CM10 ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [STABLE]

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CM10 ROM stable versions were released earlier today, one of the official candidates happen to be the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 models (sorry, all the other GS2s have to wait for ports as there’s no official). Upon installing, I do have to say this is a really nice ROM, especially coupled with Android 4.2 Google apps.

For those of you looking for the best AOSP ROM, this might just be it so give it a try today and let me know what you think!


Download CM10 ROM

Download Gapps 4.2

Download Darkside Wipe

To install, reboot into recovery, install Darkside Wipe, install CM10 ROM, install Gapps 4.2, and reboot!

Credits – XDA

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215 Responses

  1. Neftaly says:

    you don’t have to flash a radio for this?

  2. blubase says:

    hi max. i got your email about the CM10 rom for the SGH-T989. I immediately went home to try it out, but i am stuck at the CM boot logo. i already tried reflashing the rom, formatting the phone, unrooting and rerooting the phone, and even the simple “take out the battery” solution. still no luck, it either goes into a boot loop or just simply idles at the boot logo for very extensive periods of time. what should i do at this point?

    • Jason McLean says:

      I had that same issue because I couldn’t be bothered to run the Darkside Wipe. After running the wipe, reinstalled the ROM and was good to go.

      • David says:

        Thanks Jason. I did not know about the darkside wipe, and had not tried it.

        I had put CM on 4 previous Androids and it went right in without help… Guess this one needs more.

        Thanks again!

  3. Kumar says:

    Hi.. I had the same problem. Now everything is fine.What I did?
    1.Install rom without apps
    2. Factory reset
    3. Reboot…
    Install apps afterwards

    • Neftaly says:

      how long did it take you to boot up after you flashed the rom?

      • blubase says:

        it never booted. i left it to smoke hookah (so roughly 40 minutes passed) and it was still on the CM boot logo. kumar’s suggestion didn’t help at all, sadly. :/

        • Marco says:

          this is what i did …. I install everything just how it says … But before reboot select wipe/factory reset AND Then reboot and it worked just fine I think thats it ….

        • BoBo says:

          Hi guys , i ve got same problem – did everything to download the rom , but then got stuck with CM boot logo. After 30 min waiting nothing happened and restore very hard previous system and i have two problems – cant reboot the phone / starts to reboot and never does , and rom manager does not work . Uninstalled the rom manager and then downloaded again and still does not work . Any suggestions , please ? Max , I could use some help please ?

    • Dennis says:

      Wipe data, Wipe Cache, Darkside Super Wipe, Flash Rom,Flash GAPPS, Wipe dalvik, fix permissions, (Optional wipe battery stats , Doesn´t do anything but..)Reboot Wait 10 MIN.. Reboot ENJOY!

  4. Yazi says:

    i’m trying to install the Darkside super wipe then installed the cm 10 and it’s stuck at installing cm-10.0.0…..
    i tried to clean wipe out still stuck, tried to install the older rom that worked for me, no go. Please advise, i don’t have a phone any more.

  5. rob says:

    I did exactly what kumar said and it worked but I wanted to know if theres a way I can get my phone to lock like an old tv like in the video?

  6. rich says:

    Same problem here. So sad.

  7. Grant says:

    Hey Max! Thanks so much! This is amazing, working flawless. However, I have not access to “trebuche launcher” settings anywhere on the phone.. any suggestions?

  8. Lumpy801 says:

    Hey max thanks for the rom. I love using this 4.1.2 but im having issues connect to a pc and transferring files. any suggestions??

    • kenyanguy says:

      If you’re used to clicking on the thing that “turned on USB storage”, go to Settings>Storage, then press the Menu soft-button, and click on the only one option that comes, which I believe is “USB Computer Connection” then click the one that says “Mass Storage”. That should do it.

  9. Richard says:

    Okay, it seems to be a good time to make a request to our website author…as I have the same issues as the others, but it won’t permit any zip installs now that I am a member of the “stuck at rom logo” stage. Lets not have any more rom recommendations until the install/flashing protocol has been tested, or, alternatively, povide a disclaimer that you have not tested the install. so many reportings of the same problem suggests irresponsibility in the recommendation.

  10. Yazi says:

    Hello Max!! Can you please post something for me and the people like me that bricked their phones, i tried:
    wide data/factory reset
    wipe cashe partition
    advanced/wipe dalvik cache
    advanced/fix permissions

    ran from zip the DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4
    ran from zip cm-10.0.0-hercules
    ran from zip

    i don’t even know if they finish installing because it never goes back to the pervious screen.
    the last thing i remember is DARKSIDE telling me while installing to never under estimate the power of the dark side,,, that programmer was not kidding haha, i’m laughing from frustration ….

