AOKP Jelly Bean ROM Build 2 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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One ROM everyone raving about for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 this week?  It is the AOKP Jelly Bean ROM now out with Build 2.

Now, this is a very solid ROM with almost everything working out of the box, buttery smooth, and probably the best AOKP ROM I’ve tried so far.

One thing missing?

Bluetooth audio is broken but otherwise probably the fastest ROM around for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2.  If you don’t mind bluetooth audio not working (it connects though, just sound doesn’t work), this could be a great daily driver for you.

So, give it a twirl and let me know what you think!


Download AOKP JB Build 2 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Download Gapps

Credits – XDA

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181 Responses

  1. kevin says:

    Just installed it, and I’m having trouble funding the Google play app, so I can re-download titanium backup an install all my apps. Can someone please help me out? Thanks

  2. Rey David Lopez says:


  3. daddy gee says:

    Good work! Love the look of the UI (hope i got it right). Did not get to test most functions,because once i tested phone calls ,the quality was terrible. But what is a phone for? If thereis a fix for call quality lots of these roms would be awesome!

  4. Ahsan says:

    I can’t connect to the Google Play. It says “Server Error”. I keep retrying and it just doesn’t reconnect and keep showing the error. Please help!

  5. J says:

    I was waiting for a more stable CM10, but decided to give this a go…it works great!

  6. Dennis says:

    i will try it But Wheres the XDA Rom Link?

  7. Franak says:

    Its working great and I’m loving it so far.

    Only issue is that I can’t seem to be able to access my pone’s storage using my computer. When I plug into my comp via USB, I don’t get the “autoplay” pop up window.

    Any ideas on how to fix that?

    • Rey David Lopez says:

      Just connect your phone… wait for the computer to install the drivers for the device and then go to your PC and open the device (SGH-T989) you will see the internal sd memory and the external sd memory and you can start managing your stuff!

      • cheesesandwitch says:

        im having the same issue that storage isnt showing up any way. when you go into storage settings it recognises the card and how much space is used but does not show what is media etc. and when i use astro file manager, media players, airdroid etc to try and access external sd it says it is empty

  8. chris says:

    Love the idea of the ROM but I don’t have Google play at all and I don’t know how to get it through clock mod never tried it I’m going back to Jedi mind trick for now

  9. Ryan says:

    Great ROM so far! Anyone know a good swype zip and how to get rid of screen flickering?

    • Brad says:

      I found an answer on another website that suggested setting the minimum clock speed to something over 590 MHz. This sort of makes sense if it doesn’t go quite fast enough to cover screen refreshes. Seems to work for me.

  10. Kim says:

    When I try to reboot the phone, it gets stuck with the “your device is rebooting” window. What can I do? And how to get rid of the screen flickering?

  11. Daniel says:

    I noticed another thing the search button doesn’t work….Does anyone else have this problem?

  12. adrian says:

    Is anyone else experiencing the flickering screen. i followed the instructions…

  13. artie says:

    guess the camera isn’t working like build1, or am i missing something?

  14. Brandon says:

    Great ROM. Installed yesterday and everything is running smoothly. Only thing I would prefer is a home launcher app. The built-in one is just like nova and apex. Not too fond of either. Any idea on how to get a home launcher similar to the one in ics???

  15. Jose Mejia says:

    please email me the file please asap

  16. joel says:

    i just installed but i cant get wifi to work and cant get google play to install

  17. jose says:

    plz help its not mounting my sd card wtf is going on am i the only one dealing with this and i dont kno how to goback to my stock rom i have a mac and kies doesnt work on my os smfh i need help asap and the screen flickers too much plz help email me

  18. Casey says:

    I tried installing it tonight. No luck. Whenever I would go into flash recovery and select to install from zip, It would start the unpacking process, but then just stop before getting to installing and return to the recovery screen.
    I’m not sure what I was missing.
    So I had to go back to the DARKSIDE.

    • Casey says:

      I got it working. I had to put the zip on the local SD card. Then I chose to install from SD card directly from the ROM Manager app. Then it installed okay.

