AOKP ROM MR1 Build 3 for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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While we “still” wait for a good, stable ROM with multi-window on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, we can explore some other cool alternatives such as the AOKP ROM MR1 Build 3.

One of the coolest ROMs on the planet, the AOKP ROM now has MR1 Build 3 for the T-Mobile Galaxy S2, and great news that this is an “official” version direct from the AOKP Team. Even some of the newer phones don’t have an official AOKP build, we should be thankful it is available on the Hercules.

With the latest AOKP ROM MR1 Build 3, you will lose Wifi Calling (as with all Android source-built ROMs) but you will gain the stability of “pure” Android OS plus the UI customizations ROM Control settings bring.

You can expect some awesomeness out of the latest MR1 Build 3, I’ve only been hearing good things about it and verified it myself. So, go knock yourself out this weekend with AOKP and see for yourself.


Download AOKP ROM MR1 Build 3

Download Gapps

For installation, “install from zip” Darkside SuperWipe (this will erase your settings, apps, etc… not your internal sd/sd card contents), then install ROM normally.  Don’t forget to install gapps otherwise you won’t have Play Store!!!

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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74 Responses

  1. Ted says:

    Are the any advantages to this AOKP when compared to CM 10.1?

  2. AJ says:

    Google voice search keeps force stopping in every app..I’m gonna try to reinstall ROM..

  3. BoBo says:

    Finally , an excellent ROM. Everything works just fine. Thank you Max

  4. Huy says:

    Awesome ROM, no problems here.

  5. AJ says:

    Thanks Ted I updated and its fixed..

  6. Paddy Wong says:

    Will this ROM work on the SGH-T989D (Telus Canada) ?

    • Ted says:

      Yes, it is a t989 variant and there are no specific ROMs for just the telus version. In fact I currently have a telus radio flashed on my T-Mobile T989 to assist in eliminating the call echo I was getting on some other radios I used.

  7. Steve says:

    the best JB ROM so far,i was using Slim-Star V2.2 but this one is more stable. no echo calling too.
    im using Holo Launcher instead the NOVA/default one (to me is a little better) and it comes with the lattest gapps 4.2.
    totally recomended!

  8. Rudy says:

    Anybody experience slow charging with this ROM?

  9. Norm says:

    t-mobile WiFi calling work?

  10. keanu says:

    I installed this rom and now my phone will not boot into recovery at all, and I’ve tried everything… Reflashing clockworkmod, booting to it while its completely off; everything… Why is this happening?

    • Steve says:

      Try the old fashion way, volume up & rock down and power at the same time, then at the first vibration, release power until you go to save mode. Hope this helps.

  11. TheDubMan says:

    Hey max, does this rom have custom DPI settings? I cannot find them anywhere.

  12. Rob says:

    wifi tethering not working with this AOKP ROM…is CM10.1 the same?

  13. Andray says:

    I wasn’t able to install gapps i kept on getting “instillation aborted”? is there another way to get Google Play?

  14. Sunny says:

    Talk app was not working for me, specifically the person on the other side couldn’t hear me. I tried rebooting several times. Googled the problem but couldn’t find anything useful. Any suggestions?

  15. Ron says:

    Google Vice Search not working and there isn’t any keyboard! Get the message that voice search has stopped working. I have rebooted several times and also removed the battery …. no help. Any ideas? I went back to build 1…..

    • Ted says:

      This is a common issue with AOKP and CM10.1

      The only thing you need to do to fix the Google voice is update it in the Play store. As for the keyboard I’m not so sure… you can always install one from Play. But I would suggest re-flashing G apps first.

      Whether you use CM10.1 or AOKP I think the benefits of 4.2.2 far out weight the bugs.

  16. Steven says:

    I really like it but it have already gotten a couple of random reboots and it really eats up the ram but it does get good battery life. Any ideas to clear up those issues?

  17. Rudy says:


    so I’ve given it a good whirl for the last day now. A few minor glitches: The camcorder records the video’s blurry, but playback is crisp and clear.

    secondly….um, don’t really know any other issues yet, still toying with it. So far I’m loving the jelly bean reliability

  18. Tito says:

    is anyboy else having problems with the volume…music is very low and other ppl cant really hear me while we talk pls hepl. Other than that its the best ever VERY FAST!!!

  19. betodeportes says:

    dsp manager our awesome beats?????….

  20. betodeportes says:

    soy de chile latinoamerica funciona el 3g?

  21. Steven says:

    Random reboots! Any suggestions to cure this problem?