    Please Let us know a step by step process on how to go about from scratch to getting the phone working again, rooted or unrooted.
    Thanks again

  11. Italo says:

    Hey everyone I just wanted to let all the flashoholics know before they flashed this rom to do exactly as zedomax describes it.
    Install dark swipe
    install rom
    then gapps
    This worked flawlessly for me

    • Yazi says:

      when i start to install dark swip, i see the following and nothing else and it’s stuck

      ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.1.5
      — Installing: /sdcard/Root/

      and this will stay for ever….

      • Robin says:

        You can’t use darkside superwipe for any CWM recoveries thats above It’ll give you either a bad flash, bootloop or a soft brick on the phone. downgrade your CWM so you can use darkside superwipe properly

    • Italo says:

      Oh and thanks to the developers and Zedomax for making this video

    • Rich says:

      Did this exactly. With the files provided.

      Still stuck in boot logo screen.

      There must be some other variable that isn’t taken into account here.

  12. Dexdroide says:

    The videocamera doesn’t work only record the voice and the image shows colors like a rainbow.

  13. BoBo says:

    Max , please help me with this matter . CM 10 was no success and went to the AOKP rom back . But now reboot function does not work and power off does not work as well. Please what can you suggest me to do ? Thanks in advance

  14. Deviou5 says:

    To say I had real problems flashing this ROM would be an understatement! Initially I had the same problem as described by blubase… I followed your instructions Max but the phone never booted past the CM Boot logo. The fun started when I rebooted into Clockwork Mod – I tried to factory reset but as soon as it started it also froze… I then had to hard reboot the phone again (holding the volume and power buttons, then releasing power) I tried the Darkside Super Wipe.. This also began but also froze suddenly….. I tried to restore from a Nandroid backup, but this also gave me problems.. I ended up having to unroot/unbrick my phone, use the Samsung default recovery to factory reset my phone. Once I got this working, I rooted again and ran the Darkside Super Wipe, then flashed the, then reboot the system. The Phone hung on the CM boot logo for longer than expected but it did finally boot. Once it had booted, I went back into clockword mod recovery and ran the I rebooted the system one more time and the phone booted correctly. The only difference is the version of Clockwork Mod that I am running. Initially I was using the most up to date version, After rooting the phone again yesterday I noticed that Clockwork mod is running and older version…. Is it possible that there is a conflict between the Darkside Super Wipe and the new version of Clockwork Mod ? I read on the XDA website that this tool has been discontinued as of Feb 2012…

  15. lumpy801 says:

    Hey Max thanks awesome ROM had no problem installing but having problems with USB connection and gallery reading SD card. And video camera records in rainbow. Any help???

  16. Wilmoni3114 says:

    Hey for those having problems installing this ROM.

    I had the same problem the first time. Had to Unbrick/Unroot my phone then tried it again just skipping the Dark Side Wipe and my phone is working perfect! Try booting into recovery, Factory Data wipe, then only install the ROM, and Gapps zip, and wipe cache, then reboot. You should be fine. BTW this rom is awesome with the 4.2 Gapps!

  17. Henrique says:

    Hey guys…
    For those that are having problems this this custom ROM, Try to UNROOT for the official stock ROM and later ROOT it again…
    I make it and the SG2 is working pretty… I had no time to mont this ROOM again yet, but will try later doing what Wilmoni3114 or Kumar did…

  18. kevin nguyen says:

    please help !! manage file, it doesn’t recognize my SD card.

    • Wilmoni3114 says:

      Bro your gonna need to Unbrick/Unroot your phone. Takes 10 minutes and the step by step guide is on this site.

      • kevin nguyen says:

        your mean, i have to unroot my phone, it will be official so how can i install custom rom. can you explain clearly, please? thanks bro!!

  19. Larry Laprocina says:

    I just installed this as per the sequence stated. It was flawless, no issues and it’s fast… much appreciated..


  20. Jon says:

    Does this rom have 4g?

  21. boosfe says:

    works flawlessly, had no installation problems. There is one thing missing from the interface settings. no homescreen editing tool…? There’s “lock screen”, “themes” & “system” settings… thought you should know, I remember seeing it in the last nightly update however.

    • Lumpy801 says:

      Try rebooting you phone and take the battery out. i had the same problem. after reboot in settings there should be a launcher setting. hope this helps


  22. Rich says:

    Tried the following
    1. UNROOT
    2. REROOT
    3. WIPE

    still locked in the boot screen.

    I sooo wish this would work

    I had the same problem with Jedi Mind Trick X1

  23. rich says:

    Installed latest nightly from CM – this works – no more stuck on boot.

  24. Justin says:

    everything works perfectly except for the video camera. it seems to either have nothing but static or it just doesn’t record an actual video. any help?