  19. Benji Saracay says:

    I was shocked when I found out what it had installed on my phone. I was scrolling through all my installed things and I find a app that says “unicorn porn” absolutely disgusted.

  20. Robin says:

    I’ve had this for a few days now and I’m on the nightly build 18 right now. It was nice in the beginning but I’ve been having a lot of SOD (sleep of death) and freezes and RR (random reboots). Does anyone else have the same problem?

  21. Ehtshamulhaq says:

    It’s awesome, no doubt except this screen flickering issue. Another issue was with Nimbuzz, screen stopped accepting any touch after I used this app. I updated Nimbuzz and it worked fine today.

  22. crAZNimal says:

    yea.. mine freezes then shuts off…. and the screen flickers

  23. Paola says:

    Hii I really love it i had the problem with the flickering but it kind stop. Just hit kill all and it will stop. But i have a problem with the calls my friends say i sound like darth vader, whit a lot of ecko , i don’t want to unistalled it please help me oo but with the earpiece sounds just finee . Helpppp pleaseee

  24. cash says:

    Flash Player Says its not compatible with this device someone help..any suggestions?

  25. Deon says:

    I installed last nite. Working great except for screen flicker. Had call quality issue but turned on the noise suppression in the dialer options and quality improved dramatically. Any suggestions on WiFi calling and the screen flicker?

    • jeff says:

      As mentioned above just set minimum clock speed above 590 and Aldo go into developer options and select disable HW overlay. Flickering has stopped.

  26. Brad says:

    Screen flicker issue: I found an answer on another website that suggested setting the minimum clock speed to something over 590 MHz. This sort of makes sense if it doesn’t go quite fast enough to cover screen refreshes. Seems to work for me. Also, Adrian Sosa said “Go to developer options and check the box that says ‘Disable HW overlays’”.

  27. Brent says:

    Build 3 is out now

  28. Fred says:

    I had nothing but trouble with this rom. flickering screen, bad audio. Kept freezing on me. No play store or usb option to connect to pc. I will wait for another Jellybean rom. thank you all the same.

    • Johnny Utah says:

      Yeah, my screen is flickering. May have to restore my stock for now and wait.

    • lethalgorman says:

      yea , I love this rom but im having the same problems. Also it likes to kick into a boot loop for no appairent reason. Ill be back for a later version, going back to clones drones for now. Please let me know when the bugs are worked out. Maybe i’ll try a different Jelly Bean.

      • Robin says:

        Okay so I was having the same problem before I did this to fix it. I’ve had 2 days so far without a RR or SOD. Go to rom tools (install it!) and set cpu governor to interactive instead of ondemand. Then go to kernal tweaks and set I/O scheduler to noop. You want to apply on boot for both of these options.

        I’ve yet to have any problems so far 😀

  29. Johnny Utah says:

    Hey, the ROM is freaking awesome, but my screen keeps flashing/flickering. Any ideas?

  30. Jose M says:

    This will be the best rom if everything gets fixed like in the video. Can someone please help me out and tell me how to get the google apps like playstore etc… I really like this rom and i would highly appreciate some help.

  31. anthony harrison says:

    how can i get build 3? this ROM is fast and i like all the options that it gives

  32. cait0727 says:


    You need to download Gapps, just below the file AOKP JB..

  33. indio sucio says:

    looks like this rom is a piece of sh*t… not saying that i can do any better, but its crap… Not going to waste my time…

  34. Darin Ward says:

    The flicker issue is fixed in JB3. Also, the Bluetooth issue is half fixed. The funny thing is, streaming audio (such as music and podcasts) works great. But regular conversation (talkpath) does not work yet.
    SGH-T989 and Plantronics Voyager Pro UC bluetooth. Overall, the ROM is MUCH more stable than JB2. Not perfect, but much better. I’ve still had a couple of lockups and reboots.
    One really thing that has bugged me lately is that Clockwork Mod (which I have updated) seems to hang when clearing the cache or wiping. Also, pressing power and volume keys seems to take a long time (such as 30 seconds or so) before it clockwork mod launches.

