How to Root ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!

Want to root your AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 on ICS?  If you have Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4, or any of the 4.0.X series, here’s how to root your phone easily using ODIN and Siyah kernel.

By installing Siyah kernel with ODIN, you will get root, Superuser, overclock your phone up to 1.6Ghz (with overclocking app like SetCPU), dual-boot multiple ROMs, and a whole lot more.

Step 1. First connect a micro-USB cable from your computer to your AT&T Galaxy S2 and hold down the Volume Up, Volume Down, and the Power buttons together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2. When you see the warning sign hit Volume Up button to enter the ODIN Download mode.

Step 3. Download ODIN and Siyah kernel tar file below and unzip the ODIN zip file but LEAVE Siyah kernel in .tar file format.


Download ODIN
Download Siyah Kernel in tar format

Double-click on ODIN exe file to start ODIN program.

Step 4. You should see a yellow highlight with a COM number (the number doesn’t matter so long as it shows).  If it doesn’t, install Samsung Kies and replug your phone back in.  But make sure Kies is not running, we just install it to get the drivers for our phone that’s all.

Next, choose “PDA” and choose the file “Siyah-v3.2.6.4.tar” that you downloaded earlier.

Then hit “Start”.

Step 5. Your phone should reboot in about 10 seconds.


Step 6. You should find yourself with the Superuser app and fully rooted phone. Congrats!

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289 Responses

  1. mikemc63 says:

    guys…Looks good. Can it be done with Ubuntu? Don’t have Windows…run Linux……… a true hacker would…..figure out an easy way with Ubuntu or Mint, etc….Then you will be my hero. Until then…nothing really works……. Personal email… Been watching for years. Step up!

    • Max says:

      Yes posting that soon most likely tomorrow as I am beat!

      • bob says:

        any reason why odin reads my i777 whileits on but not in download mode?

      • Thomas W. says:

        I need your help Max. Everything worked out almost perfectly except after all is done the computer says: Installing software than it says that is was unsuccessful and the phone is dead. What do i do?

    • jeff says:

      a true hacker doesn’t use Ubuntu, you wont learn jack with that. Backtrack is a true hackers OS. I personally like Arch

      • Tanner says:

        Dude your a dumb shit. I’ve used arch and it sucks ass. Ubuntu is a true hackers os dont say shit if you have no fucking clue what your talking about. arch is as shitty as windows vista or mac in general

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks Max everything worked smoothly! Very easy as this was my first time rooting a Android phone. One issue I am having though. Back button no longer works. Is this expected and is there a fix? Thanks again!!

  3. Dennis says:

    I’m just getting a black screen after boot. I’ve tried reinstalling several times, and even downloaded the file again to make sure it wasn’t corrupt. Any ideas?

  4. GeeVi says:

    Hey Max….
    Can you please post the “step-by-step” for mac os too ?
    Really appreciate your work….And can’t wait for ICS on my I777….

  5. Carlos says:

    Hi I have a problem after following the instructions at the step where i install Syah, after reset i got the same yellow triangle but in the second image my screen goes black like it shut down, did i do something wrong need help :S

    • Carlos says:

      the biggest mistake that i have done is that i intall all that in a gingerbread, any solution?

      • trusktr says:

        What you need to do is find the ROM for your Gingerbread and reflash it. If you are on Ssung Official Gingerbread, then find the official ROM and after flashing with Odin you will not lose any data…
        After you’ve successfully done that, then go find the Official Samsung ICS ROM for your phone and flash that with Odin. When you reboot, a setup process will happen and you won’t lose any data (back it up while in gingerbread just in case)… then you can flash Siyah.

        • masoom says:

          hi..i also did the same mistake….now the screen starts with a yellow harard triange…. and it just do not start…unable to start in recovery mode….please help…what should i do….how do i flush it…reply mee in my email please….

  6. Chris says:

    Where I get the overclock apk file from after I download SetCpu from the play store?

  7. levis says:

    Just follow the steps and root my smarphone. How do I remove the yellow triangle?

  8. Wilman says:

    I did all the steps everything worked fine.. BUT when the phone restarts I dont see the Superuser app, So is it rooted or not? I want to install a new ROM 🙁

  9. Wilman says:

    Max can Siyah Kernel be used to root the Leaked ICS 4.0.3 for ATT?

  10. nick says:

    Rooted it just fine, but WiFi is no longer working. Have reset router and refreshed phone’s settings.

    • Max says:

      Does wifi turn on? If it does, it’s probably your network settings, try forgetting all wifi networks and try reconnecting.

      • Randy says:


        I’m having the same issues as well. i tried your suggestion above and it didn’t fix the issue. any thoughts? wifi would turn on and look for an active connection. the screen where it shows all available wifi networks does not pop up.

  11. Saad says:

    Hi, I after pressing on PDA and selecting the Siyah Kernal, It just says “setup connection” and doesnt go anywhere. Doesnt have the green loading bar come up. Anything I should do? Thanks in advance.

  12. Abraham says:

    Hi Max,
    Will this root work with the new samsung kies ics update?

  13. Robert says:

    After it installs all i get is the yin yang thing then it goes to black

  14. Mike says:

    After I installed AT&T 4.0.3 through kies and rooted following the steps above, Now kies will not connect to my phone. I have done a factory reset and uninstalled kies and reinstalled, My computer finds it and I can access my SD card. Everything else works just fine except Kies.

  15. Josiah says:

    It seems i did everything as stated but my home and search buttons aren’t working it seems. how can i fix this?

  16. Nelson says:

    Ok I just followed all the steps correctly and after I flash the file over I get the loading screen with the yellow triangle but the superuser app is nowhere to be found….anybody else having the same issue??

  17. SleeperG says:

    Max, just upgraded my Galkaxy S2 SHG-I777 to Android 4.03 via the AT&T link. Went through your steps and now it wakes up saying that it’s a GT-I9100. WTF!! It’s a brick now!! Suggestions!?!

    • SleeperG says:

      Don’t know what was going on, but went through it a third time and it finally worked. In the famous words of Emily Littela “Oh, well that’s different then. Nevermind.”

