Chicago ICS ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [SLIM]

Check out Chicago ICS ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, this ROM features super slim profile with zero bloatware to get you up and speed through the day.

Another great ICS ROM for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 so give it a go and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

Download Chicago ICS ROM

Download Google Apps

To install, wipe, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot!

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM?
For all T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, please see T-Mobile Galaxy S2 FAQ here for all rooting, backup, install guides.

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46 Responses

  1. davecko says:

    I love your ics roms for tmobile s2. but none have wifi calling!

  2. Marc says:

    Does instagram work on this?

  3. John says:

    “Don’t be an I wh*re”…LMAO

  4. @be says:

    I don’t get y it’s called Chicago, I was excited to see that it’s named after my city but then disappointed on how boring it is. Oh well until next week…

  5. Franck says:

    How does this one compare to the latest Darkside ROM? Instagram?

  6. Mo says:

    I tried to install the google apps file and everytime ive tried it NOTHING works. No apps installed. In fact the folder itself is just the rom from what i can tell. Can you please help a brotha out man I would greatly appreciate it!

    • james says:

      i fell u out onthis one it doesnt even have google store so u cant get nothing on the phone

    • ironlung says:

      You need to install the gapps zip file from cwmr just like you would a rom and then reboot.. Google apps shud now be on there

  7. james says:

    this doesnt work has no apps so its need to be re done i almost thought i broke my phone

  8. mnewman says:

    Go to the dev site:

    This is a VERY minimal rom, and he includes a separate download if you want the google apps. Also, you can get to the market through the included market widget. Then you have the ability to get your backup app of choice and restore your backed up apps. I am running it and loving it.

    Instagram does not work. It seemed to work with the ported skyrocket roms, but not with the tmo ones 🙁

    • Irie says:


  9. Jose says:

    I downloaded and installed the ROM and everything was fine, but i didnt see the app for the Play Store.. Can anyone help?

  10. georget says:

    does this have echo issue

  11. Lorenzo says:

    ove this rom. Exactly what I’ve wanted. No etra apps even the hi dden Widgets sothis from runs fast and smooth. Able to personalize it exactly how iwant. No issues yet.

  12. DapOrp says:

    Manually installed google play store but it keeps freezing and then closing… anyone else having this problem?

  13. dominic says:

    I can’t install any apps either

  14. Adham says:

    Was anybody able to install the google apps the link just sends me to the ROM download

  15. Mrchris100 says:

    Havent tried this Im still on the ICS darkside Version 2 with the updated radio. UCL8 I believe. I am wondering if anyone has tried this one over that one. ? if so give me a reply

  16. austin says:

    I have tried to flash it with the rom but for some reason I get a continuous reboot and I have to recover to stock

  17. Mike says:

    Hell yeah!!!
    This is for sure the best ROM I have used so far. YOU MUST GO TO THE XDA LINK AND DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION AND GAPS FROM THERE. ALSO, USE THE SUPER WIPE & KERNEL CLEANSER. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS & YOU WILL BE GOOD TO GO. Everything works so far & bat is good. Now this ROM is not overclocked which I think is nice & my Quadrant scores are 3700 to 3800. Also you don’t get any crap ware, just flash gaps and install what you want. BTW, don’t try to change the lock screen wallpaper, it will give you some issues, just read about the known bugs & wait for a fix before you try them. It seems the wallpaper for lock screen is the biggest bug but you can still change the wallpaper on your desktop so all is cool.

    • Corrupt0387 says:

      I heard that if you rooted your phone from gingerbread, that you cant restore those apps on to the new ICS ROM. Is this true? Also to add the gapps do you just flash it over the chicago rom???

  18. HR says:

    Flashed this ROM, but the contact editing is not working.

  19. Ricardo Orta says:

    okay my only problem is when I run fix permissions it doesn’t run all the way. Why is that? For example from177 it stop at 120.

  20. Tonner says:

    more issues:

    – lock screen wallpaper crash
    – gallery crash (you must uninstall gallery with titanium backup and install galery3d in market)
    – folders crashes, sometimes when creating folders the system crash.
    – when trying to shut down the system the system stops and must press the button for 10 secconds to shut down.

  21. Anish says:

    Im a noob at android so dont laugh
    The first time i installed this, I was stuck in a boot loop and was freakin scared to death. So I recovered to stock. But I still really wanted the rom so I did more research and found out what I did wrong. YOU MUST DO A DARKSIDE WIPE BEFORE YOU FLASH. Then I flashed Gapps. Also, go to the XDA link to get the new version, ITS SO MUCH BETTER! And a tip to other users, once you flash DO NOT RESTORE ALL SYSTEM DATA! IT WILL MAKE THE ROM KEEP FREEZING AND SCREWING UP. After doing all of this I got a clean and smooth ICS rom, and i have to say, It’s the very best ICS rom on this website.

  22. Wayne D says:

    This ROM doesn’t work on my phone. Does a constant reboot for a few times then locks up with a continuous tone sound. Had to recover back to stock rooted ROM.

    • Wayne D says:

      The DARKSIDE wipe did the trick for me. ROM is installed and functioning.

      • Wayne D says:

        I WANT to love this ROM, but…. It is constantly locking up.
        It does this even after a DarkSide Wipe. I’ve abandoned it.
        Went to DARKSIDE ROM and IT works great so far. Hope the bugs can get ironed out of Chicago. I really like its layout the best but it’s basically un-useable for me. 🙁

  23. Darrin says:

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is any way to get t mobile name Id on here. I Called TMobile and they said it’s integrated into the stock gingerbread ROM and is not supported in 4.0 but i think she had to be lying because what about the other TMobile phones that have ics like the amaze and sensation. Is there an apk for it or someway to get it on this ROM? Thanks

  24. Luis says:

    Well all roms version 4.0.3 if you wana use live stream like “live tv” this is a good application to watch works only for normal screen and not for fullscreen.So fullscreen make the application error and closed.
    Old roms version 2.3.6 works perfect. Tested on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2.Make clear data application not fix this problem.
    Please any help…… or download and check yourself this app from Play Store if work fullscreen for you.
    Thank You Very Much…

  25. Ironlung says:

    LockScreen Wallpaper doesnt work on this rom..

  26. ITWebGuy says:

    Tmobile S2, boot looping issue.
    Max followed the instructions to a T. I have 2.3.6 rooted Back up, Wipe and Install go with out any errors. Yes i used the T989 chicago rom of your site, and I get boot loop. I restore to my back up and I am good to go, tried several tries to no avail. Help me O B max Kenobi, I need ICS!

  27. AutoFill James Freeman says:

    This is a good rom but how do u get the messaging to get pictures.

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