  35. lethalgorman says:

    just found and installed build 3 and let me tell you, so far this rom is fukin great. I’ll try to keep you updated as to any future problems. Found the build on ) and used the instruction from ( ) .working great. Got rid of the flicker and freezes. Any questions just ask

    • Duke says:

      Did they get rid of the 3g bands?

    • tabsandwitch says:


      • Ivan says:

        Please do not blame the folks on this site. Everybody seems to have been able to install the rom SUCCESSFULLY except for you…so who’s fault is it really? That being said, just get yourself to download mode, and you’ll be fine. “Bricked” is a strong word. You can probably fix it with a a little digging. As for folks having trouble with Play app store, I strongly suggest you read a bit more on flashing ROMs and gapps. This is something you will find very useful in your future with flashing.

        • Lethalgorman says:

          Thanks Ivan. And yes something aint right, this is one of the best roms i have ever used. If your having problems you can use this Site to revert to a stock unrooted rom in download mode easily.

  36. AndroNerd says:

    Been using it for a few hours now and i have to say, this is Amazing. Very Nice!!! Only Problems i came upon was using the camera. I tried the camera when i first install, it was fine. I then tried it out hours after installing, i took a photo and it crashed my phone. Restarted and tried again. Again, it crashed. Third time i tried, it worked again. So there are just some minor faulty with the camera, other then that, this is my new Daily use Rom. Will update again if i come upon anymore problems. Thank You.

  37. Duke says:

    Good fast ROM everything works that I tested but only thing is the internet bands they used for the ROM. They are old ones please update and ROM would be perfect.

  38. Scott Abramczyk says:

    Thanks for the reply. Im on build 3 with no problems. Dont have to change any settings. Go ahead and try the 3rd build its sweet.

  39. lethalgorman says:

    someone please answer this. What does the “Swagger” toggle do? Also, what is “Unicorn Porn”? Sure sounds cool.

  40. Josh says:

    I’ve tried flashing this ROM twice now and i keep soft bricking my phone. My phone keep saying that its attempting to mount the SD card but never does and ends up timing out when i try to install it with ROM manager, any advice?

  41. Victor says:

    hey max first i want to thank you for your excellent site.i have learned a lot from your videos.
    i have been using xtremeperia v5 with no problems it all and then updated rom manager to the newest version
    and last nite i tried to reboot the phone and it came up on samsun logo and can’t do nothing else is there any way you can advice what to do .??? i will thank yuo in advance and thank you for your excellent work

  42. Milton Tobar says:

    Hey guys, im having issues with my 3g network, anyone know how do i fix this?

  43. Miss D says:

    Anyone know if we can edit/delete T-Mo’s APN on this root? I have Solavei and can’t touch the T-Mo APN on my unrooted SGH-T989

  44. Alvaro says:

    Hi i’ve had the rom installed for about 3 days and here are some bugs, suggestions and things that i love about the rom.

    [Constant Flashing Screen] – Happens at an average of 10s. Doesn’t affect anything but still something to report.
    [3g not 4g] – Before installing this rom i had a 4g signal and now it shows 3g, i don’t know if i get 3g speeds or if its 4g speed with a 3g label.
    [Notifications while phone is off] – The screen doesn’t turn on if i get a notification when the phone is locked with the slide lock.

    [Message Button on Lockscreen] – When using the slide unlock i’d like the option to change the shortcuts to other apps like messaging or dialer.
    [Notification Bar, Brightness slider] – A Brightness slider shortcut accessed by pulling down the notification bar.
    [Some Touchwiz-like functionalities] – sliding contacts to call or message, hold&slide notification bar to change brightness, Motion and gestures.
    [Better Wallpaper Quality] – Stock ICS Rom has a great resolution for wallpapers, this Rom resizes it and it looks blurry.
    [Lockscreen Wallpaper option] – There’s an option to change the wallpaper of the homescreen in the settings and gallery. But the lockscreen wallpaper changer is only in the Settings>Rom Control>LockScreen menu.
    [Portrait Wallpaper Option] – Homescreen wallpaper needs an option to only do a portrait size of a picture instead of the landscape.

