AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Android 4.1.2][11/2/2012]

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Check out this build of AOKP Jelly Bean ROM on Android 4.1.2, nearly it’s flawless in terms of performance, very surprised at how everything is working well.  Unlike many other previous AOKP versions that were plagued by non-working/buggy camera, this AOKP JB version works really well, camera/camcorder works flawless.

Besides that, you get all the latest features of AOKP ROM Control allowing you to tweak everything from battery, lockscreen, homescreen, and more.  I know AOKP is probably going to release Build 5 soon but I think this is pretty much going to be nearly identical to that.

One thing to note is that you will lose Wifi-calling feature, if this is an important feature you must have, definitely try another ROM like the Sith or Koodo ICS ROM.

I am really lovin’ this AOKP Android 4.1.2 though, so give it a go over this weekend and let me know how it goes for you!


Download AOKP Jelly Bean ROM

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into CMW Recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot.  That’s it!

Credits – XDA

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173 Responses

  1. Highhhhonandroid says:

    Does this rom work on standard (with physical home button) S2 version? 🙂

  2. lethalgorman says:

    hey Max, if you just the gray google bar you go to google now. I am using build 4 for my DD, but I will install this it looks great. I’ll install this build just for the lock screen targets. Great video

  3. lethalgorman says:

    where are you getting these roms? I dont see it on Just wondering

  4. Masda says:

    So if wifi call cant, skype its cant use?

  5. Jeff says:

    I seem to be stuck in 3G or less.

    • Jeff says:

      Apparently H or H+ is the representative symbol when connected at 4G speeds and it is “on demand” when moving data. A battery saving feature to run @ 3G when 4G is not needed.

  6. Lo gannew says:

    issues with external sd or bluetooth audio??

    • Juan says:

      Yeah I noticed that, I just installed this Rom and notice that it’s a lot wrong.
      Issues I noticed so far:
      1. No 4G speed
      2. Can’t access files on internal/sd card
      3. No option to import contacts from Google, T-mobile, top email clients/ only SIM, Storage. (Since it don’t allow you to access sdcard you can’t import the contacts from there.)
      4. It doesn’t have google play store embedded in the rom when installed.
      5. You can’t install/Import apps from sdcard/internal
      That’s what I noticed so far about this ROM. It’s certainly fast and cool UI but lack in features and availability.
      If you notice anymore problems or solution to help me out, it would be appreciated.


  7. Alain says:

    How does this compare to Jedi Mind Tricks?

    • cross80 says:

      it blows it away. beside the issue with no wifi calling, other than that this rom rocks, get it!

      • Jcgsville says:

        how about compared to cm10?

        • Arcsine says:

          It’s like a modded version of CM10. Can be less stable sometimes depending on which build you are using, but carries way more nice features. Btw, the Milestone 1 AOKP is out. This build is pretty old, don’t download it. Just google AOKP and find the newest stable version.

  8. Lethalgorman says:

    It’s Jb and smooth. No sd issues or bluetooth issues, everything, for me anyway, is working great.

  9. Manny says:

    I have t989 but after I reboot my phone was stuck on Initiating Swagger. what did I do wrong?

  10. Brian says:

    How’s the call quality and battery life? AOKP V4 had terrible call quality and terrible battery life =/

    • Lolik says:

      Hey guys. About the call quality I had the same problem of people don’t listening me that well. But I found a way to fix it. Just open your keypad if you were going to call someone, push menu and then settings. Find the noise suppression option and select it. That’s it, problem solved!

  11. Varuna says:

    There is no noise cancellation option on this ROM, so when you are not talk loudly other party doesn’t hear properly. you guyz check this and reply. this happened with the previous version also.

  12. mu says:

    i don’t know why this happened, but i can’t connect my phone to computer and there is an icon on the down-left side of my computer shows Hardware Id Missing.
    please help me! 🙁

  13. bandit kieth says:

    Does this experience random reboots like the previous version. I loved the v4 aokp rom but I couldn’t deal with the reboots so I switched to the sith. How is the battery life and call quality also?

  14. Main Event. says:

    I like this rom,first time doing a rom on my Gs2…no complaints..thanks android community!

  15. Sal says:

    im wondering if the battery life is better than milestone 6 ics

  16. Noob says:

    Um, when i put the rom in, it just was stuck at the start up with a pink unicorn and the words aokp

  17. Sam700 says:

    In the Video Max said that there is 2 file that need to download,

    1- here is one of them …………………..
    2-does anyone where is the link for the second file?


