyler says:

    I did all and both rooting and back up is done…but came to know that it is unable to backup my ext SD card…all my applications moved to SD is not working anymore….it show the fainted image and when I click it…it mentioned application not installed…..

    What can I do? Will greatly appreciate if anyone could show me some light.


  102. hari says:

    hi,when i rooted my s2 i found that all apps stored in the internal sd card was loading ,plz tel wht can i do

  103. william says:

    whats the first files name odin something can some lone link me please i wana root my phone and does this work when ur doing it on a mac?

  104. william says:

    was that comment to me cause i have no idea what u just said

  105. mahendra says:

    hey maxx.. can i use this same method to root my galaxy s2 i9100M version (bell canada) ??? im running 4.0.3 ICS.. Please reply

  106. steve says:

    OMG I F**cked UP!!!

    I have a SGS2 i9100 and by being a bit of a twat I flashed the wrong root
    I accidently installed the i777 root
    So then I did the correct i9100 root – CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5
    But when I went to super user I got “THERE IS NO SU BINARY INSTALLED. this is a problem”
    So I installed Super SU from Play store
    Now when I go Super SU it says
    “The SU Binary needs to be updated”
    installation failed!

    Also when I go into CWM I get “this version of CWM Manager should be used with CF_ROOT v5.0 or newer. It appears you are running a different kernel. Various features have been disabled”

    Thankfully my phone is still working normally, but it obviously isnt rooted properly.

    What should I do now, or am I screwed? Thanks

    • steve says:

      Not sure if this is important or not, but when the phone turns on it says gt-i9100 but in Odin it says Epic 4G

    • Max says:

      You should be fine, just re-install CF Root for fix.

      • steve says:

        Ive tried that and it seems to be in a weird half rooted state, I get the yellow triangle, I can install Adfree but it doesn’t work, and when I verify Root access with root checker it says I do not have proper root access.

        I’m not quite sure what I’ve managed to do……..

  107. suntel wow says:

    hey i tried rooting my phone twice and both times i had to go install my stock firmware because after rooting my video player is not working.only the sound is playing but the video is missing.when i turn on screen rotation i can see the video for a second..until it i missing somethin and has any1 got this problem.any advice would be appreciated .thanks.iam on 4.0.4.galaxy s2 i9100.;-)

  108. newbie says:

    Hi! im new to rooting my phone. i did some check, am i able to use this method of rooting, but directly replacing the CF kernel with the siyah one? or do i have to go the long way by using the CF kernel and then flash the siyah kernel after that? Thanks! 😀 Cause i was intending of going for the alliance ICS ROM. 😀

  109. rON says:

    I’ve rooted my s2 but my whatsapp messenger is’nt working anymore. I’m getting a message the the third party taksmanager is causing problems. Someone can help me out?


  110. Gilbert Aporto says:

    Hello Max, Im new in rooting SGS2 GT-i9100 4.0.3 Baseband Ver. I9100NELP4 Kernel Ver. 3.0.15-I9100XWLPI-CL686447dpi@DELL141 #3 Build Num. IML74K.XWLPI ,
    I Just wonder if I root my S2, wiil it be, Ok? im Scared to root it. can you answer this ? Thankyou Appreciate it 😀 ASAP 😀 Please please please is there no side effect ?

  111. Gilbert Aporto says:

    My Odin is Odin3 v1.85 and its not Epic4g its Android+SLP , is it okay to do the rooting in this Odin ver ? PLease reply ASAP :DD TY

  112. suntel wow says:

    i rooted as you said but the apps on my sd are not working what should i do.sum1 pls reply..asap…i hav some very important info inside the app..

  113. Alex says:

    i have ics 4.0.4, is the rooting process same for 4.0.3?