    [Speed] – You can control the speeds of almost all functions.
    [Hot Bar] – Notification Bar has a 7 Button Hot Bar, customize the order and which buttons to display (wifi, data, gps, sound, rotation, etc)
    [Fast Apps] – Almost all the apps that come with the GAPPS and rom are extremly fast in every aspect.
    [True Widget Resizing] – Almost any size to fit your screen.
    [Customization] – You can change just about anything even the color of your wifi bars.
    [UI of Jellybean] – The dialer, messaging, lockscreen, browser, notification bar, power menu and everthing in between is beautiful.

  45. hafner says:

    fuck this shit go to and enjoy a perfect jelly bean

    • Alvaro Zavala says:

      Thanks for this, its slightly better, no flickering screen, lock screen slider shortcuts can be changed and other things!

  46. Tony says:

    Found this Rom unstable and unreliable. It would freeze up randomly and reboot. Also if I pull down the curtain menu before unlocking the screen and turn on something like a flashlight, it will freeze up. Hard reboot will be required.

  47. Paul F says:

    installed, and flashed. works great, however my 4g is now 3g. whats up with that?

  48. t989 says:

    The video cam is not working property and the net speed slow just get mind 9 best rom out thee yup

  49. jeff h says:

    ok so i installed it and there is no play store, access to google accounts, ability to install anything, and it say 3G on the notification bar. is there something that i did wrong when installing? do i need to backup up those things somehow?

    • Alvaro Zavala says:

      Underneath the ROM download up top there is another download called Gapps, download and flash that as well to get the Google apps like play store and accounts, they don’t include 4g in this ROM yet.

      • jeff h says:

        oh ok so i just do in the same place in clockworkmod recovery awesome thanks. curious though even though it says 3G will my connection still be as fast as it has been with the 4G or is it actually cutting me back down to the 3G.

      • jeff h says:

        like i mean can atleast still be doing stuff on the internet while on the phone and what not. like does it really change that much or does everything still work the same.

    • Duke says:

      You have to flash gapps also right under the ROM and the 3g and h+ signal is still 4g I’m getting like 10-15 down where I’m located

      • jeff h says:

        ok i installed the rom and the GAPPs and all process’ just keep ending and i mean constantly. you cant even use anything. is there something else i need to do? the process android.process.acore is the one that keeps doing it the most, any help would be greatly appreciated. i cant even access things in the settings. this is very odd, has anyone else had this problem.

      • jeff h says:

        ok i installed the rom and the GAPPs and all process’ just keep ending and i mean constantly. you cant even use anything. is there something else i need to do? the process android.process.acore is the one that keeps doing it the most, any help would be greatly appreciated. i cant even access things in the settings. this is very odd, has anyone else had this problem. ok i didnt even realize. i dont have the contacts app, and i think messaging too. did i do something or do i just need to get that back on there.

  50. jeff h says:

    ok so i installed it and there is no play store, access to google accounts, ability to install anything, and it say 3G on the notification bar. is there something that i did wrong when installing? do i need to backup up those things somehow?

  51. jeff h says:

    ok i installed the rom and the GAPPs and all process’ just keep ending and i mean constantly. you cant even use anything. is there something else i need to do?

  52. jeff h says:

    ok i didnt even realize. i dont have the contacts app, and i think messaging too. did i do something or do i just need to get that back on there.

    • T$tunna says:

      just wipe data/cache process again and then flash the rom and gapps right after and reboot and everything should work … just make sure you wipe everything factory data reset and all that so everything goes on there clean … try that and let me know

  53. T$tunna says:

    Does build 3 …
    -Fix issue of random system reboots where phone freezes and shuts down and battery pull is required?

    -Fix issue where screen flickers and Delevoper options > Disable HW overlays must be checked to prevent but yet no option to save this setting thus meaning one would have to do this upon reboot each time?

    Anyone who has build 3 please feel free to answer those 2 questions for me…

    I tried flashing build 3 but clockworkmod froze each time it got to wipe cache… I eventually just used the backup i had created previously of build 2

    if anyone knows why i can not wipe cache please inform me so i can proceed to build 3.

