Awesome Audio AOKP ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989!

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For those of you who like AOKP ROM but you want some extra “umph” for your audio devices such as headphones and external speakers, check out Awesome Audio AOKP ROM.

Nearly identical to the latest AOKP ROM MR1 Milestone 1, the Awesome Audio AOKP ROM adds audio features like AC!D SoundMOD, Awesome Beats, Dolby Mobile, and Noozxoide EIZO rewire apps.

For music player, the ROM also comes with Walkman app.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, definitely give it a try today and let me know what you think!


Download Awesome Audio AOKP ROM

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from AOKP ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

Credits – XDA

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29 Responses

  1. Jordi Paulus says:

    Should I stay with the AOKP mr1 milestone build or should I go with this one?

    • Ranas says:

      You Can Try It Out By Your Self And See Wich One YOu Like More. If You Are Coming From Mr1 AOKP You Don’t Have To Factory Reset, Just Install Rom, Gapps And Reboot.
      If You Dont Like It You Can Go Back To Mr1 Doing The Same. Mr1 ROM, Gapps And Reboot. good Luck And Let Me Know Wich One You Liked Better

  2. Angel says:

    I’m on AOKP mr1 milestone do I have to format everything again….or what.

    • Ranas says:

      You Dont Have To Factory Reset, Just Install Rom, Install Gapps, And Reboot. All Your Settings And Apps Will Be Saved The Same. Without Reinstalling But You Can Buck It Up With Titanium Just In Case

  3. Ranas says:

    Does MHL (MHL To HDMI) Works On This ROM?
    Plz Tell Me, Is Very Important For Me.
    Or Do I Need Diferent Kernel?
    And Does It Comes With 4.2.2 JB?

  4. Kausang says:

    Is it safe to install the new Gapps Update that is available upon installing rom provided by GooManager?

  5. Erskine says:

    i updated and my Android keyboard (AOSP i think) keeps force closing. Any fixes? Plz Help!

    • MikeG says:

      Are you using CWM or Team Win recovery? Team win is the best way to go. Download goo manager and get it from there. Then factory reset and install rom and gapps.

      • Erskine says:

        I’m on CWM i reflashed ROM with Gapps and its working fine, except for the front camera. i get a force close on it now. Other than that, i’m running fine.

  6. alex says:

    Is trevE WiFi or any WiFi tether working with this?

  7. xavier says:

    so far so good. i should have more tomorrow

  8. RobzDragon says:

    Within this rom: Whats up with this?

    Systems Affected:Android

    Android.Jsmshider is a Trojan horse that opens a back door on Android devices.
    Damage Level: Medium
    Payload: Opens a back door on the device.
    Releases Confidential Info: Sends certain information to a remote location.

    ANDROID/JSmhider .A.25 Is the file

    • xavier says:

      good find. i found that goomanager which is included in this rom downloaded a gapps update and know i’m getting errors.

  9. MikeG says:

    Yea right now I’m still running AOKP milestone 1 and have had no issues with my camera. I’m waiting for some more reviews on this one before I flash it.

  10. Andy Delk says:

    I am an amateur audiophile and I LOVE this ROM. I cannot believe how much better the music sounds with the apps included. I had no issues flashing over the other AOKP ROM at all.

  11. Darien Rodriguez says:

    Having a major issue with telephone calls. Everyone I speak to says I sound like I am under water; sometimes so bad that they cannot even understand what I am saying. I have heard for myself and it is very bad. Are there any updates/patches/workarounds for this? I read this has something to do with the kernel, any Ideas, or should I blow away and use another Rom? ( I really Like AOKP, but the phone is useless this way) Please Advise.

    • cross80 says:

      Tried the noise cancellation when u are on the phone press the option in the dial pad screen and select noise cancellation, I also recommend if u like the all audio options, Jedi mind trick has a ROM that comes with the same add ons and in my opinion is better, battery wise and performance.

      • Darien Rodriguez says:

        Will do, I will try and let you know. Thank you.

        • cross80 says:

          Your welcome, yea let me know how u like it

          • Darien Rodriguez says:

            I put it on and the phone is on an infinite reboot loop. Before that, i tried taking the AOKP from 1.6 to go, but at least it got to the “desktop”. Now I’m stuck. I will try to go back to 1.6, but not sure how I’m gonna get there.

            • cross80 says:

              I would root back to stock and start clean

              • Darien Rodriguez says:

                I’m so far gone on this, I don’t think I can go back to stock.

                • cross80 says:

                  Follow instructions on how to root your phone back to stock and than unroot your phone all over again is pretty simple if u have unroot ur phone before which u have, u can do this too, and ones u do ull have a brand spanking new phone to start flashing ROMs on, lol

                  • Darien Rodriguez says:

                    Well, what ended up happening was I went into the recovery, mode and used every wipe command I found several times, and then reinstalled the 2.2 ROM and Gapps via a micro SD card, and it worked. I lost all the pictures music and video on the phone, and the microphone does not work in text app, but call sound is clear now. What command wiped the phone? Also, is there a way to re-enable the mic app so that it works for texting? It works for the google search button just fine. My wife uses that feature when she needs to text at work so it is pretty important. Compared her phone to mine, and it seems like I have 3 keyboard options including voice input, whereas she only has two. We both have the voice input option, but she is missing the AOKP keyboard that I have. Also, when in the text messaging app, and she hits the microphone, the phone vibrates as to acknowledge that she hit the mic button, but it does not enter voice to text mode. As I said, it only works in Google search. Don’t know if that helps , but I’m trying to get her setup. Thanks.

  12. tito says:

    Flashed The rom now can’t install gapps or go on recovery, the power off button won’t turn the phone off, restart it or recovery

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