  114. Prince says:

    Just rooted my S2…now it cannot show videos contents but the sound is there no videos….help

  115. vikas says:

    It is the easiest method to root a Device

    • Michael says:

      I’m very new to the whole rooting and installing custom software to my SGS2. And this is the second tutorial I am following from this site and I’m very happy i stumbled across this great library of information.
      Thumbs up man keep up the good work and, I just rooted my SGS2 with ICS 4.0.4. Now, I followed all the directions downloaded everything and it all went as described. I am going to go play around with it and see if I have same problems as the other users. But for now it all seems to be working normally and I got my Super SU icon and CWM icons.

      Note, I did stumble across some scenarios that were not mentioned, that i will mention just to add some information.

      When I opened my Kies just to make sure it was still working it asked to update and it did take like 3 minutes to update it to the most recent version. After that it downloaded some additional files and it was done.

      When The device was rooted and all the process was complete, the phone restarted and the computer said recognized samsung galaxy device and that it would install drivers which it said it failed to install drivers. I will restart pc and try to plug it again see if that works. I will follow up with this when i get to it. Other than that, it all worked, thanks. And happy holidays everyone.

  116. Ronak says:

    Does this LPQ kernel works on LPB kernel devices??
    I have GT-I9100 with LPB kernel… but couldn’t find CF kernel for LPB

    Thanks a ton.

  117. mats eneborg says:

    Suggest that you update the kernel link to the latest that currently is 5.6 not 5.3 as in the link above

  118. bleed says:

    Is this can’t be applied on i9100G?
    OMG i’m screwed!!
    Please help me ! can’t turn my phone on!!!

  119. bleed says:

    Finally my i9100G is back alived! I just flash with default firmware and all went smoothlly 😉
    Btw, if you can’t turn your phone in download mode, without USB jig , still can make it happen.
    Just take your battery out, hold the 3 keys and put back in your battery 😉

    • ki0ng says:

      Mr. Bleed… can i know how to flash back? is it just by using odin3 1.85? and can give me the link to get the default firmware?

  120. balaguru says:

    i successfully rooted my sg 2 after rooting ,i accidentally deleted super su i can’t access any rooted application..can u able to help me?

  121. balaguru says:

    after restoring the backup i got super su i want to unroot ..i want to go back to normal…,because my sg2 camera is broken ..i want to claim warranty..

  122. balaguru says:

    in addition all my apps in usb storage(11gb) is crashed..i have 16gb version sg2 international version systemstorage 2gb,usb storage 11gb…i can’t move any app to sd card..all app installing in system storage…

  123. Johnny Eng says:

    Bro Max,
    Can i use abyss kernel for S2 method to flash new rom????
    or can i flash on the stock recovery and get Superuser after that???

    need advice

  124. Daniel Ho says:

    i cant reboot my phone after the process it just stays on the screen where starting the phone and a yellow color triangle with it

  125. Don says:

    Where to download CF root for I9100DXLPB?

  126. Mario says:

    For the people having Bluetooth issues, just do what mats eneborg says, use the 5.6 version instead of the 5.3 in the link above. Fixed the issue for me.

  127. Sky says:

    Danke konnte hiermit mein S2 ganz einfach Rooten … Danke

    THX for this Root tut !!

  128. Jason Lim says:

    Hi I can’t download ODIN is there another link?

  129. Adrianmol says:

    I used this site to root my Galaxy S2 and I had no problems. My Samsung Galaxy S2 had been rooted for a year and was running well. I upgraded to ICS via Kies on 10 Nov 2012. The upgrade took away my Root access and returned all the settings to stock Vodafone/Samsung so had re-install all my icons. My S2 was running well but battery life was awful due to all the bloatware from Samsung, Google and Vodafone. With Juice Defender I had been getting nearly 2 days of light use, after ICS was installed this went down to 8 hours max which is hopeless. On start-up I had Social Hub error messages and whenever I went into the App Store Google kept trying to update “Google” apps that I didn’t want and never used.
    So I found this web site and rooted my phone again which enabled me to remove 16 Bloatware Apps plus about a dozen free trial apps which had appeared from nowhere Success I can now make my battery last well beyond 24 hours.
    The only downside is I have about 12 Apps which no loner work in ICS, including most of my 3D Flying games.