  18. Jonathan says:

    does siyah kernel have its own cwm……???

    • SleeperG says:

      It would appear that Chainfire CWM installs, but then says it is not entirely compatible with the Siyah kernel and requires ChainFire v. 5.0 Root. Is there a CWM that is totally compatible with that Siyah kernel?

  19. Jeff says:

    I want to root my phone but after reading about these problems, I’m not sure if I should. Have any people had good luck using the method described here?

  20. jul says:

    works for me everything is fine, thanks.

  21. USMCGrunt says:

    How about WIFI tethering, is that working properly? I have my GTab 10.1 tethered to my SGSII and have for months, and ATT has yet to catch on (YAY). Does this root allow me to enable wifi tethering?

  22. Michael Barnes says:

    After upgrading to ICS on my Galaxy S II using Samsung’s Kies, I lost my previous rooting (in which I was still using the stock gingerbread OS).

    Since upgrading to this ROM, I have lost wifi tethering, which was the primary reason I rooted my phone.

    I also cannot add any Bluetooth devices. The devices I had installed previous to this Root, stayed active, but I cannot add any more.

    Also, I cannot find where to set up the overclocking. It was a simple process on my Pre, but this is my first Android device.

    Any advice on how to fix these issues? I’d be OK with going back to the stock AT&T ROM if it took that.

  23. David B. says:

    Everything works great except for one problem. After flashing the updated 3.4.3 kernel, my PC will no longer recognize my device. I plug in my phone and it states that it is charging but my PC doesn’t say that it is there. What should I do?

  24. Randy van Vliet says:

    When will you offer kernel sykiah 3.4.3 with CWM in the kernel? It sucks less battery than 3.4.2 and is the most current version. The 3.4.3 I have off of XDA developers is in a Zimage file, not a .tar image file, so I can’t get Odin to load it on my Galaxy S2 I777 by AT&T. 3.4.2 is pretty good, but it does not allow a means to get my bluetooth to recognize my Jabra, something my Gingerbread 2.3.4 with zedomax root did quite well, very good on power consumption and battery life.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Randy van Vliet says:

      I am going back to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Rooted for my ATT samsung Galaxy 2, this sikiah kernel just sucks down my battery, it has power management issues big time. I could go 4 days on 2.3.4 zedomax rooted before, I am lucky to get 2 days out of the current sikiah kernel.

      • Max says:

        Hmmm try another kernel then. And also u can try underclocking.

        • Randy van Vliet says:

          I am running V.3.4.2, and there is a newer 3.4.3 version out, but I can’t get open the Zimage files to make it work with Odin off of the other website where all the developers hang out.

          If it was set up with the Clock Work Mod built in, I could probably get it to download from Odin 1.8.5.

          Other than the issues that the sikiah kernel will not take screenshots with home and power on button at the same time, has a bit of a wonky Google Maps version, and there’s no means to get it to sync with Bluetooth and my Jabra< i like most all about it. Also love that it now shows sent Gmails, so I can now see who got what. Just has huge power suck issues, many have commented how stable the new 3.4.3 version is. I also sometime get dead screens or lock ups on 3.4.2, and have to pull the back cover and the battery to clear it and reboot.

  25. nate says:

    will this delete everything on my phone?

    • Randy van Vliet says:

      If you have a factory ICS from samsung or a factory Gingerbread from samsung, then it will keep all your settings.

  26. Nathan Tran says:

    I rooted my SGS2 to this this morning and stupidly installed ROM Manager from Play Store, and had it Backup the current ROM. Now it Only boots to the Logo with yellow triangle and then to black screen, please help :((

    • Nathan Tran says:


      Just flashed your Official SGH-i777 ICS to it (thankfully i could still get into download mode) and my phone is back up and running!

  27. Cameron says:

    Thanks for the easy to follow how to! I am loving having this guy rooted…but i get my S3 tomorrow…never thought i would be disappointed to switch to the S3.

    One question i have is when playing with SetCPU what is the recommended settings and voltages?

  28. Jameson says:

    Thanks! Worked like a charm! Keep up the good work.

  29. phil says:

    if i root does it make the phone have the old tv effect screen off?

  30. Anuj says:

    I flashed this ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S2 after upgrading it to ICS 4.0.3. I had taken a backup of my contacts with Kies before upgrading. When I restored my contact after rooting, the phone only showed partial contacts. some of the contacts are missing. Any suggestions ?

    • Max says:

      Not sure if u can get them back but next time i suggest creating dummy gmail account for your contacts as they get saved and restored automatically on android devices.

  31. Amandroid says:

    Hey Max,

    Will this method work on my SGS 2 GT-I9100T ? Its an Australian version. I thought I ll ask you before trying this method.

  32. nick says:

    PC only? or will this work on a mac?

  33. elqqq says:

    Does it work on GT-I9100?

  34. Michael says:

    After updating to the AT&T-released ICS, I lost my rooting.

    I had rooted it formerly without ever changing the ROM (I really just cared about being able to wifi tether and use titanium backup), so this is new ground to me.

    This rooting process was incredibly easy. Kudos to you.

    However, since moving to this ROM, I can no longer add any bluetooth devices. The ones that were there before Rooting are still working, but I can’t get my car bluetooth to connect. Wifi tether is also not working.

    It’s also started rebooting on its own now.

    Is there another ROM to flash to that would work better, or is it possible to get a ROM of the AT&T release?


  35. victor says:

    Hi, I am in t rouble noow, I tried rooting with Siyah-V3.4.2-Noswa…Tar, Soon a fter i did i couldn’t boot my Cellphone. It comes to original screen and stucks there. Could you please help me with the problem?

    Is there a Stock ROM, which i could flash back too.

    Just fyi, my phone is SGH-i777 AT&T brand.

  36. VALENTIN says:

    Hi, I need some help.

    I have my i777 already rooted and my current configuration is:

    Android version: 2.3.6
    Baseband: i777UCKK6
    Build Number: UnNamed v2.2.1

    I would like to go to Android version 4.x and with some new ROM.

    Can you help me with some tips to do it?