  18. A.C says:

    will not read the sd card when trying to go into the gallery. unfortunate, but removing.

  19. Italo says:

    The simplest Directions to follow and if you do it right the ROM is flawless! I flashed the ROM yesterday and this ROM made me fall in love with my sgs2 all over again. thank you to the developer and thank you zedomax for updating us on the latest ROMs.

  20. main event says:

    Anybody try using the navigation bar option…

  21. Pablo says:

    i I have a problem every time I want to use the multitasking I get a flash on the screen

  22. nick says:

    Just flashed this ROM while I was on lunch and so far so good. No huge difference from some of the other Builds but I love these ROM’s.

    • main event says:

      I’m using Jedi mind trick X now and the noise cancellation works…might go back to aokp if they fix call quality..

  23. manuel says:

    Is anyone having problems with video calling (Tango).

  24. Brent says:

    Working good except google play downloads have slowed to a crawl.

    speedtest is still excellent so maybe a google play issue

  25. Brent says:

    cancel that, speedtest is no inoperable. my download is completely destroyed. now I got to get back to stock rom

  26. Lethalgorman says:

    Build 5 is on the website it also has new gapps. I’m gonna try that now

  27. nick says:

    Im having trouble with google play. Anyone know how to fix this?

  28. DublacK says:

    I changed my radio to blaze 4g lb4 and its awesome with this ROM. I also flashed diamond voice x a few time with dark side super wipe. Works flawlessly, no issues and sooo smooth.

    • cross80 says:

      Can you please tell me how you do this procedure cause I would like to add that to my phone also

      • DublacK says:

        Sorry for such a late reply. I went to xda and searched for flashable radios there is a pinned forum that has a list of a few radios. I had to test with these to see which one worked best or worked at all. I suggest you do that to.
        Download the radio you want to try
        Go to recovery
        Wipe cache
        Wipe dalvik
        Install radio
        Fix permissions
        And reboot 🙂

        Hope that helps

  29. Brochacho says:

    Everything works so far, except the GPS which is something I use almost everyday. I was only able to get signal for the GPS once this morning, but besides that one time, it hasn’t been able to lock in a signal to find my location at all now. My 4g internet works fine. Any suggestions??

  30. seto says:

    i cant get the google now to work. also i used titanium back up for my apps and info but i cant access it.

  31. GJ says:

    Great rom, works without any issues, so far I have for 3 days and not bugs at all so far.

  32. Mark says:

    anyone else have the same problem as someone else posted up there about the sd card not reading for the gallery and not being able to change the wallpaper? Some help about this would be great.

  33. CallQualityweak says:

    This is a great ROM. Thanks for it!
    However, There is one show stopper issue for me. The call quality is very bad when in call for the opposite party. They cannot hear me well, I have to really increase my tone to be heard properly and sometimes the call quality for them is just not bearable. is this a known issue or may be someone knows a work around? Please let me know before I flash it back to Jedi mind trick X. It atleast doesn’t have this problem.

    • Bandit Keith says:

      I’m having the very same exact issue. The Call Quality is unbearable i’m tired of hearing huh? and what? and speaking slow and loud. i hope there is a fix to this before i flash back to the Sith.

  34. Brent Johnson says:

    build 4 had destroyed my d/l speeds. build 5 is perfect so far for me with everything.

    feels like I have the latest phone

  35. Eric Anderson says:

    What is the process to go from build 4 to build 5?
    Do you have to wipe out the data before installing build 5?

  36. Jonathan says:

    Anyone having a problem on build 5 where when you turn the screen on the brightness is increased for about a second and then goes back to normal? It’s really bothering me and it’s my only issue.

  37. Dennis says:

    Medium Bad:Cant get the rom to enter Usb Mode, Also there is some Screen Flickering in launcher an in Youtube,Netflix,tango,skype.

    Low Good:Otherwise Noise is good,everything works and it´s smooth and fast like a touchwiz rom.

    The Worst: No Dsp Manager, No Notes APP, No Apollo.

  38. kevin nguyen says:

    when i installed this rom, it does not have Google play and i can not sign in my phone account, if someone know how to fix it, please tell me.

    • derp says:

      watch the video and listen to the instructions and you can also read the instructions that max posted.

    • xanderoid says:

      I have the same problem. This is weird. When I try to add account I only have email and corporate options. Usually you can Add a Google Account. Please help!