  130. Jotne says:

    Does this root works on the 4.1.2 rom?

  131. rhidian says:

    Hi max…..i have gt i9100 and want to root it.i want to know if i can use siyah kernel?
    Im looking at siyah kernel v4.1.5. A reply would be awesome!

  132. praleesh says:

    hi frnd….u doing very good job here….its too helpful for me, i done the root for my galaxy2 everything working perfectly..unless my bluetooth, its not turning on every time i tried, can u please help me to fix this problem..or is it fix i will do the unroot to the stock rom….please reply me….thnx

  133. kushal patel says:


    its working dude!!!!!!!!!!!

    now i have galaxy S II from O2. so how to root my phone????
    can i use T-Mobile or any other s2 mobile files?

  134. Shreyas says:

    Hey Buddy will this work on GT-I9100G 4.0.4

    Baseband Version I9100GDDLP7

    Build Number IMM76D.XXLPZ.. Pls Suggest as i dont want to Brick my phone…

  135. izany says:

    cannot open.i follow the instruction but when it done ,my s2 start up screen and just like that all night. please help help help

  136. Stoner65 says:

    Hi, This my first attempt at rooting. I followed your instructions above exactly. I noticed when i launch the camera app i have a black screen, so i try to take a picture or video but i cant view it. But if i tap the corner of the screen to open the image/video i can see it! The same happens with Camera ZoomFX. I have Paper Camera and Pano too but i no problems with them. Any ideas?? Thanks
    Gt i9100
    Kernal XXLPQ
    Build XWLPY

  137. Roderick says:

    OMG I ROOTED MY PHONE!!! for the first time and im only 12. i feel ….OMG

  138. E.D.A. says:

    So first… I successfully rooted my gt-i9100 thanks for the tutorial… but, my bluetooth doesn’t turn on… what can I do? please help! Thanks in advance.

  139. yomen says:

    hi admin.. i follow your procedure and it’s really works. the only problem i encounter is that my camera just have a black screen but when you take pa pic it;s working even playing movie and youtube you can see only black screen but have sound.. plss help

    • Paul says:

      I have encountered the same issue rooting on ICS…black screen for camera, youtube, and netflix. Hopefully, we can get a solution…

  140. doi-doi says:

    hi .. can some one help me with gt-i9108 4.0.4 … how to root, and flah another rom…. european one…

  141. Sachin says:

    After rooting my camera is not working when i open it, blank screen is coming with all options & after clicking shoot button or back key the image is coming for 1 sec. what should i do?


    • pst007x says:

      Same issue here… I’ve searched everywhere but no help found.. it looks like there is an issue with this ROM on some Samsung GS2 mobiles… best to replace it for a different ROM… 🙁

  142. Grazkis GG says:

    Worked, first try 😉 THX

  143. pst007x says:

    Just flashed ROM.. all is ok… well… apart from camera live display… now only displays a black screen.. camera works but will no longer show any live image… Any one has the same issue? Any ideas?


  144. saikat says:

    does it work on all galaxy s2 gt-i9100
    my baseband version is=i9100 DDLPA.shall i root with this CF KERNEL that u have uploaded.please reply me soon.
    thank you.

  145. Isis says:

    Hi Max, thank you for the guide! As a noob, I rooted 2 i9100 on ICS for the first time and the process was a breeze! However, I realized that the cameras and Bluetooth of both phones could not work after rooting. How should I resolve these issues?

  146. Harry says:

    Well, Tried to flash Jelly Bean 4.1.2, but the tar file doesnt show up in the Odin PDA. What am i doing wrong?

  147. xtian says:

    Hello! I am trying to root my Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 model on ICS… However, is there a version where I can do it on the mac?