  37. mikemc63 says:

    Max…I successfully rooted my ATT SGH-i777 last week with the siyah kernel. It randomly rebooted constantly. Tried to backup with Titanium then ROM manager. Rebooted during backup then bricked. Finally had to download factory fs tar which took me to gingerbread 2.3.4. Used to have 2.3.6 before KIES update to ICS 4.03. Now KIES wont help getting upgraded back up the ladder. Can you look into this or provide links? Also…Odin does not recognize any .zip for ROMs. What can we use for that? Most of your links are .zip even if it says .tar on your page. Thanks, mikemc63

  38. Ashish says:

    Many Thanks for the wonderful steps and binaries provided online. I managed successfully to root my phone and could see Superuser & CWM.

    Being a new user i am not sure what to do with these apps and what are the other apps mentioned (clocking…) and it performs. Any online link with more details would be appreciated?

    • Max says:

      Google “setcpu” and download it off xda foruma and install with file manager app like es file explorer. Sorry i m not in front of my pc.

  39. Jordan says:

    After following everything on the steps, I did the pda with the .tar file and it said complete. But my phone didnt reboot and now when I try to turn my phone on i see a yellow triangle and it gets past that screen then it goes to what looks like a purple yingyang but after that it shuts off again ><. Please help

    • Jordan says:

      only thing I can access is the downloading screen (volume held and power) and when that comes up it says ODIN MODE PRODUCT NAME:SGH-I777 CUSTOM BINARY DOWNLOAD: YES (1 counts) CURRENT BINARY: CUSTOM if that helps any… any help would be greatly appreciated kinda need my phone working hah, and I have an hour and 15 mins before I need to leave for work

    • Jordan says:

      NAND Write Start!!
      RQT_CLOSE !!
      RES OK !!
      All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)
      is what was said on Odin when I started the .tar file

  40. Phillip says:

    I have the i777 S2. I rooted with 3.4.2 and it works fine on ATT. I tried to download some teethering programs to use for teethering my ipad does NOT work. Any ideas. In the past with the iPhjone 4 I had no problems.. after Jailbreak I download a ipa and was able to use the teethering program for my ipad 2. Now with Android I cannot. I am using the ICS 4.03 and rooted with the Siyah Kernel S2-v3.4.2. Any one knows what teethering programs work well with ATT networks.. ATT sucks big time.. as they are so sink of corporate green. I barely teether my ipad even in the past… but\ after I changed phones to the S2.. I did not do it. Suggestions?

    • george says:

      1. download root uninstaller from and FoxFi wifi hotspot tethering app in the market
      2. uninstall tether provission app in the root folder with root uninstaller.
      3. install FoxFi tethering app
      4. enable your data and run the FoxFi wiFi tethering app.
      5. Voila…wifi Hotspot. Do not run the native wifi hotspot on the phone as it would not work.

      FYI: FoxFi will not work if you still have the tether provission app in your phone it will hang and forced closed when run

      I have searched for this and no one seems have a solution yet as stock ICS on my phone is still pretty new. I hope some dev would come up with a work around to activate the native app on the phone.

  41. James says:

    I have tried this twice today and still get the black screen. I have a stock S2 i777 for AT&T i followed all the steps and downloaded the new .tar file

    June 22, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Try this, sorry i put the wrong link earlier: (now fixed)

    and i still get the black screen and nothing more than than…any suggestions

  42. Sri says:

    Thanks for this page. Only page I found that shows the process in such easy steps. I’m yet to try root my s2 ATT with official ICS. Have a question before I do it. Due to whatever reason, if we have to get back to stock kernel (UCLE5), can we do that after rooting with siyah kernel? Can we get the phone to normal ATT state at any point?
    Does this process void warranty?

    Thanks much for your work guys!!

  43. Eric says:

    Max, have to admit I was very hesitant after reading all the comments.

    I have the AT&T SGH_i777 was on stock ics from samsung for AT&T 4.0.3. I hated it and was super glitchy.

    I took a leap of faith. Followed your instructions.

    It all works PERFECT. Thank you!!
    All keys work, home, back, search
    Wifi works.
    Tether via Foxfi works
    MMS/SMS works
    Calls in/out work
    Gtalk works
    Gmail works
    Gplay works
    Gallery / Camera works

    Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and passing along the very helpful tutorial.


    • CXnikos says:

      Hi, Eric.

      I just posted a question on this forum, but I believe you may have had the same issue I am having (upgraded to official AT&T ICS and hating it)… It sounds like you successfully fixed it (Back to gingerbread?) What process did you use?
      Would you comment on my post please where I outline my options?
      Many thanks!

  44. Ganya says:

    I have the same issue as Jordan above. I am able to get to the download mode as well. I can get Odin to see the phone and flash the .tar file. Result is Pass and then the phone reboots to the dreaded ‘Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100’ screen with the yellow exclamation mark. I need to get the phone up and running soon. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  45. stet says:

    i have the same probleme GRANYA and JORDAN

    I have the same issue as Jordan above. I am able to get to the download mode as well. I can get Odin to see the phone and flash the .tar file. Result is Pass and then the phone reboots to the dreaded ‘Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100′ screen with the yellow exclamation mark. I need to get the phone up and running soon. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    help please…

  46. Mikki says:

    I keep getting this error message…

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

  47. CXnikos says:

    I have flashed many ROMs on my EVO4G (supersonic) but hadn’t messed with my GFs S2 (much as I enjoy tinkering, I do also believe in ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’… Anyway, that all changed.. She was keen on the AT&T ICS upgrade so we went ahead with that. MAJOR error/disaster… The phone is now slow, laggy and the battery life sucks. So need to go back to Gingerbread…
    What should the sequence be?
    I’m thinking: Root while still in ICS by installing the Siyah kernel (with CWM).. backup current ROM
    Now the question is how to handle the downgrade?
    Can I just flash Max’s and then reboot into CWM and apply a Gingerbread ROM… ??
    Or maybe should I use the Gingerbread stock (and then – maybe – apply ?
    C) Some other combo move?

    Many thanks!