  25. Divine says:

    Had no problems with this rom i just did system wipe
    1. Darkside Wipe
    2. Install Cm10
    4. Install Gapps

  26. Markaus Smith says:

    yeah i had everyone elses problems too. at first i figured its was my fault being a noob and all but i guess not. anyway THE CORRECT INSTALLATION PROCESS IS:

    REBOOT!!! (may take longer than usual but it should boot up eventually)
    once its on:
    everything should be working perfect after that.

    ive tried everything to unbrick and iit seems that unrooting back to stock, rerooting, and then installing the rom (in the EXACT ORDER OF MY COMMENT) again is your only option. sorry. hope im helpful…
    – Markaus (a bored teen)

  27. lethalgorman says:

    got it to work 1st time. 1. darkside superwipe
    2. CM10
    3. gapps
    4. darkside cachewipe
    Even istalled google wallet.Great rom

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks to you I have finally gotten my phone root! I was not aware that I had to remove my cache again after installing CM10.

  28. wheresgary says:

    The video camera does not work. Usually just static. Also the picture camera cannot save pictures to the external SD card. Anyone else?

  29. lethalgorman says:

    OMF’ingG, I got photosphere working. The camcorder is working too. Does anybody know to get lockscreen widgets working , and what else is on Gapps 4.2 have?

  30. hourglass says:

    lethalgorman, mind sharing how you got the camcorder/video recording working?

    • Lethalgorman says:

      Idk. It’s just working. I did install gapps 4.2 not gapps 10 11 . Maybe that had something to do with it. But it is working. Did Superwipe, rom, gapps, cache wipe and reboot. CM 6 recovery. Everything is working.

  31. Neftaly says:

    got this to work, but it seems like gmail isnt pushing me the emails to the phone. i dont want to reflash it.

  32. Carlos says:

    Well, after trying all king of methods, the right combination to install this ROM was the next:

    1) Boot into CWM recovery
    2) Do a Cache / Wipe Clean
    3) Do Wipe Partition
    4) Do Wipe Dalvik Cache
    5) Format System
    6) Install CM 10
    7) Reboot the Phone
    8) Boot into CWM recovery, again
    9) Install Gapps 4.2


    *Did Not Install Darkside Super Wipe!!!, Because after a installed it CWM Recovery freezed…. I dont know about the RECORDING CAM ISSUE, but the reason I dont have this GREAT ROOM is because WHEN I MAKE A CALL, MY FRIENDS TOLD ME THAT THEY CAN BARELY CAN HEAR ME….. can any one notice that? or can anyone help me about it? thanks!!!

  33. Dimitri says:

    Hey max,

    everything worked well for me, the only thing is that I do not have the homescreen options that you showed in the video. Any solutions?? Thank you

  34. Ron Cameron says:

    I’ve rooted my SGH-T989, installed CM-10, gapps 4.2, and all is well. I’ve achieved one of my two objectives in installing CM-10, that being WiFi tethering. I’ve not been able to achieve the second – which I had before rooting – that being able to download and use ISIS Mobile Wallet. Since the company I work for is an ISIS partner I would really like to download and use this app. I get the infamous ‘your device is not compatible with this version.’ or words to that affect. I know that by editing the build.prop file this can be fixed. I just don’t know which elements to edit or what to substitute for what is already there. Apparently, from looking at my device list on the Web version of the app store, my S2 is being recognized as an SGH-T989 and that caused a new device list entry. Can you help me with this problem? I’ve tried editing the build.prop and can do it easily enough, just don’t seeme to have the right information.

  35. Thang says:

    Everything seems to be working fine except for no PHOTOSPHERE option on the camera. Anyone have any ideas why? I wanted to try this feature out.

    • Lethalgorman says:

      Photosphere is awesome. Are you using gapps 4.2, gapps 10.11 doesn’t have the new Google stuff. So find a 4.2 file and flash it

  36. Richard says:

    Okay, got my cm 10 and 4.2 gapps running, using some of the comments posted above. BUT, now my prog won’t root anymore. Anyone have a fix for rooting the cm 10 on the T989? Thanks!

  37. Brian says:

    I’m so frustrated! I’ve flashed so many ROMs and problem solved through all of them but CM has always kicked my a$$. Im stuck with a bootloop. Any solutions? I’ve unrooted and rerooted 3 times already. I flashed CM10 with v5.xxxxxxxx CWM AND I’ve tried with v6.xxxxxxxx CWM. Someone PLEASE help.

  38. Brian says:

    Darkside cache wipe or darkside super wipe? If it’s any of those, what version of CWM should i be on. I think the one im on is and the most updated version through ROM manager is i think

    • Lethalgorman says:

      This may sound silly, but I don’t think Superwipe works with ClockworkMod “touch”, I never upgrade to touch because I prefer to use the volume rocker. With touch it seems that Superwipe does not work.