  148. Joolzy says:

    Hi. Will this work with my s2?
    version 4.0.4
    baseband: i1900xxlq6
    Kernel: 3.0.15-1114882 dpi@dell163 #3 SMP preempt wed sep 19 18:31:23 KST 2012
    build: imm76d.xwlpy

  149. Michael says:

    Thank you for your tutorials got my s2 3 days ago and got tired of all those adds with every app.
    now that i rooted it there history

    thx again

    • Michael says:

      well one day after i rooted my phone i encountered a few problems like black screen when i use my camera, apps i couldnt move to sd and enabeling bluetooth
      so i unrooted it and it works correct again

  150. Black Also says:

    Im also havin the black screen with videos and camera.
    How to fix it?

  151. bebosami88 says:

    i have s2 gt-i9100 ana i root it but it isnt starting just the yellow triangle …………. what should i do ????/
    please help me !!!!!

  152. Khem says:

    Hi guys

    When ODIN runs, I don’t see any yellow highlight with a COM appearing. I even installed Samsung Kies and plugged in the micro-USB cable back to the phone.

    Still can’t see it.

    Please HELP !

  153. Andres says:

    I rooted my samsung galaxy gt-i9100 exactly like you did in your video, but now I am having a problem: when I leave my phone with the screen shut off for 20 minutes or so (sometimes more sometimes less) the phone shuts down, and it doesnt turn on unless I do a battery pull or I push the ON button for about 20 seconds. After I rooted the phone I used an app called “Battery Calibration” to see if it helped thinking it could have been the battery but it did not work. PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you

  154. URSO says:

    Hi I got the GT-I9100 S2 and followed these steps to root my phone on ICS. This process worked and I gained SuperUser access but after trying to enable my Bluetooth, I noticed that is no longer working. Tries to enables but fails. Also when using the native camera app, the viewfinder no longer displays the image the camera is seeing. Its just a black screen.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

  155. BlackDon says:

    Hi URSO & all the other people who gain this problem,

    For a few weeks back, I had that same problem.
    I’ve tried everything but nothing helped.
    At one time it was this far, I accidentally replaced my files by other files because of my root access.
    Of course this wasnt what I wanted.. After it replaced al this files. I triet to unroot it, and I got all of these errors.
    And I tought about the thing I maybe bring this phone back to the restore center who would delete my rom and install the original Samsung i9100 rom back, so this problems with bluetooth the black camera screen and also I had a problem with streaming of video’s.
    But I could not send my phone there if my download counter of odin was still counting up and not null.
    So I decided to root my phone once again. After I rooted my phone again, I looked at my camera, bluetooth and video’s and they where WORKING!!
    But I think the risk is to big because of the instable root rom so I installed triangle away. Inside this app triangle away is an option to set this odin counter to zero.
    But if you do this you will have to take a major risk because if you do you got this change to softbrick you’re phone… but I took the risk and my odin counter on my phone hitted zero.
    Right now I unrooted it again and I watched after this unroot if my counter got up.. but instead of getting up it stayed zero. So i was pretty happy, because my bluetooth, camera and my video’s were still working.

    Ater all this.. I installed some random app’s so it would look like this phone was in normal use.
    I called to the center and called my problem that my phone wouldn’t connect with Samsung kies.
    I told them I got an error what tolds me my phone wasn’t compatible with Samsung kies.
    They told me a big crappy story about it could be a software problem and blablablablabla
    So I asked them if they could install new software on my phone and they said yes.
    So I went to the store and I told them I had called, they knew my problem already and 2 hours later I got my phone back with the original software.

    I know this story above is pretty much, and some of you think its crap.. But this is how it go’s with my phone.
    By the way, I’m sorry about my bad english.

    I hope you guys have something to this story.
    If you don’t understand anything please let me know.
    For all the guy and girls who search fast trough this topic.
    There isn’t a propper solution jet for this problem with the black camera, bluetooth or black video’s.
    Its an fault in this ROM and someone needs to fix this.
    But beside the faults in this ROM its a pretty good one.

    Cya all later =)

  156. Jussi Männistö says:

    Brilliant, thank you for this! Worked like a charm for Galaxy S2 4.0.4.

