How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-i727!

I know many of you asked me on how to root AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-i727 but I don’t have that model.

BUT, the steps to rooting is nearly identical to T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 but you use a different recovery.

To root AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-i727, simply follow the latest T-Mobile Galaxy S2 root method BUT for Step 6, instead of using “recovery-cmw-hercules.tar”, use the file “SkyrocketCWM6.0.4.3.tar”!

I don’t support the SGH-i727 on this site but if most of the instructions are nearly identical to T-Mobile S2 so you can refer to the T-Mobile S2 FAQ.

For custom ROMs, check out the Skyrocket thread on XDA, most of them should be good, I would try BeanStalk or Carbon ROM.