  48. Jamal says:

    I followed up your steps and I rooted my Samsung I777.But then decided to factory reset it. I did and it went blanked with a black screen and did not want to turn on. Please help

  49. Marc says:

    epci fail.
    andr.- 4.0.3
    base- i777uclc2
    kernal 3.0.15-i777uclc2-cl170259se.infra@sep-91 #3
    build iml74k.117
    Revieved phone 8/8/2012
    Just downloaded the ICS system via odin today, 8/10/2012 (i777uclc2_rootwiki)
    phone worked great.
    downloaded this root program same day (afterwards), and ended up with the blank screen after trying to load as well. (same as described above)
    used odin to re-install ICS, (after pressing all 3 buttons, load program) and my phone is back.
    just an fyi. Nearly has a heart attack, lol!
    Would love to root this phone, but if this doesnt work, are there any other options??
    Ive rooted many phone, updated many phones, never any problems. Something in the code must be off. Keep up the hard work, and you will get it, until then, Ill wait!
    Good day!

  50. JAKK says:

    i watch your website and root my SII ,but there are some problems after i root my phone,so i need to know how to unroot my phone,thank you,i am a chinese so i am not good at english

  51. Gary says:

    Tried this twice with an i727 AT&T Skyrocket running a factory fresh 4.0.4 ROM and it soft bricks it. Was able to restore to original using Odin and (Contains TAR file) found at:

    Can you or someone please tell me how to Root and install Cclockwork Recovery on a Factory ICS Skyrocket?


  52. 666grrrl666 says:

    Thanks so much! Your video was super easy to follow and I can’t believe how easy this was. Works like a charm!

    To anyone on the fence about rooting: Do it!! This is so easy. If you follow the instructions that he gives you carefully and exactly there is next to nothing to worry about.

  53. Martin says:

    So i did all of those steps, but when i reached the Odin part where i needed to flash the siyah kernel, it wouldnt finish the pass and the green bar would just stay in the middle. Tried a few times and it still wont pass. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  54. Makhdum says:

    hello! i live in india and i have got this phone gti777 unlocked.its version is 2.3.4 can i update it without getting it locked……

  55. Bikash says:

    I rooted by att sgh-i777 to ics 4.0 ( i9100). everything worked but the call volume did not. text, internet and other apps are working fine. I downloaded the other version of ics 4.0 att version. but now the phone does not go to download mode on pressing the power and volume up and down button together. i checked the debug usb connection too but its not working. any suggestions what shall i do?

  56. asngvas says:


    Installed the Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777.tar but when i checked superuser to get update it says root gain failed in AT&T i777 What i need to do please help

  57. Joel says:

    It worked on my first attempt. Thanks a lot. SG i777 4.0.3 UCLE5

  58. dec0der says:

    (USA) AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-i777 (UCLE5)
    Android: 4.0.3

    Successfully r00ted. – Thanks!

  59. Brittany says:

    Followed all the steps and got to the triangle screen…would not go past that screen. so i figured i used the wrong file. tried to re-do it….it says failed instead of pass. so how do i get past the triangle screen!!!

  60. Damian says:

    I did everything like you said in yours video and my phone works … well it starts like it used to. But now I have much more problems with software I had installed on my phone from before rooting. About half of the software doesn’t work and if I try to install something from Google Play it says that I don’t have enough space (which I do, 500MB). And also when I try to install something from an apk file it says the same thing about lack off space.

    WTF has happened to my phone after that rooting off yours??!!

  61. Dan says:

    Max, I installed the unofficial “Official” ICS you have on your site for the i777. I tried installing the Siyah kernel to root the phone but like others above, once installed it boots to the yellow triangle (normal), then shows the Siyah image, then goes completely dark, nothing. I then have to go back and reinstall the ICS to get it to run again. It doesn’t seem that anyone’s found a solution above, do you have another root you can recommend to try?

  62. dec0dernyc says:

    I noticed I cannot adjust my brightness of my display. I can dim it but cannot brighten the display.

    Its stuck on “automatic brightness”. it will not allow me to “uncheck” it.

    Any ideas?

  63. derick says:

    has anyone got problems like Low phone mic volume??

  64. derick says:

    the person in the other end cannot hear me sometimes

  65. bb says:

    How in the world do I get this Siyah file? I DO NOT see it when I click on the link. All I see is a link for 7zip or Free Download Manager which I did install so now what?

  66. RICK says:

    Rooted other phoines before, but this time i’m trying to root an AT&T Galaxy S2 skyrocket i727. my question is if i have to unlock the phone first bcus i have heard of unlock after rooting on other galaxy phone. Pls help Thank you.
    BTW just used for my Note and you guys are Awesome.

  67. WarChief says:

    Pls Help. I have an AT&T Galaxy SII Skyrocket i727 that i want to root. But I need to know first and be sure if It has to be unlocked first i order to root. PLSSSSS help. THX Guys

  68. Rick Sotello says:

    I want to root my Galaxy SII Skyrocket from AT&T. But i need to be sure if i have to unlock the phone first before rooting. None of the video or tutorials i have seen say whether it has to be unlocked or not. Pls Help!!!

  69. nitesh says:

    My question is that now it says i9100 on my sgh-1777 is that normal. Also does that mean I have to install a from.for i9100 not sgh-1777. Also there are new syiah for this. But i do not know if those will work on my phone.

  70. Jamie says:

    Will this work for at&t i727. If not how do you root it

  71. Juan says:

    Hello! I have 4.0.3 and I want to know if doing this will allow me to update to 4.0.4 via KIES with no problems. And also if after the update the ROOT will continue (I want to use it mostly to OC with tegra overclock and to be able to surf the phone with root explorer or some thing alike). I need to erase the aplications that came with the phone, that the celphone service provider installed… And i want to change the start up animation. I like the “Samsung SII” one, but it also comes with an ugly “MOVISTAR” animation (service provider) and I really don like it. At least I want to erase if it cannot be changed. So if you can recommendme where to look in order to do this i will thank you for ever. Thanks.

  72. Orion says:

    This works on the SGH-i777(AT&T) as well. I didn’t see the warning label and attempted, and succeeded to root my AT&T phone using this.