    • Alvaro says:

      Both those issues are fixed yes, no screen flickering and haven’t experience reboots and battery pulls.
      Before flashing the build 3 rom did you
      -install clockworkmod touch
      -do a factory reset

      • T$tunna says:

        actually no when i used rom manager to backup i did get the latest cwm but it did ask me did i want to install clockworkmod touch seeing that it was optional i denied lol … so i will go back and do that and backup again and then try thanks @alvaro

    • Duke says:

      I use build 3 as my dd screen flash is fixed and its really just minor things that different people are having with build 3. I haven’t ran into any problems yet I’ve been using for 4 days now.

  54. Alvaro says:

    OH wait sorry nevermind my post, those steps are for CyanogenMod 10

  55. jeff h says:

    sorry i did not answer back quickly. yes i flashed the memory again and re-installed both zips and it worked for that. but i noticed that i keep getting a force close error for the Exchange Serivices. but that is the only one and it keeps coming up every now and then. and i mean like within the hour. is there a way to fix this? did i maybe load something wrong? i did go back, flash everything, then load the rom and the gapps. I am wondering if it is something i restored from titanium backup because i literally backed up everthing and restored it.

  56. jeff h says:

    sorry forgot to ask, do we even have build 3 for S2 SGH-T989 because i thought this was the best one we had already.

    • T$tunna says:

      From what i read YES! build 3 is for the t-mobile version of galaxy s2 (sgh-t989) … I havent got it yet but as soon as i do i will let you know

  57. jeff h says:

    again thanks for all the help from you guys. i have been doing this stuff on my phone and tablet for a while and this is the first trouble i have had so i appreciate the responsive help.

  58. jeff h says:

    Do i need to install this clockwork mod touch and do i need to do something different to install it than before or is it different? it still ends the gapps process and the exchange process from time to time. does anyone have the build 3 for this thing?

    • Lethalgorman says:

      I don’t use cwm touch, I just don’t like it. And you can find build. 3 and build 4is out, at the AOKP website. I think, just Google it.

  59. Paul F says:

    Touch recovery is needed. Copy the zip to your ad card and install from recovery. Reboot. And you got touch recovery. Three test of three process should be cut and dry after that

  60. jeff h says:

    ok awesome i am downloading the zip and i am going to attempt to flash the whole thing install clockwork touch, then re-install jelly bean and the gapps. i have to flash to install clockwork touch right or does that matter at all, can i just install it right away? also i guess a note on that, if i flash it for clockwork touch do i flash again after going to the new clockwork before re installing jelly bean? again thanks to all that are helping me this is the first time i have had problems installing these roms.

    • Paul F says:

      when you download the package, connect your phone to the usb storage to your pc, copy the package over to the sd card. then reboot the phone into recovery, select install from zip, find the package and install like normal. when you reboot back into recovery you should have the touch recovery running. after that, just follow the instructions for flashing your selected ROM.

  61. jeff h says:

    does anyone have the build 3 yet because i see everyone talking about it. and is it worth it?

    • lethalgorman says:

      yes, build 3 seems very stable. No screen flicker. I have been using Darkside wipe and darkside cache wipe . Seems to really help.

  62. T$tunna says:

    do i really have to pay 1.99 for clockworkmod touch recovery?

  63. T$tunna says:




  64. T$tunna says:

    Finally Got Build 3 but Getting No Wifi Anybody Know A Fix?

    I seen somebody post on another side i would have to go back to ics and then flash the build 3 because its a kernel error on the jelly bean side but i came from build 2 where it worked so why would this kernel not work…

    Please help going back to back up of build 2 until further notice of WIFI fix

  65. Ehtshamulhaq says:

    Build 4 is out guys. Installed for testing an hour ago. No apparent improvement than build 3. Build 2 seems to work best for me so far except screen flicker issue.
    1. Getting stuck in ‘shutting down’ problem not resolved.
    2. Showing external sd card ’empty’ not resolved.
    3. Screen flickering resolved since Build 3.
    4. No RR experienced until now.
    Any solution to 1st 2 issues above will be highly appreciated.

  66. lethalgorman says:

    heres a question. If I want to flash build 4 over build 3, is there anything special I need to do?