  157. Cristian Gómez says:

    In GNU/Linux you can achieve this with heimdall, download the zip, extract until you get ‘zImage’ file. In heimdall put:
    heimdall flash –kernel zImage
    And that’s it, now you’re root!!!

  158. Maddy Orlesky says:

    Hey I really need someone’s help! I rooted my s2 and it worked great till I started flashing ROM, every time I flash a ROM its boots up and the just says “unfortunately setup wizard has stopped” and it wont let me do anything!!! so then I have to restore to the last ROM I was on. Please help!!

  159. JW says:

    Hi Max,

    Can I used a JB custom ROM after I root my ICS kernal? I am currently on 4.0.4 DXLPF and I am thinking of using the new 4.2.2 PacMan JB ROM. Do I need to flash Siyah kernel to be able to use the JB ROM?

  160. jack says:

    i have a kernel panic upload mode after reboot and it doesn’t start… stucks in that screen
    what should i do now

  161. Vishaljeet Singh says:

    Hey i want to root my phone but i am doubtful that whether i can unroot my phone or not after rooting it once…??

  162. matthew says:

    hi guys after i updated may galaxy 2 from GB to ICS may wifi started to freeze or just keep on and off.,is there a fix for this problem.,?anyone encounter same problem?

  163. Mark says:

    your instructions is very straight forward. you’re indeed an excellent guru!

    keep it up!

    for all the readers here in this forum that still having problems, please see below my info:

    i’ve rooted my s2 model # GT-I9100M
    Baseband version: I9100MUGLD3
    Build number: IML74K.UGLD3

    files needed to download: (see link: (see link:

    good luck guys!

    • Sivo says:

      My camera cannot be seen! (Just black screen)
      But it does capture the direction its pointed at. Please advice ASAP!

  164. Adriel says:

    does this work for samsung galaxy s2 i9100G ?

  165. Lucy says:

    How do I know if my sgs2 is rooted or not?

  166. Kashyap Gourav says:

    No need to worry….ur phone wil be recover by a simple method if u got bricked ur fon.its easyand simple to get back your me at with ur SGS2 model number.

  167. Alvin Nidzam says:

    how long will this root will take…??????because i followed exactly as the instructions but it got stuck on the samsung text….i have waited for 40 min

  168. steven says:

    ive rooted my SG s2 and naw my camera not working plz can u help me PLZ

  169. steven says:

    dose anyone reply on this site ??????????????

  170. steven says:

    ive re-rooted me SGs2 still the same ive got audio still black screen on my videos and youtube plz help

  171. varun says:

    my phone is currently running on 4.0.4 xwlpx is the cf root compatible?

  172. Ian says:

    I did everything it works fine , but for some reason when i want to install an app , it says : application not installed . Can you help me please???

  173. muli says:


    I did this on my sg i9100G…. its a shame you didnt right a WARNING not to do so…
    now my phone stuck at the startup screen and I cant get him into download mode! what should I do?

  174. Hussein says:

    Hi, Please HELP ME!..
    i Have Galaxy S2 GT i9100 Android 4.0.3 Model XXLPX Why does it not root help please

  175. kyox says:

    Hi Max,
    currently my almost 2 years galaxy s2 are having problem with its wifi connection (wifi icon stay dim green & cannot detect wifi) which I am sure a lot of galaxy s2 owner out there are also having the same issue.

    I already try almost all the tricks that I can find to solve it but so far no success.

    Now, I want to try to root it by following your guide. May I know whether my wifi connection problem will somehow hinder me to root my phone. Currently on 4.0.3 official JB. Any possibility of bricking? Thanks.

  176. abdellaj says:

    thanks it works on my s2 i9100

  177. Jinner says:

    Easy to follow instructions and worked well, although:
    1. Any apps on my external sd aren’t working – it looks like the card is unmounted (it isn’t, I can still access stuff on it via My Folder). Is there an easy fix for this?
    2. This “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.tar” kernel is enough to go on to other steps for changing ROMs now?
    [Sorry – new to all this]

  178. Kike says:

    Max can you post how root the s2 i777 with JB

  179. yeeteng says:

    why my phone holding down Volume Down, Center, and Power button together about 30second still cannot see the warning screen?