  73. Juan says:

    An other thing, this procedment gives you the super user, but does not modify the software rigth? I mean will it erase my apps? will I be hable to use the KIES like nothing happent? TY.

  74. Alvaro says:

    I rooted my sgh-i777 following all these steps, and when rebooting the gt i 9100 appeared. it always appears when turning my phone on or restarting. is it normal? will it ever cause any problems? thanks in advance.

  75. brian says:

    Whenever I hold the volume keys and power button it restarts the phone about 10 seconds in and reboots normal every time. Am I doing something wrong?

  76. brynisha says:

    Ever since I rooted using this method, my keyboard settings and call ringtone reset back to default settings. Is there a fix for this?

  77. shibbyness says:

    Every time I attempt this it is stuck at the downloading zimage, no matter what I am trying to flash or even if it is to my old phone or my new one (wore out my lockbutton) i’m just trying to get back to the good ol’ days of CM10 on my new device, and restore my old one back to stock so i’m not out $400

  78. Andrew says:

    Will flashing this kernal wipe your phone?

  79. Jonny Le says:

    Hello, I was wondering if there is an update for the Siyah for i-777 since Siyah-3.4.2?
    I noticed there is a Siyah 4.3.3 for sgh I777, but I would like to check with you to see if it is okay to flash that current version, or just stick with the version you provided?

    Thank you!

  80. Amit says:

    I recently bought a Galaxy S 2 SGH-I727. When I check lock status (using that *# command), it shows everything is OFF i.e. unlocked.

    But when i insert my international SIM, it asks for Network Lock Code.

    Please Help!!!


  81. rj says:

    thanks worked great. how can i do the tethering? where can i get the app for that?

  82. john says:

    running ICS after upgrade……home and search button not working any ideas…..can do factory reset and buttons work fine…any body have any ideas

  83. john says:

    used the following on a rooted skyrocket and it appears to have hard bricked it. any ideas


  84. Davion Givens says:

    My warning screen want pop up

  85. Patrick says:

    Im new to Android and rooting. After rooting my At&t Galaxy S2 ICS my Home button is now my back button and the back button no longer works. Help!!

  86. tip says:

    how do i install clockwork recovery after i do this answer please

  87. vinay says:

    Hi Mike,

    Presently my phone( I777) is running on ICS 4.0.3 stock updated via Kies.
    a) Can i use above method to root my phone..
    b) After rooting if i need to flash any JB roms do i need to update Kernel again.. If so what will be the method to update new kernel.
    c) I also read some where about super bug .. is it somewhere a issue using above rooting method.. ?
    Thanks in advance

  88. vinay says:

    Hi Admin,

    Can you please help to answer my above queries…

  89. Gerardo says:

    I have an AT&T S-II SGH-i777 upgraded from 2.3.4 Gingerbread to official ICS 4.0.3 and rooted with Siyah-v3.2.6.4.tar following your instructions and everything fine, my phone runs excellently, I want to thank you Max for your help, time and great work.

  90. Anthony says:

    Hey Max,

    I followed all the above instructions and successfully rooted my phone, but I would like to backup my stock ROM using clockwork mod recovery before installing other ROMs as you have recommended. You show how to do this with the international version but I can’t find instructions for the at&t version. Can you explain how to install clockwork mod recovery and then how to backup your original ROM?


  91. matt says:

    Your kernel bricked my phone. I followed ur directions for “How to Root ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!” exactly. Now I’ll just unroot it with more of your instructions. You should call me 775 445 9525, Matt

  92. matt says:

    Each time I root my at&t i777 s2 with “Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777.tar” or “Siyah-v3.4.2.tar” it bricks and i have to unroot again. What am I doing wrong?

  93. CZR says:

    which root method works with a samsung galaxy s2 thats on straight talk from walmart?/if u do know please reply back itll help thank u.

  94. AJ says:

    Hey Max, I have rooted my SGH-i777 (AT&T)yesterday following your instructions. However, I seem to be having some problems afterwards. I mean I rooted the phone without any hassle and it seems to be fine until I noticed that the back and search buttons are no longer functioning. I also found out that the home button works as myback button. And then, I also did find out when I received a call, there was no voice. I also tried to make a call, but no voice as well. Is there any complications that lead to these problems?

    When I first got my phone, I have upgraded the android version to 4.0.3 using Kies. Prior to rooting my phone yesterday, here are the details of my phone:

    Baseband ver: i777UCLE5
    Kernel ver: 3.0.15-i777UCLE5-CL652575 se.infra@SEP-74 #3
    Build #: IML74K. CLE5

    After I rooted my phone, here are the details:

    Android ver: 4.0.3
    Baseband ver: i777UCLE5
    Kernel ver: 3.0.32-Siyah-v3.2.6.4+gm@gm-mint #20

    I’m hoping you could enlighten me on what’s the possible cause and solution for this. Thanks!

  95. Shovel Giptie says:

    Hey i have android 4.0.4 and my Baseband is I777UCLK3. Will this work for my phone?

    • Tim says:

      Yes it will, I just did it successfully

      • Shovel Giptie says:

        Just wondering but does your camera work? Because whenever i load the camera app my screen goes black.

        • Tim says:

          Yeah everything worked fine, no problems. I basically followed the instructions identically. I suggest flashing the shostock3 rom on xda, ver1.6.1, perfect jellybean rom.

          • Eric says:

            My screen also is black whenever i go to camera or play videos on youtube, i have android 4.0.4 and my Baseband is I777UCLK3

            • nesto says:

              I have the same problem, found a solution yet?

              • Shovel Giptie says:

                I just reset my phone to factory settings and it worked again. Then i rooted my phone again and my camera and everything else worked perfectly.

                • Paul says:

                  So are you saying:

                  1.) Backup your unrooted phone with kies or whatever to save you time restoring everything.

                  2.) Take you unrooted phone and set to factory default settings. (you will lose all of your data, apps and contacts, but this could be backed up beforehand)

                  3.) Follow the root procedure on the factory default settings

                  4.) Test you camera media player. Download youtube and test

                  5.) if all is working, then restore your apps, data. contacts, etc.