  39. Antolin Partidas says:

    Well, it worked for me, everything seems to be good but one thing, google navigation. Anyone with the same issue?? GPS seems to be ok, I can even use waze navigation app, it is just google navigation, it keeps waiting for GPS signal non-stop

  40. Rich says:

    definitely having call quality problems – My friends report they can hardly hear me.

  41. Greg says:

    Anyone has any problems with the hdmi outputs mine since not to be working

  42. mustafa says:

    this is stupid, dont work

  43. BoBo says:

    I have managed to flash it after a few days efforts and tons of swearing and when i ‘ve done I have to say that it is nothing impressive and I’m going back to AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Android 4.1.2][11/2/2012] .So far AOKP is the best rom for GS2 and I’m going to wait for something better. At least with AOKP I have working video camera and 2/ two/ days battery life

  44. billz says:

    hey! my playstore is not working.. em having an error there
    n its also not connecting to comp…
    plz help me fo this prob… 🙂

  45. Li says:

    Hello Max!! Can you please post something for me and the people like me that bricked their phones, i tried:
    wide data/factory reset
    wipe cashe partition
    advanced/wipe dalvik cache
    advanced/fix permissions

    ran from zip the DARKSIDE.SUPER.WIPE_EXT4
    ran from zip cm-10.0.0-hercules
    ran from zip Gapp 4.2

    then wait 4 mins until the freaking circle disappear!!!!

    I spent 4 hours this morning to flash this rom. I first got the same problem, my phone stuck at the icon forever. then I took the battery out try to recover it however it doesn’t do anything helpful. So i unroot my phone, later root it again, then flash this cm 10 rom… and it worked!

    btw, I am Chinese newbie, it’s so difficult to follow the directions in English! Thank you MAX!!!!

  46. Eivis says:

    Hey, i am a real flashoholic, but i have a problem and i really like this rom. Well I am a snapchat user and the problem is that when i get a new “snap” it doesn’t show up in my notification bar (status bar) and it was all fine when i used my other STOCK + ROOT rom. Please help if you can.

  47. Duke says:

    Installed this ROM earlier this morning and since then my download speeds increased to an average of around 22 down and 2 up

  48. Rahman2918 says:

    Awesum ROM but some issues like :–

    * Video output nt wrkng(no HD Video recording)
    * Externel SD Card not working.
    * No camera settings.
    * Not able to delete all the contacts.
    * Not able to dislpay only phone contacts.
    * Not able to put own ringtones.

  49. Eivis says:

    Please help half of my notifications don’t show up Please Help! :/

  50. albertzelaya says:

    I loaded this rom and runs good, the only problem i have with it is the clock lag, you dont see it all the time, but when it comes out of a deep sleep you see a time and quickly it will change to the current time, yes i know no big deal for most, and would not care as much except that my phone is my alarm clock, so if the time is not updated the alarm doesnt go off, again doesnt happen all the time, but i did happened a couple of time. i use alarms as reminders at work and to wake up. i read somewhere to change the cpu governor to ondemand, and to change the window animations to .05, this made it better but still there, other than that i havent seen anything, its awsome i love it.
    one thing when loading this i use cwm and if i dont use darkside superwipe it just wont load it gets stock on boot screen, i guess the wipes on cwm are broken for this phone, well the older version anyways, i am sure they fix it on the newer version of cwm

    • Lethalgorman says:

      Are you using cwm touch? Because I don’t and the darkside wipes work for me. Just curious

      • albertzelaya says:

        No, i use cwm 5026, all i do is run super wipe and then install the rom, dont bother with anything else, anytime i mess with other things it hangs they all do.

  51. Steven says:

    It was taking forever to load up. So I stopped the process, near fatal error i know, and attempted to go back to my original backed up rom. I have not been able to get back to that. Fortunately i can still use my phone sort of. Any suggestions? would unrooting help?

  52. vinicius says:

    everything looks fine but the vídeo câmera isnt working
    just records the sound and some colors =/

    • lonfonso says:

      For all who have problem with the video camera (or camcorder), if you install All-Star Gapps instead of Gapps 4.2, that would fix it. I followed the suggestion from Dennis in the blog of the Liquid Smooth ROM. I was not successful with the installation of Liquid Smooth ROM so I reverted back to CM10 and installed All-Star Gapps. One thing I noticed was that my SD Card wasn’t recognized at all from this ROM. So pictures and videos are saved on the phone internal memory, make sure to back them up before you flash to a new ROM.

  53. Neftaly says:

    had this for a few days. then suddenly today it would reboot on its own. for no reason.