  180. jijiey marceda says:

    thanks.. work fine for me galaxy s2 i9100 / ICS 4.03
    for those who want to root this, make sure you are ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) which is your android version

  181. Davor says:

    Hi Max, i wroteted u here because i am not sure if we can contact you via mail even though I’m a subscriber. So i finally decided to flash custom kernel and i encountered problems. I am on a stock 4.1.2 but i have rooted my phone, i have stock recovery (didn’t need CWM because i just wanted to install viper and titanium) and i tried flashing DorimanX kernel 8.43 with odin 1.85 and when phone rebooted after DorimanX boot animation my screen turns black, i waited for a while a nothing happened. So i tried to find solution on xda and someone mentioned to wipe cache,wipe dalvik cache and fix permissions, but then i got boot loop. Then i tried GS2KernelWipeV2.09 script from xda (i maybe shoud mention that i can enter CWM and go to download mode) i tried flashig again and still won’t pass DorimanX animation. I tried with 8.42 version and still the same problem. Then i tried Siyah-s2-v6.0b5 kernel, won’t pass Siyah logo, then PhilZ-cwm6-XWLSD-OXX-4.93.6 and still won’t pass screen with triangle. After that i tried your way (because it had jeboo kernel and people on xda say that DorimanX and Siyah are better), followed all the way but it won’t pass screen with triangle (like the pic below step 8). Every time i flashed odin said pass, phone reboots and nothing. I see a lot off people ask if the usb debbuging should be turned on? Is that my problem? Finally I flashed stock rom and everything is working now but i would like to flash a custom rom in the future so if u could help me I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
    P.S. sorry for my spelling english is not my native language

  182. dillon says:

    i have a i727 can you not root this kind of phone?

  183. Nagaraj says:

    Hey guys, i just tried to root my galaxy S2 and stuck in restarting the phone.. it showing black screen, what to do… Plz help me anybody

  184. AMINE says:

    I Can’t found the thing wich called ” CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.tar ” Help me please

  185. Yudha says:


    I have unrooted ICS4.0.3 I updated from the phone software update. I tried your method and download the kernel CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5.tar from here.
    But I can’t root my device.. the odin says it is failed.

    My baseband version I9100DXLP7
    Kernel Version 3.0.15-I9100DXLP7-CL233393dpi@DELL166#3

    please help

  186. Bajrang Sharma says:

    I followed the steps and tried to root my Galaxy S2 device.. everything was Ok but after completing I am unable to restart my phone…

    A yellow colour triable comes when I power up the phone, but then the screen goes off..

    Please help me out

  187. vinayan says:

    My Samsung s2 GT-i9100 going shut down when it reaches 40 % battery level without battery low message if I recharged it to 100% level, and when restart it shows 2-3% battery level.

    1. if I charge my mobile up to 70%level , It is going shut down at 28-30% battery level (…shut down level is different for different battery charging level.

    2 I changed Os to 4.0.3……
    3. calibrated battery………..
    4. done factory reset……….

    but problem still exist…………..
    please help me

  188. Eugenia Dewi Salim says:

    So glad it’s not only me who is still owning the Samsung Galaxy S2!!!
    Anyway. Who can help me with the GPS problem here??
    Few info:
    Bought my phone in Indonesia but now am staying in USA. Using prepaid T-Mobile as my provider and every time I need navigation using Google Map, that woman always says, “GPS SIGNAL LOST!!” gleefully. And it’s such a mess because is not only the GPS was lost, me the same!!!
    So, if there’s anyone possibly could help me with this irritating problems, do me a favor. Please send me email on
    Zillions of thanksss!!!

  189. Dr.Thraxxx says:

    hey man can you help me when i did what you did but when it’s sopposed to star up it stops by the warning sign and it doesnt continue i waited 2 hours and nothing happend

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