                  The only thing I haven’t tried is doing the factory reset before the rooting. Right now, I’m unrooted, but might try again this weekend if the above procedure works.

                  The rooting and unrooting is not a big deal..It’s all the customizations that’s a pain and time consuming.

  96. Jose Nunez says:

    I rooted my phone following your instructions but my phone wont turn on anymore what should I do now???

  97. diego says:

    hey pal my question is since my external sd port doesn’t work can I root the ics gs2 777 using the internal usb storage? hope for a quick answer

  98. David says:

    None of the download links for the siyah kernels seem to be working?

  99. nesto says:

    Hi, yesterday i did the official update from 4.03 to 4.04, and my phone got sim locked after that,however i rooted my phoneand solved it (SGHI777) but now whenever i play a video ,wheter it be on my phone or youtube app, i only hear audio but no sound, how can i fix this?

    • Paul says:

      I have the same problem. Does you camera no longer show you want you are taking a picture of as well? See the post below yours.

      • nesto says:

        yes, same problem, i got frustrated and did factory reset, and gues what, it bricked my phone, after that i followed his instructions to unroot, came back to my ICS 4.03 but with a lot of bugs, i cant even work with it at the moment, ill have to SOMEHOW update to 4.04 again, cause i dont want to do a factory reset, and lose everything

  100. Paul says:

    Hi Max,

    The rooting instructions work well, except there is one annoy side effect…it messes up Youtube and Netflix. You hear audio but the screen is black. When you change orientation from horizontal to vertical or vise-versa, you get video for about 2 seconds, then back to black. Also the camera no longer shows what you are taking a picture of. It’s a black screen.

    Here is the info on my phone. It’s an AT&T SCH-i777
    Baseband version i777UCLK3
    Kernel version 3.0.35-Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap+ktoonsez@-VirtualBox))
    #2 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 18 21:08:40 MST 2012
    Build number

    For me, no camera and no youtube and netflix are showstoppers.

    • Paul says:

      Temporarily, I have unrooted back to stock ICS from AT using Max’s instructions from this site and all is working again for now (unrooted). I tried to do some research and a lot of people have the black video issue mentioned above with the siyah 3.4.2 kernel. Only one guy mentioned a solution that worked for him was to use Siyah 4.1.5 instead of 3.4.2. If someone wants to try that or something similar, that would be helpful. For now, I need my phone working…Hopefully someone can confirm that this will solve the black video problem after rooting.

      • Lauren says:

        HELP!!!! Tried to unroot from 4.0.4 and now Odin seems to be stuck. This is all it says:
        Odin v.3 engine (ID:9)..
        File analysis..
        Get PIT for mapping..
        Firmware update start..

        what do I do to get out of this? please help …. anyone

  101. kwmike says:

    Hi, I attempted to root my SGH i777 which was on ics 4.0.4 using the instructions on this site. I used the Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777.tar which was in the instructions. The ODIN flash load passed yet the device boots to SGH- I9100 with a yellow triangle and wont go further. It will not go into ODIN download mode either. Windows reports it is an unknown device and shuts down the usb connection. Any help appreciated!!

    • kwmike says:

      Edit – That should be boots to GT-I9100 with a yellow triangle.

      • Paul says:

        GT-i9100 with a yellow triangle is normal for the i777 phone after you root it. You can get rid of the yellow triangle in another video Max posted. The rooting portion does work as I posted before. You windows will eventually recognize the phone again from the computer and plug it back in. If I remember correctly, it will install some driver, but then you can transfer files fine again. You can also reuse odin to unroot if you want your youtube, netflix, and camera working again. Max has a video on that on this site. I’m hoping Max responds to my question as to the “fix”.

        • kwmike says:

          The phone never leaves the i9100 screen ie it does not go to the home page and none of the soft keys works. It will not go into download mode either
          so no other rom or unroot file can be loaded. ??

  102. Aaron says:

    After rooting, my bluetooth will not turn on. All it does when i flip the on switch is say that it’s trying to start bluetooth, then goes back to its original off state. I can do this as many times as I want, and it just does the same thing.

  103. Neill says:

    rooted my phone…All is well except now i can not see phone as a drive when i connect to my macbook pro.
    Any ideas.

  104. Jim says:

    I followed the instructions and now my galaxy s2 is stuck on the startup with screen with the yellow triangle and i cant do a thing, please help.

  105. David says:

    Hello good.
    I have the galxy S2 i777. Android 4.0.4 (I777UCLK3_I777ATTLK3_ATT)
    when I install (Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777) I have a number of problems but one of the most important is that I can not play the video. image is heard but not seen.
    Earlier in android 4 (I777UCLE5_I777ATTLE5_ATT) had no problem installing too (Siyah-v3.4.2-nomswap-I777).
    If anyone knows the reason?
    a greeting

  106. GN Pathy says:

    Need urgent help !!!

    Things went smoothly in upgrading my Galaxy S2 (SGH-I777) AT&T upto Resurrection Remix’es 4.2.1. I got a bit greedy to overclock; and tried installing Siyah version above; the odin failed midway and the phone seems to be bricked now. It has image of “Phone on the left and the computer on the right with a yellow warning triangle in the center” with the message Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & Try again”…

    Installed Kies on my computer; and as expected :-(, the phone didn’t connect.

    I’m traveling in the next two days ! Any help would be greatly appreciate; Either:
    1) help in the form of something I can do
    2) or take it to someone who could fix it – I’m in the bay-area.


    • GN Pathy says:

      Hi, update – just went to a local repair and got it stock rom’med again.
      And then updated JB 4.2.1 (Resurrection remix) over it.
      Works fine.

      (If i had a USB Jig, would’ve saved some $$s :-(, but hey, atleast the phone is working)


    • Travis O. says:

      I am having the same issue. I’m scared. Please help!

  107. chintan says:

    I rooted my galaxy s2 att as per instruction you gave, everything went fine and i rooted my phone.
    next day i was trying to do factory reset and it is not turning on. when i try to force reboot by pressing power button it start as I 9100 screen and then its gone and intermittent just flashing.
    please help me ASAP.