  22. Tito says:

    is anyboy else having problems with the volume…music is very low and other ppl cant really hear me while we talk pls hepl. Other than that its the best ever VERY FAST!!! Pls help

    • Steve says:

      Yep, it looks so awesome having JB on our phone but I always find something wrong… Minor or big but there’s always something. I went back to ICS until something without issues . They’re getting better every day.

  23. Cristobal says:

    Tengo varios problemas =( esta buenisima la ROM pero no puedo agregar mi cuenta de google, y no puedo grabar bien con la cámara, espero que puedas ayudarme, saludos!

    • Ted says:

      Estoy usando Google Translate, pero espero que esto ayude. asegúrese de descargar las aplicaciones de Google. todo formato y borrar cache transparente, clara Dalvik, entonces usted necesita para flash (instalar) la ROM e instalar el Google Apps. reinicie y no tocar durante 10 minutos

  24. Musspell says:

    I just used super wipe and goodbye phone… 50$ at the technician because I don’t have a working pc right now…

  25. Carlos says:

    hey, I flashed this rom last night and so far it works fine, I really don’t like the gallery and the contacts layout. I was researching in the xda site and the 4.2.2 version is already available, did anybody tested already, the comments in the site are pushing me to flash it and see it for my self, I just will like to know from any body here. Any way I will let you know tonight.

    Stay HI on Android……….

    • Steve says:

      4.2.2 it’s more stable, actually better but when you’re calling on the other line hear you like you’re talking under the water. So I suggest you not to.

      • Carlos says:

        Good to know, I downloaded it but I havent flash it, and by your recommendation I wont. Does any body know about the Jedi Jelly 5???

  26. betodeportes says:

    alguien sabe si funciona el 3g de VTR con esta Room?? me interesa. la probe pero cmo no tengo el plan de datos no pude probar si funcionaba, la cambie por la CM9. saludos.

  27. carl Antony says:

    installed AOKP MR1 EVERYTHING works awesome out the box no problem .. how to install :
    use TWRP
    REBOOT ..DONE ..!
    USB TETHER ALSO DOES WORK AM USING IT NOW…LOL also use Opera or Chrome browser only ones that work.

  28. Brandon says:

    ROM is working great, but I’m having problems with messaging. I can open the app itself, but I can’t open any messages. It stops right when I try to. Any ideas? Should I just use a different messaging app?

  29. Tony says:

    Great ROM…Anyone know how to delete or add desktop panels?

  30. Brian says:

    Hey anyone have suggested steps for installing this ROM? I heard darkside superwipe messes up clockword mod. I’m currently using v5.0.2.6 CWM

  31. RJ says:

    Cool ROM – I ran it for a few days and really liked it *but* my battery life went to less than half a day. I tried a complete factory reset hoping that would fix it but the battery life remained terrible. I’m usually cautious giving negative feedback concerning battery life because I realize with a new ROM; I’m spending a lot more time setting things up so gave it a few days of typical use before making my judgement. Another thing that happened is my call quality was severely impacted. People told me I sounded slurry and was difficult to understand. When I flashed back to my previous ROM the battery life and call quality issues went away.

  32. Vic says:

    says wifi Authentication problem.. any fix?

  33. eric says:

    Just what Brian said^ if you intall this and use darkside superwipe it will messes up clockword mod I can still backup my rom and flash backed up ROMs but flashing a new or different ROM won’t work ever since I used darkside super wipe what can I do to fix this?? I have clockwork v6.0.some other 2#

  34. Ronen says:

    Ok , from what I read I like to install this Rom, but I am fairly new and lack you experience. How do I install, can you provide me a step by step guide ?

  35. Ferdie says:

    my phone is suck on some blue red yellow and green X. can someone help please.

    • Gabriel Ignacio says:

      That blue, red, yellow, and green “X” is the bootscreen for AOKP MR1, by the way.

      ~boot into recovery (Hold volume up, volume down, and pwer keys for about 10 seconds. When the screen shuts off, let go of the pwer button, but keep hold of the volume rocker buttons until a short vibration occurs. Then you can remove your fingers and your custom recovery should boot up.)
      ~wipe data/factory reset (required before flashing a new ROM or recovering from bootlooping)
      ~wipe caches, davlik and otherwise. (Just in case.)
      ~reflash the .zip containing the AOKP ROM
      ~flash the .zip containing the latest Google Apps for your ROM’s version of JB (Very important. Screw this up and you can bootloop the phone or possibly brick it)
      ~reboot the phone (It should work now)

      Also, remember to make a nandroid backup before flashing roms in case of problems.

  36. cross80 says:

    Does mhl still work with this rom?

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