CWM Recovery for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Android 4.4 KitKat custom ROM!

If you want to install the latest Android 4.4 KitKat custom ROMs on the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989, you MUST have the latest CWM Recovery or later.

If you don’t, your install will simply fail.

So, how to update?

I made it really easy for you guys so all you have to do is install a zip file using your existing CWM Recovery.  Once installed, simply reboot into recovery and you should see CWM Recovery

And yes, this CWM recovery is backward-compatible so you should be good to go for installing all types of custom ROMs.

Download CWM Recovery for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989

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17 Responses

  1. Muhammad Zakriya says:

    Can we flash this recovery on the internation model?

  2. Erskine says:

    This must not be stable yet or something, because after flashing i attempted to install ReVolt 4.3.1, and the Recovery started acting weird. (menus not showing up, apk/zip not installing, etc.) Went back to and reflashed and ROM works fine. I will check back when for 4.4 ROMS are released for T989, hopefully its resolved by then.

  3. Kevin says:

    I guess i am missing something. The zip file contains a disc image and Oden does not does not recognize to install update. If I just install on sd card the files appear empty. Please advise

  4. Jim Hutto says:

    That is not true. I have TWRP and Kitkat installed flawlessly.

  5. DarkShadow says:

    CWM always freezes when formatting cache. It is also slower then the CWM I’ve had before.

  6. tom johnson says:

    Yeah this new version of CWM did not work. Some kind of error about cache/last log.txt . Using it to try installing a new ROM got me stuck. I ended up flashing twrp through Odin and my install worked flawlessly. I’m kind of mad at whoever told me to update cwm without testing it first.

  7. rekamyenoM says:

    What about TWRP? No?

  8. Jordan says:

    Yeah, you cant clear the cache, or factory reset, or darkside cache only. I’m stuck with a bootlooping beanstalk 4.4….would really appreciate some help if any of yall know how to get around this….i’m pretty screwed right now

  9. Jones says:

    Can I install this custom on a T-mobile S2 GT-I9000? Or is this not possible.

  10. freddy says:

    i got t mobile s2 build number iml74.uvle1 (root whit cwm) when i do the wipe and change the rom state 7 appear. i change the updater-scrip that you show in one of your video and now i get a abort in cwm this occur in all rom that i download.same whit twrp

  11. Tom says:

    Just installed latest cwm now i cannot get into recovery mode. It only shows download mode when all buttons are pressed. Was running resurrection remix 2.7 was trying to upgrade to a kit kat rom and now my phone wont even boot up HELP!!

  12. Stefan Munker says:

    Thanks for this. Easy to install, even on bricked phone. BUT seems that system restore and cache wipe might not work. Is there a problem or is it my phone?

    • John Rezendes says:

      Hi Stefan I have the same problem with CM13 (status 7) installation aborted..Did you fix
      and if How!! My phone is Galaxy S2 SCH-T989 4.1.2 with CWM base recovery v5.0.2.6
      Really stuck..

      • Stefan Munker says:

        Sorry, I did somehow get the phone back to working but it was a total reset. Can’t remember how though, just multiple tries of different options in the startup or something like that. I ended up buying a OnePlus 4 shortly after and am so much happier than with the old Galaxt which was pretty good to a certain point. I suggest investing in a good new phone and not wasting time fixing up something that has run out of memory or processor or operating power. Good luck.

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