  54. krazykize says:

    i’ve noticed that all the jelly bean roms have a really terrible video camera…out of focus and quirky…I also noticed this on my note also. I’ve tried everything to get it to focus but nothing works ….any ideas

  55. Frank says:

    I can’t get the Google Now to work. Every time i press the microphone icon or the search soft-key i get a message saying “Unfortunately, Google Search has stopped.”
    PLEASE HELP. Thankx!

  56. Lethalgorman says:

    Try reinstalling Google Search

  57. Maicon says:

    how install Darkside Limpe??

  58. Ricky says:

    It works~!! It works!!! I don’t understand why, I tried the same way for AKOP, I got hard brick. Jedi Mind Trick X1 gave me a failed 4 soft keys….no other rom I would like to try and place my bet on CM10….I have been waiting for it very long…but then AKOP released first and I bricked my phone hardly….Yea…it works…the soft keys works…Now I am waiting for 10 mins. I will update if it works great for me.

    Thanks MAX~~~

  59. Ricky says:

    Currently it seems notification not working. I guess it’s something like app NoLed…but I tried to turn off my screen and asked someone to send me msg of whatsapp…..nothing happen.

  60. Ricky says:

    Up to now everything works fine…with noise suppression, other side can hear me nice..Thanks~
    notification issue is great if it can be solved….but it’s not a big deal. The least headache app up to now~ Hope the battery mgmt is great too….

  61. marc-Anthony Rodriguez says:

    for some reason when i try to take a picture the device reboots with the 4.2 camera app, any thoughts?

  62. jacob smith says:

    I dont have darkside superwipe or any of that but i did do the factory reset, cleared all the caches and fixed the permissions but im still stuck at the logo what do i do!!!

    • Markaus says:

      You should restart and use darkside this time. Its really no big deal you just install darkside and it takes care of everything. Download darkside super wipe AND darkside cache wipe and install both before flashing any rom. Ever since I’ve started using them I haven’t had any problems with any roms. Hope I’m helpful. P.S you may need to start over (unroot,reroot) if your in a bootloop because once that happens cwm like to stop working to, at least that’s what happened on my phone

      • Lethalgorman says:

        What recovery are you using? It seems to me that superwipes will not work with clockworkmod “touch”. Have you upgraded to CWM Touch?

      • Lethalgorman says:

        What recovery are you using? It seems to me that superwipes will not work with clockworkmod “touch”. Have you upgraded to CWM Touch?

  63. jacob smith says:

    Please help or i have no phone anymore i also did pull the battery out and start it up again but im still at the logo

  64. jacob smith says:

    does the jedimindtrick rom support 4g because im on a 4g network but it says its 3g

  65. Maicon says:

    battery does not last???

  66. Jose Tolosa says:

    CAMERA shuts phone off:

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I would take a picture and as it is focusing, the camera crashes and turns the phone off. I have tried this on an unrooted stock ics rom and several custom roms and it still happens. I even had my phone replaced by tmobile and it is still doing it. I have a feeling it may be a hardware issue with the S2. I take A LOT of pictures and even more pictures ever since this happened to try to narrow down the source of the problem. I have pretty much eliminated all variables and am left with the phone having a design/hardware bug. Does any one know anything about this, I can’t find any forums about this issue. PLEASE HELP!

  67. Jose Tolosa says:

    CAMERA shuts phone off:

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I would take a picture and as it is focusing, the camera crashes and turns the phone off. I have tried this on an unrooted stock ics rom and several custom roms and it still happens. I even had my phone replaced by tmobile and it is still doing it. I have a feeling it may be a hardware issue with the S2. I take A LOT of pictures and even more pictures ever since this happened to try to narrow down the source of the problem. I have pretty much eliminated all variables and am left with the phone having a design/hardware bug. Does any one know anything about this, I can’t find any forums about this issue. PLEASE HELP!

  68. Ricky says:

    I only did the installation of Darkside superwipe, then flash the rom and gapps, then run darkvike cache…This way work fine on both Jedi Mind Trick and CM10 for me

  69. CSharpner says:

    Max, the “long press cancel button” feature for the flashlight is only for the lock screen. You must be on the lock screen for that to work… at least, that’s how CM10 on my GS3 works. I presume it’s the same on the GS2.

  70. Karo says:

    Okay, Love the ROM but the call quality is horrible. Which nightly fixes that issue?

  71. Maicon says:

    Love the ROM but the call quality is horrible.. Help Help Help Help

  72. Chung says:

    If your call quality isn’t clear, go into call settings and check the box that says “noise suppression”
    The battery life sucks on this ROM btw. I kept this ROM on my phone for about 2 weeks and it never got better. I get better battery life with AOKP
    Been with CM since my HD2 so I’m pretty disappointed with CM10

    • HarameeBacha says:

      No “noise suppression” option listed under sound in settings

      • Jeff says:

        Any fix for the horrible call sound quality? People are constantly complaining on calls. There’s no “noise suppression” setting on my phone either. Very upsetting.