  39. Main Event. says:

    The only way around the call quality is to use the speaker phone..great rom though

    • CallQualityweak says:

      The problem is not hearing the opposite party. its them not able to hear the phone properly. so its the MIC thats messed up.

      • T$tunna says:

        YES! AGREED …. I Have Had Build 1-4 and It Has Been The Same Thing I Was Hoping The 4.1.2 Version Would Have Solved That But It Is A Great Rom & Thats Why I Have Been Keeping Up With It.

        • Cris Lopez says:

          Hey guys. About the call quality I had the same problem of people don’t listening me that well. But I found a way to fix it. Just open your keypad if you were going to call someone, push menu and then settings. Find the noise suppression option and select it. That’s it, problem solved!

  40. Eric Anderson says:

    I installed build 5. Everything is good except I’m not getting any volume when I stream Netflix.
    Do I need to install a different radio? If so, any suggestions? And do I need to wipe the cache after I install one?

  41. Brochacho says:

    I was having a problem with the GPS not working on the AOKP 4 build but the new one works now. Everything is working great. To the people that can’t get google apps to work, you NEED to dl the GAPPS zip , and get into the recovery mode and install from zip

  42. Dave says:

    Hey, I forgot to clear the cache, now my phone wont boot. What do I do?

    • Lethalgorman says:

      That sux, I had to get into download mode, and reinstalled a stock rom with Odin. Then reroot and start all over again. If there is any easier way, I don’t know it. Sorry

      • Dave says:

        Hey, I thought that, so I plugged it in, got to Odin, then for some reason panicked and turned my phone off. It got real bad then. But after pushing some buttons and stuff I don’t know what I did the phone cold booted into cwm and all is well now. Awesome rom.

  43. manuel says:

    did anyone try slimbean rom yet? its awesome guys.

  44. Dave says:

    Anyone have any idea why Swiftkey 3 doesn’t work? Keeps force closing every time I attempt to open setting or the keyboard itself.

  45. Bito says:

    I am having issues flashing roms. I have CWM installed and have been able to flash roms in the past. But now, when ever i try to flash a rom, flash a nandroid backup, factory reset… it just basically wipes out my user info. Goes back to stock with all of my applications still loaded so i get bazillion force closes. I have verified my nandroid and it is good… i just cant get cwm in load it. Any ideas? thx in advance!

  46. Sturtle says:

    I tried this out for two days and loved it except for the call quality (echos like I am in a submarine). Then today, I felt my phone getting hot and pulled it out of my pocket to find a blank screen which I could not navigate away from. I held the power button down , but no reboot. I pulled the battery and now the phone won’t turn on at all. No vibrate or boot. Any help would be freaking awesome. Even if it is to wipe everything so I can return via tmobile without getting caught rooting. Thanks

  47. lethalgorman says:

    Yes if you downloaded it from Amazon. you MUST have the store app on your phone for it to work.Any app from Amazon needs the store installed. I try not to use it.

  48. JilesPerry says:

    camera and gallery do not work. keep getting “no external memory available” message, but the sd card and contents show up under file manager, anyone know a fix to this?

  49. Dave says:

    Anyone have problems with the “Movie Studio” app? It seems great but too buggy to use. Does making adjustments in the ROM Settings possible to help this?

  50. Kris Bakker says:

    BT is broke connects to phone audio with almost no sound, and will not connect to BT media at all!

  51. gabb says:

    I am having a similar problem. Mine won’t connect to my BT device at all. It just sits at “turning bluetooth on” and eventually just stops trying to find any devices and goes back into an off mode.
    I’m 100% sure its not my BT device.

    Anything else I can do or install that would fix this problem?

    • kris bakker says:

      i have found a solution to this “bad flash process”
      1- in recovery factory data reset
      2-flash rom
      3-flash gapps
      4-wipe dalvik cache
      5-fix permissions
      6-wipe cache partition
      7- reboot
      that should do it, hope it helps you it worked for me full audio

  52. kenyanguy says:

    Apparently, this thing wiped out all my pics on the SD Card (and I’m not sure how or why). Is it an AOKP issue? Also, I cannot access my SD-card. How do I connect the phone as a mass storage device to the computer? I don’t see that option available anymore as well.

  53. cross80 says:

    Anyone has any problems with the hdmi outputs mine since not to be working

  54. Italo says:

    Hey can someone post me a link to download aokp build 5 and the new gapps. Also let me know how to go from build 4 to build 5 as well. Thank You in advance.