  67. jeff h says:

    yeah i am curious as well, do i need to flash the memory to install build 4 over build 3?

  68. jeff h says:

    ok so i got build 4 and have been using it for a bit. it definitely at least seems the bit more stable and is running well. i havent had any kind of problems. I have been thinking about it though and the whole 3G and H+ thing on the notification bar seems that it is just a label. i dont think that it can actually change the 4G speeds since the phone either connects to the 4G or not, but then again i am not an expert. it all seems to run just a fast as before for internet, etc. that’s really the only thing i have noticed this build still does that’s off. is some of the stuff just the way jelly bean is? like the whole non swiping for calls and what not?

  69. Paul F says:

    Anytime you change from one ROM to another you have to wipe everything. Otherwise you get into all kinds of glitches and buggy type behavior

    • jeff h says:

      Yeah i flash it each time and i dont have problems. i just notice on other forums i keep seeing people talk and Darkside Superwipe and i was curious what is the difference and if there is any point in using that instead. its in the extras menu on CWM touch so i wasnt sure if i should use that instead.

      • Lethalgorman says:

        I use Darkside super wipe. Seems to eliminate most problems. I flash that, install rom, install gapps, then I. Even use Darkside cache wipe and its been running very good. Just seems to make things simpler.

  70. Duke says:

    Anyone has the link for build 4

  71. ADoyle88 says:

    Has anyone got NFC to work on this ROM? It says its enabled but it doesn’t seem like it is working.

  72. T$tunna says:

    About to flash V4 tonight … will let you know how that goes after rom manager backup and titanium backup of apps and data … I will factory data reset .. wipe cache .. use Darkside super wipe .. flash rom .. flash gapps .. and i should be good to go … does anyone else use this method??

    i never understood Darkside cache wipe do i do this at the end of all the steps i mentioned above?

    • paul f says:

      normall i just wipe cache and dalvik cache after flashing the darkside tools, worked fine for me. flash rom, reboot, flash gapps, reboot. been working fine for maybe a month now

  73. acckiy says:

    Installed successfully after having such problems, maybe it will help someone:
    first of all I installed CWM from playstore, previously I had my phone rooted with SUsuperuser older version and decided not to install new one – the result was: i deleted my old ROM put this and it looped (stacked, crashed) at the unicorn logo. Thought my phone is a brick, luckily got into CWM (by pressing “volume up+volume down+power button” then after 1st vibro releasing only power button) where I could mount my external SD and download another ROM (like “sith” or smth). It passed! Then I just rooted it again with normal SUsuperuser and reinstalled this ROM.

    Problem issues with this ROM: my friends couldn’t hear me when I was calling or recieving calls. The voice recorder works well, but when I was calling someone I was almost muted. The solution was activating Noise suppression in call settings (enter by pressing menu button in dialing window).

  74. John says:

    Hi, does anyone know if this ROM’s device encryption working or not,

  75. JOE says:

    Do i have to download this from a cpu and move it or can i do it from the phone? i did it throught the phone and it is stuck on the bootloader screen….thanks

  76. jeff h says:

    does anyone know if this one also has problems with it rebooting during phone calls like build 4? i have been trying to go back to old roms from jelly bean build 4 and they dont work, especially after restoring with Titanium but they never work properly. but for some reason if i go back to the AOKP jelly bean everything works fine and it backs up fine but the reboot thing. also if anyone has a solution to my problem i would appreciate help because i can not seem to figure this problem out.

  77. diego says:


    i have a samsung s2 t989 and i have just installed this rom, but i have a problem during the day i have found this error has stopped, could any app stop the phone like this?? any solution

  78. Christian says:

    I am on build 2, and every once in awhile my phone will freeze and i would have to restart it. It is getting quite annoying. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Would build 3 get rid of these random freezes?

  79. HR says:

    I installed Build 4, got stuck into the first boot and never finished booting. I guess every one of them have some small glitches specially rebooting. I installed “infamous” ICS ROM final version and every things works perfect for me so far.

  80. Varuna says:

    By mistake I installed ” Task650 AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy S2 SGH-i777! ” Rom to T-Mobile T989 phone. Now it is not booting at all. Even can’t go to Download mode.