  73. hect starks says:

    Ive accidently put everything on my sd card but the darkside wipe. i forgot. now my phone wont come out the boot logo..need help

  74. paulm says:

    First of all great rom… but the only problem I have is the USB debugging won’t work my computer is having some kind of issue copying and paste files to the s2… any suggestions?

  75. Devin says:

    When I record videos it won’t let me view them…

    • Bonedatt says:

      Scroll up and see the post by Ionfonso from 11/23/2012 at 10:47pm regarding the video camera. I used same method to resolve my camcorder issue of showing some fuzzy multicolor crap with no video just sound. Apparently the 4.2 Gapps was not fully ready for prime time with this ROM. Using the recommended All star Gapps gave me back my video recording but I lost the photo sphere (sort of panorama) from 4.2 Gapps. One day we’ll have it all 🙂

  76. Mark Buffington says:

    CM10 works great and I love the Google apps posted here. I’m having trouble installing the most recent update to gmail though because it says the previous version was not signed properly. Can you tell me how to unusual this version of gmail? Thanks!

  77. Haramee Bacha says:

    This worked for me first time around:
    1) Held power button, up/down volume and powered on in to recovery
    2) Did a Cache / Wipe Clean
    3) Did Wipe using Darkside zip
    4) Did Wipe Dalvik Cache (basically did all “wipes” possible LMAO.
    5) Installed CM 10
    7) Installed Gapps 4.2
    8) Rebooted
    9) turned off after entering google acct info
    10) removed batt and waited 10 sec and powered up

    Works like a charm. Camera works great. Everything works so far

    • Kevin says:

      I follow your instructions perfectly; however, upon reboot I would find myself stuck on the CyanogenMod boot up screen for over 40 minutes. Do you have any advice for be to bypass the loading screen and prevent it from reoccurring in the future?

    • vinicius says:

      câmera sphere and vídeo cam corder are also working?

  78. Bipin says:

    The ROM is great.. However there is an issue with the Video. The Video is not working. Please pass it on to the CM10 Team..


  79. HECT STARKS says:


  80. sidharth says:

    i hav a prob with the call qality of my t989

  81. HECT STARKS says:

    anyone mms fix???????????

  82. sidharth says:

    I can hear very well but I had to talk very loud to be heard.
    Anybody else had that problem?

  83. bipin says:

    did u try clearing the dalvik cache and do a factory reset…

  84. cbags says:

    A simple solution to the video issue, when installing gapps 4.2, is to download the “Camera ICS” app from the android market. Works like a charm!

  85. Augusto says:

    I will install this Rom but I need help, if someone know the steps to install it and how did you solve the problems you had installing it. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  86. Steven says:

    I have major issues while attempting to install this rom. I get caught in an endless boot loop. I am not sure if it’s the CM10 rom or the darkside super wipe but my phone definitely doesn’t want me running this rom! Anyone else having similar issues?

  87. RoB says:

    About the call quality, you should try going to dialer settings and selecting ‘Noise suppression’. works for me.

  88. plzkillme says:

    Am I just fucking stupid? first time rooter, very familiar with jailbreaking and such, but goddamnit I don’t understand this. I have all the zipped files downloaded, I have Odin, I’m just not sure how to install darkside wipe and such. Is there a retard proof guide for rooting a S2 or can someone explain what im doing wrong?

    • bipin says:

      Some zip file don’t need to be unzipped. The update zip has to be don’t unzip that file. The installer will take care of that.

  89. BigCope says:

    This method did work for me. I followed every step the author said. However, I’m noticing some issues with this ROM that is making me wish I had just stayed stock.
    1. I cannot deselect the default android keyboard. I have other keyboards I like to use and cannot now.
    2. Some of my apps don’t work anymore (, t-mobile visual voicemail)
    3. Cannot get to my external SD card! This one really sucks.

    • bipin says:

      Use Astro to get to the SD card..
      Open Astro.
      On the top you will see
      Locations / search / recent
      Click on the My files 1
      Then you will see ‘Phone’ / storage / sdcard1
      Usually that is the external card
      If not then click on the cell phone and them scroll down to the extetnal _SD

      hope this helps

  90. ulises says:

    hello i have two problems 4g is not working, and the video recorder is not working to 🙁 i’m so sad, but everithing is perfect i’m waiting for the official rom in january 2013 😉

  91. will says:

    For those very frustrated:
    I came across most of the frustration you guys mentioned above — many times. You know what? NEVER NEVER NEVER use the “stable” version if you had problem. Use the latest nightly built and it took less then one minutes to boot. Follow Dennis:
    Wipe data, Wipe Cache, Darkside Super Wipe, Flash Rom (the nightly build, not the stable 10.0.*),Wipe dalvik, fix permissions, Reboot,
    then install Flash GAPPS ( I think install gapps at early step as Dennis suggested may work, too)

  92. Karo says:

    I am using the stable version with NO issues. I wanted to post a how to, but this site thinks I am posting spam.