  55. kevin nguyen says:

    there about the sd card not reading for the music

  56. Lethalgorman says:

    I have moved on to the “Slim Bean” rom. Let me know if anyone else has tried that rom. It is pretty slick

  57. jason says:

    Solid Explorer file manager app can read your external SD card I try it in the JB AOKP build 5 just hit the back button when you open the app and you will see your external SD card don’t look for your external SD card inside the internal SD card archives… I repeat open the app hit the back button and you will see a replica of your external SD card on the sub menu STORAGE then you see a image of your SD card hit it and voilà see all the content…

  58. hrotanz says:

    I’m having problems with it rebooting. whenever I click reboot, it gets stuck and doesn’t reboot unless if I take the battery out and put it back in. also my phone ran out of battery and I felt the vibration, but when I clicked the power button it would show the screen with just a 0 in the battery icon and was stuck on the wallpaper and not shutting off

  59. Rob says:

    I would HIGHLY suggest people go to and download VERSION 5 — tons of bug fixes. Most of the posts I see above would be FIXED with the newer version. I did – and it is SUPER STABLE, great battery life, and the UI is super responsive and fast, even with several apps going at once!


  60. Jay says:

    issue with bluetooth, voice calls not clear (person on the other side only hear my little voice, difficult to hear my voice) after it has been connected to bluetooth and disconnect from bluetooth, reboot is required to make it back to normal. And then after connected to bluetooth and disconnect bluetooth, issue reappears.

  61. Jason says:

    Sup guys,

    Just downloaded the rom and the google package getting 2 errors. has stopped..and android keyboard (AOSP) has stopped.

    i have swiftkey installed and backed up on my google account..but cant sign in cause i dont have a keyboard!

    Pleas help!!!

  62. Dave says:

    Switch to build 5 but avoid milestone 1

    • Lethalgorman says:

      Thanks, why do you say that. From what I’ve read, I thought that was a stable version of the rom. Please elaborate.

      • Dave says:

        Might just be me but the glitches were too much to make the phone worth using. Gmail app couldn’t receive new mail. The phone would shutdown on taking a picture, nothing really seemed to work

  63. Dave says:

    I just installed but and everything seems so to be running very very smoothly I just have one problem and it’s the flickering. Can anyone help me on this

  64. Lethalgorman says:

    Are you on build 4? Build 5 does not have that problem.

  65. Italo says:

    Okay I have downloaded the files for the build 5. How do I install them? Same way factory/data reset, then install rom build 5, then new gapps, and then wipe cache?

    • Lethalgorman says:

      Yes, that’s a clean install. When you’re upgrading a rom you could just flash the new rom, that’s a dirty install.

  66. Main Event. says:

    Slimbean is what it is…it’s flawless…better than this

  67. shimmer says:

    i loaded rom in and most of it seems fine, google navigation is not working, but my GPS is (just downloaded Waze in playstore) few apps aren’t working but it is a big inprovement from stock 2.3.6 (something like that).. but i had to download an wifi manager bc some reason no list was showing up in settings, wifi manager was able to help.. but was i do notice in my “about device” is that my baseband is “unknown”.. but over all it is pretty stable.. but i had do a battery pull twice after 15 hours off charge, umm

  68. shimmer says:
    but after reading not everyone is happy with it

  69. italo says:

    Where can I find the the slim bean ? It’s not slimbean. net

  70. kevin nguyen says:

    it can not recognize my SD card, someone know how to fix it. can you tell me?? thank!!!

  71. Evan says:

    trying to sync my online photos via Instant Upload but they aren’t showing up in my gallery, any ideas? would also like to disable to sleep animation but no luck finding the option for that either. otherwise the ROM works amazingly!

  72. Winston Ireland says:

    Why did this ROM wipe my data on the SDcard? I need my data back. Please help.

  73. foxwerks says:

    So I can’t get the GPS to lock for so I attempted to use AGPS patch on this rom and I finally get a lock but says I’m at the equator. I tried all the other remedies stated in the notes: pull battery wait 30sec, wipe dalvik cache and cache. Can’t get it lock on properly by GPS alone.

  74. alexander says:

    i lost my 3g signal:( did i something wrong???? help¡¡¡

  75. Loreto says:

    When i click on the phone icon it tells me “unfortunately, contacts has stopped”. Please help me!!

  76. ADoyle88 says:

    The camera not having touch to focus drives me crazy… any fixes?