    Please help if someone knows how to repair my t989 phone.

    • HR says:

      I will try this, it might work but I am not sure 100%: Get the new version of Odin, and the clockwork mod recovery for T989. After starting Odin, connect your phone to your PC and try to flash CWM. Let me know if it worked, Good luck!

      • Varuna says:

        Can’t go to Download mode. Nothing will display on the screen. When I connect phone to Laptop it asks for the qhsusb_dlod driver. and i have successfully installed the driver. Odin 1.85 will display Added!!
        But when i am trying to upload PIT or PDA odin stops at SetupConnection..

        • HR says:

          Try just the vol +/- (no power) for about 15 to 20 sec and see if that does it. And for Odin the new version is Odin3-3v. If this did not do it, call Samsung at 877-392-4252 and they will refer you to a local technician.

  81. Varuna says:

    My phone is Samsung T989. And by pressing Vol +/- and power button doesn’t make any sense. No Display at all. Nothing will display even if i connect charger or to laptop.

    How to unbrick hard bricked phone ?

    • Lethalgorman says:

      Do you let go of the power button when you feel the first vibration. If you have the micro usb plugged in it goes to the download mode, if nothing is plugged in it will go into recovery. When you let go of the power button you must hold the volume buttons until something happens. Usually about 10 seconds minimum. I really hope this helps.

      • Varuna says:

        Thanks for the comment buddy,
        I tried as you mentioned. But I cannot see anything on the display. Even no vibrate when I press the power button for more than 10 secs. It is not going to recover mode or download mode. when I plug the usb cable to laptop it asks for the qhsusb_dlod driver and i was able to successfully install the driver.

    • Lethalgorman says:

      You want download mode so you can follow Maxs directions on how to unroot with Odin. Then flash a stock rom, I’ve done it myself 10 times.

  82. skyNet says:

    HDMI cable adapter is not working in this rom if someone know how to fix please help..

  83. Max says:

    Dude.. just stick with Clone Drones

  84. JoJo says:

    I installed it, don’t open wi-fi, when enable wi-fi button, it re-boot. pls help me. .. why ?

  85. saber says:

    I have installed built 4 on my phone a week ago. i had trouble installing it i finally figured out that to go to jellybean you should be on ics first. so if any one is stuck on the swager boot screen try to restore the phone to original then update throw samsung kies then flash this rom it should work.. any way so far the rom is faster aand smother than both the stock gingerbread or the tmobile ics. everything on the phone is working fine. ive only had one problem the phone freezes while im making calls every once a while and gets stuck on a black screen. ill have to hold the power botton for 10 sec and then turn it back on to work. other than that the rom is flawless. hope they will that freezing problem in the next built.

    • lethalgorman says:

      I had those problem in the beginning also, they do go away and the rom seems to settle down with time. Build 4 is now my daily driver, friggin love this JB rom!!!

      • saber says:

        Well I’ve updated to built 5 2 days ago and I love it. I haven’t had a problem with it. All the issues I’ve had with built 4 are gone. Maybe the only thing I noticed was the phone is usually showing a 3g sign instead of the 4g but the internet is working fine I get download speed of over 8 mbs while its showing 3g. I’m in love with it im on my phone all day. Haven’t had a problem. And the update was easy I didn’t need to wipe so I didn’t loose non of info when I updated.

  86. Michael says:

    Is the HDMI output working in versions following build 2?
    Anyone else having my problem?

  87. matt says:

    if you intend on ever flashing another ROM to your phone, DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM. It fucks up your ability to reflash other ROMs and it’s a headache to get rid of, trust me on this. Also, it has a lot of crash/force close issues. Use CM10 or any ROM from CM, much better than this AOKP ROM.

  88. ELie says:

    does 4g work on this

  89. Alex says:

    Does anyone know to install the original stock ROM? help me out

  90. supercho says:

    I installed it but can’t use it. I get 3-4 back to back pop ups every 10 seconds saying “Unfortunately ….so and so….has stop”. And the screen flickers. Seems like a ROM for me but how do I get rid of it?

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