  93. Lethalgorman says:

    I disagree, I think stable 10.0 is more stable than a nightly. I love the nightly roms but I always come back to stable. The nightlies always seem to have something new, but there in lies the problem. I read all these post and I never have problems with this rom and I reinstall the rom a different way every tume. Just wipe the data and cache and you should not have a problem. Factory reset will all most always fix a glitch.

  94. Aaron says:

    I just upgraded to this rom from Jedi Mind Trick. This rom is very stable so far, with good battery life. I am not a big fan of the 4.2 Gapps camera, althought it works it doesn’t allow for iso control. Does anybody know how to flash the stock GS2 Camera.

    Also I am looking for the kernel for this rom as a backup. I would like to try a overclocked kernel.


  95. Lethalgorman says:

    I have used this rom as a daily driver since it came out. You can download the ICS camera from the play store and I overclock the”kingKrange 20 for Cyanogen kernel. Get it from XDA forum, under galaxy s2 developer category. It overclocks but does not under volt

    • Aaron says:

      ICS camera from the play store doesn’t support ISO control. I am hoping to get the original GS2 camera app.

      I am looking for the original kernel for this rom as a back up. I have a few overclocked kernel (nibbles, lighting) that I am going to try first

      Thanks for you quick reply

  96. Lethalgorman says:

    Yeah, no ISO. But the ICS camera does video, the rom doesn’t. Also, about your kernels. Can you tweak the voltage? Where did you get them?

    • Aaron says:

      I believe you can tweak the voltage. I got them from the All Star Dev on XDA forum. Also All Star Gapps has the working camera included, you don’t need the extra camera ics app.

  97. Ryan says:

    Great Rom. But im having issues with data speeds and consistency, sometimes it just wont work. my max downL speed dropped from 2MB/s to 1.4. Not a big deal but torrents take a little longer. Also, i hope devs really bypass Tmo’s tether block.

  98. dennis213 says:

    video recording doesnt work.. any one else has the same problem??

    • Bin says:

      try CAMERA JB+ on the play store 🙂 hope this helps

      • William says:

        Hi, Bin, my camera can record fine, the only problem here is that the camera does not focus, everything is blur, wether taking a picture or recording. I read about it here but the ROM is damn good and very stable, no hicups so far. Do you think that by purchasing the camera app you suggested could fix this problem? Just wondering!

  99. Daniel says:

    Hi, everything is working fine, thank you so much.

    I just couldn’t discover how to add direct call and other uncommon shortcuts to desktop, when I touch and hold it just have the option to change wallpaper.

    The only shortcuts I could put on the desktop was the normal app ones, clicking on apps, and holding one of them.


  100. karantani says:

    i had trouble when i first started installing romr like it wouldn’t go past the boot screen and i fixed it running “darkside wipe” and i can tell you it has always worked for me,i don’t do factory reset and it’s always worked…..the video camara issue i fixed it installing “All-Star Gapps” instead of Gapps 4.2 and it works wonders now 🙂 and the call issue when i call someone and they cannot hear me or the sound on their end is horrible but i can hear them fine i just wnet to where the key pad is when you’re gonna make a call pressed the menu button,clicked on settings andscrolled down to where it noise supression and checked that box……
    that’s waht has worked for me,i hope it helps you and make a backup before flashing in case something goes wrong

    ..go to recovery mode
    do darkside wipe
    install CM10 ROM
    All-Star Gapps

    have fun flashing 🙂

    • Roman says:

      Yes, karantan, you are right. This rom is based on Android 4.1.2 and the Gapps recommended in this post is 4.2 Full. This is the wrong Gapps version. You need a Gapps that is based on 4.1.2. I had this installed for a long time. Loved the interface but noticed some small problems from time to time. This is the problem. Wrong Gapps version recomended here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. kent says:

    4g does not work. Before I loaded this rom my 4g worked fine so its not my phone or the area I’m in. Is there a fix to get my 4g back? I would love to keep using this rom but not having 4g is a definite deal breaker.

  102. Lethalgorman says:

    If your phone says H or H that stands for HDMI. That is T mobiles 4G So check your speed, you are getting 4G CM10 just says H. I Think, I’m now on Jedi Jelly.

    • Nathan says:

      H or H+ actually stands for HSPA or HSPA+, those are T-mobiles “4g” network. HDMI is a port on your tv to plug your xbox or dvd player in. As for the 4g being gone, thats not true. I have been getting H+ on my gs2 all day long. I have noticed it bounces back and forth between H+ and 3g more than it had before but it seems to be running with about the same data speed.