  108. Nathanael says:

    I rooted as instructed. Instead of rebooting in 10 seconds, it went black. After a long time, I pulled the battery to reboot. Now, I get the I9100 screen, then the seyah screen for a couple seconds, then black. I went to Odin to try again, but now theres no “yellow box”. Its like the phone is dead. But I cant do the “unbrick/unroot” process either because I can’t get into the phone to enter download mode or anything, its just dead in the water! HEEEEEELP! Please?

  109. Bradf says:

    For those with a Sgh-I777, running 4.03/4.04 try this, idk for sure if it’ll fix issues that are had with the 3.4.1 or something version of Siyah, but considering it’s updated it should.

    Also make sure that you are running some version of ICS (ICE CREAM SANDWICH) OR ELSE YOU CAN BRICK YOUR PHONE. Of course, 99% of the time you can flash back to an earlier build or stock

    I rooted my GS2 before ICS using this site, just follow instructions carefully.

    Sent From My GS2.

  110. papus says:

    If you can’t get it to download mode: first, take out your battery. Connect the usb and put the battery back in. Then try putting it to download mode immediately. hope it helps

  111. Jim Clifton says:

    My question is: after I rooted my ATT GS2 it comes up as a GT-i9100. If I want to install other ROMs, do I use ROMs for an i9100 or an original SGH-i777? Thanks.

  112. deyvis says:


  113. Purav says:

    hey max i need help. i m living in india and i have i777. my phone is rooted. i changed ROMs for 3 times. then i start the phone starting screen and siyah kernel’s screen appears but then it goes blank. i repaired it but the man who repaired it says that i can’t install any ROM now. if I do i may have network problem. after repairing my android version is 2.3.4. and i want to update it to 4.1.2 with shostock3 ROM. please anybody help me.

  114. Purav says:

    and after repairing the yellow sign doesn’t come. and at&t’s screen “rethink possible” comes. and it works perfectly on indian sim card. plz heeeeeeeeellllllppppp me.

  115. deyvis says:

    Camera does not work on bluetooth either,, max please help

  116. gps says:

    After folowing instructuios carefully, my hpone is rooted, but the camera does not work!

  117. edward says:

    Hello. Thanks for your instructions but youtube and my videos wont work anymore. Any easy solutions?

  118. brian says:

    Help please. I have a stock i777 that was running stock ICS latest version from samsung. I rooted it per your insturctions and was going to install some custom roms but didnt. I decided to unroot my phone back to stock and per the instruction on your page. But now I on Gingerbread, and I dont know how to get the ICS back on. I thought I could update it thoguh Kies but Kies is not recongizing my phone. I found the some stock roms for the ICS but I dont know how to get my GingerBread phne in download mode. Help, please.

    • brian says:

      Fixed!! 🙂 I panicked (noob, of course). I kept searching your site and found this helpful tutorial (How to Unroot to Official ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777!)
      This worked great and brought me back to current ICS (not stuck in an unrooted Gingerbread) . I was also able to connect to Kies – for some reason I could with Gingerbread rom I downloaded. Keep up the good work. Look for a donation from me – you deserve it!

      • Paul says:

        You are back where you started like me with ICS and no root. When I get a chance, I will try again with a newer kernel like Max suggested, but the problem is I need my phone everyday and it’s a pain to restore everything back after you unroot. I waiting for someone (hopefully max) to report what rooting modifications works since the original steps no longer are 100% right if camera and video work (also there are reports of bluetooth not working, but I didn’t confirm).

        The good news is Max’s steps to unroot your phone back to ICS does work.

  119. junior says:

    how to install clockwormod recovery?

  120. David Yang says:

    just got done rooting for the first time on my ATT GS2. But after rooting and backing up through CWM i am not able to see my video. i can hear the sounds but i dont see any videos. any kind of help would be awesome.

  121. kevin says:

    yeah, i rooted my phone and everything worked great,……until i got the clockworkmod recovery and i was excited still,so i was playing around and pressed flash clockworkmod and it did say to ignore or continue and i pushed continue. it appeared to be working then it appeared to not be working cause the screen was black for too long and blinking about every 10 seconds and it still is. idk what happened but all i can access is the odin download screen and it shows the sgh-i777,1 custom binary download,and current custom binary?????please help me out?

  122. antonio juarez says:

    hi I have a samsung galaxy s2 sgh-i777 4.0.4 and the camera does not work is dark thanks for making all this effort being made wonders for us

  123. phillipk says:

    I have an ATT i777 USA version and updated to 4.04 official with kies. The Bluetooth does not work or camera. I then updated using Siyah 3.4.2 nomswap it still does not work. Someone said updating it to 4.33 works. Is there a TAR version of the Zip file I found in XDA forums. I do not know how to change it to a ZImage file. The Zip consist of a few other files. Please help. Thanks

  124. Jacob says:

    Will you be adding the new S2 from Straight Talk?

  125. Burt says:

    I want to thank you for all the crap your downloads have done to my computer. Search.Conduit, whitesmoke what a bunch of crap. Spent two hours getting this shit off my computer. Thanks!

  126. Brian says:

    Does ANYBODY know if there is a working ROOT for Samsung Galaxy s2 i777 4.0.4 that is 100% working, because i would like my whole hone to work just like it did before rooting, because i tried this root and camera doesent work and video layer doesent work, i havent tried bluetooth and i really never use bluetooth but im sure that doesent work either, but anyways if anybody knows of a 100% working root please let me know, Thanks………………..

  127. Matt says:

    The entire process worked flawlessly, but now I cant watch any videos on my phone. The audio works fine, but the screen is black the entire time. It is like this on Youtube, personal videos, any video… Any help?

  128. Ryan says:

    I also have and ATT i777, 4.0.4, Baseband I777UCLK3, siyahv3.4.2.
    1. Bluetooth will not turn on
    2. Camera controls appear and work but no image is shown, same with video. Will record and take pictures, but can’t see what you are shooting.
    3. Video playback – image briefly appears and then screen goes black, still can see controls, but no image.