  77. Jcgsville says:

    Any better than cm10 nightlies?

  78. markbc says:

    I have to say that I’ve used this rom, and liked that it is fast and has tons of functions that enhance the phone’s capability. But battery life is not great and some people have had problems with the camera app.On some versions I, too, had camera issues, on other versions it was ok.
    Parts of the rom can be “squirrely” for some users. If that is your case (and you’ve done a full wipe and reflash) then you likely won’t be happy. The cost of tracking down the issue likely won’t be worth the effort.

    Personally, my biggest disappointment with task’s GS2 JB AOKP rom has has been the support and the atmosphere surrounding the rom. I usually don’t care or even pay attention to such things, but I do ghost the XDA threads to see what is working and what is not -especially for roms I am using. [and] I have used AOKP quite a bit.

    So, I followed task560’s thread and, unfortunately, to a large extent, XDA has allowed it to devolve into an acerbic, unhelpful thread where people with questions are routinely flamed and provided with (frankly) rather sophomoric, caustic and unhelpful comments under the excuse of “search the thread before asking.”

    This might be considered fun or “keeping it light” in some circles, but other threads, like Shostock, or even the young teen dev Faryaab, who developed Supernexus, have more helpful,informative, and less adolescent inputs on their threads.

    I did support Task 560 roms it in mid-development, and I was very happy to use them -they were unique and leading edge. But the JB rom versions have not as complete as the ICS versions were. This compounded with the atmosphere and “vibe” on the thread make it unhelpful and unappealing to use the rom. IF you have an issue you are not likely to find a good answer on the thread.

    For me, it is not bad since there are other even more smooth JB roms for our phone out there. I don’t mind giving up some of the rom controls and lock screen tools, to avoid dealing with non-answers or flaming in trying to ensure my rom is working the best it can.

    So I won’t support it anymore. Flashing roms, modding phones –all that is supposed to be useful, helpful and perhaps even fun. When the rom or support thread devolves into repeated flame/slap sessions over time for people who ask questions (“use google, search for the answer in advance” -I get that) then the cost of reading and using the rom is higher than the return for using it. That’s what makes this thread better. Perhaps there are fewer “experts” here, but it seems that 99% of the people who post here will happily answer questions -and even answer the same question for different people twice or three times. (Thanks Max!)

    So I would recommend those who have issues with Task560s rom to try other roms. Your solutions might be easier to find and effect.

    Right now, I am really surprised at how well SuperNexus (with some JB Google apps from XDA) works. Literally better than any stock rom.

    Save some energy and gain some productivity (at a loss, of course, of some of the added functionality that task’s rom does offer) and explore other roms if this one has issues for you. . .

  79. Cody says:

    I installed akop jb its my first rom on my t mobile galaxy s3. i cleared the cash and ive taken the battery out and put it back in but its still stuck on initiating swagger any suggestions?

  80. Steve says:

    Got it… installed it… and it runs perfect!

  81. alex says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can actually down the file AOPK Build 4 ICS ROM?!!?!

  82. Lethalgorman says:, go to this website and find your model number.

  83. Cris Lopez says:

    Hey guys. About the call quality I had the same problem of people don’t listening me that well. But I found a way to fix it. Just open your keypad if you were going to call someone, push menu and then settings. Find the noise suppression option and select it. That’s it, problem solved! Hope it works for you

  84. Guha says:

    please fix the bluetooth. it doesn’t detect any nearby devices. everything else seems to be working

  85. eric says:

    dose anyone know where the task manager is or how it works?? And why dose it say I have a total of about 770mb of ram if im not mistaken I think I had more with stock isc and other roms why? Plz answer my questions:)

  86. alex says:

    Is this Milestone 1?

  87. Alexander says:

    I Have a Question to install it do i download the files onto my PC or my galaxy s2 and does installing it wipe my entire devices memory?

  88. hect starks says:



  89. TeacherMac says:

    If you’re a fan of “SwiftKey Flow Beta”, you’ll find that you can’t enter anything however SwiftKey 3 works fine.

  90. AJS says:

    Is anyone else having problems with youtube? I get sound but the video is messed up. Wierdest part is that when I rotate the screen the video shows for a second and then gone. Sound works fine. Tried uninstall of YouTube., no effect on AOKP hercules jb build 5

  91. jim_277 says:

    I installed this rom and it is very smooth, have only had the echo problem with phone calls. Solved that by putting a piece of tape over the noise reduction hole.

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