  103. Nathan says:

    I downloaded this rom a day ago and the only thing I have noticed wrong so far is one of my favorite game apps doesn’t work. The app is Dragonvale and it will not load at all. Other than that this rom seems pretty well put together. Keep up the good work.

  104. lethalgorman says:

    HSPA, sorry that is what I meant. Been a hard day. But my point was that you don’t see the actual” 4G” emblem on CM . It show H or H+. You still get T-Mobile 4G.

  105. rslh says:

    Just flashed this rom, it’s pretty sweet. One thing I can’t get it to do is launch Google Now via the home screen with any of the buttons. Is it possible? I know I can launch it via the Google App. Thanks for any possible avenue.

  106. rslh says:

    Sorry above the above. I figured it out. Thanks for reading.

  107. Musspell says:

    Strange… I just downloaded the rom, wiped cache partition, factory reset, install from zip file and it worked! No Darkside wipe or anything like that…

  108. mike says:

    Everything is working fine so far except that my contacts photos aren’t being synced with facebooks photos …anybody know how to fix that?

  109. AJ says:

    I tried to install this rom but i got stuck on a bootloop and I when I went back to recovery mode nothing on there would work, so I tried to unroot phone and that failed and I am stuck on this screen saying Firmware upgrade failed, connect to Kies, but I cant connect to Kies because of custom Rom still installed.. Idk what to do.

    • karantani says:

      did you try starting over the process?
      do darkside wipe
      install CM10 ROM

      hope it works for you,next time do a backup frist 🙂

  110. karantani says:

    Did anyone find a fix for the video camera without haveing to install All-Star Gapps or for losing internet connection?,i read somewhere that the internet issue fax fixed with the update on February but then again,i’m not sure

    • rslh says:

      I downloaded the ICS Camera app from the store (gallery viewer included) and it works like a charm. All I do then is disable the ‘stock’ version and voila!, good as new!

      • karantani says:

        i just disabled stock camera and installed ICS camera and gallery viewer and it does work like a charm,thank you 🙂

  111. Karo says:

    For those of you that are having nothing but issues, I have modded and added a few files in the rom to make it just about perfect. Facebook sync, camera app that saves to memory card, kill all tasks. just download and install the link:

  112. jerald says:

    i have auto rotate problem…its not working please help

  113. Daniel says:

    1 – Boot into CWM
    2 – If you are not on CWM 6, install, and boot into CWM again
    3 – Install
    4 – Install
    5 – Install KDH_NXT-GEN_GAPPS_4.2_FULL
    6 – Do a wipe cache! (this can solve the boot logo loop)
    7 – Reboot
    8 – Install Camera ICS from google play and replace the camera icon from the desktop (you can install All-Star Gapps instead, personally I don’t see why)

    Good luck!

    • Daniel says:

      About my last comment, camera ICS has ads, it´s better and easy to install ‘All-Star’

    • Bin says:

      follow your steps and its good thanks a lot
      ps: I still got camcorder issue but camera jb+ on play store should get the job done!

  114. Justin says:

    If anyone is using CWM 6v or + dont use darkwipe, will cause bootloop. i didnt use it and did it on CWM myself. One way to know if you will have a boot loop or not is to see if your 4 touch buttons light up, if they do, you most likely will boot up. took my phone about a minute.

  115. vitaliy says:

    hello, will this work for the ice cream sandwich 4.0.4???
    thank you

  116. carlos says:

    this sucks going back to ICS. you cant recieve or send MMS on it

  117. Harakiri says: For those having ish with the camcorder and want to go back 4.1.2..

  118. Raymond says:

    I know there is the h+ icon only…but do i still get 4g in any rom? Ty

  119. Jason says:

    Hi Guys

    New to this whole thing. Hopefully someone can help me. Did everything as per Dennis. Stuck on Cyanogen boot screen. Tried to restore through Clockmod but get MD5 error. Just want Cyanogen to work. Tried wiping data again but it freezes. Any help would be great as my phone is useless currently.


    • Daniel says:

      1 – Boot into CWM
      2 – If you are not on CWM 6, install, and boot into CWM again
      3 – Install
      4 – Install
      5 – Install
      6 – Install All-Star
      7 – Do a wipe cache! (this can solve the boot logo loop)
      8 – Reboot

  120. Alex says:

    how do u download this lol

  121. Deepak says:

    I flashed this ROM perfectly and thought it is working good but after 1 day i started facing problems like :
    Apps are stopping unfortunately
    Phone is getting hanged and restarting automatically
    USB getting unplugged while transffering data
    While i am calling someone i am not able to hear the ring on the otherside and even voice has got so slow that i can’t hear anything. I am able to talk properly only with Earphones now, on speaker it is fine.

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