    • Brian says:

      Ryan what you need to do is unroot what you have now and do a whole wipe/factory reset then do a google search for exynos abuse, its a apk app that you install like anything else and in 1 click it will root your phone and EVERYTHING will work on your phonebecause i have the same phone same 4.0.4 same everything so i know it will work for you so google exynos abuse root tutorial and you will see where to download the apk and step by step instructions on what to do, even tho ive pretty much already told you here

    • Ryan says:

      As I stated above:

      I also have and ATT i777, 4.0.4, Baseband I777UCLK3, siyahv3.4.2.
      1. Bluetooth will not turn on
      2. Camera controls appear and work but no image is shown, same with video. Will record and take pictures, but can’t see what you are shooting.
      3. Video playback – image briefly appears and then screen goes black, still can see controls, but no image.

      I unrooted my phone to the stock Kernel and then did a factory reset.wipe which left me at 4.0.3, baseband i777UCLE5. Instead of applying the factory update to 4.0.4, UCLK3, i rooted the phone with the siyah kernel 3.4.2. It worked.

      I have been running stable for one week now with the 4.0.3 ICS and UCLE5 with siyah 3.4.2.
      I have created backups with Clockwork Mod, and Titanium backup so that I can start playing with new ROMs and Kernels now that I have a proven working setup that I can flash back to. ZDbox has been working great to increase my battery life, but I am still looking to get deeper into the options that are available after rooting..

  129. Rushaan says:

    Alright so Max
    I have android version – 2.3.6
    Kernel –
    I’ve read the above comments and I am a bit afraid to do this root thingy
    can you please tell me in a brief manner how to do it?
    I just want to know which kernel and rom to flash as I’ve read above that many people have got in trouble with their phone by flashing wrong kernel or rom.
    Thanks. alot

  130. Mark says:

    I tried this step-by-step, and it looks just like yours except that the green bar on Odin never sills up, nor does a bar fill up on my GS2. Any idea why?

  131. mp3xp says:

    will not let me access the sd

  132. Venom4728a says:

    Hello all, I am new to Android Root-ing.
    I am on a AT-T Unlocked I777 using a Straght Talk Sim

    I followed the directions above and in my “ABOUT” Phone it looks like it worked, because I see:
    Baseband version


    My problem is I can gain root access, I purchased an app called root explorer, and it says cannot gain root access. Also I load superuser and it says binary is out of date, it download updated binary but cannot gain root access.

    I also seem to have tripped the flash counter, I boot with a yellow triangle, showing an I9100 logo, i have read i can reset this with Triangle away app.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and cannot gain root access?

    Best Regards
    Robert Miller

    • Dope Show says:

      Hey Robert it sounds to me like you have flashed the wrong bootloader, to your phone and that’s why you have tripped the flash counter and also why it’s saying I9100 logo use triangle away to fix that and if that doesn’t fix the flash counter then you’ll need to use a jig, also to fix your other problem you need to use Odin and flash your stock firmware back to your phone and start over fresh trying to root it

  133. Felix says:

    Hi, After i root my samsung galaxy s2 with At&t its doesn boot what its the problem. I follow any single instrucion of the tutorial. Please help me….

  134. Enmanuel says:

    Can’t reboot it doesn’t take that ”10 seconds” any help?

  135. DopeShow says:

    Everybody here needs to root there SGS 2 SGH-i777 with Exynos Abuse. It is a APK APP and it fakes 2 seconds to root or unroot your sgh-i777 with it and EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE WILL WORK 100%, MEANING wifi, bluetooth, camera and every other feature your phone has will work without a doubt. So what you need to do is Google Exynos Abuse and find the APK file and download it and install it on your phone then just open the app and click the button to root your device and it only takes 2 seconds.

  136. farris says:

    does this work on sgh-i727 samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket

  137. Glen says:

    Hey Max,

    Any way to root this i777 running on 4.1.2 software?

  138. Khoa says:

    Hey…I did this method and it rooted my phone, but for some reason my camera screen is black…..

  139. Kike says:

    Max can you post how root the s2 i777 with JB.

  140. Daniel says:

    Max, I followed the instructions to the T and I have the same issues as many of the other users. My phone initially boots but then wont get past the ICS siyah screen. I went into recovery mode and did a factory reset that did not to anything. Is there a solution?

  141. Uli says:

    my phone stays unresponsive after the blue/purple oval thingy … just goes all black as if it were turned off and does not respond to anything until i remove the battery. after i reinsert the battery and turn it on it just does the same thing. plz help

    • Daniel says:

      Uli, I had the same issue with my sgs2 i777. I had to reflash the stock kernel and ROM.

      Some fine fellow at XDA wrote up a one click restock for the i777.

      I think he also has one to get you back to ATT’s ICS stock

      It gets you back to gingerbread 2.3 but you let it have root access. If you want to add a custom ROM, you have to get clockworkmod CWM installed. The only way to do that on this device is to flash a custom ROM with CWM on it. I dont have the link but I used one from this website, obviously not the one above. Once you have CWM flashed on, then you can flash any custom ROM you want. you might need to use the phone’s home button to select instead of the power button while using CWM if you are installing a ROM from there. Good luck!

      P.S if you were doing this to alleviate any issues involving google maps navigation, this will not help it appears it is a google map issue.

  142. ronny says:

    I did as you explain but does not turn the screen stays black. q help want root

    • Daniel says:

      Ronny, I ran into the same issue I ended up reflashing the stock kernel and ROM. See comment above. This will reset your phone to factory new.

  143. shaquan says: i777 is running on 4.1.2 and i reallly want to root it and i cant find a solution anywhere ..can someone please help me

  144. F Jhones says:

    This fuck off my phone. It was supossed to be a I777 firmware not a I9100 that shows at the startup. I had to wipe my phone, dowload an original rom, intalled it using Odin and update to the latest version of Android using Kies. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS TUTORIAL.

  145. Terreca Robinson says:

    It is working on my fone but now my soft keys at the bottoms have changed function and it can’t lock and the speaker and mike doesn’t work. What to do???

  146. Kevin says:

    Is it me or the download links for the Siyah and ODIN files are missing?

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